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Friday App Sales: All About Sonic Games for $0.99, Action Launcher Pro and Others Too

Can you think of a better way to put a dent in that freshly cashed Friday paycheck than through some app sales? Outside of happy hour and sneakers, I can’t!

In this week’s list of app sales, we are looking at the ultimate Sonic The Hedgehog deal-o-rama. As far as I can tell, all Sonic games have been slashed to $0.99 from $2.99.

If the little spiny blue hedgehog isn’t interesting enough, there are other apps worth looking at. Chris Lacey’s Action Launcher Pro and Link Bubble Pro are both discounted, bringing them down $2.99 and $2.49, respectively. If you were holding out from purchasing Link Bubble due to its price, now would be your chance to give it some real run for 50% of the original price. There are also some games towards the end of the list. 

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  • SONIC. {{o_0}}

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  • jtc276

    Well, I officially own every Sonic game available on Android.

  • feedhead

    In for Link Bubble Pro. Thanks for heads up. I look forward to Friday’s app list.

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    • clobberedchina

      OK, that’s pretty slick. Thanks for the tip.

  • Thomas

    What happened to the Indian kid that used to post these articles?

    • I mean really…

      He got tired of being referred to as “..the Indian kid..” by commenters.

      • FknTwizted

        he is too busy in litigation against the Washington Redskins.

        • Android_09

          This made me lol

        • potato


          • FknTwizted

            I’m not racist, I own a color tv.

    • Quint


      • Thomas

        Yes…that’s his name. Thanks.

    • Mark

      He’s writing for another blog site now. His last post was a Friday app sale one where Rithvik Rao asked someone to commit suicide. Not a good way to go out. Of course, his comment was after he had already decided to leave DL and it’s been removed now.

      • calculatorwatch

        I see, I guess I can stop being disappointed in him for not being on the DL show every week.

        • Android_09

          Yeah its disappointing not seeing a 12 year old dot head…

          • Nope, not a jerk comment at all! And you have my assurance: I am not 12, thank you very much.

          • Jose

            Nothing wrong with being a high school kid in San Diego. Were you writing articles and teaching yourself to program in highschool?

            I can’t believe how racist people can be here. I flagged your comment.

          • Android_09

            Oh look an 18 year old spic. Probably an illegal. Hope you were able to go to college if not you could always work with your parents in that rich white guy’s garden

      • Oh God, you people make this sound so serious 😉

        It was meant in a funny way. I guess humor generally reserved for the offline world doesn’t translate well into text.

        Also: that comment was a couple weeks before my last post. No correlation with me leaving DL.

        • creed

          I’m not sure how asking someone to commit suicide translates into humor in the online or offline world. Maybe you could find some different material.

      • Jose

        This was the post that had the comment: http://www.droid-life.com/2014/05/02/friday-app-sales-20140502/

        It was his last post. You’re right that him leaving DL was already decided before that article.

        • Almost correct. That comment wasn’t on the last app sales post, it was the second to last one I believe. I left on a good note.

  • jhjr24


    • K

      Gosh someone tell the dev to just make it 20 cents

      • joe

        It’s a blog typo for $1.99

        • Pedro

          Yeah. I think that’s obvious.
          I hope the humor didn’t knock a hat off your head. Although, I bet there was plenty of clearance.

        • K


  • Will P

    Saw Launcher Pro and my heart skipped a beat for a second there.

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    • Pedro

      Fede should have it out soon. A total re-write of the launcher can take some time.

      • Lol. Like 3 years

      • calculatorwatch

        The Launcher Pro update is the Android equivalent of Half Life 3.

    • RIP Launcher Pro

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        Shut the hell up, Leanna.

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