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LG G3 Review

Quad HDs. Lasers. Floating Arcs. Q all the things. LG has filled its new G3 flagship with so many keywords and flashy marketing terms that you can’t help but give it a look. And you know what, you would be a fool not to give it more than a look.

LG has slowly been rebuilding its reputation over the last couple of years, partly with the help of Google and the Nexus brand, but also thanks to last year’s G2 and some of its recently released tablets. The Korean company has even tried to become the alternative to Samsung and those looking for something different. LG wants to be taken seriously, so they are playing with design ideas (rear buttons), testing out new materials (self-healing backs), and of course, pushing out new display types often (think of the curved panel in the G Flex).

The LG G3 feels like the culmination of all that LG has worked for. It introduces new technologies, its accompanying marketing plan is taking direct shots at Samsung, and they finally have people truly excited about one of their products. It’s time to take a long look at whether or not LG has ultimately succeeded.

This is our LG G3 review. 

g3 review-2

Note – Tim and I both tackled this review, so you will see our initials at the end of each section that we specifically provided feedback on.

The Good


Quad HD displays are going to be the new thing eventually, but when a new technology is introduced, someone has to bite the bullet and be first. LG is one those companies that tends to lead, whether it be with a new processor, use of self-healing material, glass design lasering on the back side of a phone, or through a next-gen display. The G3 introduces the world to Quad HD displays in smartphones with resolutions of 2560×1440 and well over 500ppi. If that seems like overkill, that’s probably because it is. Full HD (1080p) displays were pushing boundaries when they were first released onto phones – QHD has told the world that it hates boundaries and is now stomping all over them.

With that said, the big question that will more than likely remain to be answered even after you read this review is, “Do you need a display with this high of a resolution on your phone?” The answer will vary depending on the person. Personally, I can’t say that I necessarily need it, but now that I have it, I won’t complain. There is no chance you are going to see a pixel at all during your time with the G3, performance on the G3 is good enough even with all of those pixels, and color reproduction and accuracy isn’t bad by any means.

g3 display1g3 display2

But if you were looking for the ultimate display, this probably isn’t it, at least when compared to those featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). That’s not to say that it is bad, in fact, it is still good. It’s definitely good enough. Sure, videos and games (assuming you can find some that were optimized for a high enough resolution), will have amazing detail, but when you compare the QHD in the G3 to the FHD in the Galaxy S5, for example, the colors just aren’t as accurate. The brightness doesn’t get as bright. The viewing angles aren’t even close to being as good. It comes off a little warm at times. You can see that in the images above.

The problem with those comparisons is probably that you are comparing a first-gen QHD display to two well-established FHD panels. We know that Samsung has already created what has been deemed the best mobile display ever in the Galaxy S5, and LG has never come close to making the best display on any phone, so that’s where you should stop and try to put things into perspective. The G3 display is good. It’s not the best, but it’s good. I don’t think anyone will complain at having to stare at it on a daily basis. -K

g3 macro1g3 macro2g3 macro3

Macros for fun.


The G3, being LG’s 2014 flagship, comes with quite notable specifications. Of course, these specs are highlighted by the phone’s 5.5″ QHD display, featuring a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The phone also features a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor clocked up to 2.5GHz, 32GB of onboard storage, 3GB of RAM, rear-facing 13MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and laser auto focus,  microSD slot (up to 128GB), front-facing 2.1MP camera, removable 3,000mAh battery, NFC, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, weighs just 149 grams, and runs Android 4.4.2 out of the box. The device comes in either Black or White, but can also be purchased in Gold through Sprint.

When compared to the Galaxy S5 and One (M8), other flagship devices of 2014, the G3 is right on par with the competition. The only real exception would be its QHD display versus the 1080p norm that other companies adopted this year, and of course, the 13MP shooter easily beats out HTC’s UltraPixel camera.

Interestingly enough, even with all of this power, the G3 won’t necessarily blow you away in terms of performance. Sure, you can handle any mobile game or application you can throw at it, but basic navigation through the phone sometimes feels a bit hindered. Whether this is LG’s custom skin they throw on top of Android or the processor and GPU trying to push that many pixels, it’s hard to point the finger. However, with that said, the G3 still features class-leading, top-of-the-line specs for 2014, and the phone will easily handle any task you ask of it. – T

g3 review-18


The LG G3 features a 13MP rear shooter with OIS+, which is LG’s take on optical image stabilization. It is quite capable, to say the least. With its laser auto focus and ultra minimal UI, you can be up and snapping beautiful high-res images within seconds. LG built in a quick shortcut for launching the camera, which involves long pressing on the rear volume-down button for a second or two. You can also add a camera shortcut to the lock screen if the rear button action seems out of place.

Outside of launching the camera, the UI in a default state, may shock you with its lack of buttons. Out of the box, LG leaves the camera in tap-to-shoot mode, which means there are no buttons on the camera screen other than a back button (to get you out of the camera), menu in the top left corner (to give you more options), and shortcut to gallery (once you take a photo). Otherwise, you tap on the screen wherever you want it to focus and then watch as it takes a picture. It’s very fast.

If you want more out of the UI or hate tap-to-shoot, you can hit the menu button to bring up your standard shutter buttons and extra settings toggles. Unlike Samsung, LG has trimmed the G3 down to four shooting modes (auto, Magic Focus, Panorama, and Dual) and given you very little manual control outside of resolution, HDR on/off, grid on/off, and save location. For advanced camera gurus, this may be disappointing. For those who just want a camera that works, there isn’t anything to get in your way.

g3 camera screen-2 g3 camera screen-3 g3 camera screen-4 g3 camera screen-5 g3 camera screen-1

What about picture quality, you ask? Back in June, Tim ran through a massive camera comparison of the LG G3 to the Galaxy S5, iPhone 5, HTC One (M8), and Nexus 5. If you take a look at all of the samples from that shoot (along with some new ones below), it should be clear that the G3 is on par, if not better than almost all of those shooters. The G3 manages to capture landscapes with accurate colors surprisingly well for a smartphone camera. I have seen some images get washed out here or there, but for the most part, the G3 has been very versatile. From shooting macros to people to beer on ledges to low light situations, I rarely have had to take multiple shots to find one I like.

lg g3 camera1 lg g3 camera5 lg g3 camera7 lg g3 camera4 lg g3 camera6

lg g3 camera2 lg g3 camera3 lg g3 camera8 lg g3 camera1 lg g3 camera3

If you ask me, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s finally have some true competition in the smartphone camera race. -K

Battery Life

I have been pleasantly surprised with the battery life on the LG G3. When I think of a phone having a Quad HD display, I tend to have two immediate thoughts – 1) Why does anyone need all these pixels? 2) The battery life is going to be terrible. Thankfully, the battery life is not something I am worrying about as I sit here telling myself, “Why don’t I need all these pixels!”

In my time with the G3 (the AT&T model), using a mixture of data and WiFi in both Montana and Portland, OR, I regularly find myself plugging the phone in at night with over 30% of the battery remaining. So we are talking at least 15 hours of usage, with over two hours of screen-on time, yet no need to plug-in the phone at all during the day. The only other phone I have ever used with battery life like this, is the OnePlus One, which seems to be a master of life in the battery department. Over the past week, the G3 has only had to warn me at the 20% mark two times. And so you know, at 20%, Battery Saver kicks in to make sure that your last 20% lasts for hours until you can find a charger.

If you are more of a power user than I, keep in mind that the removable 3,000mAh battery is something that can be swapped out for a fresh one at any time during the day.

g3 battery1g3 battery2

Removable Battery, SD Card Slot, and Wireless Charging

The trend of 2014 seems to be for all major phone manufacturers to include micro SD card slots. You may remember that Google tried to kill them off a couple of years back, with some manufacturers buying into the idea. But since Samsung stuck to them throughout and sold phones in record numbers, plus customers seem to really like taking storage from one place to another, we are seeing everyone adopt them again. The LG G3 supports micro SD cards up to 128GB, so after taking to the 32GB of internal storage you get out of the box, you should have no problem finding enough space to hold all of your favorite HD games, music collection, and beautifully taken photos.

LG seems to also be following the footsteps of Samsung with their decision to make the battery in the G3 removable while also adding in optional wireless charging. The 3,000mAh battery should be enough to get you through a day and then some, but should the power users in the building need a back-up for those late evenings, you will have the option to hot swap batteries. As far as wireless charging goes, the G3 can take advantage of wireless charging, though you will have to buy optional accessories in order to activate it. You see, the US carriers want to take as much money as possible from you, so selling you $60 wireless charging cases instead of building the tech in makes a lot of sense to them.

We should point out that the AT&T G3 is different from the others in that it only supports PMA wireless charging, which is the standard that almost everyone else in the wireless industry has ignored. All other variants support Qi charging. Qi charging backs and chargers are found all over the place, often times an incredibly affordable prices. PMA wireless charging accessories are not as easy to find. -K

g3 review-17


LG continued its trend of rear-facing keys on the G3, just as they introduced on the G2. To us, the rear-facing keys feel natural, given that our fingers are usually on the backside of the phone anyways when on a call or playing mobile games. For those worried about always having to touch the backside of their device, LG baked in KnockOn software, meaning that whenever you need to turn on/off your display, you can simply tap on the screen two times.

As for volume, you will be surprised at how quickly your body can adapt to using the backside of the device to control sound. Allow me to give you a use case. When walking around town with headphones connected to the phone, instead of having to pull the phone out of my pocket to use the side keys, I can easily press on the backside of the phone to control the volume output, as the keys are facing outwards from my body. If music is too loud or soft, I just reach down and tap on my leg. For me, it works really well.

Of course, not everyone feels this way. We have heard from many people who just can’t stand the idea of having rear-facing keys on their phone, and to them, just give it a try. As stated previously, you will be surprised at how quickly your brain can adapt to rear-facing buttons over side keys. While I wouldn’t label the introduction of back-facing buttons as innovative, it is something different. And sometimes, different is good.

Thanks to the rear-facing keys, LG was able to keep the body of the G3 very thin, which allows your hand to grasp the device very firmly in your hand. Even with its 5.5″ display, the phone really doesn’t feel all that big in your hand. LG is dubbing this design as Floating Arc, which is finished off with a brushed metal plastic exterior. While the device is made of plastic, it does not feel cheap. Every time I handed the phone to someone for them to try out, they were pleasantly surprised at the overall weight and feel of the device. To me, that labels the G3 a winner in the design department. To see LG throw in such a massive display in this manageable frame, we hope they continue this trend of bigger displays, smaller bodies. – T

Software Features:  KnockOn and Knock Code, QSlide, QMemo, etc.

As you will see in my comments about LG’s take on Android below in the “Skin” section, I often feel like LG is doing too much. What I mean is that they are trying to pack so many features into a phone, that you almost feel as if you can’t possibly utilize it all. With that said, they do offer some very useful tools like KnockOn, Knock Code, QSlide, QMemo, and even Dual Window. I will talk about these all briefly, but you can see each one in action in our 25+ tips and tricks clip in the video section of this review.

g3 review screens-1 g3 review screens-2 g3 review screens-3 g3 review screens-4 g3 review screens-5

  • KnockOn – The best feature you never realized you needed, but won’t be able to live without once you start using it. KnockOn allows you to double tap your phone to wake it, for checking the time or notifications or to avoid having to find the power button on the backside of the phone. You can also double tap it again to put your phone back to sleep. I know this move sounds like something that doesn’t matter, but trust me, it is game changing in the way that Motorola’s Active Display is – you really won’t want to live without it once it becomes a part of your life.
  • Knock Code – Similar to KnockOn, LG took its screen tapping feature to a secure level with Knock Code. Knock Code allows a user to program a series of screen taps in quadrants on the display that will unlock it similarly to a PIN or password. The pattern can be tapped without the screen even on, so again, you can get things done on your phone without ever touching a button.
  • QSlide – LG wants you to be able to multi-task in a number of ways. One of those options is through QSlide, which is a group of LG apps that can be launched into floating windows that hover above your current task. For example, you could be in Chrome on droid-life.com, but realize you need a calculator. QSlide allows you to open the built-in calculator in a floating window on top of Chrome. To take it to another level, LG lets you open more than one of these windows at a time and even adjust their transparency. The apps here are limited, but the phone, messaging, calendar, calculator, file manager, and stock email apps are all included.
  • QMemo – Have you ever needed to jot down a quick note or maybe even take a screenshot of your location on a map and then share it with a friend? QMemo is your option. On the G3, you can quickly take a screenshot of your current screen or pop-up a blank colored note to draw or make notes on, before eventually saving it for later or sharing your results.
  • Dual Window – Like Samsung’s Multi Window, LG also has a feature that allows you to launch two apps at once in windows situated above and below each other. The app list is limited, but you can do things like load Chrome and YouTube at the same time, get directions in Google Maps while having a conversation in Hangouts, or pull up photos from the gallery while polishing off an email in Gmail. It’s a decent effort, but probably not quite as fully featured as what Samsung is doing.

Overall, LG’s suite of apps provides you with more features than you will know what to do with, but in most situations, that’s not always a bad thing. Options are good, right? -K


Being a flagship, the G3 is available on all major carriers here in the US. Priced at $199 on a new two-year agreement, the G3 is somewhat of a deal. At the time of this writing, Verizon is actually offering the device for just $99 on-contract, so if you have already made up your mind (and don’t mind being on VZW), then that’s probably the best deal around for this phone. Off contract, the device can be purchased from multiple e-retailers including Amazon for $579.99. Of course, most carriers are offering monthly payment plans for the device, usually around $25-$30 added to your monthly bill until it is paid off. Here in the US, you should have no problems finding a G3 if you really want one. – T


LG’s Skin

The skin that LG puts atop Android is one of those that I would never call “great” or “bad.” It really is somewhere in the middle. LG offers all sorts of customizable elements, from using custom icons to providing lock and home screen options that are typically only found in 3rd party apps. But they also can overdo things at times, similarly to how Samsung does. There are far too many settings to try and manage, cheesy tap noises throughout, and a finicky keyboard that is both good and frustrating at times.

g3 review screens-2 g3 review screens-1 g3 review screens-3 g3 review screens-4 g3 review screens-5

The skin has gotten better over the years and now looks much flatter and current than ever before. The icon set features squares and long shadows, the notification area is accented by pretty blues, and there are eye-catching animations on the lock screen. But you also have inconsistencies with icons in the settings menu, a dialer that looks like it was created as an after-thought, and an app switcher that has three different layouts, though you probably wouldn’t know how to access them without someone explaining it.

g3 review screens-6 g3 review screens-7 g3 review screens-8 g3 review screens-9 g3 review screens-10

LG’s skin on the G3 isn’t my favorite of all the Android skins, but it is far from the worst. -K


While the design of the phone is lovely, the size can be seen as cumbersome to a few users. It is a big phone. While it has a smaller footprint than the Galaxy Note 3 and OnePlus One, people with smaller hands might have issues handling the G3 with just one hand. One-handed operation is a major concern for a lot users, so we wanted to make sure to address the size of the phone. Skinny jean wearers might also find a bit of trouble pulling the phone in and out of their pockets, but for anyone coming from a smaller 4.5″-5″ device, the extra size is worth it in our eyes.

Thanks to the design, which we highlighted above, the phone features a massive 5.5″ display in a 5″ phone’s body, thanks to the limited amount of bezel the screen features. To sum it up, if a phone that is easy with one-handed operation suits your lifestyle better, you many want to avoid the G3. However, if you are willing to adopt a larger phone, the G3 should be on your shopping list. – T

g3 size


For me, performance is a touchy subject, as the G3 was somewhat inconsistent in this category. Let us say, a phone with a Snapdragon 801 quad-core clocked at 2.5GHz with 3GB probably shouldn’t stutter. And even if it stutters, it should never lag or feel “janky.” At no point did the G3 feel extremely bogged down by processes, but during window and transition animations, the phone seems rather slow. Compared to say, an iPhone with perfect rotation animations, the G3 and most other Android devices still have a ways to go to catch up when switching between portrait and landscape animations.

As for gaming and multi-tasking applications, the G3 does well. When playing a game, you will probably never experience any stutter or lag, unlike the experience we had with the Galaxy S5. To test the gaming, I played a bit of Deus Ex, Smash Hit, Leo’s Fortune, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and other minor gaming titles. During my time, I had zero issues while gaming. For me, as a big time mobile gamer, that’s important.

Since gaming seems fine, even with the processor and GPU pushing the QHD display, any type of stutter during operation leads me to believe that LG’s skin is the culprit for any type of performance issues. This is exactly the conclusion we came to when reviewing the Galaxy S5, so the only thing we can ask is that OEMs begin toning down their skins with the chance of boosting performance across the device. TL;DR version – Performance is great, but you can expect a few stutters here and there across the device’s user interface. – T

The Not-so-Good

Not Water and Dust Resistant

Smartphone innovation has matured and slowed over the last couple of years, so manufacturers are now trying their best to add additional value without having to invent anything, like new camera sensors or display types or magical charging mechanisms. Making a phone water and dust resistant is one of the areas of focus for companies like Samsung and Sony that has actually added some value to devices. Both of their new flagships carry fairly substantial resistance to the elements, but LG chose to put their money elsewhere with the G3 (likely in the display and camera). So if you are looking for the G3 to survive a toilet or dishwashing drop, don’t expect a guarantee from LG that it will. Sure, you can look around the internet and find wild testers willing to drop their G3s in water for periods of time, claiming all the while that it can handle a dunk or two, but understand that the phone isn’t rated for that type of treatment. Proceed at your own risk there.

For many of you, water and dust resistance isn’t a make or break feature, but if you were looking for an area that LG could improve, this would be it. -K



25+ Tips and Tricks

vs. Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8)


g3 review-3 g3 review-4 g3 review-6 g3 review-7 g3 review-5

g3 review-8 g3 review-12 g3 review-14 g3 review-15 g3 review-16

The Verdict

The LG G3 is the best phone you can buy right now.

Its camera is as good if not better than other flagship phones from competitors. Battery life will surprise you, even with its Quad HD display. The size isn’t going to bother most of you, and that’s coming from the guy who hates massive phones. The display is something you can brag about to friends, just remember that Samsung’s AMOLED tops it in many ways. LG’s skin isn’t terrible. You have next-gen specs that will last the life of a contract, easily. There are a number of useful software add-ons to make you a multi-tasking pro, but won’t get in your way if you want a minimal experience. You can add an insane amount of external storage to it if needed or carry replacement batteries around if you are a power user.

LG created a hell of a phone in the G3. This should be on your radar. Actually, it should currently be topping your list.

Links:  LG G3 deals at eBay | Amazon

  • SewWhat

    Just picked up one of these the other day and thus far I am VERY pleased. It’s a little odd with the power and vol rocker on the back but not to the degree of being a deal breaker. I haven’t noticed any lag issues on mine.. so far. Went with a full on custom home set up with Nova launcher just because I despise all the native skin variants that are on devices now. Besides the specs, design and in hand feel of the device, the feature I liked most is the ability to hide the navbar on a per app basis built natively into the display settings. This setting allows the navbar to be hidden after 3 sec and then can brought back with a swipe up or in from, depending on screen rotation orientation, off screen. This is a god send when gaming or if you just want to take full advantage of all the display. Surprisingly it even allows you to do this with home replacements like Nova. Makes for a neat set up. What I like least is the pastel soft colors and blaring blinding white of the native UI in the system apps and settings. An option for a darker theme would be preferable. It just seems a little to panzy for such a beast of a phone.

  • Gary Demirdjian

    It’s crap. Korean crap.

  • Mudokon83

    Any update from people who bought the G3 about the “lag” i’ve read about?

  • Donny Miller

    I bought a LG G3 on Saturday after dropping my Droid MAXX (of course at a time with no case) and the G3 is my first LG smart phone ever, I have always had a Droid branded Android, except for once having the Sony Xperia Play ( loved that phone ) .. The G3 is actually very impressive. The display may not be the brightnesss of the S5 but even during the day I do not strain to see what I am looking at and its under accessibility options you can customize the contrast settings to get some nice vivid amoled like coloring, of course its not amoled but still achieves very nice colors. The resolution is insanly nice as well, really happy I picked this device up. Already got it rooted thanks to some super easy root methods without messing with a bootloader, which is a must have for me (the rooting part, because bootloaders can always get unlocked, but rooting without unlocking the bootloader is a nice change for once). Thank you Droid-life for this review is was honestly a huge help in me making my choice, very happy!

    • Donny Miller

      I forgot to mention, for being a larger phone, the shape on this thing makes it very nice to hold even one handed it is not a struggle, nice feel to this phone all round, I recommend it highly.

  • David Firebaugh

    Well a very good review of the phone. I have the lg G3 and honestly I love the way it operates. I’m Soooooo tired of Samsung and the way it feels in the hand. Display is in my opinion is great. Mind I’m not a tech groupy.

  • n11

    I can’t believe my Nexus 5 is the tiniest phone in that pic o.0
    My 5″ beast I’d consider the largest phone I’d get at this point, I hope manufacturers start releasing some 4.8″ options once more…. : /

  • itsacardigan

    Anyone having trouble downloading the ESPN Sportscenter app onto their G3? Says it’s incompatible with mine. VZW.

    • jcpicard

      I got the same message with mine. Also VZW.

  • Jeremy Buro

    I have to disagree with you over the battery life…….the king of battery power performance is without a doubt the Motorola droid maxx…..I get well over a day and a half on a single charge and performance wise I’ve never had a laggy or janky experience….you guys never give the maxx or ultra enough credit as far as performance goes…..the camera area I can understand its not the best but everything else is superb!

    • Tommysmallss

      I had a Maxx for two years, and it started to get sluggish after the first year. It had low RAM and app storage. I hated that phone with a passion near the end and wanted to throw it at a wall. Battery life was the one thing that did work well on it.

      • jnt

        You must be referring to the Razr Maxx, not the Droid Maxx… that’s Apples to Oranges in a lot of respects.

      • Jeremy Buro

        Yes what u experienced was an older version of the newer maxx and they fixed a lot of problems from the older versions…..u probably had a Razer maxx and Yea those sucked…..

  • Tom Taylor

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    replied I can’t believe that a single mom able to get paid $5576 in four
    weeks on the computer . see it here

  • GJV

    Love my G2 but holding onto my upgrade for something that seems like more of a leap. G2 to G3 seems evolutionary at best.

    • Jawbox

      I have read that G2 owners have experienced similar audio headphone issues possibly as a side effect of 4.4.2 update? Is this true for you?

  • frhow

    The only issue I have with this phone and the button placement is while listening to music or a movie while its laying flat down, I have to pick the phone up just to adjust the volume as opposed to just gripping the sides for the volume but other than that the button placement is perfect. The phone is close to perfect than any on the market and the bezels on this phone is like a beautiful woman with a coke bottle shape. Nothing looks better imo. 😀

  • Jawbox

    Well, as someone who has been giving glaring reviews about this phone myself I finally found a major problem. Last I finally got around to trying out some headphones. I get this terrible hissing/buzzing interference sound that is really noticeable on quieter tracks. I tried several headphones and different sources of music but it was always there and at all volumes. None of these issues were an issue using the same headphones and audio sources with my previous phone; Galaxy S3.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It is a heartbreaking flaw for me in a phone that I otherwise mostly really enjoy. 🙁

    • frhow

      The only time I’ve experienced that is when I had the phone charging as well. Not a great as the M8 listening experience but its really close.

      • Jawbox

        Unfortunately it happens for me charging, not charging all the same. I listen primarily to music from amazon/google play being streamed but never had this terrible distortion/interference sound before on other phones. So disappointed.

  • andrew9300

    I am planning on switching to an Android Phone soon. I’m wondering with the skinned devices, are all the stock apps the same. Like the phone dialed, messages, calendar, etc. I’m wondering this because of the Material Design in Android L and I would like to see if these phones will still have the design even though skinned.

  • Jorge

    Could you perform the sim swap trick similar to Best Buy but with a phone purchased through Amazon without getting hit with Amazon’s ETF? I’d like to upgrade my S3 to the G3 but BB doesn’t have the phones in stock online. I could purchase through Amazon but wonder if after the 14 day period since you’re not ugprading per Amazon instructions if you’d get hit with the ETF.

  • chris_johns

    I mean kel and tim i love you guys…but in a phone review…i would like some input on how it works as, you know, a phone…hows have been your call quality/connection/and speaker phone are big concerns of mine when looking at a new phone

  • ams165

    Put my G2 on the shelf for a free G3 upgrade.
    One thing I can’t seem to do is print from email’s or PDF’s over my home WIFI network Printer?
    My G2 did it????
    Help Please???

  • Scott Martin

    the one hand feature on this phone is nice but i haven’t had any issue using this phone in one hand without it.
    what i don’t like is how big everything but the messages are in the texting app. i’ve reduced the font size as much as i can but i’m not sure how to change anything else. anyone know how i can change this or use something that isn’t hangouts for texting that allows use of the google keyboard?

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  • TechBlast

    Garbage review!!! I have a Note 3 and still I’m not a Samsung fanboy. LG G3 is King!!!

    • frhow

      Exactly, they bashed the phone in the one thing that it stands out from the rest and thats the screen and yet they still say its the best phone out. Why if the S5 camera and screen is better than the G3, while every other spec is pretty much the same. The G3 is a beast of a phone and I love it. No hiccups or noticeable lag that they claim. This is someone coming from a lagfree M8.

  • Sam

    3 GB was the only reason I didn’t pick up S5. I guess that is not important to some? My current phone has 1 GB and I am maxed out most of the time. I need 2year phone and 2GB won’t be enough in two years. So G3 is the winner for me. Note 3 being the only other 3GB phone and 1year old so that us out.

  • jetscreamer01

    can anyone confirm that the tmo version comes with an unlocked bootloader?

    • Omar

      Yes it does, have TWRP installed on mine.

    • frhow

      Yes it does.

  • fallsgable

    I’ve been going through my G3 for days….2 issues:
    1. where did the wireless storage option go….I LOVED not having to plug my G2 into USB cable to ransfer or share with desktop….ANYONE??
    2. LG Slim Guard wireless charging case is a complete NO SHOW so far…..can’t find US variant anywhere….YET!

    Overall satisfied….

    • Kate Perry

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      AND HELP

    • Kate Perry

      Google is paying 80$ per>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO
      AND HELP

    • jnt

      I didn’t use that much on the G2, but Airdroid in the Play Store should provide similar functionality. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sand.airdroid

  • thedanks

    Settings > Accessibility > Color adjustment. Switch On and move the blue circle above the camera app like so. Your welcome.

  • V2THE1

    I got one last Wednesday and I absolutely love it so far. One thing that is bugging me and I can not seem to find the fix is the rear LED flash lighting up everytime I get an SMS. Anyone know how to turn that off?

    • ROR1997

      I’m here to the rescue. Go to settings>general>accessibility and scroll down to the Hearing tab. The 4th option down should say flash alerts. Uncheck it.

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    Nice read guys. High quality. This sounds like a well balanced device.

    1. The screen seems to lack black blacks so has weakish contrast. 2. I think I like the idea of back mounted buttons. Am getting tired of picking up a device from a table while trying not to activate side mounted buttons. .

    Even while hype beasting a device, at least you guys at DL are honest in your device reviews to call out stutter in the UI. So many other reviews just say “the device is fast!” oblivious to stutters. My Note 3 has a little stutter not horrendous enough to ruin the phone but only a blind sheep could miss it. My M8 has zero stutter. Zero. If the camera on the M8 weren’t total garbage it would be my unicorn device.

    If only the G3 had a nano sim I would pick one up today. Might do it anyway.

    Congrats on some of the best reviews on the net. IMO

  • dhinged

    I compared the G3 at Verizon to the M8, the S5, and the G2, and the G3 ran the slowest, and I think it’s because it has the highest resolution. The M8 ran the most consistently smooth, the G2 2nd, the S5 the most erratic, but G3 the most consistently slow. I’m just not convinced that any resolution above 1080 is useful on a phone.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Still love the M8 despite it not having “the best camera”

  • Ajmcnicol

    The animation and screen change can also be attributed to the stock launcher…most people replace those anyway. G3 with nova launcher &developer options enabled with animation speeds all set to .5x vs 1x ..and it gets much smoother. Both of which has nothing to do with rooting or unlocking or hacking…and thus the “the regular joe wont hack their phone” argument doesnt apply either.

  • Drogo

    Why did you use an iphone 5 and not a 5S in your camera comparison?

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  • Gregory Martinez

    Wish it wasn’t so big. My perfect phone would be a 5in G3 with the same specs.

    • ROR1997

      It feels fine tho because their is barely any bezel

      • Gregory Martinez

        Yea I know but I have small hands so even the nexus 5 is pushing it a little. I nexus 5 with bezels like the G3 would be great tho.

        • ROR1997

          Oh I see what you mean. A small phone with great specs would be great but carriers are scared to sell them I think as it can take away from the flagship model

  • ModernMan

    The screen is phenomenal, even outside in sun. My only gripe is the Qslide on Verizon doesn’t offer browser support (w/o root). Anybody notice this?

  • Robert

    Guys. Just fyi. I called t mobile and threatened to leave and they gave me one for 440. Great phone.

  • teebone

    I was contiplating getting the phone but after looking at my S4 and it’s display… it’s far superior to the LG.. much brighter and the colors pop. The LG display is washed out compared to my phone and the S5. I’m going to wait for the S5 Prime or note 4 🙂

  • RobertSGrant

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  • edwards311

    Got my G3 1 day early on VZW. Been extremely happy so far and have no complaints. Battery life is the biggest surprise to me and performance is great. I haven’t noticed any lag at all. Only thing not up to par is the predictive text on the keyboard. Other than that is is the best phone I have ever used.

    • SA_NYC

      You also sum up my experience well.

  • M3D1T8R

    Man DL you guys gotta do something about all these spam posts. It’s like they wait til the weekend knowing you guys are off so their posts will stay up longer. I always immediately flag them for ya.

  • RobertSGrant

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  • s0uth

    Note 4 it is.

    • hkklife

      Other than the screen res and 805 (both biggies, sure) the Note 4 isn’t looking like much of an upgrade over its predecessor. Same amount of RAM, same amount of internal storage, same screen size, similar camera performance, and most likely similar form factor and build quality (waterproofing aside). I was really hoping that Samsung would use this opportunity to go with virtual buttons and bump the screen size up to 5.9 inches while keeping overall dimensions the same as the Note 3.

      • BillySuede


  • Trevor

    A Nexus based off of this phone would be cool, except I’d like a better processor than the 801. The size of the phone worries me a bit, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Here’s hoping there will be a new Nexus, and that it kicks at least as much ass as the G3 (with stock Android, of course).

  • ASV505

    I’m disappointed after giving up my g2. It’s laggy and the skin got worse. Mustard yellow for messaging? No themes?

    • M3D1T8R

      I’ve been saying for a while the G2 seems better overall than this. Seems like more of a downgrade than upgrade if you already have a G2.

      • HarvesterX

        I’ll still hold onto my G2 here 🙂

      • ASV505

        Agreed. I kind of want to go back

  • HarvesterX

    Something the review leaves out ..all variants have root already AND the T-Mobile variant comes with an unlocked bootloader which means there will likely be a backdoor for Verizon and other variants .

  • ASV505

    Lag is still killing me and the skins are ugly. Mustard yellow in messaging? No themes?

  • droidftw

    I went and bought it yesterday reading no reviews (I was away from the internet for 3 weeks and got back yesterday). I absolutely love it. Moving up from the G2 I couldn’t be happier.

    • M3D1T8R

      Besides the SD slot and removable battery, what do you consider to be an improvement vs the G2?

      • droidftw

        The physical shape of the device is better (feels better in the hand), the materials feel better, the look is better imo, the screen is incredible, the speaker is better, call quality is better, camera is better (in my short usage at least).

        • SA_NYC

          Agree that the camera seems really good.

  • Scott Kart

    Can anyone confirm that the best buy method still works?

    • Bob

      Looks like Vz is the one carrier that currently does not ship direct, in-store pickup only.

      If I have to go into the store, no sale. We’ll see if BB updates before the discount period.

  • Aida Sylla

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  • Istill rocking my g2! Just bought one for my mom so she can keep unlimited data on vzw. It was only $250 on eBay!

  • Its a bit wide but overall a good phone from the specs mentioned. Yes the water and dust resistant feature should have been added to compete with flagship smartphones of other brands.

  • charlesrlee

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  • Lucas Tetrault

    I’m impressed by the G3, but still <3 my G2 with XDABBEB's rom on it. (no reason to switch for now)

    • HarvesterX

      I feel ya there …maybe if we had a 805 version

  • Mazeeka

    So let me get this straight – the lg g3, with it’s qhd, has a display that is not as good as the s5, but you guys trash the s5; the lg g3 has lag, but that’s okay because it’s not an s5; the lg g3 isn’t water and dust resistant (at least to the s5 standard) but that is still okay; the lg g3’s camera is slightly inferior to the s5, but the s5 still is a bad choice based on your review; the larger battery on the lg g3 still doesn’t give the same battery life that the s5 does, but it still powers on….I’m not trolling, but I don’t get how this review is reliable in any sense. Is it because LG is the underdog that everyone is praising it? Clearly the s5 does more and performs better with less.

    • malcmilli

      Did you actually read what they wrote? it said the display was good, just not as good as the S5…. it says the g3 does stutter but not as much as the S5, the said the camera was on par with the s5 if not better in many cases. They said battery life was good, even if not the best. Where did it bash the S5?

      • jnt

        He’s referring to prior articles and reviews, at least that’s how I read it. And he’s completely accurate in his assessment of DL’s comments about the S5 in the past.

        Based on this review, the S5 is equal or better to the G3 in almost every area… except the “sexiness” factor I guess? Or the fact that it says Samsung on it? Yet the G3 is the best and should be on everyone’s radar… that makes a lot of sense…

  • James_75

    I moved to the G3 from a Droid Maxx. I like the G3 but, if I’m being completely honest here, the battery life is not in the same ball park as the Maxx nor was I expecting it to be. This has me thinking about switching back or I will be forced to spend a lot less time on my phone until some accessory batteries become available. The whole lack of a qi compatable back (that’s not a circle case) at launch has me extremely disappointed with Verizon.

    I have also noticed my G3 locks up a lot and requires battery pulls to reset. I woke up to a dead phone this morning and it took 2 battery pulls to get it up and running after the first one hung at the red Verizon boot screen. I have nothing installed on this phone that wasn’t installed on my Maxx and no issues there. I also appreciated that I was updated to 4.4.4 on the Maxx.

    I’ll probably keep the G3 for now but will be looking hard at the next Maxx when it’s released this Fall.

  • Guest

    Lol, what a Verdict – “The LG G3 is the best phone you can buy right now”

    and review says:


    But if you were looking for the ultimate display, this probably isn’t it,

    The brightness doesn’t get as bright. The viewing angles aren’t even close to being as good.


    Interestingly enough, even with all of this power, the G3 won’t necessarily blow you away in terms of performance.

    basic navigation through the phone sometimes feels a big hindered.

    Display and Performance are the 2 most important things on a Smartphone besides ergonomics, and being a flagship LG G3 fails in both display and Performance.

    Looking forward for Moto X+1 & Note 4..

    • HarvesterX

      Didn’t you already try this fight ..lol

  • RobS

    “LG has never come close to making the best display on any phone”
    that is not true. LG delivered the panels for the IPhone 4 and 4s, and used similar, if not the same panel for the Optimus 4X HD phone. With 326ppi and a brightness of more than 500nits it was among the sharpest displays of its time and still is one of the brightest. Color accuracy and viewing angles were above average as well… So yeah, LG WAS close to making the best (or at least one of the best) displays on any phone … 3 – 4 years ago.

    • HarvesterX

      Also the iPod touch and macbook retina displays

  • Droid Ultra

    I don’t know about the g3 but the s5 camera sucks. I done some comparisons inside, low light and my ultra smoked the s5 and iPhone 5 in picture quality with HDR on and off.

  • Jeff Miller

    Had the G2 and loved it, moved on to a smaller device the moto x. Figured I would give the G3 a try the last couple days. Have to say I really don’t agree with all the positive reviews of this phone. Dont get me wrong, I love LG and I think on paper this device reads great. Just not sure it shines a whole lot from there. The phone is big! Im a little over the giant phones so I guess im a little biased there. UI was a little on the flat and boring side, colors and all. Also the display was just OK and would argue that it is just dull. Yes battery and camera are great, but you can find other devices that are great also. Just not sold this time around. G4 could be a beast though!

    • SA_NYC

      Ha, the first mention anywhere of the G4?

  • AlisonMGonzales

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  • Wade M Santini

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  • Danny

    I still don’t know. The Anandtech review wasn’t so nice to this…I think I’ll still wait for the new maxx phone to come out.

  • SharnaHayneskvl

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  • Jason B

    The problem with such high pixels per inch with an LCD is that it needs a brighter backlight to get through all of that pixel density. AMOLED makes more sense for ultra-high density screens, IMO, since the sub-pixels actually produce light themselves. Granted, that also means more sub-pixels drawing power while an LCD’s backlight draw remains constant for the brightness setting selected.

    I’m not sold on 1440p solely because SoC GPUs aren’t nearly powerful enough. If you can’t achieve 60fps at 720p in a demanding 3D scene (like full-effect OGL ES 3.0), you shouldn’t be pushing the resolution higher.

    That and most movies are offered in 1080p, so what’s the point? To see your captured pictures in greater clarity?

  • DainLaguna

    Not being a g3 apologist (I think the quality of the one’s display is the best) but since when did the s5’s display become regarded as ‘the best? Because display mate said so?

    • HarvesterX

      I personally don’t like it but we far as AMOLED displays go it probably is among the best. I abhor AMOLED displays though

  • Chris

    While comments are mostly positive, I love reading the negative ones. It’s amazing, when a new device comes out that is really promising, people with other OEM phones get all pissy like you just called their baby ugly. Hater’s gonna hate I suppose.

    • jnt

      It’s about balance and proper journalism, not taking offense over your personal device choice. Sure, there are some that do exactly as you say, but the greater problem is the lack of balance and rational thought.

      • Chris

        The funny thing about journalism (as it relates to mobile tech) is that it is so wildly subjective. The lack of balance and rational thought is your interpretation of this review. Example: A BMW stomps all over a Toyota Corolla… every time. Put a BMW up against a Mercedes (with similar horsepower, drivetrain characteristics,etc) and there are going to be those who prefer one over another despite both vehicles being sick pieces of machinery.

        What happens here with the haters / trollers is that 1) People read the reviews 2) Same people don’t own the device 3) Adopt any journalistic criticisms as their own personally observed criticisms.

        Perfect example of this is widespread criticism of “dimness”. That is complete horseshit. This device (while not possessing maximum nits of other devices) is fine. Fine in sunlight, fine at home…. fine on auto and more than adequate at 60% brightness manually. Is it going to sear AMOLED pixels into your Retina at 500+ nits…..no.

        • jnt

          I agree on the brightness issue. Though I think what’s happened is people are reading that the screen doesn’t get as bright in general, and then reading about cases where the phone is overriding the brightness settings due to overheating and therefore too dim outside, and lumping it all together in one “screen is too dim and can’t be seen outside!” opinion without owning the device.

          And I also agree that some subjectivity is inevitable. But you include that in your reviews – you paint a balanced picture instead of making blanket claims.

          And to your second paragraph, the problem with that is DL and other sites are in a strong position of influence and there are quite a few of us that not only have owned and used said devices, but we’ve been following and reading DL for quite awhile and are well aware how they have reviewed and treated devices and features in the past. The S5 is as good or better than the G3 in almost every category except screen resolution and “sexiness”, and subjective subjects like LCD vs Amoled. But you would think the G3 was a revolutionary device while the S5 is just a solid “has been” based solely on the review and tone of the reviews here.

          For example, complaints about the size of the S5 and M8, and the lag on the S5 (which is much smoother than the G3) – those were major sticking points when those phones were released, but they are essentially dismissed on the G3 despite the fact that it stutters more than the S5 and is harder to one-hand than both of those devices. And there’s no logical reason why except that the reviewers like the G3 better. And that’s fine if they do, but don’t let your G3-love-bias infiltrate your stated opinions so much that you breeze over those issues when you would’ve nailed those issues on another device. It’s a disservice to the readers. If someone owned a Droid Maxx or Moto X, and upgraded to the G3 based on the reviews here, they’d have no clue how *much* laggier and more stuttery the UI is compared to their prior device.

          Bias and personal preference are fine – but recognize it and balance it out in your reviews.

          • Chris

            Well written

        • Ggg

          Not really, even if the c63AMG is similar to the M3 in HP (it beats the M3) and other characteristics, it still doesn’t beat the M3 in the overall “being the better car” test every time, every article, every topgear clip. And I’d take a Toyota (ISF or LFA) over a BMW any day.

          But more on topic…

          When a reviewer gives his opinion, you can either respect it or stop reading the opinions of people who aren’t you (you do know people with brains and feelings write the articles right?).

    • Pedro

      Blow me.

  • Czsboys

    So… Not to beat this to death but… Every other review I read has said the battery life has been just ‘okay’. I’ve had the phone for 24 hours and have found it to be about as good as my G2 and I trust DL and their thorough reviews. What gives?

    • Tillmorn

      If you’re claiming that your battery life appears to be rather strong in your opinion, it is. Depending on how you use it. I forget the site names that did some in-depth review and comparison of the battery, but it’s basically this: If you use your device primarily as a phone (talk, text, etc.) with light internet/video/game usage, battery life is astounding. However, it falls a little short with CONSTANT screen on time, ie. battery stress tests done by tech sites such as CNET. Which I can agree with after using the device for a couple of days now. Thankfully, I only mess with games/youtube at the house. Outside the house, I tend to use my phone as simply a phone…with a fair amount of Spotify usage. Also, standby time is phenomenal. Went to bed around midnight. Eight hours later, my battery had dropped by 3%.

  • hushdrops

    Please tell me why this Tim person constantly praises the iPhone during each droid life podcast and this review ?

    • SerenityNow

      Conspiracy theory: DL’s “Tim” is really Tim Cook!

  • ROR1997

    Best phone I’ve ever owned. I love being able to reply to a text without opening up the app. Already try to use knock-on on my tablet lol. You can customize so much it’s insane. And if you have a G3, go look at the preloaded videos and look at the videos. The videos are so clean. I’m currently using an otter box symmetry and if anybody is thinking about the case, I say go for it, it’s really comfortable in the hand and doesn’t add bulk. Anyway here’s my battery pic. I’m impressed.

    • James_75

      I got a symmetry also… really annoyed that it manages to take the back cover off with it whenever I remove the case… grrr!

      • ROR1997

        I haven’t had that problem yet, tho it is a hard case to take off. I usually push the top of the case back.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Topped my list and I got one. Even with the Att charging issues I am gonna keep it. Selling my nexus 4 and will buy either the next nexus or moto. Best phone I’ve had ever.

  • yellowflash94

    LG is trying hard but they dropped the ball on the display and software.

  • ROR1997

    So far the greatest G3 pic I’ve seen. Please don’t ban me for this. *Nsfw*

    • HarvesterX


    • Joan

      Is that your mom in the pic? Video chat?

  • CaptM

    Been loving my for the 30 hours that I’ve had it so far, feels great in my hand and I have large hands, it feels so light compared to my old phone, the battery have been great, when I got it, it was at 50%, charged it to full (very fast charge also), that was at 6pm last night, while I didn’t go crazy with it, I’m still over 50% 23 hours later. Everyone at work that I showed it to Loved it, they also thought that the feel was superb and also couldn’t believe how light it was and all went crazy over the screen. Definitely made an impression on them and me. My wife and I have the Verizon version (White for her, Black for me) and we both love it, there is a comment further down asking about battery for the Verizon model…..INCREDIBLE, no need to worry here.

  • Shawn Spring

    Anyone else think their screen is a tad yellowish, compared to another device? My G3 compared to my G2 has a noticable yellow tint, as the G2 looks like a crisp white and the G3 looks dull. Other than this, so far, I’m really digging the G3.

    • Omar Amer

      aye, big complaint is that the G3’s screen is “warm” compared to other phones. think this is just poor calibration on LG’s part on the screen.

    • jnt

      Yes, and others have reported this as well. It’s not real noticeable until you put it next to another device, and it’s not bad by any means. Clearly they had to make some sacrifices in the “tuning” of the screen due to the high pixel count.

  • Those skins are just so hideous, I can’t let go of my Nexus 5 for that kind of stuff. Until a company realizes their skins are worse, I’m just not willing to move to another company/phone. Plus, the 5.5” screen is too big. When I go back to my Galaxy Nexus for some fun nostalgia, I realize that the 4.65” screen feels so much better in hand than even my N5’s screen. Obviously the big thing is the lack of camera quality on all Nexus devices, which I can live with for a better overall experience due to stock Android and insanely quick updates.

    • HarvesterX

      I’m loving the new Robotofont from Android “L” and basically th Android “L” launched on my G2 along with new PlayStation style navbar buttons lol and heads up display. The stock LG skin is meh, but I run a stock LG rom and remove almost all LG stuff before flashing to remove as much of the LG skin as possible while retaining the stuff I like. Actually prefer it this way to AOSP which is a start but these OEMs gotta just let Google do their thing and concentrate less on screwing with our Android and let us concern ourselves over that lol

  • schlanz

    there you have it folks, g3 is the phone to beat.

    If I weren’t part of the “note cult” I’d be picking one up.

  • disastrousrainbow

    A great phone that let me down on the software front. A phone this powerful has no business giving you lag. When I’d hit the task manager button there’d be a delay from when I pressed to when the task manager showed up. Sometimes when I’d hit the app drawer, same thing, a press, a delay, and then the icons would load. It’s weird because some of the other UI elements worked smoothly, but it was a little too inconsistent for my tastes, especially when compared to the HTC One M8 or the 2013 Droid Maxx.

    I also found the text look oddly weird, maybe it was too sharp, but the messaging app in particular kinda had this roughness to it, almost blurred it seemed. It’s hard to describe, and maybe it’s just my eyes, but something about it looked “off.” Overall, I was very pleased with the hardware, camera, battery life, etc., but I just couldn’t get over the software and was reminded again “Oh, THIS is why I try to stick close to stock.” So I went back to my Droid Maxx. Say what you will, but that phone, imo, should be at the top of everyone’s list if you’re looking for smooth performance, useful features, killer signal strength/battery life, and a speaker second only to the HTC One.

    Now time for me to start impatiently waiting for the 2014 Droids and/or Moto X again.

    • jnt

      I noticed the same thing on the fonts. Anandtech did as well: “Outside of just power saving measures, I’ve also noticed artificial sharpening. This effect is obvious enough that you will notice it immediately. As a result, halos are all over the display in certain situations, and in general I hope LG adds an option to turn this off.” I think that’s what we’re seeing most likely.

    • jnt

      Let me also add I agree on the Droid Maxx… it’s so refreshingly smooth after using the G3 and S5. And the battery life… Still an awesome phone.

    • needa

      when i see posts like this and the replies to it, i have to wonder why in the world they (dl) would talk about this being the best phone to buy right now. these kind of issues make this phone an absolute no for me. i guess it is because like you, i am spoiled by motorola. sounds to me like the m8 is the best phone of 2014, or maybe even the e(xc)lusive oneplus. both of those phones have their faults, but software lag is not one of them. and as you say… you cannot go wrong with an x/maxx.

      • Mark Mann

        Key be start off by saying I’m a motorola fanboy, I’d had all their droid family from the og up to the razr hd, and am now on the g3(the in between phone shall be unmentioned) and I’ll say the g3 is possibly the best phone I’ve used… I don’t experience any lag, and the screen is plenty bright for me…

        • HarvesterX

          I started with the OG Droid and that’s when I began working on Android. I got mine when it first came out. Awesome phone, and the G2 and G3 captures that same magic we had when the dev community exploded into the scene.

          Motorola let me down though after all the love I had for them. They began encrypting their bootloader and the Droid 2 and 3 and X and everything after wasn’t even an option. I didn’t get a new phone until the Galaxy Nexus came out which at the time was awesome as well but soon turned out to be a device that’s been the worst of all the ones I’ve owned. Mostly due to the poor AMOLED display and how easily it burned in images.

          There hasn’t been a device from Motorola that has captured my attention since. Some have come close. The MotoX could have been an option but it wasn’t a choice considering I had a G2 by that point. Motorola has started this new “specs dont matter” bandwagon that so many have jumped onto.

          Or course specs matter but you can’t just choose the phone with the highest specifications. You cant just choose a device based off “specs don’t matter either”. You gotta look at the big picture and do your research before making a purchase and then you’ll rarely be unhappy with your purchase.

          Just as specs matter and specs don’t matter at the same time don’t blindly listen to blogs sites either. For real information learn learn learn..read the developer sections on XDA and learn what actually makes phone stand out beyond specifications. Do you purchase phoneA immediately because the CPU is clocked faster? Of course not. You want to dig deeper and learn what specifications were used in the SoC…do you like to flash new kernels etc? Then make sure that phoneA’s chip maker provides the source code (Qualcomm is dev friendly and why we prefer them right now as an example).

          But yes specs matter. In have two identical MotoX’s and I’ll give you one but you have to choose. I’ve made a few small changes though. One model I’ve taken 1GB ram away from and clocked the CPU down by 500MHz as well as bumping the GPU down by 200MHz (which is huge for a change in GPU), Specs don’t matter right? So it shouldn’t matter which one yoi choose, right? Better do some non blog research first before picking to be sure ..

          • Mark Mann

            I held onto my og until the razr came out… I used the x for a minute and went back to my og the same week… Then I upgraded to the razr hd because I found a loophole to upgrade and keep unlimited…

      • Chris

        Lol… wait a minute. DL has a pretty storied history of good objective reviews. They make a statement, then you read a random comment and it throws you into a tailspin questioning the staff @ DL? Some places have hypebeasted this phone…. some places have thrown out much exaggerated claims of fault. I will tell you it is a great phone. Is it a legendary phone? No. Could it be with some software modifications…. probably.

        • needa

          no they made a statement, then i read their own review. i have also watched their podcasts, along with others. there is nothing objective about tim’s face when talking about it. when tim makes statements like ‘there is no lag on this phone’, i know he is not being objective. as there is lag in lots of the hands on and review videos. i have no doubt it is a great phone. just about every phone released in the last 12 months has been a great phone. some are just better than others. those of us that are not into specs look for something different in a ‘great’ phone.

        • HarvesterX

          It will be legendary after factoring on development community….just like the G2 and much like the OG Droid…these are the types of devices that make us devs very happy ..especially considering the T-Mobile barony comes with an unlocked bootloader and guessing that side this is then case there will be if not already backdoors found for Tue Verizon variant

    • Tillmorn

      You’d rather use a device that is more or less completely subject to whatever Verizon wants, as it is their brand, over something like the G3? A device that will more than likely receive a bootloader unlock or loki exploit from the Dev community over at XDA, thus allowing you to run a much more stock experience than the Droid Maxx should you choose. All because it is a brand new device that sure, may have a few quirks (I’ve noticed none), but what phone when first released doesn’t have an issue or two that needs to be worked on? I’d say give the G3 one update from LG and things will be perfect with their skin. Granted, I’m using Nova either way…I’m a sucker for scroll-able docks and high level of app drawer customization.

      • HarvesterX

        T-Mobile variant comes with unlocked bootloader so I’m pretty sure Verizon variant will have backdoor for unlocking it. True unlocking as opposed to Loki bypass…not that there’s really any difference to the end user between the two.

        • Tillmorn

          That’s pretty much what I’m banking on at this point.

      • disastrousrainbow

        The only reason I’ve ever loaded a rom on to a phone is to get a stock-like experience. Why would I want to do that to a phone that’s already practically stock? Sure there’s some add-on software here and there, but I’m not going to freak out when it all can be disabled and it has no detrimental effect on the software as it is. Sure it’s a Verizon exclusive model, but the Maxx may as well be a Nexus considering how fast it has receive updates. Tell me again, how many phones are also running 4.4.4 without root? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        So yes, I would rather have a phone that’s subject to whatever Verizon wants, because apparently in this case what Verizon wants is fast updates, stable and smooth software, hardware that’s tougher than your average phone, signal strength that’s also above the competition oh, and exactly one Verizon logo…on the back.

    • Shawn Spring

      The “sharpening” of the text on the display is a known issue (commented on in the review by Anandtech for one) and it is a little annoying. I’ve personally not had any of the delays (aka lag) on my device, but I’ve only owned it for 2 days admittedly. Its at least as smooth as my G2 was (but I ROM’ed it and had a few Xposed modules) and even with my G2, there was a noticable delay when I hit the recents key before my apps were displayed. I took to either doing a quick reboot or closing most/all open apps to get it to run normally again.

      In my short real world usage, the G3 is smoother overall than the G2. I will say that my G2 still had a 4.2.2 ROM versus the 4.4.2 stock of the G3 (and Xposed) which may have influenced my experience. But I’d take the performance of the G3 right now over my G2 personally.

    • HarvesterX

      I have a suspicion that thermal throttling is causing much of the known lag. They were overly aggressive with throttling down on the G2 so makes sense that the same holds true here as well. Disabling throttling on the G2 makes a world of a difference and I don’t get overhearing issues unless I push 2.8GHz in performance mode. Btw, I usually always keep all 4 cores boosted and run with a hyper governor in performance mode and can get 3 hours ± on screen time. ..which is right aweaome for running the device ramped up so much.

      I need to create some widget toggles in tasked for my profiles so I can change that..I always run it balls to the walls while on ac and forget to switch when unplugged. Maybe I’ll just use tasked and change the values manually based off if I’m on ad or not but think I’d prefer the toggles … I don’t like relying on tasker for critical things..

      Haha I do love having the ability to remotely do just about anything by sending text messages to my phone. Ill send my password to my phone to login, then an additional security challenge appears in the form of a text back asking for pin number ..once both of those are verified I can take remote pics of who abusing / using my phone, turn gps on and find , change lock screen pin on them, send aleet messages randomly annoying them , spy on what’s going on etc…Took a while to write but worth it ..If stolen I can remotely send a command to initialize a backup of all important data (or full system backup) to Dropbox or box etc…I keep tasked as a system app so it can’t be uninstalled manually or via factory reset. I keep tasker off the app drawer as well so its difficult for them yo turn off, and if stolen I can send a text that uses dd command to copy stock recovery back over so that they can’t get into TWRP and then I remove su access from them, enable GPS if it’s not on already and wait until theif turns the display on. Once they do i take a few pictures which are inmediately uploaded to Dropbox and send an alert to yurk mocking them and letting them know that they are screen. After the message I then the display off and see a new pin so they can’t get in. If they attempt to use up all login attempts tasker just creates more attempts so they never run out and the phone doesn’t factory reset. By now I have their address and their picture and would be on the way to the cops. All they can do now is boot into recovery to factory reset but by now I’ll have all the info I need..I love tasker..

      Lol way off topic..carry-on.

  • Jawbox

    First of all fantastic review guys.I’ve only had this phone for about 24 hours but I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. This phone feels great coming from a galaxy s3. It broke my heart to pay full price in order to keep unlimited data but so far I am getting over that pretty fast. It does take some time perhaps to adjust to the larger size coming from a smaller phone but the extra screen real estate feels totally worth it already. Perhaps if you already have an s5 or m8 it would not seem like a huge difference to upgrade to but if you’re coming from a previous generation I feel pretty confident you’ll be super stoked by this beast of a phone.

    On a side note, since I purchased this phone full price I felt like protecting this investment. The s3 I used previously somehow managed to get a scratch in the screen within a month of me getting it 2 years ago. As someone that handles his goods with care it still surprises me how it even happened. So for the g3 I purchased the spigen slim armor which DL reviewed. It fits and looks great. Additionally, even though it was a tad pricey I opted to purchase a MIME glass screen protector which I received today. It is without a doubt the most awesome screen protector ever. Once I installed it I thought to myself where is the screen protector ? It feels as good if not better than the stock glass, it adds a minimal thickness, and it repells finger prints like a champ. The spigen case fits on just fine as well because the MIME glass leaves a little gap at the edge of the panel. So far it appears to be so worth the 27 bucks it cost + it’s American made. Highly recommended phone plus gear. ☺

  • AngryBadger

    by the end of the year, it would be nice to get a chart of radio/wifi performance. Jumped around a few different handsets and really surprised how much it varies. Or does anyone know a nice place for such a database?

    • hkklife

      Here is my own handy chart:

      #1 Motorola
      #2 Nokia
      #3 HTC
      #4 Everyone else

      Dead frickin’ last Samsung

      • AngryBadger

        Yeah, motorola has been a good experience signal wise for me but horrible on all other fronts for me (I am pre-moto x era). Samsung has been having signal issues, wonder why they haven’t perfected that yet. I only have OG nokia experience (which was good). No HTC experience of my own (just friends). Currently on a LG Nexus 5, it’s ok. OT: Just have an unusual battery drain on it lately.

  • 007e

    Sound Quality?

    • El Big CHRIS

      seriously. I guess nothing it’s as good as the m8/m7. Too bad…

    • jnt

      It actually gets a couple decibels louder than the M8 according to a couple of other sites. So it’s by no mean as good from a quality standpoint, but it’s plenty loud. I find the GS5’s speaker to have a bit more depth to it but the G3’s gets a lot louder and has a nice clear sound to it as well. Again, leaving the M8 in its own category…

    • hushdrops

      We held off on an s5 due to touchwiz as well as a speaker which was near as poor in volume as my GNexus. No phone even the m8 will have decent audio quality, it’s a tiny phone soaker but adequate volume for podcast listening and notifications that can be heard from a distance are important and the g3 excels here as well as removable batteyr , SD slot , decent camera . I’d prefer less resolution but will take it after waiting to replace our two year old devices.

    • PoisonApple31

      This sound on this phone is awesome. It’s not as good as HTC, but I was surprised by how loud and how much bass I could actually hear coming out of the back of the phone, unlike my Note 3 (which had the speaker on the bottom, which I prefer).

      Along with the speaker, I am also loving Content Lock and Guest Mode.

    • Shawn Spring

      So far after 2 days of owning it, I can say its almost painfully loud (at least my alarm clock is 😉 but the quality is pretty good, considering its coming from the back of the device (VZW G3)

  • Jeff718

    I thought the Verizon version didn’t have qi worked charging?

    • hkklife

      The VZW version is Qi compatible, it just needs an aftermarket Qi charging back cover.

  • It navigates to the dark side of the moon. It can read your mind and tell your wife the correct thing to say about how her new dress looks. It can fire a laser beam that can melt through galvanized titanium and auto-target enemy androids.

    Awesome, just awesome. Wait? No Cyanogenmod support..?!
    Yeah, I don’t need another paperweight right now.

  • The Galaxy S5 looks small now.

    • jnt

      And feels it after holding both.

  • Chris

    Seriously though … LG dropped the ball here. I was fully expecting some mechanism to tell me my heart rate, blood sugar level, body mass index, and favorite food(s). I feel robbed that a completely pointless gimmick wasn’t introduced.

    • Ethan G

      Don’t worry, Samsung will scratch that itch for you in short order. I’m sure. ;P

    • Ice

      Actually it does tell you your BMI.

      • Chris

        Ice – You don’t understand my plight. I need an awkwardly placed sensor that will read my vitals and automagically tell me everything about my health. I could use a pen and paper to determine my BMI (which is north of 200 btw) but unless it can somehow shoot infrared beams into my eyeballs and indicate T-Cell counts…. count me out. This is where LG has failed us all.

        • Shawn Spring

          Sarcasm is a lost art my friend. 😉

    • Knock On isn’t a gimmick?

      • Chris

        A gimmick is for show…. with little functional or tangible value. If you ever owned a phone capable of KnockOn (which clearly you don’t) you would see never having to really touch the power button is enormously helpful…. especially when a quick double tap is likely quicker than the motion of actually reaching for the power button in the first place. Anything else you would like to talk out your arse about?

  • Steve

    Two questions for G3 owners:

    1) Does the handset offer a notification LED?
    2) Can anyone confirm whether tethering is allowed or blocked?

    • 1) Yes, there is a small RGB notification LED at the northwest corner of the phone.
      2) On Verizon, as always, tethering requires a Mobile Hotspot subscription.

      • HarvesterX

        Or root your G3 and use a modified Hotspot app like most custom ROMs offer up.

    • CaptM

      I could not tether while on UDP, had to switch for this phone to get my wife on one and with the More Everything plan, tethering is included as part of that plan.

  • raybert

    Is there really no flashlight function built into the phone? I used torch on my gnex all the time at work and now I cant seem to find a shortcut key or anything on the g3. Not that a third party app would be such a horrible thing but it would be nice to have one built in.

    • Cody

      The G2 has a stock widget. Silver Flashlight.

      • HarvesterX

        Yeah that’s weird….you want me to pull the G2 flashlight files and zip them up?

    • PoisonApple31

      Screw built in. TeslaLED is amazing.

  • JayWill386

    Got the phone on Thursday and have had a hard time putting it down. I loved my G2 on Verizon but longed for a larger screen and greater compatibility with accessories since VZW decided to customize the backplate on the G2. The G3 came along and answered all of my prayers. I appreciate the tone down colors in the UI something that made me fall out of love with Samsung after a long run that lasted 4 years.

    With specs becoming the smallest part of what separates phones these days manufacturers are going to have to get creative with their skins and continue to push things such as camera quality, battery saving enhancements, fluidity of the interface, commitment to future version of android being available for their devices, and pushing the envelope on durability and overall build quality. Let’s face it if a manufacturer released a true “phone to rule them all” where would their profitability come from in future years. They always have to leave you wanting or wishing for more so that you will come back next year or given todays trend of phone model upgrades 3-6 months in the form of a prime model.

    Overall, I am happy to say that my LG G3 will be my phone at least through the end of 2014.

    • But didn’t Verizon customize this phone’s backplate as well?

      • JayWill386

        Only with their logo other than that its the exact same back. So far I havent found any accessory that didn’t work with it and thats from going into Best Buy and trying the different cases available.

  • KleenDroid

    So far I love my new G3!

  • Kassius

    That’s a nice design!

  • needa

    they talk about getting rid of the stuttering. 14:40


  • Dave

    Great review guys. I’m glad people like it. However my experience with it was not enough to make me bail on my Note 2 yet.

    • BigMixxx

      That is sooooooo true.

      I did jump, as I have an issue with samssng right now, they haven’t given us a real game changer, but the HTC one (m8) is a beast.

  • nosedive94

    I still think my M8 is a far better choice for personal reasons (ok it’s LGs piss poor skin).

    • SerenityNow

      I agree with this. After 2 years of Samsung phones (GS3 & GS4), the biggest breath of fresh air for me on the M8 was the complete absence of lag and a skin that doesn’t slow down the phone. For me personally, this is the most important feature on a smartphone because it impacts all aspects of my daily usage. I do wish the M8’s camera was better, but for my purposes, I feel good about not having waited for the G3 based on the comments about the stuttering/skin.

      For those of you who bought the phone and are happy with it, enjoy your purchase. But for me, I’m good with what I already have.

      • Carlos

        what lag? im lag free… tmobile version

        • HarvesterX

          T-Mobile has unlocked bootloader 😉

      • Mark Aardvark

        I have an M8 and mine lags whenever I leave it on standby for a while and go to use it again. Maybe the one I have is a dud.

        • SerenityNow

          Sorry to hear that. I haven’t had any such problems and have had the phone for 2 months. Only time I noticed lag was when I switched over to Swift Key. Went back to the stock keyboard and the lag went away immediately.

          I was pretty anal researching phones this year looking for software with no lag. I can tell you that aside from Moro X and the Nexus line, M8 was the only other Android phone I saw universally praised in reviews and user forums for not having lag issues. Helped convince me to buy the phone (that and the addition of the SD card this year).

          Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. My guess is you got a lemon.

          • M3D1T8R

            Yeah, every new phone that comes out since the M8 just makes the M8 look better. Other than the screen, maybe camera, S5 is worse. Other than the camera, G3 seems worse, especially the display. If I weren’t still pretty happy with my rooted DNA, I’d jump on the M8. Only negatives are the size is a little large for the screen size and camera has some drawbacks. Better than every other flagship in every other way as far as I can tell. Certainly best phone of the year so far.

  • needa

    when are we getting the oneplus review?

    • flosserelli

      You need an invitation to read the review.

      • needa

        so sometime next month.

        • Never.

          • Jawbox

            Vape + Ware…haha I kid. That thing looks sweet but no Verizon is q no go for me sadly.

          • needa

            the verizon thing blows. they have sold 97k phones so far according to order numbers. the invite system is up to member # 40k or something like that. i am 101k. hoping to have it in my hands by the end of august.

  • James_Kernicky

    I’ve been using it for 24 hours so far and no complaints.

  • schmaltzy

    How’s the battery life on the Verizon model though? Heard rumors that it was was worse than the others…….confirm?

    • BAM1789

      Check out what people are saying on XDA about it. My ATT model is getting awesome battery life.

      • Mark Mann

        My tmo version is sitting just shy of 20 hours with little less than 3 hours of screen on, and at 30%

    • Krunksky

      CDMA is known to get worse battery life.

    • Jigga What

      no issues here..getting 18 hrs of use on a full charge

      • HarvesterX

        Screen on time is what helps people the most when factoring how well the battery is…along with screenshots from them GSAM battery app with the graph and also screenshot of power consumption by apps

    • Tommysmallss

      I have Verizon, and I charged mine last night, and am constantly playing around with it. It’s currently at 24% at 9:23 pm. So yeah, it does last you through the day. I watched a good share of video on it too.

    • Dominick White

      I lasted 12 hours with 3 1/2 hours on screen times ..with brightness 100% and everything on and playing a few games and calls and text

      • Greyhame

        Droid Maxx current readings: 25+ hours, 4.5 hours screen on time, 29%battery remaining.

        • Tillmorn

          S4 with Hyperdrive rom: Lasted a full two days with whatever usage I threw at it, yet I still upgraded. Your argument is irrelevant to the question asked by @schmaltzy:disqus

          • Greyhame

            Argument? Hah, I simply made a statement. People these days.

          • Tillmorn

            Eh, you’re right. I wasn’t fully awake yet, so apologies if I came off as hostile. I was simply refuting your statement with one of my own.

          • Greyhame

            And I was making an observation about the amazing battery life of another phone available on Verizon. So it was relevant to the topic, if not a direct answer to the question.

            The MAXX is the best phone I’ve ever owned, and I’d have a very hard time giving it up, even for this phone. Other phones include OG Droid, Droid X, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5.

          • Tillmorn

            I can agree with you. I only picked the GS4 over the Maxx due to a removable battery and a SD slot. I’ll likely never go back to Samsung as I missed the hell out of the reception my Bionic got in comparison.

            With that said, I’m in the same boat as you, but with the G3. A lot of people are reporting issues with it. Especially after switching over to ART. Not sure if I just got lucky or something, because I’m running it rooted, debloated, and on ART with absolutely no issues. And I’m usually the type who finds fault with any device I buy, scrambling to slap a Rom on it.

          • Greyhame

            Went thru reception and battery issues with the Galaxy Nexus and was ready for a change. Using a phone to it’s fullest without worrying about turning this off, or that off, has been fantastic and the way a phone experience should be. I’ve rooted and ROM’d with the best of them. I don’t feel a need to with this phone. Active notifications and always listening are too awesome to lose.

          • Tillmorn

            Yeah, those are the two features I truly feel like I’m missing out on with this device. Having everything running full tilt on it though with no worries? Besides Bluetooth I’ve kept everything on with all my devices. Always baffles me when people talk about turning things off to make their battery better. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a smartphone?

          • HarvesterX

            Doesn’t matter how many days it lasts or hours. Screen on time is what matters. If you turn the screen on and dim it to zero and disable screen timeout and don’t use any apps I’m sure you can get upwards to 9-10 hours depending on background tasks or maybe even more.

            Any modern phone though should last you at least 3 hours with moderate to heavy uae of on screen time. Obviously phones like the Maxx and G2 can last longer ..but anything pulling 3 hours or more at high usage is doing fine

            Greyhame was obviously just talking about his battery life..chill out.

      • HarvesterX

        Anything over 3 hours screen time with moderate to heavy usage is really good. I can near 4 yours screen on time on G2 while I’m performance mode and over clocked with all cores boosted. Clocked normally I can get close to 5-6 or less depending on usage.

    • Pam Oakea

      I’ve had it for 24 hours now.. So far battery life is great. Not as much bloat as in the past… Some you can totally uninstall. I was surprised they gave us the brightness and sound sliders since AT&T removed them.

    • jnt

      It seems to idle REALLY well, but when that screen comes on, it obviously starts moving down.

    • PoisonApple31

      Verizon G3 – Auto brightness, mixture of WiFi and LTE: 22 hours on battery, 4 hours of screen time on auto brightness with 20% left.

      Verizon Note 3 – same situation as above, I would have been at 40 hours on battery with 20% left.

      I am completely fine with the tradeoff. I absolutely love the G3!

  • The G3 has more natural colors than the over saturated ones on the S5. But if its preferred, under accessibility is a setting called “Color Adjustment” If you place it right over the camera icon, the colors tend to match the S5 for most people. At least it is in my experience.

  • M3D1T8R

    Funny, I’m staying in Montana right now, and passed through Portland for a night on my way up here, will be staying in Portland again in my way back before long.

  • Alex Griffith

    Have the Verizon version and I’m in heaven so far! Great phone!!

  • Such

    Great review! Seems like a solid device overall.. Couple things, 1) how’s the radio on the G3? Better than Sammy or on par? 2) How’s the rear speaker sound compared to a G2 or S4, S5 N3 etc?

    • Tillmorn

      So far, the radio (on Verizon) seems to generally eclipse the S4’s radio, especially in terms of off the beaten path, as my current home is. Granted, I always felt let down by Samsung’s radios after coming from my old Bionic. Compared to the S4, the rear speaker seems to add a decent amount of clarity and volume. Whereas I always felt the need to turn my volume all the way up on the S4 (even with a volume hack), in the 24 hours I’ve had the G3 I’ve found myself setting it lower and lower when around the house or at the bar. Speaking of which…night folks!

    • Paul Hansen

      The radio in this thing kills my note 3. In areas where I was pulling 2G I am now in weak lte service.

      • Such

        Oh wow that’s awesome! I have a N3 on Verizon and I’m not too happy with RF performance lately.. I’ve been considering making the jump to a G3, my N3 jumps b/w 3G and LTE way to much considering I’m pretty much blanketed by LTE

        • hkklife

          Acording to some XDAers, the first few batches of Note 3s had a faulty antenna and Sammy fixed it in later production runs. Some people have reported luck in getting a brand new (not refurb) Note 3 that does much better RF-wise.

          My first Note 3 (bought week 2) was horrible and was frequently dropping service completely. My CLN refurb is much more reliable but still spends more time in 3G than LTE in the exact same areas where prior Moto devices excelled.

    • Jigga What

      Radio is comparable to the G2..I found my G2 got better reception than my S4 and my Note 2.. Rear speaker is much better than the G2. Much louder and crisper. Even louder than my Note 2..

    • Tommysmallss

      I’m getting 3 bars on 4G where I used to get one or two with my old RAZR Maxx. I’ve noticed the WiFi reception is much better on the G3 too with longer range.

      • M3D1T8R

        Bars is meaningless. You have to check the actual -dBm readings.

  • Tillmorn

    And my day was just made! Even though I’ve already had the G3 for 24 hours now, I’m so relieved to see you guys finally post this review 😛

  • NorCalGuy

    Best buy has the phone for vz and att for only $99 of course on the two year contract but still thats $100 cheaper than att

    • PoisonApple31

      I got mine (VZW) at Best Buy for $49.99 on two years contract with the $50 gift card offer I signed up for in February 2014!

  • Morris

    I rather a camera that is just as good and has a better color and viewing angle screen. Sure I’d like some of those software features. I’m a power user and I plug in with 30% battery left. I think I’ll keep my S5.

    • Dave

      Ditto. I used it for about 15 minutes in a store, and the experience was unbearable. It’s a nice device, but it should have been annihilating my almost 2 year old Note 2, running side by side they G3 was a tad faster, but not $200 faster. Plus I’m still getting 24-48 hours of battery life with 4-6 hours of screen time. Holding off for the next Moto, but at this point I’m not going to just replace my phone until something genuinely impresses me big time.

  • jbworldwide1

    I JUMPed to this phone 2 days ago. Thought I would regret letting my N5 go. NOPE! I’ve gone thru 2 work days and the battery just died an hour ago. Happy as hell with this phone.

  • dannyWHITE

    I feel somewhat complete now after finally reading a G3 review from DL.

  • Vinnydelfuego

    I literally bought this phone 20 minutes before this review went up and I absolutely love everything about it. However, I will be switching to Nova Launcher just because I used it so much on my GS3.

    • Allen Byrd

      This. I’d also be tempted to switch to an AOSP ROM, if I were you. HTC’s skin is really the only bearable one, IMO.
      Other than that, this phone looks fantastic.

      • I disagree, I have no intention of throwing a ROM on this phone. LG went with a minimal skin design and with Android L coming out I may never use a custom ROM again. Oh yea I also use Nova, may check out GEL

        • Big EZ

          AOSP is definitely out, but I hope we see a few stripped roms. I’m hoping for one that strips as much as possible while keeping the few features mentioned above.

          • HarvesterX

            If a lot of the guts are similar to the G2 in could help there. I use the latest malladus ROM and strip most LG stuff out that won’t break the ROM and leave the framework files (also deodex LGSystemUI so I can make mods there). For example you can delete LGHome apk and odex file and LGHomeSelector apk and odex (which will remove the Home settings section so having that installed helps when switching Launcher apps I guess). I also try to remove corresponding library files or make sure they don’t get loaded at boot and any corresponding framework files for pieces I remove but sometimes that gets tough as some have duel purposes and I often crash my system removing the wrong thing lol…just keep backups of what you remove and if something happens use TWRP file manager to move them back.

            Another easy example is removing backup assistant from settings and removing the verizon help videos which take a lot of space…

          • Big EZ

            I’ve never ran a rom (other than stock) that wasn’t already deodexed.

      • HarvesterX

        This is coming from G2 experience as I haven’t owned G3 just played with one a lot (well whenever I can) but I’ve come to appreciate the custom stock LG ROMs more. I just go through the ROM zip before flashing thou and remove almost all lg stuff though (i keep important stuff like lgkeyguard and systemui AMD framework files but ditch everything else except the IR blaster, knock on, and some other lg stuff i use.

        I tend to just get better performance this way as it seems a lot of the AOSP ROMs haven’t optimised through the library files yet..something I’m playing with now. I do use a different kernel though as well …guess its a AOSP and LG hybrid by the time I’m done with it …

        I need to read through the G3 section on XDA

    • PoisonApple31

      I’m using Nova Launcher on my G3 and absolutely love it!

      • Mudokon83

        knock on doesn’t work when you switch to nova launcher though. bummer.

        • PoisonApple31

          Incorrect, Knock On works just fine on the G3 with Nova Launcher. I can’t speak for Knock Code because I have a pin due to my company’s Exchange policy.

          • Mudokon83

            ah just found article. you enable gestures double tap and root the phone and then you can use tap to wake and tap to sleep. http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-g3/415035-knock-nova-launcher.html

          • PoisonApple31

            Completely unnecessary- it works perfectly fine without root. If you want to tap to sleep, you double tap the notification bar – even on the lock screen. KnockOn works fine with Nova Launcher.

          • Mudokon83

            sorry, i just like being able to tap in the center of phone, totally in the minority, i get what you’re saying.

            so far its a very well built solid phone, albeit a bit big coming from S3 4.7

    • HarvesterX

      Actually using KK Launcher for once. I own so many launchers it’s not funny. I think the first one I bought was Ander’s (ADW) or Helix..ah Helix lol. KK Launcher is a resource hog ATM but offers some L features and is updated weekly so I’ll keep with it a while longer. I seem to always gravitate back to Nova though.

  • Thomas

    Bring on the Note 4 😉

  • Daniel Walsh

    This is the best phone out right now.

  • Mike

    Ahhh. To jump on the G3 bandwagon or to wait for the new Moto X..

    • Bowen9284

      I just left my Moto X for the G3. Battery life is the first thing that blew me away. Hopefully the new Moto X can do the same.

      • RadicalPie

        Battery life is crazy good

        • joe23521

          That’s been my finding as well. I’m admittedly not a heavy user, but it’s been lasting me easily two days. Three if I really wanted to push it. By the end of the second night the past two charges, the battery still had well over 30% left.

      • Matt G

        How much did you get with the X and how much do you get with the G3?

        • Bowen9284

          I don’t have exact numbers here. But 2.5 hours screen on time is a real good day for the Motorola X. Moderate usage would have me searching for a charger before 5pm. I can moderate all day usage out of my G3 no problem. Currently I have 1 hour screen on time and still have 93% battery. Also on auto brightness and 75% of the time on LTE.

      • MicroNix

        Battery life is insane compared to my S3 which I had thought was really good to start with. 17hrs off charger yesterday and went to bed at 43% left.

        • Bowen9284

          I had an S3 about 3 phones ago and that is what I missed the most. I thought my battery indicator was broken on the first day with the G3!

    • Jump. Do a backflip on the way!

      • napes22

        Do a barrel roll!

    • Matt G

      I have been asking myself this question for the past week..

    • j

      I’m waiting. Jitters and lag have no place in 2014. Moto does it with slower hardware. I think G3 resolution has a lot to do with it.

  • Will P

    No overheating issues? I know lots of people are worried about that.

    • Jigga What

      none so far..

    • PoisonApple31

      None here.

  • William White

    So even with occasionally laggy performance and a relatively dim, inaccurate screen (performance and display being arguably two of the most important cell features) this is still the best phone on the market? That sounds like an indictment on the competition. Regardless, looking forward to heading to my local VZW and checking it out

    • Joeygueez

      The screen is not dim, if you know how to “tune your phone”, There is little to no lag and i like the display. Im sick and tired of all these over saturated displays.

      • yellowflash94

        then why did you buy a g3? you do know its over saturated like crazy (more than any LCD panel). HTC (still saturated but not the worst offender) is the only one that is getting it right (besides apple) too many people throw out the words “color accuracy” like they know what they are talking about. The screen is dim (450 nits compared to m8s and s5’s 490 and 580) and no amount of “tuning” will help that screen get brighter that’s a physical limit. The n4 screen still looks like crap when its been “tuned”. Throw your g3 screen on its max brightness and watch it get bumped down because the phone is “over heating” and you have issues viewing it in the sun. LG made the wrong move here they should have stuck with a FHD proven and tested panel and later improved on this

        • Chris

          Clearly the term saturation people are referring to has to do with the warmth / flatness of colors from handset to handset. The G3 definitely comes off with softer colors than an S5 or Note 3 (have owned both). I, for one, would rather see slightly flattened / muted colors as opposed to almost cartoonish color reproduction on some other displays. Again, mostly to an individual preference rather than any OEM doing something wrong. While there are technical characteristics behind different display panels / approaches to pixel rendering that would drive official definitions of saturation, it seems kind of snobby and elitist of you to say a large group of people don’t know what color accuracy is just because they are not an expert in the underlying tech. Color accuracy, in the general sense, is really about a visual comfort level in daily usage. Too cartoonish… it negatively affects experience to those who don’t like that. Too flat, same story.

          Sounds like you don’t even own a G3. Spoiler alert…. it has completely adequate visibility outside in the sun even @ 60%. To Joeygueez’s point, you can “tune” color contrast in the accessibility menu quite dramatically if it feels too flat for your tastes. There isn’t a ton you can do with tuning brightness though.

          • Tillmorn

            This. And while I know what I’m about to say is not in any way technically right…

            My old laptop was a standard, glossy display. My current one has a matte screen on it. To me, that’s kind of how I view the G3 over my now retired S4. I like not having everything turned up to 11 on this display like it always seemed to be on the Samsung. Sure, it may be “dimmer”, but I don’t view that as a bad thing here. I’m not a fan of screens that seem to scream color at me. If that somehow puts me in the minority, I’m ok with that.

          • M3D1T8R

            That’s all fine, and I agree about glossy vs flat “finish” monitors. But that’s a different issue. The key advantage to OLED is black levels and contrast. Kind of like plasma vs LCD. For viewing text, the main use of a phone to many/most, the better contrast and black levels of OLED trumps LCD by far. This is confirmed in the more technical reviews as well.

          • Tillmorn

            Oh there’s no question about the difference in black levels. What I can say is: I work outside. So far, I’ve noticed no real trade-off between the G3 and my S4 that people seem to be complaining about in terms of visibility. Perhaps that would be a different story if I were comparing it to a S5.

          • M3D1T8R

            Yeah, if using your phone in the sun is essential, it’s true LCD is still typically better than OLED. I work outside a lot too, but almost always get in the shade when I want to use my phone (even though it’s LCD -DNA), just rather not stand in the sun when I don’t have to.

          • HarvesterX

            I also wanna point put some other points besides the blacker blacks.

            AMOLED refresh rates are higher. This doesn’t matter as much now but remember when LCD monitors first came out? They ghosted so bad due to pow frame rates that it was impossible to play games.

            I didn’t upgrade from my CRT until the tech improved. Now a days LCD displays have gone about as far as they can go and refresh rates aren’t an issue anymore…but AMOLED still has faster rates.

            AMOLED displays much like their Plasma cousins use organic phosphors that are lighted up as needed. This is why blacks are blacker because no power is given to any pure black pixel.

            A side effect of using organic phosphors is that like all organic matter it will die over time. Show the same static images for long periods of time and it will permanently burn in and the only way to fix it is to replace the screen or get a new device .

            There are apps you can download off Play Store though to run as a defense to this. What they do is simply flash the screen with random primary colors and ideally you wanna run this for an hour at a time once every two weeks or so.

            Once an image is burned in though there isn’t much you can do. You can attempt to minimize it by producing an inverted image of the burned in image and let THAT burn in sort of counteracting the problem but at best it will slightly reduce visibility.

            Running apps in immersive mode is good as well because this removes most static images. LCD displays do not suffer from this. If you leave an image on for a while you can get temporary ghosting which can be undone by turning the phone off for a few hours or by displaying a pure white background on for half an hour to an hour or so.

            Beyond here the differences boik down yo personal preferences. I like my G2 display far beyond the S5 but that’s me. Another thing to note as well like I mentioned earlier is that LCD technology has plateaued basically so other than higher resolutions and power savings modifications there isn’t much left to innovate on.

            Oh one more issue. Because LCD displays are backlit they will always he easier to view outside in the sunlight. If you mainly use your phone outside (say you install antennas on houses and use your device to find the best spot on the roof where the signal is highest for example) and you also mainly use the phone at night in a dark room then you probably will prefer a LCD. Otherwise you might prefer an AMOLED.

            The DL staff tends to prefer AMOLED which is fine cause it doesn’t affect me at all and my preference to LCD displays. Because of this of course the G3 will appear washed out because they are used to over saturated unnatural bright colors on AMOLED displays (which does look cool depending on what you’re doing…).

            Any device though that is rootable and can flash kernels with color support or already have the support baked in the stock kernel can be tweaked however so a LOT of this is all just a moo argument considering you can adjust RGB and Gamma levels as well as saturation and hue.

            LG produces displays on devices renowned for their displays (iPod touch for one) so saying that LG isn’t a leader in display technology is totally wrong. They have made great strides that no other OEM has done in improving LCD technology especially when it comes to battery life and power consumption used by said displays.

            I think parts of this review should be edited but im not on the team so it doesn’t matter. If I was an editor though I wouldn’t have let this article pass through until some Kore fact checking was done but for a blog review I think it was pretty spot on.

          • HarvesterX

            You said what I pretty much did. I should have read down further first 🙂

        • MicroNix

          Funny that you mention viewing in the sun. The G3 is awesome in the sun. So much so compared to the Galaxy displays that I can’t believe it was left out of the article. You might actually want to use something before commenting on it next time.

        • HarvesterX

          The G3 much like the G2 has a cooler color then AMOLED displays I’m not sure saturation was the correct word you were grabbing for, because the S5 to me is very saturated amd that’s why many people love it (and why many don’t). This entire display debate is getting crazy. The G3 display is like silk to the touch much like the G2 display is.

          As far as color accuracy, well to me AMOLED displays like the S5 are way off and look like an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (vibrant unnatural hues and tones). Apparently this is alright though and they get a pass and someone has the cajones to say the color representation on the S5 is better then the G3 (this isn’t about devices either..it’s about AMOLED vs LCD so feel free to substitute your favorite devices in).

          They may PREFER how the AMOLED displays bright unnatural hues and tones (I admit it does look cool depending on what you’re doing) and the blacks ARE blacker but that’s as far as anyone should go when calling out an AMOLED display on it’s awesome accuracy.

        • HarvesterX

          Apple gets it right? Hmm funny cause LG produces their retina displays onthe macbooks and ipod touches and I’m guessing some of the iPhone .

          If you are giving Apple credit here you gotta throw Lg a bone.

          BTW…The G2 display is perhaps the best LCD I’ve seen on android. Yep I prefer the G2 display to the G3 but I could find any color issur s easily since then thing already has root and an unlocked bootloader like a nexus (well T-Mobile version l

    • HarvesterX

      No it’s not dim at all. For a LCD it’s top of the line. The review mentions that LG isn’t known for great displays but doesn’t LG produce the display for the iPhones which are “renowned” for their screens?

      But point is I’m getting you won’t find a better LCD display on an Android device. If AMOLED and organic phosphors are your thing then Samsung”s display on the S5 is the best AMOLED display I’ve seen on an Android.

      Pretty sure LG produces the iPhone IPS LCDs, but I’ll do a search on it to be sure. I can tell you though that the guys at DL and they will agree if they see this, prefer AMOLED displays. Personally, I prefer good IPS LCDs and even good TTF LCDs. It’s a personal preference.

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah I don’t know where they came up with LG not producing good displays. They’re widely known as one of the best display manufacturers in the world.
        That said, I’ll easily take the M8 display over this G3 mess.

        • HarvesterX

          Yeah seems like people either love it or hate it. Always much more interesting conversation lol

    • mcdonsco

      Personally I would consider signal strength and call quality to be more important than screen or performance for a cell phone.

  • Carlos Lopez

    I feel like the not water & dust resistant was just there because you needed something in the negatives haha

    • Maybe 😛

      • guest

        1 quick tip. You can hide the in call volume and brightness bar to save space. In the notification bar swipe all the way to the right and hit edit. The options to show or hide them is there.

        • helenjsmith

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      • Guest

        Lol, what a terrible Verdict – “The LG G3 is the best phone you can buy right now”

        and review says:


        But if you were looking for the ultimate display, this probably isn’t it,

        The brightness doesn’t get as bright. The viewing angles aren’t even close to being as good.


        Interestingly enough, even with all of this power, the G3 won’t necessarily blow you away in terms of performance.

        basic navigation through the phone sometimes feels a big hindered.

        Display and Performance are the 2 most important things on a Smartphone besides ergonomics, and being a flagship LG G3 fails in both display and Performance.

        Looking forward for Moto X+1 & Note 4..

        • Jason Lemieux

          Yea, Moto X+1 is on my list as well.

        • MicroNix

          Actually one thing that was missing from the review was how well the display does in sunlight. Compared to my S3, there’s no comparison.

          • Guest

            I had S3, any 2014 phone is brighter in sunlight than S3.

            I have used S3, Note 2, G2, Note 3, M8, S5 and based on G3 reviews from other sites and my observations at the store display G3 is not as good as other 2014 phones.

            Under Sunlight – S3 < Note 2 < LG G3 < LG G2 < Note 3 < HTC M8 < Samsung S5

          • MicroNix

            LOL, how do you tell from anchored store displays?? Do they all happen to be tethered in a front window?

          • Guest

            LOL, did you even read what I wrote (Reading 101)..

            I personally used S3, Note 2, G2, Note 3, M8, S5

            G3 is based on reviews from other sites and my observations at the store display

          • BAM1789

            If you haven’t personally used it in direct sunlight, you can’t base anything off reviews. I OWN a G3 and can use it in direct 110 degree Arizona sun. No problem.

          • Guest

            the G3’s display is the dimmest of any flagship smartphone. At just 289
            nits, the G3’s screen is well below the smartphone category average of
            355 nits, not to mention the Galaxy S5’s 373 nits and the HTC One M8’s
            402 nits. Not only does the G3’s dim display impact overall image
            quality, but it makes it much harder to see in direct sunlight than the
            S5 or One M8.”

          • LP

            “I OWN a G”


          • MicroNix

            Why even mention a tethered store unit? FAIL 101. You have no personal experience with a G3 in the sun. Don’t talk like you know something.

          • Betty

            Sounds like MicroDix is mad. You get suckered in to the laG3, junior?

          • MicroNix

            Name calling Betty? Really?

          • Really

            Cluelessness, Micro? Really?

          • HarvesterX

            Yeah I doubt that as MicroNix also noticed…you aren’t going to be able to tell squat from anchored deoces. LG makes the display for iPhone…just a random fact ..anuways,…

            No AMOLED is going to look better outside then a good LCD.

            AMOLED pros – vibrant colors, blacker blacks due to not being constantly lit, potential power savings IF using pure black backgrounds, faster refresh rate

            AMOLED con’s – colors can look cartoony to some, display is made of organic phosphors which can suffer from permanent burn in (like with plasma dispays and CRT monitors ), blueish whites

            Personally I prefer IPS LCD screens but even nice TTF ones work as well for being able to view outside without any hassle and because of my habits I’m susceptible to permanently burning an image onto the device.

            If using AMOLED displays I’d recommend downloading and using an app that will help prevent burn in by flashing primary colors all over the screen randomly. I’d run the app at least twice a month (more if I’m on Tue phone more) for an hour each time. Prevention is your beat defense because even investing your display won’t permanently get rid of burned on images…although leaving an inverted image on might help reduce it some

            Im trying to cram too much into a short post but I hope you get the point..the Samsung S5 display rocks (as long as you are careful with) and is the best AMOLED display I’ve seen and my G2 had the best display until the G3 came around for a LCD (that I’ve actually used …).

            Both are top of the line

          • Guest

            I have used G2 (LCD), Note 3 (AMOLED) and Note 3 is definitely much more brighter outside under sunlight than G2 (both on auto brightness and manual settings).

        • malcmilli

          Whats up with people and dealing with blacks and whites. If its not the best in a certain category then it fails? Where did it say the display fails? Display is gorgeous, just not the best.

          • Guest

            Display is not a obscure item from a ‘Certain category’, it’s the most important aspect of a smart phone, and if viewing angle’s are bad and difficult to use out doors due to dim display than it’s a TERRIBLE FAIL, and this on a Flagship is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

          • MicroNix

            Its NOT difficult to use outdoors even on AUTO brightness. Therefore it is NOT A FAIL and is completely ACCEPTABLE. Go try one.

          • Guest

            Yeah its ACCEPTABLE, that’s why the review CONVENIENTLY doesn’t even mention anything about outdoor usability under sunlight.

            Great review, Kudos to DL, BIGFAIL.

          • malcmilli

            You can see outside just fine. Stop making things up.

          • HarvesterX

            it’s a LCD dude…the LCD is going to be much easier to use outside then an AMOLED. I’m starting to think you haven’t done any research here on the matter and are just spouting off, which is fine, but you should really read up more on types of displays

          • jnt

            Except that it’s not in this case, and not any more in general. The S5 is easier to use outdoors. The Maxx/X line is also on par with regard to outside readability.

          • Donny Miller

            I honestly don’t agree so much, I just got a G3 and coming from a Droid MAXX, I must say the G3 is easier for me to view in day light then the MAXX was, which is not saying the MAXX wasn’t ok in the light, just prefer the G3 over it.

          • TylerCameron

            Is that why the AMOLED on the S5 is the brightest display on any phone in history?…

          • M3D1T8R

            Maybe they didn’t mention it in the review but I think Tim at some point, maybe on Twitter, mentioned the outdoor sun visibility was pretty good. He posted a photo of it too.

          • BAM1789

            Like another guy said, its easily able to be used outside and on auto brightness even. Personal experience on my G3.

          • malcmilli

            Its the most important aspect to some people, and many people have preferences. Many people crank their displays down to 30% to save battery. Some people crank it up to 75%. I’m not saying it isnt important but again not being the best doesn’t = fail. Many people love amoled displays, others hate it and feel them to be too cartoony and prefer LCD. Is LCD a fail because AMOLED offers better contrast? Or is good and just not the best?

            Have you ever used the device outside? Or are you just assuming its hard to see outside? Are viewing angles bad or are they just not AS GOOD as others. Not sure if you noticed but the display was listed under the “GOOD” section.

            (side note, i never understood the viewing angles thing, i dont usually look at my phone from an 170 degree angle. Im usually pretty straight on.).

            Is Samsung a Fail because the s5 isnt as smooth as the M8? Or because the design isnt the best? Or are there a ton of factors in considering the overall quality of a handset?

          • HarvesterX

            Where does this review say that there are issues with viewing outdoors? They were comparing it to Samsung’s AMOLED displays…overall the display is A+ on the G3.

            The G3 display is better suited for outdoor viewing then any AMOLED screen I assure you. I’m outside now in the direct sun at half past noon and Lux has my G2 display set to 43% and I can see everything perfectly.

            *shakes head”


          • M3D1T8R

            A+, really? Seems like a display with several known flaws couldn’t by definition receive the highest possible rating. Would that by comparison make the M8 display an A++, and the S5 display an A+++? Seems like it’d make more sense to call the S5 an A, M8 an A-, and the G3 probably a B- from all I’ve read/studied so far (won’t be able to use it in person for a few days yet). None is perfect.

          • HarvesterX

            I think the washed out look is a side effect of the much higher resolutions but not sure. It’s been discussed some. But yez as far as LCD displays go it’s an A+. As someone said that o one of my responses everything has it’s tradeoff, but there isn’t much room left for improving on LCD tech besides pushing resolutions and innovating on reducing power usage both of which LG has done.

            I have a much more detailed response detailing this below somewhere so won’t repeat it. None are perfect and when I give it an a+ I’m giving it based off other LCD displays. But then you could argue that I’d be biased to give any new device with a pioneering feature a higher grade and overlook some things that could be due to bring the first gen of it’s kind.

            I’d give the S5 an A+ as well since it’s the best AMOLED I’ve seen. Maybe I should just drop the “+” off the grades because personally I’d give the M8, the G2, the S5 and G3 all A’s based off of various reasons.

            Personally I dislike the S5 the most of all those listed but thats purely pwrsonal. I’d still grade it at the top

          • malcmilli

            Nah the g3 display is definitely not a B-. All the reviews have said the display is gorgeous, its just not as good as the others. So if the S5 is an A+ and the M8 is an A, then the G3 could be an A-.

          • Patrick Crumpler

            Very easy to see outside in full sun. Just set to auto and it’ll brighten right up.

          • Luke Sketch Brickley

            White People Problems.

        • kg2105

          If you care about display and performance, then why would you look forward to the X+1? All complaints you have here will only be amplified on that device. The Note 4 will probably top the G3 in many if not all aspects, but it is coming out months after. Also Samsung will probably try a lot harder now that it’s huge gap compared to other oems shrank a little bit.

          • Guest

            At this point, nothing is confirmed for X+1, what we read on the net are speculations, and NOTE 4 will probably out just 2 months from now by end of Sep’ .

          • M3D1T8R

            X has OLED display which while having it’s own set of issues, is preferred by many to LCD. Also known for its fantastic performance. No reason not to assume the x+1 won’t continue that trend.

          • nexus

            Most blogs hate AMOLED, I love it and prefer it over the nexus 5 (current phone) screen.

        • HarvesterX

          Look, the G3 is just plain badass. The review was well said. Every device falls short in some areas, but where the G3 falls short (like the display as your example) it’s still top of the line awesome.

          It’s the overall quality and high marks in every catagory that make it the best as of now, pretty much like how the G2 dominate before the M8 was released and even then still topping out the S5 which had a “much better display” (don’t get me started,…not a fan of displays that are organic by nature hecause tywt means permanent burn in but.),

          • jnt

            I completely agree that the G3 is a great device and that every device falls short in some areas. Where I don’t agree is the idea that the areas where the G3 falls short, it’s still top of the line – that’s simply not true. The screen is not top of the line. The software and UI is not top of the line and stutters more than my S5 and a helluva lot more than my M8 or Droid Maxx.

            The bottom line here is that DL apologize for the G3, when some of its shortcomings would’ve garnered a “fail” label from DL on other devices, especially the S5.

        • Bryan Mills

          Note 4 is gonna be a lag fest as well. Have fun waiting for all the new things.

          • Guest

            My Note 3 doesn’t lag at all, I am using it for last 6 months. It’s the fastest phone next to M8 (I have used G2, M8, S5), Note 4 most likely will be more snappy due to SD805 and Android L

          • Teehee

            Exynos 5433 already beat out SD805 in benchmarks and it wasn’t just a small amount (roughly 10-15% more powerful). But, too bad us peasants in North America won’t get it. Curse you incompatibility!

          • malcmilli

            yeah Exynos is nice when it wants to run right, i heard bad things about the one in the nexus 10.

          • buckley101

            I have a nexus 10. The thing is a piece. Stutters all over the place. My nexus 7 is amazing though

          • buckley101

            Lol benchmarks mean nothing

          • Chris

            My note 3 didn’t lag at all either…it was the device I had prior to the G3. The Note 3 is a badass phone

          • asdfa

            false, my note 3 preformed and functioned flawlessly. Do the community a favor and unplug your modem

          • malcmilli

            so your note 3 runs just as flawless as people who own the g3 claim their device runs.

          • Karen

            Great analysis on a phone that is still underdevelopment, professor. You earned a lot of credibility there. Fangirls are oh so sad.

        • tdurden64111


      • Racerx909

        Nice Bonsai pic.

    • Krunksky

      hahah true esp. cuz it IS water resistant. The videos show it. IDK why LG downplayed that, as they did with battery life (in their release press conference).

      • jnt

        Are you talking about that one group that dipped it in water for a couple of hours? If so, they’ve done a couple of those recently with other phones. My only question is how are those phones fairing 1 week, 1 month, etc. after the fact.

        • Darknut

          If there’s no water getting into the device then it’ll work weeks later regardless.

          • jnt

            Theoretically. The problem is you don’t *really* know how much water has gotten into the device or not. Obviously not much, or it would’ve malfunctioned immediately. But even a drop can cause rust/erosion within a few weeks without any signs up front.

      • grumpyfuzz

        It’s not water resistant… I’m sure they’ve done tests on it and it didn’t pass. If it was, they would easily market that.

    • LG also isn’t known for great durability either

      • MicroNix

        Neither is Motorola based on my experience with 3 of them!

      • HarvesterX

        Hmm, Apple had LG produce their displays …macbooks and the iPod touches.. And I “think” the other IPS displays on the iPhonea but not sure.

        I’m not sure about other LG products but they produce great displays and smart phones

        • M3D1T8R

          He’s probably referring not to the display itself but the tendency for their devices as a whole to last. G2 known to have the screen break from very minor drops, probably due to the tiny bezels that we all know and love. No signs of yet the G3 is improved in this. Everything has its tradeoffs.

          • HarvesterX

            My first G2 has a cracked screen. It’s sitting next to me (sell it for $100 and after costs to replace screen it’d run ya $200-225 or so). That was after landing face down on hot asphalt while getting in the car to pick up a date (slipped off lap while door was open). I felt like a dumbass lol.

            Before that though it was knocked around quite a bit with no problem, but this was on wooden floors. If dropped on anything like asphalt yeah the G2 is gonna crack. The one I’m currently using has been dropped so many timea it’s not funny, but again it landed on wooden floors so no damage was done.

            Quality felt the same as my Galaxy Nexus before it and my OG Droid before that. If any of those landed on asphalt or a sidewalk they cracked… On woosen floors no issue. I’ve cracked each one actually by dropping it on my driveway at some point in time like an idiot 🙂

          • malcmilli

            i can confirm their flimsy screen build.

    • SharnaHayneskvl

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    • It looks like the G3 will easily handle an accidental drop in water:


    • Bob TC

      “needed something in the negative”

      They could have also used: overheating, lag, dim display, washed out colors….

      • M3D1T8R

        Rear facing speaker, battery life worse than g2, wireless charging no longer built in…

        • Luke Ackerman

          Wireless charging is built in unless you are in the States where your carriers are money whores.

      • HarvesterX

        Display isn’t dim. Colors look washed out cause I get you’re used to an AMOLED screen that’s over saturated. Those are personal preferences and aren’t pros or con’s.

        The G2 can overheat from what I read fairly easily and I’ve had it happens to me once on mine after overclocking to near 2.8GHz and running a HYPER governor in Performance mode with all cores boosted and touch frequency boost overclocked and thermal throttling turned off.

        Other than that lol I’ve never overheated but i haven’t had extensive time with a G3. I’ve read of peoples G2’s getting warm so it makes sense…that’s probably (read most likely) where any lag is coming from on the G3…from throttling down due to heat. Disabling throttling on the G2 makes a huge difference and I’m sure that those running with throttling are getting much better results.

        Also another PRO they forgot. Root is available for ALL variants of the G3 and the TMobile variant comes with an unlocked bootloader…yes unlocked. Now we know Verizon wouldn’t allow this but I’m sure there will be back door on Verizon units for unlocking the bootloader. The G2 can’t even do that. We bypass the bootloader (from a users perspective there isn’t any difference but)…

        The development community is going to be HUGE on this thing and any minor flaw you run across will he easily fixed.

        Edt: Just a screen from my G2 lol I felt like sharing. Actually it’s my only home screen. Lots of docks set up….Edit…ok never mind it doesn’t wanna show up…not gonna upload to imgur since its off topic to begin

        • M3D1T8R

          Not just compared to OLED displays. Compared to other similar (1080 not 1440) LCD displays the G3 is reported to have less accurate colors, yellowish hue, worse viewing angles, and generally not as good quality. You could argue it makes up for that due to being higher res, but then you get into the Where is the QHD content? and Waste of battery life conversation, so, no.

          • HarvesterX

            Good point and you mentioned something I didn’t bring up which is the higher resolution having to do with what people are considering washed out colors or dimmer screens.

          • Rosco

            Dimmer screen is not perception. Check out reviews that used actual testing equipment:

            the G3’s display is the dimmest of any flagship smartphone. At just 289
            nits, the G3’s screen is well below the smartphone category average of
            355 nits, not to mention the Galaxy S5’s 373 nits and the HTC One M8’s
            402 nits. Not only does the G3’s dim display impact overall image
            quality, but it makes it much harder to see in direct sunlight than the
            S5 or One M8.”

      • malcmilli

        colors arent washed out, they just arent over saturated. Overheating… is that even a thing? I’ve never felt a phone get too hot that it got uncomfortable. Dim display, yes its dimmer than the others are max brightness…. how many people use max brightness? yeah. lag is true, it didnt feel any faster than my Nexus 4, which was disappointed, so I had to turn off animations. Then it was perfectly fine.

        • Mr GJ

          review quote: “the G3’s color reproduction also fell short of the competition. The G3
          displayed 93.4 percent of the color spectrum using our colorimeter. The
          HTC One M8 showed 115 percent, while Samsung’s Galaxy S5 offered 158

          What’s more, the G3’s color accuracy was lower than the
          One M8 and S5, with the LG registering a Delta-E rating of 5.5 (0 is
          perfect). That’s worse than the One M8’s 4.1 and not even close to the
          S5’s 0.9.

          Takingall of this into account, the G3’s screen didn’t stand a chance against
          the S5’s or One M8’s. While watching a trailer for “The Guardians of
          the Galaxy,” colors were far more muted than those on the S5 or M8.
          Worse still, viewing angles on the G3 were poor, causing images to wash
          out when we tilted the device.” Laptop

          • malcmilli

            “The G3 display is good. It’s not the best, but it’s good. I don’t think anyone will complain at having to stare at it on a daily basis. -K”

            OK so the colors wash out when you tilt the phone at an angle you wouldn’t be looking at it anyway. You have a point there.

      • Apostrafee

        They could, but none of those things are true

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