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Samsung Hosting “Premiere” Event on June 12, Looking Like New Tablets

This morning, Samsung invited us to a press event that will take place on June 12 in New York City. They are calling this a “PREMIERE” event that will focus on having us “Tab Into Color.” The word “tab” normally refers to tablets, so we will assume that new tablets from Samsung will be on hand in some capacity.

And that’s about all we know. The show starts at 7PM Eastern in NYC, with a live stream (here) for the world to watch along.

We will be sure to be on hand for whatever it is that Samsung has in store.

Care to take any guesses?

  • blanco112

    I’m really glad that Samsung has finally decided to jump into the tablet space.

  • stang68

    I’m holding out for an 8 inch Nexus…maybe a tablet UI overhaul in general.

  • Daistaar

    My guess: Color e-ink tabs taking on the Nook and old kindle e-readers. Probably not the most accurate guesstimation but it fills a gap. There’s already a good tablet presence so this is an area that could see entry-level improvement.

  • Averix

    Great, another batch of tablets with confusing naming conventions so no one knows which model line is better. What a marketing/branding disaster.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Didn’t they just release 3 tablets? Tab 4, Tab Pro and Note?


    SAMSUNG is so tightly connected with AMOLED that to hear that SAMSUNG IS GOING TO INTRODUCE tablets with AMOLED displays simply sounds weird.

    What displays were in Tab, Tab Pro, Pro Tab, Note Tab, Tab Note, Note Pro, Note Tab Pro, Pronote Tab and Pro Pro tablets?
    SAMSUNG=branding mess.


    • Not Amoled. The only Samsung tablet that have an Amoled Display was the 7.7 from years ago.

  • Matt G

    Samsung keeps proving people wrong! By releasing more tablets every time people think they are done

  • Detonation

    More tablets!? Didn’t the Galaxy Tab 4 just come out 2 weeks ago? And the Pro line 3 months ago?

  • Tony G.

    note 4 is all i care about at this point.

  • paul_cus

    Still no, Samsung.

  • T4rd

    Has it already been 3 months since their last tabs were released..? How time flies.. =p

    • Aooga

      Actually less than 3 months 🙂

      • Charlie R.

        The new Tab 4 line just came out on May 1. (In the US)

    • Charlie R.

      Actually two weeks. The new Tab 4 7, 8 and 10 just came out. I picked up a Tab 4 7.0 on the day they came out (May 1). Still in the return window from where I got it. This is ridiculous.

      • Joseph Morgan

        Just got my 8.4 3 weeks ago……Samsung keeps this up and the major players like Seido and Spigen will never come out with supporting products!

        • michael arazan

          Samsung should call their Tablets Infinity Series, because they keep coming and coming. Doesn’t matter if they are good or bad just keep multiplying.

      • phoneman67

        Hey I am thinking about getting a Samsung note 2014. but I think since best buy is selling them off, they maybe discontinued. Should I get one at savings of $70 off or wait. What does every one think?

  • hexoDAT64

    Just make it not lag. I am an Android guy, but with the amount I’d be spending I’d have a hard time getting a Samsung over an iPad. Say what they want about specs, but I’ve never used a Samsung tab that felt anything but slow

  • Michael swaim

    I wonder if they might be doing something with colored Lights Too? Like Android/Galaxy at home use……because if you look at the “Tab” into color…..Its also a “P” For Tap into color…. Did anyone catch that??

  • The Narrator

    Samsung recreating the LA Oil spill. I see.

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    I was hoping for word on the S5 Mini or S5 DX, my wife is going nuts waiting for it.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Gear Fit

    • 213ninja

      Samsung Galaxy Gear Note Tab Fit Neo. It’s a low spec oversized sweatproof smartwatch with a stylus.

      • BandAidDesignAlliance

        with either Tizen, Android, Chrome or Windows Phone OS options!
        +Dimpled Band-Aid design.

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      Samsung Galaxy Tab Gear Fit Prime!

  • Ray

    Over kill

  • 213ninja

    wow. haven’t they already introduced like 6 new tablets this year?

    • michael arazan

      I think it has past twenty different tablets on the market since Jan 2013

  • Jarred Sutherland

    More Samsung tablets .. exactly what everyone wants!