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Moto X+1 Makes First Appearance?

Is that the first image of the Moto X+1, the rumored Moto X follow-up from Motorola? That we don’t know, but there are some clues that could help us decide what it is.

Well, it certainly isn’t the original Moto X. On the original, the sensors, speaker grill, and front-facing camera are pushed up to the top of the phone and also not perfectly centered together. The Moto X also does not come with a gold front. The only front panel color options for the Moto X are white or black. 

We also know that this isn’t the Moto G or Moto E. The Moto E is out because it doesn’t even have a front-facing camera, like this device. The Moto E also has a big ol’ chin with front-facing speaker – this device has neither. It isn’t the Moto G because well, it doesn’t look like the Moto G. The Moto G has much more bezel, along with a front-facing camera placed to the left of the speaker grill. On this phone, we are seeing the front-facing camera to the right, just like on the original Moto X.

So is this the Moto X+1? Until Motorola announces it or we see more to give us additional proof, that’s a tough call. It does indeed look like a Moto X that has been more refined. You could also argue that the screen looks longer than on the original, maybe because the screen size has grown over the original’s, which weighed in at 4.7-inches.


Via:  +Antony Cheng
  • Jason Brown

    kind of reminds me of the htc one m8 w/o the speaker grills

  • Phil Tyndall

    Bad photoshop job. There is no way the left bezel would be slimmer than the right. Someone’s photoshopped a rectangle onto existing x and changed its colour slightly. It’s a very poor photoshop job.

  • Epic Tea

    Galaxy S5 = Massive Bezels (bigger than the GS4 bezels)

    HTC One = Massive Bezels (sorry but speakers are pointless small bezels is more important)

    iphone 6 leaks = Massive Bezels (Why??)

    Are massive Bezels the New thing? It seems only LG and Motorola understand the concept of slim bezels.

    • Elliot Kotis


  • King Lo

    Looks like a bad photoshop job. I think you’re grasping at straws on this one.

  • mike steve

    Its getting ludicrous, it doesn’t even look great when they do it…http://tiny.cc/u5fogx

  • Scopoletus

    Moto x+1 is just the moto x with 64gb

  • TopXKiller

    Looks a little like a G2

  • Cesar

    Are we sure the phone itself is colored gold? When I looked at the picture, I got the impression that the coloration came from some instagram-esque filter and the phone itself was white in color.

  • ImmaDroid

    It’s really getting ridiculous that every android manufacturer has to come out with a Gold phone now since the iPhone. Im 200% android all the way, but the Gold thing is getting to be a little much now!

  • Higher_Ground


    1 – The gold front is (IMO) going to look hideous with most other color combinations.
    2 – The shadows/shading on the edge of the front of the phone looks too deep to me. The layout of the screen looks too perfectly square given the angle of the photo and shows no glare. It could be flash/poor lighting but it looks a little fake.

  • Jeremy Gross

    sd card, maybe removable battery

  • Sophia Bennit

    Anyone else not a big fan of gold colored phone ? Moto X1 Launch

  • M3D1T8R

    Looks nice, except in was really really hoping for a front facing speaker this time.

  • seeingwhite

    The spacing is unequal on the left and right sides of the screen.

  • Asa Thomas

    What’s going on at the top right and left edge where it curves in? Is the worn “effect” of this image hiding a large top bezel?

    • M3D1T8R

      The top bezel looks exactly as big as the bottom, as it should be.

  • mcdonsco

    For me to consider the next x it would need better battery, WAY BETTER camera and a bit larger screen.

    • hoosiercub88

      Yeah.. after having mine since December.. I’m decidedly unhappy with the battery life on my X.

      • needa

        i still get a day out of mine, had it since september. but it is not near as good as it used to be. i was still getting two days out of the battery on weekends in march. but in april i decided to plug in my car dock and start charging it when driving, as i was streaming more and more music to my motorola buds (awesome product btw). a few weeks later… i can barely get a full day. it really sucks that i was so careful, for so long, to keep the heat from degrading my battery. i know i will never hook up the car dock again.

  • Daistaar

    Anyone else miss Bionic commenting “X Phone”?

    • needa

      i don’t care for bad rumors that raise expectations. i called him on his bs daily, and he would always argue that i didn’t know what i was talking about. lucky for me, i only take on fights that i know i can win.

      • Daistaar

        He wasn’t too far off with the Moto X though… Now his love for Sergeant on the other hand… LOL

        • Kevin

          He was way off. What a troll.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Looks remote-ish

  • Shane Redman

    Didn’t Moto say last week after the update to their contextual apps that they had something in store for us this week??? It’s friday and I hope this isn’t it….there’s got to be more. Or was it the clock face contest?

  • Godzilla

    Look at the left bezel versus the right. Fail.

    • TruthMAN

      The reason this photo is distorted and incorrect is because of the person who leaked it was afraid of copyright and more importantly losing his job and the second you “change, edit, or modify” a picture in any way shape or form it is now art and therefore you can not be caught in copyrighted infringement. So what you are seeing is the actual new moto x only modified so the leaker keeps his job.

    • M3D1T8R

      Look at the GS4 you bought after hyping the Moto X for about a year. Fail.

  • BigTexas

    I can 100% confirm without a doubt that this is the device that Motorola will announce July. This is a horrendous filtered somewhat photo shopped picture of said phone, but none the less it is exactly how the new Moto X will look. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and Visit Motorola’s Factory on a daily basis and in the future production clearance zone you can see clear as day, the front panel and back panel of this phone. I saw the this exact gold model and the back of the phone seemed to have a burnt ash leather textured back. The screen can easily be recognized as being 5′ as compared to a 2013 Moto X laying next to it. They manged to minimize the bezel to the point it seemed only a tad bit taller than the original 2013 model but overall almost exactly the same size. As for the specs I have no clue, and I am not sure about the name the production crew has been deemed to assemble only what is called “The New Moto X” with a slogan of “You’r Way, Anyway”. You can Say I am lying and Call BS but remember the original moto x was leaked in a 12 minute video in Chinese in early March of 2013.

    • BigTexas

      Also since I am a fan of this Droid-Life community I will let you know another secret that Motorola is also going to be releasing 2 new “DROID” branded Phones that will be a Verizon Exclusive and this is only rumored but they will supposedly be reviving the “DROID X” moniker. One phone will be a Phablet at 5.7 inches which is rumored to include a intelligent eye tracking movement technology which is suppose to eliminate the need for using a S-pen or any stylus. And a regular 5.2′ DROID X which will have all the features of the new Moto X but include a “METAL” weaved carbon fiber composite texture with a space age aluminum frame which has the looks that is similar to the original DROID X.

      • needa

        i would like to see a gsm variant of that phablet. and thanks for all of the info.

        • BigTexas

          They will come will all the radio’s to work both GSM and CDMA so you should be able to purchase at Verizon and use on T-Mobile or ATT. You will be able to use the 3G at least I am not sure about the LTE. Last Year’s Droid line worked on GSM as well.

      • Orion

        How about a phablet version of the new X? I heard rumors of a 6-6.3 inch screen phone coming.

        • BigTexas

          Motorola at this time and point would NEVER release a phone at or over 6′. Motorola displays are OLED and that is why you can have active display . You can use a LCD screen and get active display but you have to have a smaller screen (example Droid mini) but the bigger screen and OLED with any kind of notification would absolutely not work. I can not speak for Lenovo’s which makes amazingly big screens in QHD but you will not see anything from Motorola this year over 6′. The new 2014 Moto’s and DROID’s will carry on the next contextual active display features and take it one step further which means they will be keeping the OLED screens for battery saving purposes. Also do not expect to see a MAXX line with a 3000mAh on all devices which will provide “all day battery”

          • Orion

            Not to offend you but I just don’t believe you. I know other “sources” states that there will be a phablet moto phone. Maybe not necessarily 6 inches but it will be around the 5.7-6 inch mark. We’ll just wait and see.

          • BigTexas

            ….Did you comment on my post without reading it? I clearly state “One phone will be a Phablet at 5.7 inches which is rumored to include a intelligent eye tracking movement technology which is suppose to eliminate the need for using a S-pen or any stylus.” Moto will release a phablet like phone but it will no be the moto x moniker and be DROID branded. Moto X is a phone. DROID is a line of phone. If in some way Motorola takes that DROID branded phone and puts it out for all carriers it will not be a MOTO X it will be like a Moto Z or something of that sort.

          • Orion

            Yeah I’m aware it will be different from the moto x….what I meant it would be part of that moto family. I sure hope we get a phablet that’s not just a Verizon exclusive. I love the X….I just always wanted a phablet version of it. I apologize for coming at you like that. Been going through some rough times. Lol Whatever more news you have….its welcome.

    • If you were telling me this all in-person, I’d be incredulous. However, by virtue of the Internet medium that you’ve used to transmit this information, there’s literally no way you could be delivering anything but the truth. Time for a new article Kellen!

      • BigTexas

        I just enjoy the Droid-Life Community and figured this bit of information even with taken with a grain of salt being that this is the internet, can still all pan out. Just using use common sense between the leak in Chicago yesterday subway and now this. You can draw your own conclusion that the new moto x will 5′ and look like the old moto x? I am not telling you that its going to have a 4k display snapdragon 810 with 4gb ram. I know NOTHING about the specs. I simply can confirm this is the overall shape and look of what will be the new moto x

        • Matt G

          Your my new favorite person on this message board

        • Higher_Ground

          I’m enjoying the gossip, even if it’s not remotely true. There was a ton of speculation last summer that partially panned out in a manner that wasn’t clear at first, but eventually made sense. Something to talk about at least 🙂

    • wtd2009

      sure hope they announce in july, i’d like some info soon because i plan on pulling the trigger if the g3 becomes available on verizon before substantial moto x info is released…

      • needa

        be patient. the special sauce moto uses is well worth the wait.

      • wtf?100

        Without a doubt the G3 will be available on US carriers before the 2014 Moto X is. It has been already announced, Verizon has a sign up page already. Moto X will be announced end of July and released most likely by Aug 23rd.

        • wtd2009

          yeah, i know it’ll be available before the moto x is available. i was trying to say that i was hoping some substantial info on the x+1 would leak/be announced before the g3 was physically available for purchase, so that i might have the chance to consider it as an option before buying the g3. but thanks for the info, didn’t know that was the timeline!

          • BigTexas

            The G3 is a powerhouse the 2014 Moto X will be refined beauty. It will be basically the same choice you had between the 2013 Moto X and the LG G2. If you want something that fits PERFECT in the hand, stock android with quick updates, and a snappy phone with neat features get wait for the new Moto X. If you crave bleeding edge specs and want something futureproof for a while, play games heavily, and stream or watch movies alot then the G3 is your best best most likely. But both phones will be absolutely amazing in there own light.

          • wtd2009

            yeah they are definitely very different. i love the approach moto took, and i am also a fan of their launcher because i currently own a razr maxx. i am hoping to pick something that doesn’t compromise the battery life that i am now used to, but offers some substantial upgrades in performance, screen size/quality, memory availability (dear god the memory runs out in like 2 seconds on the razr), and camera quality…all features that are subpar on the razr maxx, imo. i think the both the g3 and x hit that criteria in their own way (except for battery life on the x, which is the one thing they need to improve if i am to consider the x+1). that’s why i’m hoping some info gets released for the sake of me having some options, but i guess i won’t be too bummed if i end up with a g3 over the x.

          • BigTexas

            Yeah either way if you are choosing between the G3 and the 2014 Moto X then you honestly can not go wrong. Both devices will be their respected OEM’s flaghips for a while. Both will have great performance. I personally just love the in hand feel of the Moto X and size that is why I am going to purchase it but the G3 will always be in the back of my mind. Best thing to do is try to get both lol

      • michael arazan

        I’d prefer it in June, my GS3 sucks

    • brkshr

      Per Sarge?

      • BigTexas

        this “Sarge” character along with this “Bionic” one as well were almost wrong on about 70% of things and looked to make educated guesses and when called out simply said to “wait and see”. They are Jokes.

        • needa

          you wouldn’t happen to know the name of the next x would ya? pleeeeeease at least be able tell me they are not going to call it the x+1.

          • BigTexas

            I have no clue what they will name it? I have no idea where this moto x+1 came from? Internally they have a codename for it. and the the assembly product is called “the all new moto X” so they could name it anything. I honestly belive the moto x+1 moniker is for there moto x ALONG with the moto 360.

          • needa

            the combo deal is what i am thinking also. that is also what kellen thinks, yet he insists on calling it the x+1. the all new moto x works for me.

        • brkshr

          Fixed my post

    • morteum

      So you’re saying the screen will be 5″ and not any bigger, or was that a guess (as in it could be 5.2″)?

  • RusticKey

    I’m starting to get sick of these gold-colored devices…
    C’mon, some of them looks closer to glorified butter or deformed waffle/band-aid.

  • Godzilla


    • Kevin

      Still better looking than Samsung.

  • GJV

    X+1? I assume the +1 means this is the long-awaited (by nobody) Google+ phone!

  • needa

    i still want to believe that the verge has already shown us the next moto x without knowing it. the phones on the left side are bigger with different curves on the bottom. and the spacing of the camera, led, and dimple are different. at least… it is a more realistic possibility than the leak above.

    • Elliot Kotis

      The logos on the back are different xD

  • Joe

    I hope it’s screen is less than 5.5″ and has the same thin bezels.

  • Daniel Walsh

    Don’t know if real or not. You would expect the top and bottom bezels to be smaller.

  • patrick

    Screen size was the only thing holding me back from that MotoX, let’s hope it’s closer than we think.

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  • needa

    i sure wish you blogger types would quit calling it the x+1.

  • blahblahblah

    Bezels bezels bezels. Obviously Photoshop. Did Kellen actually LOOK at the pic before he posted it?

  • LosttsoL

    This photo smells of desperation.

  • EdubE24

    This one looks legit..got it from a solid source!!

    • XvierX

      This is obviously photo shopped. /s

      • patt

        no it’s not bro it’s real.

        • BillyBobJohnson

          bro…..bro……c’mon…..its fake….bro.

    • LosttsoL

      That bezel is sick. Take my money now!

    • Scott Capodice

      Damn those bezels…lol

    • Bob G

      Just look at how that phone contours to the curves on your hand!

    • Epic Tea

      Take My Money!

  • EdubE24

    Looks like this one is legit!!

  • NorCalGuy

    Kinda looks like a s5 with out the huge ol home button

  • Bionic_Pags

    Kellex, you’re better than that.. This doesn’t look photoshopped…it looks Microsoft-painted!

  • LiterofCola

    The hell am I looking at? Who says this is even a Motorola?

    • needa

      the way the bezels work, and the stupid pinhole mic that fills with dirt and grime.

      • michael arazan

        All my Moto’s were great for picking up dirt and dust.

        • Bob G

          Best hidden feature ever!

  • jdk2

    All that’s missing is a big ole VERIZON Logo.

  • flosserelli

    1. Tired of trolling blogs & forums all day
    2. Do a phone 3D render, photoshop the hell out of it, “just leave this here” on G+ and imply it is the X+1
    3. …
    4. Profit!

  • yummy

    Gold? Gold? I swear some of these tech bobble head ceos could step down off their chocolate mountain and talk to a few actual humans.

  • Just…. terrible name.

  • Josh

    If the Moto G can have front facing speakers and an SD card slot then the Moto X+1 should have front facing speakers and an SD card slot!

    • Big EZ

      Yes to the microSD slot, but no to huge bezels for front facing speakers. In a few years when they can add front facing speakers and keep the bezel size the same as the G2 then we can talk.

    • Kevin

      Micro SD slots are for low budget cheap phones that don’t have a lot of onboard storage.

      • BigTexas

        Correct. Google intended android OS at this point to have SD cards eliminated. But consumers have stated over and over again they care about them so what you are left with is what we have now…SD card slots on top OEM’s Smartphones but with limited capabilities. Google has stated that SD Cards are security flaws. But OEM’s need to sell products so in a consumer’s eye they will take a SD card slot phone over a NON SD card phone almost always.

        • Kevin

          When ever I have to doing something on someone’s phone like get some pictures etc, they have their crap scattered all over the place and I have to search through both storages.

  • Mikey Styles

    And So It Begins…….

  • master94

    great more gold

  • staticx57

    I am sorry but motorola has NEVER put a decent camera in one of their phones so the X+1 will NEVER be a consideration. Seriously, even the Gnex takes better photos than the X. Ill stick with my G2 for a while.

    • r0l

      As an owner of the Gnex and the Moto X I have to disagree with you, strongly.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The Moto X camera is pretty solidly average after all the tweaks in the past year. I think it was a small mis-step to put it the RGBC sensor, but I applaud them for going for it rather than playing it safe; I still feel like I get better shots in low light than most.

      That said, if the previous leaks are true that the Moto X is going with a 13MP sensor this time around, it would be intriguing. No RGBC sensors of that size have been announced, but Omnivision (who Motorola has traditionally sourced sensors from) has a very good looking sensor that recently became available: http://www.ovt.com/download_document.php?type=sensor&sensorid=120

      That sensor ticks all the right boxes, from 4Kp30 and 1080p60 (1080p does HDR and EIS as well) video to support for RAW image capture and the usual on-chip image corrections. In addition, the 1.1 micron pixels are supposedly just as sensitive as the 1.4 micron pixels in the RGBC camera, so you end up with more resolution with the same low-light capabilities. Not a bad gig, if you ask me.

      Further take into account that over the past year they have hired an entire team dedicated to optics and camera performance, I think the days of the non-competitive Motorola camera may finally draw to a close.

      • needa

        i thought the rumor was 12mp. it was the rumor that showed 5.2″ and snap 800.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Possibly. The sensor I linked is 12.8MP max @ 4224×3000. That’s not a standard aspect ratio, so they would most likely opt for the 4:3 aspect ratio crop @ 12MP (4000×3000) as the default, with the 10MP 16:9 crop (4224 x 2376) as an additional option.

          • needa

            that is not a bad piece of tech. i honestly would rather them keep the rgbc, and figure out the issues with the software. the shutter speed is insane. i have mentioned the fact that it is the only android phone capable of taking zero blur pics at talledega, but i was able to take pics of my best buds kid playing the drums the other day. i was able to share a zero blur animated thingy from g+ to him. while i was just showing off the capabilities of my phone vs his gs4, he was amazed and truly appreciated it. as far as the night capabilities, i think it is leaps and bounds better than others. when it does take a good pic… there are no bluish hues and the pic is much more lifelike.

          • MicroNix

            Night capabilities is the only thing apparently that the X is better at. Overall it scores near the bottom of the heap like other Moto phones. But lets not let emotions get in the way here. The real comparisons with photos are here: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Camera-Comparison-iPhone-5s-vs-LG-G2-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Galaxy-S4-HTC-One-Motorola-Moto-X-DROID-Ultra_id3447/page/4#29-HTC-One

      • XvierX

        Interesting. I hope you’re right.

      • MicroNix

        But then the software will take care of any good sensor that is in the phone. Sorry but the OP of this thread nailed it. Moto just can’t seem to come up with a combo that competes. Period. Lay down whatever technical specs you want as to why phone after phone their cameras are mediocre at best, but I’m going with history repeating itself like it has over and over and over again. It seems like the first update to any Moto phone has in it some “fix” to a major camera flaw that “helps” but never seems to fix it. Then come more updates but again, still never seems to perfect anything. Samsung phones have had a great camera experience long before the X and continue to be one of the top rated smart phone cameras around. Its looking like the G3 will even up that one with the laser focus. Let’s revisit this when the X + 1 comes out and see if it can even compete with models that have already been out. I’m going to predict disappointment for your camp. Again.

        • needa

          it also seems that the moto is the only one capable of picking up a decent signal. so what is your point? they are the only ones that year after year after year have radios and antennas that can pick up the best signal. other oems don’t even care to make a fix. bring whatever phone(s) you want. i will meet you there.
          in other words… anyone can find something that isnt as good as something else.

          • MicroNix

            I’ve had Moto, LG and Samsung phones and can’t say that any recent phones from any of these have dropped a call for me. I will rate Moto the top in radios but its not that everyone else isn’t getting it right either. Moto radios being that much better might have been true 4 years ago, but isn’t anymore.

            Unfortunately, Moto’s cameras year after year, flagship after flagship have either underwhelmed or had issues. When the majority of your competition is getting it right and you are not, something is wrong. Their displays were never better than the competition either. They’ve gotten better but nothing to make the X the “best” in either of those categories.

          • needa

            I guess you missed the test late last year that showed the moto x getting 30db better signal than the competition.

    • lol stop it

    • cns2007

      “even the Gnex takes better photos” You lost me right there. I own that phone, and this isn’t remotely true.

  • Jade Smith

    Here are five most expensive games to build http://bit.ly/1mcxg1O

  • Ashmedai ♔

    Looks AWFUL. Front of Moto X looks much more sleek. I’m not fond of gold phones.

    • needa

      lucky for you then that gold will be just one of the myriad number of options.

    • Cael

      it looks incredibly fake…

  • joejoe5709

    QHD resolution, at least a 13MP camera, at least 2900mAh and at least a Snapdragon 801. Anything less and I’m out. No X8 processors. No dull camera. No small battery. No 720p and I’d prefer QHD not 1080p.

    • Ashmedai ♔

      Get the G3!

      • needa

        lag fest. those with moto xes are not used to that kind of stuff. cept for when updating apps. in which case the snap 800 will easily solve that problem.

        • MicroNix

          I’m sure nonxes aren’t used to horrible cameras and displays either. Be careful what you are comparing here fanboy.

          • needa

            720p, and the best possible 720p at the point in time, is nothing but a battery saver. 312 ppi is just fine. and the camera… i would put it up against any other spartphone camera. sub 1020. take the pic. print the pic. and compare it to the actual scene. the moto x will have just as many pluses to it as the other phone. not to mention it has some serious strong points to it that no other android camera has.
            what you don’t understand is after owning a moto x… i could care less about what specs are in the latest and greatest. except of course for what is going to be in the next moto x. when i see videos of a moto x with two year old specs outperforming the latest and greatest… why would i care?

          • MicroNix

            You spin it however you want. Moto has always been behind the curve on displays and cameras after the OG Droid IMHO. When it comes to comparing the flagships, how often do you even see the X in the comparisons when it comes to screen and camera? Seriously, think about it.

          • needa

            you don’t get it. it does not matter. any shortcomings you may think it has… is more than made up for by other things. it was phone of the year… And will be phone of the year again on many sites for a reason.
            the g3 is a fine phone. But when two of the three hands on videos I watched showed lag… it will never be as good of an experience as this phone.

          • MicroNix

            Your blind love is cute but if a smooth snappy ui is all that can be claimed on the X then it’s game over. Obviously the poor sales now confirm this. Sure it’s great they made a current OS work with last year’s hardware. Whoopie. That doesn’t sell a phone unfortunately.

          • needa

            so by your logic samsung is the only phone to buy. seeing that they are the only ones that have the sales and profits. there cannot possibly be a better phone out there than a samsung.
            small mind i guess. enjoy your weekend.

    • r0l

      I would take a phone with excellent performance like the original X and not worried about the chipset. The X was as fast as any other phone one the market last year in actual real world performance. If they can do that this year with a 800 or 801, either way don’t care as long as it delivers.

      The camera of course was not as good as everyone else. Again though I’m not interested in the MP count but the quality it delivers. It could be 8 MP and I would be totally happy if it delivers good results.

      • needa

        it is faster than the gs5 also.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It won’t be QHD, so I guess you’re out of luck. I’ll take a solid 1080p panel though. Look at all the stuff that LG had to go through to have the QHD screen *supposedly* not affect battery life (actual success TBD), then apply all of that to a 1080p screen and watch your battery life soar. I’ll take a very slight reduction in screen resolution (QHD is only 1.25x FHD) for a large increase in battery life, but that’s just me I suppose.

      The rest should be true though. Definitely ~3000 mAh battery, and rumors already pointed to a 13MP camera. The X_ system will stay, as that is the backbone of their “value added” features (AD, TC, Assist), but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see an X12: 4 CPU, 4 GPU, contextual core, dedicated ISP core, dedicated audio (with support for audio tunneling) & microphone/voice DSPs. It’s a bit gimmicky yeah, but if they are putting every core to its optimal use, I don’t mind the distinction.

      • Big EZ

        I agree with everything, except QHD is much more than 1.25x’s FHD. It’s actually about 1.78x’s FHD. I understand that LG wanted to be the first, but I would have rather had 1080p on the G3. If the X+1 has a microSD slot, and is announced before the G3 comes out, then I’ll probably go with the X+1. I doubt it’ll have a MicroSD slot though, and may not even be announced by the end of June.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I was referring to vertical/horizontal resolution (2560×1440 vs. 1920×1080, which is 1.33x scaling in both directions; got that wrong the first time round >.<). The 1.77x is pixel count, aka (1.33x)^2. I usually prefer to talk resolution, as that is easier to comprehend.

          As for timing, yeah, I wouldn't expect an announcement before mid-late July. It may very well have a MicroSD slot though. Shipping with 4.4.2+, there really isn't any reason not to include an SD card anymore with the SAF in place by default. I think that's why we saw HTC and LG add them back into their designs.

    • im a huge fan of the x8…..x8 with a higher end main chip at the heart of it would give me a big ol chubby

    • wtd2009

      i’m going to guess you’re trolling, because these types of requests completely contradict what motorola was attempting to prove with regards to specs. also, x8 is a HUGE part of what allows moto to offer some completely unique software features, and one of the few things they invested in. i doubt the x8 is going aynwhere, unless they swap in a quad cpu and call it the x10.

      • NahSon

        Yeah, I am not sure why people keep chirping for bigger everything on every phone. There’s already a myriad of big phones with big everything. Why do we need more phones with big everything?

    • Big EZ

      You can bet it’ll be 1080p and not QHD. It will have an optimized X8 type processor, which will not be an 801. However it will still run better than the 801 devices due to the optimizations.

  • Nayners

    I know for a fact, that this is not the X+1.

    • blshblahblah

      Know for a fact? Either you can also tell it’s a bad Photoshop, or you’re full of crap.

  • jackgrantfw

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  • Arty McBert

    Anyone else not a big fan of this gold colored phone trend?

    • Joe

      All these gold devices are very ugly looking. What’s worse than white electronics are gold electronics.

      • Nikuliai

        rather gold than pink or purple tho

        • mike steve

          i like gold, its shows matures, what do you think ? http://tiny.cc/u5fogx

          • Nikuliai

            LMAO!,nice pic.

            I like gold, but metallic gold, not plastic yellow :B, I still prefer black tho, I find my black Moto X with ebony really sexy

        • Donovan

          Wow how insightful you are..

    • ImmaDroid

      Its getting ridiculous, it doesn’t even look good when they do it. Atleast the iPhone looked nice, but the rest are corny looking

    • Epic Tea

      Android Silver, finally something that isn’t gold. (silver retains its value longer than gold anyways)

    • koskesh

      gold all over my watch, gold all over my chains, dont believe me just watch

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Let the leaks begin!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m not sure what I’m looking at here, but whatever it is looks Epicly photoshopped.

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      it’s clear that this is NOT the REAL device,
      maybe a photoshop-mix-concept)

      Android Silver? Probably, Android Gold phone:P

      Proper (not photoshopped) alignment FTW!:D

    • Gr8Ray

      Seriously, the top of the photo looks like it has 2 different phones superimposed on it.

  • MichaelFranz

    Gimme x8 with a snapdragon 800 and we are talking

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      That’s the rumor. Though, expect it to be called the X10 (or however many other goodies they throw in).

      I was kinda hoping they’d drop in an Intel Moorefield chip, since it is projected to rival the SD805 for pure performance which would make it a bit better vs. the projected “prime” devices supposedly coming from Samsung and HTC. That said, an optimized SD800 will run circles around the SD801 as used by HTC, Samsung and LG, so that will be interesting to watch.

      All things considered, this summer may prove to be key for Motorola (and Lenovo, for that matter). They spent the last year putting all of their infrastructure in place; now it is time to deliver a product that capitalizes on that, and then market the hell out of it.

      • Big EZ

        I think each year they will add a major new option. This way they keep all their current infrastructure for manufacturing, but just add a little each year. This year it looks like they’ll add a 5.2″ screen option. Next year maybe a 5.5-5.7″ max version, a 4.3″ mini, or maybe instead of a new screen size they’ll add battery size options. This is of course if Lenovo doesn’t aquire them, or at least let’s them continue to operate the way they are in the US.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Lenovo said they like the way they are heading, so as long as MotoMaker is profitable, it will continue to expand.

          I have said before that I fully expect screen size and battery size to be the next step of customizations in MotoMaker. They are the easiest to design around software-wise. I think 4.7″ will remain the smallest though; the current Moto X is only slightly larger than an iPhone 5, so I don’t see a reason to make a smaller device personally. I could definitely see a 4.7-5.2-5.7″ trio though.

          • needa

            have you seen the iphone 6 dummy phones floating around? it is much bigger than the moto with the same screen size. mkbhd has a recent upload showing it off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVpfhoi_uOM

          • Elliot Kotis

            THE MASSIVE BEZELS! Is that 60% screen? It’s Crap, doesn’t even have good speakers to give back the bezel loss LOLOLOL

  • JonathonFlores

    I think Moto needs to give me the next iteration of the Moto X sans the name. Y’all can do better than that.

    • needa

      nobody knows if that is the name. x+1 is the only information they have… so they are running with it.

  • erikiksaz

    I as hoping they’d follow the design language of the Moto E and include front-facing speakers.

  • TheRunner024

    It looks good. I guess it’s going to have a 5 inch screen (1080p).

  • Ray

    Looks nice

  • Colton

    Me likey.

  • Garrett Sechelski

    Just me, or does the screen look very off center? Compare the top left corner of screen/bezel to the rest.

    • jonzey231

      Off center, and crooked lol

    • Cael

      Obviously created in paint.

    • michael arazan

      concept device with photoshop too, maybe?

      Maybe the device was dropped, being a handmade device for testing only it is just to test out the concept.

  • Ryan Gullett

    My thoughts on gold phones are exactly how I feel about 3D movies. I don’t like them and society can’t make me!

    In other news, I will greatly appreciate a little bit larger Moto X. 🙂 1080p?

    • I think 3D is pretty useful when done correctly. Just adding that depth really does make it look more real. I don’t care for that “make things look like they’re coming at you” crap though.

  • MrOrange645

    It looks like a 3D model rather than an actual device, in which case it could be anything.