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Razer Announces Android TV-powered Micro Console, Focused on Gaming

Does Android TV excite you? Do you need it now? Well, it doesn’t officially launch until this Fall, but Razer has gone ahead and announced that they will be ready for when that day comes. The company has introduced a Razer-branded micro console, powered by Android TV, with Android gaming being its main selling point.

Technically there is no official name it seems, but the set-top box is an all-black cube, complete with neon lighting. Nice touch. 

No specifications have been announced yet, but Razer claims the box can handle casual games, as well as more hardcore titles for seasoned gamers. On top of gaming, the box can handle your standard Android TV features, such as movie and TV streaming, content searches, and much more.

No exact availability or pricing is available yet, but at least we know it’s coming.

Via: Wired
  • Tres Waters

    Nvidia should do something like this with support for the Shield’s “console mode” for streaming games from our GTX enabled PCs to the TV.

  • Mike Dye

    Can I install any android app on it? Like maybe XBMC ?

    • Tres Waters

      Most likely, but if they use the K1 chip, there will most likely be coding issues like there was with the Tegra devices of old which will make a lof of apps incompatible.

  • BoFiS

    I just really hope it has IR to work with our Harmony One remote as that is an entirely necessary feature for anything I hook up to our TV…And does Android TV have HDMI pass-through still?

    • I would suspect HDMI pass through would be a thing as they mentioned regular TV and overlays during the keynote. I would suspect that HDMI pass through could be different depending on which OEM manufactured your box and the such.

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  • OnyxSkies

    “Android gaming as it’s main selling point.” What Android gaming?

  • True Radiant Free

    Ouya what?

  • Michael Nyitrai

    Price makes or breaks many things, this will be a true test.

  • Bryankkkkk

    The green light will pribably burn out just as quick as the backlight in their keyboards.

  • john

    This is like a golf cart designed by ferrari….

  • landon
    • Brian Walker

      Consider this, though. What if one of these OEMs partners with Steam to get in-home streaming working on Android TV? Does that whet your appetite???

  • Jared Denman

    I just don’t want those fugly on screen navigation buttons that were displayed today! Anyone else notice how hideous they were?!

    • Carlos Lopez

      I actually like them but if they bother you that much, it is android and they are on screen buttons so there will be a way to change them

      • Mitch Joa

        The current way to change nav buttons requires root, so it probably won’t be possible for all users. *cough Verizon cough*

    • Kevin

      Android TV doesn’t use navigation buttons. It’s not a touch screen. Unless you’re talking about something else?

      • Jared Denman

        Lol I was talking about the phone “L” version. Posted on the wrong link

    • True Radiant Free

      Didn’t the circle look like the home button on the Facebook phone? Hahah

    • bhayes444

      Personally, I was thinking that it is very reminiscent of Sony’s PS controllers. Same shapes (minus the X), and while I prefer the “older” style buttons that we currently have I see why they decided to simplify them as much as possible. Good thing they didn’t use the square as the home button or else Apple would probably go sue happy for that (hell they probably will anyway).

  • Kevin

    Yes! Hopefully it has a Tegra K1 for PS3/XB graphics.

    • Robert Boluyt

      Lets aim a little higher.

      • Kevin

        Like what?

        • True Radiant Free

          Maybe he means Snapdragon 810, but I would like to see the K1 instead.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Is this the same razer that announced the nabu?

    • XvierX

      Hopefully this won’t take as long to bring to market.

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