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Google Acquires Songza to Make Google Music Better, Other Products Too

Google announced this afternoon – oddly at the same time that the USA’s World Cup match started – that they had acquired Songza, a music service that uses “contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time.”

The goal for the future is to find ways to bring Songza tech to Google Play Music, YouTube, and other Google Products. For now, Songza remains the same and is available on Google Play and iOS.

Fans of Songza? Tell me why you love it. 

Via:  +Google Play | Songza
  • dcdttu

    Maybe they can update Songza to not have a plasma-burning static screen when you’re casting it to your TV.

  • markgbe

    nice! merge that code baby.

  • Curtis

    I do NOT like this. At. All. Songza was kind of like my hidden gem. Yes, I know it’s popular, but, the fact that there were no commercials and they always seem to play good music (ok, sometimes their playlists become stale), and have so many options, was incredible! I feared this would happen. I don’t think this will end well for Songza fans. Boooo! – Sincerely, AGFTWSSFGFO (A Google Fan That Wanted SOME Separation From Google, For Once)

    • markgbe

      whattttttttttttt… are you a commie or something? 🙂

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  • UncleFan

    I wonder how many times Google is going to “revamp” Music before they fix the most annoying bug of all time: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/apps/m_9ZLPPmE_I/VIJnQ1I4zmcJ

    • Chris

      Of all time?

      • UncleFan

        Totally. Like all problems with Google’s consumer-facing products, it’s completely unsolvable for love or money, and there is NO ONE to call for help.

  • Sky

    Can you cache playlists on songza? I personally prefer Spotify over everything right now, but i used to use songza and thought it was pretty good as far as playlists go..not Spotify good,but still decent..i Think this is a good sign imo, cuz GPM lists are retarded and lame.

  • Trab Dub da Vet

    I hope it improves the music app because it sucks to me I keep an iPod along with my phone because it’s annoyed me so much.

  • Gomzy

    Songza’s recommendations are awesome!! No wonder Google bought it, and no wonder Apple bought Beats Music.

    • Chris

      What does beats and Apple have to do with this topic?

      • Gomzy

        It has. Every company is competing to make their curated lists “smarter”. That is why Apple bought Beats, and that is why Google bought Songza.

        • lamenting

          And Rdio bought TastemakerX the other day, but I think I’m the only one here that uses Rdio.

  • Songza’s radio stations are so much better than both Google’s and iHeartRadio’s. I’m a big fan.

    • Chris

      Because local radio sucks /sarcasm

      • I mean, don’t get me wrong, I listen to my local radio stations, but both iHeart and Songza have stations tuned to a particular activity and genre, which Songza does way better. Google Music doesn’t have that at all and I’d love to see Songza’s radio baked into Google Music.

      • rawr

        You should remove the /sarcasm. Local radio sucks unless it is a morning show for a large market.

        The reason why I only listen to 40’s on 4 and BPM/Elecarea/Chill now.

  • Under the bridge downtown

    The Songza Remains the Same, eh? Rim-shot!

    • Chris

      For now. Changes are not happening over night

      • Under the bridge downtown

        I was referring to Kellen’s possible Zeppelin reference. The pun probably was not intended.

  • MacNificent

    No link?
    I’m so lazy and spoiled by Droid-Life.
    I can’t believe I actually had to go to the play store and type it in..

    • Chris

      The changes won’t happen right away

  • William_Morris

    I really enjoy the way it caters to time of day and mood. The bedtime list (particularly Ladies Soothing You To Sleep) is pretty impressive with such artists as Lana Del Ray, Lykke Li, Imogen Heap, and Regina Spektor.

  • Kevin

    Hopefully this improves Radio on All Access

  • Ben Murphy

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

  • PhilD41

    Been using Songza for quite a while! Not quite the selection as Spotify, but no commercials, good quality, and I can listen to it anywhere including on the Chromecast. Hear is hoping that this deal improves both services!!

    • Wall Breaker

      i have found All Access to have a better selection than spotify.

      • PhilD41

        Good to know. I am still not ready to pay $10 a month for music with how much I listen. Right now Songza does everything I need.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        All access has a better selection depending on what you’re looking for. If I can’t find it in All Access it’s probably over at Spotify.

        • Justin W

          Doesn’t Spotify have a better collection of lesser-known artists (i.e. Indie or self-created)? Never used it, just heard they have more of that.

      • Chris

        The name used work

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  • Drooblz

    Switched to it when Pandora would repeat the same crap over and over again. Usually have it going when I’m at work.

  • Mike Credelle

    Good, Play Music Radio Stations aren’t that great. Also interesting, I signed up for Songza with my google account and it asked if I wanted to install the Songza app on my phone as well.

    • Chris Hughes

      Totally agree. In fact, I’d argue they are terrible. I continue to pay for Pandora just because the “just play some music” part of it is so much better.

      I was kinda hoping google would purchase Pandora… but anything to make the radio stations better would be nice.

      As a test sometimes I seed two of the exact same stations on Pandora and google music in the same way. Pandora really seems to stay on track…where as Google goes way out there really fast.

      ie, I seeded a station with NIN. Pandora generally stuck to the genre of metal, industrial, ect….the same general vibe.

      3 songs in and Google play is going back and forth between things like Jack Johnson, Green Day, and Norah Jones (WTF?)

      • Rodeojones000

        That’s bizarre. But I’ve had just as much bad luck with Pandora stations. Listened to my Metallica station while mowing the lawn today. Mixed in were songs by Pearl Jam, Semi Sonic, Coldplay, Buffalo Springfield, and Kansas (seriously, there’s nothing metal about Dust In The Wind).

      • JMonkeYJ

        I actually really like the I’m Feeling Lucky auto playlist from Google Play. I’m constantly hearing new music I really like using it. It does occasionally get stuck in a weird genre, but you just click it again and give it another whirl.

    • jamaall

      All access radio stations are simply just songs from related artists, which you can find a list of them in the play store. That’s why they suck so badly, no variety.

    • Jon

      Yeah I totally agree. The Play Music Stations can be incredibly inaccurate. For example…listening to Bon Iver radio station, I would also get some really upbeat pop rock thrown in. Like seriously?

      Some bands it does OK with, but I’m all about music discovery and really want the radio stations to be more accurate and useful. I don’t want to listen to the exact same thing, but a close approximation. That’s how you discover music.

    • Does Google even take into account songs you’ve given thumbs up and down ratings to? No matter how many songs I rate, I still get the same mix of music.

      Google, if I give a song a thumbs down, stop including it in my radio stations!

      • Mike Credelle

        I’ve gotten it to get a little better. I use the highly rated queue, save that as a new playlist, and then create a new radio station off that playlist. I do that every couple weeks so it gets my new ratings built in.

      • Chris

        Maybe now they have people who know what they are doing that will get better

  • Ryan Mallon

    It’s the best free streaming option available in Canada. I imagine this about kills that. Damn.

    • T4rd

      Not necessarily. The service itself can remain untouched, just like Waze when it was acquired by Google. Google just uses their techniques on the back end to make their software better.

      • Ryan Mallon

        Well, that would be the best option.