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Still Interested in Google Glass? Don’t Forget About Google’s Basecamps

With no word from Google as to when the public might expect a full retail launch of Google Glass, which means finalized hardware and software design, the company is still trying to give more regular folks a chance to play with Glass.

Google has special Basecamps in select cities, where the public can go get fitted for Glass, talk to Googlers about the device, and even purchase a unit if they feel inclined to do so. 

As of right now, Basecamps are set up in San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. The locations are always rotating, so if one of these cities is not your home, then be on the lookout for when Google changes up the locations.

If you have time to kill, and feel like getting a Google experience in during your day, hit up one of the locations below.

Current Locations

San Francisco Basecamp
345 Spear Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

New York Basecamp
75 9th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Los Angeles Basecamp
340 Main St.
Venice, CA 90291

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  • tiev

    Interested but it needs more work. Battery life of 2-4 hours just doesn’t cut it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Never was interested. So for me, I can confirm I am still NOT interested.

  • Geran Smith

    You can also buy mine from me!

    • MH

      $25 and a 6 pack of your choice.

      • Geran Smith
        • MH

          If you can find 6 together in the same place. Have you ever tasted this stuff?

          • Geran Smith

            A tiny sample once. It was wonderful.

          • MH

            Same here. Either way, I’d rather have the utopias than the glass.

  • coolsilver

    Everyone who wanted one… either has one laying around or they have moved on.

  • gg_money

    Im totally going to the NYC one, thanks for the tip

  • fantom007

    Basecamps are cool and all that, but… Just send me a pair to try for a week or two!

  • jt O’Brien

    Getting real tired of the lack of a consumer release date. The longer they wait the worse their sales are going to be. The Glass hype train is losing steam quickly.

    • CC

      Don’t be so sure. They said the same thing about the Segway. And look how that has taken off. And with the Segway, you can’t secretly take videos of kids at the playground.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    “…The company is still trying to give more regular folks a chance to play with Glass.”
    I know its for basically like a “beta test” to work out the finishing touches, but if they want more regular folks then jus release it but only sell 1,000 units at twice consumer price. Leave it as sold out until the true release date at normal consumer price. See what the “social affect” is with normal not developer inclined peoole.

  • Wow, No Basecamp in Seattle!! This is a big tech city and we have Google here for Christ sakes.

    • Suicide_Note

      They rotate the locations so don’t fret. There’s still a good chance they’ll be in your neck of the woods at some point.

      • 4n1m4L

        They have not rotated. Those are all googles headquarters.

        • Suicide_Note

          You may have missed the part of the article that says “The locations are always rotating, so if one of these cities is not your home, then be on the lookout for when Google changes up the locations.”

          • Matt McGee

            The basecamps do not move or rotate. That’s incorrect. Basecamps are setup at existing Google offices and do not move. What you might be thinking of is the occasional “road show” events that Google does, where they spend two days visiting other cities and offering Glass try-ons to the general public. But those are different from the basecamps.

          • GoogleNow?

            They have never rotated to the Midwest.

            St.Louis would be perfect considering it’s 4 hours from anywhere and is the only state to border 7 states and in the middle of the midwest

          • Haaaaa. I’m originally from Saint Louis. That place blows.

    • j

      Seattle metro area has a million fewer people than San Fran. Perhaps a reason for the initial locations. But of course, no where can compete with LA and NYC.

    • Valley Boy

      Seattle is not a big tech city.

      • It’s no Silicon Valley but we have a lot of big tech companies here. So I consider it one.

        • VJ

          Microsoft doesn’t count. They blow and are old.

          • Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Expedia, and more.

          • Chainsaw A

            Expedia is not tech, it a crappy travel agent. Google has a presence in every city.

            And Microsoft just reduced the tech population of Seattle by 1,800 today (part of their 18k in cuts). LOL!

          • That’s fine. What kind of jobs does Expedia offer besides customer service? And Google is not in every city. What does your city have? Last time I checked nothing is LOL about 18k people being laid off. And I’m sure working for Microsoft is still better than the dead end job you have. Besides there’s plenty of tech jobs here those 18k you’re laughing at will be fine.

    • Michael Hammond

      That’s because it’s Microsoft town and no one that isn’t a part of their team is allowed to showcase

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The moment they opened up the sales for anyone…at that price, is the moment i felt like they didn’t plan on rolling out a consumer model… Then I/O came with no news, and that feeling is stronger. #niche

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