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Brazilian Retailer Posts Moto X+1 Specs Early, Maybe…Sort Of? (Updated)

A Brazilian retailer called Livraria Logos, who just so happened to post Moto E specs two days before the phone was announced, has created a working page for the yet-to-be-announced Moto X+1, with a full list of specs. Outside of those, there are no real images of the phone or other marketing materials like we saw when the Moto E leaked early. We aren’t fully sure what to make of this site since all we know about it is a Moto E premature posting, but since they were spot on with the Moto E, we might as well give them a second look. 

Before we move on, though, we should point out that there are were specific notes at the bottom of the listing this morning, when a reader first sent this in, that seemed to suggest that whoever created the page, was waiting for official confirmation from Motorola or another source on the details. To be precise, it said “confirm the veracity of the information from the documents provided by the manufacturer” when translated. That note is now gone, so Livraria Logos either thinks they have confirmation or is in full hypebeasting mode to get their store some early pageviews.

With all of that in mind, here are the purported Moto X+1 Specs:

  • Display:  5.2″ Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Operating System:  Android 4.4.4 “KitKat”
  • Processor:  2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • Cameras:  12MP rear, 5MP front
  • RAM:  2GB
  • Connectivity:  WiFi, 4G/3G/2G, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Storage:  32GB, micro SD support up to 128GB
  • Battery:  2,900mAh

Thoughts? Sound like a worthy successor that you could get behind?

Update:  The page featuring purported Moto X+1 info has now been wiped clean.

Via:  Livraria Logos
Cheers Neemias!
  • just give us a motomaker screen size option and the world will rejoice

  • guesswhat

    people bitching about moto x’s specs ..sure point out its probable short coming in horse power (even though it is only on paper would run perfectly fine in real world) ..but let me remind them of moto x’s strength it is the x8 architecture, addition of low power cores (I know qcom soc’s claim to have these cores inbuilt but no one is yet able to use them to built feature like those found on X) but that differentiates it and allows it to run unique feature like like touchless control, Assist, and active display ..im sure they will get better in this iteration and some new features will be added ..no matter what the specs of your phone are , what ultimately matters is the experience ..and with such unique features moto x offers very unique experience ..which cannot be found on other device..

    • pyro74boy .

      There are apps in the Google play store that can make your phone be used as a touchless device and really you can pretty much do it now with just the touch of the screen.People must be pretty lazy if they can’t touch your phone just once to use your voice to control your phone. LOL There is not one single feature that sets the moto X apart from anything else on the market it is a very overrated device just because of it’s cheap price and that’s what people like you just don’t seem to understand. Your comment reminds me so much of an iphone user, When I buy a phone that was made in the year 2013 I want it to have 2013 specs not specs from 2012 or 2011. LOL and like it or not at some point specs do matter when it comes right down to how well a phone truly performs.

      • ur an idiot…not everyone wants to hold their phone around bc its to big to pocket or wants it bulging out their pants so their uncomfortable while they sit….or look like an idiot with a 7″ phone on their face while talking…people what a phone sized phone which is why the iphone is still so popular…i love my moto x it does everything i need without a hiccup or stutter and has a perfect formfactor and is nexuseque unlike any other phone besides a nexus…have zero complaints about it so your comment about overrated is ridiculous if anything its underrated…have fun with your korean made crap im good

        • pyro74boy .

          Please don’t make me laugh I can fit my Note2 in my pants pocket just fine thank you very much and your wrong about the size of it it’s not a 7 inch phone it’s 5.5 so get your facts straight before you try to call someone out on something. LOL WOW the Note line of phones where the very first of there kind to have true multitasking capabilities and they set the standard for this type of user experience before the Moto X had anything to with it and everyone including Apple is trying to copy the design of it so please stop talking out of your butt-hole. Funny how you talk about the Moto X having zero complaints when I have heard even owners and people who even like the X complain about the camera and remember I’m quoting them not me. I hope that you’re also aware that there is no such thing as the perfect phone regardless of brand name and price and this includes both the Note2 and Moto X so please stop with this mine and better then yours garbage because all of these phones have there pros and cons and this includes both your phone and mine, Yes it was ridiculous of you to call me in idiot based only on difference of opinion and like it or not It’s my opinion that the X is overrated. The correct response should have been I don’t agree with you. Learn to use a little bit of respect and you might get some back.

          • guesswhat

            Used my friends note 3 recently takes 3 secs on average to wake up when power button is pressed ..will never touch a janky phone even though it has great specs

          • guesswhat

            Also moto x features cannot be replicated using some apps from play store ..you can believe it can be done and be happy with your janky note .. that’s ok .but the fact is its not the same experience and battery life will suck ..

          • pyro74boy .

            My Note is not janky as you call it in fact it’s by far the smoothest running phone I have used and trust me I have used phones with mega amounts of lag where they where running so slow that I could walk faster.LOL

          • guesswhat

            You should try moto x or nexus 5 to experience what smooth and jank free is experience is like

          • pyro74boy .

            Trust me I know a smooth phone when I see one. Stock Android is not for me. No thanks.

          • pyro74boy .

            I agree with you about the Note3 I had one for a while and returned it back to the store because there was noticeable lag on it when compared to my Note2. I thought I maybe got a bad N3 but nope the Note3 on display in the store acted the same exact way so I returned it back to Verizon and kept what I feel is a better performing phone.

          • All i heard was waaaaaaa

            But seriously who are you trying to convince me or yourself lol

          • pyro74boy .

            Really that’s the best you can do? LOL

            All of my points where valid regardless of what you think. LOL

  • UniBroW

    Don’t care about specs, just needs qi charging out of the box. I actually am ditching my Note 3 and picked up a Nexus 5. Like the Moto x more but liking the qi charging too much

    • Nikuliai

      Well you can always open it and incorporate a qi universal charging thingy (can’t actually remember the name)

  • Minh

    Wow, these people. People complained when the LG G3 didn’t have the 805 processor. The X+1 may have Snapdragon 800 and no one says a thing.

    • arthur2142

      The main reason for that was the resolution of the LG G3. The 800 processor can’t utilize such high resolution to its full capability.

    • needa

      that is because everyone knows that a moto x with a snap 800 will be the fastest phone on the market.

  • Meltdown07

    Moto better add wireless charging to those specs!

    • needa

      i doubt it. the tk guy said the x2 was thinner than the current x. who knows… maybe moto will have qi backs on motomaker.

  • CJvzla

    i prefer 4.5 inch screen, if the next moto X/G goes for the 5+ 1080p route i feel they will just become more of the same..the small size and great performance is what maked them so great…

    • needa

      i completely agree. think about it this way though… if you are using android wear, you probably will not have to use the phone near as much.

  • pyro74boy .

    I sure hope this years Moto X has up to date specs and does not have specs that are over a year old. If I wanted a phone with out of date specs then I would buy a phone from that year not a phone that was being sold as a brand new device with old specs. The Moto X was by far the most overrated phone to come out last year just because of it’s cheap price.

    • lmao

      • pyro74boy .

        lmao to you as well. LOL

  • ali jawad

    The X+1 news is interesting. People think its a bigger version of the Moto X. I’d like to think its something different, like a customized Android ROM featuring the return of Moto Blur.

  • Joel Hardman

    My question is if they will keep the X8 architecture that they used on the Moto X? If so, then won’t they have to re-label it the “X10” architecture because of the quad core main cpu? Also, since the 801 is not that drastic of a jump from the 800, won’t putting the 800 in the “X10” architecture possibly perform better than the 801 by itself?

  • Tastor Croy

    Definitely considering it

  • Lucas

    OMG! If it launches with a reasonable price, I will buy it! Go Brazil!

  • shelderman

    For those squashing the specs. The moto X is supposed to be an affordable device, not a super high end one. At least you can get this with almost stock as well. I think the specs are great for this phone.

    • atc-tech

      The moto X is the exact same price of every other flagship, carrier backed, phone that comes out. Where are you getting affordable? It’s supposed to be super high end. Not affordable. They just think they can sell the features instead of the specs. It works on some people, not on others. I personally could care less about voice control with the screen off and active display. Therefore, it doesn’t work on me. I want the specs if I’m paying the price.

      • frhow

        Um the Moto X came in at $550-$900. It is definitely suppose to be affordable in comparison to the other flagships of the world.

        • Marc

          The moto X was 199 on contract when it was released, and moto maker was exclusive to AT&T initially. The four hundred dollar price didn’t come out until it was rotting on the shelves for a while. Top of the line prices should have had top of the line specs and they probably would have sold more.

          • frhow

            No sir, the MOTO X came without a contract, the moto maker was only for AT&T variants. The other ones you could have just bought a black or white one. Including ones directly from Motorola. I bought one. It wasnt until later when the MOTO maker was opened up to other carriers and to the public in general. But the phone was still the best overall experience I have had due to the sub par specs. They did an AMAZING job at optimizing the phone. Thats where specs are over hyped. If the phone is optimized properly specs arent worth nothing more than the paper its written on unless you go into the camera/screen comparison. But the processor should have never been questioned as it performed excellent and the phone was completely lag free.

        • um i wish it did lol i woulda bought it way sooner!

  • Higher_Ground

    Assuming those are the correct specs, I’m looking forward to the increased screen size and battery capacity. I’m not sure about the processor or the camera though…

    • Camera will be garbage, just like every other Moto. The biggest reason to pass on this device. Until they can deliver a camera on par with the iPhones, S5’s and G3’s of the world, there’s zero reason to buy this phone.

      • Higher_Ground

        Well I wouldn’t say zero reasons. I personally am a big fan of the wooden backs, and if I can get this for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the other flagships, I’ll consider it.

        I’ve still got a gnex – the camera is bad, but that only bothers me every once in a while. The absolutely terrible reception and consequently abysmal battery life are near constant problems.

        • hoosiercub88

          Well, almost any phone you can buy nowadays is going to be better than the Gnex in every single way. The Moto X camera is severely hit & miss. I’ve shot a few good pictures with it though. I can’t imagine Moto/Lenovo is going to put much more effort into the camera for the X+1, hell, it could even be the same sensor for all we know.

          The camera is pretty bad, and it’s not as fast as it once was. Hell I remember whenever I got my GNex and how snappy the camera was on stock 4.0.. those days are gone. I’m looking in the way of G3 or Z2/3 if we ever get either of them stateside.

          • Goddamn that Gnex camera was fast, but the pictures….

          • Carlton Crasher

            maybe i’m loony but i dislike my note 3’s picture capabilities. between not having OIS that i had on my Nexus 5 and the fact that the note 3 seems like as soon as it seems light dip it decides to raise the ISO to Maximum and destroy the picture.

      • lol go buy a dslr…peopel who bitch about the camera on phones annoy me…its a phone dude and my moto x takes great pics and video i dont see what the complaint is? i dont use phone pictures to make desktop wallpapers or posters lol i use them to put on fb and instagram and show people pics from the phone which are always vibrant and nice looking…if your that nitpicky youll never buy a phone bc they all have shortcomings..if camera is your 1# priority get a nokia or get an actual camera n stop crying like a b*ch on forums about it

        • Change your tampon you whiner. I have a DSLR and use it for anything serious. For everything else I use my phone camera because it’s what I have on me at the time. If my phone wasn’t up to snuff, I’d get something else.

          Anyway, it doesn’t matter what your lame argument is, the Moto X has an absolute garbage camera compared to the other flagships from last year. Even the Nexus 5 puts the X to shame by a longshot.

          But if it’s good enough for you, then great, enjoy your shi**y pictures. For most people, it’s not, and it’s completely unacceptable for Moto to still be so far behind in the camera department after all these years.

  • Shadowstare

    Did that say 5.2 inch display? Moto might have just might have just gotten my attention.

    • hoosiercub88

      If it’s true. There’ll be so much butthurt from the X community lol

      • ur right itll be 2 big…stupid koreans ruin everything

  • S.Ober

    Yawn, when is something exciting going to come out already!

    • NexusMan

      “Later this summer.” The Moto 360 and the 2nd edition Moto X. Stay tuned for spec information for both.

      • S.Ober

        I am excited about the 360, all phones just seam that same. my upgrade is at the end of the month so Ill be looking.

  • Razma

    it’ll be impressive if they managed to squeeze the screen into the same form factor as the Moto X. I don’t want the phone to be any bigger, the Moto X was the perfect size and is extremely comfortable to hold

    • Charles Walker

      If the screen is 5.2″, it’s going to be considerably larger than the Moto X regardless to how thin the bezel is. It seems the Moto X+1 is going to be an LG G2 but with AMOLED and superior Moto X DNA. My hope is that they refresh the current Moto X as a “2014” model with improved specs.

  • Godzilla

    I’m sure it’ll use x10 architecture with that snapdragon 800. Look at how smooth the X is. This thing will be a beast and that screen size might be perfect of bezels are small.

  • Snapdragon 800 and 2gb Ram? Snooze.

    Another lackluster Moto. Nexus 6 it is this fall.

    • NexusMan

      LOL. You realize these specs are not official, and a Nexus 6 is also not official.

      • I realize both but the chances are very likely that the new Moto will be just as lackluster as the last.

        • NexusMan

          And I now you realize you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. Thanks for confirming.

        • ToddAwesome

          Lackluster, mmmhmmm, and thus you have proven your knowledge of this matter.

  • tripleseon

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  • Count Sana

    I Think there is a new architecture in hardware mode. just like the X8. now they are using S800 on the chip and maybe new computing cores….I can’t wait!

    • Godzilla


  • Brandon Rosonina

    And to “fix” the debate over screen size. I think manufacturers should make a 1 time round of sub 5 inch, mid 5 inch and high 5 inch, with all the same specs, and keep the size that sells the best for future models.

    • Godzilla

      Would be awesome

  • Brandon Rosonina

    This seems like a great phone and should make the remaining 10 Verizon users on this forum VERY happy. ^^ However, I will not trade in my nexus 5 for this. The snapdragon 800 and 2 gb of ram on the nexus 5 is still, after 1 year, seamlessly fast. Although I am not thrilled with the battery life, and only having the phone for 1 year I am not willing to change. On the other hand, If I had the choice of the nexus 5 and this when i bought the nexus 5, This would be the winner!

    • dizel123

      10 Verizon users? Are you really that stupid or just bad at trolling?

      • Well, 10 is a little harsh, but there’s no denying that this site is no longer just for Verizon Android fanboys. I would guess if they ran a poll on the site, less than half of the readers are still on Verizon. The Nexus is just too much of a draw. If Verizon and Google can put out a Nexus 6, I’m sure nearly every single reader would buy one.

      • Brandon Rosonina

        Was a joke, as in sarcasm.

    • StankyChikin

      I’d trade my N5 in for this in a heartbeat.

  • Where’s the X8 architecture?!

    Or was it last years gimmick? I thought it sounded neat. I’m hesitant to use always active voice commands on other phones since they don’t have a dedicated processor for it. But it just seems right on moto x cuz it has a dedicated low power CPU for voice recognition.

    Is that right?

    • ChrisNacca

      The Snapdragon 800 actually does have a low powered audio processing unit, it just isnt being used .. one developer managed to use it but wouldn’t release anything…

      so yea i guess thats what motorola are using, should be very minimal battery drain for ” always listening “

  • Yes, I think screen is still too small. But if when use this smartphone with MHl to HDMI Adapter: http://bit.ly/1jBAPzU ,Then maybe that is OK. How do you think ?

  • Renan Rennó

    Just a thought: Big screens mean bigger batteries which mean more specs…. I want flagship specs, decent battery life and a “small” screen, like 4.5 inches. Is that too much to ask?

    • PoisonApple31

      In 2014, yes that is too much to ask.

  • christiweller

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  • interstellarmind

    So…uh..it’s a bigger N5 with like 20% more battery.

    No, thank you!

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  • djdsf

    Screen still too small

  • Wall Breaker

    Perfection. The moto X badly needed a 1080p screen the fuzzy icons drove me crazy after using many 1080p phones prior. And they say you can’t tell the difference, which obviously is not true.

  • The page is now blank.

  • shamatuu

    Why 800 only at least 801.?

    • Godzilla


      • atc-tech

        cost to motorola, not cost to the consumer. you’re going to pay $200 (on contract) or $650 – $700 either way. This way, Motorola can fund the dev of their always on voice crap and whatever else they’re doing, and hopefully (for them) cut a bigger profit on the device while they’re at it.

  • Ryan Chapman

    I wish I had the time to browse the comments to see how many different people said “Take my money!” Since it seems to be the thing to say now.
    Any takers for a guess? Im guessing 10.

  • Michael Herma

    I’m excited to see what moto adds to the +1. Touch less control and active notifications with the first x, please moto, give me some new features I never realized I couldn’t live without 🙂

  • M3D1T8R

    32GB + SD, yes! All sounds good to me, except I’d rather the screen were 5″ than 5.2, and 3GB ram would be nice. Battery life should be fine. Basically if this comes with these specs and near stock Android with fast updates, and they manage to include a decent camera, and is water resistant, and maybe some decent Motomaker options (64GB please – on Verizon!), it will probably be my next phone. At least another good option vs the possible Sony Z2 coming to Verizon around the same time. Bring it on as a Verizon Dev. Edition again please.

  • Six83

    ,2 inch too much

  • jerflash

    If they bring this out for $99 on contract and under 499 off contract with these specs and moto maker…they may just have something. sure its last year specs but really the snapdragon 800 is a sick chip. the nexus 5 is a powerhouse and in reality…spoiled us on the price. i as much as i love to try new things like the lg g3 i dont see myself really getting it right now…since i have a nexus 5.

  • Nate Loos

    Basically an LG G2 with an SD Card slot and a better front facing camera… Beautiful.

    • Richard

      yes, but running 95% stock android.

  • needa

    the source also says… 3d recognition. super camera with optical zoom. mixed use of up to 26 hours. and this unit can be submerged in water.

  • Michael Harrison

    Motorola, bringing last year’s technology to you today….for full price.

  • d-rock

    This isn’t top of the line but not bad… If they game change again with innovation, it could be a real winner… But can’t be too costly.

  • wao Great work oxfordcell.com

  • trwb

    Too big. This 5+ screen size trend is ridiculous. I like my moto g better then my nexus 5.

  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
  • Fabio

    this information is not true, this website has no values ​​here in Brazil! do not believe …

  • 5n4r35

    Get me my smelling turds!!!!

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Shut up and take my money MOTOROLA!!!!

    ****Proud owner of the Moto X unlocked 32GB on T-Mobile****

    • Cheezburger

      Your screen name is absolutely classless.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    The jury is out until we get to see the software integration and the actual phone size. Funny how most people who support Moto were claiming to not care about the specs, then when the SPECS get released, that is going to be determining factor for the phone’s success. I personally think that a 5.2 inch screen is a sign of a phone that is too big. I hope that it is not bigger than the DROID MAXX.

  • Dontworryaboutit

    All the people complaining about the g3 processor are now ok with this processor since it’s a moto x successor. Ridiculous.

    • Ralph Bretz

      The people complaining about the G3 processor only care about specs. People who have used the Moto X know Motorola can optimized an “outdated” processor to get the most out of it. X8 or X10 chip set.

  • TopXKiller
  • TheDrunkenClam

    SD CARD SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Wesley Pardue

    All of it sounds believable except the micro SD support. I’m not sure I can see moto adding that.

  • burkett375

    Identical to the g2…

    • Charles Walker

      Except AMOLED, SD slot, ActiveDisplay, blessed with Motorola’s delicious optimization skills, nearly instant Android updates, and a beautiful UI that’s buttery smooth and free of bloat.

  • Guilherme Freitas

    this retailer sells books.

  • Rodeojones000

    Enough with the 5″+ screens!

  • StankyChikin

    That battery!

  • bkosh84

    2 gigs of RAM? What is this 2013? /S

    • PoisonApple31

      My phone came with 3 GB of RAM in 2013.

  • danger2u

    ok Google Now!
    take my money!

  • XvierX


  • slide83

    Why are they still a year behind on the processor ?

    • bkosh84

      Because they realize the mass of people that buy phones aren’t spec whores?

  • droidrazredge

    Now I see why they call it the Moto X+1. They +1 all the specs of the Moto X including the storage. +1 Motorola.

  • jamaall

    If the moto X + 1 has a 2900 mah battery, I hope the droid maxx + 1 has a 4000mah battery.

  • Sadly, only available in the US. Been really eager to have the Moto X. 🙁


    as long as the bezel and overall feel of the phone is the same as it was for the original, it’s going to be great! If I had a say, keep it at 5″ no bigger

    • BigBucs731

      No doubt I came from a Razr HD with the same 4.7 screen and the Moto X feels so much better in hand.. I love this phone. I am not spec whore and don’t need the biggest and baddest all the time. Moto X is the best phone I’ve ever owned.. I’ll be keeping if for a while..

  • Joseph De La Cruz

    At 5.2 inches, I hope there’s still a thin bezel and a back that makes the phone usable on a table without rocking. It would be perfect that way.

    • FreedomIsNotFree

      I appreciate the curved back. Fits in my hand better and when on a table or other flat surface the location of the speaker amplifies the sound. It’s genius really.

      • Joseph De La Cruz

        I appreciate the engineering, but I’ve always preferred a flatter back because I don’t really grip phones, I just rest the bottom on my pinky and the back on my other three fingers, which I’ve found phones with flatter backs to feel nicer for. The LG G2 was my personal favorite.

  • droidrazredge

    This will be like having a Moto Nexus 5 2014 Edition I can’t wait. Motorola is still keeping my dreams of having a Nexus like experience on Verizon going strong.

  • george

    so it’s an LG G2?

    • calculatorwatch

      It’s a G2 minus the ugly skin plus useful features and Motorola optimization.

  • Mac Ten
  • Pootis Man

    They should have at least put a snapdragon 801 in there, but with the optimizations in place I think it really wouldn’t matter in the end.

  • John

    Ummm ummm hope theres “prime” model. At a minimum put an 801 in there. Yes its the user experience that counts but at this screen size you’re going to be compared to the Galaxies and LG G series and the Oneplus One.

  • droidrazredge

    The storage space alone has me wanting to upgrade from my Moto X. All the other specs are just icing on the cake for me. As Motorola did quite well making an optimized OS with the specs that the Moto X had. I’m truly excited to what Motorola will be able to do with the X-architecture on the S800 line. Looks like I’ll be picking this up along with the Moto 360 when they’re available within the next month or two.

  • 2GB of ram seems kind of weak, when competitors are pushing 3gb and possible 4gb by Christmas.

    • Pootis Man

      Believe me with the current optimizations that KitKat has and the soon to be released Android L is going to have 2gb is enough.

      • droidrazredge

        Especially with the way Motorola optimizes their phones based on the X-architecture. 2GB is definitely enough as it was enough for the Moto X. Unlike other companies who need 3 – 4GB because of their resource hungry UI’s, Motorola knows how to keep their UI minimal while still being able optimizing the OS around the specs they use at the same time where one wont even notice the difference in specs. Add that to how Android L Preview looks and how optimized it is around battery and OS it seems Motorola will have a great contender in 2014.

        • Pootis Man


  • Ralph Bretz

    Hopefully it still has Active Display and they improve it slightly. I will be getting one of these for sure.

  • YankInDaSouth

    If these turn out to be true, I’m all in!

  • TC Infantino

    Shut up! Just shut up. You had me at SD card.

    • J2886M

      “You had me at SD card” *priceless*

  • adbFreedom

    SD slot does not sound right, it would be greatly appreciated but not likely. I just hope they continue the x8 computing that’s all I ask …

    • calculatorwatch

      LG and HTC added microSD slots to their flagships this year after not having them last year. Not to mention Moto has put them in their other devices like the G. It’s really not all that unlikely.

      • RC

        I think a big part of it is that SD cards are inherently more safe to use with the changes in KitKat. OEMs can use the slot now with a lessened risk of “MY PHONE IZ BORKED GUYZ”

    • kashtrey

      I think they want the X to appeal better globally. The SD card slot is necessary in countries where mobile data isn’t necessarily easily accessible, hell it’s important in America where unlimited is a rare find.

  • DanielMena9

    those bezels better be ZERO at that size. Should have been 4.7″ and to give us a wow factor do 1080p with ever less bezel!


  • John Clausen

    If they can find a way to keep the device itself petite, I’m all for a 5″ display. The bigger, the better. I think it’ll be fine.

  • Tony Byatt

    Those specs, if accurate, demand that this phone should be sub $450, if not $400 off-contract/unlocked or it will fail…

  • Jared Denman

    wireless charging? MHL or slimport? it has to have this if it wants me to depart from my n5

  • enigmaco

    sounds like a beast can’t wait to have it, it will be mine oh yes it will be mine.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Most people wouldn’t be jumping up and down about these specs, but you have to consider some things. Screen size is bumped but Motorola always has a nice form factor and design, so expect a thin bezel. The phone itself may not be that much bigger then the current one.

    Other specs aren’t screaming loud, but Stock Android runs so well and when L comes it’s supposedly running at 60 fps. Unless you’re some power user gaming kind of person, then these specs are more then enough for daily use and the average person. Just comparing processors, the iPhone never had a beefy processor, but the OS and everything else is and always so fine tuned it runs smoothly and gamed well.

    Battery could be bigger, but I heard the current Moto X has decent to goo battery life. I still think batteries should be at least 3000mAh.

    12mp sound nice, but even 10mp on the current Moto X was crap. Hopefully they add a legit camera. 5mp sounds really nice for a front camera. Their front camera was good at least on the current Moto X. But how many selfies are you gonna take?

    Everything else seems fine to me.

  • From all rumors and “confirmations” like this, all specs sound great to me. Add a few Moto features and I think I’m ready to buy.

    My main concern is camera. 12mp is nice and all, but I want to see some performance. Love my GS4 camera, so I want at least on par with that. Maybe with better low light performance.

  • Geran Smith

    Hopefully a new one doesn’t come out… We just ordered a Moto X for my wife.

    • what….a new Moto X is coming “later this summer”… no doubts…..not sure if youre serious…..the article……new moto x+1….confused….bye

  • Buur

    Hope they don’t make the same mistake of exclusive features with one carrier and an absurd off-contract price. Don’t mess up again, Moto!

    • atc-tech

      they will.

  • Phillipe Viana

    Have to warn you guys, I have never heard of this store until this story. I remember when the Moto E specs leaked, I’m pretty sure it didn’t leak from this source.

  • Benito Wood

    I’d welcome the larger screen. I’m not a huge fan of cases but my moto x always felt more comfortable with the clear rocketfish case best buy used to sell.

  • Tirionfive

    “OMGERD! Itz only snapdragon 800! Welcome to 2012 Moto”

    – Spec Wh*res everywhere.

    Good on you moto, Optimization is key. Just please chiil it down with screen sizes

    – Everyone with normal hands.

  • Richard Giordano

    Would hope tht these specs could follow up to the 2014 DROID Line except 4000 mah battery in the maxx with 3 gbs of ram

    • chris125

      Most likely will get same specs as this just like last year’s droid line did except for screen size

      • Richard Giordano

        True but hey anything is possible 😉

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Sounds awesome, it’s everything I wanted in the Moto X+1. Just hoping (if it’s true), that they make it comfortable in the hand. That size is larger than I would’ve hoped.

  • Flexo

    Sd card slut is nice

    • Jerrick Davis

      haha sd card slut?

      • AMTrombley89

        “I know what I said”, lulz

      • mgamerz

        My phone brings all the sd cards to the yard

      • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

        im going to leave this comment at 69 likes
        shan’t disturb it with a like of my own haha

    • illrigger

      I find very few things are nice after you call them a slut.


        You’re not doing it right 😀

      • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

        lol u might be thinking of whore instead of slut

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Tell you what, walk up to a woman you know to be nice to you (not your girlfriend or SO – I recommend your GF’s mother) and call them a slut, and see what happens. I’ll wait here.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            obviously im referring to GF or sexual partner, wise guy.

    • John Davids

      That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Naw, im kidding, you’re a wonderful man.

    • Robert Macri

      That phone will take my sd card and like it.

      • Joseph J Pfister

        Your phone loves the sD

        • The sD is Good

          My SD is already loaded and ready to deposit after insertion as well

  • feztheforeigner

    People were complaining about the 801 being in new phones. Yet this has an 800. Why is no one ranting?

    • Eddie Jr

      OH It’s coming.

    • illrigger

      If it’s a custom 800 like the custom one in the Moto X, I can live with that.

    • chris125

      Because its moto, they get a pass.

      • r0l

        It’s because the Moto X runs like movie theater butter through your bowels.

        • Moto X has actually been pretty buggy with the random reboots and all.

          • r0l

            I won’t say I never have a problem, but this has been the most bug/reboot free of any smartphone I have owned by a large margin.

          • sirmeili

            I may have had at most 3 random reboots on my MotoX in the past 6-7 months. I find the phone a ton less buggy than my old verizon gNex (not that that is saying much).

        • PoisonApple31

          I just got a visual! 🙁

    • cjohn4043

      For me, if the phone runs great, then specs shouldn’t really matter. People seem to think that specs mean everything in the world.

      • guess

        Even people like me, who think specs mean everything in the world, would be willing to give a Moto phone a shot if they didn’t price them like they THOSE specs.

        • vzwuser76

          So if a phone with lesser specs performs as well or better than a higher speccd phone, they should sell them cheaper because of the lesser specs? My thought is if they can make it run the same or better, it should be priced the same. Of course if they want to discount it I won’t complain.

          • Deez

            If they’re using cheaper hardware the phone should be cheaper. It’s that simple.

          • guess

            This exactly! I know it’s not logical or even very capitalist of me. But I agree: When I know for a fact you put something cheaper into it, I want it to be cheaper. Even though, in reality, you may have spent more time doing other stuff with it that makes it better and you need to charge the same amount as Samsung GS5 to pay your engineers too.

    • Not to mention it only has a 2900mAh battery, but its made by Moto so everyone will praise it.

      • blorp_again!

        Only? Wasn’t the g3 a monster with like only 100-200 more mah?

      • nosedive94

        Uhhh… the S5 has a 2800mAh batt. The M8 has a 2600. Only the Note3/G3 have bigger batteries right now.

    • kashtrey

      It’ll be here eventually but I’m a strong defender of Moto choosing a little older processor to keep cost down and working hard on optimizations. The original X runs amazingly well.

      • guess

        except, they didn’t keep the cost down on the motoX.

        • epps720

          They kept their cost down, just not the consumer’s price

    • blorp

      They did such a good job with the x8 on the moto x (unlike say Samsung with its occasional performance stutters using a more powerful CPU) and its probably gonna be another X8 chip using the same kraits as the S800, which we know is enough for a 1080 screen when the software is done right. The S801’s abilities were (wrongly) questioned for the G3 because it has to push around a ton more pixels. As for being pissed the other 1080 flagships don’t have an 805.. The grass is always greener I guess

    • tu3218

      Most likely because this phone will run a near stock version of android and will run great. Whereas all these other phones are running skins and are just extra load on the processor. The moto x with its software design has proven that even an older dual core processor phone can run circles around newer quad core phones that have those bloat filled skins.

    • epps720

      Because it was expected.

    • nosedive94

      Take a look at this year’s flagship devices. The M8, S5, and G3 all run S801s. Out of those 3, only the M8 is zippy. The S5 lags like it has Alzheimer’s. The G3 can even be a little choppy at times. Meanwhile, the year-old Moto X runs a souped up S4 Pro, and zooms around like a 3 year old who drank too much soda riding a tricycle. Now imagine they optimize the 800 like that.

    • PoisonApple31

      Why rant? My next phone won’t have either of these at the end of the year.

  • Jerrick Davis

    At this point they may as well just wait for L and release with that

    • Jeremy Wray

      Why? If they follow a 1 year release cycle the Moto X+1 will release in August while the Droid line launches in the fall and Android L would be releasing in Oct-Dec so why push back a phone release to wait for a version of Android that likely wont be an easy do it in a couple of weeks update, and to compete with themselves?

      • kashtrey

        With the way Moto has been handling updates, they’ll likely be the first non-Nexus phones to get the L release. Moto X has already been confirmed to be getting the update as soon as possible.

        • Cheezburger

          Still on 4.4.2 on Verizon. Sooo…source for your statement plz? Kthxbai

          • Nate Loos


            That just invalidated your entire statement.

          • nosedive94

            The fact that *any* phone on VZW has KitKat is a miracle. My GS3 only got it last week, and I already upgraded to the M8.

          • PoisonApple31

            Considering the GS3 is almost 2 years old, you are lucky you got it at all.

          • vzwuser76

            That Moto X on Verizon got 4.4 before the Nexus devices did. If anything I imagine the reason for the delay is Verizon. With the quick updates on the Moto X early on I thought Verizon left their past behind, looks like I was wrong.

  • jb

    Running out of options for normal sized phones…

    • Daistaar

      5″ plus is normal. Anything below 5 is now considered mini. A lot has changed since 2011 my friend lol.

      • jb

        By normal, I mean a device that can be used one handed comfortably by virtually everyone…a lot may have changed since 2011, but the size of my hands have not.

      • Casey Artner

        A lot has changed. Except the size of my hands. Maybe it will have a negative bezel!

      • Mike H.

        My great grand children’s hands due to adaptation to large screens…..thanks phone companies

      • PoisonApple31

        Finally, a realist and not a cry baby…

  • aNYthing6

    5.2 inches? Hope they find a way to make it as comfortable as the Moto X.

    • Albert

      No bezels haha. I think we should trust Motorola. . After the X, we at least ought to give them a chance.

    • twss

  • SeanPlunk

    So basically a Nexus 5 with an SD card slot, a much larger battery, a better camera (hopefully) and moto maker. Not bad Moto, not bad.

    • illrigger

      Yep. Consider my G3 purchase postponed.

      • anon

        Not in my book. I like the G3 camera

        • hoosiercub88

          Camera for sure.

        • Think

          Have you personally took pictures with it??

          You like things just because you are told to like them?

          That is what sheep do.

          • kg2105

            No sheep see a clearly inferior product (the Moto X), and brainwash themselves into thinking it is just as good as the many clearly better products out there (Note 3, S4/S5, HTC One M7/M8, LG G2, Nexus 5, Sony Z2, you name it).

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        lg is dragging their feet. I was ready to buy day one, but if moto is not too far out, I’ll hold off.

        • JoshGroff

          It’s available on T-Mo already, just pre-ordered mine.

          • malcmilli

            it’s only available when you can walk out of the store with it.

          • JoshGroff

            They’ll probably have them in store this weekend or early next week, they have the arrival date as the 9th for me. Also, online availability is still availability if you want to get technical.

          • malcmilli

            that’s true, but even by those standards it still isnt available yet. I’ve been eyeing it for weeks myself.

      • Wall Breaker

        i heard they will be selling it along side the moto 360 too.

      • Miguel

        The G3 is way the better than the unannounced Moto X+1.

        The only thing that Moto might have on LG is that hopefully they keep it clean without any skins but since Lenovo purchased Motorola I’m not to sure.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Better hardware specs don’t necessarily mean a better device, but I agree the G3’s screen and camera will be tough to beat. Overall, though, the One X proved that an optimized build based on last year’s hardware can compete evenly with cutting edge stuff and be cheaper to boot. I think it’s worth waiting a few weeks to see what comes from it.

          • pyro74boy .

            The Note 4 is rumored to have a better 2K display vs the G3 and will be powered by the 805 CPU not the 801 so I disagree. I think that the G3 is going to be overrated just like the Moto X was last year. I understand that hardware specs are not always the most important thing but when you are dealing with things like 2K displays this is a huge deal, I would also prefer to have a device with up to date specs and not specs from well over a year ago. The Camera on last years Moto X was also a joke I would much rather have the Camera on the HTC M8 and I’m not even a huge fan of that Camera.

    • Pootis Man

      I hope the camera is better too. In my opinion the Nexus 5’s camera was solid and if this phone can deliver even a slightly better experience (since Motorola isn’t known for great camera’s) then I will definitely be picking it up.

      • truth

        your body is ready for WHAT?
        cheap 1080p display and 2,900 mAh in 2014?
        almost round 360?

        Motorola is sinking.
        If now you can like at least assembled in the USA and “by Google” in Motorola, I don’t know what you’re going to like tomorrow, when cheap plastic generic Motorola by Lenovo will be made in CHINA.

        Motorola is ready to lose another BILLION in the next 2 quarters!
        BTW your comments help it to sink, hiding the truth:
        Almost nobody needed Moto X and nobody will buy 360 and X+1, they are NOT awesome.

        • Pootis Man

          You really quite wrong about that. If you don’t like the phone then fine. Just keep in mind that nobody cares about your opinion.

          • kg2105

            Intelligent people do. It’s nice that you bought into the Moto X marketing, but reality check it was a complete failure. That is why no one except a few not so sharp fanboys bought them, and Google had to sell it off. It was hemorrhaging money. You can try to exaggerate optimizations and gimmicks all you want, bad hardware can’t be fixed.

          • Pootis Man

            First of all I wasn’t bought into the Moto X marketing and I am not a fanboy just in case you were wondering. Second I own a Nexus 5 not the Moto X and this Moto X +1 seems to be a nice upgrade from the Nexus 5. Is there something wrong with that? I don’t care how unsuccessful the phone was. I actually like the supposed sequels hardware.

        • Raven

          You are quite wrong IMOHO. I love my Moto X and a Moto X with 1920×1080 and a MicroSD would be the perfect phone for me. I think any resolution higher than 1920×1080 is completely ridiculous for a 5″ device and just a waste of processing and battery resources. My only concern with this phone is that 5.2″ might be too big unless the bezels are very small. I also really hope that they do another Developer Edition like the one I have now.

          • pyro74boy .

            How are you going to defend how much you love your Moto X when it comes to taking pictures?LOL The Moto X was by far at the very least one of the most overrated phones to come out last year just because of it’s price. Sorry but the X was a fail last year. I have no idea what Google/Motorola was thinking when they came out with a phone with last years specs and then tried to sell it as a brand new device. Sorry but a better price on something does not always mean your getting a better product.

          • Raven

            I actually love taking pictures with my Moto X. I have taken many of my daughter that I would have never gotten with another device. The fact that I can pull it out of my pocket twist and shoot in less than a couple of seconds beats getting higher resolution shots of missed action any day. The camera takes just fine candid pictures in decent lighting and for anything more important, I will use a real camera.

            Also, you mentioned price. I got my 32GB Dev Edition for $399 and nothing else even came close to that for an easily rootable phone on Verizon that allowed me to keep my unlimited data.

          • pyro74boy .

            Then you’re the ONLY ONE LOL because even supporters of the Moto X have admitted that the Camera on the Moto X is terrible. The Moto X is just like the iphone its overrated and over hyped.

            People need to understand that a cheaper price on something does not mean that your always getting a better product and in the case of the Moto X this holds true.

            My Note2 is an older device vs the Moto X with better specs. It was very miss leading of Google to sell a 2013 model with 2012 or 2011 specs. That’s like buying a brand new car for 2014 with a motor and transmission from 2011. LOL

            The Moto X was such a success for Google that Google had to sell off the Motorola brand name and they closed the place in Texas where they made them. LOL

          • jt O’Brien

            The camera got updated and is now on par with a lot of other high end cameras. And I bet even though your Note 2 has “better specs” my moto x could outperform it. I suggest you read up about optimization and architecture of processing units. The moto x has a brilliant processor architecture that performs exceptionally while sipping battery. Spec wars are over kid. Sorry.

          • pyro74boy .

            Just another typical Moto X fan-boy in denial trying to compare a phone with outdated specs from a year or longer and then trying to defend why you don’t think having a phone with the latest specs is important. BTW The Note2 is the smoothest running phone I have ever had and unlike ANY other brand I have used I have NEVER EVER had anything fail on me that was made by Samsung. I have used everything and every single Touch screen phone I have ever owned from Motorola failed on me so bad to the point where you could not even used it at all. EVERY single I know with the Moto X agrees that the Camera sucks and sorry if it’s hardware that is bad then no software update can fix that. Motorola has never been known for making phones with great cameras. You make me laugh thinking that a phone with a dual core CPU can outperform a phone running a quad core CPU. My Note2 has never once lagged in anything it has ever done for me so if you’re right [YOUR NOT LOL] It’s not going to be anything that your going to see with the naked eye trust me on this.

          • Matthew Merrick

            i have a note 2. this guy saying the note 2 is better is absolutely full of it. i had to flash an AOSP rom because my note 2 was not aging well, and it still slows down and stutters more than i’d like. the moto x also has better specs all around (except for battery and stylus, but then agains those are expected because its not a phablet)

          • pyro74boy .

            Really is that the case. Just because you got a bad Note 2 does not mean you make up for the whole world so don’t speak for me. I also never claimed what phone was better all I said was that the Note 2 has better specs vs the Moto X and if you compared these two devices on paper the Note2 wins the spec war hands down. I also stand by everything when I said that the Note2 is the smoothest running phone I have ever used and trust me I have used phones before that lagged so bad and where so slow that you just wanted tyo stop using them so I know lag when I see it regardless of what you think. So take your hate elsewhere.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            “So take your hate elsewhere.” One post earlier: “Just another typical Moto X fan-boy in denial”

            Wow, hypocrite much?

          • kg2105

            Nope software updates weren’t the problem. Motorola cameras have been bad for years, and updates don’t magically make the camera good. Just like gimmicks don’t make the Moto X a high end device.

          • Raven

            Ha ha you are comparing a Moto X to a Note 2? I would not go near that behemoth. I wanted a phone that was less than 5″, easily rootable, and worked on Verizon, therefore the Moto X Dev was the perfect phone for me. Apparently you wanted a phablet, so the Note 2 was good for you. Choice is good.

            Also, your spouting of years is just silly, the X8 computing system easily makes up for a slightly lower end main CPU for typical smartphone use. I don’t play 3D games on my phone and would much rather have a CPU that is not uselessly wasting my battery and requiring a huge battery to make it through the day. Your car analogy is silly too.

          • pyro74boy .

            I think anyone who feels the need to root their device has way to much time on there hands and the reason why I say this is because phones like the Note2 can do so many different things right out of the box just the way they are that there is not enough time in a day for me to use all the great features. Plus I don’t want to void my warranty and I also still am lucky enough to have my unlimited data plan with no data caps of any kind.

            The huge battery is one of the things I love the most about the Note2 because I have gone over 3 plus days on pretty heavy use before I had to plug in my phone. I have also gone well over a week and a half on light use. I’m not saying that the Note2 is the best phone around but it’s for sure one of them and remember it’s almost 2 years old. Once you get used to the size of the Note 2 you will never want to go back to a smaller size phone unless your someone with smaller hands.

            The experts where wrong when they said that there would not be a market for the Note line of phones. Now everyone and their mom is making phones the same size as the Note phones.

          • Raven

            Actually, I am a Computer Systems Engineer, and I have plenty of reasons to root my phone, and because it is a Developer Edition, rooting it doesn’t void the warranty. I actually know this because I just got my Moto X back yesterday after an unfortunate mishap lead to it being ran over by a car. I sent it in, they fixed the cracked screen and sent it back. The fact that it only had a cracked screen and was fine otherwise impressed me as well. For some reason, they did reset my phone, but thanks to it being rooted and having regular Titanium backups to Box, I was able to quickly and easily restore everything on my phone.

          • pyro74boy .

            Well it’s different for you then but I’m not a software developer or Computer Systems Engineer, and have no reason to root my phone.

          • Fozzybare

            I am not a software dev or a computer systems engineer. TiBu doesnt work on non rooted phones so…

          • CestLaMort

            There is absolutely no need to root a Moto X. It runs out of the box better than a Note 2. You actually have to root the Note 2 to gain all the advantages of vanilla Android and to shed the bloatware, not the Moto X.

            “Once you get used to the size of the Note 2 you will never want to go back to a smaller size phone unless your someone with smaller hands.”

            My experience is the opposite. When I used a Moto E instead of a Nexus 7, I preferred the smaller size. Easier to text/message friends with one hand, which is exceptionally comfortable when you’re lying in bed falling asleep. A 6-7″ size makes your hand get really tired. The Moto physical form is very comfortable, it practically sticks to your hand. Actually put a Moto in your hand. You won’t ever go back to Samsung again. A Moto makes even my Nexus 5 feel like a plank (not to mention my friends’ iPhone 4S’s feel unnecessarily sharp). There is a reason why Moto has a strong following, and a more loyal one than Samsung (which generally gets owners to jump ship to Apple because Samsung misses “the little things” that add up).

            Try a Moto in person before being so decided on which is better. You will find yourself surprised.

          • pyro74boy .

            My Note2 runs just fine out of the box so there’s no need for me to root it in the first place. I understand that everyone’s needs are different and that people need their phones to do different things but for me the Note2 is perfect and is by far the smoothest running phone I have ever used. I even had the Note3 for a short time and returned it back to the store because there was noticeable lag on the N3 when compared to my N2.

            The only thing I would like to see Samsung improve on is the junk-ware that they put on their phones this is a big deal and one of the main reasons why I did not keep the Note3 and went back to my Note2. Samsung needs to do something about this ASAP.

            I have used all the other brands before I touched anything made by Samsung and I can honestly say I have never ever had any of my Samsung smartphones fail on me however I can’t say the same for Motorola LG HTC ect I don’t mean to sound like such a fan-boy but this is how it really has been for me no lies. Every single Motorola touch screen phone I had failed on me having issues with the touch screen. So I have a very hard time going back to something else when what I have in front of me works just fine. I’m also not denying that there are better and newer phones on the market but for now I will keep what I have until I feel like going out and buying something else. I want to take a closer look at the LG G3 when it’ comes to the USA this could be one of the phones to beat this year. I’m also looking forward to the Note4 and yes I will even take a look at the new Moto X when it comes out and compare all of these phones before taking out my wallet and will buy what I feel is the best phone for me.

            I think the true best phone on the market is the one that is right for each and every single person and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters if you like what you’re using then all power to you. I take no issue with that at all. This my phone is better then yours stuff really is kids stuff I think people need to stop hating on someone based only on the brand of phone they use [Not saying you]

          • kg2105

            Actually smartphones don’t use extra cores when it doesn’t need them, so battery life is not worse on a better cpu. “Slightly lower end main CPU” is a huge exaggeration, the Moto X has half of a snapdragon 600. The snapdragon 800 is significantly better than the real snapdragon 600, so the Moto x is completely low end.

          • Raven

            I am not sure where you are getting a SnapDragon 800 from. That is what is in a Note 3. We were talking about the Note 2 which is an Exynos 4 32nm quad core 1.6Ghz + Mali 400 GPU vs. a Moto X X8 Computing System which is a SnapDragon S4 Pro 28nm dual core 1.7Ghz + quad core 400 MHz Adreno 320 GPU + L‐NLP + CCP. So, they are not that far apart in specs. In raw multi-threaded number crunching the Note 2 would win, but in normal phone use with most apps only being single threaded the Moto X is actually slightly faster. Also, the Adreno 320 GPU is generally faster than the Mali 400 GPU in most benchmarks.

          • CaptainDisillusion

            It’s not about specs; it’s about usability and enjoyability. My Moto X doesn’t take the best quality pictures–in fact they are quite mediocre–but with the twisting motion to activate the camera, I almost never miss a mark, like I used to with my Note 2 or my GS3 before that. Active display has meant that I almost never need to use the power button, and often I only have to look at my phone to know the time or if I have any important notifications. For my life, it’s been closer to perfect for me than any other phone I’ve had.

          • pyro74boy .

            I understand that everyone is having different experiences with everything and that there is always going to be someone who does not like something regardless of how good of a ratting it gets or who made it. I have however used all the different brands before I touched anything made by Samsung and I have had the best overall luck with Sammy. I also understand that Samsung phones can also have these same issues at any given time but I will however say that I have never ever had any of my Samsung Smartphones fail on me but I can’t however say the same for all the other brands but that’s just me. I also think that there is so much hate running around this site based on everyone’s own opinion just because they don’t agree on what phone is truly better. With all of this being said I can tell you that I have had the best overall luck with my Note2 so far to this point.

          • Raven

            You are correct in that everyone has different opinions, but it makes me laugh that you are now complaining about the “hate” on this site because you started this whole hating on the Moto X subthread and a few of us were just defending it because we happen to like it for far better reasons than paper specs. I still think the Moto X is the best sub 5″ phone and the Notes are great 5.5+” phones if that is what you want. As I said much earlier, choice is good. No reason to get your panties in a bunch over what phone other people prefer.

          • pyro74boy .

            I was complaining because if you read down the comment list many people are accusing people of being dumb and name calling based only on difference of opinion. Opinions are what makes the world go around and I take no issue with someone who does not agree with me but I do however take issue with people accusing me of being dumb [NOT SAYING YOU DID] just because they don’t agree with someone. I was not trying to start a fight I was just voicing my true feelings on how I feel about the Moto X and we don’t agree about this and I take no issue with that but just like you I stand by what I have said about the Moto X. You prefer the Moto X and I prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The most important thing is that we like and enjoy the device that we decided to use and that’s all that really matters. But when someone comes on D.L regardless of who it is and tries to insult my intelligence [One again I’m not saying that you did.] like people have done both now and in the past I’m going to stand up to them and give them a piece of my mind when they disrespect me.

          • FourString

            Liking your own comment? Pathetic.

            Comparing Moto with a SAMSUNG (mediocre build quality/bloatware touchwiz)? LMAO GTFO dumbass

          • pyro74boy .

            Yes we all know that your Pathetic LOL This has been just my opinion from the very start so there was no need for calling me names based on only a different of opinion so grow up and learn to RESPECT people who you don’t agree with.

            I love the Droid Life site to death but this site is full of haters just like you who lack RESPECT.

            Take your hate elsewhere.

          • FourString

            Still only person looking your own comment I see. Lonely troll.

          • FourString

            Still only person looking your own comment I see. Lonely troll.

            “Just another typical Moto X fan-boy in denial”

            Crying about name calling and respect when you throw off the first glove with condescending stereotypes leveled at Moto users. How could you possibly demand respect when you come here with your bigoted hatred of Moto and its user base?

            Fking dumbass and paper-spec noob.

          • pyro74boy .

            More name calling from a hater LOL

            For the record I’m not hating I’m voicing my opinions and I’m not the one name calling and calling someone dumb based ONLY on difference of opinion. LOL

            Did it make you feel better to insult my intelligence?

            It’s to bad that you can’t respect others who don’t have the same opinion as you do that’s sad and Pathetic,

            Yes I’m attacking haters like you and I’m going to like my post again just to piss you off. LOL

            WOW not everyone likes the same phone for many different reasons. I also seem to remember that it was you calling me out crying and name calling just because the Moto X is not my phone of choice. You’re Pathetic end of story. Happy trolling and happy hating.

            Like I said before I love the Droid Life site but this site is full of haters just like you. You’re not going to bring someone like me down because I won’t let you.


          • FourString

            I really love how you recycle all of my words because you have no vocabulary on my own. When a troll can’t respond, his answer is “… uhh.. YOU TOO!” hahaha

            Are you just socially retarded or do you honestly think liking your own posts will make you look better? You’re not merely sharing your opinion here, you’re getting awfully pissy when someone contradicts you. When others rationally disagree with you, pointing out specifically where you’re wrong, instead of answering point for point, you try to make yourself the victim.

            Only a 12 year old with no real world experience with a Moto X would claim that a Samsung (Touchwiz) Note 2 is superior or smooth. Live with a Moto X for a few weeks before making such ignorant, uninformed claims that you got simply from reading a spec sheet.

            Not going to continue feeding this troll–

          • pyro74boy .

            I love it how you keep on replaying back with your hater comments. You keep on trying to insult my intelligence and are attacking me with your nonsense all because you’re crying over the fact that my phone of choice is not the Moto X, The fact of the matter is that if my opinion was the exact same as yours I would be your new best first on D.L and you would be kissing my butt. [No thank you LOL] It’s funny because you keep on accusing me of being the troll but yet you’re doing the exact same thing that you’re accusing me of doing by name calling and acting me like a 4 year old little child . Did you notice how when I reply back I don’t have to name call and accuse you of being dumb and stupid. LOL So yes I will continue to defend myself vs you the hater.

            For the record I could really care less if I got a million votes or zero votes and I really don’t have any idea what it is you are trying to prove and what it is you’re bragging about to me? because I don’t see you having any more then like 2 or 3 votes under your posts and they are most likely one of your many different fake accounts,.LOL If it will make you feel better I won’t even vote up any of my posts any more just to piss you off once again. LOL Did you notice how I NEVER denied that I voted my own posts up. Not something a true troll would ever do, LOL

            It’s so sad that I run into people like you all the time on D.L who hate on someone like me for posting my real true opinions about how I feel and then you have the nerve to attack me and try to accuse me of nonsense B.S that I never did. I got news for you I have just as much right as you or anyone else to voice my opinion and people like you [WHO LACK RESPECT] always take issue with someone like me because you get your feelings hurt because not everyone’s phone of choice is the same as yours and that’s what this stupid argument of yours is really all about

            I will also tell you that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESES PHONES has there pros and cons regardless of who made it and how cheap it is. This includes the phone that you and me are both using.

            So why don’t you take your hate elsewhere because you’re acting like a first class jerk and that’s not me calling you names that me calling it the way I see it. I could also care less if you agree with my opinion or not that’s not [AND NEVER WAS] what this was all about. This is about you and your lack of respect towards others who you don’t agree with.

          • FourString

            “This is about you and your lack of respect towards others who you don’t agree with.”
            “You make me laugh thinking that a phone with a dual core CPU can outperform a phone running a quad core CPU.”
            “Just because you got a bad Note 2 does not mean you make up for the whole world so don’t speak for me.”
            “Just another typical Moto X fan-boy in denial trying to compare a phone with outdated specs from a year or longer and then trying to defend why you don’t think having a phone with the latest specs is important.”
            “How are you going to defend how much you love your Moto X […] complete fail”
            “have the nerve to attack me and try to accuse me of nonsense B.S that I never did”

            Preaching to the choir I see. Just blind to your own glaring hypocrisy and self-righteousness. To accuse me of hate when you posted the above comments? Really? I mean, really??

            This isn’t just your opinion. It’s inflammatory vitriol. Don’t expect to walk away with your big ego unscathed when you turn up the heat on others. Not to mention, everyone here posted comprehensive responses rebutting all of your claims (software optimization, real world usage, up to date latest Android with faster performance), to which you’ve posted NO logical reply other than to get butthurt about so-called respect which you never delivered in the first place.

          • pyro74boy .

            Wow when was I trying to deny anything I said or how I said it? Oh that’s right I NEVER denied ANYTHING I said about anything so why do you feel the need to quote me saying things like I was trying to deny it? This is just more failed attempts at you trying to attack me based on the fact that we don’t share the SAME EXACT OPINION. LOL I also like it how you’re trying to pick on every single thing I posted trying to use every single thing I say against me as part of your stupid Pathetic argument .LOL Not quite what you expected was it? I bet you expected me to start denying that I said any of this when you attempted to call me out. Sorry I’m not giving you the satisfaction.[OWNED]

            This is the thanks that I get for posting my real true opinions about how I feel about smartphones? and I NEVER ONCE claimed to be any soft of an expert on anything so why are trying to act like I was trying to be some sort of tech expert? You claim that I’m all butt-hurt but yet you have gone out of your way to do the very thing that you accuse me of doing as your very own actions have spoken for you.

            I love the fact in your last post how you never denied that you would be my best friend if I had the same exact opinion as you about the Moto X LOL [OWNED]

            If I ever turn up the heat to others [as you call it] it’s because of the way their treating me so don’t expect me to reply back with a please or thank you or have a nice day when they reply to one of my posts accusing me of being dumb or calling me an idiot or claiming that I don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about when someone is insulting my intelligence. You get what you give and I’m not going to show others RESPECT when they reply this way to me.

            And now I’m going to quote you [Not going to continue feeding this troll–] LIAR lmao these where your very own words not mine.

          • pyro74boy .

            Looks like @FourString has multiple user accounts on D.L LOL and yet you’re the one accusing me of being a troll. LOL

            It’s to bad that you can’t except other people’s opinion and that you have to result to this type of behavior to try to prove your stupid biased points. LOL It’s not that hard to have as many user accounts as you want due to the power of the internet. So your little game has already been called out because it was very stupid of you to think that your post where any more valuable vs mine based on the fact that you have 10 thumbs up [from your other fake accounts] And yet you’re where the one who accused me of voting up my very own comments [I NEVER denied it] so you once again got owned LOL

          • FourString

            1) i have one account. so do the others here who have been upvoted to kingdom come (including the OP). (2) you clearly have no life. get one. did you even celebrate the holiday today? jesus. (3) keep telling yourself that you’re owning others on this thread, hoss. burying ur head in sand like an ostrich only goes so far. (3) you claim all you did was have a different opinion. which is highly misleading. you trolled. you got owned by six-ish other posters. you failed. gg. (4) no matter what i say or how many ppl support pro Moto comments here, youll just spit out more idiocy/delusional bs b/c ur in a small minority of blind haters (5) you’re going to claim HAHA OWNED / LIAR for my feeding you the troll. i choose to feed this troll like i feed a squirrel. both are still sub human at the end of the day. (6) get a girlfriend and some friends in real life. you are very obviously troubled/isolated (thus your acting self-important about your opinion and obliviousness to being a complete douche on this thread) and need something more productive in ur life than trolling. don’t take out your hate on the interwebz. it only makes things worse. it can lead to suicide. as stupid as your comments are here, i don’t want that for you. i want you to have a productive life. stop trolling. go out and get laid. you’ll be much happier.

          • pyro74boy .

            I never expected you to admit the truth that you had more then one account on D.L you jerk. I find it very funny how one day your posts had zero votes and then less then a day later you had 10 votes just like that and it was right after I replied to your post with this comment [For the record I could really care less if I got a million votes or zero
            votes and I really don’t have any idea what it is you are trying to
            prove and what it is you’re bragging about to me? because I don’t see
            you having any more then like 2 or 3 votes under your posts and they are
            most likely one of your many different fake accounts,.LOL If it will
            make you feel better I won’t even vote up any of my posts any more just
            to piss you off once again. LOL Did you notice how I NEVER denied that I
            voted my own posts up. Not something a true troll would ever do,] LOL You got OWNED ONCE AGAIN and I’m not fooled by your actions.

            And just to be safe even if other people are truly voting your posts up this does not change the fact that I beat you from day one of this very stupid argument. You’re a hater end of story and your actions have spoken for you. Go take your own advice and get a life. LOL

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            yes, everybody is wrong except for you
            everyone is a hater except for you
            everyone is owned except for you
            we get it by now

            who cares if 171+ posters disagree with you
            all bow down to pyro74boy
            destroy all moto x’s
            kill all moto fans and their families

          • pyro74boy .

            Looks like FourString is using one of his other fake accounts.LOL

            For the record this is not about who is right or wrong or anywhere in between. This is about people being able to voice ones opinion with respect over a site like Droid life without hating others.

            This isn’t even about people disagreeing with any of my opinions. This is about people hating on someone like me who has done nothing but give my true most honest opinion about how I feel about anything I post and then getting attacked just because people don’t agree with me.[This is a very childish act] I take absolutely no issue with anyone who disagrees with anything I say but when someone [ANYONE] who replies to one of my post with something like [YOUR STUPID AND DUMB AND HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT] that is a lack of respect and at this point I’m not going to reply back in a good way. The correct response should be something like this [YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR OPINION BUT I DISAGREE WITH IT]

            I love the Droid Life site to death as I have to keep on repeating myself but this site is full of haters and fan-boys and girls of all types who can’t RESPECT other people’s opinions and that was and still is my point. This site has been taken over at least in the comments by haters and fan–punks and it’s real sad that people can’t RESPECT OTHERS based ONLY on difference of opinion. I’m sure if my phone of choice was a phone that the fan-IDIOTS liked I to would be getting over a million votes on each and every single one of my posts.

            Oh and one last thing There is NO SUCH THING as the true best phone because each and everyone of these phones have their pros and cons regardless of who made it and price. This includes my Samsung phone that I’m using right now and the Moto X and EVERY OTHER phone on the market. The true best phone is the one that works for each and every single person and ANYONE who disagrees with this is most likely not old enough to use any of these phones.

            So much for someone like me having something called an objective opinion. Haters please go away and stay away. FOREVER. NOW LET THE HATE BEGIN.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            uhhh HELLLL NO i am NOT related to him in any way shape or form
            i never insulted you. not once. check my posts.
            there is no such thing as an objective opinion. by definition ALL opinions are SUBJECTIVE.
            haters please go away and stay away? hahahahahahhahahaha omg WHAT teapot calling the kettle black MAJORLY
            i never once said the moto was the best phone, just voiced MY opinion.
            the issue is not ppl insulting u

            stop being whiny over losing all the arguments here
            ur being sore @ losing and EVERYBODY here knows it
            funny why r u calling others fan-idiots when u spout so much love for ur samsung here and hate for moto on a MOTO THREAD
            wat did u expect, evry1 to worship u for ur badly timed and rude comment? doode u got no common sense

            @severorivera:disqus @leolson:disqus @jt_o_brien:disqus @CaptainDisillusion:disqus @EnglishFourString:disqus

          • pyro74boy .

            I never claimed that you said that the Moto X was the best phone I was just giving you the reasons why I feel people are hating on people like me. I also NEVER ONCE claimed that the phone that I’m using was the best phone on the market. I’m not losing any of my arguments I stand by everything I say and the fact of the matter is that the ONLY REASON why I get attacked is because you stupid fan-boys get all butt-hurt and cry when someone like me has a different opinion vs you so you gang up on someone like to try to bring me down but the fact of the matter is you called out the wrong person because you use the ratting system as a weapon to try to prove your stupid points. LOLSo am glad that my posts don’t get voted up because I don’t want to be supported by the fan-punks trying to take over and run D.L and make it a bad place to hang-out.

            The bottom line is that If I said that the Moto X was the best phone ever made and that it has no flaws then I would be everyone’s hero and everyone would be kissing my butt. LOL This only proves my point about the lack of RESPECT people like me get for voicing their real true feeling of all things a smartphone.

            I also love it how people are telling me to get a life and to get laid and yet people like you still continue to call me out and attack me. Keep this in mind the next time you lie and claim that I’m losing this argument LOL

            You fan-boys will just NEVER LEARN.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            you call everyone here stupid fanboys, ass kissers, butt hurt, fan-punks, and u actually cry about ppl insulting u? oh man this is getting juicy. busting out the popcorn

            no one would kiss ur butt regardless of ur opinion becuz u r straight up rude and disrespectful
            u come here with a belligerent attitude and expect everyone to not shoot it back
            not to mention make MANY assumptions about who is a supposed fanboy and who isn’t

            i don’t even own a Moto but an LG G2. are you srsly gon claim im a Moto fanboy? u use that term way too liberally almost like Joseph McCarthy overused “communist” to label whoever disagrees with him

          • pyro74boy .

            What you failed to leave out of your pathetic argument against me is the fact that when I reply back in this way its because the people I’m replying back to where insulting and trying to put me down so please understand that I’m not going to reply back and be a very nice person at this point.

            You accused me of being rude and disrespectful [ONLY when its in your best interest LOL] wow that’s very funny LOL because the ONLY TIME I’m rude and disrespectful is when I get treated badly and that’s what people like you refuse to understand. I love it how people like you love to quote me saying something but you leave out what they said about me.[EPIC FAIL] and if you took a closer look at my other posts even someone like you might understand that I don’t disrespect people just for the hell of it and if people are disagreeing with me in a RESPECTFUL way then they are going to get the same treatment in return. Like I said before RESPECT works both ways.

            Like I said before this is not about people’s opinion anymore this is about the lack of respect that people get when they disagree with the fan-boys on D.L, I don’t even want to talk about phones anymore because every time I give out my most honest opinion about something I get attacked and get accused of being a Samsung Fan-boy because my phone of choice is not the same as everyone else.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            not to burst ur bubble but when no one upvotes u vs 171+ other voters–u R losing the argument. if visible dislikes were still on disqus, u’d still be losing the argument. it’s called democracy. mebbe if u stop, step back, and realize why 171+ ppl disagree with u, u could reassess what ur saying, rather than saying oh no im right fk everyone else im so awesome my opinion is objective! plus the way ur saying it. ur opinion is riddled with inaccuracies about the moto platform. u even claim u have no technical knowledge yet ur talking about a technical subject and saying moto sucks because it has fewer cores. try to learn from others instead of spouting off a bunch of mean spirited assumptions/stereotypes/schemas that u’ve got preconceived in ur head. the other guy may have been also mean but he was pretty much on point about the technical aspects. i haven’t seen u try to answer him about that stuff, so according to any university logician in a philosophy department, u pretty much lost this argument.

          • pyro74boy .

            Not to hurt your feelings but I’m not losing this argument. You’re pathetic because I have been able to prove %110 percent of my points and you fan-boys have no come back whatsoever so you result to talking about who get,s more votes [fan-boy voting LOL] Okay so if you really want to go there then let’s take a closer look at this. This all started because the phone of my choice is not the Moto X so then that’s when the hate begins and the fan-boys start crying all over my posts about how I’m wrong and dumb and stupid and have no clue as to what I’m talking about insulting my intelligence based ONLY on the fact that the phone that I like is not the phone that many readers of this site prefer. LOL It also might be helpful to note that people like the Narrator have multiple user accounts at one time I read a post claiming that he had over 200 different fake user accounts [VERY MISS LEADING DON’T YOU THINK?] That’s over two hundred different user names from the same exact person so do you see how easily the ratting system can be flawed? With the power of the internet and the fact that the Fan-boys have taken full control of the comments this is VERY miss leading and might be one of the main reasons why I leave this site someday. I also like it when a few of you fan-boys claimed that I don’t have a life [NOT SAYING YOU] when it took me over 17 hours to reply to your first post about me and over 15 hours to reply back to you this time because I have a very successful life outside of the internet and don’t let the fan-boys take someone like me down with them. You also can’t claim that someone like me is losing an argument based ONLY on difference of opinion because the fact remains that my post sare not any less valuable vs anyone else here on D.L regardless of the fan-boy voting. The bottom line is that you fan-boys are taking down sites like D.L because of their lack of RESPECT. This is the thanks that I get for posting my true most honest opinions about how I feel about anything I talk about. Like I said this is not about people disagreeing with anything I say this is about the lack of respect in the comments, Sorry but I don’t want or need the support of the fan-boys and girls on the Droid life site so keep this in mind the next time you brag about your 171+ voters [fake fan-boy voting LOL] I also don’t want or need the support of the Fan-boys so I could really care less about the fake voting anyway. This post his been live for coming up on almost a full week now and the Fan-boys are still on ATTACK MODE still replying back to my post with hate. And come on does someone like you really expect me to be nice to people right after they insulted my intelligence? LOL RESPECT works both ways and if someone like you demands my RESPECT and does not expect me to be mean when I reply back to them then I better NEVER see the words [YOUR DUMB AND STUPID IDIOTS AND HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT ECT

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            u STARTED the hate to begin with! the hate already began from ur first post -_-x

          • pyro74boy .

            Learn to tell the difference between someone hating and someone giving their most honest opinion . It’s not the same thing.

            I got accused of bashing the LG G2 just because I said it was a great phone but not the phone of my choice.

            Hating and voicing someone’s opinion are two completely different things. Fan-boys will never be able to tell the difference.

          • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

            Haha nope.
            you got bashed because you bashed on the Moto X calling it a fail, calling it overrated, that it’s lousy because it’s cheap, that Moto users r fanboys, has last year’s specs therefore is worse than ur Samsung Note 2.
            don’t pretend it’s merely because you said the LG G2 was not phone of ur choice. that’s ridiculous.

          • pyro74boy .

            Having fun trolling my comments. LOL

            Happy hating and happy trolling. LOL

          • pyro74boy .

            Really I stated the hate because I gave out my most honest opinion. LOL Like I said before hating something and giving out your honest opinion about something are not at all the same thing.

            If I said that the Moto X was the phone that god uses then I would have over a million [FAN-BOY VOTING] votes on D.L NO THANKS I don’t want or need the support of fan-boys.

            Saying that the Moto X is not my phone of choice is also not hating on something It’s called I don’t prefer this product. So don’t reply again and claim that I stated this hate when people have been replying back to my post hating and DISRESPECTING me based ONLY on the fact that I prefer something else.

            Happy hating.

          • pyro74boy .

            It has been at least 2 or 3 posts since you made this comment.[ [Not going to continue feeding this troll–] LIAR lmao]

            You’re still here posting after you made this comment. LOL

            You very first post to me had you accusing me of being dumb in it proving that you’re the true hater here. Get lost punk.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            I like the camera, anything more and I’ll use my DSLR. And you’re on your period, jeez haha. Leave the rooting and fanboy stuff alone to us mate.

          • pyro74boy .

            I don’t have a backup camera so my phones camera is my main camera so this is a big deal for me.

          • lac

            Since we’re talking “technology” that car’s “motor” and “transmission” has been around for much longer than that in its current iteration.

          • pyro74boy .

            All I’m saying is that when I buy ANYTHING that is brand new I want and expect it to have updated specs from the same year. It makes absolutely no sense to me why Google/Motorola made a phone with specs from a few years back and then brings it to market and tries to sell it as a brand new device. If you ask me this is very miss leading.

          • Guest

            “It was very miss leading of Google to sell a 2013 model with 2012 or 2011 specs. ”

            It’s very misleading of Samsung to sell a brand new phone with outdated Android. Hurrdurr.

        • AMTrombley89

          Looks like someone had way too much “butt hole” juice this morning. Ladies and gentlemen, the white troll… MOBY TROLL!

        • Noel

          I think the only wrong decision made by Motorola when it came to the Moto X was the pricing. For a mid-range device even tho well optimized…it would have been best to price it around the $300 range. The $500+ price put a lot of ppl off considering the specs of the device…by the time they started dropping the price, many had moved on to other new well specced phones out or on the horizon.

          • kg2105

            Exactly, it should have been really cheap at launch and not called a flagship. The Moto X fanboys here believe that it was a flagship, but a few gimmicks does not make it a high end device. If it was cheap and Motorola acknowledged it was a budget phone, there would be no problem. It’s pretty cheap now but that’s way after it came out, and it is now even more outdated.

        • Christopher Stebbins

          You’re officially an idiot! Congrats! Moto X was the best phone of last year and the x +1 will be of this year. Just keep enjoy your cheaply made Samsung or behind the times iPhone!

    • MistaButters

      Not bad if it comes in near Nexus 5 pricing. If this comes out at $200 on contract, I don’t think it’s going to do well.

      • chris125

        It’s not gonna be nexus type pricing

        • moew

          What is nexus type pricing anyway? Moto launching ads and an app store to supplement the build costs?

          • Android_09

            Wut? O.o

          • chris125

            Nexus type pricing is how the nexus 4/5 have been priced at which won’t happen with this, just like with the moto x it will be $199 on contract then drop Shortly after

          • FourString

            uhh i heard it would be 399 unlocked.. doubt theyll do contract first like last time, wasn’t great for sales. unlocked is much more competitive vs iphone 5s

          • moew

            Ok, I meant “nexus pricing” which includes Google to supplement the pricing to the consumer. Guess none of you got that.

            How do I access the LENOVO APP STORE again?

            I heard they are going to kill MOTO. Heard this, heard that, blah blah blah 4.

          • FourString

            Why are you replying to ME? I wasn’t replying to you man. Shrug.

          • kg2105

            No it’s pricing a great product with actual good hardware lower than the competition. Imagine that, good hardware and a good price. Motorola has absolutely no idea what that’s like.

      • atc-tech

        it will be $200 on a 2 year contract. $650 off contract. It’s a flagship. Just like the MotoX was.

        • epps720

          But the Moto X started dropping that price pretty quickly. So I think it’s a real valid question to see where they’ll price this at. I doubt Nexus pricing but guessing between that and a flagship. $499 off contract?!

          • Mike H.

            I sure hope so. Once they started the fire sales I knew it would be a crapfest. Why buy this month when the price will drop 100 the next…etc. Then a new phone comes out and bam the X is old news.

            Or “hold on the wood backs are coming” then the time they are out the X is old news.

            I am excited to see what this phone has in store for us. I’m hoping to return to Moto now that they got that motoblur and RAZR garbage over with.

      • nosedive94

        The Moto X is still about $450 off contract. Nexus pricing is not going to happen, especially with premium specs like these. If I didn’t have an M8, I would be outside the store on launch day camped out for this phone regardless of price.

        • Deez

          No need to camp out if it sells like the last Moto X. Meaning no one is going to buy it and there will be plenty of them sitting on shelves bwahahaha

          • kg2105

            lol well said, 100% correct.

        • archercc

          No it isnt, its currently priced identically to the Nexus 5. The only reason you have a $450 option is because its 64GB, which you dont get as an option with the Nexus.

      • Its not going to do well no matter what price point they sell it at.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Not bad? It’s almost a year late with the same specs. The Moto fanboys on this site are insufferable.

      • Jeff Miller

        For you “spec whores” then yes I guess it is too late.

        For me, someone that loves my “old” “outdated” Moto X I will be getting this day 1.

        But thanks for the fanboy comment. Ha

        • droidrazredge

          I +1 this comment. I love how my “old” “outdated” Moto X still preforms better than the competition because of the software optimization. I’ve yet to see it slowdown once. Something I can’t say from using other phones with so called “better” specs.

          • Joseph Pojunis

            Where are you guys quoting “old” and “outdated” from? Nobody used those words.

          • I noticed that too. Some people don’t know how to quote.

          • Nikuliai

            at some countries the quotation marks aren’t only used in the context of quoting, they are also used to denote sarcasm, you can actually see tons of people using the quotation marks (with their hands) while talking to basically say the idea inside is just stupid

          • Nikuliai

            old and outdated

          • wtd2009

            i mostly agree with you, but if there is any possibility of battery life improvement with the latest greatest processor (801/805), then i’d gladly take that for the sake of better battery life…

          • morteum

            That was my only concern. My Moto X doesn’t have bad battery life; as in, it gets me through a full day of work, but I’d prefer to have the longest lasting battery I could. I think the 801 is the way to go in that department. On the other hand, if having the 800 will reduce the off-contract price I’m all good with that route.

          • hoosiercub88

            I wish I could say the same, but I still love the phone.

          • Alex Boro

            Moto X is pretty laggy compared to my nexus 5. I own both.

          • archercc

            That is about the only phone I have seen look better, and it should. But its also a lot newer. I held off from the N5 becuase my N4 is still excellent (as is the Moto X, even if its not as fast as the N5) but if there ends up being no N6 this year the X1 might be my next…

          • Ian

            I also own both and can’t say the same as you.

          • Sky

            you must be a rare breed.. because my friend has had a Nexus 5 since day one and i have had my MX for almost a year now and he almost always wants to trade because he is envious of the performance of my MX..he’s had numerous problems with the N5,including glitches and lag , non of which have ever been present on my MX…
            It’s a phone that just works, i haven’t even felt the pressure or need to root it yet…

          • Alex Boro

            Well I use Chrome a lot which is very demanding on the cpu. Compared the moto x, the Nexus 5 is 10x faster and smoother on chrome. It just feels faster.

          • Jason B

            That’s some serious hyperbole. The thing is, the S800 isn’t 10x faster than the S600 based Moto X (and yes, it is a dual-core S600).

            Chrome isn’t demanding on the CPU at all unless you’re running some serious Javascript or HTML5 made for a desktop; speaking of which, I rarely use the mobile site themes because I like the full webpage, and I’ve never had issues with performance on my X. If you want demanding, then play a 3D game that needs both the GPU and CPU at max frequency. THEN, you’ll see a slight advantage on the N5. It’s only slight because 1080p performance on the Adreno 330 is more or less the same as the Adreno 320 at 720p.

          • kg2105

            dual core S600 is HALF a real S600. SO yeah might not actually be 10x but it’s still significantly better.

          • Jason B

            An app coded for a dual-core will run 50% across a quad-core (load leveled) or at 100% on 2 of the 4 cores.

            Where’s the advantage? It’s only in benchmarks.

          • athom07

            Moto X has had Nexus 5 owners butt hurt since it came out. And I say that just as an observation, I don’t own either device. Nexus 5 owners bought the N5 because they thought that was going to be stock android device to have that year, then the Moto X came and fucked that all up.

          • rawr

            Yea I’m sure you and the other 10 people who own a MotoX are annoying to N5 owners. Well, really, you guys are annoying to everyone here.

          • Nikuliai

            Moto sold 13.5 million in Q4…

          • kg2105

            The only thing that got fucked up was the Moto X itself. It was/is completely overrated and was outdated on release. But the results speak for itself. Google sold it to Lenovo for a reason (it wasn’t selling). You can’t release a phone with some gimmicks, call it a flagship and charge as much as other real flagships. Nexus 5 is much better than the Moto X, so is the Galaxy S4/S5, Note 3, HTC One m7 and m8, Sony Z2, etc. The Moto X was a complete failure for a reason.

          • Guest

            Sorry but the Nexus 5 still going strong and still faster than any phone.

          • Deez

            IThe camera performs horribly on the X, battery performance is also meh, voice call performance is tinny, it takes too long to boot up because of the stupid custom load screens, etc.

            When you’re talking about the X outperforming other phones what do you mean? That you can open your app drawer 0.025 seconds faster? Lol

            You Moto fanboys are delusional…

          • JoshGroff

            And with many of us using custom launchers, the transition speed is about the same on any current gen device.

          • Maxim∑

            actually your outdated Moto X performs worse than competition with an exception to Samsung devices running touchwiz. Otherwise your phone is old.
            People like to defend there purchase

          • Chris Hughes

            I love my Moto X…but compared to the M8 (or even the M7) I had and the Nexus 5…it’s a bit slower. You don’t notice it because it doesn’t lag so much as just not be as snappy.

          • kg2105

            No it doesn’t. Software optimization on the Moto X is overrated, and inferior compared to any good rom CM, PA, Omni, etc. which can be found on actual good devices. Not a device with gimmicks and crappy hardware.

        • LenovoByMotorola

          Mot X is so “awesome” that Motorola is losing $250-400 MILLION each quarter.
          Moto X+1 will as “awesome” as Moto X was.

          Nexus 5 doesn’t sell.
          Moto X doesn’t sell.
          Moto X+1+2+3 will NOT sell.

          SAMSUNG and LG are the ONLY worth Android smartphone makers.

        • MOTO4EVER


          I STILL USE MY DROID 1 for fun and as a music player/ alarm clock

        • kg2105

          LOL people who want good hardware are spec whores? You Moto X fanboys are COMPLETELY insufferable. Sorry that we don’t want hardware from 2011 in 2014. If the X+1 costs 300 or under on release with no contract, then it could be a pretty good product. If Motorola pulls the same BS again (crappy hardware, fake flagship status, high price) it will be another epic fail after the original Moto X completely failed.

      • lame

        My POS, underspec’d and underpowered personal Moto X runs more smoothly and than my work Galaxy Note 3.. huh.. that’s weird.. cause it’s not supposed to…also, for some reason my crappy Moto X with its small battery gets the same battery life.. actually.. I have no idea why, but my Note 3 just drains like a mofo even if I don’t use it..

        • Sporttster

          The thing I hate about my Note 3 is the radio. Totally sucks compared to even my last phone, a Moto RazrMaxx. If these specs are true, I’ll be getting the new Moto….

          • archercc

            I dont think Samsung;s software is helping either. Every Galaxy I have seen is quick at first but after a month appears to slow way down. It might play a specific game more effectively but the interface, the launcher and the lock screen get really janky.

          • Tanuj Chokshi

            It’s the DVFS and the way they handle their CPUs. After rooting, installing SetCPU, DVFS Disabler, Greenify, and a bunch of other Xposed modules, my Note 3 is running great with awesome battery life too.

          • PoisonApple31

            No complaints on the battery life of my Note 3 even without doing all that crap – I just laugh at everyone who has to charge their phone every day.

          • Nikuliai

            Well let’s hope the Note 4 fixes the radios on the 805 before launch, cuz otherwise the problem will repeat (until now that’s why nobody uses the 805 yet)

      • SeanPlunk

        I actually have a Dev. Edition Note 3 and will be picking up a Dev. Edition Note 4, so I’m not sure why you assume I’m a moto fanboy?

        Having said that, if you don’t think Moto is doing it right you’re not paying attention. Basically stock Android, thoughtful form factor, great battery life and well supported developer devices. As if that wasn’t enough, it looks like they’ve addressed the two biggest weaknesses of the Moto X – the camera and lack of an SD card slot.

        The only spec that you could possibly argue is a year old is the S800 and IMHO even that is a stretch. The S801 is really just an overclocked CPU/GPU version of the S800. In anything but a theoretical/benchmark situation I believe the Moto X+1 will outperform most, if not all of the S801 powered devices on the market.

        • Nikuliai

          Because if you don’t say that Motorola sucks at everything you’re a fanboy on this site, just ignore it

          PS: on a more serious note, +1 to your comment, plus the battery (should be a noticeable change from last year too)

          PS n° 2: I honestly don’t get what the S801 fuzz is all about, it’s basically the same with some battery tweaks and “updated pricing”, but whatevs…

          • FourString

            I have a Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 800 and it is good for another 4 years at least. In a Moto X+1 it will be plenty fast enough, outclasses loads of other smartphone processors on the market now anyway. Haters (typically shallow, retarded Touchwiz lovers) are just demented.

          • Nikuliai

            yup, that’s my point, S801 is not noticeable at all, the 805 may be, but that’s for november, but in terms on performance the S800 has a couple years to be outdated

          • Jason B

            The S801 supports eMMC 5.0. That’s about all I care about. I’m all for increased I/O performance.

            400MB/s vs 200MB/s (interface speed), but obviously, you have to use a more expensive eMMC 5.0 chip, and I/O performance in mobile is so piss-poor that it needs improvement, immediately. You can talk about how fast your SoC is, but if the CPU is waiting on the I/O sub-system to complete a task, it’s not efficient at all.

      • morteum

        I completely embrace being a Moto fanboy and I’m damn proud.

      • As a proud owner of a Droid Maxx, I’m dissapointed by this. I guess when you have powerhouses like the S5 or G3, this really is sort of a let down.

        • Nikuliai

          Read the specs of the S800 vs the S801, I think you’ll be surprised

      • archercc

        Never owned a moto smartphone but the Moto X is the real deal, especially for the price. My coworker has one and its performance is great when you compare regular use to any other phone. It actually appears to be better than both other coworkers S4s.

        There is something to be said for not piling a ton of crap on top of Android.

        • Nikuliai

          Tbh the performance is not THAT great, it’s just smooth, but not “damn that thing just flies” but the biggest deal is consistency, the phone performs basically the same a year later which is something you can’t say about many other OEMs which basically forces you to factory reset the phone every couple months if you’re obsessive (YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU SAMMY!)

      • panicswhenubered

        An S800 is more than enough power, even a year later. With the 2900mah battery and SD card slot, and barely-there UI skin on Android, this phone is going to be awesome. Just wish it was smaller, my G2 is just a tad bit too big.

        • kg2105

          yeah but it’s exactly the same as the G2, with a slightly smaller battery+sd card slot. You can argue about the gimmicks and “optimized” stock software, but you can put a good rom on the G2 that puts stock Moto to shame. You aren’t missing anything by not getting the moto x+1 assuming all this info is true, and the G2 has been out for awhile. Once again it looks like Motorola is going with outdated upon release.

    • Bryan Mills

      800 …. So last gen !


      • SeanPlunk

        I know and I kind of get why people do it. When you’re spending a lot of money on a device you want to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth by getting the latest and greatest. I was a spec whore once upon a time too, but now that hardware and Android have matured it’s more about the user experience than the specs. Given how fast the Moto X is with “outdated hardware,” I can only image what the Moto X+1 is going to be like with an S800. It looks like Motorola has literally taken the original Moto X, combined it with a Nexus 5 and addressed every weakness of both devices. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

        • Bryan Mills

          No thanks. I need features, camera, some kind of skin. Stock is too boring. You guys are free to buy one and get juped once the sale to Lenovo is final.

          • archercc

            If you need a skin then that is why you need the top-spec processor. The skins on the market are so poorly coded.

          • PoisonApple31

            Skins bring features to Android – things that should exist in Stock already. Downloading a bunch of apps to compensate is just unacceptable. Obviously, I will not defend the looks of these skins. LOL

          • sirmeili

            Yet Motorola brings features to Android without altering the UI very much at all, so I don’t see your point. You can add features without adding a ton of bloat.

          • PoisonApple31

            My point is Stock is still too bare bones – the UI is lacking functionality, it should be altered. Little things like being able to customize your toggles would have been helpful.

          • ^ThisGuyGetsIt

            And the ability to customize notifications for a contact other than just the ringtone. Something I could do on the BB Storm. Which, in agreement with your other comment re: downloading ‘compensating apps’. No – I’m not downloading Ringo, people who suggest I download Ringo. PoisonApple is right – it should be in the OS by now. Along with other features.

          • Al-Burrit0

            Don’t worry android “L” is coming 😀

          • archercc

            The vast majority of the features are garbage and most are ignored by users (maybe the geeks care but nobody is using the stupid eye scrolling thing). And the skins, being poorly coded, slow down every device for every user.

            So its a trade off, if you want some cheezy features without picking and choosing your own then you can pull up to the disgusting buffet that Samsung gives you.

          • PoisonApple31

            The ability to customize your toggles is a cheesy feature? Maybe you get a lot of use out of Airplane Mode, but I certainly do not. Some people want social media integration in their Contacts app (Not me, but former Windows Phone users I talked to), and last I checked that doesn’t happen on stock Android either.

            Clearly, I should have known better than to respond to a simpleton with no vision. Samsung isn’t the only OEM with a skin. Never heard of anyone saying their HTC One M8 had a poorly coded skin that was constantly slowing them down.

          • FourString

            Yeah, you’ve got to be a proper idiot if you can’t pick out top notch apps to add afterward. This is the whole concept of APPS to begin with. *I LOVE TOUCHWIZ*—said no one ever.

    • Maxim∑

      lol I highly doubt the camera will be good

      • SeanPlunk

        You only say that because they’ve never had a great camera in any of their phones before, LOL.

    • Derek Duncan

      wireless charging?

    • ShellyKenrickicb

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    • LOL

      so basically Moto X+1 is an outdated plastic mediocrity that TRIES to catchup with competitors in specs and HAS ZERO DIFFERENTIATION.
      Motorola is almost a bankrupt.
      Google FAILED to revive Motorola.
      Google only [temporarily] revived a bunch of cheap-tech-loving fanboys admiring STRUGGLING Motorola that sells generic boring plastic colorful mediocrity for $349.
      Lenovo is its new owner.
      Made in China.
      By Lenovo.

      • Nikuliai

        Beijing, China?, it would be so awful that someone manufactors there! oh… wait…

        Go troll somewhere else

      • FourString


    • LeeannaThomsonrap

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  • Hope they’re wrong about the screen size. +1 to everything else.

    • Orion

      I hope they’re right.

  • Bharath Kannan

    Screen size should have stayed as 4.7 in. You lose the comfort that the moto x brought forth when u increase its size that much.

    • cjohn4043

      Maybe, but if it looks something like the G2/G3 you should be fine, especially with on-screen buttons.

    • Nathan Bryant

      You have to think they will keep that small bezel even if increasing the size. Let’s wait first.

    • Orion

      I’m glad they’re increasing the size. 4.7 is tiny dude.

      • C-Law

        Um no. Not to everyone. Out of my of droid, droid 2, gnex, RAZR maxx, RAZR m, S3, iphone5, note 2, and s4, the moto x is my favorite by far. It’s like the gnex but less bezel and better specs. Note 2 and s4 felt too big to me

        • Ralph Bretz

          I think a 5 inch screen would have been okay. 5.2 will be too big. I like the 4.7 size of the Moto X now.

          • moew

            I think 3.3 is perfect and I have huge hands. What’s wrong with you man

        • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

          Just gota see those bezels. Have a feeling that 5.2 is gon be large anyway tho

    • taking away navbar, about how big would screen be? I know we have immersive mode now for that, but I’m actually curious.

      • Mike H.

        Well they could just make the nav bar smaller height wise. I like it when ROMs include a height adjuster. The smaller nav buttons just look cleaner.

    • I wish I could down vote your comment 4.7 is way too small. This needs to be 5.2+ I prefer 5.5″

      • Mike H.

        These big phones are killing my pants man. It starts with a phone print on them then 2 holes where the bottom of the phone is. Hahaha

        • Deez

          Maybe quit wearing skinny ass Yosemite Sam nut huggers then.

      • vzwuser76

        Yeah, because there are almost NO phones with screens in the 5″+ range.

        Seriously, the only other sub 5″ screen phones around are the mini version with truly mid to lowrange specs. People always talk about having choices on Android, yet want everyone to have to use huge screens. Some in the comments are talking about 5.7″ screens. Why not eliminate the bezels and add a cell radio to a Nexus 7 since you’re almost their anyway. I’m currently switching between a Droid Maxx and Moto X. If it wasn’t for the Maxx’s battery, I would use the X exclusively. Now maybe if the curved back of the Moto X transfers to the X+1 it may still offer decent feel in the hand, but there’s no need for every single phone be in the 5″+ range, there are plenty of choices in that class.

        • SteppedOn

          Seriously, the only other sub 5″ screen phones around are the mini version with truly mid to lowrange specs.

          Oh really now? The Z1 compact with a Snapdragon 80x is considered mid-range?

          • vzwuser76

            And how readily available is it? Is it even in the US? AFAIK Sony has just this side of zero presence in the US.

        • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

          the Moto G LTE is a decent enough phone with 4.5″ screen i think

    • Sergey

      I bet they will have 2 sizes. They must have a 5.0-ish phone to compete with other flagships.
      I have MotoX right now but I do miss GS4 screen size so I’ll gladly buy it.

      I also really want to see wireless charging

      • calculatorwatch

        That’s what I’ve been saying. I thought they would release an updated 4.7″ X+1 as well, but since we’ve only seen leaks for the 5.2″ version I’m beginning to have some doubts.

        If they’re only releasing one screen size I wish they would have stopped at 5″. I can go for a big X+1 if they put a huge battery in it though.

        • Duane Westerhaus

          That would be the Moto X’s big brother – Droid MAXX!

          • jamaall

            And if you want a smaller phone than the x + 1, get a droid mini!

          • calculatorwatch

            Do you think it’s gonna be bigger than 5.2 inches?

            I just hope they make it more attractive

        • Charles Walker

          I’m hoping for a refresh of the 4.7″ Moto X. Be nice if they offered 4.7″ for practical users and 5.2″ for those with a fetish for large devices. Like you said, they should have made it 5″ at a maximum.

          • Tanuj Chokshi

            Doubt it

      • Anthony Fazio

        Wireless charging please!

    • kashtrey

      I think Moto deserves a wait and see on the screen/phone size. They were able to make 4.7 an extremely comfortable fit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something similar with 5.2.

      • Guest

        Basically make it into a G2. G2 has a 5.2″ screen and very little bezel

      • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard


    • Coming from the G2, 5.2″ is the perfect size for a display.

      • Charles Walker

        Having owned both a G2 and Moto X, I think somewhere between 4.7-4.9 is the perfect size. I have large hands and the ergonomics of the Moto X just cannot be beat. I hoped the Moto X+1 would not exceed 5″. Now it lost some of its DNA that made the Moto X so great.

        • howboutnoucrazydutchbastard

          interesting. mebbe the bezels will be thin but iono how much htatll help

    • C-Law

      I agree

    • Rapist on BAIL

      4.7″ – 5″ is perfect! But as long as the screen is AMOLED and the bezels are thin, I’m still getting this phone regardless.

    • I’m with you that 4.7 was the right size, its what gave the moto x its unique form factor, but this is not the kind of update I was looking for and with Google no longer behind them I’m switching away from Motorola.

    • Guest
    • Big EZ

      I have a feeling they will keep and update the 4.7″ version as well.

      • Charles Walker

        I’m confident they will continue to sell the Moto X along with the Moto X+1, but as far as refreshing the 4.7″, my fingers are crossed.