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DynamicNotifications Updated Through Google Play, Brings Action Swipes for Apps

DynamicNotifications, formerly titled ActiveNotifications, is an app that sets out to bring all of the Active Display goodness from the Moto X to all other Android devices. The app has gone through a name change, plus is being actively updated, but today, a good-sized update went live on Google Play, so it’s a good time we remind you that it exists. 

In the update, customizable actions are coming to your lockscreen for certain applications, with the addition of new action-swipe targets. Before, users would usually swipe to open an app or dismiss a notification, but now with action swipes, you can choose an action for apps, such as “reply” or “delete” for Gmail messages.

In addition to new actions, an option to disable lockscreen sound when breathing has been added, as well as a new feature for rooted users who use Xposed. Check out the full changelog below.

What’s New

  • New Action-swipe-targets (e.g. “Archive” and “Reply” for Gmail-notifications).
  • New bottom info-row, showing a preview of the secondary-notifications content.
  • Option to disable lockscreen-sound when breathing (requires “WRITE_SETTINGS”-permission).
  • Root: Xposed-module to suppress “Immersive mode” help messages (non-root users: Disable immersive mode under “Advanced appearance options” –> “Advanced”).

Play Link

  • vgergo

    Touchless Notifications by DYNA Logix does something similar if anyone is interested:
    1) it can give you Moto X “What’s up?” style summary showing and speaking your active notifications
    2) it can announce (and optionally wake up the screen to show) incoming notifications (for sports or driving)
    It can announce notifications for any app, there are a lot of configuration options, Tasker control, language detection, can be started with voice commands etc.
    There is a free version, but the Pro is now on sale for $1.09 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.viczian.notifications.pro
    Highly recommended!

    • zrex

      Does this also wake up with movement?

      • vgergo

        No, you can set it to wake up when a new notification comes in. It can be set to show the full screen notification for a few seconds, then it will announce it too if you don’t cancel it either by shaking the phone (← motion sensing!) or by waving in front of the proximity sensor.

        I use this setting in my car and at home when I work at my desk.

        You can also configure Touchless Notifications to automatically start the summary of active notifications when power cord or a headset is connected. Or you can say one of the voice commands in Google Voice Search to start this summary.

        I like to get a summary of what I missed after I get in my car. Then as I am driving it keeps me updated with the incoming notifications.

  • Joe

    I love my Moto X but they REALLY need to update the Active Notification native app. I see all these 3rd party ones looking good while the original one is becoming lame and outdated.

  • AcDisplay is still better. I did use Dynamic for awhile back in Sep but AcDisplay is better IMO. Still waiting on a lock screen that uses Samsung Galaxy S5 finger print scanner. I need notifications on my lock screen.

  • bboyairwreck

    if you have a MotoX or new Droid phone. could you disable the native Active Notifications and use this instead? I know that seems pointless but some of these third party copies have some neat features i wish moto included

    • sc0rch3d

      I think Moto’s version is built specifically to use parts of the screen while keeping the rest of the pixels turned off. I haven’t used AcDisplay on my X but on my wife’s N5, I can clearly see all the pixels turned on when a notification comes in.

      I do agree, I would like more features on the Moto X. For all we know I/O may reveal this feature as part of the next Android OS! (wishful thinking)

      • Impheatus

        That’s not because of the way the apps are configured.
        The Moto X has an AMOLED display which turns only the pixels needed regardless of the app.
        Nexus 5 has a LED IPS+ display which always turns on every pixel regardless of the app.

        If you use DynamicNotifications or AcDisplay in a Moto X, only white pixels would turn on and black pixels would remain off just as Active Notification works.

        Anyway, I think stock Active Notifications from Motorola are better implemented with the kernel and processor to consume as less battery as possible. That’s something I don’t think DynamicNotifications or AcDisplay can manage to do.

        • Jason Brown

          “The Moto X has an AMOLED display which turns only the pixels needed regardless of the app.”

          just to clarify to see if i understand, does that mean the gnex would also turn on only the pixels needed since it also has an AMOLED display? just wondering how much battery would be consumed if i installed this on my gnex

          • Impheatus

            Correct, every AMOLED screen works just like that.
            That’s the “nature” of that technology.
            And that’s reason why AMOLEDs have infinite contrast ratio, because blacks are pure blacks as there is no light running behind them.

  • LionStone

    Yea, been rockin this app on my DNA, awesome!

  • mrjayviper

    Been using this. I love it. I’ve tried AcDisplay when it came out but never really like it.

    • ChristianPasquariello

      ACDisplay nice as well but eats up too much battery.

    • Jamin

      AcDisplay is better in my opinion. It does not consume battery at all (you save battery using it) and it looks much nicer. Take a look and you’ll see.

      • JoshGroff

        I haven’t noticed a difference in battery life between the two, but then again, my phone is usually in my pocket, and when it’s not I have a low refresh rate on breathing and a screen off timer of only a few seconds. Also, the additional customization is definitely a plus in my book.

      • mrjayviper

        I did have a look but still preferred DynamicNotifications 🙂

  • Droid Ronin

    Nice update, but I still prefer AcDisplay.

    • LeonieLingekym

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    • Guest

      Does AcDisplay use the accelerometer to turn on the display when you take it out of your pocket?

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I didn’t like how, while using my phone, it would blank everything out and just show me one notification. Uninstalled.

  • braves

    Should I be worried when it says that it can read everything on the Notification?

    • James

      How else would it work?

  • Mike Aurin

    Maybe I didn’t play around with it long enough but when I received a notification it didn’t continually “breathe”…it just appeared once and then stayed off until I unlocked it. Is there a way to make it breathe over and over until I get to the notification or is that not what this does…


    • Jpx

      I have no idea if this is right or not, this is all speculation. But I would suppose it works like that because most phones do not use the Moto X AMOLED screen where only the pixels showing are on and not the whole screen.

      • Mudd

        So if I have a moto X will this eat battery by using the whole screen or will it act like active notifications for motox works?

        • Jpx

          If you have an AMOLED screen Im pretty sure this app isn’t requesting your whole screen to turn on. So I’m sure it would work fairly similar to the Active Notifications. I am more so talking about those who have an IPS screen. Yet again I have never used this app and I have no idea, so this is pure speculation still

          • Impheatus

            You are correct my friend.

          • JoshGroff

            That is assuming the default black background isn’t changed of course. Also, IIRC a white background saves power on IPS displays.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I notice the “Breathe” function is listed under the premium functionality, so I’m guessing you have to unlock it for that.

    • LionStone

      When you have breathing function unlocked and enabled, you set it how long til you want the notification to turn back on. For instance, I have it set at 30 seconds…if I don’t catch the notification, it’ll reappear in 30 sec.