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Verizon’s Targeted Advertising “Smart Rewards” Program Going Nationwide on July 24

The day when Verizon discounts postpaid pricing may also be the day in which pigs take to the skies, but the carrier is apparently willing to offer some form of reward for your … continued devotion. This morning, Big Red announced that Verizon Smart Rewards, a program which rewards subscribers who take advantage of select services with discounts on merchandise, dining, and travel is going nationwide beginning July 24.

That sounds innocuous enough, but in order to take full advantage, you will need to enroll in the carrier’s latest targeted advertising program, Verizon Selects

The benefits of Smart Rewards are simple enough. Beginning July 24, performing certain actions such as signing into My Verizon, paying your bill, choosing Verizon Trade In, and choosing paperless billing will net you points that can be applied towards gifts. Redeemable via smartphone or online, discounts through sweepstakes, auctions, and giveaways include up to 40 percent off 200 “well-known brands,” travel discounts at more than 26,000 hotels, and special promotions, such as chances to win NFL game tickets.

The caveat? Only customers who sign up for Verizon Selects will earn points for every dollar spent. That’s a nasty trick to get folks to submit their desktop and web surfing habits to advertisers, but it will no doubt entice more than a few. Given the nature of sweepstakes and auctions, enrolling in Verizon Selects may be the only way to win the biggest prizes.

For those interested in Verizon Smart Rewards, enrollment is not automatic. It requires logging into My Verizon on or after July 24 and opting into the program manually.

Anyone here willing to exchange their browsing habits for discounts on goodies?

Via: Verizon Wireless
  • fed-up

    Did you happen to notice that the price, after using the Verizon discount, is often HIGHER than anywhere else on the web? All other rewards programs will send you a FREE gift card by accumulating X number of points, but with this system, you may have a lot of points, but you are not allowed to apply them. To make matters worse, their “Gift Card” discounts are LOWER than those you can get at COSTCO just for walking in and buying a gift card. And again, you cannot use more than their set limit of points on any one purchase. And, by the way, you cannot COMBINE the gift cards on purchases…did anyone read that little diddy?

  • Mel65

    I randomly selected a half dozen or so products and searched for them. EVERY SINGLE ONE was cheaper on Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, … etc…. And there is NO option on the Verizon website to cancel membership in this ripoff “rewards” program! Arggghhhh

  • Sam

    Ads on My phone and service that I pay for. No Thanks!

  • Alex Niehaus

    I thought everyone had this, but I’ve been enrolled in it for awhile it seems and somehow have like 60k points. I literally did nothing to sign up for it, I just kept getting emails about how many points I had a accrued. I’ve looked at it a few times, it does give you decent discounts and the most points I’ve seen for a decent discount on a watch was 8k points.

    Needless to say, I’ve looked at the site twice and have never cashed in points or bought anything. Most of the time I’m not really sure what the normal price is of whatever product they are showing so I’m never sure of it’s really a deal or not.

  • Foosa Noble

    The only reward I seek from Verizon is the end of my contract.

  • fritzo2162

    It’s a crap program, and the auctions are one of the worst thought out things ever put on the Internet.

    “You know, we could just have some one put in their maximum bid and have them check back later.”
    “Naw…that means they would leave the site! Let’s make it so each bid extends the auction by 10 seconds. That way they’ll be clicking for hours!!!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

  • Gabby

    U.S. Cellular offers a better rewards program and it doesn’t require web surfing habits being monitored. All you have to be is a customer. You will get accessories, phones and early upgrades as well as waived fees

  • Brett Crowley

    8‰ off from switching to paperless, still wish I had an employee discount from where I work, but oh well

  • AndrewScottRox

    Real life bloatware.

  • Ryan Chapman

    Too bad Verizon, after over 10 years with you, just switched to T-Mobile last week. Phone and service is working better than ever.

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    Most of these so called “deals” are garbage anyhow. Nice try Verizon.

  • DanSan

    Only Verizon can get away with pissing on people and convincing them it’s raining, I need a god damn umbrella. Hurry up T-Mobile, update your damn coverage around here now. Staying with Verizon and holding onto unlimited data is like a personal test to see how much waterboarding and torture we can take before we give up the secret hideout.

    Im ready to switch but AT&T and T-Mobile coverage around here won’t let me sleep well at night. 🙁

  • crussell

    Big Red already owns your soul now they’re looking to share it with all their demon friends – how quaint.

  • Craig

    This reward program is a worthless joke. I received an invite quite a few months back and have approximately 40,000 points. The only redemption options are for discounts on over priced retail goods, discount coupons at local retailers, or those ridiculous auctions which require one to stay logged in to VZW and continuously bid. You will win more by working for an hour then wasting many hours trying to make a successful bid. In my opinion this rewards program is a colossal failure.

    • SA_NYC

      I was going to say, some of these group-buying programs are actually slightly worthwhile, there can be some genuine savings (not that I use them much nonetheless). But why do I get the strong feeling that the Verizon one will somehow be completely useless…the one and only Verizon add-on program I can say anything good about is the RedZone service, I’m a big fan of that. (And actually it’s a major reason I’ve stuck with VZW.) Everything else Big Red puts out though somehow is all completely craptastic, despite large development and marketing budgets; it’s uncanny.

  • M3D1T8R

    Yet _more_ targeted advertising/tracking? From _Verizon_ no less?
    No thanks.

  • RTR2011

    I want a more affordable phone bill, not all of this other crap. This crap makes me yearn for the last day of my contract even more! Oh yea, AT&T has better coverage where I need it, anyway.

  • Jason B

    So, they get money from your specific browsing habits by packaging it up nicely and putting it up for sale to advertisers. Then, they offer you a discount for useless stuff.

    Short end of the stick. How about hell no.

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  • I’ve been using the Smart Rewards for months now and currently have 35,000 points. Haven’t used it much except for getting a $10 Verizon gift card which I applied to my bill.

  • Cael

    I just joined. I have 20,000 points. I’m about to win these auctions!

  • davehuze

    Sounds similar to the program they have for FIOS cable/internet customers called Rewards+ which started this spring. I get reward points for things like paying my bill on time, adding a movie channel, etc…. I can’t imagine it would attract new customers but it’s nice to get small rewards for doing something your were probably going to do anyway.

  • belsonc

    Hell no. I’m more than happy to get things for “fake money” – paying for them in ways I don’t need to budget for. Example – saving my change, my own reward program (I’m trying to save money, so every day I don’t go to the ATM, I put $2 in a stash), online surveys I take that pay $3 per, my blood money (points system from donating platelets), etc… Verizon doesn’t need to know that much about me.

    • DJ SPY

      I’ve been looking into taking online surveys to earn extra cash. Where are you signed up?

      • belsonc

        Pinecone Surveys, I think it’s called. I used to be a member of another one – where you use their search engine to earn points, blah blah, but I just got tired of it.

  • Cael

    The rewards/loyalty program was mentioned last week in another thread. I guess the person turned out to be correct.

  • rh

    Verizon F*** **u

  • jim

    all such rewards and discounts are worthless , like my Verizon corporate discount, buy every thing on ebay at a fraction of their price including their discounts

  • Zoloft_User

    If it wasn’t for the coverage or unlimited data, I would have been gone by now. Verizon, please start listening to your customers, especially the ones that have been “loyal,” and still use your service.

  • clobberedchina

    Some Vice President of Marketing came up with this crap just so he could justify his half million dollar a year job. It’s crap, he’s crap and the road goes on forever. Viva la Verizon!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Is the road paved with crap?

      • clobberedchina

        Yep, it’s crap all the way down.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Verizon, I don’t care what you “throw in” as perks to my extremely expensive service plan. All I want is unlimited data, at a reasonable price. A bill that is the same price at the end of every month (Verizons bill is constantly changing every month for me). Maybe I’ll finally cancel. Oh Wait! I Cancelled my Verizon unlimited data plan yesterday and jumped to T-Mobile!!! So far, VERY happy I did too.

    • La2da

      Did you sell that unlimited line? You could have easily earned a couple hundred bucks.

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        It’s hooked to a family plan that I left, so in order to sell it I would probably have to break it off the family plan onto it’s own plan, then figure out how to sell it without giving away any of my personal information etc. It’s not worth the $200 for that to me.

        • La2da

          Agreed. Just curious. I always get a little sad when an unlimited plan goes away. There’s so few left, it’s like clubbing a dodo! Anyways, enjoy your new service.

      • radiohead14

        didn’t know you can do that. how much do they usually go for?

        • La2da

          On eBay right now they range from $300-700, depending on whatever the seller thinks is important (multiple lines, minutes, etc..).

          • Trueblue711

            How does their portion of the bill get paid? How long does the account last? That seems so sketchy to being a stranger onto your cell phone bill when it’s directly linked to the rest of your account.

          • La2da

            Google “Assumption of liability”. I’m not keen on all of the details, never done it. I just try to mention it to people whenever possible. It does sound fairly easy, you would actually be selling the whole line, phone number and all; so paying the bill is up to whomever buys it. I also don’t know how or if it works with a line under a family plan. Hope I helped a little.

          • DougVerizon

            Verizon employee here. Assumption of liability is really easy and only takes 2 minutes to be released by one party and picked up by another.

            Your bill changes every month because with most carriers it all depends on how many deactivated phones make a call to 911 a month. More calls higher tax.

            Oh and there is a way to use an upgrade and keep your unlimited.

          • Jon J.

            And the way to upgrade & keep unlimited data is…?

          • Torrie

            I dont know how you do it on a single line,,, however im on a family plan,, when i did i transfered my upgrade to my grandmas line who doesnt use data,, and bought the phone through her line. as soon as i got it i activated it on her line and them immediately deactivated and actived it on my own line and reactived her old “dumb phone”

    • Jr

      How does your bill change every month? Mine stays the same month to month.

      • Foosa Noble

        Mine varies every month too.

  • David Caccavo

    how about directing money towards pricing/options in-line with the rest of the carriers? nobody wants these programs and nobody wants your proprietary bloatware. if they didn’t have the most coverage for phone and data, I would be gone so fast.

    • Guest

      They have the most coverage for phone and data because you keep giving them your money which causes them to keep growing, so it’s never ending chain till someone breaks it…

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        I left yesterday for T-Mobile. SO happy I did too.

        • David Caccavo

          true…i wouldn’t care nearly as much if they spent all of the money i have them on the network. but when i see they are doing all this other crap that nobody wants/cares about, i get so angry.

          i wish T-MO or AT&T had 1/2 as good service in NY as Verizon.

          Verizon should give customers the option to opt out of this program and save $10/month

          • Jr

            How can you opt out of something you aren’t opted into? So you think they should only spend money on the network?

          • David Caccavo

            no, but on things that are relevant to the network, or future networks, and maintaining its quality. in no way do i believe that a 1/2 a$$ed “customer loyalty” program is an appropriate use of resources

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      • teebone

        Yepper, hands down the best network. At least where I live and frequent. Tmo and ATT suck where I visit to….barely 2G in those areas where as I have 4G with Verizon, even in small towns!!

    • tdurden64111

      That’s why they do it xD

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