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Brazilian Retailer Posts Moto X+1 Specs Early, Maybe…Sort Of? (Updated)

moto x green

A Brazilian retailer called Livraria Logos, who just so happened to post Moto E specs two days before the phone was announced, has created a working page for the yet-to-be-announced Moto X+1, with a full list of specs. Outside of those, there are no real images of the phone or other marketing materials like we saw when the Moto E leaked early. We aren’t fully sure what to make of this site since all we know about it is a Moto E premature posting, but since they were spot on with the Moto E, we might as well give them a second look. 

Before we move on, though, we should point out that there are were specific notes at the bottom of the listing this morning, when a reader first sent this in, that seemed to suggest that whoever created the page, was waiting for official confirmation from Motorola or another source on the details. To be precise, it said “confirm the veracity of the information from the documents provided by the manufacturer” when translated. That note is now gone, so Livraria Logos either thinks they have confirmation or is in full hypebeasting mode to get their store some early pageviews.

With all of that in mind, here are the purported Moto X+1 Specs:

  • Display:  5.2″ Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Operating System:  Android 4.4.4 “KitKat”
  • Processor:  2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • Cameras:  12MP rear, 5MP front
  • RAM:  2GB
  • Connectivity:  WiFi, 4G/3G/2G, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Storage:  32GB, micro SD support up to 128GB
  • Battery:  2,900mAh

Thoughts? Sound like a worthy successor that you could get behind?

Update:  The page featuring purported Moto X+1 info has now been wiped clean.

Via:  Livraria Logos
Cheers Neemias!
  • just give us a motomaker screen size option and the world will rejoice

  • guesswhat

    people bitching about moto x’s specs ..sure point out its probable short coming in horse power (even though it is only on paper would run perfectly fine in real world) ..but let me remind them of moto x’s strength it is the x8 architecture, addition of low power cores (I know qcom soc’s claim to have these cores inbuilt but no one is yet able to use them to built feature like those found on X) but that differentiates it and allows it to run unique feature like like touchless control, Assist, and active display ..im sure they will get better in this iteration and some new features will be added ..no matter what the specs of your phone are , what ultimately matters is the experience ..and with such unique features moto x offers very unique experience ..which cannot be found on other device..

    • pyro74boy .

      There are apps in the Google play store that can make your phone be used as a touchless device and really you can pretty much do it now with just the touch of the screen.People must be pretty lazy if they can’t touch your phone just once to use your voice to control your phone. LOL There is not one single feature that sets the moto X apart from anything else on the market it is a very overrated device just because of it’s cheap price and that’s what people like you just don’t seem to understand. Your comment reminds me so much of an iphone user, When I buy a phone that was made in the year 2013 I want it to have 2013 specs not specs from 2012 or 2011. LOL and like it or not at some point specs do matter when it comes right down to how well a phone truly performs.

      • ur an idiot…not everyone wants to hold their phone around bc its to big to pocket or wants it bulging out their pants so their uncomfortable while they sit….or look like an idiot with a 7″ phone on their face while talking…people what a phone sized phone which is why the iphone is still so popular…i love my moto x it does everything i need without a hiccup or stutter and has a perfect formfactor and is nexuseque unlike any other phone besides a nexus…have zero complaints about it so your comment about overrated is ridiculous if anything its underrated…have fun with your korean made crap im good

        • pyro74boy .

          Please don’t make me laugh I can fit my Note2 in my pants pocket just fine thank you very much and your wrong about the size of it it’s not a 7 inch phone it’s 5.5 so get your facts straight before you try to call someone out on something. LOL WOW the Note line of phones where the very first of there kind to have true multitasking capabilities and they set the standard for this type of user experience before the Moto X had anything to with it and everyone including Apple is trying to copy the design of it so please stop talking out of your butt-hole. Funny how you talk about the Moto X having zero complaints when I have heard even owners and people who even like the X complain about the camera and remember I’m quoting them not me. I hope that you’re also aware that there is no such thing as the perfect phone regardless of brand name and price and this includes both the Note2 and Moto X so please stop with this mine and better then yours garbage because all of these phones have there pros and cons and this includes both your phone and mine, Yes it was ridiculous of you to call me in idiot based only on difference of opinion and like it or not It’s my opinion that the X is overrated. The correct response should have been I don’t agree with you. Learn to use a little bit of respect and you might get some back.

          • guesswhat

            Used my friends note 3 recently takes 3 secs on average to wake up when power button is pressed ..will never touch a janky phone even though it has great specs

          • guesswhat

            Also moto x features cannot be replicated using some apps from play store ..you can believe it can be done and be happy with your janky note .. that’s ok .but the fact is its not the same experience and battery life will suck ..

          • pyro74boy .

            My Note is not janky as you call it in fact it’s by far the smoothest running phone I have used and trust me I have used phones with mega amounts of lag where they where running so slow that I could walk faster.LOL

          • guesswhat

            You should try moto x or nexus 5 to experience what smooth and jank free is experience is like

          • pyro74boy .

            Trust me I know a smooth phone when I see one. Stock Android is not for me. No thanks.

          • pyro74boy .

            I agree with you about the Note3 I had one for a while and returned it back to the store because there was noticeable lag on it when compared to my Note2. I thought I maybe got a bad N3 but nope the Note3 on display in the store acted the same exact way so I returned it back to Verizon and kept what I feel is a better performing phone.

          • All i heard was waaaaaaa

            But seriously who are you trying to convince me or yourself lol

          • pyro74boy .

            Really that’s the best you can do? LOL

            All of my points where valid regardless of what you think. LOL

  • UniBroW

    Don’t care about specs, just needs qi charging out of the box. I actually am ditching my Note 3 and picked up a Nexus 5. Like the Moto x more but liking the qi charging too much

    • Nikuliai

      Well you can always open it and incorporate a qi universal charging thingy (can’t actually remember the name)

  • Minh

    Wow, these people. People complained when the LG G3 didn’t have the 805 processor. The X+1 may have Snapdragon 800 and no one says a thing.

    • arthur2142

      The main reason for that was the resolution of the LG G3. The 800 processor can’t utilize such high resolution to its full capability.

    • needa

      that is because everyone knows that a moto x with a snap 800 will be the fastest phone on the market.

  • Meltdown07

    Moto better add wireless charging to those specs!

    • needa

      i doubt it. the tk guy said the x2 was thinner than the current x. who knows… maybe moto will have qi backs on motomaker.

  • CJvzla

    i prefer 4.5 inch screen, if the next moto X/G goes for the 5+ 1080p route i feel they will just become more of the same..the small size and great performance is what maked them so great…

    • needa

      i completely agree. think about it this way though… if you are using android wear, you probably will not have to use the phone near as much.

  • pyro74boy .

    I sure hope this years Moto X has up to date specs and does not have specs that are over a year old. If I wanted a phone with out of date specs then I would buy a phone from that year not a phone that was being sold as a brand new device with old specs. The Moto X was by far the most overrated phone to come out last year just because of it’s cheap price.

    • lmao

      • pyro74boy .

        lmao to you as well. LOL

  • ali jawad

    The X+1 news is interesting. People think its a bigger version of the Moto X. I’d like to think its something different, like a customized Android ROM featuring the return of Moto Blur.

  • Joel Hardman

    My question is if they will keep the X8 architecture that they used on the Moto X? If so, then won’t they have to re-label it the “X10” architecture because of the quad core main cpu? Also, since the 801 is not that drastic of a jump from the 800, won’t putting the 800 in the “X10” architecture possibly perform better than the 801 by itself?

  • Tastor Croy

    Definitely considering it

  • Lucas

    OMG! If it launches with a reasonable price, I will buy it! Go Brazil!

  • shelderman

    For those squashing the specs. The moto X is supposed to be an affordable device, not a super high end one. At least you can get this with almost stock as well. I think the specs are great for this phone.

    • atc-tech

      The moto X is the exact same price of every other flagship, carrier backed, phone that comes out. Where are you getting affordable? It’s supposed to be super high end. Not affordable. They just think they can sell the features instead of the specs. It works on some people, not on others. I personally could care less about voice control with the screen off and active display. Therefore, it doesn’t work on me. I want the specs if I’m paying the price.

      • frhow

        Um the Moto X came in at $550-$900. It is definitely suppose to be affordable in comparison to the other flagships of the world.

        • Marc

          The moto X was 199 on contract when it was released, and moto maker was exclusive to AT&T initially. The four hundred dollar price didn’t come out until it was rotting on the shelves for a while. Top of the line prices should have had top of the line specs and they probably would have sold more.

          • frhow

            No sir, the MOTO X came without a contract, the moto maker was only for AT&T variants. The other ones you could have just bought a black or white one. Including ones directly from Motorola. I bought one. It wasnt until later when the MOTO maker was opened up to other carriers and to the public in general. But the phone was still the best overall experience I have had due to the sub par specs. They did an AMAZING job at optimizing the phone. Thats where specs are over hyped. If the phone is optimized properly specs arent worth nothing more than the paper its written on unless you go into the camera/screen comparison. But the processor should have never been questioned as it performed excellent and the phone was completely lag free.

        • um i wish it did lol i woulda bought it way sooner!

  • Higher_Ground

    Assuming those are the correct specs, I’m looking forward to the increased screen size and battery capacity. I’m not sure about the processor or the camera though…

    • Camera will be garbage, just like every other Moto. The biggest reason to pass on this device. Until they can deliver a camera on par with the iPhones, S5’s and G3’s of the world, there’s zero reason to buy this phone.

      • Higher_Ground

        Well I wouldn’t say zero reasons. I personally am a big fan of the wooden backs, and if I can get this for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the other flagships, I’ll consider it.

        I’ve still got a gnex – the camera is bad, but that only bothers me every once in a while. The absolutely terrible reception and consequently abysmal battery life are near constant problems.

        • hoosiercub88

          Well, almost any phone you can buy nowadays is going to be better than the Gnex in every single way. The Moto X camera is severely hit & miss. I’ve shot a few good pictures with it though. I can’t imagine Moto/Lenovo is going to put much more effort into the camera for the X+1, hell, it could even be the same sensor for all we know.

          The camera is pretty bad, and it’s not as fast as it once was. Hell I remember whenever I got my GNex and how snappy the camera was on stock 4.0.. those days are gone. I’m looking in the way of G3 or Z2/3 if we ever get either of them stateside.

          • Goddamn that Gnex camera was fast, but the pictures….

          • Carlton Crasher

            maybe i’m loony but i dislike my note 3’s picture capabilities. between not having OIS that i had on my Nexus 5 and the fact that the note 3 seems like as soon as it seems light dip it decides to raise the ISO to Maximum and destroy the picture.

      • lol go buy a dslr…peopel who bitch about the camera on phones annoy me…its a phone dude and my moto x takes great pics and video i dont see what the complaint is? i dont use phone pictures to make desktop wallpapers or posters lol i use them to put on fb and instagram and show people pics from the phone which are always vibrant and nice looking…if your that nitpicky youll never buy a phone bc they all have shortcomings..if camera is your 1# priority get a nokia or get an actual camera n stop crying like a b*ch on forums about it

        • Change your tampon you whiner. I have a DSLR and use it for anything serious. For everything else I use my phone camera because it’s what I have on me at the time. If my phone wasn’t up to snuff, I’d get something else.

          Anyway, it doesn’t matter what your lame argument is, the Moto X has an absolute garbage camera compared to the other flagships from last year. Even the Nexus 5 puts the X to shame by a longshot.

          But if it’s good enough for you, then great, enjoy your shi**y pictures. For most people, it’s not, and it’s completely unacceptable for Moto to still be so far behind in the camera department after all these years.

  • Shadowstare

    Did that say 5.2 inch display? Moto might have just might have just gotten my attention.

    • hoosiercub88

      If it’s true. There’ll be so much butthurt from the X community lol

      • ur right itll be 2 big…stupid koreans ruin everything

  • S.Ober

    Yawn, when is something exciting going to come out already!

    • NexusMan

      “Later this summer.” The Moto 360 and the 2nd edition Moto X. Stay tuned for spec information for both.

      • S.Ober

        I am excited about the 360, all phones just seam that same. my upgrade is at the end of the month so Ill be looking.

  • Razma

    it’ll be impressive if they managed to squeeze the screen into the same form factor as the Moto X. I don’t want the phone to be any bigger, the Moto X was the perfect size and is extremely comfortable to hold

    • Charles Walker

      If the screen is 5.2″, it’s going to be considerably larger than the Moto X regardless to how thin the bezel is. It seems the Moto X+1 is going to be an LG G2 but with AMOLED and superior Moto X DNA. My hope is that they refresh the current Moto X as a “2014” model with improved specs.

  • Godzilla

    I’m sure it’ll use x10 architecture with that snapdragon 800. Look at how smooth the X is. This thing will be a beast and that screen size might be perfect of bezels are small.

  • Snapdragon 800 and 2gb Ram? Snooze.

    Another lackluster Moto. Nexus 6 it is this fall.

    • NexusMan

      LOL. You realize these specs are not official, and a Nexus 6 is also not official.

      • I realize both but the chances are very likely that the new Moto will be just as lackluster as the last.

        • NexusMan

          And I now you realize you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. Thanks for confirming.

        • ToddAwesome

          Lackluster, mmmhmmm, and thus you have proven your knowledge of this matter.

  • tripleseon

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  • Count Sana

    I Think there is a new architecture in hardware mode. just like the X8. now they are using S800 on the chip and maybe new computing cores….I can’t wait!

    • Godzilla


  • Brandon Rosonina

    And to “fix” the debate over screen size. I think manufacturers should make a 1 time round of sub 5 inch, mid 5 inch and high 5 inch, with all the same specs, and keep the size that sells the best for future models.

    • Godzilla

      Would be awesome

  • Brandon Rosonina

    This seems like a great phone and should make the remaining 10 Verizon users on this forum VERY happy. ^^ However, I will not trade in my nexus 5 for this. The snapdragon 800 and 2 gb of ram on the nexus 5 is still, after 1 year, seamlessly fast. Although I am not thrilled with the battery life, and only having the phone for 1 year I am not willing to change. On the other hand, If I had the choice of the nexus 5 and this when i bought the nexus 5, This would be the winner!

    • dizel123

      10 Verizon users? Are you really that stupid or just bad at trolling?

      • Well, 10 is a little harsh, but there’s no denying that this site is no longer just for Verizon Android fanboys. I would guess if they ran a poll on the site, less than half of the readers are still on Verizon. The Nexus is just too much of a draw. If Verizon and Google can put out a Nexus 6, I’m sure nearly every single reader would buy one.

      • Brandon Rosonina

        Was a joke, as in sarcasm.

    • StankyChikin

      I’d trade my N5 in for this in a heartbeat.

  • Where’s the X8 architecture?!

    Or was it last years gimmick? I thought it sounded neat. I’m hesitant to use always active voice commands on other phones since they don’t have a dedicated processor for it. But it just seems right on moto x cuz it has a dedicated low power CPU for voice recognition.

    Is that right?

    • ChrisNacca

      The Snapdragon 800 actually does have a low powered audio processing unit, it just isnt being used .. one developer managed to use it but wouldn’t release anything…

      so yea i guess thats what motorola are using, should be very minimal battery drain for ” always listening “

  • Yes, I think screen is still too small. But if when use this smartphone with MHl to HDMI Adapter: http://bit.ly/1jBAPzU ,Then maybe that is OK. How do you think ?

  • Renan Rennó

    Just a thought: Big screens mean bigger batteries which mean more specs…. I want flagship specs, decent battery life and a “small” screen, like 4.5 inches. Is that too much to ask?

    • PoisonApple31

      In 2014, yes that is too much to ask.

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  • interstellarmind

    So…uh..it’s a bigger N5 with like 20% more battery.

    No, thank you!

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  • djdsf

    Screen still too small

  • Wall Breaker

    Perfection. The moto X badly needed a 1080p screen the fuzzy icons drove me crazy after using many 1080p phones prior. And they say you can’t tell the difference, which obviously is not true.

  • The page is now blank.

  • shamatuu

    Why 800 only at least 801.?

    • Godzilla


      • atc-tech

        cost to motorola, not cost to the consumer. you’re going to pay $200 (on contract) or $650 – $700 either way. This way, Motorola can fund the dev of their always on voice crap and whatever else they’re doing, and hopefully (for them) cut a bigger profit on the device while they’re at it.

  • Ryan Chapman

    I wish I had the time to browse the comments to see how many different people said “Take my money!” Since it seems to be the thing to say now.
    Any takers for a guess? Im guessing 10.

  • Michael Herma

    I’m excited to see what moto adds to the +1. Touch less control and active notifications with the first x, please moto, give me some new features I never realized I couldn’t live without 🙂

  • M3D1T8R

    32GB + SD, yes! All sounds good to me, except I’d rather the screen were 5″ than 5.2, and 3GB ram would be nice. Battery life should be fine. Basically if this comes with these specs and near stock Android with fast updates, and they manage to include a decent camera, and is water resistant, and maybe some decent Motomaker options (64GB please – on Verizon!), it will probably be my next phone. At least another good option vs the possible Sony Z2 coming to Verizon around the same time. Bring it on as a Verizon Dev. Edition again please.

  • Six83

    ,2 inch too much

  • jerflash

    If they bring this out for $99 on contract and under 499 off contract with these specs and moto maker…they may just have something. sure its last year specs but really the snapdragon 800 is a sick chip. the nexus 5 is a powerhouse and in reality…spoiled us on the price. i as much as i love to try new things like the lg g3 i dont see myself really getting it right now…since i have a nexus 5.

  • Nate Loos

    Basically an LG G2 with an SD Card slot and a better front facing camera… Beautiful.

    • Richard

      yes, but running 95% stock android.

  • needa

    the source also says… 3d recognition. super camera with optical zoom. mixed use of up to 26 hours. and this unit can be submerged in water.

  • Michael Harrison

    Motorola, bringing last year’s technology to you today….for full price.

  • d-rock

    This isn’t top of the line but not bad… If they game change again with innovation, it could be a real winner… But can’t be too costly.

  • wao Great work oxfordcell.com

  • trwb

    Too big. This 5+ screen size trend is ridiculous. I like my moto g better then my nexus 5.

  • Vijay Nlsn Raj
  • Fabio

    this information is not true, this website has no values ​​here in Brazil! do not believe …

  • 5n4r35

    Get me my smelling turds!!!!

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Shut up and take my money MOTOROLA!!!!

    ****Proud owner of the Moto X unlocked 32GB on T-Mobile****

    • Cheezburger

      Your screen name is absolutely classless.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    The jury is out until we get to see the software integration and the actual phone size. Funny how most people who support Moto were claiming to not care about the specs, then when the SPECS get released, that is going to be determining factor for the phone’s success. I personally think that a 5.2 inch screen is a sign of a phone that is too big. I hope that it is not bigger than the DROID MAXX.