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Deal: LG G2 From Verizon is Just $299 if You Buy Through ALLSET

With today’s launch of Verizon’s ALLSET prepaid plan with 4G LTE, a pretty solid deal on the LG G2 has come along for the ride. Should you decide to join the prepaid world, you can add-on a brand new G2 for $299. That is without a contract, of course.

If you were to buy the same G2 without ALLSET, it would run you $499. At $299, we are talking lower than Nexus 5 levels here, but you are getting a phone that is arguably better. Keep in mind that the G2, even though it is about a year old, is probably the most underrated phone from last year. It has a gorgeous 1080p LCD display, crazy good battery life, an awesome camera, and is pretty hack-able for the most part. 

You can grab either the white or black model for $299.

Verizon Link

  • art

    Do you think there will be a Moto g 4g LTE CDMA version made for Verizon now that they offer 4g on prepaid? I know there is a 3g version currently….

  • Feed Jake

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the touch screen issues with this phone. It’s a well documented issue on XDA and other sites. My mother in law finally gave into my pleads to sell her iPhone and get an android. I suggested the G2 because all I have read is great reviews. Then the screen start screwing up. All I’ve heard since is, “My iPhone never did that.”

    Great specs, but LG skimped somewhere on the screen. Pity.

  • so can i get it for 299 then use on my unlimited data plan?

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    I got a new verizon G2 from ebay for $250..

    • mine wasnt new but it was less than a month old and in great condition!!! got mine for 250 as well

      • picaso86

        I got my G2 for $1 in Best Buy! andddd rocking my unlimited plan…

        • Howwwww?!?

          • Anthony Oviedo

            If you have a rep that knows what he’s doing, like myself, you can keep your unlimited data.

          • Where are you located, can I stop by and upgrade?!!?!?

  • verZion

    I bought a g2 for shots and giggles and really enjoy it. I’ve been switching a Moto X and s4. the LG g2 is a very nice phone. the screen is nice I think I’m gonna sell the X and s4 and keep the LG g2.

  • Lawrence_Hart

    From the Verizon chat:

    Lawrence: I will not use an upgrade because I will loose Unlimited data. I want to know if I can purchase this phone and use it with my existing plan.

    Joe: You will be able to do that, however you will have to have that device on prepaid for atleast 6 months before you will be able to activate that on postpaid.

    • xpyroxcorex

      I bet if you pop your Sim into it it would start the activation process. No 6 months waiting

      • NotSure

        $300 gamble is an expensive gamble to try

        • xpyroxcorex

          But isn’t the rule that every phone that is compatible with vzn 4G have to be able to activate on their network? Plus I bet it’s just a vzn contract one that they didn’t sell.

  • Zubair Ismail

    I agree with the steps being taken at this point…Great share indeed 🙂

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  • Guest

    Can this be used on AT&T? Are Verizon pre paid phones are carrier unlocked like the post paid ones?

    • vtpmt81

      While all Verizon LTE phones are unlocked – you have to purchase at least 6 months of prepaid Verizon phone service.

  • clobberedchina

    I’ll have to read up on this Verizon plan but, darn, on the face of it this is a good looking deal.

  • r0l

    No thanks Verizon, I’m allset with prepaid carrier locked phones.

  • guest

    can you activate a post paid G2 on Pre paid?

    • hkklife

      I would *imagine* so but it’s entirely possible it’s like their 3G prepaid phones (Moto G) where the ESN/IMEIs are blocked off for postpaid activation until after 6 months of prepaid service has passed. Most likely they have a glut of leftover G2s and want to blow ’em out. Remember how it was the first Snapdragon 800-based phone to go “free” just a few months after launch?

      • JohnnySD

        I just called and yes that is exactly how it is.

    • morpheus282

      My question is if you can activate one of these G3 pre-paid phones on a post-paid, unlimited data plan.

  • ROR1997

    Still one of the better phones out there.

    • Jon Song

      Yep. Good deal. And the G2 has better graphics performance than the G3.

      • Bryan Mills

        You heavy gaming on your phone? Most people aren’t.

        • Alan

          He mentions graphics performance then he probably does do heavy gaming… I doubt he’d care what most people do.

        • Supraman21

          It doesn’t matter whether you game a lot or a little, if a game is graphic intensive it will show stutter. The Lg G3 doesn’t perform as well as other phones because of its 2K display. Every time someone mentions a negative aspect of the LG G3 you are there to try and defend it. I’m going to switch to T-Mobile from Verizon and I’ll most likely get the G3. The G3 isn’t perfect and has its faults. Deal with it

  • Zach Cline

    Had the G2 and hated it

    • Jeremiah Hawkins

      Won’t say I hated it but just wasn’t what I was looking for. As weird as it sounds, it was to small for me. I am used to the note series and thought maybe I could live without the stylus and take notes with my finger, but was a no go. I am now waiting on the Note 4 as my next phone.

      • ROR1997

        First time i held the G2 it felt so small. Felt just like my OG razr maxx. I think its because they kept the device small even tho it had a big screen.

      • hkklife

        I almost wish LG had released a G2 Prime now with 1080P and Snapdragon 801…then waited until the fall to debut a proper G3 with an 805 onboard.

        • ROR1997

          They took an opportunity to release their phone after Sammy and HTC and end up being the phone that goes head to head with the iphone as the 2 newest flagships.

        • guest

          you wont see a difference other than specs. We really need to move on from the spec war. All the 805 will do is get hotter faster and overheat unless is really under clocked and really drain battery life. The user on the other end wont see a huge if any difference.

          • Supraman21

            No it wont. The GS5 LTE-A gets the same amount of battery life as the 801 GS5. It wont get as hot because the GPU isnt working as hard to push the pixels for the 2K display. Better GPU-Better performance

          • chris125

            False, the 805 is built on a smaller processor and uses less power. Quit spreading FUD…

  • Even with all these stellar Flagship devices we have now, the G2 is still a killer device in it’s own right.

  • htowngtr

    Could I use this with my normal VZW SIM or is the IMEI locked?

    • Michael

      The 4gLTE logo suggests verizon, but not 100% sure.

      • htowngtr

        No, I mean would it be blocked from activation due to IMEI being listed for ALLSET, not Verizon postpaid?

    • Sparhawk2k

      I’m curious about the same thing…

    • j

      Looks like the site requires you to purchase at least 1 prepaid month of service, bringing the total to $344. S o the first question is if there’s a way around that, and the second being if you can them activate it on a non-prepaid account.

    • Lawrence_Hart

      My Verizon chat:

      Joe: Hello, welcome to Verizon Wireless sales chat! My name is Joe, may I have your name, please?

      Joe: Hi Lawrence! How are you today?

      Lawrence: i am looking a the LG G2 that is on sale for $299. Can I use this on and existing post paid contract that I have? When does the sale end?


      Joe: The G2 is available for free with a new 2-year contract on prepaid! Are you eligible for an upgrade today?

      Joe: On postpaid I mean, my mistake!

      Lawrence: I will not use an upgrade because I will loose Unlimited data. I want to know if I can purchase this phone and use it with my existing plan.

      Joe: You will be able to do that, however you will have to have that device on prepaid for atleast 6 months before you will be able to activate that on postpaid.

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