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Amazon Giving Away $100 Worth of Free Apps Through Appstore Today and Tomorrow

For today and tomorrow only, Amazon is hosting a massive app sale (more like app giveaway) through the Amazon Appstore. As of right now, the value of the free apps totals a little over $100, with a few of the titles being pretty popular.

To list only a few games, since there is a serious list of apps available for free, Amazon currently has Sonic the Hedgehog 2, The Room Two (Kindle edition), Root Explorer, Ravensword: Shadowland, Loco Motors, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Plex, and many others all listed as free. 

You better go get on these deals before they’re gone.

And of course, you will need to have the Amazon Appstore installed on your Android device.

Via: Amazon
  • John charitos

    Only in US? Australia i see one only.

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  • FortitudineVincimus

    I downloaded about 75% of the offerings.. why not. May not need now, might in the future. Stock up.

  • mrjayviper

    someone mentioned I need amazon appstore to continue using the app I “purchased” but I just uninstalled the appstore using Titanium but have kept the app I purchased and I can still use it! 😀

  • John Motschenbacher

    Anyone else having trouble an app or pretty much anything the Amazon App Store on L preview?

    • duke69111

      a lot of non google apps may not work on the L preview as support has not been added to support ART.

  • App-Curious

    Isn’t the Amazon Appstore “standard” on Verizon devices now? Why not take advantage of it?

  • Trying To Make A Dollar

    I wonder how much money Amazon would make with an Ad-supported version and a “pro” version ($.99-$4.99) of Amazon Instant Video app sold through the Amazon Appstore for “other” Android devices…

  • dark_funk


    …Kindle Edition. Dammit.

  • can we just go to amazon on the website and claim these apps without the app store for the time being? i rem u used to be able to do that

    • j

      Yes. You can purchase through the web if you enable 1-click

  • m1ghtysauc3

    There are loads of crying b*tches in here today.

    • Raven

      Yes, damn them for trying to give you something for free.

  • jimt

    You have to keep amazon app store installed for their apps to work, No Thanks.

    • Raven

      The same is probably true for most paid Play Store apps as well, the only difference is that you can’t easily uninstall the Play Store.

  • akingsfan

    No thanks. I’m not biting.

  • DavidMCano1

    For today and tomorrow only, Amazon is hosting a massive app sale (more like app giveaway) through the Amazon Appstore. As of right now, the value of the free apps totals a little over $100, with a few of the titles being pretty popular. http://to.ly/zX0T

  • teevirus

    The Amazon Appstore: Where free isn’t worth the hassle.

    • Jim Davis

      My sentiments exactly!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yeah, yeah, free is still free. And I’ve downloaded and played quite of few apps/games and haven’t experienced any issues on my GN3. So…yeah, not buying the whole “not worth the hassle” mumble jumble.

      But, it still sucks that updates are super slow when downloading anything from the Amazon App Store. But other than that, I’ll take free any day.

      • j

        Barely any hassle, and it’s worth it. I don’t see why people complain about needing the Amazon app installed.. I keep it installed, and enjoy the probably $1000 worth of free apps I’ve accumulated over the years. But by all means, continue to hate 🙂

        • kilbasar

          In older versions of the Amazon App Store, it would run in the background all the time and eat battery, whether you were using it or not. I haven’t experienced that in a long time, but a lot of people were burned and have never come back, so I understand.

          • EvanTheGamer

            You can also quickly kill that background process, as well, you know. I use Battery Doctor to kill all unnecessary apps running in the background.

          • kilbasar

            I do know, and do that with Greenify. But hence the idea of the hassle, many people are not interested in installing another app just to make the Amazon Store behave just so they can get a few free games. Again, I personally think it’s worth it and have downloaded a bunch of very useful apps/games I would have never tried otherwise (Biz Calendar, Enhanced E-Mail, 100000000, Abduction, Buzzwords, Continuity, Deadly Dungeons, League of Evil, Rebuild…), but I get why it’s not worth the hassle for some people.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Seriously. I remember the first post Droid-Life ever wrote about the Amazon App Store announcing their Free App of the Day promotion, which I think was never intended to last this long(going on what…three years now? Correct me if I’m wrong though) and I think I’ve downloaded over 500 FREE apps/games, probably totaling what you just mentioned. $1000 worth of FREE freaking APPS. So what if most developers are slow with the updates. A free app/game is still a free app/game and some are $3.99(the action/puzzle game CLARC is $4.99 and right now it’s FREE!) and up, so…yeah, let the haters continue to hate and let the people who love free things continue to download free apps/games!

          And that’s all I gotz to say about that.

      • New_Guy

        And Amazon coin is essentially free money. I’ve got 1351 Amazon coins and can put them towards any app.

        I just bought a sick icon pack with them actually.

    • Cory S

      So many times I’ve seen a free app of the day on Amazon and I’m like oh that looks neat…then I go to Play and buy it.

    • MH

      It was somewhat worth the hassle back in 2011….

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    • joe

      Fanboyism at it’s worst (best?).

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  • JBartcaps

    Root Explorer is free, nice.

  • JP

    Worth it just for Plex and Sonic 2.

    • mrjayviper

      installed plex too and it seems it’s recent version

  • Scott

    Sounds like a desperate plea to get people to buy that sorry excuse for a phone they created.

    • T4rd

      Think you’re reading way too much into it… they have sales like this at least a few times a year. If anything it’s a desperate attempt just to get people to use their app store.

      • Scott

        As someone who used that app store at one point, I would agree with you there. If there is an app that I use all the time anyway, I’ll buy it. It is the least I can do. I don’t know if it changed, but a couple of years ago I always felt like the apps in Amazon were months behind in terms of updates and features, compared to the ones on Google Play.

    • Cael

      It’s a desperate plea to get people to use their app store so they can tell developers people use their app store so they make apps for that sorry excuse for a phone they created.