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Tim Cook: Android to Apple Switchers “Sought Better Life”

Want your first fighting words out of today’s WWDC event? Tim Cook just dropped some of the dirtiest in years, essentially claiming that your life sucks if you own an Android device.

When talking about the 130 million customers of theirs that purchased their first Apple devices this year, Cook brought up the fact that many (no specific number) came over from Android. Of course, he couldn’t just say that they came over from Android, he had to say that they made a mistake by purchasing an “inferior” device initially, and sought a “better life,” so they came to Apple. 

Here is the exact quote:

“They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then had sought a better experience, and a better life. And decided to check out iPhones and iOS.”

Yep. Things are only heating up at our live blog.

  • Joshua Lim

    Looks like android has dig itself to an even deeper grave of problems. A reason why Tim cook said it because there were a lot of complaints especially with the android 4.4.2 kitkat updates, the incompatibility issues, and how the android users are recommending.
    Since the kitkat was announced. A lot of users got hyped especially with a boost performance features. Users who received an update notification quickly updated their smartphones to kitkat. By the time the update was done. When they try to see the enhanced features. They got new issues. And I mean a lot of issues. The reason why 9% of android users are kitkat users because there were a lot of complaints like Auto-WiFi disconnection, poor service provider signal, slow camera performance, a decrease in battery life. and an increase to app crashes due to incompatibility. Now get this. There were a rise of user complaints where the app would stop and crashed back to android menu.
    Now lets proceed to incompatibility issues. In the world of android. There are 4 tribes(AKA recognized Chipset Manufacturers.) These are Qualcomm, tegra, Intel, and ARM. Each of these processors had a lot of difference especially the runtime, the performance and the graphic quality. Other tribes(AKA UN-categorized Chipset manufacturers) like Exynos, broadcomm, mediatek, and etc. Are not recognized as a TRUE processing power categories which is why a lot of new android smartphones had different installed chipset. Which is why many users installed their apps manually by downloading them on the web. They gamble their smartphone performance in exchange for user content. Now with the 64 bit armv8 chipset utilizing a desktop class architecture. These companies had gotten quietly because they were shocked about the apples attempt. Qualcomm, tegra, and Exynos had announced their own 64 bit architecture but not running on a desktop class performance. Not more than 5 or 10 of new android smartphones are running on 64 bit class architecture. Now with more complaints arising from the users. How will android catch up to ios if the 4.3 problems were doubled in 4.4, plus the problem of both software and hardware on android especially with the newest smartphone be resolved?

  • Aam Aadmi Nautanki Agency

    IPhone is an overpriced, overrated piece of shite. Gimmick 4 inch screen with the iSheep jizzing all over it. Only spoilt brats with tons of money to waste would buy this garbage.

  • Daniel Boakye

    Apple is a CULT. their spiritual father is Steve Jobs, they all wear black and all try to imitate the way he speaks. especially Tim Cook. Apple uses a lot of dirty propaganda to deceive their followers that they are better off than than others. mean while they are being ripped off blindly. Tim Cook is using the same marketing strategy of Steve Jobs. which is “cast dirt on your competitors. make them look inferior to consumers”. He obviously has nothing new under his belt. I am a DIE HARD ANDROID SUPPORTER. Android for Life!!! . Android is winning the market, Apple is just tickling itself and laughing..

  • Alex James Simon

    How about instead of including all the cheap low to mid range Androids in your statistics, you compare your iPhone to it’s actual competition with phones in the current generation, such as the Samsung Galaxy GS5, HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and other current generation high-end Androids. That people actually consider between when purchasing an iPhone 5S or Android device. I bet your statistics would look much different… Apple.

    • Alex

      They would look much different. Apple would be kicking android’s ass is the US market, and would be much closer in many other countries as well. But I guess the android 4.4 adoption numbers might finally be decent.

      • Alex James Simon

        How, shouldn’t it make Android look better against Apple? Which is what I’m getting at, they only showed statistics to make Android look bad, that Malware statistic is completely misleading, to an illinformed person it makes the playstore look horrible when actually most malware comes from pirating apps and other illegal activity, malware in the playstore only affects 0.001% of apps downloaded.

        • Alex

          It depends on what statistics you are looking at. For malware, yes, it would probably look better than the numbers that Apple showed. If you look at market share though, Android would definitely be lower than it is now. And it would be much much lower in markets where low end Android devices are most popular (India, China, eastern Europe, etc.). This is very obvious if you think about it.

          • Alex James Simon

            I’m was mainly thinking about the Android update statistic the 9% of Android devices run KitKat which is already wrong, as now the June statistics came out and KitKat is on 13% of devices. If you got rid of all the low and mid range androids in these statistics and Apple only compared the stats to its real competition, kitkat would be much higher, those low to mid range androids aren’t trying to be better then the iPhone, so they have just found a loophole to make android look even worse.

  • Jay Davis

    Haha Apple sucks I got a HTC one m8 and had the m7. My girl has the iPhone 5s it’s garbage she went from a Samsung s2 to a iPhone 4s to a HTC one m7 then back to Apple. She hates it. Battery life sucks you can’t do nothing cool. Oh hey we’re Apple we got a stupid robot that will talk to you named siri. And we have 3D effects for our home screen. Hahaha yeah she’s going back to android after seeing what the m8 does and the galaxy s5. I do happen to like ipads tho. Like simplicity in tablets….

  • Sandro

    Let’s all agree on one thing. Iphone<Symbian<WP 8.1<Android
    i must say windows phone packs sooooo many moe features than an iphone

    • Sandro

      what it says: I must say WP packs sooo many more features than an iPhone

  • Michael

    I also love how he bashes Android but moments later shows off iOS 8 features which is mostly stuff that Android has had for years.

  • Michael

    Why don’t you mention how many iOS users left because you’re OS is old and boring? I bet its WAY more than how many came.

  • I switched from apple to android and I love it. I do however still have an iPad so I get the “best” of both worlds but no, android is WAY better…….

  • Vanquishgc

    Um Mr Cook? Hi, I just thought I’d like you to know I had two separate customers purchase an S5 and G2 respectively, because they were sick of iOS 7 bugs and crap battery life, and having to pay for everything because your company is proprietary to the point of stupidity. They wanted to be FREE. That’s 2 more for Google, buddy. Trash talk when you can back it up champ.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    I actually switched from a Chromebook, Nexus 4 and Chromecast to an iPhone 4s, MacBook Air and Apple TV for a few months. Why? I was curious. My entire family uses i-stuff, a lot of people seem to like Apple, I wanted to know what was so good about it. After spending $1200 on Amazon, getting all set up and ‘testing’ I continued to scratch my head. My family didn’t know how to use half of the cool stuff, they didn’t care about it. They just plugged their stuff in and used whatever was there. I came to the conclusion that Apple was offering the exact same thing Microsoft is in a MUCH nicer package: classic technology. Luckily, since resale prices are great with Apple stuff, I sold it all and lost only $200 and went right back to uncapped data on a Moto X, an HP 11 Chromebook and my Chromecast. Conclusion: Apple is for people who will use whatever the hell is spoon fed to them. I was pulled away from what was working, and reeled in by hype and buzz. Curiosity satiated, still sort of pissed about it.

  • Aaron

    At least all the features apple releases is to all the devices and not some years later xD stupid android

  • Jordi Agricola

    This is why I hate Apple as a company.

  • jvader2012

    this guy knows about android from like 4 years ago. Think he hasnt seen the stats

  • frankyblike

    LMFAO Tim Cook is so shady

    Sadly i agree with him. Everything is so much simpler on an iphone its just personally not for me.

  • JD

    If you ask me he is alienating a lot of android users that love apple computers but hate ios.

  • Colts5609

    Very glad the iPhone was so expensive back in the day. I was tempted by the dark side when times were tough in the early days of Android. Otherwise I would have made a horrible mistake and I might have never joined the Android master race. Thank you Apple.

    • Alex James Simon

      Same with me I wanted an iPhone back before I heard about the Evo 4G, but my mom said the plans were too expensive, and we were going to join sprint which at the time, lucky for me didn’t have the iPhone available. But that is when I started to hear about the HTC Evo 4g, and my whole life changed. LOL 😀

  • Matt Wilber

    I know quite a few people headed in the opposite direction. Including my father who recently said to me “Why did you tell me to get an iPhone when the Android can do all this stuff?”

  • Cameron Villegas

    I switched from iPhone to android and I love my Droid having the best to customize it and the remove able SD card not always having to connect to a computer helps so much and if you don’t have a apple it sucks my iPhone sucked on battery life too but let’s say this it is what it is people have there own preferred phone and system not to attack anyone and to attack them you are stupid. Cause who really cares it’s a phone you use for texting and calling and it should be something you like and want to use and will use

  • CharlesJorgenson

    For years i have been yearning for a phone with a tiny screen and one button. Widgets and all these software features just make me so angry, if only i could replace my phones desktop with an endless array of icons. If only i had someone to tell me what i wanted so i didn’t have to actually want anything on my own. But then the other day i saw my friends iPhone and knew that it’s not just a dream! It does exist! I’ll be switching as soon as i have the money.

  • bob

    Dear Tim Cook. You’re becoming a bigger cry baby than Steve jobs ever was. Grow the fsck up.

  • Jprime

    I love android, but this was true for my wife. Sometimes I am jealous of her iPhone, and until I gotta the moto x, I never had a phone as good as hers.

  • red014

    He forgot to mention that all those new users are from China, where the phone was just launched…

    • True Dat

      THIS ^. I was listening Cnet and they were quick to point this out. They really had no other choices from Apple prior. So many Android phones in China and Apple never cracked it, finally making some progress.

  • Shane Redman

    WWDC = We Want Droid Capabilities

  • eilegz

    or he could say the same thing about dumbphones, blackberries or windows phone, but guess what they are really scared about android. Feeling the pressure.

  • wtd2009

    i’m quite tired of the mudslinging between android, ios, , wp, etc users, and extremely disappointed tim cook chose to fan the flames rather than act like a leader and set a good example to everyone else. that was the biggest thing i took away from this presentation. a distant second would be that ios looks pretty damn good now and pending a larger screen and better battery life i’d strongly consider switching at some point. but if that is the type of culture that tim cook has decided to embrace, then i’m damn glad not to be a part of it for the time being.

    • JD

      yeah its getting old. I usually love reading the comment sections but its getting to be too much.

  • Ryan Chapman

    LOL Funny since almost all of my apple fanboy friends have moved over the Android the past 2 years

  • SerenityNow

    Good to see that context around the comment was provided in Kellen’s description above. Raise your hand if you actually watched the presentation today. If so, you could clearly tell the comment about the “better life” stuff was said in jest, as nothing more than a throw away punchline. Of course it was a little childish but it was not said with a malicious or serious tone.

    Some of you guys need to get over yourselves. From the comments I’ve been reading on this thread, you’re acting like Tim Cook took your mom, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.

    • wtd2009

      i watched, i can totally see where you’re coming from. however, then there was also some mention about the iphone highlighting users using inferior devices in the text messaging spiel. so i’m supposed to gravitate toward a company that tells me i’ve been making choices that render my judgement inferior? no thanks. i’m not quite as offended as your example (lol) above, but since i have the freedom to choose what i spend my money on, apple has just made it a little easier for me for the time being. i think i’m just a bit bummed that they know that it’s a pretty heated environment between ios and android users (and really, it shouldn’t be). those comments may have been playful, but when people are already worked up and ready to lash out, it’s probably not the best idea to make such comments and instead have a little more class, especially if you’re the ceo of apple. i’d have respected that a lot more.

      • SerenityNow

        I see your point but to me, I guess I just don’t see what everyone’s getting worked up about. The real documents and tidbits that matter can be found in some of the evidence that’s come out during the Apple-Samsung trial. It’s pretty clear that the improvement in the quality of Android devices over the years has influenced Apple’s thinking, and that behind the scenes they do realize the competition isn’t a joke.

        Apple is adding features to better compete with the high end Android phones and is charging competitive prices for their offerings. As long as they’re doing that, then I’ll be open minded about their products as a customer regardless of the jokes they made at Android’s expense. It’s not like they’re insulting me personally, so what do I care?

        • wtd2009

          i think in general there is a lot of respect between the companies themselves. i’d be willing to bet most people would take your perspective, which is the mature one IMO, if that respect was spelled out to consumers a little more. but, then again, they are competing with one another so some friendly jabs should be expected. maybe if they flung their jabs at each other, rather than users/possible new customers?

        • JD

          well said. I agree, but I still think the comments were ignorant as many ios users use windows and many android users also use mac.

      • Guest

        they might be losing me as a mac user for all their bashing comments.

        They need to realize a lot of ios users also use windows and many android users also use macs, so the bashing was uncalled for, I don;t have an issue with intelligent arguments but saying someone is inferior because of the products they buy is just immature.

  • thajack

    I thought we knew from the beginning of iMessage that it only worked with Apple devices? Why is everyone so surprised when it doesn’t continue to work after they leave Apple?

  • BillySuede

    three words: ‘this f@#$%ing guy…’

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    haha iOS sucks! Tim Cock is just jealous, coz they can’t make iShit OS beautiful as Android!

  • VivianC

    Fighting words or laugh line? Kinda sounds like my experience going from an ipod touch to Android.

  • teebone

    What crack are they smoking lol. Tiny screen, inferior specs!!!!! I’m pretty sure nobody who had an Android phone has went out and switched to Apple lol. Most people I know who had Apple, went to Android and a phone that you can actually see what’s on it lol

  • shecalledmejay

    I like the simple fact that Google doesn’t even mention anything apple at their events anymore. Apple is running out of tricks

  • RealPetChicken

    apple devices is for women, we men choose android.

    • Hothfox

      Some women also choose Android. And, wow, shocker, some men choose iOS.

      Thumbs up for poor attempt at humorous sexism.

      • Hothfox is an ugly feminist

        Shutup fat pig

  • TheRobotCow

    After the disaster that was the Verizon Galaxy Nexus i switched over to iOS. Then i switched back to my gnex but i only ended going back to iOS. Why? Well the Galaxy Nexus was such a crappy device for one, rooted/romed/the complete works and it never was good enough for me.
    I WANT GOOGLE TO WOW ME BACK and a device that is worthy(Perferably a high end nexus on Verizon). That is the one thing i hate about Android.

    • JSo

      “The Galaxy Nexus was such a crappy device…” My brain doesnt comprehend this sentence.

      • TheRobotCow

        Yep, the worst battery life i’ve experienced, heats up faster than you can say hello, lag, lag, and more lag, wifi antenna sucked, reception wasn’t that great. I took the time and set all my parameters & settings properly, choosing the right kernals and at the end it just sucked. I had 3 Galaxy nexus devices and each one was equally bad. Switching to iOS and i’ve rarely if ever have to deal with these issues that i had with my Galaxy Nexus, and my iOS device isn’t jailbroken either.
        For me it just didn’t work out.

        • JSo

          Wow. That sucks you had such a bad experience with it. For me, it was a great device for 2011/2012

          • TheRobotCow

            Yea unfortunately :/
            That’s why i switched back to the Nexus for a few months to see if it was just in my head but it wasn’t. I’m still hopeful for Android (since i was a Android fanboy for a while haha, ironic i know).
            Hopefully this lights a fire under Google(And the other Android device makers), I love seeing competition between them and Apple.

          • MasterEthan

            I actually still use my Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver. Battery sucks and yes it gets hot. But with Kit Kat it’s a lot better then it’s ever been. Still looking for the perfect replacement. G3 is nice.. but have to make sure I can ROM that crap to a stock experience.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            Most of us signed a 2 year contract, so for me it was [some of ] 2011, 2012, and 2013. And an atrocious phone it was, let’s be honest. The battery life was was probably only better than the HTC Thunderbolt’s, the camera was underwhelming, and the device was slower with the newer versions of Android. The one thing it had going was a nice display (for its time). The battery life was horrible enough that I had to keep 4G turned off.

            All that said, I have the Nexus 5 and it is quite an impressive device, for a very attractive price. So the Nexus line has redeemed itself, in my eyes.

    • Jprime

      I know what u mean. There is no perfect android device and that’s frustrating.

  • RealPetChicken

    apple sheep!

  • pyro74boy .

    Lets talk about worldwide smartphone market share Mr Tim cook. LOL

    • wh1te_mag1c

      That’s not a great argument to make. Most people on this site are not interested in the kind of phone a 3rd world country resident would find affordable. We want something more upscale and powerful and both Android and iPhone platforms have phones which deliver this. Don’t confuse affordability with preference. I’m sure many owners of low-end Android smartphones would prefer a high-end Android or Apple phone.

      • pyro74boy .

        It’s a very good argument when you take into fact that I know many people who after using a high-end Android phone said that they would never buy ANYTHING made by Apple ever again and remember I’m quoting them not me and these same people where huge supporters of Apple before they used Android so like it or not I can use this for a valid argument. Each and every single year worldwide smartphone market share shows that Apple is losing money in the smartphone space. Did you really expect people like Tim Cook to admit to this at an Apple keynote at WWDC?

        • wh1te_mag1c

          The examples you cited of your friends converting to Android are just anecdotal. While I prefer Android and will probably never use an iPhone or a Windows phone, I think the mobile platforms are all becoming more and more similar – especially for the average user. The main distinction is that Apple devices always look sleek. Not only do they get the aesthetics down, they have the marketing to validate the user’s choice to buy a product that carries a price premium.
          The average user just wants a phone that let’s them text, go on Facebook, take the occasional photo, and looks good from a design standpoint. The more $ a person has to spend on a phone, the more they are susceptible to minute, almost irrelevant differences between the platforms. And for the average user, especially one living in a more affluent country, those little, superficial differences will carry more weight than something you or I care about, such as whether we can easily browse the file system of the phone phone.

          • pyro74boy .

            I understand that there is a market for phones that are easy to use I get that. however I still feel that the iphone is all hype and is very overrated for what it truly is. There was not one new feature on last years iphone that the phone I was using from two years ago already had. The way I look at it is that if I want to look cool and follow everyone just because my phone looks cool then I will buy an iphone but if I want something that is cutting edge then I will buy a high-end Android phone. Apple is full of hype and lies and they don’t stand behind their products the way they should.I also want to control my phone and fit it into my everyday life and want my phone to be my own not what the CEO of some company wants my phone to be. Look at Q1 of this year for proof that Apple is losing in the smartphone space.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            I just looked up the smartphone market share numbers in the U.S. and it looks like Apple lost only 0.4% in the last quarter. That’s a marginal loss, especially considering that they haven’t had a major iPhone update since late Q3 2013 with the 5s – which can still be argued to be a non-major update. Meanwhile, in that timeframe, Android phone have had several flagship device releases, including the Galaxy S5 and the One M8.

            The average user does not even want something cutting edge and packed to the brim with features they will never take the time to learn or even know they exist. They want something that lets them accomplish basic things while being pretty to look at. I’m repeating myself with this comment, but I want to emphasize, one more time, that Droid-Life readers like you or me are not representative of the average smartphone user.

          • pyro74boy .

            Well I guess I’m not the average user then. LOL

            I’m sorry but I will not support a company like Apple who will not take responsibility for their own issues. Do you remember a few years back when the iphone3GS was having antenna reception issues? Apple got in real hot water [FOR VERY GOOD REASON] because they made a very stupid statement claiming that other companies where also having these same type of issues. [WAY WRONG ANSWER] This was a HUGE epic fail on Apples part because you don’t bring other companies into it when it’s your company faced with the issue regardless of who made the product. The ONLY acceptable answer should have been [WE ARE AWARE OF THIS ISSUE AND EVERY EFFORT IS BEING MADE TO FIX THIS ISSUE AND THAT APPLE IS SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE IN THE MATTER.] It’s reason like this why I will NEVER buy ANYTHING made by Apple

            Apple is one of the most unprofessional companies in the world and they may have people like you fooled into their not so hidden agenda but not me because I have done my homework.

            Android is the leader in the smartphone world because numbers don’t lie and each every single year worldwide smartphone market share proves my point about Apple. Like it or not regardless of the reason Apple is not leading in the smartphone space and I know people like you have a hard time excepting this but facts are facts and Apple has taken a backseat to Google/Android.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            I don’t think you’re really reading what I’m writing.

          • pyro74boy .

            I am I just wanted to let you know why I hate Apple the way I do.

          • SerenityNow

            Why you would hate Apple and love Google is beyond me. Neither company is a saint. Apple does a bunch of goofy stuff but so does Google. Why don’t you do a little reading about Google’s privacy issues in Europe and get better educated? Apple loves to relentlessly market stuff that people don’t need and is probably guilty of all kinds of labor law violations in China. Google invades everyone’s privacy whether they realize it or not. I still buy and use products from both companies, but you won’t see me getting on a soap box chirping about how much I love one company and hate the other. If you’re worried about hidden agendas and ethics, perhaps you should stop blindly worshipping at the altar of Google (or any corporation, for that matter).

          • pyro74boy .

            I hate Apple because they are full of hype and lies and are not the company that many people make them out to be. Whenever I ask people why they got the iphone they tell me because it’s cool to have one or because everyone they know has one. When I ask people why they got their Android device they tell me because they want to control their phone and make it their own and want a phone with Cutting edge technology. [I’m quoting them not me] Many people forget that Apple did not invent the smartphone touchscreen or cell phone that is how overrated the iphone is. All Apple has ever done in the smartphone world is make an easy to use phone that is a mid range device at best and people will buy it. I’m sorry but I want my phone to be cool not just because everyone has one but because I can make it my own device and make it work around my life and can do what I want it to do. Google in my opinion is a much better company their not perfect but NO COMPANY IS.

        • SerenityNow

          I’m sorry, but I have to call BS on one of your points because you’re confusing market share with profits. The data you’re citing shows that Apple is losing WW market share, but there is nothing to suggest that Apple is losing money in the iPhone business. Considering the fact that they’re a publicly traded company and at least 50% of their revenues are generated by iPhone sales, it would be readily apparent to even the dumbest investors/analysts if Apple was somehow losing money in this space.

          • pyro74boy .

            So you mean to tell me that every single time that someone switches from an iphone to something other then a iOS device that Apple is not losing out on money? So I’m also calling B.S on your post as well. LOL

            Why do you think that Apple is suing everyone? it’s not because of this stupid patent infringement garbage that Apple is crying to our court system about I can tell you that. Don’t you also find it funny that it seems that Apple is going after all the manufacturers making Android handsets? LOL Also if you toke a closer look at worldwide smartphone market share it shows that Android is gaining ground on Apple in the smartphone space and this has been a pattern for the last few quarters for well over a year now. Last year Android had close to %80 percent of the smartphone market share worldwide just so you know. LOL I also read something that said that Google as a company is more valuable then Apple. LOL

            I also understand that just because Apple is losing ground in certain parts of the company that they can make it back in other parts of it like tablets and computers ect. This was not what I was trying to argue over and never was. My point was and still is that Apple is losing out in the Smartphone space.

            Why is it that people like you feel the need to defend a company like Apple on a all things Android website? this happens every single time I give out my two cents about Apple someone like you always feels the need to come on the comments and kiss Apples behind. lol Why don’t you go on one of the many different Apple websites and post your B.S on one of them and I’m sure many people will agree with you. LOL

          • SerenityNow

            Actually, I wasn’t defending Apple per se as much as I was just defending the basic concept of Finance. I own Android and iOS devices and unlike you, I don’t really have a passionate hatred for one company and unbridled love for the other.

            You clearly don’t like having any of your opinions challenged (pretty obvious from reading all of your posts) but let me explain some basic Finance/public company information to you:

            1. A company that loses relative market share isn’t necessarily losing money if the market as a whole is still growing. The smart phone market as a whole is still growing, which is why iPhone revenues continue to grow over year. The rate of that sales growth is not as fast as the rate of growth of the overall Android platform because Android as a whole is growing at above market rates. Thus, they are taking relative share from Apple but Apple is not losing any money. If you understood how to read financial statements, you could actually see plain as day in their 10-K and 10-Q filings that their profits aren’t decreasing.

            2. Aside from Samsung, all of the other Android manufacturers are either losing money or breaking even on their smart phone sales. Substantially all of the profits of this industry belong to Apple and Samsung. Why? Because the mid to low-end tiers of the smart phone market are not very profitable spaces to begin with. The prices charged to consumers are much lower than the higher end phones (like Galaxies, iPhones, Ones, etc) so even though sales volume is high in these tiers, profit margins are low or negative. This is why companies like HTC and LG are under immense pressure to launch a blockbuster product on the premium side that will actually sell in the tens of millions of units. Apple’s strategy, not just in smart phones but in tablets and computers, is to completely ignore this section of the market. Because they are a device manufacturer, they make their money from the profit margins of devices. Obviously these will be much higher if they’re making products that are exclusively sold for $600-700, rather than $200-300. So Apple has made a conscious decision for decades to sacrifice chasing market share in order to sell to exclusively to the high-end markets where profits are higher. Will this strategy work? Who knows – it worked, then it failed, then it worked again for Macs. Seems to be working ok for iPads and seems to be doing just fine for iPhones.

            3. Google’s financial model is completely different from Apple’s because Google is not in the primary business of selling devices. Instead they sell ads and information – to them, their greatest revenue driver is the sheer number of people who use their services and software. Thus, they charge nothing to the OEMs for Android licenses and are happy to see Android show up on as many phones as possible, regardless of whether these are in the low or high end of the market. They also make plenty of money off of iOS users too who use a host of Google services on their iPhones. For Google, the game is all about volume because they’re not selling hardware with high manufacturing costs that need to be recovered. That becomes the OEM’s problem, which is why so many of them are losing money selling Android-based smart phones.

            I’m sure you’ll read all this and conclude that I’m an Apple lover who’s here to start trouble. If that’s the case, please don’t bother responding because I’m not and I don’t care to argue further. You can prefer one platform all you want, but that does’t mean you know anything about how the finances work.

          • pyro74boy .

            WOW your post was so long LOL I don’t like it when people like you come on an Android site and try to defend a pathetic company like Apple yes. And yes it’s very safe for you to assume that I’m hating on Apple because I am and will NEVER deny this. But what was it that you where challenging me on? because I have already proved all of my points.

            I also see so much hate on this site based only on difference of opinion. I have already been accused of being a hater of the LG G3 just because I feel it’s underpowered when this has been nothing more then just my opinion from day one. I even said that if I was wrong I would be the first to admit.

            You have every right to your opinion even though I don’t agree with you about this. But your not going to change my mind about the fact that Apple is losing market share in the smartphone space because like it or not they are.

            Also take a closer look at the post right on DL that talks about Google being more valuable then Apple I said that Google gained like %40 percent year over year and Apple lost like %20 percent or something to that effect. Are you still going to claim that Apple is not losing money after reading that post? LOL

            So I respectfully agree to disagree with you about this. But we both have the right to our opinions so and all due respect I disagree with you.

          • SerenityNow

            Too bad you didn’t read what I wrote. I agreed that Apple was losing market share, never denied it. I was just trying to explain to you the financial relationship between market share and profits, and why they’re not correlated in Apple’s case.

            And those numbers you’re citing above on value in your last post have nothing to do with profits or market share. Those are market cap values which are driven by the combination of a company’s stock price and the number of its shares outstanding. Assuming shares outstanding are constant, market cap will increase as a company’s stock price goes up. Google’s stock price outperformed Apple’s stock price significantly last year, which is why their market cap (i.e. total company value) increased so much relative to Apple. This is an indicator that Google as a company is currently worth more than Apple, but it doesn’t mean that Apple lost money on smart phones.

            Basic math is that Apple’s profits are increasing, and the iPhone is responsible for 50% of Apple’s business. If Apple was truly losing PROFITS, not market share but actual BOTTOM LINE PROFITS on iPhones, this would be readily apparent in Apple’s financial statements because the iPhone line is such a huge part of their overall business. Profit margin wise, iPhones are also substantially higher on a per unit basis than Macs or iPads so there’s no way they’d be able to financially mask such a loss to their investors.

          • pyro74boy .

            I do apologize for not reading all of your posts.

          • Alex

            Jesus fcking Christ. You argued with him for this long and didn’t even read his comments? Pathetic.

          • pyro74boy .

            This does not change the fact that I was more then able to prove my points you moron. Yes it was VERY pathetic of you not to point this very important fact out. You also forgot to mention that his particular post was very long where you have to hit the see more to see the rest of the comment and I was in the middle of a million different things at the same exact time. WOW I love the D.L website to death but this site is full of haters just like you who always have something to say. So go take your hate elsewhere you total and complete IDIOT.

          • Alex

            Moron, hater, idiot. Name calling is the last resort of someone with nothing constructive to add to a conversation, which you clearly don’t.

          • pyro74boy .

            Excuse me you’re the one who tried to call me out on something and failed and you had absolutely no leg to stand on from the beginning. You insulted my intelligence so how did you expect me to act? LOL If you don’t want to be called these names then quit acting like a little child. Yes I’m hating on the hater LOL

          • pyro74boy .

            The way I look at it is that if I want to buy something that the competition already had 2 years ago then I will buy an iphone [Apple is not getting a penny of my hard earned money] but If I want to buy a device that is on the cutting edge then I will buy a phone running the Android O,S.

            I also think that people are making to much of an issue out of Android phones not having as good of cameras vs the iphone because I have had people who own the iphone come up to me and tell me that my phone takes great pictures [I’m quoting them not me] and I’m not even using the latest hardware because I’m using the Samsung Note2.

  • jer85008

    That was the “lite” comment…also mentioned something along the lines of Android being a “Hell-storm of vulnerabilities..” What a joke. I’ve probably downloaded 300+ apps on various Android phones over the last five years and never had an issue with a virus or malware, with no antivirus/anti malware software. I know this is anecdotal evidence, but I suspect pretty much everyone here has had the same experience.

    Also criticized the fact that only a very few phones run the latest OS. Also a joke. Any manufacturer can update to the latest version, it’s all on them. Apple has the entire process by the balls from soup to nuts, that’s the only reason they can do this.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Couldn’t agree with this post more.

    • SerenityNow

      That last point makes no sense. That would be like an Apple fan arguing that Apple could have allowed 3rd party keyboards or live widgets 3 years ago. Who cares if it was technically possible? All that matters is the experience from the perspective of the end user.

      If you’re an end user of iOS, you lagged behind Android for years when it came to 3rd party keyboards and live widgets.

      And if you’re an end user of Android, you have likely lagged behind Apple when it comes to receiving timely software updates.

      Blaming this on the carriers or manufacturers misses the point. Part of the Android experience (outside of the Nexus phones which are not available on all carriers) is that your software update process will likely be more of a guessing game than the Apple experience, especially if you keep the same phone for more than 18 months. So if I was running a business that competed against Android, I would absolutely point out this discrepancy when making a case for my product over theirs. It’s a completely valid point.

      • jer85008

        Actually, it does make sense. Apple COULD have allowed 3rd party party keyboards/widgets/etc. but it did not. However, manufactures had access to KitKat source code long ago and COULD have updated their phones whenever they wanted to. And carrier approval has nothing to do with it. They either approve/disapprove what gets submitted to them.

        As for “experience of the end user”, there are no earth-shattering changes in the different Android distributions over the last few years. Nothing older than two years ago matters anyway, and a 1-2 year-old phone running Jelly Bean or even ICS still works just fine and runs pretty much all Android software.

        My point is that Apple is criticizing Android based on it’s own policy/model, even though the model is very different than Android and isn’t all that comparable.

        Honestly – I don’t blame them either, but this is an Android enthusiast site after all. Of course I (and most people here) are biased, and I (and most people here) are fine with that.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Weird, because I don’t know anyone that’s switched to an iPhone from android in the last 2-3 years. But know dozens that went from iOS to Android.

  • regkilla

    iOS is a better experience.

    • kingkilla

      Hey, I heard from this guy with nothing better to do than troll android sites that iOS is do much better!!

      …you make a really piss poor evangelist. Hope they aren’t paying you much.

  • Bill Gates

    Android rocks and it’s million times better than ios…!
    And also windows….!

  • craig

    I have switched from iPhone to android, seeking a better life

  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    What search did they use? Yes GOOGLE. So Google still runs apple.

  • EP_2012

    I find it ironic that they left Android in order to go to iOS which has these “new amazing features” taken from Android a few years too late :/

  • Synacks

    It’s funny because most of these people who were seeking a better experience started off with a LOW spec’d Android. It’s not the OS that makes the phone. It’s the hardware AND software. If they just bought the high end model in the first place they would’ve been satisfied.

  • Jason Kahn

    Two Picard Meme’s in one day

  • Steve DeBellis

    What a douche

  • ChristianPasquariello

    and when they decide to switch back, Imessage won’t allow them to send text messages and we won’t be able to figure out how to fix it. Isn’t that wonderful.

      This is frustrating me. I cant get ios people to use hangouts. its like iMessenger but FOR EVERYONE. DAM IT! You like it already just use the cross platform version.

  • Guys, Tim Cook isn’t joking. My life is so much better than yours. No bills, no sickness, no weeping, no fragmentation… come to the light.

    • Blue Sun

      I’m imagining at least one hundred down votes on your comment sir.

    • Sina

      LMAO! Gotta love Ron

    • but you still sharing Moto X screenies .. oh ok… *haha*

  • I think a large portion of android users who switch bought a cheap phone. Hated it. And did in fact sought a “better life.” Having a negative android experience there’s only one place to go iOS. But in fact the budget device that was free or under $100 was the problem, not the OS.

    • Same thing with their stats about how many Android users are on an old OS. They buy free/cheap phones, which have no support from the manufacturer.

      • Exactly, and this is why fragmentation isn’t really a thing, and if it was big deal, you should be getting a new phone every 2-3 years. Even if you cant afford it and you’re getting old model phone at huge discounts you may not be on the latest version of the os but you’ll still be upgrading at a delay.

        • JD

          also with each oem putting a different skin on their devices the updates affect each device differently, so it won’t be the same update experience anyways.

    • Jprime

      This is true. I think the fact that not all phones are available on all carriers is the problem. I had an awful android phone and was on Verizon. When the nexus 4 came out I thought I had a cheap way out, but nope.

    • JD

      Thats why google is stepping it up with Android silver they are trying to make android a more consistent premium experience.

  • Shane Redman

    Isn’t this the first year they’ve referred to Android by name? Scared much?

  • TheWenger

    Clearly they made a mistake. They thought they were buying an iPhone but it was actually a cheap Samsung knockoff…………………


  • Victor Who

    Is Cook delusional? If what he said is true, then why is iPhone/iOS marketshare decreasing while Android is increasing?

    • Largely due to lower-end market-share. Lower-end and low cost phones are INCREDIBLY hot movers. However, they don’t have the big profit margin that the flagship phones have, and those are the ones that get the marketing. Once the price on Moto X dropped, along with the low cost Moto G and now the Moto E, those things fly off shelves. Especially in non-first-world countries.

  • Gr8Ray

    WWDC = World Wide Douche Canoe

    • CHRIS42060

      I would have just gone Douche Conference, but Canoe……. Now that’s innovative!

      • Gr8Ray

        I’m all about innovation. And if anyone says they’ve heard it before, I’ll sue.

  • Havoc70

    Tim Cook/Apple = Yawn. Nothing else needs to be said

  • Chris Bice

    Lmao! Where’s that “Thermonuclear War” Mr. Cook? Cupertino has lost its mind , thinking that proprietary tech and the same redressed junk is going to continue to have a foothold ….

  • Damian

    Google should just buy apple and put an end to all this.

    • Dominic Powell

      except Apple is way larger than Google on a Monetary Basis

      • Tony Spencer
        • On2Vegas

          I think what he means is Apple has a larger stockpile of cash than Google. Which is true. Valuation wouldn’t be quite the same.

          • Tony Spencer

            I stand corrected, just checked on Forbes.

          • On2Vegas

            Your point is still a good one though. Google has certainly made amazing strides on a financial basis.

          • JD

            they have made amazing strides in general.

        • Dominic Powell

          Being the most valuable brand vs being the largest Monetarily is different.

          Apples’ brand value ie their name may be worth $1billion and Google’s $50 billion because its name is synonymous with using the internet… however Apple still has 3x the cash (Less after the massive stock buyback coming shortly) and most importantly 3x the profits and revenue.

          Also the Market CAP of apple is still ~$150 billion higher than Google.

          Long term, I see Google Dominating – short term its Apple’s world and we are all just living in it.

    • bolski

      I want the competition. That’s what drives innovation. However, with all these patent lawsuits lately, it get’s a little tiresome.

      • Damian

        All the lawsuits and trash talk is unnecessary.

    • Grizzly Atoms

      Google shouldn’t offer services to iPhone users. Let people see how great their iPhone is without all of those apps everyone uses everyday that apple doesn’t even make.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Everyone would have to use apple maps – and get lost. Too bad Google will never do that as they make a lot of money off of iOS.

      • Damian


      • JSo

        Like they do with Windows phone.

      • SerenityNow

        Too bad you don’t understand Google’s business model or how they make money. Google is in the awkward position of making significant money from both Android and iOS users.

  • bedwa

    Of all the things I didn’t like about Steve Jobs, he only hinted at bashing…. never outright bashing Android that I can remember. Since he’s passed on, Timmy boy has really gotten dirty. I’ve lost even more respect for Apple than I ever used to have in the past. (Which despite hating locked down devices, was quite alot.)

    • nate

      That’s because Apple is getting scared.

  • Praful Nair

    Ahemm…keep on living in the fool’s paradise Mr. Cook

  • 213ninja

    so that’s why Apple locked down the broadcast………pussies.

  • iPrick_AndroidRULES

    well, if ios and Apple are so great, why hasn’t those “seeking a better life” bought an ios device from the beginning and bought Android instead?

    And fake malware diagram too.
    And OS version distribution numbers that should MISLEAD consumers that Android is 9% and ios is 89%!

    Android = the MOST POPULAR OS IN THE WORLD. 85%
    ios = 13%.

    Cook looks pathetic with these marketing gimmicks.

    • Steven Dolbey

      Those percentages were for those of that particular platform running the latest version. iOS 7 and KitKat.

      • n11

        So if we include previous versions prior to 4.4 (whose total android marketshare is about 9%, I think?…), Android would have have about 99% share and apple <1%. Or 900% vs 13%

        • Steven Dolbey


        • SerenityNow

          Ok, so not to insult your intelligence but you need to understand that those pie charts in no way represented market share. So there was never going to be a scenario where the Android number dwarfed the iOS number.

          It was a relative comparison of the two platforms. Within each software platform, Cook presented what percentage of the platform’s user base was running the most current version of the software currently on the market. So for iOS, the pie chart showed that 89% of iPhone/iPad users are running on iOS 7 (the latest version). For Android, the pie chart showed that only 9% of Android users are running on Android 4.4 KitKat.

          I’m not sure what your post above was trying to say but market share between the two platforms had nothing to do with what Cook was talking about.

          • n11

            I’m also curious to know what the amount of users is between the 4.4 (14% of all android devices) and the 89% of ios7 users. Because Android is so popular, another way to spin the numbers would be 20 million people have 4.4, and ios7 has 50 million users. So now the gap is only 2.5x versus 6.3x difference from before with just OS version. (numbers are guesstimates)

      • glimmerman76

        the problem is if you want to use an apple product you MUST update it period or itunes wont work right., Google has no such restrictions

    • Kevin

      There weren’t any iPhones available in China at the time.

  • Andrew Borges

    honestly who cares? it’s a phone, move on.

  • One of my coworkers got an S4 (company phone), he was a die hard Apple fan and now he’s saying he might switch after using the S4. He likes the S4 but was concerned about his music being on ITunes. I told him all that music is stored locally and where to find it. He was surprised all he had to do was drag and drop.

  • magiccoupons

    Tim Cook tells good jokes.

  • jrgray27

    “Aaawww SH$T son! It’s on!” “You mad bro?!” Those are fighting words! *shakes head* Oh, sorry I’m back…*calms down* Do say Tim? Please continue on, and what an excellent way to start off your WWDC as seems to be customary as the years have progressed and so has Android.

  • Best joke I heard this past decade.

  • JSo

    That’s funny because A LOT of people I know are switching from iPhones to Android Phones.

    • 213ninja

      me too.

    • nate

      All of the old people I know are doing the opposite by switching from their low end android phones to iPhones. People who know how to use their smartphones are switching to android lol

      • If its someone i know that not going to dive into the technology i always suggest an iphone, cause its a simpler device for a simpler person.
        Also, i don’t have to help them with it cause they’re going to have problems no matter which way they go.

        • bolski

          Except when you want to copy your music off your phone. If it’s music you ripped yourself off of a CD or some other medium, you can’t copy it back down to your PC from your iPhone. Only music purchased via iTunes is accessible to sync back to your PC. With Android, I just hook it up to my PC and navigate to the folder where my Music is and viola! I can copy it back to my PC. No muss, no fuss. Nothing easy about iTunes at all when it comes to music management.

          • Still not my problem lol. But i didnt know that. I hated itunes since it came out and i still hate it. Its bloated, ugly, and slow.
            My friend tries to brag how he can FTP into his iphone. I just say “i have remote storage and a mapped drive setup on my computer, i can hit a button and access my files quickly AND i also have FTP if i need it.”

          • pappy53

            Not true. It can be copied.

        • MH

          I do the same, so I dont have to be on call to help them figure stuff out because they were too lazy to google.

      • Grizzly Atoms

        Old people love iphones because they are simple and they don’t understand all of the technology on Android feature packed phones. iPhone is the next blackberry.

        • bob

          What? Scrabbling to make a few dimes from one piece of software while their hardware dies an ancient relic.

        • JD

          yeah my grandfather is almost 80 and he just got an iPhone and ipad air, he said he doesn’t have a clue how it works lol, most these people are talked into it thinking they have to have it but they only end up using the internet, email, text and the phone, thats it lol.

        • MacNificent

          I’ve been saying this for years.
          It’s the new BlackBerry/Sidekick!

        • Chris Hannan

          That’s why health is such a big part of this update. Now doctors can be notified immediately when your grandmother’s cholesterol is too high.

        • Chris

          I gotta be honest, I don’t think iPhones are simple in the least bit. I tried to change the language on a friends phone to mess with her, and i had to Google it because I couldn’t figure out how to do it. On Android, you go to the Language and Input setting and change it. It’s that simple. I couldn’t figure out how to block people on a friends phone, and we had to Google it. I get so confused and lost when I try to do anything on an iPhone. People say it’s easier, but more regular everyday tasks, they are both the same. People just pick up an iPhone, get used to it, and say it’s easier. I picked up Android and got used to it and now it’s easier for me. I don’t think either OS is easier than the other, it’s just a matter of what OS a person picked up and learned how to use first, you know?

      • CHRIS42060

        My mom LOVES Android Gingerbread. I have no idea why but she loves it. I got her a Moto G and she still complains about it not being like her other phone.

    • T4rd

      Just switched my tech-ignorant mom from an iPhone 4S to a Moto X last month. She tells me she loves it every time I see her now, hah.

    • regkilla

      All of your 5 friends?

      • JSo

        You got me. I’m a loser and have no friends. Darn, I was hoping no one would catch that.

  • Greg Williams

    I’m feeling deja vu of Steve Ballmer / Microsoft comments.

  • LiterofCola

    That’s why the four iPhones users I converted at work to Android all told me that they didn’t know why they hadn’t switched earlier.
    Nice try Cook.

    • rawr

      Might be getting my iPhone using GF to go LG G3 if it releases this lifetime. She was concerned about Apple stealing her text messages through the iMessage bug. I told her that has more to do with Apple being awful and why would you continue to support a company that does that.

      Fighting the good fight

      • lgreg64

        I got my wife to switch to a note3. She loves it big 🙂

        • redbar0n11

          Sounds like she wanted bigger – Hence the switch. IJS. (since we’re making innuendos…)

        • Ummmm…that’s what she said?

      • Ken Bosse

        Working my GF to get into Android. She lives off the iphone calendar so shes hesitant, but i’m working at it anyway lol.

    • regkilla

      Work as in coplaying as a cop?

    • JD


  • bitbank

    He didn’t mention how worldwide ownership % of Apple devices has fallen year-over-year while Android has risen and that there are probably more people migrating from iOS to Android than the other way around.

    • Joe Butler

      Very true, I thought of the second thing during the presentation.

  • Tim Cook is worried that Android will continue to dominate the mobile marketplace, and have resorted to anything they can think of to bad mouth it.

    • JD

      sadly the apple sheep eat it up never stopping to question what he even mentioned.

  • Paul Houseknecht

    …..and we ask our children to act like adults…. but this guy….

  • WitnessG

    Ah yes, such a better life. Getting old android features years later.

    • ImmaDroid

      And I can guarantee more people switched from iPhone to Android within that same period

      • Grizzly Atoms

        Yet hangouts delivers ALL messages regardless of your platform.

      • pappy53

        Actually, a lot more people switch from Android to iPhone than vice-versa.

        • bob


        • Michael Simkins

          Not even close. People need to look up market share by country. IOS doesn’t even come close to android worldwide.

          • pappy53
          • Michael Simkins

            Well pappy you clearly don’t understand what market share means. Please look up market share by country and get a clue. Also I don’t recommend going to an android or apple site for this source information. Sites devoted to a particular platform are generally bias.

          • pappy53

            I said nothing about market share. Only that more switch from Android to iPhone than vice-versa. So, you need to get a clue about reading comprehension.

          • Michael Simkins

            More proof that you still have no idea what market share is and how far iOS is from android in those numbers. The US is the only place that sells more iPhones than Android devices. In fact, Samsung alone, holds more market share than Apple in other countries, let alone all the other Android phone companies out there.

            With these numbers in mind. Let’s make it easy and these are just for this exhibit. Android worldwide number of phones 700,000. Apple worldwide number of phones 100,000. Then let’s say 50,000 Apple users switched to Android while 75,000 Android users switch to Apple. So we are left with 125,000 Apple phones and 675,000 Android phones. Now, let’s keep in mind that because of the MARKET SHARE, Android has less opportunities to make the switch meanwhile Apple has a huge number of opportunities to make the switch.

            Moral: those types of numbers are flawed and show very little about the cell phone marketplace. The only number that matters, is market share

          • pyro74boy .

            I don’t know why these isheep have found their way to an All Android website I have been arguing with these IDIOTS for years now and they will NEVER understand that iOS and EVERYONE else has taken a back seat to Google/Android. Some people will just never learn.

          • Ali

            Guess you also don’t know that Android sells to many mobile manufacturers from very cheap to cheaters like Samsung. iOS is attached to an expensive drive named iPhone which totally gives sense of nice design and compatibility with it. So if you calculate all the world because they don’t have enough money for a good investment this is you who don’t know about the share because you are comparing two different things….

          • Michael Simkins

            Someone seems upset that Samsung is a better company than Apple.

            Cry me a river please.

          • frank

            Of course everything is bias why would he even want to convince people that iOS is superior to Android .. The only reason behind it is to persuade people into their rip-off-ecosystem because sales dropped.. greedy bastards.. Android would never do that… But people usually know what iPhone is capable of and don’t fall for it.. IPhone is the biggest crap

          • pappy53

            They set new sales records with each model released, so how have sales dropped?

        • Robert Boluyt


        • Dominic Powell

          Not true outside of the USA. Android has close to 80% marketshare outside of the USA, if what you were saying were true countries with high smartphone adoption (UK, Spain, Germany) would not be so heavily Android biased.

          • pappy53

            Since Apple went into the agreement with Chinese telecoms, 50% of the iPhone users switched from Android.

        • Vanquishgc

          Not in the four years I’ve been selling phones. Quite the opposite.

          • pappy53

            I actually should have shown the statement as referring to the U.S.market. Here, more switch from Android than vice-versa.

        • LiterofCola

          Delusional much?

      • RavenDxx

        I just picked up my Samsung-Galaxy Note 3 on May 22. I did have Iphone. So far I love my Android.

    • Big G Al

      Cook = Bitter Old Queen

    • regkilla

      Done in better ways.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Keep telling yourself that.

        • CHRIS42060

          Of course they are better…… Unicorns, leprechauns and pixies are involved in the magical things done by Apple.

          • Justin Foster

            Even the Apple Jacks guy was involved until well…. Those lawsuits forced him into retirement and an obligatory name change.

          • michael arazan

            Nope, just Chinese slaves

      • d-rock

        Probably correct in many cases as the first launch of an idea can usually be improved upon immediately. You can almost take anything and make it better. That’s really what Apple does. They don’t innovate. They take others ideas and implement them better. That’s what the iPod did. That’s what iTunes did. That’s what every apple device does. Kuddos to them for taking some ideas that didn’t seem to matter and make it something worthy (like the iPad).

        • Miguel Angel II Lopez

          Lolololol keep telling yourself that. if you clik your heals 3 times and it will take you back to Kansas too. lolol

    • NicholaCollisterene

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    • CHRIS42060

      Hey my grandparents always called the 50s a better life…….

    • Atleast when they come out a year later, they work way better

  • Guy Pierce

    Sore losers!!!

  • Joe Butler

    Do they really have to be so fanboyish about it? Why can’t they just promote their own technologies? Reminds of that frenetic internal Phil Schiller doc revealed in the Samsung lawsuit.

    • JD

      exactly. I love apple computers but comments like this make me want to shun apple completely.