Deal: Refurbished Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for $334, Moto X Developer Edition (1st Gen) for $229 on eBay

Sometimes, perfectly good products just don’t sell as well as projected. In those cases, retailers most often choose discounts as their preferred means of clearing unwanted inventory. Today, eBay sellers have the GSM variant of the Motorola Moto X Developer Edition (DE) for $229 (about $50 less than the going price) and refurbished Samsung Galaxy 10.5″ Tab S tablets for $335 (usually $499). Both include free shipping. (more…)

Samsung Hosting “Premiere” Event on June 12, Looking Like New Tablets

This morning, Samsung invited us to a press event that will take place on June 12 in New York City. They are calling this a “PREMIERE” event that will focus on having us “Tab Into Color.” The word “tab” normally refers to tablets, so we will assume that new tablets from Samsung will be on hand in some capacity.

And that’s about all we know. The show starts at 7PM Eastern in NYC, with a live stream (here) for the world to watch along.

We will be sure to be on hand for whatever it is that Samsung has in store.

Care to take any guesses?

Samsung Reportedly Planning on Large AMOLED Screen for Their Next Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Even though Samsung has their Galaxy Note devices that include a tablet with a 10.1″ screen, it seems they don’t want to let their Galaxy Tab line die quite yet. SamMobile has information from their sources that says the next iteration of the Galaxy Tab is coming in the near future and that Samsung will be utilizing AMOLED displays in 7 and 10″ inch devices.

Samsung already makes the Nexus 10 tablet with one of the best displays in the market at the moment, but it looks like they don’t want to stop there. They have reportedly received lots of positive feedback on their AMOLED displays and want to work that into a larger tablet size, which up until this point has been hard to do. The rumor states that we would end up seeing this new high resolution tablet unveiled at IFA this year alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

Via: SamMobile

Three Reasons Why the Kindle Fires Should Be Considered Android Tablets [Opinion]

Ever since the original Kindle Fire was released last year there has been some controversy about whether or not to consider Amazon’s tablets to be Android tablets. While Amazon has always admitted that the products run a forked version of Android and Android apps, the Android community was quick to distance themselves from the product despite its record sales. While Amazon likes to talk about Fire apps and doesn’t talk about the version of Android running underneath the Fire interface in any of their official documentation, I believe the Kindle Fire should be considered an Android tablet.


Samsung Upgrading the Whole Galaxy Tab Line to Android 4.0 Next Month?

The second version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may have launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, but many owners of the original are still wondering where their update is. If the rumors are right, Samsung will be sending out updates to most of their old line of tablets starting next month. That includes the:

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI/ 3G

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be a bit too aged to get the bump to ICS, but it’s good to see that Samsung is committed to all these other devices. Other than all the upgrades the ICS brings, the update is said to improve battery life and overall speed of the tablet. There are no dates set in stone yet, but it sounds like it will be sooner rather than later.

Via: SamMobile

Best Buy Offering Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Bundle for $300

If you have been searching the internet for that perfect deal, then look no further. The folks over at Best Buy are selling a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 bundle, complete with keyboard dock, case, headset, and more for only $300. The 8.9 Tab is perfect for people who enjoy simplistic portability and don’t need a whole 10.1″ device for their mobile gaming and business. It’s not a bad deal, so definitely consider it if a tablet was in your purchasing future.


Cheers Bryan!

Samsung Revisiting Idea of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab


You can imagine that there were some unhappy people after hearing that Samsung was planning to leave out the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lines from its Ice Cream Sandwich update plans. Apparently there were enough that Sammie is now revisiting the idea to see if they can somehow make it happen. This is good news for the millions of folks that bought Galaxy S phones across the globe, but we’ll have to recommend that you not hold your breath, hold on for dear life, or cross any appendages as it could be a while. With TouchWiz reportedly the blame for the initial “No,” and also knowing that Gingerbread took almost a full year to rollout, it could be a while.

Via:  The Verge

Samsung: Galaxy S Series and Original Galaxy Tab Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Come on folks, you didn’t actually believe the original Galaxy S series would see Ice Cream Sandwich, did you? Whenever you put “update” and “Samsung” in the same sentence, you should know how that situation is about to go down. While I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus and the newest versions of the Galaxy Tab series, the original Galaxy S line of phones took how long to see Gingerbread? The Fascinate just received Android 2.3 on December 1…as in 3 weeks ago. The original Galaxy Tab was about a month sooner than that, but with single-core processors, TouchWiz, and a focus on the future from Sammie, you should have expected this news. Not that that makes it good or “OK” news, but just that the world’s jaw would have dropped if they had announced that they would receive ICS.

Don’t worry though, if the original DROID can see an Android 4.0 port, I’m sure these phones and tablets will as well. Go developers, go!

Via:  SammyHub, Samsung Tomorrow