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Friday App Sales: Astro Player Pro, Machinarium, MoreQuicklyPanel, and More

Another round of Friday App Sales is coming your way, and this week is full of good titles. To kick it off, a great game called Machinarium is up for grabs, down from its usual price of $4.99 to just $2.99.

Astro Player Pro, which is essentially just a key to unlock the full, ad-free version of Astro Player is available for $2.23, and in addition, MoreQuicklyPanel, which brings system toggles right to your notification bar (if you device does not already have them), is priced at only $0.99.

To check out the full list of apps currently on sale through Google Play, look below. 

Friday app sales:

Go support those devs!

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  • ordo

    I got Machinarium yesterady for the $2.99. Haven’t played it yet though. I almost bought it on Amazon’s app store a few weeks ago because it was cheaper but it looked suspicious:
    -The developer was not Amanita Design.
    -The few reviews for it talked about how it nothing shows up when you try to launch the game.
    -It was only a few MBs instead of over 200 MB.
    -The description talked about the iPad.

    Of course, that suspicious Machinarium app on on Amazon is gone now. I guess even Amazon can’t keep fake (possibly malicious) apps away from their store.