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Pressy has Finally Arrived, We Go Hands-on With It

Pressy, the Kickstarter funded project that brought instant actions to your phone via headphone jack button, is finally arriving to backers after months of delays. The idea at introduction sounded interesting, so we went ahead and grabbed a couple, not knowing that Xiaomi and others would copy it and sell it cheaper before Pressy could get theirs off the manufacturing floor. But in the end, it is here and we want to take it for a spin. Well, we at least want to show those of you who backed it that it is real, is shipping, and actually works. 

For those new to the concept, you are basically looking at a button that plugs into your headphone jack which can be programmed to launch actions on your phone. A single click could toggle WiFi, a double click could open Instagram, or a long press followed by a short press could open the camera. The possibilities are somewhat endless, though Pressy seems have limited functionality for now. Actions can be set to activate with the screen on or off, to call direct contacts, send canned text messages, or even turn on the flashlight on your phone. Make sense?

In the video below, you will see all of that and more in action.

Anyone else receive their Pressy? General thoughts?

Note:  Many readers in the comments are weighing in with their thoughts after having used it for a while. If you are at all interested in Pressy, I highly recommend you jump in there and read what they have to say. Some major drawbacks are laid out.

  • Terabitman

    I have been using Pressy for about a week now and it works amazingly well. Previous comments state alarms don’t work – it depends on the app. I use Timely which is smart enough to always use the phone’s speakers.

    The take a picture action is great for anytime you want to take a covert picture without being obvious. It simply snaps a photo and doesn’t wake the phone if the screen is off. If the phone is on you get a popup thumbnail which fades after about 3 seconds.

    The only con I have so far is that I can’t get the damn thing out without immediately dropping it. Had to dig it out of a car seat which was not a fun experience.

  • O’ Doyle

    I have a Droid MAXX and the Pressy just plain doesn’t work. Very similar phone to the Moto X. I tried turning off Touchless Controls and still nothing. My alarm is still working, but that might be since the Pressy isn’t working. Not sure if I got a bad one or if it’s just incompatible. Contacted support 2 days ago, still haven’t heard back.

  • randyckay

    After having been deeply disappointed by this product (I’m on Galaxy Note2), from now on, I’ll follow what’s on Kickstarter without participating in any project. It will be more worthwhile to buy the product later, even for 20% or 30% more after offer closes, after reading or hearing what users will have to say.

  • mariajlandreth

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  • ram

    My Feedback:
    I was one of the backer and supporter of Pressy….but unfortunately, It didn’t deliver the product on march 2014(I’ve ordered it in Aug 2013) as promised…I’ve waited for some more months(till may end)…but no update from the Pressy team…so I’ve fortunately asked for a Refund..they’ve accepted it and I’ve received a refund….:) 🙂

    After few days I saw the Xiaomi’s klick for $1.5 (less than 10% of pressy’s cost) …so just to try it, I’ve bought one from China(Free Shipping too to Europe)…I’ve received it in 2 weeks and it worked great…and it does perform the tasks faster than the original Pressy…I’ve barely used it for 2-3 days, then I felt that extra button is not necessary in performing daily tasks(it runs in the background too)…so I’ve kept it aside, so it’s almost useless on any occasion…yeah…

    I’m sure 95% of the users will throw this within a week….!!! this is just another innovative fancy item, which is not useful…Again, this is my personal opinion…

  • Anoneyemou5e

    Just got my Hello Klick in from China (the day after this article) Haven’t had much time for testing but so far: *Looks good. *Works except for long press. I will try this again later, but it says something went wrong and won’t let me assign it to anything. **It did however let me disable headphones and instead enable Klick mode. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.helloklick.android
    It might even be worth trying the app on Pressy!

  • duncanator

    I’ve been using it, well, I’ve had it for the past week and while I have it in my phone, I just don’t feel like it solves any problem for me. It’s nice, but I guess I don’t have a need for it.

  • TimTheK

    Yeah, I don’t get it. I mean, I understand the draw of having a configurable hard button for your phone, but not at the expense of draining my precious battery or preventing me from plugging in headphones or an Aux input. Sure, I could unplug pressy every time but I don’t want to be constantly unplugging my button.

  • Brian Utne


  • Stephen Fronda

    I seem to be one of the minority that enjoys using the device.
    I have the Sony Xperia Z1S, so there is already a dedicated camera button.
    I use it for quickly launching apps. Or toggling settings. It’s great to have a physical button to bring up Google Now or launch my Isis.
    I did. Notice a few quirky thing, like my MIC not working about 5% of the time after inserting the Pressy.
    I have not noticed lag, or significant battery loss like some people report.
    Buuuuuut for the first line of a device, it’s not bad.

  • SheleneHowellbim

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  • lmao…i truly feel bad for whoever spent $30 on this…i wish they took returns and everyone returned it…this company basically robbed all these people lol

    • RoadsterHD1


  • Sonic_44

    Anyone know if you can use the Xiaomi MiKey with the Pressy app?

  • Anthony Tyson

    I never understood what people saw in this. The video only proves further that it’s pointless. Without almost instant response time you might as well just manually do whatever it is set up to do.

  • Brandon

    Got mine last week, pretty useful but kind of awkward to hit if you have a huge phone like the Note 3 and small hands like I do. Was it worth $30? That’s debatable.

  • WK

    never understood the appeal of this really. my friend has a bunch of the imitation ones for sale. he showed me how he could turn on the flashlight with it while the screen was off. and i showed him how i can just hold down the vol up button and did the same thing. granted, i flashed a rom and its rooted and yea this is just one action that pressy can do but still. what happens when you want to plug in headphones? now i gotta switch this thing in and out all the time?

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Got mine yesterday in Norway and one think i really hate about their app, whenever i take out Pressy from my phone and put my headsett their app automatically pops up and locks my screen. Frustrating!

  • I still cannot believe this was backed by supporters. Who in their right mind really wants this? I guess a fool is born every day.

  • Alessio D’Addario

    700,000$ for this? WTF?!?

  • p0k3y

    Feel sorry for the “investors” of this useless tech – did they hear that the fruit company is getting rid of the headphone jack in the future? If so, it will be a matter of time before Android devices follow suit.

    • pizzamannetje

      As they always do. Like every pc coming with a thunderbolt port nowadays.

  • Main problem I am having with my Pressy is the fact that it needs to wake the screen for some actions. Like turn on/off bluetooth doesn’t happen when the screen is off, only when you turn the screen on. Also, it’s got some major lag when your phone’s been asleep for while. You’ll press it, then wait, then it will do the action. It needs to be instantaneous.

  • dancingcrab

    I have a N5, and I’ve having very few of the problems people are mentioning below. I can use “Ok, Google” no problem. Battery is unaffected. My alarm clock is fine. When you insert the Pressy/headphones, the app asks what it is. I wonder if people aren’t doing that right?

    I do agree, however, that the app delay is annoying. Launching the camera with the Pressy takes long than finding the icon manually.

    • sirmeili

      Some of the “OK, Google” problems your’re reading about are the “Ok, Google now” feature of the MotoX, which this completely breaks as both use the same hook. Even if yo udon’t use the long press for Pressy, it blocks Touchless control from using it (Basically they block each other and you are SOL as long as you have the pressy in the phone when it comes to touchless control and the “long press” for the pressy)

  • Jay Ward

    QuickClick is far better then pressy.

  • Robbie Gerling

    My biggest gripe is the pressy service takes a LOT of battery just to operate. I used it for about an hour, and then checked battery stats. Pressy was at 9% usage which seems exorbitantly high for a service that’s only supposed to action headset jack presses…

  • jtwo

    Why would anyone want this? What does it do that an nfc chip could not? I am not seeing the point of this device. It seems like it limits your phone to much and gives you nothing in return.

  • ImmaDroid

    It seems like a good idea before hand, but now seeing it on your video it looks pretty whack. Just seems like its a waste of time trying to learn all these presses, an the time it takes to launch an app was slow. Plus all the not being able to do Voice activated things cause it thinks the headphones are in

  • msk

    i ordered a ‘klick’ $0.40 knock off from china.

    • EP_2012

      How well does it work? How long have you used it for?

  • Boblank84

    i bought the xiaomi one for less than 2.00 shipped and used it for about an hour. not sure where it is anymore. one of those things that sounds like it may be useful but definitely is not imo.

  • Wow that delay, sort of defeats the purpose of this gadget. I’ll pass.

    • Marcellus1

      Yeah, the video did seem to have a significant delay. Maybe it’s just because I have triggers set up for different purposes than what was in the video, but my Pressy typically doesn’t have that much delay.

  • Tran Nguyen

    Sorry, that’s waste money.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    got mine. like most, pissed about touchless control. but when the pressy is not in the headphone jack, touchless control works fine.

  • dude

    it disables the speakerphone on my note 2, so disappointing.

    • Marcellus1

      I have a Pressy in my GS3 and use the speakerphone all the time. I do enable the speakerphone through AutomateIt rather than manually, though, so not sure if that makes a difference. I have it set to turn the speakerphone on whenever the phone is moved away from my ear.

      • Woodhouse

        That’s probably why you can get speakerphone. I have a GS3 and Pressy disables the stock in-call speakerphone option.

    • Matthew Fura

      I have the same issue with my N5. When Pressy’s installed, the speaker volume on Hangout video chats is inaudible. I have to remove it to be able to hear anything.

    • Aaron Green

      I have a note 3, and have the same issue. The button is greyed out, so my options are bluetooth or phone-to-ear. Fortunately, I’m a giant BT whore and have a headset in at almost all times, or have it running through my head unit’s BT in the car. Got my Pressy on Monday, have had it in since then, and didn’t encounter the issue until 11:30 last night, but it’s still unfortunate. Otherwise, it’s pretty fabulous: bottom line, it works as advertised…it really does.

  • sklein12

    It works as expected but it’s unusable because of 4 major issues while it’s inserted:
    1. You can’t use “Ok, Google Now” anymore
    2. You can’t use voice to text
    3. You can’t use Google Now voice search while it’s inserted
    4. You can’t hear your alarm clock because it tries to play through the headphone jack (learned this one the hard way)

    • SJ

      And you, Sir, just saved me some money. Thank you.

    • Marcellus1

      S-Voice and Google Search may need to be disabled before installing Pressy but they can be re-enabled later: http://get.pressybutton.com/pages/support

      I have a Pressy and I have no problem with voice to text or google now voice search. Alarm clock works perfectly as well. When you put Pressy in, are you telling the app that it is Pressy and not headphones that you have plugged in?

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        He’s talking about Moto X touchless controls.

      • sklein12

        Yes, I’m saying that it is Pressy and none of those features are working on my Moto X.

        • Marcellus1

          Ok, I’ve got a GS3. I’ve heard there are issues with the touchless aspects of Moto X. Sorry to hear that.

      • Laki S.

        I have a Pressy in my Moto X as well and am having no issues. I like it; it makes skipping tracks in Google Music easier. Instead of unlocking the phone now, all I do is a single long press.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      This is why I can’t bring myself to support Kickstarters. I’m all about ambition and underdogs but between delays and that, it’s just not cutting it. On a side note, the Xiaomi Mi Key has none of these problems and its only 5 bucks. Go for that. The only problem is that there’s no keychain. Just a little clasp for your headphone cable. Still…

      • MJ

        What app do you use with the Xiaomi Mi Key? …and what phone do you have?

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          It comes with an app called Mi Key. There’s even an English translation. Also, I use it on the Xiaomi Mi3. Though I did thoroughly test it on a Nexus 5 running Kit Kat with no issues.

          • MJ

            Cool…Nexus 5 here. It’s not a Play Store app so how would you get updates for it? Mainly, I want it for a flashlight button so also wondering about the start up time to launch and does it use it’s own flashlight program or can I map it to my flashlight program? Sorry for all the questions and guess should just spend the $5-6 and try it out.

          • Miguel Angel Portela

            It’s all through the Mi Key app and works very quickly. You can get updates by looking on the Miui forum. Here’s the link 🙂 http://en.miui.com/thread-18958-1-1.html

          • MJ

            Thanks for the info…

      • steelew

        Their app sucks though. I bought one of the knockoff pressy buttons too and their app was constantly trying to use the internet. The good news is that the pressy app works with the knockoffs…if you have an unlock code (that comes with a pressy).

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          Hm. I might just have to get a pressy just to activate the app then. That keychain ain’t half bad either

    • Suman Gandham

      #4 is megafailz 🙁

    • sirmeili

      I thought I had it working with my MotoX. I had jsut deleted any actions that used long press (since that is what touchless control uses). Then I realized a day later that touchless control no longer worked even though it was still set as the default. I took it out and I think it has now gone missing…LOL

      All I really wanted it for was to use as a flashlight button. When I had my gNex I was going to use it for more, but my MotoX solved many of those issues.

      • PhilD41

        Ditto on this… although I haven’t lost mine. Bought it with the GNex…. little use for it on the MotoX now. Actually I could use it, but not at the expense of touchless controls.

        • Joey Costa

          I agree, and I made the same move from Gnex to motox. Touchless controls are way better than the pressy, and i’m not trading hands free controls for a little button.

          • arfunk

            Yet another who supported Pressy when I had my Gnex but now, with my MotoX, am frustrated. If I had a different phone I suspect I’d love Pressy, but not with my MotoX. (I’ve got two, black Pressys with the keychain holder… I suppose they’re for sale if anyone wants to make an offer.)

      • sharongnewborn

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    • Brandon

      I don’t know what phone you have, but I have none of these issues of my Note 3 running C-Rom.

    • Eric

      I do not have any of these issues with my pressy in. Maybe it is because my google search updated after I installed it? Either way, my Galaxy Nexus is working well with pressy!

    • synplex

      #2-3 are Not True at my End. I’m on a Verizon LG G2.
      WHat phone are you on??

    • itsdmise

      How do you undo this on a Moto X?
      As in, how do you return functionality to touchless control and the like?

    • George264

      Yeah found this out the hard way with 3 pressys 🙁 there goes ~60$

    • Guest

      I have a Pressy, and haven’t experienced any of the issues you mention. Granted, it’s not perfect as the video shows, but I am able to use all the features you say don’t work without any problems.

    • ipowyourface

      Weird, I don’t have any of these issues with my nexus 5 and my pressy (Android L). Are you selecting the top option when you plug your pressy in?

    • Woodhouse

      No issues with any of that using Pressy on my GS3 with KitKat. Maybe it’s a Moto X specific issue?

    • Lux

      I am using a pressy on my N5, and I can definitely still use “Ok Google”, and speak to my phone, and it transcribes my voice like normal and works fine.
      So there goes issues 1, 2, and 3. I haven’t tried it with my alarm clock yet though.

    • steelew

      Every one of the things you said that don’t work, works for me. Try uninstalling the app and re-run the setup. I have a Galaxy S4 and I had to basically disable S-voice (no big loss) and make pressy the default, there may be a similar setup issue for you. Also make sure you are running the latest version of pressy, they have updated it about three times since I got mine.

  • Marcellus1

    From the beginning, the functionality was not intended to be all-encompassing. They announced there would be an AutomateIt Pressy extension, which is available and works great. Tasker integration was also mentioned, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  • jmark

    I got mine and to put it blunt….very disappointing…waste of money…faster to open phone and just choose the app u want on

    • Manny Wilson

      You can set it to a fast response (not sure why that is an option, it should always be fast). It seems great to me and only gives me an issue when I forget that the flashlight and camera are mutually exclusive.

  • jmashis


    • Hep

      Yep, been using QuickClick for a while now. It’s much faster than the demo of Pressy.

  • Ryan Powell

    Got mine last week. Was pretty excited despite paying a premium for it and dealing with the delays but then it told me I had to disable Touchless Control on the Moto X so in the drawer it went. I shouldn’t have to disable a key feature of my phone to use it.

    • Jon Markman

      This also made me put it back in the box within 5 minutes. I’m hoping they figure out a software work-around, because I use Touchless Control more than I’d use Pressy.

    • Did not realize it would do that. Game over then heh.

      • Ryan Powell

        Yep. Shame, too, because it would have worked nicely with the headphone jack being at the top of the Moto X.

  • Maxim∑

    Really useless and overpriced…

  • Jason Downing

    Two things off the top of my head that would prevent me from getting this. Headphone jack constantly being used and could be a problem with some cases. Cool idea, but it shouldn’t prevent you from doing other things with your phone.

    NFC option that showed up a couple weeks ago looks like a better option, but execution will be everything.

    • jmashis

      I actually find the idea very dumb. There are so many options in the play store to do stuff like this that are cheaper, don’t cost you your headphone jack, and don’t require waiting for something to be shipped.

      • Jason Downing

        That’s essentially what I said.

      • sirmeili

        I wanted it as a hardware button for the flashlight on my MotoX. This was worth it to me, but since it breaks Touchless Control, I put it away and that was that.

        I got it when I had the gNex and there was no touchless control. Touchless control does pretty much everything I wanted the pressy to do. The only feature left was “flashlight button” 🙂

      • JasonS

        Which options are you using? I would like to try them out. How are they triggered?

  • Dapke

    Received mine a few days ago. Disappointed that you can’t create custom presses/launch combos. Also, I found it extremely difficult to insert, as you can’t press the dang button while pushing it in! It took me four or five tries to insert the thing properly. Not a “quick” solution, for sure.

  • Jared Denman

    Thought it would be great but now not so much. Kind of like a Chinese buffet!

  • over it

  • androidkin

    I just mine a few days ago. Pretty nice to use but hard to use with a case and to remove the pressy from device.