Botanicula, From Makers of Machinarium, Hits Google Play for $4.99

Fantastic, another game from the makers of Machinariumanam that I have no idea how to pronounce. The newest game, called Botanicula, has been published to Google Play for the price of $4.99.

In this title, you take control of a little group of forest-type flower creatures, navigating a world that looks quite treacherous. Using each character’s ability, you will lead this group of misfits through a gorgeous world, avoiding baddies who would love nothing more than to destroy you.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Astro Player Pro, Machinarium, MoreQuicklyPanel, and More

Another round of Friday App Sales is coming your way, and this week is full of good titles. To kick it off, a great game called Machinarium is up for grabs, down from its usual price of $4.99 to just $2.99.

Astro Player Pro, which is essentially just a key to unlock the full, ad-free version of Astro Player is available for $2.23, and in addition, MoreQuicklyPanel, which brings system toggles right to your notification bar (if you device does not already have them), is priced at only $0.99.

To check out the full list of apps currently on sale through Google Play, look below.  (more…)

Machinarium Hits Google Play Store, Offers Challenging Puzzles and Unique Style

Machinarium hit the Play Store the other day and is a fantastic little game that you might overlook, just like the game’s main character. That little guy is Josef and all he wants is to do is save his robot girlfriend from the city. You take control of this guy and solve your way through puzzles along the way. Josef can extend upwards and shrink down to get to places that he couldn’t get before to help him nab pieces to move onto the next area.

The game is quite fun and some of the levels will keep you scratching your head for a while, but never so much as to frustrate you. Machinarium won many awards as an Indie game on other platforms and it aims to do the same on Android. It’ll cost you $3.99 in the Play Store, but if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game look no further.

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