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Moto X+1 Makes First Appearance?

moto x1

Is that the first image of the Moto X+1, the rumored Moto X follow-up from Motorola? That we don’t know, but there are some clues that could help us decide what it is.

Well, it certainly isn’t the original Moto X. On the original, the sensors, speaker grill, and front-facing camera are pushed up to the top of the phone and also not perfectly centered together. The Moto X also does not come with a gold front. The only front panel color options for the Moto X are white or black. 

We also know that this isn’t the Moto G or Moto E. The Moto E is out because it doesn’t even have a front-facing camera, like this device. The Moto E also has a big ol’ chin with front-facing speaker – this device has neither. It isn’t the Moto G because well, it doesn’t look like the Moto G. The Moto G has much more bezel, along with a front-facing camera placed to the left of the speaker grill. On this phone, we are seeing the front-facing camera to the right, just like on the original Moto X.

So is this the Moto X+1? Until Motorola announces it or we see more to give us additional proof, that’s a tough call. It does indeed look like a Moto X that has been more refined. You could also argue that the screen looks longer than on the original, maybe because the screen size has grown over the original’s, which weighed in at 4.7-inches.


Via:  +Antony Cheng
  • Jason Brown

    kind of reminds me of the htc one m8 w/o the speaker grills

  • Phil Tyndall

    Bad photoshop job. There is no way the left bezel would be slimmer than the right. Someone’s photoshopped a rectangle onto existing x and changed its colour slightly. It’s a very poor photoshop job.

  • Epic Tea

    Galaxy S5 = Massive Bezels (bigger than the GS4 bezels)

    HTC One = Massive Bezels (sorry but speakers are pointless small bezels is more important)

    iphone 6 leaks = Massive Bezels (Why??)

    Are massive Bezels the New thing? It seems only LG and Motorola understand the concept of slim bezels.

    • Elliot Kotis


  • King Lo

    Looks like a bad photoshop job. I think you’re grasping at straws on this one.

  • mike steve

    Its getting ludicrous, it doesn’t even look great when they do it…http://tiny.cc/u5fogx

  • Scopoletus

    Moto x+1 is just the moto x with 64gb

  • TopXKiller

    Looks a little like a G2

  • Cesar

    Are we sure the phone itself is colored gold? When I looked at the picture, I got the impression that the coloration came from some instagram-esque filter and the phone itself was white in color.

  • ImmaDroid

    It’s really getting ridiculous that every android manufacturer has to come out with a Gold phone now since the iPhone. Im 200% android all the way, but the Gold thing is getting to be a little much now!

  • Higher_Ground


    1 – The gold front is (IMO) going to look hideous with most other color combinations.
    2 – The shadows/shading on the edge of the front of the phone looks too deep to me. The layout of the screen looks too perfectly square given the angle of the photo and shows no glare. It could be flash/poor lighting but it looks a little fake.

  • Jeremy Gross

    sd card, maybe removable battery

  • Sophia Bennit

    Anyone else not a big fan of gold colored phone ? Moto X1 Launch

  • M3D1T8R

    Looks nice, except in was really really hoping for a front facing speaker this time.