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We Have an LG G3 in House, It’s Q&A Time!

LG G3 - 1

The new G3 from LG is in the house, meaning you can expect to see a whole lot of stories here at DL on this device. As we are working up to a full review, we would love to help answer any questions you might have about the G3. Is the QHD worth it? How’s the camera and laser auto focus?

Those, plus many other questions will be answered as soon as we have spent a bit of time with the device. In the mean time, is there anything you are dying to know? We currently have a Korean model, running on AT&T’s LTE network, but we are more than happy to answer anything you need to know. 

We have already done a hands-on video, plus a couple of comparison videos, so be sure to check those posts out.

Drop any questions about the G3 below in the comments section. We will be answering them promptly.


LG G3 - 5 LG G3 - 4 LG G3 - 3 LG G3 - 6 LG G3 - 7

LG G3 - 1 LG G3 - 2 LG G3 - 3 LG G3 - 4 LG G3 - 5

  • Sasha

    Does the LG G3 have emoji built in other than typing the word?

  • Tony

    More of a dev question: what Android display density is the G3 at? Is it XXHDPI (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/util/DisplayMetrics.html#DENSITY_XXHIGH) or XXXHDPI?

  • fritzo2162

    I can’t wait to see the review for this! From everyone’s hype here, the G3 is most certainly going to be constructed from carved unicorn horn, powered by fairy dust batteries, and includes a processor that a time traveler brought back to us from the year 2236.

  • neverblink

    can it run Crysis?

  • monkey god

    I really wanna see someone do a “blind” test with the G3’s QHD display and another screen with 400+ ppi such as the Nexus 5. Make it so that the phone is mostly covered up with only a small section of the screen is shown displaying with some icons and a hi-res photo in the background. See if anyone can spot which one is clearer to the eye

  • JayWill386

    How is the speaker volume on this device as compared to the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8? LG talked of enhancements to sound but how does it compare and are the enhancements noticeable in terms of volume and audio quality?

  • jimbo

    Please test the battery life. Fm radio?

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    The usual.

    1. Screen > a. color b. contrast c. black levels etc. Probably nothing to worry about here.
    2. How’s the skin/UI? > Is it buttery smooth? (the benchmark to measure against is HTC One M8)
    3. Camera > a. UI b. speed c. quality.

    The one area of concern for me will be the skin. Will it stutter and muck up the user experience like touchwiz? If it can master all three areas above. Behold the new king.

  • aQuickBit

    Tim, you are so much more gentle with your phones than Kellen is. Nice of you to take a picture of it in the grass and not on a jagged piece of steel.

  • Ben Joynes

    Can we see a camera shootout with the G2, G3, GS5, M8, iPhone 5S, dedicated camera, in various situations please?

    Sunny day, overcast day, indoors, low light,

  • Rell

    is it capable of receiving files through s-beam?

    • SG

      s-beam is samsung property..hence the “S” ..this is LG ……

      • Rell

        I know this I currently have a Note 3 and the vast majority of the people i know have a samsung. I had the OG optimus and could not recieve files through S-beam from them on a consistent basis. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn’t. I would still like to transfer files this way but I am tired of samsung. Thanks for pointing that out though

  • How wide is the camera angle? I hope is not as narrow as the Galaxy S4’s. We need wide angles!

  • niteowl360

    I had to return the Nexus 5 due to terrible in call quality brought about by the noise canceling mic.
    I’m afraid the G3 will be tarnished with the same brush.
    Please can you pay attention to the in call quality (not just the external speaker quality).

  • Fra881

    What camera sensor does it have, IMX214 or IMX135?

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

    • SA_NYC

      Ha ha, excellent question.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    LG G3 has 3000mAh battery. My question is “Is it removable or un-removable”? Is it support wireless charging feature?

    • Skittlez

      they’ve been saying removable, haven’t they?

  • Chris White

    How about screen mirroring capabilities?

  • Nina

    Hi, is there LED notification?

    • SG


      • Nina

        Thanks! Where is it located? at the top left like the S3?

        • SG

          yet to see when the phone comes into stores..

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

  • Matt

    How fast does it charge? I love the USB 3.0 on the Note 3. How does this compare?

    In general, is this worth the upgrade from the Note 3?

    • Olav

      If you like the Samsung Notes and the stylus, wait for the Note 4 later this year. Rumored to have the Snapdragon 805.

      Now, if only Samsung would get its design in order… no more faux leather finish or ‘glam look’ of pockmarks.

    • Allesandro K

      “In general, is this worth the upgrade from the Note 3?”

      The performance lags behind the Note 3. If you get the G3, you would be downgrading from the Note 3, not upgrading.

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

  • Olav

    How is the LG G3’s adaptive software keyboard compared to the competition? Is typing really easier and faster?

    • SG

      regardless of how it is.. swiftkey beats all

  • Olav

    How well can you view the screen under bright sunlight?

  • Olav

    How is the audio quality of the LG G3? It has mono speaker at the back. Does the advertised 1-watt speaker make any improvement over the LG G2?

  • Bobby

    Does the G3 have a built in battery?

    • MacPhyle

      A built in battery?

      There’s a battery, and it’s removable.

    • SG


      • Bobby


  • DontKnowMe

    Love to see a drop test. One thing I love about my moto maxx is it is nearly indestructible so no need for case which makes it even bigger in pocket. Worried plastic won’t hold up or protect the screen well on side contact

  • pilz

    How is the contrast on the screen? In sure it’s nowhere near an AMOLED, but it’s it on part with other ips panels? Does it display images better than the note 3 (I know its a 1440p vs 1080p) Im just curious if the IPS panel is as nice as the AMOLED one in the note 3.

    • HarvesterX

      AMOLED = screen burn in – most noticeable among users who play HEAVILY on games with static ui elements. There shouldn’t be AMOLED displays period. That’s from a developer’s perspective not a consumer’s I guess as developers are the ones aware of this issue and who feel pressured to develop around it as to not potentially ruin their customer’s screens.

      • D M

        Yes, I prefer the washed out, crummy contrast of non-amoled screens. Also, I have use amoled screens for years with no evidence of burn in. I am a game developer and have played thousands of hours on amoled with zero issues. I would be more concerned about the crummy GPU in the G3 trying to drive QHD.

  • Ana

    Ohh, I hope you guys have your full review soon and that you can start answering soon too! I’m really excited and also anxious to decide on whether I want to get this phone or not! Thanks.


    Is the camera performance better than iPhone 5s….

    • SG

      a donkey with 2 peg legs and 1 nut is better than any iphone


    Is there any lag….

  • JayMo86

    How long good is the power save mode? I hear the S5 can give an extra day on just 15%, thats impressive…

    • Sam

      *cough bullsh*t cough*

      • JayMo86

        Even if it is bull, for them to make a public claim like that means it’s gotta be pretty good or they’d face a ton of heat…but I take it you don’t have the phone urself to know for sure *cough*

        • Sam

          If it lasted a day on 15% on whatever power save mode, it’s because you aren’t using it. What does it matter? A 3000Mah battery is a great battery. I’ve been using the G2 since it’s release. As long as it gets me through a normal day, I’m happy. If I’m using the crap out of it by watching video or whatever, then I’m not expecting it to last. When will they come out with a solar powered smart phone? 😀 now that would be cool!

    • Rodeojones000

      Nothing about the S5 is impressive, save for its impressive lag and crappiness.

      • JayMo86

        Last I checked, this was a Q&A about the G3. Don’t see the need to troll on my own opinions

      • SG

        if you’re trying to run NSA level computing on your s5.. of course it will lag .. if you’re doing regular day things that 99% of the people that have smartphones do.. it doesnt lag

  • eric

    Can you Please do a comparison video of the S5 and LG G3 in the sun ?? Or take some photos of the two in the sun ?

  • chantel

    How muuch will it cost
    Will it be cheaper than the Samsung galaxy s5
    Will it have water and dust resistance.

  • chantel

    Will it have water and dust resistance

    • Sam

      It’s not water resistant. And who needs dust resistance? Do you work on a farm or something?

  • chantel

    Dose it have front facing camara to.
    How much will it cost
    Will it be cheaper than the Samsung galaxy s5

    • SG

      – similar prices as all new flagships on contract
      – no cheaper than s5 on or off contract

  • trob6969

    BEFORE mentioning whether the G3’s QHD display is noticably better than the G2’s 1080p, PLEASE do what EVERY other reviewer doesnt: play the same 1080p video on both phones.

  • Manxter

    Call quality and reception…after all it is a phone,

    • SG

      REALLY???? This is a phone!?!?!?!? who woulda thought !?

  • Manxter

    I was wondering how long it takes to charge from dead or 10-20%? What is the charger rated at?

  • Ramanathan Arun

    How is the battery life compared to htc one m8

  • joshua

    Hows its battery life?

    • SG

      better than a nokia 3300

  • Yoderz

    Recently got a G2 as an upgrade from an S3. Should I return it and get the G3 when it comes out?

    • Kenneth Blair

      Dude, the G3 is so close to release, you might as well return the G2 and wait. Less than a Month, almost sure!

      • Yoderz

        Really liking the G2, but yeah, I’ll probably send it back. I like the idea of having a freakin’ lazer beam.

      • SG

        well he should return it after the g3 comes out…doing so before hand will leave him with no phone in the meantime

        • Kenneth B.

          That would depend on the time allowed to him before he returns it. I’ve been reading the G3 won’t be released in the US until the End of June. Most carriers give you what, a week or 2 to decide?

  • Aaron Woodard

    Does the LG G3 keyboard have emojis like the LG G2 Keyboard?

  • Andrew DeGonge

    I care about the 3 things most people care about
    -screen (duh) I don’t give a crap if 2k is necessary, how does the display look? And how is the white balance and color accuracy?
    -Camera, can it reliably focus with the magic space lazerz and how well does the OIS compensate for shake?
    -Battery, please please tell me you can still get about 10 hours of screen on time with this guy

    Also smaller things…how do the speakers (well 1 speaker) sound? Loudness and how tinny? How does it feel in the hand? How does the fake metal back feel, aka does it feel like metal just not as cold or what?

    God damn I just want this phone..

  • joejoe5709

    Is it easily handled like the G2 or is it closer to Note 3 level of grip?

    How’s the 1 wattt speaker? I know not BoomSound good but I assume better than average and certainly better than the G2.

    I’m sure the battery lasts a long time on standby but I’m worried about on screen time. And even then I’m sure web surfing isn’t too bad. How about gaming and video – these sorts of thing ANNIHILATE my G2’s battery. Anything less than 4 hours mixed use would be worth worrying.

  • Mike

    Great Post! I know some of these questions may not be known yet, but this is what I would like to know about the phone. Does OIS work with 4k recording? Is there going to be a gpe? Will there be one with an unlocked bootloader? Will the US version have wireless charging? Will any of the US carriers have something different ie. Verizon was the only G2 with wireless charging? Oh and most important, would you consider using this as your daily driver when it the US version comes out?

    • TopXKiller

      I saw charging pins inside in a review vid on the Korean so I guess LG is going to do like Samsung and leave it up to the carrier to sell their charging backs(?)

      • joejoe5709

        I unfortunately think you’re right. I think the new trend will be that wireless charging will require a mod or a case.

  • dale

    if i throw it at a nun how many chocolates will i get

    • joejoe5709

      Official LG spec sheet says 3 unless you have 30% battery or less remaining. Then you get 5.

  • TopXKiller

    The texture on the back, is it like Nexus 5 with the rubberized feel or more like Samsung devices?

  • MicroNix

    When can I buy one on VZW?????????????

  • NorCalGuy

    So the article says to ask questions about the phone and recieve quick answers while I understand that some questions can’t be answered quickly ie how long does the batt last but other questions like how is the speaker its claims 1 watt what does that mean for a smart phone? Or comparing some quick shots with the camera to that of the other top of the line phones? Will any questions be answered or is this just a big joke?

  • jesse_q

    Does it work with T-mobile?