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Verizon Introduces 60, 80, and 100GB Small Business More Everything Plans

Small business owners, starting today, you now have three new MORE Everything plan options from Verizon to choose from. The plans include 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB shareable data packages, along with connectivity of up to 50 devices, “the most offered on any small business mobile plan at this time.”

These plans also include unlimited domestic and international messaging while in the US, plus unlimited voice. If you need to call Canada or Mexico, shared voice minutes can be added on for an additional charge. 

Small businesses also get the following benefits in MORE Everything plans:

  • The Mobile Hotspot feature on capable devices so teams can create Wi-Fi hotspots when needed to stay productive.
  • 25 GB of Verizon Cloud storage per device on the account. Accidents sometimes happen at work – if a device gets lost or destroyed, important files stored to the cloud can be recovered.
  • Access to corporate email using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or IBM Lotus Notes Traveler so business teams can keep their inboxes and calendars synced while mobile.
  • Connectivity to the nation’s most reliable wireless network so users can call important clients when needed and share key documents or large files quickly among coworkers.

Verizon did not announce pricing for these new plans, but once that information becomes available, this post will be updated.

Update:  A source told us that the price breakdown is as follows – 60GB for $450, 80GB for $600, and 10GB for 750.

Via:  Verizon
  • annoyed Verizon customer

    I added more data. Other than using facebook and uploading pictures to the cloud I’ve done nothing different. Then I received my Verizon bill of $330 for going over data. Really! Now im trying g to understand the purpose of having a smartphone to take pictures. Im very annoyed and cannot afford the overage fees that I’ve never had in the past and have used Verizon. For many years.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Typo in the update. Should be 100GB not 10

  • G97

    I Like Turtle!

  • patt

    10GB for 750. Well that’s a bummer 😀

  • BobButtons

    “..and 10GB for 750.” Sounds about right for Verizon.

  • Phuq Obama

    These are the business version of steal more from everyone plans

  • duke69111

    60GB for $450, 80GB for $600, and “10GB for 750.”

    Updates gone wrong.

    10GB for 750 is not a very good deal. 🙂

  • Guy Pierce

    I used 80GB in tethering last month! For FREE!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Teach me master

      • Guy Pierce

        LOL! Root and ROM.

    • michael arazan

      Your whole house must be riding your phones tether train

      • Guy Pierce

        Yes sir!

  • jimt

    The plans include 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB shareable data packages, along
    with connectivity of up to 50 devices, “the most offered on any small
    business mobile plan at this time.”

    Hello Verizon Tmo has unlimited everything and up to 6,000 lines available, What are you saying? Could it be a lie?

    • PoisonApple31

      Verizon is talking about shareable data packages – you don’t share data on T-Mobile.

      • jimt

        Why would anyone want to share a finite chunk of data at a company versus unlimited data? The statement could also read that 50 devices were the most offered by anyone.

        • PoisonApple31

          Unlimited data that is slowed down after 1 GB unless you want Unlimited 4G LTE with is an extra $30/line. T-Mobile’s coverage is awful outside the big cities, and some companies won’t even use that much data.

          • jimt

            Yes, but the statement was what it was.

          • PoisonApple31

            The point is you read what you wanted to believe, not what was really there.

          • jimt

            My point is, I can not see a company actually sharing data like that, there would be a lot of problems. If I’m wrong I’m wrong.

  • jimt

    What is the overage charge for a business that goes over their limit because some guy was watching netfiix constantly?

  • kali bred

    Woow 10gb for $750 that’s outrageous!!! o_0

    • jimt

      Not to mention 100 GB for $750

      • michael arazan

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon offered both at the same price point.

  • Eikast

    I get more data than those small businesses and I only pay $25 due to discount

  • thenew3

    I understand your pain. Fortunately for us, our company still pays VZW the same rates we’ve been paying for the past 10+ years. $24/month unlimited data for phones, tablets, or hotspots. And we get annual upgrades and 25% discount on equipment. Our verizon rep says they don’t have plans to change our rates. 10 years ago we bid it out, and VZW came back with the best rates. They also happen to have the best coverage in our area (Texas). Our employees are even able to get personal lines from VZW at the same corporate discount rate.

  • A.J.

    I guess the one advantage to all of this is that the more people they get on all of these tiered plans, the less likely they are to care about the relatively few people that still have unlimited data. Which is good for the 3 lines I have with unlimited data, because I only pay $10 a month per line for unlimited data.

  • Nick

    Keeping my $30 unlimited ’till they kick me off the network.

    • BobButtons

      Same here. And once (if) they do, it’s onto a network with wider device support, not last in android updates and (hopefully) less insane pricing.

      • Nick

        T-Mobile with an unlocked Nexus device and unlimited everything.

        • BobButtons

          Except for the state I live where they barely cover a square foot. The best network in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t work anywhere.

      • John Malin

        Once I lose it I am switching to AIO wireless with a nexus or something similar. A few co-workers have switched to it and have amazing service with them.

  • M3D1T8R

    Cool, if the 100GB plan is $30 a month, that will be close to what I have now with unlimited data for that price, of which I use between 40 and 150GB.
    For some reason I imagine Verizon will price this higher than $30.

  • Spider210

    Kellex ; update the spelling mistake! “and 10GB for 750.”

    • M3D1T8R

      Wait it must be 10GB for $7.50, right? I mean, a metered rate of $0.75 per GB would almost be reasonable.

      • Spider210


  • The Narrator

    All that pron

    • Cael

      I’m at 9.775 GB with no pr0n. Please stop hating.

      • The Narrator

        You don’t have to hide it.

  • jimt

    I’m sorry (insert name) can I have your phone back you used over your 250 KB limit for the month.

  • jdk2

    “Verizon did not announce pricing for these new plans, but…” you can bet it won’t be cheap!

    • michael arazan

      Wonder what I can get for my First Born

  • Matt G

    Yes having a company share data is a great idea. Now when you interview people for a job you will have to ask how much data they use

    • michael arazan

      I need your FaceBook, Twitter and Carrier accounts to check if you want to work here.

      Even the military doesn’t check them, and they legally own you after you sign your contract with them.

  • T4rd

    Because an Unlimited data plan would just be absurd to offer anyone willing to pay the thousands per month for a 50-line 100GB plan (that would most likely not even hit 100GBs in the first place).

    • ceejw

      If you have enough lines Verizon still offers the unlimited plan. I manage my company’s Verizon account and still can put the unlimited data plan on any line. I only have it on a few though because it’s a lot cheaper to put most of the lines on share everything plans.

      • Cael

        I also have a choice of choosing unlimited data by not selecting any of their other rip off plans. Freedom of choice, f’yeah!

      • T4rd

        While good to know, they should just advertise it for the premiums they charge. I disagree with the whole hard-capped tiered data concept in the first place though. If they were truly concerned with bandwidth, there’s this feature in the networking world called QoS, or what we know as throttling. I would much rather be throttled past a certain cap, than charged an extra $10/GB while still being able to down pull 20+Mb/s on LTE. I wouldn’t care so much about unlimited data if they just did that.

      • tomn1ce

        How much are they charging per unlimited line?

        • ceejw

          It’s usually around $65 but it depends on the voice and text plan you put on it.

          • tomn1ce

            ok, thanx

      • HoosierDaddy

        How many lines does your company have?

        • ceejw

          Somewhere around 500 in total

      • Will

        I’m sensing idea: magically start adding “employees” (aka disgruntled non-Unlimited DL readers) who simply pay-pal their monthly payment to the account manager…


        • ceejw

          Haha, if I was the CEO and not just an IT manager I would consider doing this. I’m don’t think it would even need to be as complicated as you just described. I’m pretty sure I could port a number onto our plan, add the ulminited plan and then port the number back out to a personal plan with the unlimited plan intact.

  • I like having unlimited data 🙂

    • jayray78

      I like having unlimited data

      • Cael

        I, too, also like having unlimited data.

        • The Narrator

          I like my WiFi

          • Cael

            Thats great! Make sure you take it with you everywhere so you don’t blow your cap!… oh wait..

          • The Narrator

            Never hit my car, thanks brah

          • Lee Mclaurin

            What cap.

          • Haha, someone wishes he didn’t give up his unlimited data 😛

        • tomn1ce

          I like my unlimited data as well 🙂

          • LiterofCola

            Well, what do you know…I like my unlimited data as well!

          • Jonathan Williams

            Well hot damn! I like mine, too.

          • BobButtons

            I LOVE my unlimited data..

          • TC Infantino

            I love my unlimited data as well…..

          • michael arazan

            Glad to see so many people with unlimited data still. Nice to know that if they tried to kick people off it, they would probably be hurting themselves if they do so.

      • ali jawad

        I miss unlimited data… *cries*

    • Blue Sun

      I came to this thread just to read the laughs. (Eats popcorn)

    • ImmaDroid

      I as well like having my unlimited data! Even though i think the higest ive went was 10GBs. Which would cost Alot more then my unlimited at $30

      • I just loving never having to worry about my data usage

    • patrick

      I like having my unlimited data as well. Thanks VZW for allowing me to use your loophole to upgrade my phone from D2G to S4 without losing my unlimited data plan

    • Jaxon Wright


  • TopXKiller