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Sprint LG G2 Updated, Brings Knock Code

A new update is hitting LG G2 devices on Sprint, which brings LG’s Knock Code to last year’s flagship device. The addition of Knock Code is the only thing listed in the changelog, so the update process should go rather quickly once you see it hit your device. 

Knock Code allows users to set up a pattern lock for their device, which puts a square outline on your lockscreen, split up into quadrants. Then, like a game of old school Simon, you decide what the pattern will be that unlocks your device using the quadrants.

G2 owners on Sprint, be on the lookout for this update to hit your device.

Once downloaded, make sure you are securing your device from baddies.

Via: Sprint
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  • Clayton Burnett

    Does the update break root?

    • Dustin Williams

      It soft bricked my g2…had to restore with lgtools and now im unrooted and cant get the update to show up for download again

  • cgmartin33

    Hopefully gets baked into XDAbebbs ROM very soon…

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  • hoodieNation

    Is it weird that I think the G2 looks better than the G3?

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yes because I’ve owned the g2 and now have the g3 and the brushed faux metal back is ten times better than that gross glossy fingerprint magnet on the g2. I loved the g2, but i had to keep it in an incipio feather case to keep its looking decent. They look pretty much the same from the front except the g3 earpiece is black. Also the back buttons are much nicer on the g3 and more easily identifiable by the touch. Overall, physically it’s a great upgrade from the g2.

      • hoodieNation

        haha, fair enough. I’ve not messed with a G2 at all. I picked up a G3 for my wife it’s freaking sweet. I was just going off of the pictures.

  • ROR1997

    Knock code is orgasmic.

  • frankyblike


  • I have never used the knock code feature. Seems gimmicky

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yeah I’m not too big into locking my phone. More of a hassle than it’s worth. Maybe I will use it more once L hits phones and leaves the phone unlocked when connected to a trusted device. It’s a pretty cool feature, I wouldn’t call it gimmicky because it’s just essentially an alternative to entering a number or word passcode.