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Echo is Like Mailbox for Your Lock Screen and Notifications

Let’s say you go into a meeting that lasts a couple of hours and need to be away from your phone. When you come back, how does your notification situation look? Is it overwhelming? Are there lines for Gmail, Twitter, application updates, and calendar notifications all jumbled together in some random order? Probably, I know my notification area looks like that if I am away from my phone for even 30 minutes.

Echo is an app that wants to help fix that frustrating situation by taking to your lock screen and organizing it with notifications. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, Echo takes your notifications and prioritizes them depending on a number of factors. There is a “Priority” category for the most important stuff, but also categories for things like “Work” and “Social.” Echo will light up your screen for the important notifications, which would be those in the “Priority” category, while keeping things a little less in-your-face when the notifications aren’t so pressing.

How does it figure out what to put in “Priority?” Well, it tries to learn your habits to automatically prioritize the notifications you open often. That’s about all we know for now, but the app is still technically in “beta,” which means new features or more control over this category could come later on.

Each category acts like a drop-down menu that shows individual notifications that can either be dismissed one-by-one or with an “X” that clears them all.

echo lock screen

Beyond the notification organizing, Echo also takes a page out of Mailbox’s book by allowing you to dismiss notifications with an option to bring them back later on. With a swipe on a notification to the right, you can tell Echo to bring that notification back by location (ex: when you are out, home, at work) or time (ex:  one hour from now, in the morning, or tomorrow).

To unlock your phone with Echo on, a simple swipe to the right will do it. As your lock screen, Echo also shows time, date, and your current battery percentage.

If you were looking for a couple of things that need to be addressed that may prevent you from fully diving into Echo, we have a short list to suggest to the developer. For one, actionable items in notifications like Gmail messages don’t seem to be there. So you can dismiss a Gmail notification, but not quickly reply to or delete it. Notifications also are not synced across devices, so Hangouts messages that were read or dismissed long ago on your computer or other device, may still be showing in Echo. And finally, notifications from the same app do not seem to be bundling, so if someone were to send you multiple Hangouts messages, they may show up on separate lines.

The app is completely free and only asks that you give it access to your notifications. Feel free to give it a shot.

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  • ChristianPasquariello

    Thought you guys might appreciate my Echo lockscreen :), the pic is one I found of a young Jamie Lee Curtis, then added effects in PS6.

  • Promethean

    I understand it’s an alpha so this is more ‘reporting’ than complaints. When I open a notification, I press my Home button when I’m done and it takes my to my phones default lockscreen rather than to my home screen. Dismissed notifications pop back sometimes. I’d like music control to show, at least for Google Music, my default music player would be nice as well. It’s nice, add/fix those things and it’d be awesome.

  • Danrarbc

    It’d be nice if this could detect when in range of a wireless SSID instead of having to be connected. My office has WiFi, but they restrict access to it – the requirement for it to be connected to determine when I’m at work won’t allow me to use that.

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  • Cool guest

    Where can I download it?
    I can’t find it on play store

  • ChristianPasquariello

    After using this for a day I must say it’s great. ACDisplay and Dynamic Notifications killed my G2’s battery, this barely uses any power, looks stellar and just works.

    • Echo


  • lesprince

    I found a problem that I don’t know if other people have had yet but I have a Gear Fit and it started bootlooping when I started getting Gmail notifications the only way I could stop it was holding the power button on my Gear Fit until it shut off completely and then disable the Echo lock screen app then my Gear Fit was working fine so I am sure the problem is a compatibility issue between the Gear Fit notifications and the Echo app. notifications. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Leland

    Don’t know if this has been answered but if you guys could delete the notification after i tap to view it would be awesome. Great app otherwise.

    • Ryan Chapman

      Swipe to the left

      • Leland

        Yes I know swipe left closes it, but after I physically go and look at the notification (in the actual app i.e. Snapchat or email) I have to go back to the lock screen to delete the actual notification.

  • Cody

    Seems like an app with a lot of potential. It’s also great to see a developer this involved.

    Weather and the new music lockscreen will make this my permanent lockscreen replacement.

    • Echo

      Hi Cody – We are working on adding music controls. Weather is a great suggestion for adding to your lockscreen. We’ll look into the right way to add the feature so it doesn’t crowd the screen.

  • j_della9

    It would be better if it didn’t wake the screen.

    • Echo

      Thanks for the suggestion. More settings will be coming soon so that you can control these features.

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        • t3lancer2007

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  • HarvesterX

    Just installed it so lemme go play around. It looks awesome so far from what I’ve read

    • Echo

      Hi Harvester – Keep trying Echo, and we think you’ll see more to it than the icon. That said, we will be updating the icon design after we fix some bugs and add a few critical features 🙂

  • tylerc23

    ooooh, is it possible in maybe a future update to be able to switch out the Battery level icon and percentage for a weather icon and temperature??

    • Echo

      We are working on adding more settings for customization so that you can choose what appears on the lockscreen. Stay tuned 🙂

  • I really like it so far, obviously as it says its in ALPHA, but I see limitless opportunities, first factor I’ve observed is that my pushbullet and climate appear under Perform even though im at my specific House on the app, maybe something for the next release? ha, excellent app, cant delay for updates

    Dukan Diät Plan

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Great! Also gets rid of that horrible carrier brand text on non rooted lock screens (by replacing it), worth it almost for that alone.

  • Anoop Mathew

    The interface is nice and looks like the app is stable

    • Echo

      Thanks! We’ll be updating frequently to make it even better.

  • I have a issue. Why does echo show up as the second lock screen when using the secure finger print lock screen with my S5? Using other third party lock screens I never have this issue. I want echo to show first then when I slide to unlock it will go to the secure S5 lock screen. Like every other third party lock screen does. Also Wifi only for locations doesnt work for me as well. I dont use wifi at all for home or work. Why cant I set the address or use Google maps like every other thing uses.

    • David Lutz

      I have the same problem on my Galaxy Note 3 using the PIN lock screen. I’ve used ACDisplay and Dynamic Notifications – both display first, then the PIN lock screen second. Echo does the exact opposite.

      • Echo got back to me and said they are working on fixing that and the other issues. Soon they said.

  • Rhyan Lewis

    I actually really like this, very promising. A few things of note though. When I tap and respond to a Hangouts message from Echo it doesn’t seem to be clearing the notification from Echo. Secondly after sliding to unlock it always shows the “full screen app tutorial” for a half second.

    • Echo

      Hi Rhyan – I replied via email, but will also add the answer here in case others are interested. We are fixing both issues with the notification persistence and immersive mode hint. Updates coming soon.

  • RobRomeo

    Definitely happy that it plays nicely with Active display on Moto X !

    • Echo


  • NeilGeorge

    Does it interact with Touchdown?

    • Echo

      It shouldn’t interact with Touchdown. Try it out, and let us know 🙂

      • NeilGeorge

        I am hoping it will 🙂

  • Looks awesome. Can you provide a link for the wallpaper of the phone on the left?

  • Katy Sanders

    This is great – I love the mailbox features. Keep it up!

  • CommanderZim

    How would this work for the multiple tabs in gmail? Will it label each email by sender in notifications?

    • Echo

      We label each email by the sender. By treating each notification separately, this lets us do the prioritization at the message level. You may get an alert when the email is from your mom, but not when its from Groupon.

      • CommanderZim

        Awesome! As soon as you guys get lockscreen controls I will probably be all over this. 😀

  • It’s, it’s beautiful!! I’m in love.

  • Droid Ronin

    I wonder if the notification still shows up if you dismiss it from the Active Display on the Moto X.

  • Guest203

    All these great lockscreens, but none have the kit Kat music control..

    • Nayners

      No doubt! The first one that has it will get my undivided attention. (and doesn’t look iOS-ish) Until then…

      • Echo

        Thanks for the feedback. We will be adding music control. Try out Echo for our other features, and stay tuned for music updates 🙂

        • Double tap to sleep would be much welcomed one my M8. Damn that top lockbutton

          • Echo

            Great suggestion – thanks!

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          • cizzlen

            Is your Aunty Allison a freak in the sheets ya nawimsayin babe?

          • tylerc23

            That would be nice, your right

        • NikolaiVolkov

          I love it so far, obviously as it says its in ALPHA, but I see endless possibilities, first thing I’ve noticed is that my pushbullet and weather show up under Work even though im at my designated Home on the app, maybe something for the next release? ha, great app, cant wait for updates

          • Echo

            I’ve been using pushbullet with Echo, and find that it works great. It’s another step that I save when I want to view my notifications. More features for customization will be coming. Thanks!

      • Azn_Android

        What’s wrong with looking like iOS? iOS looks great.

        • Nayners

          Nothing is wrong with it, I just don’t like it. If I wanted iOS, I’d buy one. I like to keep my Android device consistent with Android design guidelines. Android looks better IMO.

          • Echo

            Hi Nayners – Thanks for the feedback. We made Echo minimal on the design so that it works with whatever wallpaper you want. It’s mostly text (in the native google font).

          • tylerc23

            It looks really great, very minimal. Love the design, don’t listen to him lol

    • cizzlen

      Exactly. It’s beautiful but not functional enough for my needs. HTC’s lock screen does the job well for me.

    • cwillen

      Actually, Cover has some pretty good built player controls. I use it all the time with Google Music, Pandora, Pocket Casts, Hulu, and Netflix.

  • cknight91

    I’m pretty intrigued by the increasing functionality being developed for the android lockscreen. When are we going to get a lockscreen for our lockscreen? 😉

  • skinja99

    I use my phone for work constantly. I am a facilities engineer. I use email, photos, flashlight, the actual phone, file transfers, etc constantly.
    I don’t really believe that people are so important that they just have all these important updates on their phone that need them to respond to. Most of the stuff people do on their phone is just self absorbed nonsense like facebook.

    If you have a bunch of notifications and what not, then more power to you. I am happy for you.

    I am just saying that most of the stuff people act like is so important on their phone is really just updates about baby photos on facebook.

    • Echo

      Echo developer here. Thanks for the comment. You actually hit on one of the reasons why we built Echo. I get a lot of notifications from FB, twitter,etc. that I don’t need an alert about right away. But there are other useful messages from emails and messenger that get lost in the noise. Echo only sends you notifications you on priority messages so you can better cut through the noise.

      • skinja99

        Roger that

      • Jason Downing

        It seems to save every notification from hangouts even if from the same contact. Is that on purpose?

        • Echo

          Hi Jason – What are you seeing with the hangout notifications? We treat every notification individually since just seeing that you have a new message from [friend name] isn’t useful if you can’t see what they wrote. Let me know what you’re seeing, and we can fix it if its a bug. Thanks!

          • Jason Downing

            I can see where your thoughts are, but if I’m having a conversation with someone let’s say on Hangouts and I’m doing so from my computer, I don’t want to have to dismiss every notification that i’ve already seen via another platform

            Furthermore, if I open that notification, I’ll be able to see everything anyway.

  • Shawn John

    TMI for a lockscreen, nice concept, but it’s notification overdose.