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Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, All-You-Can-Eat eBook Subscription Service

Unlimited media subscriptions are all the rage these days, so it was probably inevitable that Amazon would eventually attempt to broaden its grip on the market. Expanding beyond movies and TV shows, the company today announced Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99 a month service which gives customers unlimited access to over 600,000 eBooks.

Kindle Unlimited is much like competing services Oyster, Scribd, and Entitle, but does have one notable feature … audio narration. Subscribers will be able to download audio companion recordings for more than 2,000 titles.

Access to those audiobooks are available at no extra charge through Whispersync for Voice, but Amazon’s wider Audible library is restricted – after a three-month trial period, you’ll need to pony up cash for audiobooks beyond the select few Kindle Unlimited Titles.

If you would like to test drive Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s offering it free for 30 days.

Via: Amazon
  • Fire and Ice

    As Amazon doesn’t have a deal with any of the Big 5 publishers yet (as stated by Gigaom), I think Oyster is a much better choice for now.

  • Stoker

    Sorry but even unlimited book access is not going to convince me to read.

  • Joseph Morgan

    Price doesn’t bother me but the selection has very few authors that I’d be interested in.

  • Ellen Ross

    There is a limit. You can only borrow ten books at a time.

  • JohnnySD

    Only 8 SF and Fantasy books listed. And those are mainstream YA fantasy. No thank you

  • If they had educational books I’d be totally interested. I don’t care for stories and make believe, get me some dang school books.

    • Kiril Vatev

      The very unfortunate problem with that, though, is that a fiction Kindle book is about $6 or so. A textbook anywhere in the range of $150 to $400 (sometimes more for really obscure topics). That licensing just wouldn’t work. Then, there’s the issue that the main audience for that service, college students, is not a permanent audience. Not that it’s a bad idea, it’s just not very practical for Amazon.

      • You have a very good point. Though I’m not a college student anymore I still like to have knowledge of any and everything.

  • Alan

    Eeeehh? Amazon isn’t increasing the Prime membership fee so they can include this for “free” and then I’ll have another “free” service that I won’t be using?

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  • Matthew Dickinson

    I’m not sure about the cost though. $10 a month, I know I don’t read near enough to justify that. Though I guess if you have a family sharing an account then it might make more sense.

    • Omar Amer

      eh, $10 equates to roughly 2 books a month… which isnt quite unreasonable for those who read often.

      • zurginator

        If they did this with audible it would be great – I can easily burn through 3 books a week at work.

    • Suicide_Note

      That’s why I’m going to pony up the ten bucks for this. I don’t read books much at all, but my wife and kids are voracious readers who can each easily go through 2 or 3 books a week. I’ll get my money’s worth and then some, since we won’t have to pay for actual physical copies, be they new or used.

    • mcdonsco

      Yea, I’m reading stuff constantly almost all day everyday for a living (emails, articles, databases etc) so in my off time usually the last thing I want to do is read.

    • Sean Lally

      I tend to buy books when they’re on sale for $1.99 or $.99 and have a huge backlog…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Subscribers will be able to download audio companion recordings for more than 2,000 titles” . . . 2000 -_- ? I’m starting to wonder about the word “Unlimited” here. I already pay for Audible $15 a month ( I pretty much pay for those free monthly credits) . . .

    Though the 600thousand books sounds a bit more useful.