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We Have an LG G3 in House, It’s Q&A Time!

The new G3 from LG is in the house, meaning you can expect to see a whole lot of stories here at DL on this device. As we are working up to a full review, we would love to help answer any questions you might have about the G3. Is the QHD worth it? How’s the camera and laser auto focus?

Those, plus many other questions will be answered as soon as we have spent a bit of time with the device. In the mean time, is there anything you are dying to know? We currently have a Korean model, running on AT&T’s LTE network, but we are more than happy to answer anything you need to know. 

We have already done a hands-on video, plus a couple of comparison videos, so be sure to check those posts out.

Drop any questions about the G3 below in the comments section. We will be answering them promptly.


LG G3 - 5 LG G3 - 4 LG G3 - 3 LG G3 - 6 LG G3 - 7

LG G3 - 1 LG G3 - 2 LG G3 - 3 LG G3 - 4 LG G3 - 5

  • Sasha

    Does the LG G3 have emoji built in other than typing the word?

  • Tony

    More of a dev question: what Android display density is the G3 at? Is it XXHDPI (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/util/DisplayMetrics.html#DENSITY_XXHIGH) or XXXHDPI?

  • fritzo2162

    I can’t wait to see the review for this! From everyone’s hype here, the G3 is most certainly going to be constructed from carved unicorn horn, powered by fairy dust batteries, and includes a processor that a time traveler brought back to us from the year 2236.

  • neverblink

    can it run Crysis?

  • monkey god

    I really wanna see someone do a “blind” test with the G3’s QHD display and another screen with 400+ ppi such as the Nexus 5. Make it so that the phone is mostly covered up with only a small section of the screen is shown displaying with some icons and a hi-res photo in the background. See if anyone can spot which one is clearer to the eye

  • JayWill386

    How is the speaker volume on this device as compared to the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8? LG talked of enhancements to sound but how does it compare and are the enhancements noticeable in terms of volume and audio quality?

  • jimbo

    Please test the battery life. Fm radio?

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    The usual.

    1. Screen > a. color b. contrast c. black levels etc. Probably nothing to worry about here.
    2. How’s the skin/UI? > Is it buttery smooth? (the benchmark to measure against is HTC One M8)
    3. Camera > a. UI b. speed c. quality.

    The one area of concern for me will be the skin. Will it stutter and muck up the user experience like touchwiz? If it can master all three areas above. Behold the new king.

  • aQuickBit

    Tim, you are so much more gentle with your phones than Kellen is. Nice of you to take a picture of it in the grass and not on a jagged piece of steel.

  • Ben Joynes

    Can we see a camera shootout with the G2, G3, GS5, M8, iPhone 5S, dedicated camera, in various situations please?

    Sunny day, overcast day, indoors, low light,

  • Rell

    is it capable of receiving files through s-beam?

    • SG

      s-beam is samsung property..hence the “S” ..this is LG ……

      • Rell

        I know this I currently have a Note 3 and the vast majority of the people i know have a samsung. I had the OG optimus and could not recieve files through S-beam from them on a consistent basis. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn’t. I would still like to transfer files this way but I am tired of samsung. Thanks for pointing that out though

  • How wide is the camera angle? I hope is not as narrow as the Galaxy S4’s. We need wide angles!

  • niteowl360

    I had to return the Nexus 5 due to terrible in call quality brought about by the noise canceling mic.
    I’m afraid the G3 will be tarnished with the same brush.
    Please can you pay attention to the in call quality (not just the external speaker quality).

  • Fra881

    What camera sensor does it have, IMX214 or IMX135?

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

    • SA_NYC

      Ha ha, excellent question.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    LG G3 has 3000mAh battery. My question is “Is it removable or un-removable”? Is it support wireless charging feature?

    • Skittlez

      they’ve been saying removable, haven’t they?

  • Chris White

    How about screen mirroring capabilities?

  • Nina

    Hi, is there LED notification?

    • SG


      • Nina

        Thanks! Where is it located? at the top left like the S3?

        • SG

          yet to see when the phone comes into stores..

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

  • Matt

    How fast does it charge? I love the USB 3.0 on the Note 3. How does this compare?

    In general, is this worth the upgrade from the Note 3?

    • Olav

      If you like the Samsung Notes and the stylus, wait for the Note 4 later this year. Rumored to have the Snapdragon 805.

      Now, if only Samsung would get its design in order… no more faux leather finish or ‘glam look’ of pockmarks.

    • Allesandro K

      “In general, is this worth the upgrade from the Note 3?”

      The performance lags behind the Note 3. If you get the G3, you would be downgrading from the Note 3, not upgrading.

  • Gene

    I like the back (navigation) button on the right side, where it is on my Galaxy s3, rather than on the left side, which is the standard location for all other Android phones, including the LG G3. Can the back button be moved to the right side on the G3?

  • Olav

    How is the LG G3’s adaptive software keyboard compared to the competition? Is typing really easier and faster?

    • SG

      regardless of how it is.. swiftkey beats all

  • Olav

    How well can you view the screen under bright sunlight?

  • Olav

    How is the audio quality of the LG G3? It has mono speaker at the back. Does the advertised 1-watt speaker make any improvement over the LG G2?

  • Bobby

    Does the G3 have a built in battery?

    • MacPhyle

      A built in battery?

      There’s a battery, and it’s removable.

    • SG


      • Bobby


  • DontKnowMe

    Love to see a drop test. One thing I love about my moto maxx is it is nearly indestructible so no need for case which makes it even bigger in pocket. Worried plastic won’t hold up or protect the screen well on side contact

  • pilz

    How is the contrast on the screen? In sure it’s nowhere near an AMOLED, but it’s it on part with other ips panels? Does it display images better than the note 3 (I know its a 1440p vs 1080p) Im just curious if the IPS panel is as nice as the AMOLED one in the note 3.

    • HarvesterX

      AMOLED = screen burn in – most noticeable among users who play HEAVILY on games with static ui elements. There shouldn’t be AMOLED displays period. That’s from a developer’s perspective not a consumer’s I guess as developers are the ones aware of this issue and who feel pressured to develop around it as to not potentially ruin their customer’s screens.

      • D M

        Yes, I prefer the washed out, crummy contrast of non-amoled screens. Also, I have use amoled screens for years with no evidence of burn in. I am a game developer and have played thousands of hours on amoled with zero issues. I would be more concerned about the crummy GPU in the G3 trying to drive QHD.

  • Ana

    Ohh, I hope you guys have your full review soon and that you can start answering soon too! I’m really excited and also anxious to decide on whether I want to get this phone or not! Thanks.


    Is the camera performance better than iPhone 5s….

    • SG

      a donkey with 2 peg legs and 1 nut is better than any iphone


    Is there any lag….

  • JayMo86

    How long good is the power save mode? I hear the S5 can give an extra day on just 15%, thats impressive…

    • Sam

      *cough bullsh*t cough*

      • JayMo86

        Even if it is bull, for them to make a public claim like that means it’s gotta be pretty good or they’d face a ton of heat…but I take it you don’t have the phone urself to know for sure *cough*

        • Sam

          If it lasted a day on 15% on whatever power save mode, it’s because you aren’t using it. What does it matter? A 3000Mah battery is a great battery. I’ve been using the G2 since it’s release. As long as it gets me through a normal day, I’m happy. If I’m using the crap out of it by watching video or whatever, then I’m not expecting it to last. When will they come out with a solar powered smart phone? 😀 now that would be cool!

    • Rodeojones000

      Nothing about the S5 is impressive, save for its impressive lag and crappiness.

      • JayMo86

        Last I checked, this was a Q&A about the G3. Don’t see the need to troll on my own opinions

      • SG

        if you’re trying to run NSA level computing on your s5.. of course it will lag .. if you’re doing regular day things that 99% of the people that have smartphones do.. it doesnt lag

  • eric

    Can you Please do a comparison video of the S5 and LG G3 in the sun ?? Or take some photos of the two in the sun ?

  • chantel

    How muuch will it cost
    Will it be cheaper than the Samsung galaxy s5
    Will it have water and dust resistance.

  • chantel

    Will it have water and dust resistance

    • Sam

      It’s not water resistant. And who needs dust resistance? Do you work on a farm or something?

  • chantel

    Dose it have front facing camara to.
    How much will it cost
    Will it be cheaper than the Samsung galaxy s5

    • SG

      – similar prices as all new flagships on contract
      – no cheaper than s5 on or off contract

  • trob6969

    BEFORE mentioning whether the G3’s QHD display is noticably better than the G2’s 1080p, PLEASE do what EVERY other reviewer doesnt: play the same 1080p video on both phones.

  • Manxter

    Call quality and reception…after all it is a phone,

    • SG

      REALLY???? This is a phone!?!?!?!? who woulda thought !?

  • Manxter

    I was wondering how long it takes to charge from dead or 10-20%? What is the charger rated at?

  • Ramanathan Arun

    How is the battery life compared to htc one m8

  • joshua

    Hows its battery life?

    • SG

      better than a nokia 3300

  • Yoderz

    Recently got a G2 as an upgrade from an S3. Should I return it and get the G3 when it comes out?

    • Kenneth Blair

      Dude, the G3 is so close to release, you might as well return the G2 and wait. Less than a Month, almost sure!

      • Yoderz

        Really liking the G2, but yeah, I’ll probably send it back. I like the idea of having a freakin’ lazer beam.

      • SG

        well he should return it after the g3 comes out…doing so before hand will leave him with no phone in the meantime

        • Kenneth B.

          That would depend on the time allowed to him before he returns it. I’ve been reading the G3 won’t be released in the US until the End of June. Most carriers give you what, a week or 2 to decide?

  • Aaron Woodard

    Does the LG G3 keyboard have emojis like the LG G2 Keyboard?

  • Andrew DeGonge

    I care about the 3 things most people care about
    -screen (duh) I don’t give a crap if 2k is necessary, how does the display look? And how is the white balance and color accuracy?
    -Camera, can it reliably focus with the magic space lazerz and how well does the OIS compensate for shake?
    -Battery, please please tell me you can still get about 10 hours of screen on time with this guy

    Also smaller things…how do the speakers (well 1 speaker) sound? Loudness and how tinny? How does it feel in the hand? How does the fake metal back feel, aka does it feel like metal just not as cold or what?

    God damn I just want this phone..

  • joejoe5709

    Is it easily handled like the G2 or is it closer to Note 3 level of grip?

    How’s the 1 wattt speaker? I know not BoomSound good but I assume better than average and certainly better than the G2.

    I’m sure the battery lasts a long time on standby but I’m worried about on screen time. And even then I’m sure web surfing isn’t too bad. How about gaming and video – these sorts of thing ANNIHILATE my G2’s battery. Anything less than 4 hours mixed use would be worth worrying.

  • Mike

    Great Post! I know some of these questions may not be known yet, but this is what I would like to know about the phone. Does OIS work with 4k recording? Is there going to be a gpe? Will there be one with an unlocked bootloader? Will the US version have wireless charging? Will any of the US carriers have something different ie. Verizon was the only G2 with wireless charging? Oh and most important, would you consider using this as your daily driver when it the US version comes out?

    • TopXKiller

      I saw charging pins inside in a review vid on the Korean so I guess LG is going to do like Samsung and leave it up to the carrier to sell their charging backs(?)

      • joejoe5709

        I unfortunately think you’re right. I think the new trend will be that wireless charging will require a mod or a case.

  • dale

    if i throw it at a nun how many chocolates will i get

    • joejoe5709

      Official LG spec sheet says 3 unless you have 30% battery or less remaining. Then you get 5.

  • TopXKiller

    The texture on the back, is it like Nexus 5 with the rubberized feel or more like Samsung devices?

  • MicroNix

    When can I buy one on VZW?????????????

  • NorCalGuy

    So the article says to ask questions about the phone and recieve quick answers while I understand that some questions can’t be answered quickly ie how long does the batt last but other questions like how is the speaker its claims 1 watt what does that mean for a smart phone? Or comparing some quick shots with the camera to that of the other top of the line phones? Will any questions be answered or is this just a big joke?

  • jesse_q

    Does it work with T-mobile?

  • harrison

    What is the screen on time? I’m worried about the battery.

  • yummy

    Will I see [insert deity here] when I hold it?

  • Zeph

    I want to know if Ron thinks we should buy it even though he’s getting an iPhone 6!

    • Rodeojones000

      Not funny.

    • joejoe5709

      Old unfunny joke is old and unfunny.

  • i don’t see a single answer to anyone’s questions.

    • Rodeojones000

      I’m sure there will be a second write up addressing these questions.

  • xzombiex66

    Battery life!!!

  • tank
  • arthur rugenstein

    I just wanna know how the battery life is on the phone

  • Rodeojones000

    Probably asked already, but I don’t feel like scrolling through all the comments.

    If you were a G2 owner would you personally pay full price to upgrade to this phone? Is it truly a worthy upgrade, or is this more of a S3>S4>S5 underwhelming update full of gimmicks?

  • Jonathan Ly

    How is the entire UX so far?

  • Dave

    How do normal pages look after being upscaled to that many pixels? Only native video truly fills all the 2560 lines. Right?

  • remark900

    Any discernible lag compared to the M8 or S5? Thanks!

  • Brent Cooper

    How soon will the questions be answered? 🙂

  • Ana

    Great news that you have one with you 🙂

    I’m interested about:
    1. How good the battery life is
    2. How good the camera is
    3. Is this phone fast? Does it lag? When? Could it be fixed? I’m really interested in a fast phone!
    4. How much does it rock when having it on a table for example and trying to use it while there? Is it possible?


  • B Brad

    How well does the GPS work? Stable when using it for navigation? Does it sync quickly when given a clear view of the sky?

  • B Brad

    Does the LG G3 have the magnets to self align when used with a Qi charger? I’m hoping it does, just like the Nexus 5.

  • Stig

    What is the screen made of? Gorilla Glass or similar?

  • CaptM

    Do you have the 16GB/2GB or the 32GB/3GB version? Also, It would really be nice to hear from some of the Korean people who have had this phone now for a little over a week to see how they like/dislike it, since they have sold so many units in Korea, it looks like the people over there may be really liking this phone.

  • nxjxjs

    Let’s see a video with the speakers. Compare to HTC and other phones speakers.

  • Daistaar

    How does the size compare to the GS4? Looking at the G3 after the S4 but curious if it’s like going from an S3 to an S4 or more like going from an S3 to a Note 3.

  • RickVill

    Does the wife approve?

  • bmos18

    How is the 1Watt speaker

  • James_Kernicky

    Scratch resistance, water resistance, drop test???

  • Will S.

    What do you dislike about it?

  • Mudokon83

    My Big question is how it feels in hand, 5.5 is huge compared to most phones, like compare it in hand and feel compared to S5 and S3, can your thumb reach each corner etc.

  • Silky Johnson

    Who would you rather fight…. 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

    • NorCalGuy

      You gotta go for the 100 duck size horses a 1200 lb flying bird would f**k u up

    • Scott

      Is the one horse sized duck ill-tempered? And do the duck sized horses have fricken lazer beams attached to their heads? Hmm, I dunno….

  • Michael Burnham

    Can I meet you somewhere in portland to hold it? I will bring beer!

  • Steve A. Reno

    Can I have it when you’re done with it?

  • I very specifically want to know how it does in low light indoors, for example at a bar. I was promised the moon so many times with cameras and every phone I’ve ever had is terrible in low light!

    I know. But I end up using my phone as a camera in a bar at least two or three times a month.

  • Jimbob

    The comma in the title needs to be a semicolon.

  • Steven58

    How do you compare it to the s5? m8?

  • TimXer

    how’s the battery hold up
    how bad does it teeter when using on a flat surface like a table

  • hkklife

    1. Is yours the 16GB/2GB or 32GB/3GB variant? How much available space to the user out of the box?
    2. Does the camera really seem as mediocre (at least mediocre compared to the GS5 and 5S as other reviews suggest?)
    3. Does yours have wireless charging built-in? if not does it seem like a simple aftermarket battery door purchase could alleviate that ala Samsung?
    4 .Does it charge as rapidly as the GS5? What is the rating on the bundled OEM charger?
    5. Does audio output quality seem decent? Did they use a reasonable DAC? I am not that much of an audiophile but I know some here go nuts over those sorts of things.
    6. Any issues like I have experienced on my Samsungs with the phone dismounting at random when having it plugged in under MTP mode ? Is it as fast as a Nexus when transferring files over MTP? Do you really miss Samsung’s USB 3.0 mode?
    7. Any noticeable heat dissipation issues or running hot when gaming or trying to hang on to a signal in fringe areas? Can you adjust the screen for greater touch sensitivity when wearing gloves (like Samsung?)
    Finally, do you consider it the phone of the year so far? I sure as heck do!

    • Jon

      What reviews have said the camera is mediocre? Seems like all the reviews are praising the camera.

      Who transfers files via USB anymore?

      Does it work with gloves on is an excellent question.

  • needa

    how good is that one watt speaker?

    • Jon

      And how is the call quality? It seems like no review mentions basic call quality when using the phone…well as a phone.

  • ShockWave

    Is the screen and only the screen better than the G2 just in quality?
    And the camera is it comparable to other flagships?

  • Derek Duncan

    Is this better than the Nexus 5? So far, nothing released has been.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Better is very subjective

      • Derek Duncan


    • Jon

      Nexus 5 has mediocre battery life and camera. Two things many other phones don’t have issues with. If you get over not having to have literal stock Android, there aren’t many flagship phones that aren’t better than the Nexus 5.

      My Note 3, for example, runs a virtually stock experience, but it’s got a great camera and excellent battery life. And this without Rooting or ROMing.

      • Derek Duncan

        Normal size phones. And I know the M8 and S5 could be better but I’ve had the S5 for a month now and I don’t think it is better.

      • Grayson

        The Nexus 5 may not have the best battery life or camera (though both are decent at least), but it is STILL the fastest and smoothest running Android phone you can buy after 7 months. Only the M8 matches it, unless you switch to ART, in which case the N5 is faster again. There’s something to be said for that. And for those of us who don’t like bloat, like to tinker, and like to save money, there’s no better option.

        The G3 is the first phone to tempt me since I got a Nexus 5

        • AngryBadger

          I wonder how the next Nexus/Silver/Flagship phone for Google will be. Happy with my experience with N5 and N7 so far.

  • Moosc

    Can u fry a egg on the screen after watching gravity

  • sincityjohn44

    Does it have LED notifications?

  • epps720

    Is your life exponentially worse having another Android phone?

  • LosttsoL

    Does it feel bigger or smaller than an S5 in the hand?

  • Kane Desousa

    Where’d you buy it? I want one.

  • dpm

    How will aosp roms affect qhd?

    • Jon

      Wondering the same thing but probably a question for those on XDA website. I wonder what happens to all of the screen optimizations LG announced at their press conference, if you go with an AOSP ROM.

  • ImmaDroid

    @kellex:disqus @Timotato:disqus What’s the memory like out of the Box? How much is eaten up before we even install much? Also 32GB?

  • Mike

    Speed of focus in middling light.

    • kilbasar

      Yes! Night shots please. Most reviews so far say the auto-focus speed isn’t that much better than other phones in normal lighting, but I think the point was for low-light shots? Need some more info there.

  • Kevin

    Can I have it?

  • kilbasar

    How difficult is one-handed operation of the touch screen? Do you trust yourself to do it, say, while walking on the street?

  • BoFiS

    Is it stupidly huge like every other phone this year? Could you take a good rainbow of phones showing it’s size compared to reasonably-sized and huge phones?

    • PoisonApple31

      Gotta get those small hands fixed.

  • Krunksky

    when is AT/T releasing it????

  • hfoster52

    Size compared to the Note 3?

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    hows LGs new UI ?

  • Alexander Z Great

    Any issues with GPS locking in and being accurate?

  • antwonw

    How fast can you wipe it out of your pants? Or is it too big to even fit in your pants?

    • htowngtr


      • needa

        probably an autocorrect on ‘whip’.

  • Synacks

    Biggest question, how is the size comparison to the GS5 and M8?

    • epps720

      This is what I want to know but not size measurement but in hand. Which phone is the most comfortable and easiest to use one handed.

  • Bigsike

    It’s a little early but Bootloader?

    • Brent Cooper

      I’d love to see good dev support! It’s always nice to be able to flash a custom rom when the stock rom eventually slows down a couple years after launch

      • Rick O’Shea

        While I would love and adore an unlocked Bootloader, I’m on VZW.

        So, I’m betting: No dice for me even if the rest of the planet has a LGG3 ULBL.

    • Kane Desousa

      Well, this is an unlocked and international device so most likely unlock-able. Carrier variants, probably not..

  • htowngtr

    So by, promptly, you meant like Apple “promptly” bringing widgets to iOS.

  • veRdiKt

    Does it connect to iTunes?

    • bogy25

      ..or run Crysis?

  • Kevin Henry

    Well I have two questions
    Compared to the htc one m8, how is the battery?
    If i am able to get this phone right now, how do I go about getting the korean model? Also, would you recommend getting the Korean model right now? Or should I just wait for the at&t variant comes out?

    • Alexander Z Great

      How many questions?..lol

      • Kevin Henry

        Haha well I guess not so much two questions :p

        • Alexander Z Great


    • Ray

      ebay.com about $650

  • MikeD675

    Battery life.

    • needa

      you aren’t going to get accurate bat life until it is a phone built and tuned for the lte bands here.

  • M3D1T8R

    What is the signal strength on voice and LTE (actual dBm readings) at the same location/time compared to other phones on same network?

    • Jon

      Not a fair test to do now because this isn’t a US model of the phone. You gotta wait for carrier specific models of the phone for that to be a meaningful test.

      • M3D1T8R

        True there may be some slight variation, but this model has the LTE bands and I assume voice bands necessary for the ATT network, so it’s doubtful they will be much if any different in the ATT carrier version. It is possible however that it will have updated radios flashed, which might make a difference.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Tim would you consider this phone to be the 2014 phone of the year?

  • Torin

    Is the battery life better or worse than the G2?

  • Chris Simons

    How is the radio in the G3? Most reviews never mention how well a phone will 1) hold a signal during calls, data transmissions and stand-by and 2) hand-off that connection to a different tower. I live in a rural area that doesn’t have a lot of towers so any phone I have has to work harder to hold onto the signal. The Motorola phones have always been the best at this while Samsung and HTC seem to be the worst with Samsung phones being almost useless. It would help lots of people to know how well the radios perform.

    • kilbasar

      First off, I think the DL crew is in a major city, not sure they can test it in ways that would help you. Second, they have the Korean model which has a totally different set of radio chips (AND a built-in antenna, although I think that’s only used for TV), so probably the results wouldn’t hold up for the US version anyway.

  • Brian

    I’ll echo another poster: Is Qi wireless charging on board?

    At this point, after buying chargers specifically for my VZ LG G2, it’s a deal breaker for me, unless I can get a stock backplate that makes in Qi compatible for under $50.

  • supremekizzle

    Does the resolution make your eyes feel like this?

    • Ray

      that was some sick stuff last week man

      • supremekizzle

        No kidding. By far their most gruesome death.

    • Suman Gandham

      Lol, but dude, fcuking spoiler tags needed please!

  • Michael

    Can we get an idea of what the camera is like at a concert or a show where there is extremely low light? I know taking photos at a show is frowned upon but people will do it anyways and taking a couple photos never hurts

  • John

    Is your life .3in more miserable than the G2 owner, but .2in less miserable than a Note 3 owner? Would you switch to Apple for a great life?

  • Cael

    Which do you prefer/Which is better?: LG’s new skin or Touchwiz or Sense

  • droidify

    Where is the pics of it sitting face down on concrete?
    Oh wait, maybe that’s just Kellen

    • Brian Ward

      What IS up with doing that?

      • Anything for a good shot 😛

        • Brian Ward

          You know it makes some of us cry, right? 😛

          • That’s another reason to do it. 😀

    • Bryan Mills

      Don’t give them any ideas now!


    • DanSan

      every blog does it.. drives me insane. always a device face down on something it shouldnt be face down on…

      rocks, concrete, a bandsaw……

      • Kane Desousa

        Diamonds… Lol

  • me

    Does it have QI charging or does it need a special case?
    Can you please post pictures of the Dialer Interface?

  • chudilo

    Take a photo of a subject REALLY off center. Does the laser bounce from the active area that the camera is focusing on (meaning one of those framed squares), Shouldn’t the camera use an array of lasers or use something to deflect the laser beam ?
    Also take a photo of something through a glass window/door. What does the camera focus on? How grainy are low light photos?

    • Rojo623

      Yes! all these questions! I’d like to know all about the laser technology and how its working in terms of autofocus speed and accuracy. The HTC One smokes the S5 in speed of focus. How does the G3 compare?

      • boop

        I hope the laser blinds people’s eyes, when the take a selfie using a mirror.

  • JJ

    is there noticely more screen real estate vs samsung galaxy s5, since G3 has on screen buttons for home, etc vs samsung s5 physical home button. how much more of a typical browser screen can you display? thanks in advance !

  • NorCalGuy

    with the US varient arrival date unknown is it possible to test the Korean model on Tmo as well.

  • Jim

    Battery life test as soon as possible/

    Qi Wireless charging on board?

    How is the signal for both data and wifi?

    Have they scaled down the LG skin, if so/not how is the interface?

    How is the camera quality in both good and low lighting?

    • droidify

      Qi charging will be available only with an optional (read overpriced) back plate on Korean and US variants. Leave it to the US to require LG to design an addtional backplate without wireless charging so they can turn around and sale you the backplate that the rest of the world gets standard.

      • Jon

        Or…you could just get a wireless charging receiver from Amazon for like $11. It’s a think strip that sticks to your battery and makes the phone Qi wireless capable. They aren’t available yet for this phone cause it’s not released yet, but will be soon enough.

  • sam_evans7

    Thinking about upgrading from G2… My only (minor) complaints about the G2 are:
    1. No multitasking button (fixed in G3)
    2. Camera doesn’t impress me much. I’m interested in low-light performance and blur-avoidance in G3. Maybe lazors are the answer.
    3. The IR blaster on the G2 is SUPER weak.
    4. Double-tapping the notification bar to sleep (while in an app) works very poorly on the G2 with KitKat. (Often launches the date and time settings.)
    5. The G2 doesn’t seem to keep apps active in RAM; hopefully 3GB in the G3 will help.
    6. My G2 is slowing down a bit… :/
    7. I miss multi-window apps from the Note2, so that’d be cool to have again. (I also miss the 5.5″ screen; so that’d be nice to have again.)

    • Bryan Mills

      You’re doing something wrong if your G2 is slowing down.

      • sam_evans7


        Do I need to hold it differently?

        I haven’t rooted/rommed yet, but I did go in and disable as much bloat as I could. I’m running Nova Prime and it redraws at least once per day. I’ll also get an occasional massive delay after pressing the home/back buttons. I get a bunch of stutter on the notification shade animation pretty often as well…

        How is a 2.3GHz quad-core not enough?!?

        • Bryan Mills

          I’d root and put a debloated rom on it. Especially if you have a Verizon one. Also get to experience a lot of new camera settings.

          • sam_evans7

            If I don’t get enticed by the G3’s siren song, I just might… Honestly that might solve 5 out of my 7 “issues”… Hmm…

        • Alexander Z Great

          Clean the cache at all? Or a factory reset? A fresh start may help.

          • sam_evans7

            Reset?!? Eek.

            Clean cache? In Recovery? What do I lose?

          • Alexander Z Great

            Cache in your apps. I’d try that and if that didn’t work I’d backup my data and factory reset.

    • duke69111

      The G2 has multi window. Just hold the back button and then swipe and app up and then one down. The list of apps scrolls.

      If you click the image below, I have the browser in the top and youtube at the bottom.

      • sam_evans7

        What is this magic?!? You have a multitasking button as well?!? What variant do you have? I have the Verizon version.

        • duke69111

          I have the Verizon G2.

          Edit. It’s witchcraft. I run a stock rom by xdabbeb which has the multi task button. .

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    One thing I would like to request that is vastly missing from almost ALL review sites is microphone recording quality (something LG themselves, surprisingly, pointed out during the event). Would love to hear what it sounds like in a loud environment, concert/club, loud speakers with lots of bass, etc…

    I think a Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) would make good comparison devices for that. 🙂

    • MistaButters

      To date, my Moto Atrix had the best mic for recording of any device I’ve ever used. That includes iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, SGS2, HTC One, Nexus 5. Audio sounded beautiful and you never got ‘blurts’ from the bass.

    • Nasty

      Great question that is never touched on. If you want to see how the Note 3 handles in loud venues and concerts check out my YouTube channel, nabraham1. I record all shows i go to.

      My buddy has the G2 and the sound distorts at shows when it gets loud.

      Note 3 is amazing with audio…note 2 wasn’t so hot. Nexus sucks for recording as well…I was having to take my flip recorder for years until I got the note 3.

  • Cesar

    I’d like to know what Kellen thinks of the in-hand feel of the handset and how it compares to something like the Moto X.

    • mcdonsco

      Ditto…I just ditched my g2 for a moto x 100% for size alone.

      • Alan Goldman

        then you surely won’t want this phone which is noticeably larger than the G2,

  • John Arnst

    Is that screen burn-in of the lock screen icons I see? I hope that’s not a problem with this device.

    • mike


      • Ray

        i guess hes referring to the dimmed icons right before the screen goes black

    • Ray

      yes the screen is burning in. In the one day of them having the phone O_o

    • John Arnst

      Never mind, it’s just the viewing angle the picture is taken from making it look that way. My mistake.

      • HarvesterX

        Burn in happens with AMOLED displays not LCD. Read: born n happens with Samsung phones…

        I remember this well when I had static gaming ui icons permanently marked on my display on my old Galaxy. Not trying to pick on Samsung, but they’re one of the top a OEMs still making and pushing AMOLED no doubt to cut down on production costs. Idk.

    • The screen is just dimmed, not turned off, which is why you see icons. No burn in, don’t worry 🙂

  • Alex Boro

    Hows the feel in the hand? Does it feel like the Galaxy S5 in terms of its’ plastic design?


    It’s plastic. What the hell does LG mean?

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s leather!
      Fake leather..what the hell does Samsung mean?

      • fakePremiums

        we’re living in a world where FAKE leather (S5, fake metal G3) and made in China (iP 5S) are “premium”.

        • EdubE24

          Keep my 5S out of this!!

    • Ray

      actually the phone does contain metal

  • Ray

    best smartphone camera out right now?

  • wow

    How black are the blacks compared to a GS5 or Note 3? I felt like the G2 had VERY GOOD blacks for an LCD screen and would think the G3 is even better.

  • nosedive94

    What’s the real life performance (i.e. any lag when scrolling, switching apps, pressing soft keys, etc.)

    • Maxim∑

      some people have said unlike the G2 there is a slight delay when scrolling on the homescreen and app drawer

      • PoisonApple31

        Must have copied that from Samsung

        • Ray

          As you can see he has his eyes closed so hes’s really not looking!

          • PoisonApple31

            Well if there’s a delay I’m be right at home going to a G3 from a Note 3 🙂

          • Colin Huber

            That’s too bad. No lag on the Note 3 I have. Looking forward to the G3 review.

  • Maxim∑

    Is this worth the extra money over the G2?

    • PoisonApple31

      Live a little and find out for yourself.

      • Maxim∑

        So in a Q&A thread I should just say live a little and find out yourself, why are you asking questions on a Q&A thread?…

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Battery Life, Camera Quality compared to S5.
    Will you replace the N5 for this one?

  • Yea buddy. @Kellen can you do a comparison on LG IR Blaster app vs the Samsung Watch On and Peel app please

  • Is the QHD display sharp enough to mow that grass?

    I heard the bezels are smaller than HTC’s quarterly profits, is that possible?

    Can the GPU handle Flappy Bird?

    Laser something! 😛

    • MichaelFranz

      will it blend?

      • Hah yes, forgot that. Will it blend!

    • Bob

      I would retire as this is the best thing you have ever posted (including written articles). Well played FACKWORS… well played.

    • PoisonApple31

      Will you get in trouble with law enforcement if you try to take a picture of a plane with that laser?

      • Dave

        Dude that’s like a 10-20 year felony. Less time killing somebody and getting a good lawyer….LoL.

        • DanaRoaredi

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    • John Davids

      All these questions, and more, to be answered on next week’s episode!

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      What is the FPS like in demanding games like when compared to the S5, HTC One or Z2?

  • K

    Ask some friends if they notice a difference between a QHD screen and a Full HD one.

    • MistaButters

      Ask strangers on the street.

      • James_Kernicky

        Ask the strangers how they like the new iphone 6 and show them the G3

        • MistaButters


        • Suman Gandham

          You win the internet.

          Someone needs to make a prank video of this immediately.

        • Kazahani

          I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel will be all over this.

  • Mike S

    Can you run a test that might be able to determine an objective or subjective value for any lag?

  • NorCalGuy

    Speaker, not just for music but also speaker during phone calls

  • Arian

    Compare the camera with the S5, such as shutter speed, low-light, flash, etc.

    Also work the battery. See how long it takes to kill with everything running full blast.

    And how does the screen look outside in sunlight? I usually can’t see what I’m doing when I’m outside on sunny days. Can this screen hold up?

  • wow

    Does it have the same visible lines on the screen in certain sunlight like the LG G2? I don’t know what they are called but they are vertical, the whole length of the screen and maybe 6 to 8 of them. I’ve never seen it before or since but I mostly buy AMOLED screens (Maxx, GS4, Note 3, etc) Thanks!!

  • Guest

    Is this another overhyped phone thats nearly the same as the previous gen with unnecessary spec and size bumps?

  • Paul DeScenza

    Sorry if this has been asked before. But any idea when it will land on the Verizon network?

    • kilbasar

      Rumors say end of the month, but nobody yet knows for sure. Verizon has a more-info-signup-page, that’s about it.

  • austin

    How dose it feel in hand? Like a 5.5 inch or better ?

    • flosserelli


  • Ray

    Does it come with wireless charging battery cover?

  • Josh P.

    A good outdoor photo comparison between the G3, Note 3, S5, M8 and any other relevant flagships.

  • Bryan Mills

    Did you stain your pants when you received it?

    • B Doleman

      Does it come with the 805/420 or the last gen 801/330?
      If 801 then how bad is the lag/stutter while operating?
      How does the fake metal back feel?
      Is it waterproof?
      Does it have an FM radio built in?
      How do the graphics benchmarks compare to the Note 3? iPhone 5s?
      Is the camera focus instantaneous with the laser? Was anyone blinded by the laser?
      Does it come with a stylus?

      Thinking about getting one, so looking forward to your responses and tests! Thanks!!!!

      • Richard Gao

        It’s the 801/330, it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t come with a stylus

      • Bryan Mills

        It comes with an 801 and no lag or stutter. No useless stylus. Better performance than the Note 3. Nobody is gonna be blinded from the laser.

        • Uh Oh Joe

          Well, you are wrong about the better performance than the Note 3. What else did you make up?

          “All told, the G3 is impressive. While not a world beater in these tests,
          it does hold up just as expected. A score of 29,156 puts it just ahead
          of other powerful devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4. It also sits
          well behind the Note 3, and a sub-30,000 score is a bit of a surprise.”
          source: AC

          • DainLaguna

            Benchmark tests do not equal real world performance. How many times does this have to be repeated?

          • Bryan Mills

            Benchmarks is always true don’t you know!

          • Boo Hoo

            You grammar be always bad.

          • Blazin Bob

            Until it’s true. Keep trying, Latuna.

          • Bryan Mills

            Samsung cheats benchmarks, so your argument is invalid.

          • grumpyfuzz

            So does LG, so your argument is invalid.

          • Bryan Mills


          • grumpyfuzz

            Alright, keep denying facts.

          • L Lu

            “Samsung cheats benchmarks, so your argument is invalid.”

            Let’s pretend what you say is true. The G3 performance with Antutu 4 is 15% worse than the G2 (gsmarena testing; G3 also worse performance than HTC One, S5 & Z2). Now what is your excuse????

          • wtd2009

            who really cares if it’s moving the pixels fast enough for our eyes not to notice? if there is any stutter or lag, i’d place my money on lg’s handling of the UI, not the cpu/gpu combo. samsung has shown time and time again that more power is moot if it bottlenecks at the optimization of the manufacturers UI skin.

      • David asaro

        Why is any of this important? If it doesn’t have what you want then why come to trash it? The phone you want is already available so go buy it. Enjoy it. Stop dwelling on devices you are not interested in.

  • Such

    How’s the rear speaker? Does the 1 Watt designation make a difference or is it just marketing nonsense?

    • Josh P.

      A good speaker quality comparison with other flagships would be nice.

      • Brent Cooper


    • jbdan

      Yes yes yes let us know how it is compared to X and M7/8 ….please 🙂

    • Bryan Mills

      Probably. Speakers are probably the last thing OEMs do.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Excellent question. I was so excited to see my G2 had the speaker on the bottom (coming from a GNex) which made sound output quite a bit louder on placement alone. I really wish they had not put it back on “the back” of the device. How does that 1W sound compared to the G2 sitting flat on their backs (screen facing up)? Thanks D-L!

  • Noel Dahlem

    Have you used the Oneplus One? If so what is the comparison in your opinion?

  • htowngtr

    Would you honestly drop all other phones for this one?

    • Guy Pierce


      • Brent Cooper

        Double YES!

    • kilbasar

      So… you’re asking them for the results of a drop test?

      ba-dum *PSH*

  • Shane Redman


    • Bryan Mills

      MKBHD says it was good.

      • Shane Redman

        Yes, he did. Looking for 2/2 bode of confidence here

        • Bryan Mills

          He’s currently filming a full review, hopefully that will release soon

          • htowngtr

            Verge can never be fair in their reviews not to mention at least consistent. Somethings get negative points while others don’t for the same exact comment. I like their video reviews because they are well done and give good views of the devices, but their actual review criteria sucks.

          • Bryan Mills

            They are the biggest Apple fanboys out there, so when an android device gets a good grade, it most certainly means something.

          • Panzerkampfwagen V Panther

            BGR’s gotta be worse? I haven’t been on Verge in years.

          • BillySuede

            bgr is deplorable. at least the verge tries to hide their bias.

          • George264

            Still, they gave the G2 an 8, the G3, an 8.3, the M8 a 8.5 compared to the 8.8 they gave to the 5S. They are biased, I think mainly because many of them have been doing this for a long time and have been following the iPhone for so long. Putting all fandom aside and going at iOS from an as unbiased as you can get standpoint, it’s a really good phone, with a good camera, a compact design, and a easy to use. So I don’t think their site is giving the iPhone a great score with no backing. What they do have a problem is, is that different reviewers have different values and that pisses me off when the same exact feature gets a higher score due to personal opinion.

          • michael arazan

            They always have 1-2 apple written stories on their main page, almost as if apple pays them too, and apple has never done wrong in any of the stories, even today’s story on their front page about apple subtle threat to iOS devs

          • ECOSYSTEM!

          • htowngtr

            lol, exactly

          • droidify

            So true. They beat up on the Xperia Z2 for not having a rounded body that is molded to your hand yet the iphones hard-edged design is mature and brilliant.

          • malcmilli

            Im actually going to have to defend the verge on that one. I haven’t held the z2 but the z1s that T-Mobile carries is down right uncomfortable. I actually scratched the z2 off my list because of it and now lean towards the g3 or htc m8. Perhaps because of its size is why the iPhone can get away with a flat back. It’s so small it fits in your palm between your fingers. I think that’s why the HTC one and the g3 have curves because otherwise at that size it would be really uncomfortable. Sad because I really really wanted a water proof phone.

          • Conor Morin

            the GS5 is “waterproof” ish.

          • malcmilli

            Yea it is but I was looking for a phone with a 3,000+ battery and 2,800 is close enough but I really do not find touch whiz appealing. I’d have to root it and that would kill the camera. But it is/was on my radar.

          • Rick O’Shea

            @malcmilli:disqus – If you don’t find TouchWiz appealing (I don’t), what is the big deal? Install any of a half-billion other launchers, no rooting required.

            I’z likes the Nova Prime, FWIW.

          • malcmilli

            That’s one route but launchers don’t change the menus. All of the settings still look nasty. And uI don’t love the design of the phone and I think touch whiz still affects resources like battery life? I could be wrong on that one.

            I would get it though if I could get it at a discount. Almost bought one for $300 but the guy demanded I use western union instead of PayPal.

          • Derrick Jefferson

            Sounds like he was trying to rip you off.

          • Rick O’Shea

            Yep, WU’s a HUGE red flag for a scam. Good choice to skip that “discount” offer.

          • malcmilli

            yeah i tried to hard to get him to use paypal but he refused. Oh wells. looks like g3 it is for me.

          • Rick O’Shea

            Looks like it could be (2) G3s for us, too.

            I am about to return a HTC One M8 back to Costco tomorrow. There are parts of the UI I definitely couldn’t take (The App Switcher button permanently replacing the Menu button is a big issue). I’m assuming that the L3 will provide the option to select the on-screen buttons like the G2 does.

            We are also looking at the OnePlus One. It may be too big, though.

          • malcmilli

            Ah. Honestly I haven’t thought about the menu button in years. I’m coming from a nexus 4 and before that an Evo LTE. But I understand you have your preferences.

          • George264

            I definitely agree. The iPhone is tiny compared to the Z2, at least it fits in my hand and even allows my fingers to almost fully wrap it. It can rest in my palm if I wanted. The Z2 however is MUCH MUCH bigger with just as much bezel, if not more. The Z1 was already a really big phone and because my hands barely held it, the sides dug into my palm. That’s probably the reason. The M8 feels so, so good in my hands I think of it as a metal pillow. I haven’t held the G3, but with its small bezels and rounded sides it probably feels the same. With the recent leaks, Apple seems to have picked that up too with rounded sides and side power button for the i6.

          • Kane Desousa

            The Z2 is not comfortable… I have one.

          • FreedomCostsPlenty

            Verge. The msnbc of tech.

          • r0l

            That’s why people need to learn to read reviews for themselves and adjust the scores accordingly instead of using them as fanboy fodder.

          • Greg Morgan

            I typically don’t really rely on Verge reviews because they try to push them out as fast as possible. I like other sites that actually spend more than 2 days with a device.

          • Bryan Mills

            Don’t rely on it then, but it definitely means something when they praise it.

    • Specifically, how’s the battery life in comparison to the Maxx?

      • Shane Redman

        It’s like you’re reading my mind!

      • feztheforeigner

        You mean the G2