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Google’s Deal to Buy Twitch For $1 Billion Reportedly Went Through

Remember back in May when rumors broke that Google was buying Twitch, the livestreaming website for $1 billion? According to a new report from Venture Beat, the deal has gone through, making Google the new owners of Twitch and its insanely fast-growing community of broadcasters, viewers, and advertisers. 

While there are no details on the exact purchase price or a set date for the announcement, investors are reportedly happy with the return on their initial investment from the acquisition.

The deal, headed by Google’s YouTube division, could show that Google is willing to grant enough purchasing power to just about any sector of its company, as long as the deal seems juicy enough. According to the latest data, Twitch accounts for 1.35% of the entire Internet’s traffic. When you think about how much traffic takes place everyday, that is quite the staggering statistic.

Without any further details, we would hate to speculate as to what Google’s intentions are with Twitch. Will they partner it with YouTube, forming a single brand? We just don’t know quite yet, as Google and Twitch remain silent.

It’s crazy what $1 billion will buy you these days.

Via: Venture Beat
  • MrAdeio

    Well, considering the Twtich app was finally updated a few days ago, I saw that as the red flag.

  • saradduclos

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  • Jared Denman

    So this is what they are going to do with the NFL ticket!

  • David Mann

    I’ll bet execs at Facebook are “twitch”ing right now.

  • Zac Audette

    If Facebook valued Snapchat at 3B then Google acquiring Twitch for 1B is a steal in my opinion.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The other way around. Facebook simply overpaid


    Google the big giant internet business will surely buy this twitch.tv. To know about this visit —- http://goo.gl/vDRX5C

  • ClickFire_

    Android TV is going to Explode onto the scene I honestly believe Android TV is going to Take Mobile Gaming to Another Level and Cause Apple and Devs to take notice Mobile Tech is Coming to the Living Room Console Wars. Games Like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat will span more console level quality apps.

    I for One don’t play games on my phone Much But Being able to play them on my TV Would Completely Change that for me.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Fanboyism at its finest. I love Android but you’re thinking too far out of reality. Android TV will be a niche platform.

      • ClickFire_

        How am I being a Fanboy? I didn’t bash Apple or any other Platform I just said they will take Notice. I own a Apple computer and a Nexus 5 So your dead wrong on me being a fanboy.

        It being a Niche Market is Your Opinion. Look at Candy Crush that is a stupid game but has over 100 million users and made 423 million in 3 months just off of in app purchases.

        There are a lot of Games already with Console level Graphics Samsung Just invested 13 million into Gamepop that is going to be a android TV box. Samsung works with Google so They must know something big is coming down the pipeline.

        Also Why Else would Google Buy Twitch? It’s obviously a gaming channel.

        Don’t just comment based on your wants and needs you have to look at the purpose and market itself There are a lot more casual gamers than you realize and Dishing out 300+ for a game console is a lot for them so Android TV will be perfect.

      • Deez

        Just like Google TV. A straight flop.

        • I think this will be totally different from the first Google TV.

          • Deez

            It will be different, but to be honest with you I’m still sour about Google TV. I bought into it and it never went anywhere. It’s while lifespan was junk from beginning to end.

            I’m not interested at all in Android TV at thus point because of my past experience with Google TV. They proof really have to show me something to get me to buy into it again, and I definitely won’t be an early adapter of it.

          • Deez

            Holy typos lol Sorry about that.

      • Android4Life

        If Android TV has zero gap and lag while playing games with the controller it will take off well. Very Inexpensive to buy it along with $5-7 games instead of a PS4 or Xbox One

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Oh noes! Quick kill the Xbox app!

  • yay

    YAY! Chat will now restricted to those who use Google+ (/s for the dense)

  • jim

    Of course with Verizon throttling everyone , no one can afford to stream

  • Ryan

    I haven’t used twitch much, just a couple times really. But i’m not sure about the acquisition. When Google bought out YouTube, its now not really the best place like it used to be… Especially with that flawed ContentID system. I kinda fear Twitch may end up going a similar route or something. Guess time will tell.

  • Droid Ronin

    Yep. $1 billion will snag you an Instagram or 1/19 of a WhatsApp.

  • Johnny Steele

    Wow….1.35%. That is crazy

  • Kevin
    • chaoslimits

      Goddamnit… I’ll have to upvote you just for that GIF?

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        • I actually went to the site to read the disclaimer lol:

          “Numerous elements WILL BE crucial IN DETERMINING YOUR literal RESULTS AND zero GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT you’ll attain outcomes SIMILAR TO OURS OR anyone ELSES, as a matter of fact zero GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT you’ll attain ANY RESULTS.”

    • ClickFire_

      I wish someone would pet me like that.

  • James Rivard

    Twitch app Chromecast support, finally? *crosses fingers*

    • Suicide_Note


  • Ihavenewnike

    Well, I dont know if I should me happy, sad, or mad.

    • Tree

      God forbid there be an alternative to YouTube. I’m heading over to the Escapist with my popcorn, because they are going to collectively lose their marbles.

    • EvanTheGamer

      As long as Google doesn’t change Twitch or rebrand it by plastering Google this or Google that all over it, like Google Twitch or some damn thing like that, then well, be happy about it.

      • A Billion cash is a lot unless you have a crap ton of investors to pay back. Wonder how much investment money they picked up before this acquisition? That’ll let you know if it was a good deal or not

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        You will probably have to have a G+ account to access it.