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LG G Vista Now Available From Verizon for $99 on Contract (Updated)

Verizon has quietly gone ahead and made the LG G Vista available for order through their web store. For those not familiar with the G Vista, this is LG’s mid-range and affordable, yet oversized phone that sports a 5.7-inch display. We outed the official specs, price, and release date yesterday, but are still somewhat surprised that Verizon is already selling the phone without ever having mentioned it publicly. 

In terms of specs, as I just mentioned, the G Vista isn’t going to blow you away like the LG G3 did. It sports a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, 3,200mAh battery, 8MP rear camera with laser autofocus, 1.3MP front camera, and runs Android 4.4.2. The display measures in at 5.7-inches, though there is some confusion as to the official resolution. Verizon’s website seems to think the resolution is only qHD (960×540), yet our official specs from yesterday on LG marketing cards called it an HD panel with a resolution of 1280×720 and 258ppi. I’m going to stick to our specs and assume that Verizon’s site is wrong for the time being.

Update:  As expected, Verizon had the specs wrong on the G Vista’s sales page. Our specs were right – the device has an HD (720p) display, not a qHD display.

verizon fix

The G Vista can be purchased for $99 on 2-year contract, $19.99 per month through Edge, or at $399 off-contract.

Via:  Verizon
Cheers Nick and Mark!
  • Suicide_Note

    Bring out the Gimp!

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      The Gimp’s asleep.

      • Suicide_Note

        Well then, you’ll just have to wake him up now, won’t ya?

  • Rich Robinson

    Still waiting for the Knock Code for the LG G2 – Thanks Verizon

  • Dane Carpenter

    This is almost the same phone as the Moto G. And you can get the Moto G for $99 off of contract

    • monkeybutts

      Moto G on Verizon doesn’t have LTE. No LTE is a deal breaker especially on Verizons 3G network. If it were AT&T or T-mobile it wouldn’t be so bad with their higher HSPA+ speeds.

      • 213ninja

        that and it eats moto G’s for breakfast.

      • Big EZ

        Also the Moto G is only for pre-paid plans. This is for post paid plans.

  • enigmaco

    Not a bad phone if the ram was better I would think about it.

    • guest

      Honestly it’s a great device. I am using it and love it. Ioroot for the g3 works on the Vista. I was skeptical about the ram also but it is smooth. It replaced my g3 because of the battery life. I use about 30% a day with moderate use and 3 hrs of screen on time.

      • enigmaco

        I’ll stick with my moto x until the moto x+1, moto x2, moto maxx whatever its called is announced lol.

      • Derek

        Was you able to root your Vista?

  • Skadoo

    Such a big Verizon logo.

  • Marikel

    I wouldn’t expect the performance to be too bad. I used the LG G Pads at Best Buy yesterday and they ran smoother than Samsung’s high end tablets.

    • anselmo cruz

      same here, im considering buying a g pad because it looks like a pretty good deal

      • Marikel

        The G Pad 10.1 is a decent large screened tablet and at $250 thats amazing. It runs really well for a midrange tablet. Definitely considering it for reading/watching movies.

  • wagner

    Could have been a scrapped version of LG G3

    • Tony Kuligowski

      Not sure they would have made a phone with half the specs of the G2 a successor and then scrapped it. Can you still buy a G2 on Verizon? Not sure why anyone would buy this over a G2 unless you want a bigger screen with horrible resolution.

  • landon

    I Wish it had good specs

  • shamatuu

    wow just the like Samsung Galaxy Avant phone on T-mobile. Again why would you buy this crap phone in 2014?. Its not 2012 anymore. Even the Moto X is better deal and phone.

  • MyLGfans



    UA profile for LG G Vista VS880

  • BoFiS

    ugh, this makes no sense, and isn’t even SMALL at least to make it attractive to people who maybe don’t want a giant, phone high or low res 😛

    • LosttsoL

      This phone will compete against the Samsung Mega 2 which is coming out soon. The original Mega proved that people will buy a phone just for screen size alone, because that phone did pretty well.

  • Rentallday

    Why would someone buy this pos when they could have bought lg g3 for the same price last week?

    • Big EZ

      Maybe they didn’t have an upgrade available last week. The G3 will have enough sales often enough though. However, when the g3 goes on sale for $99 this will most likely be free or a dollar. I think they would’ve been better off making a G3 “mini” at around 5″ with the same specs though (I’d still get the larger version)

    • Bert

      Probably because we are not their target market. I could see this for an older person who is not a tech enthusiast who would appreciate a large screen that they can read and a battery that lasts a long time while not really caring about specs.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        So what’s the argument as to why they wouldn’t buy a better phone for the same price?

        • Big EZ

          It’s cheaper and bigger. Not everyone gets alerts or reads blogs that let’s them know when their carrier is having a sale. 99 % of the time you walk into Verizon this phone will be cheaper than the G3.

    • guest

      I’m using the Vista right now. Have been for a week. Its not up to par with the g3 but very capable. I’m using over the g3 because of the battery life. I get 3 days of use. Essentially it’s a g3 without snap 801, quad hd display and smart notice.

      • PoisonApple31

        I wonder how much bigger it is than G3.

        • G3notVista

          Vista: 5.99H x 3.12W x 0.36D vs. G3: 5.76H x 2.94W x 0.35D

    • dannyWHITE

      They can still buy the G3 for the same price at Best Buy.

    • CutTheCord

      I know why- The Vista has built in wireless charging, while the G3 does not. Seems like a deal breaker to 99% of the population to me!! ; )

  • Frisi

    Verizon forgot to slap their logo on the sides as well…