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Verizon’s LG G3 to Feature Innovative, Exclusive QWERTY Slider Keyboard, 2-inch High-res Display

If you are planning to pick-up the LG G3 when it arrives on Verizon store shelves, prepare for a boatload of exclusive features that only the Big Red variant will carry. We are talking a slideout QWERTY keyboard, front physical dial pad, and an insanely high-res 2-inch front display. Think of the G3 with a set of features that no one has attempted to use since the death of the feature phone, in a good way.

Verizon and LG are really trying to change the game here, which is not surprising knowing Verizon’s past of tweaking flagship phones for the better. Think of the Note 2 and the added bonus users received with a “Verizon Wireless” logo placed on the physical home button. Better than a fingerprint scanner, right? Or what about the removal of features like Blocking Mode from Samsung phones that were nothing but a nuisance and bloatware. Think of the constant reminder that you always wished you had to show that you were connected to WiFi or that you should try to connect to a nearby network.

Verizon has always had you in mind when preparing to release a phone, which is why their version of the G3 will be unlike any other. 

In case the sarcasm wasn’t thick enough or you are ultra-confused, we are referring to the image above that Verizon posted in a comparison of the G3 to the G2 through their Insider’s Guide. There are Photoshop fails, and then there are Photoshop fails. The proof is below since they will likely fix this before long. We got a good laugh out of it.

Update:  Boooo. Verizon pulled the page. Good thing we captured the magic below!

verizon g3 fuckup1

Via:  Verizon
Cheers Keith!
  • tdurden64111

    2funi4me! xD

  • M Baker

    Disquos seems to be taking longer than normal to load. Reload???

    NO! Just load right the first time!

  • charliehill

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  • 486DX50

    Some sort of troll web site? 🙂 troll-life.com


  • Higher_Ground

    Nice, you had me going for a minute, even after I said to myself “this has to be a joke” 🙂

  • lamenting

    For a minute I thought it was Throwback Thursday already..

  • Really? Come on now. {{-_-}}

  • beez1717

    Wow. Verizon Trolled us all…

  • chocolate8175

    I was about to be super salty, like OK Verizon screwed me again. Haha

  • CapnShiner

    I wonder if someone at Verizon did that photoshop image on purpose, as a joke, because he doesn’t really care about his job. Maybe it was never supposed to go live like that or maybe they accidentally-on-purpose made it live. A company as successful as Verizon wouldn’t hire someone dumb enough to think that is actually what the G3 looks like, would they?

    • Higher_Ground

      Yeah I feel like the guy who’s responsible was probably about to log off and go watch a world cup game when his boss came in and said “you gotta finish that LG G3 promo page first”

    • Loki

      Or maybe their marketing department is Fuqing clueless like the rest of the lower echelon employees Verizon treats like mushrooms.

  • MrEelSauce

    Haha, thats funny. Man I had the LG V, Thing was amazing back then. Cool ringtones/ringbacks, played music and videos, it had two loud speakers, a keyboard and you could take selfies when you opened it 180. I was with LG all the way until the Droid line for the D2G and RazrHD. And then then came samsung, which I had to upgrade my user skills for to make all the compensations for the stock stuff.

  • C-Law

    Holy crap! I thought this was real at first. I thought Verizon couldn’t surprise me anymore but then I saw this. So glad it’s not real

  • Bolton

    I love how the link to the image is labeled as Verizon FuckUp lol

  • keyboardzzzz

    The irony here is that I was just thinking to myself the other day that I would love if LG made a G2/G3 quality phone and gave it a physical keyboard. I’m surprised at how completely qwertys have been phased out by all manufacturers. No matter how good on screen keyboards/swype/predictive typing gets, it’s still a pain in my opinion. I would never actually want to type out a lengthy email or note on my G2, and that’s a shame, because the device is perfectly capable in every other way. Getting a small bluetooth keyboard doesn’t really help since it’s just an extra thing to carry and awkward to use when it’s not connected to the phone. LG had some badass keyboard phones back in the day; the enV series, the Ally was pretty cool. LG has been hitting home runs again lately and doing things that other manufacturers seem afraid to do. I’d love to see them do a modern qwerty phone. Market share seems available since a new Droid never materialized.

  • Richard Jackson

    The Qwerty cult sacrifice where not it vain. Now we need a GPE version for Verizon or at least a rom.

  • ROR1997

    When I get this, all my friends will be green with ENV

  • Clint O

    when I first started to read this I thought I was going to have to flip out on Verizon lol

  • SheleneHowellbim

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    few weeks on the internet . go right here


  • coolsilver

    HAHAHAHA! XD Not quite the LG G Phone I was hoping. I do miss hardware keyboards though. I could type like mad on a good one.

  • QWERTY Slider

    I was happy as I was reading the title then I read that 2″ display and saw the pic and realized what was going on.

  • frhow

    I say fake, no way in hell Verizon can be this retarded and no way in hell will LG hurt their sales unless there are ALOT of OLD people ready for an upgrade for Verizon. I do not see no other reason why Verizon & LG would agree to this monstrosity.

  • i had to check the date because i thought it was april 1…..

  • Kevin Gallagher

    The picture had me excited…. Boooo

  • Eddie Spageddie

    ..and to think for a split second I actually considered buying a Samsung instead… NOT!

  • Maxim∑

    someone did this on purpose lol

  • anon

    I get to bail on this POS of a company on monday! woot!

  • Dave Hernandez

    I don’t know, I think my LG Envy 2 is way better.

  • Ryan Chapman

    I wish with the specs you would have let us know if it has the 3.5 mm headphone jack or if they upgraded it to the awesome 2.5 mm jack…

  • asten77

    Hah, also, this isn’t the successor “first phone in the G series”. It’s the successor to the 2nd phone in the G series. Just because you didn’t carry the Optimus G doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, Verizon.

    • Cael

      well the G2 was the first high end to drop the Optimus name right?

  • David Davidson

    I read the first part of the headline about the keyboard, and then saw the picture and became very sad. Don’t trick me into thinking high-end physical keyboard phones are coming back 🙁

  • FAL_Fan

    Morons…you would think someone, anyone in the Verizon company would have caught that…and the Verizon logo was an amazing feature…cause you know I always forgot who the company that takes my money every month for cell service was…

  • Weapon of Mass Consumption

    I am literally dying here….omg….heart attack…



  • Thomas

    This phone makes me miss my Samsung Rogue 🙁

  • mjmer

    Can’t be a vzw customer anymore after seeing this.. lol

  • frankyblike


    Verizon is slipping

  • Synacks

    Time to trade in my Moto RAZR

  • ts14

    Damn I was hoping for a Droid 4 replacement and all I got was a good chuckle and some flashbacks to bad phones. Well played, sir.

  • TomMcMillensGhost

    Verizon, where we have no idea what the hell we’re selling

  • Daniel Flores

    LOL…you got me…that was funny…

  • CaptM

    So much for LG announcing that there were going to be “No Weird Variants Between Carriers” http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2459411,00.asp

    The company’s U.S. marketing head Chang Ma confirmed that unlike with last year’s G2, the LG G3 will come in the same physical design across all carriers – a first for an LG flagship.

    “We expect for LG G3 to be consistent across all carriers globally,” Ma said, hopefully letting LG finally join Samsung, Apple, HTC, and Motorola as a firm that lets you pick first your phone, then your carrier.

    • Cael

      Not with that Verizon tag in the weirdest spot ever.

  • betsymdouglass

    hy what is this

  • Dt Bell

    I’m missing it, why is this a home run? Feature phone maybe, but what’s the hubbub?

  • Keith Matocha

    Awesome job Kellex that was totally hilarious. You can thank Google Now cards for pointing me right to that little screw up.

  • Orion

    I’m willing to bet Verizon customers almost fainted for that 1 split second lol.

  • 213ninja

    moto 360

  • dannyWHITE

    I can appreciate that you went with it and pretty much wrote a full article on this. Gave me a great laugh! Good work Kellen! Lol

  • Chris

    Sweet a hi res screen to play Snake on, I’m so trading in my Envy 2 for that bad boy….

  • James_75

    And Yet still no official release date?

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    It’s no LG Env Touch

  • crussell

    I had to go find the article myself. I’m still confused. I’m not sure if this was a marketing ploy or an actual mistake. Funny either which way and enforces my decision to no longer be bent over….

  • BillySuede

    i had to do a double-take on this one…

    major fail, verizon.

  • mmoreimi

    April fools ?

  • Ben Murphy

    I almost had a heart attack.

  • Wall Breaker


  • Jonathan

    I think I’ll just stick with my LG Chocolate. Can’t go wrong with it’s mp3 player.

  • tomn1ce

    what was that person smoking o_0

  • AndrewScottRox

    That retro feel. This available on EDGE???

  • JSo

    Ooohhh Verizon…

  • Razma

    you have no idea how confused this made me

    • Lucky Armpit

      Lol, glad it wasn’t just me.

    • Dark_Laser

      Yeah, the writer needs to work on his sarcasm.

      • Cesar

        What? The sarcasm was obvious…

  • Cael

    More fails this time with the S5:
    “The operating system
    All three smartphones run the Android™ operating system, but different versions. The S III and the S 4 have Jelly Bean, while the S 5 has KitKat 4.4.2.”
    They’re only on Jelly Bean because Verizon takes FOREVER. lmao

  • patt

    did anyone realize that there is a G2 Prepaid on VZW test man page? does that mean they will offer LTE on prepaid? o.0

    • Ckburks

      It only runs 3g

      • Ckburks

        Well on prepaid

  • Cael

    *sigh* I legit thought it was going to have an attachable slider keyboard. I was going to throw my money at it.

    • Mitch Joa

      Kinda like the LG Versa?

      • Cael

        Yes, it could be another optional cover.

  • I didn’t know April Fools came twice a year. Nice try Verizon. You almost had me.

  • rfranken

    April 1st?

  • James_Kernicky

    Finally a successor to my voyager!!!

    • Haha! I remember when I bought the Voyager outright at full price because my upgrade wasn’t for another year. I was so infatuated with having the most cutting edge handset in the world at the time. I remember the first iPhone was already out and they put a resistive touchscreen on the Voyager to compete. <– LMAO

      • James_Kernicky

        Do you still have yours? We found mine a year or two ago and tried to use it. It was so frustrating trying to use that touch screen, but it was awesome when I bought it.

        • Sold mine to a friend who would get all my early adoption upgrade hand-me-downs. My next phone was the LG Dare, which I still think is one of the 3 best phones I’ve ever owned. I still have that one in a drawer in mint condition. Then it was on to the OG Droid.

        • BillySuede

          i gave my mother mine.

          i remember thinking i had hit baller status when that phone came out.


        • Cael

          I still have mine. I used it while it had to wait for my replacement Rezound. I do not regret going to the Incredible 2 after it.

      • Kyle

        Oh that slide out TV antenna it had…so awesome and ahead of it’s time!!

        • Oh man, I use to pull that thing out and all the girls would just flock to me.

          • lamenting

            That’s what she said…

          • AnettaGriffinynu

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        • James_Kernicky

          No doubt, I’m not that antenna actually ever did anything though. It sure was fun to play with.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, Verizon actually had a plan for watching TV/media on it, I think.

          • Yea but the 320p resolution and programming sucked I remember.

          • Kyle

            If you paid like an extra $20 a month you could actually use it for TV

          • acras

            and it was worth every cent… that my friend payed for on his Voyager. I didn’t pay for tv on mine , but I loved how fast I could text compared to my previous Razr

          • sharongnewborn

            My Uncle
            Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
            with a laptop. visit their website F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

          • 486DX50

            Sharon, this carp is as old as my floppy drive. Don’t bother.

      • T4rd

        It was pretty sweet for navigating (with Verizon Navigator) though. And I used Bitpim to load all my custom ringtones and music to it. I also used it for tethering with its awesome 1x/EVDO connection, haha. Was a great phone for its time!

        • Agreed. Before there was a Moto Droid and Google Maps Navigation, I had a subscription to VZ navigator and for its time, worked like gangbusters. The clamshell design meant you could prop that thing up on your dash for use with the interior screen.

        • landon

          I used bitpim to have a HTC flip clock on my envtouch haha

          • TylerCameron

            The EnV Touch had a really great screen! Even by today’s standards. It was around 300ppi I think. 3″ 800×480!

        • Justin Kos

          Bitpim! What a throwback haha

        • James_Kernicky

          Bitpim was so awesome, we were the cool kids who had custom ringtones and didn’t have to pay for VZWTones or whatever it was called!

      • Eric R.

        The Voyager was a POS, the hinge broke so easy and so did the charging ports

      • Guest

        I still have mine in it’s box in my room haha

    • Don’t forget the LG “V” VX9800, which paved the way for the “enV” and ultimately the Voyager. This thing was so fat, it actually accepted MINI SD cards.


      • James_Kernicky

        Definitely had that one before the Voyager. I had the cool leather case that closed with magnet that made me look awesome. Man I miss the days of hacking those phones, it was so easy back then.

        • MichaelFranz

          ahhh the glory days. Then google and apple had to get involved, now look at us all

      • trumpet444

        One of my all time favorite phones. That thing had a damn good camera for its day.

        • TylerCameron

          And an amazing ppi on it’s screen. Even for today.

      • Arian

        I was just now playing with my old LG enV3. Probably one of the best dumbphones I ever had, and I STILL miss that physical keyboard. I used to think I was the coolest kid in school, texting in my hoodie pocket without even looking down. And that camera was amazing for its time.

    • Nate

      Voyager was cool. Failed Media Flo TV and all. But the LG Dare that was good. But it seems Verizon is selling that again too, and it’s free on a 2 year contract!

      • zepfloyd

        I somewhat miss my Dare. That was a surprisingly decent/capable device. I think I went Dare – Omnia – Storm (shudder) – DROID.

        • Nate

          Thanks to Orb I was streaming my internet radio and watching YouTube waaaaay before there were apps or phones to do such things….With my unlimited $15 Vpak data plan!

          If I listed every Verizon phone I’ve owned here just “basic” phones alone would crash DLs site. Lets put it this way….There was a time I had 8 Verizon phones I used at the same time.

          • zepfloyd

            haha nice! I can’t say I ever had 8 at once, 4 definitely. I remember that $15 plan. Actually I remember the ‘hack’ where you could dial and use minutes for your data instead of having a plan. Of course 1X was a joke but mobile data on the train was ‘amazing’.

          • silver_arrow

            Were you a drug dealer?

          • TylerCameron

            I’ve gone through more than 8 phones, but never had more than 2 phones active at once :p

      • jeff manning

        lg chocolate. :bow:

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Going back to Verizon, this is amazing!

  • xxjehuxx

    This is a joke right!

    • rawr

      This might mean they are getting the 2GB/16GB phone since it is comparable.

      Would be unfortunate because it is an instant buy at 3GB/32GB.

    • mustbepbs

      No, it’s not a joke.

      It’s super serious.

  • Ahahahaa *falls down** I wouldn’t put it *PAST* Verizon honestly.

  • BiggiePhat

    This tells me someone was given the task to create this picture, and in the whole time creating this picture, it did not dawn on them that it was 2014.

    • nate

      Or that person was like everyone else at Verizon, unconnected with the outside world Lol.

    • ToddAwesome

      Well, they technically still sell that phone, so…..

  • cjohn4043

    I was okay with Verizon changing the G2 back buttons, but this has just gone too far.

    • nate

      I just recently learned that they only changed the back buttons to make room for the wireless charging circuitry

      • Shawn Spring

        I actually love the wireless charging feature on my G2 now…not sure if I really cared about it before the G2 but it has found a way to make me even lazier than before (if that was possible)

        • nate

          Same for me. Now i just set my phone on the pad next to me on my desk and it charges. And with pushbullet, evolveSMS, and EndlessJabber, I only have to touch my phone for snapchat lol

  • Average DL User

    Interestingly enough, that 2-inch HD screen has higher pixel density than anything motorola puts outs.


    • Un-Average DL User

      Hate much?

    • Ian

      Interestingly enough, your eyes can only differentiate pixel density up to a certain point, and all recent smartphones have crossed that line. I guess the question then becomes “What’s the point in higher pixel density?”

      I suppose the spec whores eat it up, so there’s that.


    • Ralph Bretz

      The Moto-Troll is strong in this one.

    • Jkdem85


    • Noah Jones

      Interestingly enough, no mention at all is made of Motorola in this entire article, so its really kind of stupid to bring it up at all.

  • Derek Duncan

    At first I read it and my jaw dropped. lol.

  • T4rd

    Will be the spiritual successor to the Voyager!

  • Emad Zia

    jesus this is awesome

  • Wow now I can’t decide between this or the Samsung Alias 3 :/

    • rawr

      There are also some Windows 8 phones with similar specs to choose from.

    • Kyle

      The Samsung Alias 2 was awesome with it’s buttons that would dynamically change depending on QWERTY or Flip Phone! Genius! I still have ours running on my extra phone line…still works good!

  • Kevin Esser

    Da fuq?

  • mgamerz

    Ahh, I laughed too hard at this article.