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Verizon Makes It Official: Throttling Comes to Unlimited 4G LTE Customers in October

Verizon took a minute this morning to confirm our report from yesterday, announcing that they are indeed going to include unlimited data customers with 4G LTE devices in their version of throttling, which they refer to as “Network Optimization.” Starting in October, if you fall into their top 5% of data hogs bracket and have unlimited data, you could see slowed speeds when attached to a cell site that is experiencing high demand. 

Verizon’s “Network Optimization” is different than other carriers’ throttling in that you should only see slowed speeds when on a cell site experiencing that high demand. Once you leave that site and attach to a new cell site without high demand, your speeds return to normal. Other carriers often throttle you no matter what throughout the end of a billing cycle. With that said, Verizon does note in their policy that if you are in the 5% of data users, they could slow your speeds through the current billing cycle and onto the end of the next.

In order to see slowed speeds under Network Optimization, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Top 5% of data users (you use 4.7GB of data per month or more)
  • Enrolled on an unlimited data plan or feature
  • Have fulfilled their minimum contract term
  • Are attempting to use data on a cell site that is experiencing high demand

MORE Everything and other tiered data plans are not affected.

Verizon’s Network Optimization policy can be found here.

Via:  Verizon
  • Jon

    I’m wondering if this will apply to XLTE. Because technically that’s a separate network. For example 3G throttling took place in 2011 for 3G and just now for LTE. What about XLTE.

  • Austin

    Big red also “accidentally” forgot to throttle the business customers. Surprise.

  • Ryan Crockett

    I use over 80gb a month 4.7 is ridiculously low. I’m leaving verizon once I get the oneplus one. F*** verizon. Been with them for 14 years and now they are extremely greedy. They will lose all ttheir customers.

  • Thomas

    Go ahead Verizon, throttle me, how much slower can you get. XLTE “X”tra Slow.

    • PoisonApple31

      How do you know you are on XLTE?

      • Thomas

        Well since you can’t trust Verizon technically I don’t. My statement is based on that my area is covered in the XLTE release area advertised by Verizon and I have an IPhone 5S which is an XLTE device according to verizon. TODAY IS A REALLY GOOD DAY. 2.5 DOWN, .5 UP

        • PoisonApple31

          The only reason I ask is because in my area only part of the city has XLTE (where I live), downtown where I work its only LTE speeds.

        • Guest

          You have to have a phone that supports XLTE

          • Thomas

            Yes you do and I have the IPhone 5S which I stated above. And here is some more quality Verizon service BEFORE throttling.

          • Thomas

            Yes you do and I have the IPhone 5S as noted above. 50322 zip code if you want to verify whether I am in a XLTE area.

          • Thomas

            This post does not seem to save so hopefully all of a sudden 3 don’t show up.
            As noted above I have the IPhone 5S and when in PA I got at least 10 down but not here in 50322

      • Jon

        If you have an android phone download an app called LTE Discovery. When it says band 4 you are on XLTE.

  • K F

    Verizon better get it together, the service has sucked for like the last couple months, 1X and 3G crap, and the data bar goes up alot faster than it did before, just ripping people off with data as well. Just when I thought they were the only good one

  • Jon Ericson

    Well s–t, I guess I do qualify for the top 5%, cause I tend to use about 4-5 gigs on average with my Note 2. Hell, I still figured that was LOW for most. Maybe thats why Youtube in certain areas for me, despite other stuff working, has gone to hell in the last month. 🙁

  • Jim H

    Let’s sue!

  • Throttling: v, attack or kill (someone) by choking or strangling them.
    “Verizon has announced that they will throttle those who have unlimited data on their network.”

  • morgan boyle

    first time i ever felt bad about being in the 95th percentile.

  • God. Damn. It. I’m at 15 gigs since the 8th, that is high for me (i got two new phones in a week cuz i’m a neanderthal and broke two screens) because I downloaded all my google music two times to my device. But it is a monthly occurrence for me to use about 6+GB. I also PAY for tethering.

  • CHRIS42060

    I’m actually incredibly surprised it took this long.

  • Loyal VZW customer(10yrs+)

    It’s pretty much confirmed. Just got off the with VZW, & the way the rep was fumbling over her words trying hard not to call what Verizon is now doing throttling, she referred to it as balancing data usage btwn customers with unlimited & those with tiered plans. It pretty much annoys me that Verizon would turn it’s back on its loyal customers (I’ve been with VZW 10yrs+). Now I understand that there are those that truly abuse the network, cancelling their home Internet & abusing the network doing 50+gbs of data a month. Those are the people that Verizon should throttle, not the customers that are simply going over 5gbs, that’s basically going to cover majority of the few that still have unlimited data. VZW has always been the pricier of the bunch when it comes to the competition, but I always justified paying the heftier prices because of the fact that Verizon was showing it’s loyalty to its customers by allowing us to keep our unlimited data plans & not forcing us into tiered plans, but now I can no longer justify paying almost $200 for 2 lines one of which is only a basic line(no smartphone). Good luck VZW, your gonna lose a lot of loyal customers with this move.

    • Jon

      I’m not going to bash somebody for using the unlimited data for home internet. Truth be told Verizon provides no evidence of network congestion. Why give people internet that’s as fast as home internet if this was actually a problem. Whatever average per second is given should be multiplied by seconds in a billing cycle and that should total the gb cap. This is why FCC should regulate all ups the same now and base it on the average speed you sell to the customer.

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  • Tazarine Tighanimine

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  • Let’s just be perfectly 100% honest right now.
    Verizon could have us all at blazing fast 4G LTE speeds with unlimited data if they wanted to. They just love getting more money from us. {{-_-}}


  • gotsmenobrainz

    Droid Life says in order to be “throttled” (network optimized) you have to meet all their criteria… if you you look at verizon’s page about the network optimization it does not say that unlimited customers who are on contract are exempt from this….. where is droid life getting this info from?

  • Skies

    I dumped Verizon (unlimited) for T-mobile yesterday after I see this news. I’m glad I did, I was surprise that the T-mobile has better signal than Verizon at where I live, I got 1-2 bar/s on Verizon and I get 3-4 bars (mostly 4 bars) on T-mobile.

    • fxrsniper

      T-Mobile throttles also

      • Skies

        Really? I didn’t know that. I am trying to use as much data as I can to see if T-mobile is throttling. So far I used about 7 gigs but haven’t see any slow down, still can watch YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, etc. just fine.

        • fxrsniper

          I’ve got a lot of friends on t-Mobile I believe they do it in certain areas that are heavy usages. One of those friends works a corporate for T-Mobile

          • Skies

            Oh well, it does not really matter if they. Like I said, I get better signal with T-mobile in my area and it is cheaper than Verizon by around $40 for unlimited talk, text, and data.

  • gotsmenobrainz

    Stick it to Verizon. Upgrade thru the loophole on Best Buy website. Then when they send out the text on Agust 1st…. leave with a brand new phone and go to TMobile. How you say? Read their customer agreement:

    Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?
    We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time, but we´ll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you´re accepting the change. If you´re a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no Early Termination Fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.

    The last sentence is your out without ETF fees. Tell then you use more than 5GB of data, will be “network optimized” and it will “adversely” effect you….and that you would like to cancel with no ETF fees.

    You have a nice new shiny phone at a subsidized price to take with you to TMO

    • Greg

      Does the Best Buy Loophole still work. I just tried it to see and there are messages every step saying that if you are on Unlimited you will lose that plan and be switched.

    • ja

      and it should stay pretty shiny too as you won’t be able to use it on T-Mobile.

      • gotsmenobrainz

        dont see why you couldnt use it on tMO

        • ja

          apologies for inaccurate wise-assery.

    • fxrsniper


    • devman

      Unless the contract specifies a service level agreement regarding speed, there is no contract breach. Since they do not cut off your data it is still technically unlimited.

  • Dustin Casper

    So after rolling out XLTE they’re going to start throttling people? So I think its pretty safe to say XLTE was a gimmick and they are just going to to this Network Optimization to cover.

    • monkeybutts

      XLTE is a gimmick cause it’s not a real thing, it’s a marketing term it’s just regular LTE with more available bandwidth.

      • fxrsniper

        Its actually not just speed its a different type of spectrum they are using so yes it is not just LTE

        • monkeybutts

          No it’s the same exact spectrum that T-mobile it’s regular old LTE on band 4. It’s just 20×20 instead of 10×10 that Verizon uses on band 13

          • fxrsniper

            Im sorry but you are wrong.

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  • starnovsky

    LOL @ 4.7Gn being “top 5%”. Seriously? At T-Mobile 5Gb plan costs $30.

    • monkeybutts

      $60 if you want true unlimited through MetroPCS and $80 if you want all the extra stuff from regular T-mobile

      • fxrsniper

        And still be throttled

        • monkeybutts

          Nope no throttling on those plans. I’ve gone over 20 GB since my plan restarted last week on T-mobile, I don’t use the free music apps.

          • fxrsniper

            T-Mobile does throttle

  • Rob

    Ordered an LG G3 from T-Mobile. Going to see if the reception doesn’t totally suck for about a week before porting the number over.

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  • josh

    I wonder how many unlimited data users will leave Verizon if they keep getting treated as the black sheep. Some people are even claiming Verizon doesn’t even want unlimited users as customers if they don’t switch to the very expensive tiered data plans.

    I know I’d actually start looking at what all the hubbub around T-Mobile is about if my unlimited becomes useless or I get tired of fighting Verizon (ie. shady store/phone reps always trying to make me switch/add features and even doing it on their own hoping I don’t read before signing or just flat out lie to me).

  • luis

    Looks like all those armchair lawyers in 2011 saying this can’t happen were wrong. Probably the same pretend engineers who claimed simultaneous CDMA voice and LTE data can’t be done on first gen. LTE chips.

  • hoosiercub88

    Welp.. I’m in trouble. Shame T-Mobile can’t build a network here.. I use 10-15Gb a month on average.

  • barbarawhite44

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  • kazelement

    ill stick with tmobile and put up 50gb’s a month, without problems.

    • John Walt

      Yet it shows you have no service and you’re on WiFi.

      • kazelement

        When I’m on WiFi it disables the network

      • fxrsniper

        I agree T-Mobile throttles to.

  • donkeykong85

    F#ck verizon and any cell company asking us to pay by data usage. I remember back in the mid 90s when ISPs used that model and it was horrendous.

  • chaostheory66821

    I hate to rain on your parade, but they have been throttling 4G traffic for more than a year now. Both in high congestion areas and after you reach about 3 gigabytes of data usage, during a billing cycle. It’s not right, its scummy, criminal and totally trampling on our rights, but it isn’t new.

    • po

      Proof or is it just Verizon’s network not actually being as good as people say.

      • chaostheory66821

        Travelling around the U.S. I noticed it quite often, but couldn’t get Verizon to give me a reason for why my unlimited data was working so slow after a watching a movie or two on Netflix(or a some Youtube), streaming music, etc.. After the outcome of the legal decision in the States, earlier this year, that stated that they were able to discriminate against data usage, it was their own employees that informed me that after about 3 gigs, they started throttling data usage. They also stated that it was basically a new industry standard and that everyone was doing it.
        I take all of this to represent more proof that the industry needs enforcement of net neutrality more now than ever; more regulation, and perhaps steps to reclassify it as a type II telecommunications industry, so that they can’t continue on their current, damaging and dangerous path.
        Currently, we are paying for data-dependent devices and being told that we can’t use those devices in the manner that they were designed to be used, and billed for using those device–devices that we paid greatly inflated prices for.

        • flosserelli

          I agree but I am not holding my breath for legislation change. The carriers have too much lobbying power to let that happen.

      • chaostheory66821

        Although I have been experiencing throttling on my account since 2012, I was informed by a company representative a few months ago that Verizon has and does, indeed, throttle data after 3 or 4 gigabytes of usage. This information comes straight from the horses mouth: the representative stated that it isn’t a new activity, it is an industry wide behavior, and it has been going on for some time.
        Perhaps they are trying to publicly standardize the practice, instead of it being done in a shady way, behind closed doors? It is still total crap, but I think this is why they are making the announcement: They have finally broken down enough of our internet laws, net neutrality laws, privacy laws, consumer rights laws, and corporate accountability laws that they don’t have to hide their scummy behavior any longer, they can screw us right out in the open.
        Why else would it be considered acceptable to sell data dependent devices for insanely inflated prices and then be able to turn around and limit the usage of those devices through price gouging of the data services they depend on? What other reasons are there that they can get away with traffic throttling, overage charges, and other violation of network traffic management?
        I love how they cull network data usage by using overpriced tiered packages that are artificially low and then use the information from that network gouging to advertise statistical averages for customers data usage. That’s like telling people that they can’t have a refill on their drink, anymore, and then turning around and telling your future customers, the industry, and any other’s that might be paying attention, that you did it because the latest data taken after the change, shows that people don’t prefer getting refills, anyway.
        Aww, corruption, isn’t it grand?

    • fxrsniper

      What rights read your contract.

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  • Todd Bettenhausen

    This is a very smart and fair way to implement “throttling”–much better than other carriers’ simplistic approach.

  • Jimmy Leang

    So what if we were one of the lucky people to upgrade and get a phone when the Verizon site was glitched. (Upgrade and keep unlimited data.)
    I am considered on contact still. I guess we will see how this plays out.

  • SG

    game on verizon..game on… time to use 1TB or more per month until october !!

  • matt

    So I guess those who claimed this won’t happen when they started throttling 3G a few years ago due to the spectrum auction restrictions were wrong. That sucks.


    So top 5% of customers use more than 5GB per month? What about guys that use 150GB? Do they get throttled down to 56K?

  • hunter

    oh no! a cell phone company trying to wriggle out of its contract… sucks, don’t it?

    • Guest

      Its people like you that s causing this

  • thelolotov

    Well. Let’s see… 200 GB last month, 115 GB and counting this month… Well, I’m guessing I probably qualify as the top 5%.

    • fxrsniper

      Its people like you that is causing this

      • nina

        lol, right because it’s his fault that led to the cause of all of this. big red is fed by money and will take every red cent that it wants so long as you are a customer. if i paid for unlimited data, i will use unlimited data. YOU are part of the contributing factor by remaining with verizon, and choosing to pay them. don’t blame others. if you never used your unlimited data, that’s your fault. and if you happened to fall into a tiered data plan, don’t cry that you don’t have a UDP like the rest of us.

        • ja

          that post needs to be repeated every 4 hours.

        • fxrsniper

          You are part of the people which is why they are doing it. If not it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been with Verizon almost 21 years. I know how it works. I’ve been in this field for 10+ years. Go tell that BS to someone else

      • thelolotov

        No, actually, it’s people like YOU that are causing this, that refuse to admit that the companies should not make promises they cannot keep, that refuse to admit that the carriers are SCREWING YOU. People like you that just accept it when the carriers start changing everything to our detriment. Do you want to know why I’m using so much data? It’s because I’m currently on vacation, in the middle of nowhere, where this is the only good internet source I have. Best thing available is 2 Mbps DSL that drops every hour or so. I pay 30 bucks for the privilege of unlimited data, I’m allowed to use it.

        • fxrsniper

          Its called abusing it idiot so yes its people like you that makes us the people that use it the way it should be suffer.

          • thelolotov

            That’s neat. But guess what, I paid for an unlimited data plan. It’s not my fault if Verizon LIED to us and can’t (read: won’t) actually back up their claims. I’m tired of people like you defending Verizon, who screws over their customers all around, lying and cheating, and poisoning politics.

            Guess what, bandwidth isn’t a finite resource, THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Data doesn’t just disappear. If Verizon doesn’t have have the infrastructure to support their customer base, that’s THEIR problem. I’m forced to pay 70 bucks a month for voice, and I pay 30 bucks a month for data. Verizon has plenty of money, they can afford to upgrade their towers.

            Also, I generally use 50 GB a month or so. when not on vacation. :3 Sometimes 70.

            I pay good money for it. If T-Mobile and Sprint can afford to have unlimited data, and cost much less than Verizon, Verizon can afford to deal with it.

            Please do explain to me, if you can think of a reason why that makes any sense.

          • fxrsniper

            All carriers have problems in metro areas and always will. There infrastructure is fine as i’m pulling over 60Mbs in some areas they can handle it, but when you have thousands of people in one area clogging it up with useless crap during business hours it causes problem for the people that actually need data for their livelihood. Sprint and T-Mobile does not have the coverage that Verizon has or the reliability, thats why they do and T_moblie and sprint both throttle. You really don’t seem to understand how much it cost to upgrade towers and even build new ones, the FCC only allows so much at a time. LTE is expensive to deploy but not to operate. You think Verizon has so much money you have no clue what it cost to expand and buy spectrum at auctions. not to mention what they just spent buying Vodafone out and become Verizon 100% because before Verizon was 45% and Vodafone in the UK 55%. So again I stick to my first statement. Im not saying I agree with Verizon on this Im just making a statement to why.

          • thelolotov

            If carriers were not ready for this level of traffic, that’s their problem. I don’t care if the networks get clogged during “business hours” I have a job too, guess what, I have to go to client sites in DC a lot, I’ve never noticed a problem with speed while in DC. My 4G still exceeds some of the clients’s hard lines in speed. Reliability has never been an issue etiher.

            Also, don’t pretend this is a cost problem, Verizon is more than happy to throw gobs of cash at politicians and lobbyists to get Congress to let them screw us even more. Verizon is making record profits every quarter, along with AT&T and Sprint. There’s no excuse for anything. And Verizon doesn’t need to buy more spectrum to add towers. I guarantee they haven’t covered the nation yet. Again, it comes down to Verizon and others making promises they can’t fulfill.

            If it was so bad, you’d think Verizon would cut me off, call me, email me, send me a letter, or something. Clearly I’m not causing them any grief, besides the fact that they could be making a horrific profit off my overages if I wasn’t unlimited.

            Oh, by the way, cycles about to end, I might beat my previous record of 200 GB in a month!

          • fxrsniper

            You’re a loser and you are part of the problem thats all im going say about it

          • thelolotov

            One could say the same of you. Shame, I thought you were going to seriously debate this with me, instead of reverting to name-calling.

          • fxrsniper

            What else is there to talk about you don’t seem to get it. I understand some of what you are saying but I also understand how infrastructure works and how expensive it is. Once VoLTE gets here it wont matter because everything will be data.

          • thelolotov

            How will that not matter? Wouldn’t moving voice to VOIP and SMS/MMS to data just compound the issue? Or are you saying that the spectrum/bandwidth previously reserved for the two will help lighten the load to the point that it won’t matter?

          • fxrsniper

            mms is already on data moving to VOIP will make a huge difference. 1 more cost efficient because no old 3g and CDMA towers and hardware to maintain. 2 LTE cost less than 3g and CDMA to operate which in turn will cost them less. They will also be able to expand coverage and reliability to more areas. phones will use less power because right now they are looking for Voice, 3g and LTE signals always unless you’re on wifi. VoLTE will also offer video calling options, including making and receiving video calls directly from contact lists. As part of the VoLTE video calling experience, you have the ability to change your calls instantly from voice-only to voice and video. VoLTE also sets the stage for future enhancements through Rich Communications Services RCS, which enable things like including large file transfer, more robust group messaging, and more location sharing. It will also give us Clearer calls and fewer drops even though I haven’t had a dropped call in 10+ years.

          • thelolotov

            I’m not saying VoLTE is a bad thing, I welcome it, especially if it means we can force Verizon and others to separate data service from voice. I don’t need my phone much, and I already use a SIP service to minimize my minute usage (not that I’ve ever come close to going over.) I just want my pocket computer with an internet connection. If I could get rid of voice and keep unlimited, I could cut my bill to 60 bucks a month. I’d even be willing to pay more than that if I just get to keep my unlimited.

            I can’t wait until we kill the old tech and upgrade everything. Maybe Verizon will even bring back unlimited data (nah, they won’t)

          • fxrsniper

            Who knows but I will say that the FCC will be all over them and other carriers if they don’t bring there prices down for VoLTE or give more for the same considering everything will be data including calls and SMS.

          • thelolotov

            Not so sure. The FCC has been terribly neutered lately.

          • fxrsniper

            But also remember they Made Verizon stop blocking tethering apps to.

          • thelolotov

            That was before Wheeler.

          • fxrsniper

            Also to the second part yes it will lighten the load because will have more bandwidth there to backup and no money spent on the old 3g and CDMA networks

  • Ben J. Davidson

    This is no surprise, and as a customer unless you pay for tethering you should just adjust usage. You are more than likely breaking your agreement when you are hitting that level of usage. Now when your home provider starts doing it its a little different story but I suppose one could argue it is the same.

    • M3D1T8R

      Nope. It is Verizon’s problem. They sold us the service, it’s on them to provide it. That is literally their only real purpose.

      • fxrsniper

        No its not its the people abusing it. not using it as intended.

        • LA

          No, it actually is Verizons problem. They sold me a service of unlimited access to data, through their network. That network transmits signals over publicly owned airwaves. Verizon only has a “license to operate” within that specific spectrum. If they cannot provide unlimited access to use a signal that is transmitted using PUBLIC PROPERTY, then it’s their problem.

          • fxrsniper

            Public airwaves lmao ok now is the time to stop talking

  • Character0

    Also sounds like those who pay tiered data get the “fast lane”. What is the difference between someone on unlimited using 8gb in a month vs. someone with 8gb of tiered data using 8 gb per month?

    • SirPyros

      The difference is Big Red gets more $$$

      • Joseph M.

        This, and this alone.

  • Chris Wilkey

    I used the Best Buy trick to renew my unlimited contract last month. Glad because I use a lot more than 4.7 GB a month as it is my primary Internet Connection. It’s the best option in my apartment complex where my alternatives are 4 Mb cable for $40 a month or 768k DSL for $20 a month. Both massive rip offs, obviously.

  • Character0

    So which is it Verizon : heavy unlimited users strain the network, or using over 5gb of data is only 5% of your customer base? Because I find it hard that unlimited users are causing any strain when its 5%.

    • monkeybutts

      heavy unlimited users strain their profits.

    • mike_s123

      It’s 5% of all customers, but they use much more than 5% of the available bandwidth.

  • That’s fine…just lower the price.

  • Shaggy723

    I still consider leaving Verizon and it’s “amazing coverage” two years ago to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. If comcast is the worst company out there, then Verizon comes in at number two.

  • Kerb

    Well this is pertaining towards me! Since I use 12-18 of my unlimited data plan a month, I suppose they may be doing that now to me since when I am at work my phone doesn’t want to perform the way it does when I am at home!

  • David Diamond

    I’m waiting for the Verizon blog post that blames this on Netflix.

  • Richard

    so it begins….

  • warren harding

    This is nonsense. If I PAY for an unlimited/nonthrottled data package, then I should have a unlimited/nonthrottled data package. 4GB of unthrottled data? That’s a joke, I can sneeze and pass that. I average at least 40GB/month. All you jealous customers on tiered plans, eat your heart out.

  • Kent

    *Verizon keeps unthrottled unlimited data longer than most, finally throttles it under very specific situations that are still far superior than competition* = Verizon customer outrage and threatening to leave even though anywhere they go there will NOT be unlimited data or much worse limitations.

    • Nones

      T-Mobile offers a real unlimited plan in addition to their fake unlimited plans. Maybe Sprint still has unlimited. I haven’t check.

      • monkeybutts

        Sprint announced throttle plans earlier last month in a similar fashion throttle users who use 5 GB or more. They also started warning/canceling accounts that were clearly using unofficial means of tethering.

  • Trab Dub da Vet

    I just may be headed to T-Mobile

  • John Kim

    If you have a family plan that has 2 or more unlimited data lines, does the 4.7GB limit apply to each line separately or to the total data usage of all the lines combined?

    • duke69111

      It would likely be separate as they don’t monitor your data combined.

  • John

    It’s about damn time they did this.

    • hoosiercub88

      die in a fire please

  • creed

    Could they really slow my data speeds any more? I’m lucky to get 10 mbs, 5mbs download speeds are typical for me.

    • Kent

      This will speed it up by allowing the bulk of customers, who don’t have unlimited data, to enjoy faster speeds due to the unclogging of the unlimited users in major congested areas. So, everyone will have faster speeds! So good for you, looks like you will be getting faster speeds!

      • creed

        I didn’t mention that I have unlimited data and use more than 4.7 gb per month. I think I may end up being on 1X by the time this is over.

      • hoosiercub88

        That’s a lie.

      • flosserelli

        Not significantly. You won’t notice faster speeds as much as throttled users will notice reduced speeds.

    • PoisonApple31

      That’s within the range they told customers to expect for LTE (band 13).

  • Colts5609

    I think this is mostly for those people who use Verizon’s unlimited data for their home internet connections, and do not have a dedicated ISP for their home internet usage. Yes, that is abusing the system, but I cant say I blame them. It’s a loophole and they are taking advantage of it. Not on VZW anymore, dont care. You cannot do this on T-Mobile, you have tethering allotment that goes along with your unlimited data.

    • nones

      I use up 2 GB of data a month just from streaming music on my daily commute. I occasionally stream movies on my phone. I also autobackup my camera’s photos and videos in case I lose/break my phone suddenly. You don’t have to tether to use up 4.7 GB a month.

      With phones becoming more capable, I use more and more data each year. Good thing SD cards are coming back now though. I prefer to keep my media local even if I have unlimited data. Verizon’s network isn’t as good as they claim it is.

    • monkeybutts

      Just cause you have a tethering allotment doesn’t mean people don’t find ways to get around it.

  • saradduclos

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  • Brandon

    Surprisingly enough I thought it would be far worse than this. Doesn’t affect me though because I’m on T-Mobile now in NYC so I have service everywhere (well, except for the subway, but no one has service down there)!

  • Eikast

    Good thing that I took advantage of their exploit in October to renew my contract and get a new phone. Unlimited data on contract until October 2015.

  • Jeremy Gross

    i use about 1.5-2 gb of data a month, but if i had unlimted i would use so much more. i wait till i get home to watch youtube and i could torrent while im at work.

  • shooter50

    So many people “fear” leaving verizon because of perceived poor coverage. I was one of them, but Tmobile has far exceeded my expectations here in South Florida. I can’t believe I paid those ridiculous prices for so many years. The only real downside is tmobile’s customer service. It’s not that they are lazy, careless folks like Sprint. They just seem poorly trained. It’s like they want to help, but aren’t quite there yet. Still, I don’t see myself ever returning to verizon

    • nones

      Verizon customer support isn’t all that great either. So it’s not much of a loss for you. I know I’m eyeing TMo right now. Other than having a CEO who is annoying in public media, TMo seems pretty good.

      • Joseph M.

        Legere honestly doesn’t need to swear so damn much. If he can’t find another way to make a forceful point without being potentially offensive or coming across as crass or unprofessional, that is a weakness in his communication style.

        Now, I don’t personally care–I’m not offended. But I don’t see the downside should the highly visible CEO of such a large company should keep it a little cleaner.

  • yiannis

    4.7 GB is a ridiculously low threshold to start throttling. I pay $100 with employee discount + full price hardware and use 6-8 GB a month for ~2 Mbps download speed. 20GB would be a more reasonable limit. T-mobile has excellent coverage on Oahu so yes I am switching in late September to T-Mobile which charges $105 for unlimited everything inclusive of new phone price. Looking towards the LG3 now, but I hope HTC or Motorola come up with something and or that a Nexus 6 is available.

    • NexusMan

      What exactly are you using of all of that data for? Do you only use data and do not have wifi?

      • hoosiercub88

        I stream Spotify in my car at higher quality, and HQ audio uses a lot of data. Sure I could download a lot of songs via WiFi onto my phone that doesn’t have an SD card and fill it up, yeah great idea.. My home WiFI is slower than LTE, why would I want to use it for something that my phone’s connection can do considerably faster?

        • NexusMan

          You are a unique case. I, personally, also have Verizon for my home wifi and my Fios wifi is MUCH faster than my phone’s connection. As for music, I use Play Music as my primary service, and its extremely easy to pin and unpin songs, albums an playlists. I have hundreds of sons stored on my phone (without an sd card) and I have plenty of unused space, and am doing just fine. Not a judgement on others, was just curious.

        • monkeybutts

          $30 5 GB T-mobile plan allows unlimited spotify 😉
          The part that sucks is it only has 100 minutes.

  • d-rock

    For the people who don’t tether and just use their phone like everyone else (just refusing to connect to wifi to save data), I feel for you, but you’ll just be connecting to wifi now and using it like that. MOST of these people won’t be greatly affected.

    For the tetherers and home wifi users, I bite my thumb at you! haha! You have deserved this for a while now. You earned this! No, you really did!

  • Jeff Broders

    Well then, I guess it’s time to figure out a way to prevent that from happening… There are some incredibly talented developers out there + root + incentives, I’m guessing there are ways around this. Maybe something similar to wifikill. I plan on staying on unlimited, Verizon, and continue to use 50-75gb/month with xlte speeds that I feel I more than paid for when I signed up for unlimited data with a lte phone. Instead of them offering less service, they should continue to upgrade the network, that in all honesty, they’re actually pretty good at it.

    • Delby

      They invest 9 Billion annually into the network. That number will go up. I am sorry they deemed it not fair to those who don’t have unlimited data to have to deal with slower speeds because you have unlimited data and are clogging it. What do you call those who don’t have unlimited data anymore? Suckers?

      • hoosiercub88

        I don’t know anyone on tiered or shared data that complains about their speeds.

  • Pruett89

    As a RF Engineer I can say with great certainty that QOS(Quality of Service) policies have already been doing things like this to users in congested areas. There are hundreds of thresholds that can be set to direct traffic from on site to another as well as adjust user queues that determine when and how quickly different users get their data. This is an attempt by Verizon to keep the users informed, but there is no doubt that they have already been doing some type of traffic management before.

    I know the smartest way to do this would be by putting these “heavy” users at the back of the line to be served. This way if the cell site is lightly loaded you can still get the peak speeds you are used to, but during times of intense congestion you would simply have to wait behind other users who do not have an unlimited plan/requested data before you did. Since data is delivered to distinct users every milliseconds and VZW speeds are already quite high, it shouldn’t be a massive change. In this scenario you would not be speed limited, but instead you would be waiting a bit longer, which is interpreted as slowness.

    So its really not going to be something that will make you want to go crazy or file a law suite – IMHO

    • Kent

      The vast majority of Verizon customers don’t have unlimited data. It is not practical or fair for unlimited data users who use a ton of data to clog the network for the vast majority who do not have unlimited data. It comes down to customer experience and ensuring the vast majority have the fastest speeds of any carrier.

      • hoosiercub88

        Quit buying into the lies.

      • flosserelli

        That is exactly what VZW wants you to believe. But think about this: VZW will throttle the top 5% of heavy users. FIVE PERCENT. Do you really think restricting 5% of users will have have any significant impact on data speeds of the other 95%? If you do, then I have a bridge for sale. Over my oceanfront property in Kansas.

        • mike_s123

          Math and logic are not your strong suits.

  • Jake

    So, if I used 4.7GB of data on a tower in the middle of nowhere while no other person was connected to it, as soon as I connect to another tower that is in heavy use I become the lowest priority? Why, if my prior usage didn’t cause congestion for anyone else? I can understand if I was chewing through data on that heavily congested tower, but why should my past usage on other towers factor in?

    • Delby

      When you sit down with a bunch of people who pay for tiered data and their speed is bogged down because you are going crazy with the unlimited, how exactly are you going to explain to them that it is fair? Bandwidth is not an unlimited resource.

      • M3D1T8R

        Um, that’s Verizon’s problem. They can use some of their $4,340,000,000 quarterly PROFIT to fulfill their promise of good service and fast speeds that they chose to sell to people for so much money (unlimited or not).

  • Jay96815

    Another reason I’m happy I’m leaving Verizon .. got my OnePlus One and I’m on my way out!

  • Cael

    All the Unlimited users should max out before October. Everyone go over 100 GB!

    • hoosiercub88

      Oh I’m going to start downloading everything on my LTE now.. I don’t even tether, because Verizon has made sure I can’t anymore since I have a Moto X.

    • flosserelli

      Streaming Netflix nonstop even while at work and while you sleep would blow through 100 GB in a only few days. Just sayin’

  • Rob

    F Verizon I’ll switch if they throttle me I definitely fall into the category to be throttled cause I use a lot of data so I guess I’ll see come October

  • JP

    I thought legally they couldn’t throttle on their 700mhz spectrum for unlimited users?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      They have the loop hole, if it’s stressing the towers, then they can do it. Me thinks

      • hoosiercub88

        We could upgrade the towers, with the billions of dollars they spend on infrastructure supposedly annually… but that would just be nuts. Punish people instead.

      • Joseph M.

        Pretty much. They can’t block apps or specific traffic, but they can slow it down.

  • flosserelli

    That unlimited data that heavy users value so highly has just become virtually worthless. At least VZW customers can take comfort in knowing they are funding record profits for the company.

  • Cramplehade

    So someone that pays for a 10GB data plan will not be throttled at any point, regardless of the demand on the tower that I am connected to. But I pay for my unlimited data plan, and if I go over 4.7GB I get throttled to an un-specified degree?

    If this does happen, I am done with VZW.

    • nerdydesi

      Because those users on 10gb plans are paying more than an unlimited data user for their plan. Money is king. 🙁

      • OhHai

        Not everyone, I got the double data promo during the 4G smartphone push so I got 10GB for the price of 5GB, and then I get 50% off of that for my service bill.

      • hoosiercub88

        Yeah, anyone who thinks this is actually about “network optimization” is kidding themselves.. this is about money. Because If you pay for a 30Gb plan, and constantly abuse it but streaming HD video and torrents/etc… you’re abusing/clogging the network just as much as someone who uses 5Gb of “unlimited” data on their phone. You just pay more, so Verizon holds your interest at a higher level of importance.

  • jim

    there will come a time when everyone pays full price for their cell phone,,, trust me its coming

    • nerdydesi

      I know I am in the minority, but I have no issue with that as long as it is unlocked and free of any carrier bloatware, etc.

      • flosserelli

        That is the way it is in most of the world. Americans are used to getting something for little or nothing up front, and financing or subsidizing the rest. Blame it on the “instant gratification” mindset.

  • I thought that verzion wasn’t allow to slow LTE users down as part of the broadband spectrum sale that happened after the end of analog TV antenna broadcast signals. This is exactly that. I received a call from verizon saying that I need to move to an XLTE device for $49.99 + CA taxes with no contract extension and still keep unlimited data. I know that I need to representative shop because as a former employer of VZW, I don’t trust what one rep says, I need consistency.

  • Bigwavedave25

    oh Lord… if under 5gb is top 5%, I would hate to see where I fall… Target commencing 🙁

  • Higher_Ground

    Seeing as how top 5% is ony 4.7GB, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why set the bar at 5%. 4.7 GB a month is not heavy demand at all. That’s like 160MB a day, which if you’ve got a strong 4G connection, is something like 1.5 minutes of intense downloading.
    It may be true that there is some % of customers that are causing problems, but it’s certainly not as high as 5% … which would mean that 3-4 million people were causing problems.
    I would bet the number of people causing network problems numbers under 10,000. They could certainly do just fine throttling only the top 0.5% of customers, or better yet, set the cap on unlimited at least equal with the highest tier.

    • jim

      you think they will accept logic ? lol

    • flosserelli

      The 4.7 GB cutoff is completely arbitrary. Didn’t you know that 78% of statistics are made up? 😛

      • monkeybutts

        Did you know 99% of politicians that take bribes from Verizon get butt cancer?

  • Tec

    Horse $h..!! They just to rake in more money. This has nothing to do with how they handle the network. All about the dollars. For some, Verizon is no choice in the area they live in. I wish I had better options where I’m at, however AT$T and Verizon are the only game in town. Looks like unlimited is done for. The question is will they mess with those that are still under contract?

    • duke69111

      They are not really going to rake in more money are they? My $30.00 plan for the supposed 4.7gb of data is still less than the current $30.00 2gb plan. I’m not defending them, I’m just saying.

      • jim

        its their way of getting unlimited people to pay extra to use more than 4.7,,,,, filling their pockets

  • Rodeojones000

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I have no problem with this decision.

    • flosserelli

      That’s good because you don’t have any say in the matter.

  • jim

    and they get to decide if a cell is in the ” high traffic ‘ range, I know where this is going, no matter where you are, when you pass 4.7 you will be throttled

  • Lenovo dude

    The amount of butt hurt over this will be epic. lol suckers.

  • leimeisei

    I would care more, if not for the “on a cell site experiencing high traffic volumes” bit. That’s pretty reasonable I think. Slowing down the big users so that everyone gets an at least okay experience on their network.

  • jim

    putting the limit at 4.7 is nailing everyone that has unlimited ,

  • jim

    so if you have unlimited , and using 5 gig a month , you are hurting the system by using so much data, but if you buy 6 , 10 , 50 gig or more , you are not hurting the system at all . REALLY ? is anyone really buying this crap ?

    • angelycam

      Exactly!! So I just signed a new 2 yr unlimited contract and I got no
      notice of this or else I wouldn’t have recommitted. Where can I find my
      contract, I look in my Verizon and only see a customer agreement that states no
      mention of such “network optimization”. This makes me furious!! I’m
      calling right after work and checking to see if they can send me the contract
      that states this in my contract and why it’s not available in MY Verizon
      website. It makes no sense like you said. I barely creep over 5GB and I’m going
      to be penalized vs. those who pay double what I pay to get 10GB without the so
      called “network optimization”. Come on Verizon, really!! I get you’re
      the BIG RED and can do this type of BS, but not without explaining to me and
      more than likely letting me leave without breach of contract because no one
      made me aware of this beforehand. I know TMo is good in my area, have several
      friends on it. I sure will leave; I’m not just blowing smoke out my arse

      • Andrew

        Did you miss the part where it says it won’t effect you until you’ve fufilled your contract? So if you just signed a 2 year, it won’t effect you for two years (if I’m reading this right)

        • Eddie

          Is this true?? That makes me happy. Just keep on transferring upgrades to my other lines and extend my contract?? If what you’re saying is true then I have nothing to worry about!!!!

    • MicroNix

      The top 5% can’t be 4.7 gig….heck abusers here alone should put the top 5% starting at 60 gig/month or more

  • cush2push

    Verizon “network enhanced” my data i “network enhanced” my payments fair trade

  • Higher_Ground

    why not just force them all onto 4GB plans and be done with it?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      If they did, then we’ll leave. At least maybe I would. I have 2 conditions, I’d they take the unlimited, and my discount, them I’m done.

    • Joseph M.

      I would leave instantly. My $104.98 a month would be split between Century Link and AT&T or T-Mobile. (Because Sprint still sucks and, well, F%&# Comcast.)

  • Karan

    It’s says for 3G devices

    • Karan

      Only. So if I’m not mistaken I thin it applies to people with 3G devices not with 4g devices.

      • s0nic69

        Did you go to the website?
        Explanation of Video Optimization Deployment
        Verizon Wireless deployed video optimization technology in parts of its 3G and 4G mobile broadband network. This network management technology is designed to transmit data more efficiently, ease capacity burdens on the network, primarily from video files, and improve the user experience with faster downloads and decreased Internet latency.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        “Starting in October 2014, Verizon Wireless will extend its network optimization policy to the data users who: fall within the top 5 percent of data users on our network, have fulfilled their minimum contractual commitment, and are on unlimited plans using a 4G LTE device.”

        From the Verizon press released linked above under “Via:”

  • XvierX

    While this is pure doodoo I get why they’re doing it. I’m sure I’m in the top 5% but I doubt I’ll notice any difference based on my usage habits. My data consumption is comprised mostly by streaming music/podcasts at work.

  • s0nic69

    Does anyone know by how much we would be throttled? Seems like an important point… will be go down to 3g speeds? What type of speeds should we expect?

    • Lee McLaurin

      I’m in Chicago. 3G is slower than a 1200 baud modem.

    • mlb


  • s0nic69

    Stop blaming the people using it as their home wifi. I have wifi tether on my plan, and sometimes use it when my home internet is down or when on trips, nothing wrong with that. I get it that some people over used it, but who cares, the point is that Verizon is the enemy here, don’t team up against the others who were smart about using the tether at home to save money.

  • Fresh2infinity

    I’ll be sure to download and route everything through my phone’s AP….Prepare for TB’s of downloads VZW. P.S. F…U

    not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

    • mike

      And you still get unlimited.. just slower.
      What really sucks is, you’ll get “optimized” whenever, not just after the 4.75 GB mark…

      I’m on unlimited but rarely use more then 3-4GB a month.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Really? “Top 5% of data users (you use 4.7GB of data per month or more)” 4.7 GBs of data a month? I do that without even trying. I use about 10 GBs a month and I work in Manhattan. Looks like I’m done.

    • trumpet444

      yeah, no kidding. 4.7 sounds pretty low. I definitely use a good 5gb+ through Spotify & podcasts alone

      • d-rock

        It is low, but that’s the top 5% when you include all the people who have 500MB to 3GB (probably 90% of users)

  • GJV

    Those of you who’ve been using your unlimited as home wifi have finally ruined for the rest of us 😉 Seriously though this is the beginning of the end of unlimited. They are taking an incremental approach. Just wait.

    • rodney11ride

      shot across the bow? lol

      • GJV

        They will keep chipping away at unlimited until it’s actually gone or all but gone because it’s been so restricted. Verizon’s CEO said unlimited was not part of their plans going forward. You didn’t think they’d forgotten about us did you?

  • yummy

    Well, the message to unlimited users couldn’t be more clear.

    • monkeybutts

      Is the message switch to T-mobile?

  • rodney11ride

    oh and throttling an already blazing fast unlimited data setup is fine by me. ill get my GB no matter what. lol wether it be 20mb a sec or 7mb a sec. all hail unlimited!!!!!

    • M3D1T8R

      I’m not so worried if they throttle it like that (down to 7). Heck I only get around 5Mbps where I live _now_. (I usually use 40-100GB/mo.) Question is what will they throttle to? 3G? That’s unusable 0.2Mbps. If they just limit 4G to say 4Mbps that’s at least still barely usable for some things like Netflix. But we don’t know what that number will be, or even if it will be consistent. They haven’t said at all.

    • chaostheory66821

      All carrier’s throttle data, even ones that claim unlimited. It usually starts happening after about 2 or 3 gigs. In the case of Verizon, they start doing it around 3 gigs and have for some time(not 4.7GB). This article is total garbage. It really amazes me that so many people(their customers) are unaware of these practices.

  • Rich Robinson

    According to the Verizon Sales Rep I’m on the phone with now: Anyone who renewed their unlimited plan in 2013 (I did under glitch) – throttling was not mentioned in the contract, it ended in 2011 on all unlimited contracts. So, she is saying that because there is no mention of throttling in the 2013 contract, they are entitled to throttle unlimited customers as they still keep the unlimited data but the service can be altered to maximize network speed. Once a customer with unlimited goes over 4.7gb in a given month, they will begin throttling.

    • M3D1T8R

      “Because there is no mention of it in the contract, they are entitled to do it”? Huh? Isn’t it the opposite? Otherwise they should be sued in a massive class action lawsuit for advertising and selling people “unlimited data on our BLAZINGLY FAST 4G LTE network”, but not giving them that.

  • Suicide_Note

    “Verizon does note in their policy that if you are in the 5% of data users, they could slow your speeds through the current billing cycle and onto the end of the next.”

    And there’s the provision they’ll use to throttle your connection for the entire billing cycle, and not just until you switch to another tower. I wouldn’t be surprised if their next planned step is the elimination of unlimited altogether.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      This move indicates to me that the vast majority of their previous unlimited users are either already gone, or are using under 4.7GB, which means they wouldn’t get any extra money from forcing them onto a different plan.

      Next is removing discounts from unlimited data packages not under contract. Then simply adding a speed cap to unlimited data lines ala Aio. Finally, when they have few enough people under contract, they remove unlimited entirely. Q4 2015 is my call for that to happen.

      Alas, poor unlimited, I knew ye well. Looks like I’ll be gone once the Moto X+1 is released. It was fun while it lasted.

      • M3D1T8R

        Well as of yesterday my (unl) contract now goes until July 2016. If I can believe what they say about requiring “fulfilled minimum contract term” in order to be throttled, I should be ok for two more years now. So they shouldn’t be able to fully kill unlimited until at least after that date. Of course I can never trust Verizon, but it’s my best shot.

        • flosserelli

          I hate to break it to you, but any carrier can change the terms of service at any time. They just have to notify you of the changes, and allow you out of the contract without ETF, or continue under the new terms.

  • Hybris

    When I was a CSR there (3 years, left last November) the policy was the same other than 4g customers of course. However, the fine print said that it last through the current cycle AND through the next cycle. I saw that happen often to people. They say now it does not last through a bill cycle, but I don’t buy it. Only way to know for certain is to check with customer service to see if the network optimization feature code is on your line.

    • angelycam

      I’d be scared to ask, because if it’s not on my account, they’ll put it on there! That maybe the plan to get all unlimited users to call in so that they can put that code on their accts! I’m screwed!! Guess TMo, I’ll visit you tomorrow after I get confirmation. Let’s see how VZW will feel or try to talk me out of leaving by offering me some BS plan!

  • Shawn Spring

    Obligatory “middle finger to Verizon” comment here.

  • Kurt Weber

    I dont use 500gb + like some other people on here do… but i use less than 10gb a month, usually about 7 and this is ridiculous. Basically what theyre saying is “we have the best service but the places you go the most you wont have data because it will be slower than a snail, but the places you never go like the corn fields in the midwest, you have full speed data!” …….. I’ll probably switch to T-Mobile when the Note 4 comes out since with them I’ll be able to use data where I actually go.

    • rodney11ride

      i believe this will target those in the +20gb range.

      • Jonathan Williams

        It’s for those who use more than 4.7 GB a month.

        • rodney11ride

          lol. is that stated… thought it just said top 5% users

          • Marc

            Yes, it says top 5% = 4.7 GB/month.

          • rodney11ride


  • rodney11ride

    And there is the breach of contract…

    • Mike Aurin

      Is it a breach of contract if that service plan doesn’t technically exist anymore? Aren’t most people still on Unlimited because of a fluke in the system? Not debating you…honest question.

      • rodney11ride

        Actually after i typed that, i thought of two things. 1. yes breach of contract IF you are still under contract. unlimited wasnt a fluke it was a sales point in which many signed 2 year agreements to get. 2. most of the customers are almost out of there contract. I upgraded to GS3 right be fore they came out with other plans. 7/8/12. this puts us out of contract a few weeks ago. so basically they can do whatever they wantr to without breach if you have gone past your 2 year agreement

    • Guest

      Not so sure about that. Not a whole lot you can do about it if you want to stay with VZW.

      • rodney11ride

        google it. they have already been sued for less of a breach. they are smarter now. alot of unlimited users are out of there 2 year agreements which makes this move OK. i explained right after you sent this.

        • Marc

          That’s exactly what I said.

  • I almost wish Verizon would just kill off my unlimited data plan already so I could move to T-Mobile instead of pulling crap like this. It’s like they’re slowly toying with us.

    • laheelahee

      almost…. but not quite

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If you live in a Metro area, unlimited data is effectively ended. Rather, it is like T-Mobile’s “high-speed” tiers: after X amount of data, you’re throttled. Once you are throttled, having unlimited means jack-all, becuase it’s not fast enough for anything but the occasional e-mail or map.

      • monkeybutts

        But T-mobile does still offer 2 different plans with unlimited data. $60 on MetroPCS and as a $30 per line add-on on regular T-mobile.

  • duke69111

    This move by Verizon should really spur T-mobile to upgrade their coverage/network across america. They would really benefit.

    • glimmerman76

      at 2 mil a tower tmobile does not have the cash to do it

      • duke69111

        is that the cost to add a tower or upgrade a tower. In the eastern 1/3 of Kansas, coverage is not excellent, but there is a lot 2g only. Upgrading those to 4G would really make it more enticing to switch.

        • glimmerman76

          you are looking at lease costs panel placement on the tower and back haul. I mean in kansas I’m sure getting fiber to these towers will cost a pretty penny. what i gave is the average I read

  • flosserelli

    Glad I sold my unlimited lines while they were still worth something.

  • Daren Rogers

    Ok, this is BS double talk if I am reading it correctly

    In the FAQs they state:
    How is this different than throttling?
    The difference between our Network Optimization practices and throttling is network intelligence. With throttling, your wireless data speed is reduced for your entire cycle, 100% of the time, no matter where you are. Network Optimization is based on the theory that all customers should have the best network possible, and if you’re not causing congestion for others, even if you are using a high amount of data, your connection speed should be as good as possible. So, if you’re in the top 5% of data users, your speed is reduced only when you are connected to a cell site experiencing high demand. Once you are no longer connected to a site experiencing high demand, your speed will return to normal. This could mean a matter of seconds or hours, depending on your location and time of day.

    Then 4 questions down you get this:

    Once my data speed is reduced, am I going to be under Network Optimization forever?
    No. You will be subject to Network Optimization for that billing cycle and the following cycle. When subject to Network Optimization you will only be affected when connected to a cell site experiencing high demand. Otherwise, your data will operate as normal.

    So it’s worse than throttling because it lasts for 1+ billing cycle, correct? I say his assuming that, according to whatever arbitrary system they use, ALL of their cell sites will be considered high demand

    • trumpet444

      If you live and work in a large metro area (high demand), wouldn’t they just throttle you 24/7?

      • d-rock

        Once you get to the limit, yes

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Not during times of minimal traffic…aka, 2 AM on a Tuesday.

        Functionally, it is the end of unlimited in metro areas. Legally, there is nothing we can do about it, because the reduced speeds only occur during “congested” times; if you happen to want to use your device during that time, well, not much they can do, right?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It means that once you hit their 5% threshold, you will be placed into the “optimization” pool. If you and a whole bunch of other users are accessing a fully-loaded tower, your data becomes the lowest priority. That low priority extends to all congested towers at all times for the rest of that billing period, plus the next. If you hit top 5% every month, it will indeed be functional permanent.

      If you watch your usage and are careful, then there is no functional difference between this unlimited and something like T-Mobile’s “high-speed” data tiers, except of course that if you can happen to find a non-congested tower you will be back up to normal speeds. Which means that there is no real reason for your data to be unlimited, as it won’t really be useful. And since consumers have a) no control over which towers they connect to and b) have nothing to tell them that any given tower is congested, once you pass 4.7GB you should simply assume you are throttled.

  • SomeDooD

    What about people who have unlimited and pay the extra fee for hotspot feature?

    • M3D1T8R

      You’re fuct too.

      • SomeDooD

        Figured, ffs. If only T-Mobile wasn’t so crappy in my area.

        • M3D1T8R

          Yeah me too. Been hoping for a couple years now T-mo would improve where I’m at so I’d have another option. No such luck. And I can barely even get Verizon LTE, at fairly slow speed.

    • James_75

      Call Verizon and ask them. Imo, this is a legitimate gripe if true.

  • AlexKCMO

    If I just read the title, I’d be pretty mad. After reading the article, it doesn’t seem like the end of the world. It’s not full throttling and it’s only during high demand. If it was going over 5GB means you get throttled through the rest of the billing cycle, I’d be tempted to switch to T-Mo, but then I’d be giving up coverage and I’m not willing to do that just yet.

    • M3D1T8R

      That’s exactly what it could mean. Could even be beyond the next billing cycle. We don’t know. They sure aren’t making it easy for us, not telling us exactly what throttling means, for how long etc. Basically it means they’ll do whatever they want.

    • A

      This is what I got out of it too. You’re only throttled when the tower you’re connected to is congested. On the other hand, verizon could label all the towers as congested…

  • picaso86

    My “unlimited” data and I are very thankful for thIS Verizon.. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    ps: f*** you!!!!!!

  • Tony Byatt

    Sucks for people that use their unlimited plan as their home Internet…

    • flosserelli

      Sucks for unlimited users, period. But this was coming. ATT unlimited users will be next.

      • T4rd

        AT&T unlimited users have always (at least since tiered data was introduced) been throttled after around 5 GBs.

      • d-rock

        Yeah, AT&T did it out the gate almost after killing unlimited.

      • Pretty Serious

        I work for AT&T and can attest that data throttling has been a thing for a very long time and, yes, it is provisioned in your contract.

        If you’re routinely in the top 5% of our users, which we put at above 5GB, your data it slowed to 2G/Edge speeds for the remainder of the bill cycle. This is only for repeat offenders, however; if you surpass the 5GB limit from time to time, you won’t experience throttling, only if you do it a few months in a row. We also send several warning texts during these periods to give you a heads-up about the possibility of throttling and how to reduce data usage.

    • Mr E

      Frankly, I don’t care if it affects people that take pride in how much data they can use. We can probably blame everyone who has come in here posting screenshots of using terabytes of data in a month.
      However, I use data all on my phone and still am apparently in the top 5% according to whatever math they’re using.

    • EnterTheNexus

      To T-Mobile we goooo!

  • Turb0wned

    “If Verizon throttles me I’ll switch.”

    “If Verizon takes away my unlimited data, I’ll switch.”

    “If Verizon doesn’t get the Nexus, I’ll switch.”

    Every day for years it’s the same story with you guys yet 98% of you don’t actually leave. As long as Verizon has so many customers, they will continue to put it in your butt.

    • BobButtons

      I pay $40 a month (add-on line to another account) for Verizon’s coverage & unlimited data on a G2. That’s crazy incentive for me to stay. The throttling does suck but I rarely go over 4.7 GB anyway. I do fall into your second quote though. If they do kick me off unlimited or make it so horrible it’s not worth having anymore I definitely will switch. It’s unfair if you were to categorize me as part of the 98% because the circumstances I’m posing have yet to come to fruition. Unfortunately it’d have to be to AT&T or subsidiary due to T-Mobile having garbage coverage all around me.

    • Bryan Mills

      They’re a bunch of entitled shytheads.

      • Colts5609

        No, we just have a choice. We chose to leave Verizon.

    • Colts5609

      I switched. Just for the Nexus, and now the OnePlus One.

  • droidxethan

    That 5% has to be a lie. I use like 20 a month

  • middlehead

    Good. Now the idiots who ruined it for everyone can suffer.

    • rawr

      This has nothing to do with bandwidth usage and everything to do with monetization of data.

    • M3D1T8R

      How will this make Verizon suffer? I assume that is “the idiots who ruined it for everyone” you’re referring to. This is just another greedy money grab for them. Sell people a service, then jack up the price infinitely and take it away. Profit.

    • SomeDooD

      You’re an idiot if you buy into what VZW says.

    • KingofPing

      What a good little sheep you are…

  • PBC

    Besides driving to another city, is there an easy way to switch cell sites/towers…so we use 4GB on 1, switch to another for 4GB, etc. without throttling?

    • Marc

      That’s not what they said. It doesn’t matter how much data you pull from a single site, it’s about your total data/month.

      • PBC

        I understand that, but it seems to be the total pulled from a single tower. If you can switch towers, it sounds like you’ll be back in business.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Lololololol this was always gonna happen. T-Mobile will be next. Maybe not soon, but it’s gonna happen. No network can handle a bunch of people on their phones 24/7 watching movies and listening to music.

    • Robert Paulson

      So you are a network engineer or have a PhD in Computer Networks then?


      You are just parroting what companies who want to make more money off of data then?


      • Marc

        You don’t have to be an engineer or a PHD to understand that.

        • Robert Paulson

          “No network can handle a bunch of people on their phones 24/7 watching movies and listening to music.”
          An absolute that is absolutely wrong as there are plenty of networks handling a bunch of people watching movies and listening to music 24/7 (the current internet does that even!). Congestion is a business term for potential profit.

          But sure, I’m sure terabytes of information aren’t being passed around every second. No way. I mean 10GBs being used in a month is unheard of!

    • KingofPing

      Durr? Herp? Derp?

      “No network can handle a bunch of people on their phones 24/7 watching movies and listening to music.”


      …because anyone uses their phone for media consumption 24/7.

      …because those folks using a *lot* of data obviously aren’t (because, as you say, the network can’t support it!)


    • gambit07

      Wow, some of the comments on this article are so off base it’s scary.

  • Noogies

    OK I don’t understand why people are losing their minds about this, it says when the tower in question is under heavy usage. So when usage comes down, it’ll stop. If you move on to another tower, it’ll stop. Am I missing something here? I know its fashionable to rage on Verizon but this seems like a big “so what?” to me.

    • Ryan Dombroski

      Because knowing Verizon if you are in the Top 5% you will automatically be causing “congestion” on the tower so they will slow your speeds down

    • Jonathan Williams

      If you live in a city or town that is saturated, you’re kinda SOL.

      • MicroNix

        Perhaps this will take care of that saturation so that only the abusers are SOL and not EVERYONE?

        • d-rock

          It will definitely help their network. 5% shouldn’t have the power to hurt 95%. Now they won’t.

        • Jonathan Williams

          The “saturation” was more due to the increased number of subscribers, not the “abusers”

    • M3D1T8R

      LOL.. No, it won’t stop. You’re naive in trusting Verizon. “Heavy usage” is whatever the heck they want it to be, at their whim.

      • This is exactly the issue. Verizon can say hmm 5% utilization on a tower is heavy and throttle as they don’t publish this and you can’t test it. This is essentially killing unlimited data as they hold the cards and don’t have to show them. Granted I don’t know why they would target people using less than 10GB as they are hardly power users.
        I would leave Verizon but I found out that no other service works in one of the Vacation areas I go so I’m sort of stuck.

    • Bill Stebbins

      If that tower happens to be by work or home, you’ll be throttled all the time…

    • jaymonster

      It really depends a lot on where you live, and how they define “congested.” As somebody pointed out earlier, if you live in a large metropolitan area, towers may very well be congested a vast majority of the time (save for like a 2am – 4am window). So if that is the case, then you are effectively throttled all the time.

    • Neil Fujiwara

      A lot of the terms are ambiguous and are up to Verizon’s definition. Most people are in an urban area and that tower be consistently under heavy usage. I don’t like the term minimum contract requirement.

  • Mordecaidrake

    This is cute because if I had a 10gb plan, you know they wouldn’t throttle me. I’m still on unlimited and use on average 10gb.

  • This articles headline should read “Verizon is finally making its customers get a computer and wifi”

  • Colin Huber

    I wonder if people will even notice. Would make for a nice follow-up.

    • duke69111

      The recently named fastest network is barely providing the speeds they promise here in Wichita using XLTE. [email protected]

      I was considering getting the G3 this weekend and extending another line for 2 years, but they just put a stop to that.

      • Jeremy Gross

        those upload speeds are pretty fast

  • Ha ha ha aha ha #DieUnlimited Let the Butt Hurt begin. #GotAnulPlugs

    • M3D1T8R

      Bye troll.

  • AndrewScottRox

    I bet they would like to literally and figuratively throttle unlimited customers. And those with unlimited data plans too. I’ll see myself out….

  • Buur

    I had some regrets about selling my unlimited plan and moving to T-Mobile. Not anymore.

  • devenstonow

    inb4 “Verizon is the devil and I can’t believe they won’t let me use 500GB of LTE a month!”

    • TopXKiller

      Only 500GB?

    • trumpet444

      Disqus, bring back down-voting dammit.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Was a matter of time.

  • Josh Kruse

    This is great news. Ive been plagued with great speeds on my unlimited plan for far too long. Its about time VZW puts some of their $4.3 billion in profits to good use and develops a way to slow things down a bit for me! Nice work.

    • Prime7
    • Raven

      Honestly, as much as I am usually part of the “down with the man” group,
      I think there is a lot of crying about nothing going on here. Everyone
      seems to be ignoring the “Are attempting to use data on a cell site
      that is experiencing high demand” clause. I love my unlimited data, but
      as a Systems Engineer and part time BOFH I fully understand and mostly
      support what they are doing. They are only affecting those top 5% of
      off contract unlimited data users (which I am), but only during times of
      high demand. Maybe it’s because I have a conscience and don’t actually
      want to be affecting others performance during times of high demand,
      maybe it’s because I have experience with balancing system and network
      load, but to me it sounds quite reasonable and should probably have been
      implemented from day 1.

      • Bigwavedave25

        day 1 implementation would eliminate some of the butt hurt, that’s for sure… 😉

      • MicroNix

        I couldn’t agree more. If someone is affecting the speeds of others because of their high use of a tower, then throttling is far more than appropriate and should have been implemented day one.

      • Champion1229

        My only worry is what is going to happen during times of disaster. Living in FL, we are prone to very strong storms and even Hurricanes; the last time we had a major hurricane, cell service with Verizon slowed to a crawl (way before throttling was a thing) so what happens in the event of a disaster (be it natural or not) and I need to get information to / from loved ones or the authorities? Is Verizon going to take my already slow connection and then decide to use their “Network Optimization” BS to cut me off even more or completely?

        • Tim

          I think you are a bit confused.

          The nature of a network is you are going to be throttled regardless of its intentional because there is only so much, pipe if you will, to use. If everybody can grab as much as they can, it isn’t efficient. Tired users will be “throttled” sort of speak. Have you ever been to a baseball game and your data just doesn’t work? That’s what Verizon is trying to fix. They aren’t going to fix network congestion, then throttle. They will throttle you in order to allow everyone to call their love ones.

          Then again, your phone and texting won’t be effected. So you can still get your information or communication across.

        • Kayonesoft

          Verizon is already guilty of letting their networks degrade to ‘throttle’ other companies so they can squeeze more money out of them. Do you really think they’re not going to do the same thing here? There’s always going to be congestion because they want there to be congestion.

        • ImmaDroid

          If you’re in a major disaster like a bad hurricane, you won’t be needing fast data to get information to and from your family. if it’s that bad of a disaster, you should be lucky to make and receive phone calls and texts, so you can get in touch with them. data has nothing to do with that. I don’t see going on Facebook and watching youtube videos a priority at that time

          • cg


            After Hurricane Sandy hit the NYC area, we were without electricity for 8 days…an anomaly for people in the NE, but probably regular down in Florida. What got us through it was warm blankets, cases of bottled water, my car phone charger, AND our phones with Unlimited Data…Netflix was never used so much on those phones…and I probably had like 50 GB each phone that much.

            Now I will say that after the storm passed…that first day was rough…couldn’t get phone calls OR data…but after that, it was pretty smooth sailing.

          • ImmaDroid


            I wasnt commenting about unlimited data, I was commenting on the speed of data during a storm. Whether I had 1mbps or 70mbps data speed it wouldn’t matter as long as i was able to use my phone. And i am from the same area as you, so i went thru the same thing u did with sandy. Obviously gas and electricity were the biggest issues. Everyone trying to charge their phones everywhere. Which 10-15 yrs ago, that would not even be a thought in our minds. And sure netflix is great but its not a necessity. Number one priority is being able to make a phone call to someone you can get to, or to call a family member to make sure they are ok and if they need help. Not watching movies.

          • cg

            Well, I didn’t worry about gas because I was one of the smart ones who got gas right before the storm hit. Only time I dealt with gas lines was to get gas for my neighbor’s generator. I didn’t have to worry about charging my phones because of the car charger…most of my neighbors had their own car chargers as well. I would have seriously kicked someone’s ass (no lying) if I had personally witnessed someone charging money to charge someone’s phone…but again, most of my neighbors didn’t have that problem.

            I only mentioned unlimited data to highlight that we were able to watch Netflix comfortably during this difficult time. Obviously, there were things that were more important, but when you are stuck in your home (for a multitude of reason’s, but in the end, we did not want to vacate the home due to potential looting, and yeah I live in a well-to-do neighborhood), you want to keep occupied with some videos to help pass the time. In that respect, I was grateful for the data connection we had…I wasn’t caring about speed, etc…like you I was fortunate that I had data at all (I was even understanding that we didn’t have service that first 24-36 hours…)

            While I might have been a bit harsh, I did take issue with the fact that you viewed data as not being a priority…you are entitled to your opinion. However, my family and I were happy that we at least have something to occupy us during those terrible 8 days…especially since we weren’t leaving our home. We had food, water, blankets, etc…that was the most important…having data accessible so we could occupy our time during some difficulty….yeah, I am grateful for that.

      • Mr E

        You’re assuming that EVERY site won’t start experiencing “high demand” all of a sudden. The cynic in me interprets that to just be a way for them to cover their butts when people start complaining or trying to litigate.

        That said, I do agree with you that it’s surprising this wasn’t always a thing, and I can understand the desire to not let a handful of people overload one tower/site.

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          Ding ding ding! This guy figured it out

          They didn’t spell out exactly how they determine that a cell site is overloaded for this reason. They can throttle the crap out of all of you and claim at that time the tower was at capaticy and you can’t call them out on it.

          • FJ40dan

            I have been wondering why I have been seeing the 3g signal when my phone slows to a crawl. FYI 3 of us share our unlimted plan and always over the 5 gig amount. Well T mobil here I come!

      • ImmaDroid

        See where i live its not an over crowded area, and the cell sites dont get hammered like they do in NYC, or LA, etc. Except maybe summer when the tourists are here, then the number goes up. But still, not as much as a big city. So I won’y have high demand. I also don’t abuse the data or use that much. I think the highest I ever went was 10.5GB’s, and that was with me trying to use alot. I probably average about 3-5GB’s on avereage. So that being said, i think it will be total BS to get throttled by Verizon when I am not a heavy data user in a non high demand area. The people who post the pics of using 50-100GBs of data should be the ones to be affected.

  • King of Nynex

    Translation: “We found out there was a small percentage of customers that we weren’t ripping off. We’ve made the necessary adjustments to address this situation.”

    • Jared Denman

      True. I switched to cricket and couldn’t be happier. I found a glitch in their system and get 45GB every month! I only use 10-15 though!

      • Jared Denman

        Not sure why the photo didn’t post.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          What’s the glitch? I’ve been thinking of switching over to them and try out the opo phone if i can get my hands on it.

        • Ichi

          Can you please tell us how to get this glitch to work?

          • patt

            Its not a glitch that happened because of him some people had it happen randomly.

      • Sqube

        That… that is quite a glitch.

      • Justin W

        So, you tell us about a glitch, then you don’t tell us how to obtain said glitch? I call BS.

        • Jared Denman

          Photo doesn’t lie. I don’t want to post the glitch and then cricket find out and take away my data.

          • d-rock

            You already posted the glitch…what you really mean, is you don’t want to post the method and have other people use it and cricket close it. Which cricket are you on? AT&T or the old CDMA?

          • Jared Denman

            Att and yes you are correct.

      • d-rock

        With AT&T owning cricket now, I don’t think this will last long anyways.

    • loh

      I wonder if VZW has a site that tells us if we’re in the top 5% or what the current data usage number is?

      Also, I wonder what “minimum contract” means. An unlimited account will get a new 2 year contract extension with the same terms if they transfer their upgrade to another line.

      • jaymonster

        Are you sure about that? When I tried this, they immediately told me that I lost my unlimited data because while I was upgrading another line, the original line that was “getting the new contract” and thus pushed off of unlimited. At this point, ALL Unlimited plans should be beyond their “minimum contract terms”

        PS Yesterday’s DL article quoted “top 5%” as “over ~4.5 GB”

        • person

          I’ve done it twice, transferred the upgrade from the unlimited data line to a limited data line and I was able to keep the unlimited data each time.

          • Trab Dub da Vet

            They won’t let me do that…

          • Eddie

            They’re lying to you. You CAN do that. It’s called a Buddy Upgrade and I’ve been doing that.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            Go to Costco, more friendly.

          • Daniel Russell

            They won’t let you do it in store anymore, but you can do it by purchasing online then doing the transfer/activate over phone/online

          • FAL_Fan

            I have 4 lines on my plan, one of which is unlimited and I do it all the time!

        • Joe

          Someone messed (you or someone at Verizon) because that never happend to me in the 15 years I’ve been transfering upgrades between lines. The original line always had its contract renewed but still kept the same terms.

          • Joe

            Well 13 years if I don’t round.

        • el oso borracho

          Nope – tons of us kept unlimited with a contract renewal last year during the online glitch – during Note 3 pre-order time. So I still have a year left on contract, still unlimited.

        • FknTwizted

          I signed a contract in July of last year (with unlimited)…. I’m “in” my contract and if there is any slowness there will be a breach of contract and please please do this to me so that may sue your ass!

          • TopN

            Find me a line in your contract where it says they can’t throttle your speeds

          • FknTwizted

            find one they can.

          • creed

            Good luck with that. Just a guess, but I think Verizon has deeper pockets and better attorneys than you.

          • EFF Veizon

            But if you take them to your local municipality’s court for a civil lawsuit, you have a greater than normal chance of winning because they aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars a day plus travel and accommodations for their high powered lawyers for a civil suit in a local municipality because of one customer..

            One customer isn’t worth it for a small claims suit in their eyes, I mean wallet

          • AndroidUser00110001

            In AT&It’s ToS it states that you are not allowed to take them to court or join a mass lawsuit. You can only agree to arbitration.

            I am sure Verizon is the same…

          • FknTwizted

            Apparently you haven’t heard of a class action lawsuit… I am sure I can find a handful that had the same issue and as we all know attorneys love love love Class Action Lawsuits.. BIGGG $$$$$. And yes deep pockets they have, deep pockets we empty..

          • creed

            Yes, I have. And the only ones who win in a class action lawsuit are the attorneys.

          • FknTwizted

            works for me.. If it is for the greater good… then i say bring down house on them.

        • David C.

          It does work that easy. My unlimited data line is due for an upgrade, I transferred the upgrade to the line with a dumb phone. I upgraded to the G3, when it arrived I just took the SIM card from my old S3 and put it in the G3. I got a new phone and I get to keep my unlimited data 🙂

        • Mickey A Valentine

          I’ve done it 4 times, the using other lines upgrades, BUT my unlimited data line has the new contract. I’ve canceled the other dumb phone without ETFs but if I cancel (shoot me if I do) my unlimited, I must pay that $300+ ETF. Just don’t do it at Verizon, do your research and go to like Sam’s club or Costco or some place trust worthy that does that. Even the mall kiosk SOMETIMES will work with you but Verizon stores. Nope nope nope.

      • Paul

        Ya, I wonder how VZW plans on keeping users informed of the current 5% mark.

        • lars

          Also, what metric do they use to determine if a tower is under “high demand.” It very well be if 2 people are connected to it then it’s flagged as being in “high demand.”

      • master94

        4.7Gb or higher since 4.7 is the average according to a article on Androidpolice. So I think we should all push that limit higher to punish VZW. Everyone share your data for free and we can push that to as high as maybe 10 or even 20

        • smo

          Even if people didn’t intentionally do that, with smarthphones becoming more and more powerful and feature rich, mobile data usage is just going to continue to rise at least for non-data capped users. Not sure how much data usage will increase for data capped people where higher tiers are just way too expensive (especially on Verizon).

        • areffes

          God, I use about 10gigs a month just from normal stuff, not even trying. Maybe I’ll start streaming Netflix or something, just to see if I can get into a better bracket, like 1%!

          • Casey Saunders

            I use easily 50gig haha so they may send drones after me. I use my phone as my hotspot at home and all

      • nfs

        I Am In ThE Top Five. I Got A Call Today And They Said They Are Switching Us To A Xlt Network And Giving Us New Phones For Free. Not At All What Is StateD In This Article.

    • Bryan Mills

      I’m glad. Dont have to hear the entitlement from you losers.

      • Joe Allen

        Were you always a jerk, or just after your mom kicked the bucket?

    • master94

      We should all just go downtown. Turn on wifi tethering and rename it free wifi. That way we push the average up from 4.7 to something else larger.

      • cg

        Until some pedo decides to use your free wifi and then the Feds are beating the crap out of you for being an alleged kid toucher…I will not let any stranger anywhere near my data.

        Turn off caching in your music apps, use high quality, stream Netflix movies all day and night [while you sleep] (find something like Gone With the Wind or something real long movie…OR better still, a TV series…they will automatically play all the episodes…yeah you know what, I’m going to do this when I get home…yeah me!!

  • T4rd

    I’m on contract with unlimited until May 2016 at least. B-)

    Hopefully T-Mobile won’t be total garbage in my area by then.

    Suck it Verizon.

    • picaso86

      So if we have unlimited data and under contract, does this apply to us?

      • T4rd


        “Have fulfilled their minimum contract term” = Still on contract.

    • ThatBabyAintMine

      How are you on contract with unlimited when they don’t offer that via contract anymore? There’s no way to renew your contract and still keep your unlimited.

      • T4rd

        See my post below in response to EdLessard.

        • Neo

          is it possible to add an additional dumb line to the existing unlimited data line? Right now Im on individual line (450 minutes) with grandfathered unlimited data?

          • T4rd

            Yes, you can always add another line to your account. Adding lines doesn’t affect your UDP line.

      • Pakmann2k

        I just renewed months ago. On my Alltel plan with unlimited data for three lines by doing the “cross” upgrade trick. New contract expires in 2016 with unlimited data.

    • droidrazredge

      I checked on my account and it says I am on unlimited month-to-month does this mean if I do this Best Buy Trick I’ll have X/XX/16 on my contract instead of month to month ?

      • T4rd


      • ricardo_r21

        What trick is that?

  • xsoldier2000

    Cold dead hands <– this is Verizon prying my Unlimited Data

  • M3D1T8R

    Well I renewed my contract last night. Hope they hold to their word and that means I now won’t get throttled. Not that I trust them one bit.. But per their FCC agreement I believe it’s illegal for them to throttle LTE (maybe only when under contract). Good luck everyone. I guess we won’t know for sure for a couple months.

    Also I wish they’d tell us what the heck they mean by throttling. Does that mean dropped to 3G (unusable 0.2Mbps where I’m at), or a certain speed on 4G? Who knows..

    • T4rd

      I’ve only heard that the FCC agreement applies to the 700MHz block of spectrum, which Verizon was selling off last I heard. But I have yet to see any citations on that.

      • M3D1T8R

        Their 700Mhz spectrum (around 760 actually) is their main LTE band. I don’t think they’re selling this one. I think they have some much higher frequency band (2000+ maybe) they sold or are trying to sell, but can’t recall exactly.

      • Joseph M.

        VZW built their LTE network on the 700 MHz C-block, which they have licenses for nationwide. That’s not going anywhere any time soon.

        What Verizon sold was a number of regional 700 A-block licenses that they didn’t use for their initial deployment. If I’m not mistaken, they all went to T-Mobile.

        Unfortunately, the C-Block open access rules appear not to prevent Verizon from throttling; they do, however, prevent blocking of apps, discriminating against certain types of data, or blocking tethering from tiered data plans.

    • EdLessard

      How did you renew your contract but remain on unlimited? This only affects people on unlimited data plans.

      • M3D1T8R

        Transfer your unlimited line to another line on the account (like a basic phone), do upgrade (then sell the new phone or whatever and switch back to basic phone), and it extends the contract on your unlimited line.

        • mike_s123

          No, it extends the service contract on the line which was upgraded (theh feature phone line). The upgrade transfer resets the upgrade date on the smartphone line to 2 years – that’s not the same as extending the service contract.

          • droidrazredge

            Ok I was wondering about this method, so this basically the only thing that gets extended is the feature phone line and your unlimited data line will still be month-to-month and have no 2 year extension?

          • Xyvis

            No, the line which the upgrade originated from, will get the 2 year contract. Otherwise you’d have lines with 3 or 4 year contracts by transferring upgrades.

          • mike_s123

            Sorry, but you’re wrong. I did a upgrade transfer from a smartphone line with unlimited to a feature phone line, then did the upgrade on the feature phone line a couple of months ago. I just checked, and the feature phone has a contract end date 2 years in the future, the smartphone is still month-to-month (both contract and upgrade dates can be easily checked on vzw.com).

      • T4rd


        See option 2. That’s how I’ve done it.

        There’s also a big thread on Phandroid where people are doing it through Best Buy online and having the phone delivered to them so they can keep their original SIM card (that’s associated with unlimited data). So you don’t have to have a 2nd line to transfer upgrades to that way.

        Edit: Here’s the Best Buy thread: http://androidforums.com/verizon/844803-upgrade-your-device-maintain-udp-using-best-buy.html

        Looks like people are still successfully doing it as of yesterday.

        • kwheel596

          I can report that the Best Buy method works. I did it about 2 weeks ago. The only requirement, Do NOT use the simcard that comes with the phone, use your old one.

          • T4rd

            Yup, as I said, you need to use your original SIM card to keep unlimited data. The reason
            why you need to do this online and have it delivered to your house, is because no reps in stores will allow you to keep/use your original SIM card (with unlimited data) because they’re forced to activate the phone in-store for you (on the new tiered data plans).

          • Curtis

            Does this actually extend your “contract” on the smartphone line?

          • Yes, it extends it. Did it a few months back, extended it to 04/2016. Still switched to T-Mobile tho. If you go to Android Central under the Verizon section, there’s plenty of threads about it. I believe you can do it with Moto Maker as well, but most likely you would have to cut your SIM since it takes a nano.

          • CaptainCaleb

            What if you don’t have a SIM card in your current phone? I’m currently using a Moto G on a contract plan. Yes, I said Moto G.

          • won’t work, you HAVE to have a LTE sim card for this to work.

          • T4rd

            Only method I know of to get around not having a SIM card, is to buy the cheapest/used LTE phone you can find, then take it into a Verizon store (or call them and have it shipped, I guess – they’ll prolly want an IMEI number, but it might be worth calling to see if you can get one without a phone) to get a SIM card so you can use it on your current line/contract.

          • Before they moved off only 3G phones you were able to do that. Not any more, they will force him into a tiered data plan.

          • T4rd

            You sure? Don’t see how they could force you off of your plan if you’re not renewing the contract. It’s the same as if he bought a new phone from Verizon off-contract for full retail; they would have to give him a SIM (for a few dollars) to use the phone with, but he’s not signing a new contract.

          • Yes, I’m sure. The excuse will be since you were on a 3G only phone, these new LTE phones use up more data. Awhile back before they made the switch, I had a DINC2 and had to switch to a ThunderBolt because of this reason. If not, I was going to lose Unlimited data and go to tiered.

          • T4rd

            It’s just that I’ve seen other people on other forums get SIM cards on unlimited data this way. So maybe it’s a YMMV thing..?

          • You can still get SIM cards if your buying at FULL retail or used. Month to Month or whatever is remaining on your old UDP. But having a LTE device obviously.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, the guy I was responding to said “I’m currently using a Moto G on a contract plan.” so he’s not month to month and that should work for him.

          • Moto G on Verizon is 3G only, hence why he doesn’t have a SIM card.

          • T4rd

            Yes, but he’s still on-contract, so any phone he buys off-contract, Verizon shouldn’t have an issue activating for him regardless of whether or not he already has a SIM card or not. This is how I’ve seen other people get SIM cards for their unlimited data lines so they can get new phones through transferring upgrades.

          • You’re still not getting it. Verizon doesn’t sell 3G only phones anymore. He went from a LTE G-Nex to a 3G only Moto G (Moto G is only available on prepaid) on a UDP. Now when he gets another LTE device, Verizon has to issue him a NEW SIM card for the LTE device he’s switching to. The SIM card on his old G-Nex is dead the moment he switched to a 3G phone. Like, I said before…. the excuse will be LTE uses up more data so they will move him to tiered. Yes, even though he had a LTE phone on his old plan.

          • T4rd

            It doesn’t matter what phones or SIMs he was using before though. The only thing that matters is that he’s still on contract with UDP, so any phone he wants to activate on that line (as long as he’s not buying a new one on-contract), Verizon will activate and give him a new SIM if need be, without touching his current plan. I’d bet that if he still has his old SIM card with the Gnex, he’d just be able to have Verizon re-activate it without changing his plan.

            I guess we’re just going to butt heads about it though. I’d like to see him try it out and report back to see for sure, but I just don’t see them forcing him off of his plan when he’s still on contract and replacing his phone (LTE or not) without renewing. Because I’ve seen other people do exactly that when coming from 3G/CDMA only to LTE phones.

          • Agreed, hope he reports back and hope it works out for him. I know people who work at Verizon, and these are the bulls**t loopholes that they’ve told me and how to avoid getting shafted.

          • CaptainCaleb

            Gotcha. I have a Galaxy Nexus laying around. I suppose I could use it.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, that should work fine. Then when you get a newer phone that uses a micro or nano-SIM, just get a SIM cutter off of Amazon for a few dollars to cut the SIM to fit the new phone. I’ve cut my SIM twice; to a micro (from Gnex to a Note 2), then again to a nano (from Note 2 to a One M8). Works great!

          • alarson83

            The only thing that worries me about that, when i go to best buy online, they have this in the fine print. Makes me worry that i’ll get forced onto the limited plan. http://i.imgur.com/9ExHGVG.png

          • Order it online (don’t go to the store) once you receive the phone, DO NOT TURN IT ON. Remove the SIM, install your old one, then turn it on. Viola! If you still have doubts, keep checking your account on the VZW website… if anything changes you still have 14 days to return the device and get your old plan back.

          • alarson83

            Hmm.. might have to try it if i can always back out… Now if only BBYs shipping speed wasnt insanely slow

          • T4rd

            That shouldn’t matter if you don’t touch the SIM that comes with the phone and use your current SIM with unlimited data on it. Worst case scenario is that it changes your plan anyways, then you can return the phone and have your plan reverted back to Unlimited data and try again (which I think I saw one person have to do in the thread I linked to above, but he may have messed up and activated the new SIM that came with the new phone).

          • droidrazredge
          • kwheel596
        • droidrazredge
    • glimmerman76

      actually there is a provision that says they can use network managment tools when they need to

  • Daniel Russell

    And screw you too Verizon.

  • duke69111

    If Verizon throttles me through a remainder of a billing cycle, I switch carriers. Its that easy.

    • d-rock

      They will throttle you for the rest of your billing cycle + another, from what I saw.

  • David Parrella