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LG Lifeband Touch Now Available From Best Buy for $149

LG’s take on fitness trackers, the Lifeband Touch, is now available at Best Buy in two sizes for $149.99. First announced at CES in January, but then seemingly shelved for months, the Lifeband Touch does everything you would expect a modern day fitness tracker to do.

The Lifeband Touch tracks steps, distance, and speed, along with workout run time, calories, pace, climb, and activity vs. inactivity. It’s capable of showing you notifications for calls and text messages, has media playback controls, and is manipulated through its 0.9-inch OLED touch display. It does not track your heart rate, but is compatible with a number of heart rate monitors. 

From a spec standpoint, the band includes Bluetooth LE support, compatibility with LG’s fitness app, has a 3D accelerometer, water-resistant design, and a rechargeable battery that lasts 2-3 days.  The Lifeband Touch is compatible with most Android devices running Android 4.2+, unlike Samsung’s wearables (Gear Fit, Gear 2, etc.) which only work with Samsung devices.

Best Buy has both the medium and large sizes of the Lifeband Touch available.

Best Buy Links:  Lifeband Touch (medium) | Lifeband Touch (large)

lifeband touch

  • Sofia Caden

    Best Buy the nation’s largest electronics retailer store

  • Mark

    Where did you pick one up at? I went to Best Buy today and they had zero in stock listed in all of Atlanta. He looked in inventory and said the street date is June 2nd.

  • Still waiting for the Razr Nabu

    • ki11ak3nn

      Same here bro. Still haven’t heard anything about the developer units. So I’m guessing I didn’t get picked. The Nabu seems to truly be the best of both worlds. Smartwatch and Fitness tracker.

      • akellar

        They still haven’t even shipped developer units. I’m starting to think this may never see the light of day and if it does will be riddled with issues.

  • hoodieNation

    I just got the FitBit One. This looks nice, but I can’t wear any kind of watch while at work otherwise I’d have gone this route.

  • tu3218

    I purchased this Sunday, and returned it that day. With that being said, this thing was very sleek and comfortable. It did a lot of nice fitness tracking features, but what initially sold me on it was the ability to display calls and texts combined with the fitness aspect. Fitness part was great. Calls part worked great, but for texts, all it did was read out the persons name. NOT the actual text message. Which really bummed me out. The other problem I had with it was it’s not waterproof, and barely water resistant. The manual stated it could handle sweat, and if rain hit it. I really wanted it to be at least water resistant so I could use the media playback in the shower or hot tub. I guess you could say it’s water resistant but my understanding is with water resistant you can get it wet no problem, just not submerged underwater. Anyway, this device is soo close to being perfect. But a couple features that it didn’t deliver on, made me return it. If your may focus is on fitness, than it’s a great device. I just wanted both a fitness device and somewhat of a smart watch. May sound dumb for returning it for that reason knowing it’s a fitness watch first, but with all the new watches coming out soon, this had to do exactly what I wanted for $150.

    • Trevor

      That’s a great idea to use it as a media remote in the shower. There have been a million times I wanted to change tracks when in there, but have no easy way of doing that. A+

      • tu3218

        Yeah I know, but based on the manual it’s probably not recommended with this device. I was gonna pick up a Pebble since I know that’s waterproof but figured it’s worth waiting. I just know the Moto 360 and Lg G Watch aren’t going to be fitness watches(I don’t think at least), so I was so excited for this band from LG. To combine both aspects, and do the basic essentials. So I was very disappointed when it didn’t deliver what I was expecting. So close LG, so close to being perfect.

    • anon

      DO NOT TAKE IT IN THE SHOWER! Even if it is water proof or resistant shower has steam. just an FYI.

      • michael arazan

        So don’t take it in the shower means don’t go in the rain with it either

        • BostonB

          Rain doesn’t have steam, I think he is saying it may not be air tight

    • DJyoSNOW

      Great review (THANKS) (non water proof) & no sleep tracking is the deal breaker. I’m still waiting for the lifetrak R415. ($130 I had thought)

    • The Narrator
  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    How do we know if our heart rate monitors work with this thing? If mine does, I may jump on it.

  • Maxim∑

    With the LG G watch coming who would buy this?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      hmm…. Since you mentioned that got me wondering what the price for the watch would be. IF this is a buck 50. . . .I’m guessing we’re starting at $250 for the watch ($200 if I’m being hopeful) . . .

      • Maxim∑

        I’m hoping its 199$ also, since LG is competing with Samsung. But they did say its a metal body /w wireless charging in the teaser so it could be higher

    • The Narrator

      Will the G Watch have the same features?

    • I don’t think the G Watch is a fitness tracker, but more of a smartwatch. This is strictly for fitness.

      • Brandon Nicholson

        Does this have any sleep monitoring associated with it?

        • DJyoSNOW

          From CNET.com:The band does not track sleep — although it technically could, since it has the same accelerometer as other fitness bands.

          I’m personally looking for the water proof lifetrak R415. I own there current watch but no Android app yet. (my 2¢)

        • tu3218

          No it doesn’t.

    • Ryan

      Thats like saying who would buy a Galaxy Gear becuase the FitBit is out lol. Fitness tracker not a watch.

      • Maxim∑

        Why not merge a fitness tracker and a smartwatch into one?

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Because by seperating them, they can sell you two products!

        • Ryan

          I think Samsung tried with the Gear fit. but as you can tell they couldnt do it. Not sure if its Samsung or the tech needed for both. Kellen had a good review pretty much saying it is a hybrid but cant do either one fully.

        • PoisonApple31

          That’s what Samsung tried with the Gear 2/Gear 2 Neo. Gear Fit was meant to seem like it had an emphasis on fitness first. I don’t really care for the fitness stuff on the Gear 2 Neo, but the stand alone mp3 player works great w/bluetooth headphones when I don’t want to work out with the Note 3 in my pocket/on my arm.

  • The Narrator

    $149 And compatible with a lot of phones? Win for LG! It’s sexy too, lol

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