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Tim Cook: Android to Apple Switchers “Sought Better Life”

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Want your first fighting words out of today’s WWDC event? Tim Cook just dropped some of the dirtiest in years, essentially claiming that your life sucks if you own an Android device.

When talking about the 130 million customers of theirs that purchased their first Apple devices this year, Cook brought up the fact that many (no specific number) came over from Android. Of course, he couldn’t just say that they came over from Android, he had to say that they made a mistake by purchasing an “inferior” device initially, and sought a “better life,” so they came to Apple. 

Here is the exact quote:

“They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then had sought a better experience, and a better life. And decided to check out iPhones and iOS.”

Yep. Things are only heating up at our live blog.

  • Joshua Lim

    Looks like android has dig itself to an even deeper grave of problems. A reason why Tim cook said it because there were a lot of complaints especially with the android 4.4.2 kitkat updates, the incompatibility issues, and how the android users are recommending.
    Since the kitkat was announced. A lot of users got hyped especially with a boost performance features. Users who received an update notification quickly updated their smartphones to kitkat. By the time the update was done. When they try to see the enhanced features. They got new issues. And I mean a lot of issues. The reason why 9% of android users are kitkat users because there were a lot of complaints like Auto-WiFi disconnection, poor service provider signal, slow camera performance, a decrease in battery life. and an increase to app crashes due to incompatibility. Now get this. There were a rise of user complaints where the app would stop and crashed back to android menu.
    Now lets proceed to incompatibility issues. In the world of android. There are 4 tribes(AKA recognized Chipset Manufacturers.) These are Qualcomm, tegra, Intel, and ARM. Each of these processors had a lot of difference especially the runtime, the performance and the graphic quality. Other tribes(AKA UN-categorized Chipset manufacturers) like Exynos, broadcomm, mediatek, and etc. Are not recognized as a TRUE processing power categories which is why a lot of new android smartphones had different installed chipset. Which is why many users installed their apps manually by downloading them on the web. They gamble their smartphone performance in exchange for user content. Now with the 64 bit armv8 chipset utilizing a desktop class architecture. These companies had gotten quietly because they were shocked about the apples attempt. Qualcomm, tegra, and Exynos had announced their own 64 bit architecture but not running on a desktop class performance. Not more than 5 or 10 of new android smartphones are running on 64 bit class architecture. Now with more complaints arising from the users. How will android catch up to ios if the 4.3 problems were doubled in 4.4, plus the problem of both software and hardware on android especially with the newest smartphone be resolved?

  • Aam Aadmi Nautanki Agency

    IPhone is an overpriced, overrated piece of shite. Gimmick 4 inch screen with the iSheep jizzing all over it. Only spoilt brats with tons of money to waste would buy this garbage.

  • Daniel Boakye

    Apple is a CULT. their spiritual father is Steve Jobs, they all wear black and all try to imitate the way he speaks. especially Tim Cook. Apple uses a lot of dirty propaganda to deceive their followers that they are better off than than others. mean while they are being ripped off blindly. Tim Cook is using the same marketing strategy of Steve Jobs. which is “cast dirt on your competitors. make them look inferior to consumers”. He obviously has nothing new under his belt. I am a DIE HARD ANDROID SUPPORTER. Android for Life!!! . Android is winning the market, Apple is just tickling itself and laughing..

  • Alex James Simon

    How about instead of including all the cheap low to mid range Androids in your statistics, you compare your iPhone to it’s actual competition with phones in the current generation, such as the Samsung Galaxy GS5, HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and other current generation high-end Androids. That people actually consider between when purchasing an iPhone 5S or Android device. I bet your statistics would look much different… Apple.

    • Alex

      They would look much different. Apple would be kicking android’s ass is the US market, and would be much closer in many other countries as well. But I guess the android 4.4 adoption numbers might finally be decent.

      • Alex James Simon

        How, shouldn’t it make Android look better against Apple? Which is what I’m getting at, they only showed statistics to make Android look bad, that Malware statistic is completely misleading, to an illinformed person it makes the playstore look horrible when actually most malware comes from pirating apps and other illegal activity, malware in the playstore only affects 0.001% of apps downloaded.

        • Alex

          It depends on what statistics you are looking at. For malware, yes, it would probably look better than the numbers that Apple showed. If you look at market share though, Android would definitely be lower than it is now. And it would be much much lower in markets where low end Android devices are most popular (India, China, eastern Europe, etc.). This is very obvious if you think about it.

          • Alex James Simon

            I’m was mainly thinking about the Android update statistic the 9% of Android devices run KitKat which is already wrong, as now the June statistics came out and KitKat is on 13% of devices. If you got rid of all the low and mid range androids in these statistics and Apple only compared the stats to its real competition, kitkat would be much higher, those low to mid range androids aren’t trying to be better then the iPhone, so they have just found a loophole to make android look even worse.

  • Jay Davis

    Haha Apple sucks I got a HTC one m8 and had the m7. My girl has the iPhone 5s it’s garbage she went from a Samsung s2 to a iPhone 4s to a HTC one m7 then back to Apple. She hates it. Battery life sucks you can’t do nothing cool. Oh hey we’re Apple we got a stupid robot that will talk to you named siri. And we have 3D effects for our home screen. Hahaha yeah she’s going back to android after seeing what the m8 does and the galaxy s5. I do happen to like ipads tho. Like simplicity in tablets….

  • Sandro

    Let’s all agree on one thing. Iphone<Symbian<WP 8.1<Android
    i must say windows phone packs sooooo many moe features than an iphone

    • Sandro

      what it says: I must say WP packs sooo many more features than an iPhone

  • Michael

    I also love how he bashes Android but moments later shows off iOS 8 features which is mostly stuff that Android has had for years.

  • Michael

    Why don’t you mention how many iOS users left because you’re OS is old and boring? I bet its WAY more than how many came.

  • I switched from apple to android and I love it. I do however still have an iPad so I get the “best” of both worlds but no, android is WAY better…….

  • Vanquishgc

    Um Mr Cook? Hi, I just thought I’d like you to know I had two separate customers purchase an S5 and G2 respectively, because they were sick of iOS 7 bugs and crap battery life, and having to pay for everything because your company is proprietary to the point of stupidity. They wanted to be FREE. That’s 2 more for Google, buddy. Trash talk when you can back it up champ.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    I actually switched from a Chromebook, Nexus 4 and Chromecast to an iPhone 4s, MacBook Air and Apple TV for a few months. Why? I was curious. My entire family uses i-stuff, a lot of people seem to like Apple, I wanted to know what was so good about it. After spending $1200 on Amazon, getting all set up and ‘testing’ I continued to scratch my head. My family didn’t know how to use half of the cool stuff, they didn’t care about it. They just plugged their stuff in and used whatever was there. I came to the conclusion that Apple was offering the exact same thing Microsoft is in a MUCH nicer package: classic technology. Luckily, since resale prices are great with Apple stuff, I sold it all and lost only $200 and went right back to uncapped data on a Moto X, an HP 11 Chromebook and my Chromecast. Conclusion: Apple is for people who will use whatever the hell is spoon fed to them. I was pulled away from what was working, and reeled in by hype and buzz. Curiosity satiated, still sort of pissed about it.

  • Aaron

    At least all the features apple releases is to all the devices and not some years later xD stupid android

  • Jordi Agricola

    This is why I hate Apple as a company.

  • jvader2012

    this guy knows about android from like 4 years ago. Think he hasnt seen the stats

  • frankyblike

    LMFAO Tim Cook is so shady

    Sadly i agree with him. Everything is so much simpler on an iphone its just personally not for me.

  • JD

    If you ask me he is alienating a lot of android users that love apple computers but hate ios.

  • Colts5609

    Very glad the iPhone was so expensive back in the day. I was tempted by the dark side when times were tough in the early days of Android. Otherwise I would have made a horrible mistake and I might have never joined the Android master race. Thank you Apple.

    • Alex James Simon

      Same with me I wanted an iPhone back before I heard about the Evo 4G, but my mom said the plans were too expensive, and we were going to join sprint which at the time, lucky for me didn’t have the iPhone available. But that is when I started to hear about the HTC Evo 4g, and my whole life changed. LOL 😀

  • Matt Wilber

    I know quite a few people headed in the opposite direction. Including my father who recently said to me “Why did you tell me to get an iPhone when the Android can do all this stuff?”

  • Cameron Villegas

    I switched from iPhone to android and I love my Droid having the best to customize it and the remove able SD card not always having to connect to a computer helps so much and if you don’t have a apple it sucks my iPhone sucked on battery life too but let’s say this it is what it is people have there own preferred phone and system not to attack anyone and to attack them you are stupid. Cause who really cares it’s a phone you use for texting and calling and it should be something you like and want to use and will use

  • CharlesJorgenson

    For years i have been yearning for a phone with a tiny screen and one button. Widgets and all these software features just make me so angry, if only i could replace my phones desktop with an endless array of icons. If only i had someone to tell me what i wanted so i didn’t have to actually want anything on my own. But then the other day i saw my friends iPhone and knew that it’s not just a dream! It does exist! I’ll be switching as soon as i have the money.

  • bob

    Dear Tim Cook. You’re becoming a bigger cry baby than Steve jobs ever was. Grow the fsck up.

  • Jprime

    I love android, but this was true for my wife. Sometimes I am jealous of her iPhone, and until I gotta the moto x, I never had a phone as good as hers.

  • red014

    He forgot to mention that all those new users are from China, where the phone was just launched…

    • True Dat

      THIS ^. I was listening Cnet and they were quick to point this out. They really had no other choices from Apple prior. So many Android phones in China and Apple never cracked it, finally making some progress.

  • Shane Redman

    WWDC = We Want Droid Capabilities

  • eilegz

    or he could say the same thing about dumbphones, blackberries or windows phone, but guess what they are really scared about android. Feeling the pressure.

  • wtd2009

    i’m quite tired of the mudslinging between android, ios, , wp, etc users, and extremely disappointed tim cook chose to fan the flames rather than act like a leader and set a good example to everyone else. that was the biggest thing i took away from this presentation. a distant second would be that ios looks pretty damn good now and pending a larger screen and better battery life i’d strongly consider switching at some point. but if that is the type of culture that tim cook has decided to embrace, then i’m damn glad not to be a part of it for the time being.

    • JD

      yeah its getting old. I usually love reading the comment sections but its getting to be too much.