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Xperia Z2 Reportedly Headed to Verizon in Q4 as the Sony Sirius Viv, Certification Cited as Reason for Delay

The US market may not be Sony’s priority, but mounting evidence suggests the Xperia Z2 may make its way to at least one stateside carrier in Q4. Press images of a Verizon-branded variant of the Z2 showed up twice on Sony’s website last month, and despite vehement denials by company spokespeople, @evleaks revealed yesterday that the Z2 may launch on Big Red as the Sony Sirius Viv (D6503). 

What’s the holdup? According to the source, the Verizon Z2 supports LTE-Advanced, and so has been undergoing a more rigorous certification and testing process than most of the carrier’s smartphones.

Frustrating as that may sound, Verizon may simply be doing all that it can to ensure one of the first LTE-Advanced phones on its network works without a hitch. Then again, Big Red is notorious for arbitrary delays. Whatever the reason, don’t hold your breath for a sooner launch than the aforementioned quarter.

Verizon subscribers, is the Z2 still appealing in the face of new competition like the LG G3?

 Via: @evleaks
  • M3D1T8R

    As marlin29311 points out below (thanks!), Evleaks actually says “middle of next quarter”. That would make it mid third quarter. Three months difference vs 4th quarter as you say in the article title. Please correct the misprint!

    Mid next Q would make it around August. Very tempting. Assuming the Moto X+1 comes out around the same time, could be two very good but very different options on Verizon showing up at around the same time. Fun times.

  • chris125

    Too little, too late sony. Maybe next year you can get it right.

  • Eric Soriano

    A little late to the party, I’ve been waiting since the first leak but a mid 3Q release date puts it in a tough spot with the new Moto X, Note 4, S5 Prime but the thought of finally getting something different from Verizon is really calling my name.

  • hoosiercub88

    Unless something earth shattering is out by then on Verizon.. I’ll be picking one up. I want the sweet camera, the battery life, the cool aesthetic, and I think it’d be nice to finally have a Sony flagship on *arguably* the best network in the US, especially since I have grandfathered unlimited.

    • Hector Abreu

      Verizon doesn’t grandfather you in anymore.

      • hoosiercub88

        That’s why you buy your phone without a contract….

        • terrorist96

          Or use a family member’s upgrade if you have a family plan.

          • Andrew

            That doesn’t work.. you must buy a phone with out a contract

          • terrorist96

            It does work. I’ve done it twice now.

        • Hector Abreu

          You’re right and that’s why I’m still unlimited.. there are a couple of other ways to hang on to it but just buying the phone full retail is the easiest way

  • hoosiercub88

    So as the Z3 is announced….

  • landon

    By the time it as arrives on Verizon a new one will come out.

  • d-rock

    Sony is part of the group suing google and OEMs, so they can bite it!

  • marlin29311

    You guys realize this should be Q3, not Q4 right? June is Q2, and this says middle of next quarter, which would probably be around August.

    • flosserelli

      Good point. But regardless, VZW will probably be the last to offer it.

      • The last to offer it? From everything I’ve heard only Verizon was going to have a carrier version.

      • chris125

        Actually seems like verizon is the only carrier actually getting it.

  • ROR1997

    What’s the holdup?

    Basically, Verizon doesn’t want the ThunderBolt 2.0 on their hands again

  • GaryTBarnes

    What’s the holdup? According to the source, the Verizon Z2 supports LTE-Advanced, and so has been undergoing a more rigorous certification and testing process than most of the carrier’s smartphones. http://chilp.it/11ddd5

  • Sjschwar

    How about “Sony Z2 droid”

  • Jonathan Williams


  • coolsilver

    Another Thunderbolt Debacle

  • RobJBR

    What is this? 2009? They probably named the phone that because Sony Sirius XM Excite 4GXLTE Fast Viv didn’t fit

  • Cael

    I’m all for Sony but no. LTE-Advanced won’t make me get it. The Z3 I would get…

  • BoFiS

    Now how about making the Z1 Compact or the A2 available on Verizon pretty please?!????

    • calculatorwatch

      Sure, we’ll have it available around Q3 2015

  • Scott Martin

    if they get this out in Q4 and streamline the LTE-Advanced certification and testing process, it’s only going to be 6 months before the Z3 is available. at this point, verizon might as well wait for the z3

    • I have a feeling that if the Z3 does make it to the U.S. to the carriers, it’ll be a while before it does.

    • r0l

      Sony is on a 6 month cycle, the Z3 will be out internationally by the time this phone hits, which is I’m sure part of the reason for the name change. When we see a Z3 in the states is another matter.

      • Scott Martin

        i was unaware of that and your point about the name change makes sense. i understand that it takes a while to get the cycle down the first time a new type of device goes through any certification so hopefully it goes faster for future devices it just seems like they should grab the new one right away and not ‘launch’ an out of date device. it will get no following and then verizon will assume sony has no support and not carry the next one.
        i was eagerly anticipating the z2 and hoping it would come to vzw but alas.

  • I think “Sirius Viv” is actually the codename for the LTE-A Model. Probably not the actual name. Eitherway, It’ll probably be mine.

  • M3D1T8R

    Happy if it’s coming after all, but Q4 is probably too late.

    Waiting on Moto x+1 now.

    • r0l

      By the time it ships we’ll have the: Moto X+1, Galaxy F, Sony Z3, Note 4
      Going to be a real tough sell, especially for those on tiered data.

      • hkklife

        Slower Snpdrsgon 801 and just 16Gb inrernal storage? No thanks. Sony needs to bump this one up to an 805 and 32GB for the LTE-A refresh. Also, Sony hasn’t had a CDMA phone since the Xperia Play. Could this be the first fully LTE handset on VZW with no CDMA or 1x support?

  • Danrarbc

    Sony Sirius Viv?

    What the heck is wrong with the phone’s actual name Verizon?

    • ROR1997

      Sony doesn’t want the Z2 associated with big old 4GLTE logo smacked on it

    • flosserelli

      Because Verizon.

      • michael arazan

        I hope Sony got Verizon to prepay for their orders of the phone in advance, so sony doesn’t lose money having to wait 5 months of delays because Verizon doesn’t know if their own Network is on par or will even work correctly.

        No way they did this rigorous testing with Samsung phones with LTE-A, not for 5 months like they ware saying with Sony
        So what’s the real story behind the Verizon lies again?

    • d-rock

      why so sirius?!?!

  • DRAF_Werd

    Sounds like a slow news day if we are revisiting this topic. G3 blows this phone away.

    • How so?

    • T4rd

      Rhetorical question: How does the G3 blow this phone away?

      Rhetorical answer: It doesn’t.

      • DRAF_Werd

        From my perspective it’s overall design, fit/finish, size, and availability. But hey … everyone has their own opinion.

        • T4rd

          Yeah.. might wanna restrict your severely exaggerated comparisons like that when you’re basing them on very subjective/debatable aspects like “overall design” and “fit/finish”. Also, try submerging the G3 in water and see how that design holds up. 😉

          • DRAF_Werd

            I didn’t realize in your world a discussion board is supposed to be run like a dictatorship where comparisons are not allowed. Please forgive me site owner.

          • T4rd

            It’s unacceptable and I will not tolerate it.

      • r0l

        I was all hyped up for the Z2 and then I read the battery average, the screen is tough to view in direct sunlight and the camera is average (which was one of the things I was most excited about). While I think the Z2 is still a good device it just doesn’t seem to have any “killer feature”. If the G3 doesn’t “beat it” then I would imagine the Galazy F, Note 4, Z3 or Moto X+1 may.

        • M3D1T8R

          Where’d you hear that about the camera? Everything I’ve seen says its great.
          And if the massive 3.2Ah battery isn’t good, why? It has some power saving features I believe. Is the “average” battery life w/o using power saving? What does “average” mean anyway, screen on time? Thanks.

        • hoosiercub88

          I’ve heard all of the same things about the G3..it just depends one what side of the Internet you’re reading. That said the camera outclasses the G3 save for the laser focus and OIS.. I mean have you seen the oil painting smudge the G3 does to get rid of noise??

      • chris125

        Screen, overall size (larger screen yet smaller than the z2) Camera on the z2 wasn’t that great

        • T4rd

          Waterproof/resistant, dedicated 2-stage camera button. Speaker on the G3 isn’t that great (esp. compared to the dual front facing speakers on the Z2).

          There’s trade-offs on every current-gen phone. In no way does any newer phone “blow away” another phone of the same generation and market segment. To say so just makes you sound like an ignorant fanboy.

          • chris125

            1. I wouldn’t buy any current phones because we seem to be in a tick of the tech update scale and
            2. I never claimed the phones blow away any phone so far from a “fanboy” nice try though

          • T4rd

            I didn’t mean to say you claimed that, I was speaking to the original comment I replied to that said “G3 blows this phone away”, which you seemed to be defending.

          • chris125

            Yeah no flagship blows any out of the water because until the 808/810 are out the processors are all so close together and not the huge jumps that from the 600-800 was in terms of performance boosts and improvements

          • T4rd

            Yup, but even then, I think we’ve just about plateaued in terms of real-world performance with the last couple gens of SoCs. Nowadays, it pretty much comes down to trade-offs in every other aspect; camera, battery life, design/form factor, speakers, display, etc. Which I think between the GS5, M8, Z2, G3, and any other S800/801 based phone, you’re going to make compromises in some way.. which is a good thing, IMO, because no device is best for everyone and options/competition are great. Same concept will apply for all past and future gens as well.

  • Bryan Mills

    The Z3 will be out by then

  • Sqube

    Sweet merciful tapdancing baby Jesus, I hope that name doesn’t survive.

    Come on, Verizon. Seriously. Don’t do this.