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Google Glass Frames by Diane von Furstenberg Now Available

Many gurus of fashion have tried their hand at making Google Glass a little less “dorkish,” but in our humble opinion, no one has succeeded quite yet – after all, it isn’t easy making a face computer look attractive. The latest attempt is from American designer Diane von Furstenberg, whose DVF design studio launched a line of Glass frames under the moniker “DVF | Made for Glass.”

Starting today, five frames and eight sunglasses are available for purchase. They admittedly do a better job than a few others at camouflaging the bulkiest components of Glass, but the price isn’t exactly palatable. Package deals, which includes either frames or shades (coupled with Google Glass), are listed starting at $1725, going all the way up to $1800. Individually, frames are priced around $225, while shades are listed around $125.

If you can justify the expense, the products are available for purchase from Google and Net-a-porter.com.

  • b00sted

    slap them on this and I am happy.. liquidpolarized.com

  • MDS

    Leave it to Marchon (the company behind DVF), the biggest collection of idiots this side of the Mississippi to run with something as dopey as google glass.

  • yummy

    Those are fi-douche-iary
    Glass is by far the biggest debacle train wreck of all time, seen by every human…except by those wearing douche glass.
    Round here that would be the segway posse
    *Gone phishin’*

    • for ayes

      Maybe if the wearer’s lens projected a pic of them wearing a pair they would rip them off, toss them down and crush them.

  • Jason Kahn

    So they are trying to make this look popular?

  • bogy25

    People do anything to make a buck these days

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Now you can look trendy AND creepy.

  • Gr8Ray

    $200-$300 doesn’t really seem that expensive, considering I’ve dropped close to that amount on some Ray Bans.

    • Deez

      Nothing screams hipster douche like some Ray Bans

      • Roger K.

        Nothing? Your comment comes pretty close.

        • yoburt

          But his comment was free.

      • Gr8Ray

        I bought them before Hipster was even a word.

  • Suicide_Note

    They look like something my grandmother would wear after cataracts surgery.

    • JoanneTomkinsyvy

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