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Don’t Touch The Spikes – Another Game Reminiscent of Flappy Bird, But It’s Better

There is yet another game on Google Play that reminds us of Flappy Bird, but this time, it is actually different. Instead of sending a flapping bird through tubes, Don’t Touch The Spikes is rather self explanatory, you must tap the screen to flap your bird’s wings, making sure you don’t send it flying into deadly spikes. 

Besides flapping around and avoiding spikes, you must carefully plan your bird’s trajectory, collecting candy as you go along from side to side. When you collect more candy, you can unlock new bird characters. The game is rather cute, plays smoothly, and is easy to pick up and enjoy at any time.

My one major gripe is that I do not see an option to remove the annoying ads from inside the application via an in-app purchase. To me, that is almost a deal breaker. Hey, developers, let me give you a dollar or two so I don’t have to be bothered by pop up ads. Thank you.

Luckily, the gameplay is actually worth the annoyance, so go check this game out on Google Play.

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Cheers Damian!
  • hello

    ‘Hack The Spikes’ in YouTube.
    A cheating tool for Android.

  • Uhhh

    I don’t have an android but with my phone there’s the option of removing ads with an in app purchase. Check again?

  • Devin Stawicki

    Like the same thing as Bouncy Bit. Lol.

  • JRomeo


  • ClickFire_

    Im working on a 3D Sandbox Type Mystery Game for Android right now, using Blender and Unity. It will be out in a few Months or the Holidays at the Latest. If Any of you are on google + I Might be offering an apk demo for people to try out and give me Feedback. Keep your eyes open.

  • DRaY

    flappybalt knock off….

  • M3D1T8R

    Wow I suck at this game. Played same number of games as the pic above (126), high score only 45! I’m always too greedy for those candies. Did get almost 800 of them though. But really this game with its awful color changes and seemingly randomly poor edge detection and simplistic yet unrewarding gameplay, is so annoying to play it is actually making me nostalgic for Lumberjack.
    Note that I never played Flappy Turd or whatever or any of those lame games..

  • Deez

    Lame as hell, but what else did I expect when it was compared to Flappy Bird? A game that is only popular because of how sh!tty it is…

  • globalissues

    haha, its better if we spend time more on fighting global poverty than playing games 🙂 The Borgen project.

  • Another bouncing game.. good…


  • The concept is extremely similar to a game called Flappybalt which has been on the Play story for a little while now.

  • guest

    Android wear or GTFO

  • Kyle

    Just another clone game. Bouncy Ninja was released way before this game.

  • Kaleb Crans

    Actually it is quite enjoyable.

  • KleenDroid


    • Kaleb Crans


      • Mech_Engr_09

        Never question KleenDroid’s amazing comments! EVER.

        Edit: And if you’re going to do it, at least do it with the proper punctuation.

        • Kaleb Crans

          Sorry, is he a commenting legend?

          • He’s from the oldschool.

          • Kaleb Crans

            Well then, I will give my sincerest apology to him.

          • No worries, I think Mech was just giving you a hard time 🙂

    • Justin W

      It’s been a while!

    • CasperTFG

      This guy gets it.

  • Kaleb Crans

    More than ‘just’ a flappy bird re-skin.