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HTC One (M8) Gallery Update Brings Blur Level Adjustments to UFocus Photos

If you own an HTC One (M8), be sure to cruise into Google Play today and grab the update to the HTC Gallery application. The update introduces a focus intensity slider to your UFocus photos, which means you have more control over that bokeh. The update also allows any Sense 6.0 device to view Dimension Plus and Pan 360 photos.

To use the new intensity slider, all you need to do is take a photo, view that photo in the Gallery, tap “Edit,” ¬†then “Effects,” and then UFocus. Once there, a new slider will appear on the left side with the top being the most blur and the bottom being less blur. It works, as advertised.¬†

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  • Kris

    Shame on google on asking everyone to remove picasa integration with their gallery apps.

    I hate the fact that Google is THRUSTING google+ on my face every time I want to do anything reasonable with hangouts or other google apps

  • xsoldier2000

    ….and this has to do with the G3 how???? C’mon K, give us the weekend usage scoop.

    • Asimoalex

      Wow really?

      • xsoldier2000


    • Wrong post toolbag.

      • xsoldier2000

        You, dear sir, are a literary genius.