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Koush Whips Up Clear Notifications App for Android L Preview Users

As we came to realize only a few minutes into our time with the Android L developer preview build, it seems that Google has removed the clear all notifications button found in the notification bar. Whether this is a permanent change to Android by Google, we still don’t know (since this is a preview build), but well-known developer Koush wasn’t having it. 

After seeing the community’s cries, Koush has quickly whipped up an app, which brings a clear all button into the pulldown section of the notification bar.

To say that it is nice to have this button back would be an understatement. If you are running the Android L preview, download the apk by following the link below.

Thanks, Koush.

Download Link

Via: +Koushik Dutta
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  • mikewilson1021

    And how the heck does one enable usb debugging on the L preview? Tapping on the build doesn’t do it like it used to do. I’ve tapped everything (that’s what she said) and nothing.

    • Lakerzz

      Workes for me. Done it like 4 times. (I’ve been going back and forth to this rom, lol)

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      ‘I’ve tapped everything (that’s what she said)’

      She did? :-

    • brkshr

      Worked for me on N5 & N7

  • Kelly OBrien

    will this work with a complete stock verizon samsung galaxy note 2 non rooted

    • Considering this was made for the android “L” preview I am going to say probably not. But there is always a shot. Do you not have a clear all?

  • Al-Burrit0

    I hope the notifications on the lock screen are clear, something along the line of dash clock look. Not liking the white boxes…

    • BAM1789

      Not sure if serious..

      • Al-Burrit0

        Ha I’m serious. Maybe not a popular opinion, but It just looks so cluttered. I haven’t even tried andriod L yet so I’ll give it a shot, but so far I don’t like the look.

  • bmos18

    I keep getting parse error help

  • Fiorta

    First ten swipes are free then you gotta upgrade for $4.99

    • I lol’d

    • K

      LOL. Kinda surprised it’s free. Very unlike Koush

      • MJ

        Yeah, why isn’t he working for free like everyone else?

        • niuguy

          It’s like that son of a bitch wants to eat or something.

    • JimmyHACK

      Starting out July with the comment of the month winner already! LOL!

    • Tee

      And he charges for each install as opposed to a one time fee…

    • LeeannaThomsonrap

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  • JSo

    I actually like notifications in my notification shade

    • Justin W

      I wish weather apps would properly utilize the low priority setting. I don’t constantly want to see the temp in my status bar (it makes it look hideous, even when it actually follows guidelines for the color/lack of background). Maybe then I’d be tempted to use one for more than a few minutes to check out severe weather in the area.

    • C-Law

      So do I. We are talking about when you get a build up of useless notifications. For example, when I first installed the L build, I had to swipe away a ton of notifications. One for each app that had downloaded and installed. The clear all button works great for situations like that.

    • DanSan

      what weather widget is that in the notification bar? fits nicely.

      • JSo

        The appropriately named, Notification Weather. lol

  • Intrusive. Does it need to be the size of a notification.

    • JSo

      For a quick app that he made that doesnt require root…probably.

  • JSo

    This is great. I actually don’t get a whole bunch of notifications that I need to get rid of all at once so it’s not big deal to me. But I know a lot of people wanted this.

  • Brent Cooper

    Gotta love the Android dev community

  • Alan Paone

    Its satisfying in a way to swipe them all away individually

    • jrop

      ^ this. haha

  • KleenDroid