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“Cast Screen” Button Now Works for Screen Mirroring to Chromecast

This morning, Google announced that screen mirroring via Chromecast is now in public beta and would be available via the Chromecast app over the coming days. If you own a Nexus, you can start casting immediately without the Chromecast app. Thanks to built-in “Cast Screen” support that you have likely seen show up from time to time over the last couple of months in your Quick Settings Panel, a separate app isn’t needed.

Once Google announced that Chromecast mirroring was live, I watched as the “Cast Screen” button on both my Nexus 5 (running Android L) and Nexus 4 (running Android 4.4.4) went live. With a simple tap on that button, a menu appeared with nearby Chromecasts that were available to cast to. Once tapped, I was immediately connected and began mirroring my phone’s display through Chromecast. 

With native mirroring like this, you not only can mirror what’s on your screen, but audio seems to be coming through as well. There is some slight lag when flipping around your mirrored device, so gaming may not be an option. With that said, this is pretty solid screen mirroring. Good job, Google.

To test it yourself on a Nexus, connect to your the WiFi network that your Chromecast is attached to, and then either look for the “Cast Screen” button in your Quick Settings Toggle or jump into Settings>Display>Cast screen.

Google suggests that Chromecast mirroring is available on the following devices, though I would guess that only the Nexus and Google Play Edition devices listed will show this “Cast Screen” option without a Chromecast app.

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Nexus 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (Google Play Edition)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • HTC One M7
  • HTC One M7 (Google Play Edition)
  • LG G3
  • LG G2
  • LG G Pro 2
  • Support for additional devices coming soon

nexus 5 cast screen

  • Ian B

    I love the mirror idea, but was sadly disappointed once again when I attempted to listen to music through my TV. I use Spotify premium, mostly on my phone, and the sound doesn’t seem to transfer when mirrored. I have an excellent understanding of the audio sources going to and coming out of my TV, the ChromeCast mirror isn’t transferring sound for any app or video I’ve tried. I use a HTC One (m7).

    • Joshuncc

      If this happens, just reboot your Chromecast (or power off and back on)… it is a glitch in the beta. I, too, thought that the audio was not “mirrored”, but when I found no one else complaining of this, I rebooted my Chromecast, and it worked just fine after that. I can play any music service using the mirroring feature now, and I “heart” it.

  • Edward Smith

    Now if I could just cast the screen from my GS4 to my Nexus 10.
    I’ve got this pan & tilt rig atop a 30′ pole where I use my GS4 for Google Photosperes; at least I would if I had some way to see the screen.
    Sure, I can take all the pictures and run them through a panorama stitcher program (like PanoStitch which is reasonable) but integrating these in to the Googleverse is nigh impossible.

  • Akiem Will

    I’m not getting in audio on my Samsung T-Mobile Galaxy S5…

  • Cade

    How does the HTC One M7 support it right now but the M8 doesn’t? Makes no sense.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    I know its beta but why is the volume unadjustable?

    • jimt

      Actually, you can adjust the volume of the tv with the tv’s volume control/remote control. I for one am stoked that it works at all. The chromecast is now a very handy device.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        I cranked it to max but it didn’t work, had to reboot the Chromecast dongle and boy oh boy it’s amazing in a sort of Dolby Digital 7. But on my nexus 7, pressing volume then the settings button brings up 3 sliders am the Chromecast one doesn’t control “to device” volume yet the normal one does. I don’t mind though.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hey, anyone else get massive battery drain after using this? I used the screen casting on my Nexus 5 for a couple minutes, and then disconnected, and my phone was idle for 2 hours.

    When I looked at it again, Android OS was using 70% of the battery and it had kept my N5 awake for 2 hours straight. I think there may be a slight glitch in Google Play Services causing this because I had to reboot to get it to stop.

    • Mickey A Valentine

      I do. My nexus 7 went from 100% to 88% while plugged in. And it gets really hot which its never done.

      • Simon Belmont

        I tried the mirroring a second and third time today, and didn’t get the battery drain with Android OS this time. I think it must have been a fluke.

        The reboot probably fixed whatever was causing it. It seems normal now, though mirroring, in itself, uses quite a lot of battery.

  • No sound for me.

    • jimt

      It didn’t have sound yesterday for my nexus 5, but today the chromecast device updated itself and I now have sound. I can now cast slingbox perfectly! Maybe it will work for you if you reboot your chromecast device by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

  • Strange the M7 is supported but the M8 isn’t.

  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
  • Justin

    Question, anybody know how or is it possible to, when mirroring onto the TV to make what you are mirroring onto the TV full screen? It’s just taking up the middle right now, I’d like to make it full screen or close to rather than just a small portion of the TV screen.

    • jimt

      turn your phone 90 degrees thus making it full screen on your phone.

      • Justin

        Thank you sir!

      • Michel

        thanks it help me a lot

  • Bryan Kolb

    I am a bit confused by the intensity with which some people commenting here hate the Moto X. I don’t recall ever seeing feelings this intense about any other phone, other than the longstanding hatred by Android users of iPhones and by iPhone users of Android phones.

    • Menger40

      Some people think that anyone choosing a different telephone than they do is some kind of personal insult.

  • droidrazredge

    I see everyone saying that you need the new Chromecast 1.7.4 APK to get this cast feature to work; however, my chromecast app on my Nexus 7(2013) is on 1.5.5. The only thing that was updated was the SDK on the actual Chromecast which is probably on the latest build. I can still cast from my Nexus 7 as the cast icon shows up on the notification quick toggle settings. My question is what does the new 1.7.4 APK bring to the cast feature because everything that was posted I can do with the Chromecast 1.55 APK? Note: I have never restarted my Chromecast and it has been on for about 2 months 24/7.

  • JeffE

    I’m sure I’m just looking in the wrong spot but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with my S5. Where do I find Cast Screen button?

    • crazed_z06

      Open the actual Chromecast App. On the slideout menu there is a “Cast Screen” option

  • chris_johns

    question…can you cast to anything other then chromecast? how about my xbox one for instance

  • Danny Dodge

    It’s not without its bugs (next 4 L beta ROM) hut it’s pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to when it casts games smoothly… It will be a true portable console!

  • huskerhog

    I’ve got it on my Nexus 7 but not my Note 3.

    • crazed_z06

      You have to go into the app to do it on the Note 3

  • jasonlee1


  • Thanai

    Why not Nexus 7 2012?

    • Simon Belmont

      Give it some time. Google went with a small sample of newer devices to test this out with.

      They’ll likely roll it out to everyone after they’ve finished testing and tweaked things a little. It is in beta, after all.

  • Jordan Dewey

    Well that didnt take long, just got the chromecast update for my LG G2. Can’t wait to get home and try it out! As always, thanks for the heads up DL.

  • Dean

    If it’s npt working for you make sure and reboot the chromecast. Working n my note 3 flawlwssly may I add. No lag unless playing a game and even then it’s very minimal. Audio plays through the tv not the phone. IT. IS. AWESOME.

    Thanks goog.

  • Michigan Guy

    Is it worth it to update to the L version? Considering yet-to-be-compatible apps and other features, how much bleeding do you do for the bleeding edge version? I’m considering upgrading, but don’t want to get caught with half-baked!

    • JSo

      It depends on what apps you use. Some may not work. But there are always alternatives to them. The OS has been fine for me. But really, you would have to try it for yourself. I don’t think anyone could tell you.

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  • jbdan

    This is awesome it works really well and is quite responsive. Sounds good and it rotates with my N5! I’m still on 1.5.5 chromcast app

  • Swoops212

    Chromecast cast app sees the chromecast. I can even stream stuff. I go to cast screen and I get “No nearby devices were found” poo 🙁

    • Brandon

      Same here.

    • webharsh

      Restart Chromecast.

      • Swoops212

        You rock! That fixed it

  • tylerc23

    No HTC M8??

  • jimt

    It works great but I don’t have sound. Works even with sling box but no sound.

  • Gotta Have It

    Download link?

  • Czep2012
    • Aooga


  • jamdev12

    I was wondering why this was not working when I switched over to Android L. Now I know. (Hoping not to get bashed by people who already knew this)

  • Sean

    The option shows up on my Moto X. I am not home to connect, but I’d bet it will work.

    • Jeremy Wray

      It won’t 🙁

  • T4rd

    Odd that the One M7 is listed, but not the One M8.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Yeah.. I am questioning it too. I just bought a Chromecast for this specific reason following this news and then find out it’s not yet supported. I

  • Rahul Shah

    My guess is ChromeCast is the best (cost wise) hardware I have ever purchased. I mostly use it to see photos and my own videos.

    • Birear

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    • Simon Belmont

      Agreed. I’ve been saying that time and again throughout the year (bought it on day one), and recently, I’ve been saying it even more.

      Google has really put a lot of effort into features for the Chromecast. It’s a great little device and easily one of the best day one purchases (outside of my N5) I’ve ever bought.

  • DesignsByNinja

    Need the moto G next!

  • Adam Neighbors

    Does not seem to handle auto well.

    • Paul Hansen

      Agreed. I tried streaming Spotify through it and the audio isn’t even something you can understand.

      • JSo

        What version of Android are you on?

        • Paul Hansen

          Android L

          • JSo

            That’s what I’m on. Hopefully it’s not an issue with Android L.

  • MichaelFranz

    Does it support screen rotation or no?

    • Adam Neighbors

      Yes it does.

  • Droid Ronin

    I guess us Moto X folks will have to wait a bit longer…weird since the Moto X is mostly stock Android.

    • sk102704

      I’m sure we’ll get it soon. I’ve been seeing the Cast Screen button pop up in my quick settings and then disappear from time to time for a few months now. I too was surprised it wasn’t included.

      • sc0rch3d

        WTF?!?!? I found this in the Moto X Display Settings, but not Quick Tiles

        • James

          That’s been there (on MotoX) since launch. At the time it was intended for Miracast

          • adbFreedom

            He’s referring to the “cast screen” below wireless display. Before you would only see the wireless display setting for miracast

          • Daniel

            That’s been there forever..

          • sc0rch3d

            i tested it last night and it is as you said…requires a Miracast device. 🙁

        • Robzw

          My Moto G has that too

        • @kellex:disqus i’d test this if i were at home, but try Moto X out too and let us know!!!

        • Simon Belmont

          Cast screen has been around for a while. It used to be called Wireless display in Android 4.2.

          It was changed to Cast screen is Android 4.4, I believe. Nothing new here.

    • charesa39

      Don’t be fooled. Just because it looks like stock Android, doesn’t mean it is. Moto has done a lot or mods to the core and framework of Android. They essentially run a skin (like TouchWiz and Sense) that looks like it’s stock.

      • Will

        Care to elaborate? I’ve dug through and the only things they’ve done that I can see are active display and touchless controls. Most of it is just like my Nexus that I’ve seen. Everything else is an app.

        • charesa39

          While I don’t claim to be a dev of any kind, I would imagine they’ve had to modify some code to get those two features to work seamlessly within the OS. Although it looks similar on the surface, the truth becomes apparent when you try to run an Xposed Module like Gravity Box, which is designed to work with vanilla (or close-to-vanilla) AOSP software/framework (like what you find on an actual Nexus or GPE device). If you take a look at the XDA thread dedicated to Gravity Box (KitKat version), you will see many posts indicating that while most of the features work, there are still some GB features that don’t. This is because it is looking for the stock code that you would find on a Nexus device, but since it’s not there (or has been modified), it leads to “bugs” like two battery icons and such. I suppose I may have been wrong in using the term “a lot of mods,” but there are still mods nonetheless.

        • Have you dug thru actual code or just looking at system files and dump

    • rawr

      Mid-range devices aren’t the top priority, flagships are.

      • HarleyGuy72

        Then why does mine have it already? Am I just special or something?

        • rawr

          Well you do like Harleys when you can get a Hayabusa and not look like a Sons of Anarchy prospect, so yeah, you special.

          • HarleyGuy72

            Nah, I’m just a fair-weather rider that likes Harley’s. Stop being a doucebag.

      • sk102704

        The only people who believe the Moto X is a mid-range phone are idiots who don’t know better. I guarantee you my Moto X runs better than your “top of the line” phone.

        • Only people who think the Moto X isn’t mid range is Moto fanboys. There is nothing premium or flagship about the Moto X

          • James

            Who cares how something actually runs and functions in real world use, I want my phone to look good on paper.

          • Droid Ronin

            You forgot the /s

          • sk102704

            Wrong. Ask any of the writers at Droid Life or 99% of the people who know Android if it’s mid-range and they’ll roll their eyes at your ignorance.

          • Ask the writers at Droid-life lmfao really???? I love this site to death but come on we all know they’re bias towards Moto and against anything Samsung apparently you haven’t been here long enough. This site should really be named Moto Life

          • sk102704

            Hahaha that is the lamest response ever dude. Your just plain wrong on this one. Go ahead and ask Android Central, Android Police, ect. You’ll see you’re in the vast minority on that opinion.

          • eee

            K I just asked, they said the Moto X is bad and you should feel bad.

          • sk102704

            OK Google Now, is eee and idiot? Yes he is.

          • Its not lame it’s true you if you been here long enough you know the Moto X propaganda that goes on on this site. Ok Droid-life should take it to the streets and ask people what their opinion is of the Moto X. And watch how many people are like Moto what?

          • sk102704

            So what you are saying is that Droid Life doesn’t know the difference between a mid range device and a flagship? Even if they are biased towards Motorola do you really think they wouldn’t know the difference? Seriously think about that for a second. That is why it is a lame, cop out response. If you truly believe that, good for you, but know you are wrong.

          • PoisonApple31

            High end device and flagship device are not synonymous. Flagship is “the finest, largest, or most important one of a series, network, or chain.” That’s straight from Merriam Webster’s website.

            There’s nothing wrong with owning a mid-range device if it works for you.

          • sk102704

            I have owned a mid range device and it didn’t really work out for me that’s why I went with a flagship device like the Moto X and I couldn’t be happier! I’m sorry that your investment into your flagship phone isn’t living up to your expectations which makes you go out of your way to tell someone else their phone isn’t that good. Perhaps you should get a Moto X and you’ll realize how dumb you looked before. Good luck with that!

          • rawr

            “Boohoo ask people who agree with me and they will agree with me”. If you ask 90% of android users they probably don’t even know of this mid-ranged phones existence.

            If you ask top-tier review sites like The Verge they would lol at you rolling your eyes at my facts.

          • sk102704

            It’s the truth, plain and simple.

          • Deez

            Ask Droid Life lolololol! This dude….

          • sk102704

            Try it, you’ll see.

          • Androidz

            So the top Android device from last year was only a mid-range phone? Yeah ok buddy

          • sk102704

            Yeah intellectual has no idea what he’s talking about.

          • Moto fanboys are so delusional it’s not even funny. The Moto X propaganda on this site has people more brainwashed than the US Government.

          • sk102704

            So you “love” this site but it brainwashed people worse than the government??? There goes what little credibility you had.

          • It was a joke but yea the Moto fanboys are brainwashed. How many times did you have to read that before coming up with that clever reply genius. There goes the bit of sense I wanted to believe you had.

          • sk102704

            Just once and I’m calling bull on your “joke”. You got caught saying something stupid and now your trying to cover your tail and you know it.

          • razorramone

            Hahaha, you just handed intellectual1 his own ass. Nice!

          • Yea right lol

          • Naw no need to cover my tail, one thing about me if I’m wrong or sound stupid I’ll admit to it no shame in being wrong. But it’s true you guys are brainwashed but the US government part I said to be funny. But take it how you like no biggie.

          • sk102704

            Yeah ok, you were wrong, you got pissed and said something stupid and now you are most definitely trying to cover your ass and it makes you look pathetic.
            And brainwashed doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • Ok guy

          • sk102704

            Thank you for finally growing up and admitting you said something stupid and tried to weasel your way out of it. I’m sure it was a big step for you and I’m proud of you.

          • sk102704

            And do you seriously think that I am basing my opinion off of something I read on the Internet??? I own and use the Moto X every single day so that is where I base my opinions on.
            I can imagine you’d need someone to tell you whether your phone is a great device or not, but you’re in the vast majority on that.

          • sk102704

            And if actually using a device and coming to a decision based on the experience is brainwashed, than yeah I’m brainwashed but I might love my Moto X but I love Android more. That is why I could care less what fanboys of different manufacturers think about what I am using.

          • eee

            Hahaha, you just got bitchslapped. Seriously “I’m joking”? That’s pathetic bro.

          • The Moto X is not a flagship phone what were the specs in that thing again? I may be wrong but it didn’t even have a 1080 screen.

          • you’re not wrong about the screen. it’s a 720. but you’re wrong about the flagship part. despite the specs on paper, Motorola marketed it and sold it as their flagship for the year. obvisouly you dont’ agree with that decision, so you didn’t buy one. but those of us who did, highly enjoy the experience and battery life despite the 1080. Also, if i recall, back in december the entire DL community voiced their opinion on the matter and they chose the Moto X over the Nexus 5. So are you saying that the 52% of those DL community members are moto fanboys?

          • Deez

            It’s no secret that this is a Moto fanboy site. All jokes aside everyone and their Mom knows that.

            As far as the display is concerned let’s talk about that. Moto said they went with the tiny display and 720p so that TT he X would have great battery life. Cool. Except the X didn’t have exceptional battery life at all, so really you just have a sub par display for no reason at all. How is tthatgreat or ingenious?

          • How many hours of battery life do you get on your Moto X?

          • Deez

            How many do you get on yours? Guarantee you can’t post a screenshot of anything impressive.

            It’s average. That’s a fact. Moto said they went with a lower resolution and form factor to make battery life exceptional. Also a fact.

            Battery life isn’t anything to wow at. Moto failed to deliver on that promise. You have a sub par screen for no reason.

            To try and still buy into that lower res/exceptional battery life b.s. just makes you seem… well, delusional lol

          • You’re right. it’s nothing compared to the S5 or a one M8 which had 20-25% left at the end of my day when i tested it, for a week, each, which wasn’t long enough to get bogged down if you used it as a daily driver for 2 years. I only have about 10-15% left at the end of my day on my Moto X. which i’ve used for 10 months. My day consists of 7:30AM to 10-10:30PM. so you see, i dont need a 24 hour phone. that’s why they made the Droid Maxx. same software features, bigger battery (still 720 though.) that’s whats so great about android, options!!!! buy what you need and you’re not stuck with the same look and feel and experience if you chose apple.

          • sk102704

            Above my average but I always get a full days worth out my battery.

          • Simon Belmont

            No offense, but it looks like it was mostly idle. Even Android OS is above screen (which is odd, by the way).

            What was your screen on time? I’m honestly curious.

          • sk102704

            It was about my normal usage but was on WiFi most of the time. As a creature of habit I always charge my phone at night, but I had drank a few too many the night before and forgot to put it on the charger, in the morning it had plenty of juice left so I didn’t charge it until I went to bed again so that includes around 7 hours of it in sleep mode. According to my battery pro widget, I average about 15-16 hours on my battery during the week because I work in an old brick building that gets very little service. On the weekends I can easily get a full 24 hours out of it but I usually charge it every night regardless so it’s hard to say what I would normally get on a weekend.

          • adbFreedom

            Lol when did 4.7″ become a “tiny display”?

          • Nicholas Hunt

            my battery life is amazing thanks.

          • Nicholas Hunt

            I really could care less if it was 1080 or not given the screen size its almost impossible to tell and the better batter life is worth it

          • i’m in agreement with you on that point.

          • rawr

            It wasn’t the top device, maybe on MotoLife but no where else (and especially the market place, where it matters most).

          • sk102704

            So only the top selling device is a flagship? Yeah ok buddy

          • ThunderJayHawk35

            Pretty sure that crown goes to the S4…keep dreaming the good dream though don’t stop believing

          • Raven

            I skimmed through this silly subthread and wasn’t sure exactly where to jump in, so I picked here. There are many posts below that are right and wrong about the Moto X. I may be biased as I own a Moto X and I love it, but here goes. It most definitely has a premium build quality and feel to it and it definitely was Motorola’s flagship phone of 2013. Does it have better specs than a Galaxy S4, no. Did Motorola do some new and revolutionary things with it, yes. Is it the best Android device ever made, no. Is it the best smartphone with a sub 5″ screen, I would say yes. I just don’t understand why all the arguments about it. For people who want a smaller phone, it is a great choice. Its screen looks great for its size, the camera although not the highest resolution or best at low light pictures isn’t all that bad, I have taken many nice candid pictures with it. I think that all in all it is a very well made phone. Now, was it the best selling phone ever made, hell no. I mainly blame this on Motorola and the carriers almost complete lack of advertising of this phone. It really could have been the most popular phone sold for people just looking for a good smartphone at a good price, but since nobody outside of Android blog readers really seem to know about it, it has gone very undersold from what its potential could have been. I still think it is the best phone for me, and I probably won’t be replacing it until a much better sub 5″ phone comes along.

          • droidrazredge

            I agree with your post 100%, I could not have said it better myself. Motorola definitely did do some new and revolutionary things with the Moto X which we are finally seeing adopted into many phones now including Google’s own Nexus branded phones. I simple adore this phone because all my previous phones I have owned I had to wait many months before updates were pushed to my phone, but alas that’s something I no longer have to deal with because this phone is constantly updated just like if it was a Nexus device from Google. I agree with you that the camera may not be the best, but you would not be able to tell that with some of the candid photo’s I have taken with this device. I guess I just the settings that I adjusted within the stock camera and google edition camera work wonders for how I take photos. The only phone 4.7″-5.2″ phone I plan on replacing this with would be the Moto X+1 because this phone already does everything I need and gets supported the way I want a phone to be supposted and at the end of the day that is more important to me than having high end specs but not getting constant support for a device one pays for. I guess you give a little to gain a little.

          • gg_money

            I disagree, it feels great in hand, and my friends that use it love the phone. (I own a nexus 5)

        • Deez

          The Moto X battery is average to below average, the camera is below average, the screen is below average, takes way too long to boot up because of the cutom boot animations…

          When you say runs better do you mean it slides between home screens and opens the app drawer a fraction of a fraction of a second better? Lol

          I mean, it seems to be failing on some pretty serious levels to me (battery life, camera, display/resolution).

          But hey Droid Life said the phone’s the best so you got to bekive that! Lmao

          • sk102704

            Well I know Droid Life knows a hell of a lot more than you do and they agree with me. Go ahead and ask the many s5 and m8 owners who went back to the Moto X, and they’ll also agree with me. So believe what you want, but you’re wrong.

          • Deez

            I like how you’re skipping over the facts I posted: the Moto X battery life is meh, the display sucks, the camera sucks, etc. No need to ask DL about those things.

            And lol at the “many S5 and M8 owners who went back to the X”. I’m pretty sure there’s not very many being that I have NEVER seen a soul with a Moto X in real life, but seen tons of people with the other mentioned phones lol

            Intellectual is right. You Moto fanboys are delusional.

          • sk102704

            Those aren’t facts those are opinions. There is a huge difference.

          • sk102704

            What some people don’t understand that there is a huge difference between specs and real world performance. You can argue that the specs weren’t the top of the line but the real world performance beats even phones that were just released. That’s what makes a phone a premium device.

          • Jeremy Wray

            You are aware that the average person cannot tell the difference between a 720p display and a 1080p on a smartphone right? So it makes more sense to run a 720p screen and get better battery life.

            All cell phone camera’s still suck in anything but middle of the day lighting.

            And the battery life of a Moto X is amazing compared to anyone else I know. I can get atleast 30 hours out of my phone right now on 4.4.2 (which was known for having battery draining bugs across the board, I used to get 40+ hours on a charge on previous updates of Android). All my coworkers have their phones constantly on chargers (HTC M7 + M8, Galaxy S3,4,5, LG G2, Nexus5, etc) while mine just chugs along playing videos, listening to music, talking to my bosses, all day long. At the very least I get 20 hours out of my battery with very heavy usage, you prob get that with light usage if you are lucky.

          • Diablo81588

            I counted 37 seconds from completely off to the home screen. Damn you’re impatient..

        • Jason B

          I wouldn’t worry about the trolls. In 2014, all flagship phones from 2013 are now mid-range. So, the Galaxy S4 with its “mid-range” S600 is still included, and the Moto X that performs better than the S4 in actual usage, will get it eventually. They just need a wider user base, and that usually means people who buy Samsung phones for their cheap plastic exteriors and dated TouchWiz.

      • Cade

        My HTC One M8 doesn’t have it yet…

    • HarleyGuy72

      Mine has it. Woot!

    • JJCrusher

      So I have a LG Optimus l70 so does that mean I will have to wait @

  • Guest

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  • Bigsike

    Will it shut the screen off while casting?

    • Adam Neighbors

      No it won’t.

      • Bigsike

        Ah boo…

        • JSo

          That’s why it’s called “Mirroring”. 😉