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Google Announces New DVF Designer Frames for Google Glass

In the continual struggle to make Google Glass more consumer friendly, Google has announced new designer frames made specifically for Glass. Google contracted the work of American designer Diane von Furstenberg, hoping to see a new take on not only normal glass frames with Google Glass, but sunglasses as well. 

Starting on June 23, five new frames will be purchasable for your Glass, and you can choose from eight new shades as well. These will be on sale through the Google Glass website and through NET-A-PORTER.

Google is looking to expand the choices that Glass wearers have, allowing Explorers to not all wear the same looking device. It’s all about personalization.

Any designers that you would like to see try their hand at making Glass frames? Paul Frank? Michael Kors? Gucci?

Navigator_Orchid_Mist_Flash_3x4_Blue (1)

Via: +Google Glass
  • Azi

    Looks good.. two in one 🙂 sunglasses and Google glasses 😛

  • fritzo2162

    Now the douches can look douchier!

  • Ed Olmos

    Very fugly indeed.

  • Arty McBert

    It’s still goofy-looking and still will make you look like a douchey tool.

    • michael arazan

      They could design it to put the screen inside/ before the glasses so no one can see it behind the tinted glass

      • MJ

        That’s a good idea, but my guess is the screen is too thick and would make the glasses sit too far away from the eyes. This would let in too much light around the edges causing a sort of reverse effect of the tinted glasses making them hard to see out of… if you know what I mean. Once the tech gets better and the screen becomes thinner they could and probably will do that, or build it right into the actual glasses/lenses themselves.

  • JSo

    The last photo looks like shades out of the 90’s. lol

  • DanielMena9

    correct me if I’m wrong but Eric has been MIA for a while. must be those finals

  • Kevin

    i hope they come out with a v stiviano face shield version