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Animated GIFs Come to Twitter!

According to Twitter’s official support account, animated GIFs are now supported through the web, Android, and iPhone. I’m not sure anything else needs to be said. 

true detective

Via:  Twitter Support
  • Hopefully this comes to Fenix soon.

  • Ryan Dunne

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    great now it will be just like myspace was before it died

  • Guy Pierce
  • Guy Pierce
  • Colton


  • crazed_z06

    oh joy!

  • BRIM

    Question is, will this apply to 3rd party Twitter apps? Such as Falcon?

    • Rodeojones000

      It would be nice. No way I’m switching from Falcon Pro.

  • landon


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    WOO!. . . Mark Zuck! Pay attention. If Facebook supported animated gifs i’d be Spamming my news feed ALL. DAY.

    • Tee

      I’m more than happy that they don’t. There’s already enough garbage content on FB with all the captioned photos, Bit Strips, eCards, etc. If .gifs were supported it would make it that much worse.

      At times the .gifs even get out of control on here. I generally just don’t care to see them, but I might be the minority on this. To me they add absolutely nothing to the conversation on a site like this.

      • Tee

        I mean, when someone posts a .gif here should I be like, “Oh man, you are so witty for going and finding something someone else made on one of the gazillion .gif sites and posting it here!”

        Usually I’m just like, “Meh, pretty lame.” How many times do I a need to see the lame Fry “Shut up and take my money” .gif? Lol

        • MKader17

          Most people post the “shut up and take my money” jpeg not the gif.

          • Tee

            I’ve seen the animated .gif of it many times on here.

            I’m curious as to why someone would make the still version a .jpeg though. Being the whole frame is a cartoon it should still be saved as a .gif even if there’s no animation. GIF is ideal for optimizing simple illustrations.


  • Bryan Mills
  • Trempest

    Turning Twitter into Tumblr, one GIF at a time.

  • StrictlyGeeky