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Death of Phablet.

The “phablet” is dead. You can stop saying that word. Stop putting tablet and phone together. There is no longer a category of phones that blurs the line between phone and small tablet. They are now all just phones. Big ones. Because you told manufacturers that you wanted them to be big – all of them.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the phone industry was getting clowned on by Steve Jobs, who referred to phones like the Droid X and its 4.3-inch display as “Hummers.” How silly does that sound now, when you consider the fact that just yesterday, LG announced that it had received final approval for mass production on its latest display, which weighs in at 5.5-inches and will be featured in its next flagship phone, the G3. Keep in mind that LG released a “phablet” in 2013 with a 5.5-inch display, called the Optimus G Pro. And let’s not forget that the Samsung Galaxy S5 sports a 5.1-inch display, yet the world thought they were mad in 2011 when they introduced the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note “phablet.” 

Phones like the Moto X and its 4.7-inch display are now thought to be small. “Small” phones are also incredibly rare. So far this year, we have seen flagships from HTC and Samsung that each sport 5-inch and 5.1-inch displays. LG will put a 5.5-inch display in their next, the OnePlus One has a 5.5-inch display as well, and Sony’s Xperia Z2 rocks out with 5.2-inches of screen real estate. Again, these would have all been “phablets” 2-3 years ago. Not anymore. These are phones, flagship phones.

If you want a phone with a sub 5-inch display, you are now dipping into the “mini” category. For example, the HTC One (M8) Mini is rumored to carry a 4.5-inch display.  So is the Galaxy S5 Mini. The LG G2 Mini has a 4.7-inch display, which is the same size as the Moto X. Those are all substantially bigger than a Hummer.

So let’s get it out of the way. Forget the fact that the word “phablet” causes instant migraines when said or heard, it’s a category that no longer exists. We now only have phones and “mini” phones. The phablet era is over with, because well, big won the day.

Put it to bed, Jay-Z. D.O.P.

  • jvader2012

    or the birth of

  • BiBiBomBiBi

    I took the leap of faith and purchased the Nokia 1520 with the huge 6″ screen. Was worried before that I may not get used to the big screen size, but after using for about a month, grew the like of it and now I’m no longer into phones having 4.5″ screen size and below. My old 1020 looks so tiny now. And yes, phablet is already dead.

  • Higher_Ground

    Good news awaits, the Microphone revolution lies just over the horizon!
    But this is really just a misunderstanding. A rising tide floats all boats as they say, and since the smallest tablets are still 7″, there’s room for more phablets in the 5.5-7″ range. Of course the distinction isn’t all that great, so look for the 2014 Nexus tablet to weigh in at 8″ minimum. Our hands will adapt. 🙂

  • The screens are getting bigger but that does not mean they are phablets. It’s all about form factor. The G3 will purportedly only be marginally bigger than the G2, and this is due to decreased bezel size. The Moto X is small, it’s almost the same size as the iPhone 5, but it has a .7 inch bigger screen. But the fact that it has such tiny bezels and therefore a smaller footprint matter way more than screen size. Phablets are still a thing. G Pro 2. Galaxy Note 3. These phones are massive. It’s all about dimensions, not screen size.

  • anselmo cruz

    Honestly 5″ isn’t that big my m8 is perfectly good sized,enough so that I can use Swype with one hand and my hands aren’t that big

  • XboxOne

    Phablet always sounded retarded.

  • BRWill

    “Because you told manufacturers that you wanted them to be big” …. I’m sorry… I did not !

  • Frettfreak

    why cant we get a “mini” withOUT mini specs?? is that too much to ask?? i FN HATE this bigger is better BULLSH!T!

    • Sir Realest

      iphone 5s

  • Shawn John

    Well I hope the Nexus 6 has a 5.5 screen, I have Big hands so the screen size feels natural not to mention the productivity I would have doing mundane office tasks on my phone with a bigger screen, especially for an IT professional as myself, it feels/looks better remoting into someone’s desktop with a phone with a 5.5 screen. Just my opinion and use…

  • Tech bloggers were the only people who ever used that stupid term anyways.

  • Chris Bailey

    Oh DX – how I loved and hated thee. Made me a little misty though to see it on here.

  • JeffColorado

    A phablet is any large phone with a built in stylus. Sorry…the name still applies.

  • ratnok

    Here’s the thing. One handed use IS important. You can’t ignore that many people want a one handed phone because of the comfort level. All Google has to do is encourage developers (starting with their own) to place the action bar on the BOTTOM of the screen and you can get the best of both worlds:big, beautiful screen, and comfortable one handed use.

  • beng8686

    Stop whining. That’s why android is so awesome… You have CHOICE. If you have dinky little chick hands then you can choose to get a smaller screen. I have no problem navigating a 5.5+ with one hand so bigger screens suit me better.

  • Nah, phablet is still a thing.
    Also, that word doesn’t cause instant migraines, but “hype beast” does. Please, please stop using that phrase!

  • Colts5609

    Really hope the Nexus 6 does not follow suit. You can make the screen bigger, just don’t make the entire phone bigger. Kind of like what One+ promissed, but didn’t deliver.

  • Cory Wilson

    Yeah it’s gotten ridiculous. Honestly my nexus 5 reaching the top left corner is almost impossible one handed so I’d say 4.7 is the max you can go one handed. I really almost feel like the big phones were forced on us. Problem is other then the xperia z compact smaller phone = crappy specs. I’m really for the screen size wars to go back to hell where they came from

  • obarthelemy

    I can use my 6″ Huawei Ascend Mate one-handed mostly, and it fits in my pocket with room to spare. I’m receiving my new 7″ Huawei X1 today, hopefully that won’t be too big either.

    I spend 99% of my time on my phone using its screen. 7″ is to 4″ what 26″ is to 15″ on the desktop (actually, it’s more than that). I wouldn’t switch to a 15″ on my desk. I won’t switch to a 4-5″ phone in my hand.

  • DimitrisTsonis

    You are forgetting the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, which is a small phone but with no “mini” specs at all!
    You made reference to the mini phones (the ones with inferior specs) because this helps you prove your point, but you deliberately forgot to mention the one small phone with flagship specs.
    Are you a lawyer or something? 🙂

  • rgaray

    I’m over big phones. I use my small tablet when I need something big. When I’m out without my tablet then I want a small phone, maybe the size of the iPhone.

  • Hadi Bakhtiyarvand

    i just love my droid ultra . best size with 5″ display .
    after ultra . moto x have perfect size for a smartphone .
    but 5″ is beter for i .

  • discopunkk
  • I hate phablets from the Crush,

  • Crybaby


  • 213ninja

    i want the largest display possible that fits in one hand safely/securely during practical use…not every task mind you, just the simple tasks. if i have to switch to 2 hands to do some stuff, i’m fine with that, as long as i can unlock it, make calls and read messages with one hand. if i can securely use the device in that fashion wihout dropping it, i want it. i don’t care it that’s 6 or 6.5 inches…or bigger….and just enough bezel to prevent me from accidentally clicking stuff, however many mm that may be.

  • Sweegggg

    Moto X size muy bueno

  • Eclipse

    Guess I’m buying mini phones because I like one handed use. I don’t like these massive screens, never have. 4.3 is as large as I comfortably can go. After that I just find myself being annoyed with the device, espically since most all UI menu options are in the upper corners of the phone and nearly impossible to reach without holding the phone in some awkward almost easy to drop way.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    So what’s the note 2+3? Phones with pens?

  • Chris Beavans

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just the right size! It fits it my front and back pockets fine!

  • JeremyAn2

    Just when you thought you’d read the last “sizeist” rant from Kellex…… can’t we just go back to hypebeasting stuff on the horizon? Bring on the sure-to-be colossal Galaxy Note 4!

  • InvaderDJ

    Yep true. Right now Motorola and Sony are the only ones with a flagship of less than 5 inches, and I’m not sure the Compact counts as flagship now that the Z2 is out. I want more options for everyone so I think this is a bad thing, but personally it doesn’t matter to me. I thought a 5″+ screen was too big until I got hands on the Note 3. And a phone like the DROID RAZR M or Mini with a 4″ screen is hilariously small for me. As long as we don’t get an overall footprint as big as the HTC One MAX or that huge Lumia phone I’m fine with it.

    On another note what is that Samsung phone, third from the left in the picture? Is that the GS3?

  • verZion

    I’m switching my SIM card between a Moto X and a Note 3 and I must admit that as a phone the Moto X wins hands down. The size, Active Notifications, and “OK Google Now” are seriously hard to let go. I must admit that I’ve been a Samsung Fanboi since the S3, but the Moto X is seriously making it very hard to switch back to the Note 3. I’m 6’0″ and the Moto X just disappears in my pocket and is super easy to control with one hand, but the Note 3 takes up my entire pocket and becomes unwieldy without using two hands. Here is a picture showing the Moto X practically fits inside the Note 3’s screen.

  • I don’t mind a bigger screen, just as long as the body of the phone doesn’t get bigger (like Moto X)

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Small screens and one-handed use are going to be a huge selling point pretty soon. I hope Motorola really drives those home in their ads for the new Moto X.

  • Ben Edwards

    I hate the trend of bigger and bigger phones. 5-inch should be the absolute maximum size for a flagship phone, and then anything outside of that is a “phablet” range. Android is all about choice, and the biggest problem now is if you want a flagship you can have either huge or massive. Unless they start offering the mini ranges with actual flagship specs and not just midrange dribble, I’m not going to be buying another Android flagship for the foreseeable future.

  • Craig P

    So you’re telling me that the Note 3, Lumia 1520, and HTC One Max aren’t phabets? I believe phablets still exits, its just that they’re bigger now.

    • 213ninja

      Phablets never existed, it was a made up slang term that the market never acknowledged because there isn’t a logical reason for it to exist. What you just listed out are big phones. If it has a cellular voice radio, it’s a phone. if not, it’s a tablet. isn’t the ipod touch nothing more than a small tablet?

      • Craig P

        I’m sure you know the Note and others alike were nicknamed “phablets” by consumers because of their size compared to most phones and tablets at the time. So by phablets, large phones, big phones, whatever you call them, they exist. It’s just a label used and created by consumers. I’m not sure what point you are trying to defend.

        • 213ninja

          i’m simply stating that a nickname given by a niche of consumers is irrelevant. if you want it to matter to you, of course that’s cool, to each his/her own, but from an industry/market perspective, it never existed. i commented because you are arguing against the post that phablets still exist, and my rebuttal is that they never truly existed as anything more than slang, which doesn’t matter. and i have no other reason for doing so other than i wanted a break from studying so i came here to kill some time.

          • Craig P

            It’s all good man.

      • Higher_Ground

        I’m pretty sure it existed as a way to distinguish the Galaxy Note line from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lines. It may have never existed if Samsung had even 1 oz of creativity when it comes to naming devices. There were of course devices like the Dell Streak that were quickly placed in the same category, despite the fact that they only had one size.
        There’s still an awkward overlap between 7-8″ tablets and 10″ tablets when it comes to naming convention, hence why they all have the size in the actual name.
        You’re right about there not being a reason for them to exist, but if you create market space someone somewhere will likely buy it. I also think the surge in popularity has followed the increase in resolution – the large screens back in the day looked terrible compared to the large screens out now.

  • E A butler

    Not to mention Apple may be stepping into this arena later this year… Very tempting to jump ship or make it my side phone.

  • Blue Sun

    R.I.P. Phablet, you have a short but impressive run.

  • sdfgdf

    4-4.8 inches is perfect. Anything bigger is just unnecessary.

    • 213ninja

      that is clearly not what she said…

  • DanielMena9

    I now have a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and I cannot state how happy I am with my 4.3″ phone! YES I dropped ~ inch from the LG G2 to this and it is the best move ever.

    Equal if not better battery life to G2. I can use it with one hand. Its perfect.

  • John Clausen

    God I loved my Droid X. The screen (at the time) was so sharp, the build quality was great, it was so thin (at the time). But jesus the software was terrible. Verizon sent me 4 replacements because they were so buggy and glitchy and unusable.

    • scotch1337

      That sucks my only problem was an update bricking my droid x.

      • Boblank84

        Only? That’s a pretty big problem.

        • scotch1337

          I should add that it was warrantied. I don’t also blame the phone itself I would blame the install/software

    • GJV

      MotoBlur and Gingerbread were a pretty bad team.

  • Mudokon83

    I’ve got my Verizon S3 and its 4.8 and i think thats just big enough to get my thumb aruond but its def. a slight struggle after awhile you use both hands.

    Still trying to find a good Verizon phone 4.8ish size with micro sd card slot thats FASTER than my s3 and better.

    Sucks all the MINI’s are underpowered.

  • ravenofdoom

    There is no ideal size for a phone. Some people have bigger hands than others and care about 1-handed use, while others don’t. If we go off one-handed usage, some people can’t deal with a phone >4.6″, others can do 5.3″ fine (assuming minimal bezel). I think the issue should focus more on having the option for a top-spec phone for each, rather than gimping the smaller of the two. A bigger display doesn’t have to mean better internals.

  • Liderc

    We didn’t ask for 5.5” screens, so your argument is invalid.

    We asked for 5” with thin bezels and got them, then the companies decided to make money they had to keep making them bigger.

  • Mini_maxx_One_Ultra_Z_Plus

    looking at the picture in the post I can’t stop thinking
    HOW UGLY is that WOODEN back on Moto X and how awfully LONG is HTC M8 One.

    • Ian

      Given the device names in your user name I can safely assume one of two possible scenarios: 1) you’re trolling or 2) you have no taste.

      • Jprime

        I don’t like the wood, looks kinda lame

      • Mini_maxx_One_Ultra_Z_Plus

        please, don’t tell me that you REALLY like that uberUGLY “wooden” back (which is ABSOLUTELY TASTELESS), that extremely ugly white bezel around it and that ugly recessed USELESS element at the top.

        Names in my name are other examples of BS.
        I don’t like almost everything. )
        It’s not designs.
        It’s not premium.
        Those plastic colors and funny G/X/L/Z names are not smart and are not cool.

        • GJV

          Dude it’s an asthetic feature so it’s subjective. To each his own. Tasteless would be something gross or explicit on the back. I dont’ think the wood is that bad.

    • Ben Edwards

      Not a fan of the wood either. The One does look long in pictures (and real life, I guess) but it actually sits in your hand quite nicely. You don’t really notice the extra length while using it (since it’s pretty much only the top speaker).

  • Greg

    I want my phones bigger and my tablets smaller

  • Ant

    First its smart phones are getting way to big when the oneplus one announced a 5.5″ screen http://www.droid-life.com/2014/04/22/i-hate-todays-smartphones/ now the LG G3 has a 5.5″ screen its death of the phablets and welcome to the new size if flagship phones LMAO #MindBlown

  • joejoe5709

    Phones are getting bigger but a Note 3 is still a phablet. Same goes for the LG G Flex. I really think flagships will settle right around 5.2-5.5″ over the next 12 mos. I think “mini” phones will settle out around 4.7-4.9″ and mid-to-low range phones around 4.3-4.5″. Phablets are really anything 5.5″ and above. But the category of phablets is still very much alive. Even if the G3 comes with 5.5″, it’s not the same thing as a Note 3.

    • Zee

      What would you classify as the distinction between the G3 and the Note 3? This is a sincere question.

  • evan brown

    damn that bamboo moto x looks great

  • Michael Rodgers

    I want the build quality of the One M8, the camera of the iPhone, the customization and size of the Moto X.

  • Alan Paone

    At least now, specs are so outrageous that even ‘mini’ mid-tier phones perform pretty well. I won’t get my 720p flagship again, but one of this year’s minis will probably be good enough for me to use.

  • James_Kernicky

    This used to be one of the major talking points between android and apple in case you don’t remember. Android fanboys would always mention how small the iphone was. Now we’re getting too big?

    • Orion

      Exactly. I’ve never seen so many crybabies yapping about their sweet spot. Lol

  • Justin

    Don’t get mad at the consumer for the word “phablet.” We didn’t make it up…

  • Carelesshottie1

    I remember when I had my first Droid and the screen was only 3.7 inches. That was just fine for me and then the RAZR Maxx came out with a 4.3 inch screen and that was perfect. Now I am being forced into getting a 5.+ screen if I want a top of the line phone. Why couldn’t we just stop at 5 inches? I don’t want a tablet in my pocket! My RAZR Maxx already slips out of my pocket as it is ( damn designer jeans). So I guess it’s either the G3 or go to the dark side (the rotten apple one).

  • supremekizzle

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Good, maybe now Phablets will get even bigger! Mwahahaha.

  • Mark

    Kellex, flip those phones over and let’s see that bezel shrink. Yes, the phones are getting bigger, but a much larger proportion of them is screen.

  • Vetal

    nexus 5 seams to be the biggest i would go. I played with a friends moto x and that is the sweet spot with screen and phone size.

    • Orion

      You guys and your damn “sweet spots”. Everyone’s is different.

  • OF

    I can’t go below 4.8″ after owning an S3. My next phone will have 5.5″! Bring em on! If only to piss off the complainers even more!

  • morteum

    Kellen seems so angsty in these posts.

  • Droid Ronin
  • ShockWave

    As for me the mobility of the phone is what matters, if it is pocket friendly then I am cool with it, that’s why I don’t own any of the Note series although I love them.
    If you can fit a 5.5″ screen phone in my pocket perfectly then I am more than satisfied with it, but don’t try to do that with a heavy big phone, anyway they are touching the thin line between the tablets and phones, and even after 10 years they can’t just simply put a 10″ tablet in our pockets unless they invest more in bendable screens and phones, time can only tell these things anyway.

  • JSo

    Man, reading the comments here, I think a lot of people are like this…


  • paul_cus

    The word phablet has always been dead to me.

  • BoFiS

    Ugh, even the Nexus 5 is TOO BIG for me, so basically zero phones right now are remotely the right size to hold in my hands and use one-handed…cept the Moto X, so I’m looking forward to hearing about the Moto X+1 at least, or maybe the G3 mini or M8 Mini if those ever exist and come to Verizon. I’m not sure why EVERY PHONE IS SO STUPIDLY HUGE, but my hands and pockets have not gotten larger and I’d really love a compact, 4.3″, 720p phone more than anything else.

    • Orion

      Maybe you should stop stupidly using one hand. You have two you know. Train yourself…its not that hard.

    • JSo

      The HTC One mini and the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact both have 4.3 inch screens.

  • James Walker

    Who cares!!

  • Steven Petrillo

    I love the size of my Nexus 5 and that is right on the edge of single hand use. I had OGP and it was just too big and too heavy. I really want to try the OnePlueOne but again too big.

  • gardobus

    There is a decent amount of big-screen hate going on in these comments. Personally, I love my Note 3 and don’t plan on getting a smaller screen again.

    • Orion

      I just laugh at them and their tiny screens.

  • Mark J. Skuba

    I just jumped from Droid 4 to Note 3, so the whole phablet screen size is new to me and its wonderful. I even gave my note a name… Phabulous. That’s what it is! Its the best large phone/mini tablets I’ve ever used and that makes it fabulous. 5 inch screens are the sweetspot. 6-7 is definitely more for the label of tablet. So the Note 3 is the best of both worlds coming together. I don’t mind the term phablet.

  • 18footJ

    I can see it now, OP will write an article in September praising the 4.7″ iPhone and say how that’s the perfect size.

  • Did you make sure to let BGR know? They love to say phablet!

  • trwb

    I want a phone that is 4.3-4.5 with decent specs. Anyone know if this exists?

    • Simon Belmont

      Hmm. Sony Xperia Z Compact?

      One of the first smaller phones to have really good specifications. I wish others would follow.

      • trwb

        Looks pretty good. Does it work on at&t?

        • Simon Belmont

          I would think an unlocked one would. You’d have to look into that, though.

          The 3G bands probably most definitely are supported. But, LTE, I’m not so sure.

          • trwb

            Thanks. I’ll look into it. My Nexus 5 is just too big. Need a smaller phone.

  • archercc

    I hope there is eventually springback from this as more and more people get tablets for media consumption. I have a tablet so I dont really have a desire for a massive screen on my phone. I love my N4 but even it could be a little thinner, I don’t desire to go any bigger. The only way a 5.5″ would be one-handable for me is if they eliminated the bezels.

    • Orion

      Its a great thing you don’t speak for the people.

      • archercc

        Its great that my desire for choice offended you enough to comment.

  • Gr8Ray

    Small phones are rare? How many millions of iPhones are out there again?

  • Ryanmax

    There simply needs to be something for everyone. This era isn’t any more for PABLETS devices, this is the era of SMARTPHONES.. http://goo.gl/JkwtyN

  • biggerisbetter

    I like where the market is now. I was tired of small ass screens. I use my phone so it’s ideal to be able to do stuff like remote desktop, or pen test with on a screen you can work with. I think the fits you’re throwing about “too big” make you look like a sissy boy upset because he doesn’t get to make the rules. If you want small, get the mini version and move on. The same goes for those who are whining about 2k. If you want innovation to stop, go buy an apple, otherwise close your face hole. You sound like my grandparent bitching about technology going to fast. I wish it went faster.

  • John

    Let’s call it Tabphone from now on. At the end of the day, people use these as tablets first, phones second. People use these things for media and content consumption. Can anyone imagine how sad it would be to watch videos or read a book or going online or playing a game that requires two hands anyway on a “Voice Capable Ipod” or even the Moto X? Sure its nice to be able to swipe the notification bar or make a call or text with one hand, if that’s all you plan on doing with your SMARTPHONE.
    Anyways yea let’s call it a Tabphone. Problem solved.

    • PoisonApple31

      Double post…nice

  • zapote21

    Ahhh another “I hate big phones” article… Ugh…. Got it. You hate big phones… Some of us love them..

    • It’s actually not that at all…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Go read the FA

    • JSo

      I think he was trying to make the point that the TERM “phablet” is dead due to the giant phones being the norm now. I dont think it had to do with a hatred of big phones.

  • RoninX

    5.5″ is the new 5″, so I’m looking forward to all future flagships being at least 5.5″. In a year or two, 5″ phones will be considered “mini” phones.

    After being on the losing side of the physical-vs-virtual keyboard war, I’m glad to at least be on the winning side of the large-vs-small war.

  • Rolando Chapa

    damn man
    just quiet down about it
    We get it you don’t like big phones



    • sirmeili

      damn man
      just quiet down about it
      We get it you don’t like to read the articles



      (this comment is merely in jest 🙂 )

    • HaveSomeVodka

      He can write his opinion, because the last time I checked, it’s his website…
      You don’t have to read his opinions if you don’t want to.



      • Rolando Chapa

        Hahahaha nice
        I love droid life check it daily
        But It gets tedious to keep seeing articles about larger phones.
        I get his gripe against them tho

  • John

    Let’s call it Tabphone from now on. At the end of the day, people use these as tablets first, phones second. People use these things for media and content consumption. Can anyone imagine how sad it would be to watch videos or read a book or going online or playing a game that requires two hands anyway on a “Voice Capable Ipod” or even the Moto X? Sure its nice to be able to swipe the notification bar or make a call or text with one hand, if that’s all you plan on doing with your SMARTPHONE.
    Anyways yea let’s call it a Tabphone. Problem solved.

  • Anything bigger than the Nexus5 is just overdoing it and I will not purchase.

    • Arthur Dent


  • MikeSaver

    Im just waiting for the 7 inch phone, then I might take the plunge though

  • DiamondDriller

    Sorry, but “phone” is also the wrong name for those devices. “Phone” is just an App installed on my Oppo N1 which I hardly use. Portable- or mobile-computer would be closer.

    • MikeSaver


  • Ajmobileguru

    To LG’s credit they have made the bezel next to non-existent and as a result the phone will not be as big as a Note 2 which was 5.5 inches with decent sized bezels. Definitely not like the 2011 phones.

    • MikeSaver


  • Joshua Polivka

    This is your second post in less than a month bitching about big phones, lol for someone who doesnt like big things….you sure are being a pretty big baby!

    • MikeSaver


    • sirmeili

      Did you read the article?

      • Joshua Polivka

        Yes I did though he did not make any direct cracks at large phones I think it is now pretty well known he hates them…This post was a little more passive than direct but the end result is still the same!

        • sirmeili

          I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. The only thing I saw this article talk about is the death of the term “phablet” as a large percentage of phones are now “big” and the manufacturers have moved to using “mini” to describe smaller devices.

          I also was unaware of Kellen’s hate for large screen phones (I don’t read 100% of all the articles on Droid-Life).

          edit: I suppose we take away what we want to take away from what we read.

          • Joshua Polivka

            That’s why I said passively bitching …The term phablet doesn’t go away because standards have changed…say McDonald’s changed their cup sizes doesn’t matter if a medium cup changed from 30 oz to 35 oz…The smaller cup is still the small (or in the case of a phone a “mini”)

          • Zee

            You disproved your own point. If the term “phablet” is being used to describe what the term “phone” is, then the word phablet is no longer needed. If the medium cup size changes from 30 to 35 oz, and the size of the large cup is 35 oz, you would not use both terms to describe what size you wanted. You would pick one. Similarly, if the phablet and phone are roughly the same thing, you discard one of the terms in favor of the other. The only way the word keeps relevance is if phablets grow larger too (the way the cup size large would). In other words, phablets can be used to describe larger devices than what the standard phone is. But, until those become more widespread, the term is basically useless.

          • Joshua Polivka

            I was under the impression that people weren’t morons and inferred that when the medium size changed the small and the large did as well… also, we haven’t really reached the size of tablets completely with phones so it’s still inbetween…also one could argue that the term phablet was not hinting at a size between but the combination of a tablet with the capabilities of oh I dunno a phone…And to those saying he’s not negatively talking about the large size of todays smart phones, I swear I keep typing passively but you must not be reading it or maybe you don’t understand that word….also I feel like most of you contesting this have not read… http://www.droid-life.com/2014/04/22/i-hate-todays-smartphones/

          • Zee

            You miss the point again. The difference between a phablet and a tablet is irrelevant. I said that phones and phablets are, currently, the same thing. As the article points out. What we once called a phablet is now a phone. I didn’t said anything about tablets. The difference between a phone and a phablet is size. Since the size distinction is no longer relevant, the terminology isn’t either. Your example only works if both sizes change. Sure. But that isn’t what has happened. As the size of the phone has increased the size of what people call phablets has not. Your example isn’t applicable the way you want to apply it. I tried to make it relevant. If you’d rather just point out that it isn’t a great example to use, that’s fine too. As has been pointed out, people use phablet or phone to distinguish between various devices of similar size. It is being misused. You are correct that if there is a 6 or 7 – 100″ device that comes out it could still be called a phablet (assuming there is a 100″ tablet and phones don’t reach the 6 or 7 inch size commonly), but that isn’t what is being discussed. What is being discussed is the use of the term phablet in its current form.

            I have read that article. It has nothing to do with this one. Again, you are reading in your own bias. You know he dislikes big phones, so you read that he is bashing them in this article. He isn’t. They are two different articles. Two different points are being made. Unrelated. Where is the passive bashing in the article? Can you quote it to me? Because, otherwise, again, you are simply reading in your own world view.

          • JSo

            Ok, if the medium sized phones became the small/mini phones, and the large phones moved into what was “phablet” territory, then do all we have is mini and phablet? In the past, we had the mini phones, the “normal sized” phones and the “phablet”. Small, medium and large. So whats the point of keeping the term phablet now? That’s the only point this article is making. That and the term is stupid.

          • Joshua Polivka

            “They are now all just phones. Big ones. Because you told manufacturers that you wanted them to be big – all of them”

    • HaveSomeVodka

      He’s not bitching about big phones, he’s just trying to explain the word “phablet” doesn’t need to be thrown around anymore. Because let’s face it, the word phablet is annoying.

      • Joshua Polivka

        Lol thanks for further proving my point… The word phablet doesn’t need to be thrown around anymore because almost all phones are large now = passive bitching about how all phones are big now!

        • Zee

          You’re equating two unrelated things. He never said it was bad that many phones are now the size of what we once called phablets. His point is simply just that the word is no longer useful to our vocabulary. Not that because it is not useful these devices are bad. You are reading your own bias into the article. If anything, he is making fun of our once held belief of what large phones were. But that is not bashing. It is more like saying “Hey, remember when a 50 inch TV was a big screen?” Now we have much larger screens with much better specs than the previous models. It isn’t bashing the larger screens. Just pointing out that our standards have changed.

  • shmigga

    Just goes to show you how dumb Steve Jobs was.

    • KojiroAK

      You know, the funny part is, what made the iPhone better to handle with fingers than other phones which had stylus, that it had a big screen for its time.

      Most phone of its time had at biggest like 2.8″.

      I think Jobs “flamed” that much against bigger phones, because iOS isn’t that much capable in adapting to different screen properties.

      So, they made a big screen and people liked it and soon after there came bigger screens but probably Jobs new, they wouldn’t be able to play this game. So he just went on on telling everyone they don’t want it.

  • Jordan Dewey

    Am I the only one that finds it funny that any of these are still called “phones”? Sure they make calls, but being a handheld computer makes way more sense to me. Maybe “HC’s” from now on?

    • Bigwavedave25

      Hmm, “H”andheld “T”elephonic “C”omputers perhaps? New strategy…

  • LisaPNevarez

    Give the consumer choice. Not everyone loves small phones. And not every one loves large phones. I’m more of an in between. I think my G2 is the perfect size. There just needs to be something for everyone. http://num.to/4788-7890-5061

  • Bionicman

    i dont call my note 3 a phablet – i call it a big ass phone. but it would be hard to go back to a smaller phone. i think 4.7 to 5.1 is the sweet spot. i also think you could make these larger phones smaller by using less bezel.

  • LisaPNevarez

    Give the consumer choice. Not everyone loves small phones. And not every one loves large phones. I’m more of an in between. I think my G2 is the perfect size. There just needs to be something for everyone. http://num.to/4662*5628*8258

  • Orion


  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    I have to respectfully disagree *from this point forward*

    I had the Note II, I loved the stylus, I ended up using that to use swype on my keyboard and damn was that fast.

    Somehow, I convinced my phone addicted self, that it was too big. For the next year I regretted it.

    Love my N5, but i’d love to have another larger phone…

  • Nick

    The problem isn’t flagships being 5″+, it’s that manufacturers equate “mini” to “low end”. I’ll sacrifice 1080p any day for a phone that is comfortable to use one handed

  • sr_erick

    I really enjoyed my Galaxy Note 2 a lot, size and all, but it got annoying for me being a very active person (jogging, biking, gym, etc). It was heavy, hard to use in one hand, and frustrating at times, but I loved it. I bought a Moto X last fall and the size difference was astounding. I was thinking “how the hell am I going to go back to such a small phone?” It all worked out though, and I love the smaller size, and it is going to be hard to decide on a next phone given I am now used to one handed use, and a screen I can actually reach all the way across. I don’t have small hands, but they aren’t huge either. They have had to have crossed the threshold by now I would think, where larger isn’t going to be an option.

    • jim

      you never use the one hand feature on your Note ? or does the Note 2 have that ?

      • sr_erick

        I never had that feature when I had the phone. It may have been added since then. That only solves half the problem though. The sheer size and weight gets in the way. It bogs down gym shorts, is more difficult to pull out of a pocket, etc.

        • jim

          well I can see that with gym shorts , but when wearing them I don’t carry any phone

    • maxx1987

      let’s hope moto sticks to their philosophy of the ideal phone size for the hand rather than the eyes.

  • Am79

    And another thing as I concede… I guess Android will now need to do something about the notification bar being on the top of the screen.

    • sr_erick

      Nova launcher really solved this for me with the ability to assign gestures. Swipe down on the home screen and the notification shade comes flying down. It really helps, especially on large displays.

  • Guy Pierce

    The only Phablet: The Note2 and Note3!

  • jim

    hey like they said,,,, size matters

  • Cael

    It doesn’t really matter. Eventually phones will get smaller again. It’s a cycle. Then eventually we won’t have phones because they will implant chips in our brain that will make calls.

  • JSo

    A Droid X2 in the picture. Memories. Although it could be the first X but still…

  • I had the Droid X and have wanted bigger phones ever since. The S4 was kinda a problem for me coming from the Note because it was so small.

  • schlanz

    phablets still exist, just not really in the US. there are 7 and 8 inchers out there in the world.

  • maxx1987

    totally agree. i don’t think it’s all the fault of the consumer (though i would agree, we have been integral). i think it’s also the fact that while “mini” phones exist, they just cut down their specs so hard that there is no way i would pursue them. not only that, but they’re extremely inaccessible. thet already have lower specs, but then when they come out 6 months after the original flagship this contrast is even more stark. so i buy the bigger screen phone with the most relevant hardware and software support. perhaps phone companies perceive this as “people think bigger is better” and that just keeps perpetuating. really wish we could keep calling the big phones phablets, but sadly they’re all just big phones now.

  • Chris King

    For me go big or go home. I think android is all about the big beautiful screens and I guess it is to most other people also

  • ROR1997

    Kellex doesn’t like the word “Phablet”?

    *Starts Phablet chant*

  • JPfingsten

    Phablet. You are wrong.

  • Alain Lafond

    Yes, lets use now, lap-phones… Because thats what they are… I firmly believe that my next computer will be my phone…

  • Am79

    Well then the “mini” versions need to come with the exact same internals!

    • maxx1987

      the only thing i can think of is the droid mini, and even that one made a big mistake by using an lcd over oled. who’s bright idea was that after they tried so hard to sell “active display notifications”

    • Matthew Merrick

      If that happened they would have a 2 hour baftery

  • Kellen your my hero….i dont even need to read the article…this +10000000000000000

  • the_dark_side

    Steve who?

  • Mordecaidrake

    I think my S4 is the perfect size. Over 5″ is insanity.

  • jim

    after 5 months with this Note 3 , Im not sure I could be satisfied with a smaller phone, cant really tell the difference between my Note and the wifes S3 in my pocket

    • flosserelli

      No one believes that.

      • jim

        note enough difference to worry about, feels fine in the pocket

      • BillySuede

        as a fellow note 3 owner, i believe it and back him up. it fits fine in my pocket. tight and loose fit alike.

        • flosserelli

          Having owned a S3 and a Note 3, I call bullshiat on them feeling the same in a pocket.

          • BillySuede

            according to you, maybe but my point stands.

  • flosserelli

    Alternate title:
    Kellen Nerd Rage, Part II

  • I can’t wait til “phones” get to Z Ultra size (6.4″) /s

  • BTLS

    The G2 is jussst big enough for me… I can still perform most operations with only one hand, and surprisingly it doesn’t feel all that much bigger than my Gnex. I don’t want to have to use 2 hands in order to do anything at all, so as long as the bezels keep shrinking to feel as small as the last phone, then I’m OK with the bigger screens.

  • Drew

    Hated the word ‘phablet’ from jump…

  • Marko Šaric

    I managed to type this comment on my puny effeminate 4.7 inch screen using stock Google keyboard.

  • tu3218

    Right there in the middle. Best of both worlds, the one and only Moto X.

    • Scott

      I agree. I have one and I love it.

  • Scott

    I loved the Nexus S.

  • br_hermon

    Yeah and the thing that sucks is if you want a smaller phone aka “mini” you’re also going to suffer with lowered specs :/

  • mark

    I’m going to keep using phablet because I’m a troll. It’s funny seeing people get their panties in a bunch when you call their phone a phablet. Of course, their response is the usual questioning of your manhood as if your phone has any meaning beyond, well, a phone.

  • moew

    How much does 5.5 inches weigh? How much kellen?

  • Tyrone Biggums

    It’s an end of an era. Get over it.

  • dannyWHITE

    Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…

  • The bigger the better. What girl would disagree.

  • miri

    I wouldn’t have a problem with these massive phones if they did a better job of justifying their size, but outside of (and to a degree, including) the Galaxy Note line, the attempts are pretty poorly executed and the phones are just unwieldy.

    • jim

      so what do they have to do to ” justify it ” lol oh my god my phone might not be justified lol

  • Joe

    More like the death of “regular size”.

  • wolfedude88

    I think the only person that needs to put it to bed is Kellex, all he does when a new phone comes out is complain how big it is. I understand he hates big phones, and I agree to an extent.

    The thing is, we get it. The majority of people chose to go to a bigger phone, move on.

    • Didn’t say anything about hating big phones, I just want people to stop saying the most infuriating word on Earth, “phablet.” 😛

      • Joe Butler

        Uh…what? Want me to post the link to the other article?

        • Joe, my man, I saw your comment below as well. Your love for big phones has been made clear, but if you read this article, this article only, it has nothing to do with any hate towards those big phones that you love so much. This article has nothing to do with my previous rant about big phones.

          It’s OK that you love big phones. This article isn’t telling you not to. The entire point of this particular article, again, just this article, is to stop using the word “phablet” because all phones are big now. That’s it. That’s all that is being said.

          • Publish an article about the potential death of the Nexus program, no one bat’s an eye. Write an opinion piece about dropping the word “phablet”, and everyone want’s to play thermal nuclear war. This is a stupid amount of heat you’re taking for something so trivial.

          • ^^

        • aye_winchell

          I don’t think he was hating on big phones as much as he was saying he would like the mini lines to not be watered down. Most of the mini lines have like 720 screen and dual core proceesors and less ram. I get that some things you cant get, like a quad hd display in the g3 mini, but there is no reason it could be 1080p on a 4.9 in screen (or whatever, with the same non-existent bezels) with a quad core processor and the same amount of ram.

          He wants smaller versions of the flagships, not cheaper versions. I think, i’m sure he’ll correct me if i’m wrong.

          • Joe Butler

            Well yeah, I agree with that, smaller versions of flagships should still pack flagship specs. I just think there should be a certain level of professionalism on a tech news site, whereas articles like this belong on a Tumblr page.

          • cns2007

            How’s it unprofessional? Because he disagrees with your views? It’s an opinion piece. All major sites have them.

          • Joe Butler

            Phandroid and AA right opinion pieces, this is a fanboy nerd rage.

          • Zee


          • geedee82

            While technically this is an opinion piece, there is very little opinion in it. Practically every single sentence in the article is a FACTUAL STATEMENT. Maybe you should try reading it again.

            LOL “fanboy nerd rage”

          • calculatorwatch

            It’s totally “fanboy nerd rage” (which belongs on a t-shirt btw), but that’s what sets DL apart from those other blogs. It’s like their unflinching dedication to stock Android and Kellen’s weird passion for bottom headphone jacks (which I totally agree with). It’s a site for those of us that don’t mind bitching about every little thing that bothers us because we want the perfect phone.

          • aye_winchell

            Judging from the discussion is seems this article is right where it belongs, and since its kellens site he can splash de pot…whenever…he …likes. Also hes not wrong, what used to be phablets are now just phones, most have 5+ inch screen which is what phablets were back a couple of years ago, its just over used, the g2 isn’t a phablet yet people still call it one, despite the fact that i can comfortably use it with my average sized (maybe even a little below average) hands.

            Actually i think its you that belongs on the tumblr pages. Your analysis and reading comprehension are not quite at the level that we like to have here in the droid life comments section.

          • geedee82

            A well written opinion piece regarding the trends of modern mobile technology doesn’t belong on a tech blog??!?! The fock out of here troll…

      • wolfedude88

        Ok I can agree with that part

      • AndroidUser00110001


        If you ever have a kid I think you should name him/her Phablet 😉

        • I have one, phablet was not in the running. 😛

      • Michael Quinlan

        I disagree. I think “daily driver” wins the most infuriating category easily.

        • JSo

          I hate that term too

      • Maranello Santiago

        Its in the dictionary now.

  • ROR1997


  • jim

    I wanted the top of the line specs so I went for the Note 3, thought I might have a hard time getting used to the size , but in just a few days it felt normal to me, its big and I love it , now others phones look so small and an IPhone just looks like a toy

  • Joe Butler

    Just shut up already. These kinds of articles are embarrassing to your website.

    • zachos

      Your comments are embarrassing to their website.

    • JBartcaps

      These kind of comments are an embarrassment to your intellect

  • Tony Byatt
  • Thomas

    I don’t know what term is more annoying…phablet or daily driver 😉

    • Phablet, but not by much.

    • jak_341

      A phablet is my daily driver. So Fackwars on that.

      Neener Neener. 🙂

      • J. Gilbertson

        STAHP!!! First, it’s Fackwors. Second, the joke is dead. D.E.A.D. It’s as dead as the term “phablet”

    • Big EZ

      I have been saying “daily driver” for about 13 years. That came from the fact that I had multiple vehicles; project trucks, and of course my daily driver. I don’t find the phrase annoying, but using it to refer to a phone is.

    • JSo

      Daily driver is a dumb term. I don’t drive my phone.


  • HurrrDerrrr

    Aww, poor baby Kellex is mad that the majority if people prefer 5″+ phones.

    • I really just want people to stop saying “phablet.” 😛

      • MichaelFranz

        my co-worker doesnt even call his Note 2 a phone. He makes sure to correct people and call it a Phablet….make me want to throw a monitor at him….

        • Next time, go ahead and throw that monitor.

          • MichaelFranz

            i have an arsenal of random misc crap to throw…..whats worst is he makes the already big note 2 bigger by having the worlds biggest kick stand case on it.

          • moew

            There are cases for Larger Phablets.

    • pappy53

      And you know that the “majority” prefer 5″+ phones, how? Proof?

      • CoreRooted

        HAte to say it, but that’s easy… Sales figures. Particularly for the Sammy devices. Note 1/2/3 + S4/S5 have had outstanding sales and have outsold most of the smaller devices. It may not be due to JUST screen size, but the fact remains that larger devices are selling better than smaller ones.

  • Pete Arado

    Wouldn’t want anything bigger than my Nexus 5. If I can’t comfortably use it with one hand, I’m not interested.

    • One handed use is key.

      • The Narrator

        I one hand my G2 all day.

        • Gross.

          • The Narrator

            And your girlfriend. If that makes you feel any better.

          • Bangin7GramRocks

            Are you Tim242 reincarnated? Or were you envious of his d0uche crown and are now taking a run at the throne?

          • HarvesterX

            I noticed it’s been eerily quiet in the forums last few times I’ve read up. I had almost forgotten that make too damnit…

        • Shiori


        • Frettfreak

          yeah.. agree.. G2 is amazing… to bad they are going to f it all up with the g3

      • DiamondDriller

        no, its not. I’ve the Oppo N1 with a 5.9″ Screen. To big for one hand usage. But still the perfect size for MY usecase.

        We should stop calling those devices “phones” anyway. They’re mobile computers. Phone is just one of many apps installed.

        • BillySuede


        • Brandon

          I feel they’ll always be “phones” (even though we barely use them as that anymore) because that’s what they were born out of.

        • Nikuliai

          Almost everything you own is a mobile computer… those are SmartPhones

        • Don

          Sounds like you and Newt Gingrich have a lot in common: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmKVRVX4q-k

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        One handed uses is overrated

        • HitokiriX

          I actually prefer two hands at all times

          • Nexoduss

            it’s either go big or go hitokirix

          • Higher_Ground

            wait ’till you try three handed 🙂

        • Nikuliai

          In my case it’s only a matter of me doing more than one thing at once, I’m answering whatsapp with (one hand) swipe while using the computer, sometimes I don’t even make sense because I’m not even looking at my phone while I type (and prediction messes up if you don’t touch the initial right key you wanted). At least to me, 5”+ is overrated (on smartphones obviously)

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        I don’t ever use a phone with one hand, so for me the key is ‘does it fit in my pocket’ ? If you wear MC Hammer pants, you could probably get by with 5.5″ or bigger. But for me, even my Nexus 4 is pushing it.

        • Brandon

          You must have some tiny pockets!

        • Brian Trahan

          Dude I put my nexus 7 with a leather case in my pocket and I wear regular pants. It isn’t like I have the old school brand that had pockets to the knees. Face it skinny jeans just don’t look good on you and limit your choice on phones. 😉

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            LOL, does it ‘fit’ like this?


            I don’t exactly want to feel the f**king thing every time I sit down.

          • calculatorwatch

            That video is gold with unintended innuendo.

        • jim

          you must wear skinny jeans, my Note 3 fits in my pocket with no problem

        • Samuel Martinez

          I’m sorry but unless you are wearing skinny jeans or tights that’s not the case. I have a note 3 am barely 5,6″ and wear semi fitted slacks and rarely have an issue with my phone.

          • Nikuliai

            I have some jeans (not skinny at all, and gifts) that have small pockets, it depends on the brand and the style you use, the fact you imply the only way you got small pockets is with skinny jeans it’s a lie, cuz I have 2 pairs of those things on my closet (which I never use, they are pretty uncomfortable while sitting) and those have bigger pocket than some of my normal jeans.

            Stop pushing the tight jeans or the girly hands thing guys… it’s simply a matter of choice, and the fact you’re making such a big deal about it’s just as stupid as making the same case about people that use blue clothes (yup, no sense either)

          • Frettfreak

            slacks usually have large lose pockets.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            You said you rarely have an issue with your phone, which means sometimes you do. Hence it’s too big 😛

      • Brandon

        At first I thought that too since the note 3 was my first 5″+ phone and the S4 was about the limit for my hands but I wanted something bigger, plus I use landscape mode all the time. Pie gestures and shrunken keyboards help greatly.

    • Jprime

      That’s the size I’d line to see more phones in (cough…moto x)

    • niuguy

      Its not so much about being able to one hand it for me. At some point (I’d say over 5″) they just become cumbersome. Tight in the pocket, a bit heavy, a bit awkward. 5″ is my personal sweet spot. Thats what she said.

    • Keith G

      It’s also about convenience of portability. I can slip the moto X in my pocket and it fits in front, back or chest pocket. When the bezels were big, we wanted big phones so we would have more screen. Now that the bezels have shrunk and resolution has become denser, the screen has become more usable at the sub-5″ size.

      I don’t need to whip out a big phone to prove how cool I am. I just want one that works for the things I do.

      • MH

        Note 3 fits comfortably in any/all pockets on the clothing I own. So does the Moto X. What’s your point.

        • Nikuliai

          my point would be that the Note 3 doesn’t fit comfortably in ALL the pockets I own, don’t really care about your pockets, I have some clothes with small pockets, and it’s a pain in the ass if I have to carry my phone in my back.

    • JSo

      The Nexus 5 has been a good size for me. Coming from a Galaxy nexus, which is 4.65 inches, it wasn’t a drastic change or anything.

      • grumpyfuzz

        I hope the next Nexus or whatever phone from Google comes out with is this screen size.

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          I’m hoping they make a gpe version of this phone

    • Rexton
      • ravenofdoom

        In aamerica… you pay androids for root

    • Cowboydroid

      I said the same thing about the Droid X.

      Now I have a Nexus 5.

    • MJ

      I have been saying how phones need to be bigger for years but now they have become to big… My Nexus 5 is a good size and can seeing going up to a 5″/5.2″ display as I have big hands but anything bigger is not “phone” size.

  • MichaelFranz

    im still waiting for batteyrtechnology to get better and not sticking 3500mah battery to make it last 2 days, but yet battery technology that charges form dead – full in a short time but then will drain slowly and doesnt take a big of a hit and gives you 10 hours screen on time etc etc.

    i’d also be curious to see solar charging built into phones somehow where the phone charges slightly using solar energy which help elongates the normal battery life

    …wishful thinking

  • ki11ak3nn

    I just don’t understand why can’t we just have 3 categories of phones. Mini/Compact= sub 4.5 inches. Regular= 4.7-5.2 inches. And Jumbo= 5.5 inches+. That’s it. Give the consumer choice. Not everyone loves small phones. And not every one loves large phones. I’m more of an in between. I think my G2 is the perfect size. There just needs to be something for everyone.

    • BillySuede

      you are getting choice. you get the mini versions of the s5, the m8, etc…

      • Ming Wei Hsu

        with generally lower specs and a 720p screen.

        • BillySuede

          like i said before, that’s what is going to happen. the compact sizes with compact specs. it’s not a new business model. happens all the time.

      • ki11ak3nn

        I don’t want the minis. I want the regular 5 in phones. The flagships. And I dont want a jumbo phone. Just a 5-5.2 inch phone with minimal bezel. That’s it.

  • Mudokon83

    Yeah I’d love to have a phone right around the size of my GNEX or S3, that seems like a great size and totally fine with it. But those are all going away….

  • wollac11

    They’re still phablets once they go past about 5″ in my eyes. I want flagship phones in the 4.5-5″ range not the 5.2-6″ range!

  • NAM37

    The MotoX is the perfect size…

    • Yep.

    • sirmeili

      I agree with you. It’s the perfect size for me (I understand some people wanting bigger phones though).

      • Jeff C

        thank you for having a brain and understanding whats good for you isnt good for me

        • sirmeili

          I’ve personally never understood why people are so up in arms about “choice”. I thought “choice” was a good thing. Like iPhones, get one. Like a 6″ phone..get one. Just be happy with what you got.

          • MikeSaver

            Love is what I got

          • Nick S

            I like choice, but the problem is most top tier phones have huge screens. Those of us that like the smaller screens like the Moto X are very limited in options for a flagship device.

          • sirmeili

            Performance wise, I don’t see how the MotoX is not a top tier phone. I have yet to have it slow down on me since owning it. Just my experience though.

          • Adam

            I think most people here on DL would agree that the Moto X is a top tier phone, but the problem is that is might be the only choice at that size. If you like 5.1-5.5 inch screens you can go M8, S5, G3, etc. but for us that like the smaller phones it is Moto X or slightly compromise with a nexus 5.

          • Travis H

            Nobody puts thought into the fact the a ‘top tier’ device is in a GROUP not a singularity. people should only be looking at the generation of device, not only its comparable specs.

          • michael arazan

            It’s super fast compared to my GS3 both with the same specs

          • Brandon

            Two words: project ara

          • Dave

            You have to go on forums and insult everybody else’s purchases, and defend your own, it seems like around here. Ugh!

          • Travis H

            I thought ‘Choice’ is what made Android so popular… VS Apple and their ‘one size fits all’ approach…

          • Raven

            The problem that (I think) most people are complaining about is the that if you want a sub 5″ phone with a top tier processor your choices are severally limited. If they would stop gimping their “mini” lines a lot of people would be a lot happier. I personally think my Moto X is pushing it for overall size and would not want anything any bigger and the way things are looking I am afraid my choices for a replacement next year are going to be rather limited.

      • Great way to put it

      • MikeSaver


    • grumpyfuzz

      For you.

    • PoisonApple31

      …for the year 2012.

      • cadtek91

        Exactly.. they shouldn’t keep getting bigger and bigger every iteration. They’ve kind of slowed at 5″ as that’s the smallest they’ve gotten 1080p so far.

        • chris125

          Htc one had 4.7″ 1080p display(last years Htc one that is)

          • Cael

            Screen may have been small, but the phone was big.

          • chris125

            Not disagreeing but the comment I was replying to said 5″ was the smallest they got 1080p for phone screens, which wasn’t the case

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      For people with tiny hands sure. A 4.7″ screen is simply WAY too small for me and a lot of other people.

      • The Narrator


      • Dylan

        Small hands ftw

      • Tsabhira

        It isn’t even about small hands. I’m female and have tiny hands, and I’m already resigned to needing two hands to use a phone, so I want bigger screens and badass long-life batteries, and that means a big phone. My LG G2 is great, but I’d take bigger. My N7 fits fine in my purse.

        • Jon D

          you also have a big ass purse to put it in….

          • Tsabhira

            No, I don’t. An N7 requires a very small purse. That was my whole point. Thanks for assuming, though.

        • calculatorwatch

          I’ve always thought note devices were targeted more towards women simply because they often carry their phones in purses or bags anyways. As a guy, I also tend to carry a small tablet when I have a bag, but oftentimes I don’t and then I need a phone I can actually fit in my pocket.

        • Nexoduss

          oh if you want bigger, ill give you bigger

      • nside1

        Hmm, I have larger hands (10″ hand span, thumb to pinky) and think the N5 might be a little big – tough to reach the top left of the screen when using one handed…

      • howitzerr

        I have a big head and small hands what phone should i buy ???
        Its too hard
        f___ my life

        • Travis H

          permanently attached bluetooth headset and then pick ANY device.

    • The Narrator


    • EdubE24

      I still love the size of my iPhone 5…

      I’m really out of the loop. But enjoyed my G2 and S4 a lot too. I guess software means a lot more to me!!

      • Big EZ

        If software means anything to you, then you’ve got the wrong three phones (unless you put a rom on the G2). If you care about software then the Moto X is the best, followed by the latest Nexus.

        • EdubE24

          IOS runs really good IMO. The G2 I thought ran really well. I threw Nova on there and loved it. The S4 was the only one that was terribly buggy for me

        • Travis H

          they were definitely referring to the OS.

      • timrcm

        I’ll join you in saying that I find the iPhone 5/5S to be the perfect size. If I want a bigger screen than that, I’m reaching for my tablet or laptop. I, for one, don’t watch movies on my phone.

        • EdubE24

          Agreed…the occasional YouTube video looks just fine on my phone.

      • SeanPlunk

        I have an iPhone 5S for work and a DE Note 3 running a ROM. I MUCH prefer the software on my Note 3. I know why people like iOS, but I find it too restrictive. I’m also not a big fan of the way it handles settings. It’s a fine device, but I could never rock an iOS device as my primary smartphone.

        • EdubE24

          Different strokes for different folks. I did like my Note 2 though!!

    • Mark

      I respectively disagree. 5″ is perfect. Can you fit 1080p on 4.7″? Can they fit 2k on 5″? Maybe this is the reason why phones are getting bigger is because resolutions are increasing…

      • grumpyfuzz

        htc one m7 has a 1080p screen and it’s 4.7…

      • Howard L

        HTC One M7 is 1080p on 4.7

    • iNomNomAwesome

      I supported bigger screens, but now they’re just too big. The Moto X is perfect.

    • Orion

      Yeah for your feminine hands.

    • Michael Quinlan

      For me, it is. But what I’d like to know is who is it that’s told manufacturers they want everything big? I didn’t, and neither had anyone I know. The current popularity of big phones is no indication that people prefer big to something the size of a Moto X. Top-spec phones are big. Smaller phones have mediocre guts. I think a significant number of people buying big phones due so in spite of the phone size, not because of it; they’re willing to give up reasonableness in size (for them) in exchange for performance.

      • BillySuede

        just look at the sales numbers for phones over 4.3 inches since the original note debuted. there’s your answer. you and your friends may not like them but realise there is a market that keeps on growing that demands it so the oems follow.

      • Travis H

        Next gen. hardware usually requires at least a sleight jump in energy resources, therefor the larger device for a larger battery then larger screen then larger battery….. an endless fight for perfect balance between them.

    • MikeSaver


    • John

      And now they’re gonna make the “Moto X+1″ 5.2”, WHY?

      • KojiroAK

        Till now I didn’t saw any official about the Moto X+1.

        For sorry many many site nowdays treat rumours as facts.

        • John

          There were some benchmarks leaks from a few blogs, like Droid Life.

    • Rexina


      Root 4.0-4.4,4.3JellyBean,4.4KitKat http://androidbestial.com/


    • American Patriot

      Don’t forget the Moto-G is also the same size as the ‘X’, and far cheaper.
      I am glad we bought ours when they offered then for $99.00.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      MotoX is the perfect size, but still too heavy, IMO.

  • MichaelFranz

    Drops Mic……::BOOM::

    • kervation

      Like what you did there.

    • jeff manning

      G3: best looking phone; way too big

    • Jake

      Drops giant phone (because it can’t be handled one-handed)…BOOM

  • Nah, that word is about to be resurrected when the iphone 6 drops. Sorry.

    • sirmeili

      That’s right…Iphone 6…now sporting a 6″ screen!!! (just kidding)

      • 5.5 inch rumored. Phablet will be the word of summer 2014.

        • BillySuede

          according to bgr, yes. man, i hate that term…

          • What’s bgr?

          • BillySuede
          • Hah. Is this a good site? Reading.

          • BillySuede

            depends on your perspective. they love apple. treat samsung like the arch-nemesis. kind of like most android sites these days.