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Rendering of HTC Android Wear Device Leaked, Confirms Square Shape

Move over, Gear Live and G Watch, the Android Wear space is about to get a lot more crowded. Rumors suggested HTC was prepping an Android Wear device of its own, and a rendering tweeted by @evleaks confirms it.

Ignoring the obviously mocked-up UI, one thing you’ll immediately notice about the smartwatch is its conventional shape: it’s a square. That’s not to say the device is inherently ugly – the positioning of the watchband clasp is, in my opinion, a huge stylistic improvement over the Gear Live and G Watch – but folks hoping for more Android Wear watches with circular displays will surely be disappointed.

It’s impossible to confirm right now, but watchbands are presumably interchangeable. Should the metal band pictured not suit your fancy, you should be able to attach whichever 22mm material you like.

People on the fence, does HTC’s watch change your mind about Android Wear?

Via: @evleaks
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  • Cody

    With a decent sized battery and a power button, this doesn’t look terrible.

  • chris

    Looks like the best one so far to me.

  • coolsilver

    Anyway the if 22mm watch band… that thing is wider than the G Watch for sure. G watch doesn’t have much side bezel.

  • coolsilver

    “This isn’t your Dream Smartwatch…” It’s the one after this.

  • Kevin

    i’d rather just have a casio calculator watch.

  • Daistaar

    I love the little jab at Peter Chou lol. Are he and Ev still sparring?

  • NexusMan

    Gotta see the real thing. This could be my Next….after the Moto 360.

  • John Clausen

    It looks better than Samsung’s of LG’s offerings, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Moto 360. Why are manufacturers stuck on square shapes?

  • Kev

    sorry it’s ugly. the case doesn’t match the metal bracelet and the bezel is too too big.

  • Stephen D

    Ugly, just like the others. Moto 360 is the only good looking smartwatch.

  • Foosa Noble

    Begun the Android wear wars has..

  • mcdonsco

    Right now android wear is having issues on my phone…ran fine for days, now all of a sudden I’m getting “unfortunately, android wear has stopped” like every ten seconds.

    Didn’t change anything on the phone or watch…just started doing this this morning.

  • mcdonsco

    WhereTF is the moto 360?


  • mikewilson1021


  • thommiller

    I don’t think it looks that bad. Also I would guess that’s one of HTC’s custom watch faces meant to look like Sense, rather than a “mock-up”

  • Kahsay Cooley
  • Peter Chou

    Uh oh, Peter Chou is about to get fired from HTC

  • RoboCop

    I like it. I have 2 square watches now and HTCs UI on the ONE makes more sense as this type of design. I wouldn’t mind some changes to Wear’s UI if it stayed like this. Either way I think about 90% of us will wait for the 360 anyway

  • steve30x

    My God now folks are complaining about a bezel on a smartwatch!!! Really? Lets huddle up and ill give you advice, may not be obvious to some but here it goes… DONT BUY IT. Same as smartphones, get the LG G3 and others with minimal bezels.

  • Moto 360 needs to hurry up and drop

  • MichaelFranz

    what no boomsound??

    • abqnm

      Haha I was thinking the same thing. Maybe version 2 will have stereo speakers. Because why not, right?

  • Aooga


  • Nikuliai

    Still want the 360, but at least now I have a second choice 😛

  • Miguel

    This looks much better that the LG and Sammy, I like HTC, I would be interested in this one, it might come out before the Moto 360.

    • abqnm

      I agree. Definitely better than those two. Plus this is just a render and given HTC’s recent apt for good design, I expect it will look better than the render. If it does, and the charging is right (not some proprietary thing like Samsung and LG), I would buy both this and the Moto.

      Maybe the next version will have Boomsound stereo speakers.

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    • I don’t know about “much better: unless you are specifically talking about the band. It looks like a GWatch with more side bezel to me. I think/hope it’s fake.

      • Miguel

        Well, the overall design by this render. Also if you look at this design it looks more natural that of a watch.

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    • Ney

      It Looks the Same as LG and Sammy, except for the Wristband. Are You Blind?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks nice. Will need to see in person just like anything else. Or even a video

  • Michael Bassett

    Looks like it should be the first Windows Watch.

  • partypooper

    Late to the party as usual…

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Then what’s Motorola considered?

      • Average DL User

        Considered God ’round these parts. YOU CAN JUST GEEET OUT OF OUR TOWN WITH YOUR LOVE OF NON-MOTO THINGS!

    • Didn’t the M8 come out before the S5 and G3?

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I like how every comment here references the moto 360 directly or indirectly. LOL

  • enigmaco

    Another no for me looks like the 360 is becoming the only option for me I like the round faces the square ones are not appealing to me.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    This gives me little hope that the 360 will be less than $350. Very little. And I’m ok with that.

    • Michael Bassett

      Why? I’m still calling it $249 leather $299 metal.

      • abqnm

        I fully agree that it will in no case be over $300. I have been saying $229 (silicone strap), $249 (leather strap), or $269 for metal.

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        With everyone seeming to be in love with the 360, I doubt Moto will price it less than $350, but we’ll see. They might price it $360 just to be funny.

      • jamaall

        My call has been $249 leather and $279 metal. We’ll see soon i guess.

  • stacky

    Another fail!!!!

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Even though I’m all about the round moto 360. I will say this: Why does the bezel have to be so damn big on all of the square watches? I HATE how big the bezel is! One of the prettiest things about the 360 for me is how almost non existent the bezel is. Because real watches don’t have much of a bezel either. /endRant

  • BRIM

    Moto 360 is killing me! I mean. I guess we should appreciate that it hasn’t released so that they are working out the kinks and learning from LG/Samsung

  • chris125

    Man that’s ugly

  • Qbancelli

    I like it. I’ll buy this and the Moto360.

    • abqnm

      I think it definitely beats out the style of the LG & Samsung watches.

      If they get the charging right and if it looks good in reality (HTC is pretty good at design, so it probably will look better than the rendering), I would get both this and the Moto 360 as well. I already switch off between about 2 dozen watches so having different styles would be great. I just wish the LG & Samsung watches had done charging right. I won’t buy mobile devices with proprietary chargers. If HTC uses Qi it would be perfect.

  • The Moto 360 really has no competition right now, so long as the price tag is kept at or below $299 for the base price.

    • Totally

      Yeah and the fact that the Moto 360 is invisible right now, CAN’T BE BEAT.

      Man I see all these people with their Moto 360s on, not sure how they tell the time, being invisible and all, but man it looks sweet.

      It totally won the war it hasn’t fought yet. Just like the Moto X did, though it was actually released and totally sold more than any other phone it competed against… totally.

      • TotallyEmbarassing

        Users should be required to complete a basic intelligence test before they are allowed to post comments.

        • Totally

          Check the upvote scoreboard bro.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          While sarcastic, he isn’t wrong.

      • Didn’t know I had to specify;

        The Moto 360 really WILL HAVE no competition WHEN IT RELEASES, so long as the price tag is kept at or below $299 for the base price.

        Make sense?

    • PoisonApple31

      Moto 360 is to LG G Watch as Gear 2 is to Gear 2 Neo. Some people are just interested in the functionality, not the premium materials or wireless charging – UI will be exactly the same. There is competition…

      • Saying a product has “no competition” is a figure of speech. It means they are easily leading the competition. Obviously there is competition.

        • Kayungjoo

          Motorola really has some good products and all, but they CANNOT lead competition when they AREN’T competing yet. You keep saying they’re ahead of the game and all this sh!t, but they’re extremely far behind you know why? They haven’t sold a single watch yet. If Samsung and LG have sold even 1 which I’m sure they have. They’re INFINITELY better as far as sales go. DroidLife really has just become a huge motorola circle jerk over the last couple months.

          • And the hipsters who call it a motorola circle jerk.

            I can refer you to one of my other posts, but basically all I’m saying is that due to the fact that a lot of people are holding off on buying a smartwatch to wait and see the 360, then I put them in front of the competition. I couldn’t care less it hasn’t been released or priced. Sales numbers are sales numbers. Just because something sells, doesn’t mean it’s good.

        • PoisonApple31

          Easily leading the pack in interest in their product? Sure thing, but Motorola had people going with the Moto X hype too. It’ll fade.

    • creed

      No competition?! The Moto 360 isn’t even part of the competition. Everyone’s talking about the one+one taking too long too release, that it will be DOA, and yet all the Moto fan boys can’t stop talking about the “best smartwatch” that has no release date and no price tag.

      • Well, seeing as it is slated for late summer, and summer technically ends on September 21st, there’s your latest possible release date. Though I expect we will see it released by the first week of September at the latest. Just my prediction though.

        Furthermore, I did mention that it will only have no competition if they keep the price tag at or below $299.

        Given those stipulations, and the fact that there are a lot of people holding out for the 360 because none of these square watches appeal to them, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it is definitely already a part of the competition.

    • Deez

      The 360 is stylish and looking good, but that dumb black bar on the bottom of the display just ruins it for me. It’s just too much of an eyesore to be on the display. I mean, you have a circular display that doesn’t look circular. The display just looks stupid as sh!t with it like that.

      I’ll wait on the next wave of watches I think. None of these are that impressive to me st this point.

      • Different strokes…

      • TechTinker11

        It annoys me too, but if it didn’t have that they would have to put a black bezel around the face like these square ones.

  • Chippah
  • Pablo

    Great now i can for sure get The Moto 360

  • Brian Roth

    lul these people just don’t learn w/ these square watches

    • Patrick Crumpler

      Square watches are just as stylish as a round one. It’s the watch faces that make them. Hamilton Jazz Master for example. I hope that the next LG G Watch has a mirrored bezel instead of black. Would make a huge difference if you wanted to run a white watch face.

      • Brian Roth

        idk man, how many square watches do you see on the wrists of the most stylish people in the world? what about the most well-known watch makers in the world? trends are trending round my friend, don’t be a square

        • Roya1

          your entire comment is pure opinion. There are different styles and I have seen LG G watch users make their watch look stylish by simply changing out the straps. Honestly you can make anything look fashionable and stylish if you try hard enough accessorizing and uniformity plays a big part.

        • creed

          Objection. Pure speculation. The plantiff is merely stating his opinion.

          • Brian Roth


        • Garrett

          JLC Reverso is considered a God amongst watches.

        • zurginator

          Rado makes square watches, and I’m very much a fan.


          As an added bonus on a design like this you could put batteries in the band segments (so maybe a week of life).

          The problem is it’s a male oriented design (because large). And really if anyone wants to succeed at the smart watch game they need to realize that 2 sizes are needed.

        • callumshell1

          Actually square watches are extremely popular. Diesel make a lot.

    • Christopher Moore

      Motorola hasn’t even released the watch yet. Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean that the experience will be better than the square watches. I personally don’t like the fact that 360 is not 360, more like 350. Let’s wait and see when the watch launches and what developers will do with the design.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      To me, having a watch with a square face seems a lot more practical than a round one. Why can’t we decide as a society that square watches are stylish? Who decided that only round ones are? Is there like some fashion czar that we can fire and have replaced?

      • zurginator

        It’s because all the good square watches are large by requirement, thus are male-oriented.