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Newest Moto X $299 Sale is Live!

Earlier in the week, Motorola announced that it would run a new 24-hour sale on its 2013 flagship, Moto X, giving you all the chance to get into the customizable device for $299 without a contract. The deal is now live, having started at midnight and running until 11:59PM ET, tonight.

The 16GB model starts at $299, with the 32GB and developer editions dropping in at $324.99. Wood backs will add an addition $25 charge to the phone’s price. 

Remember, you can customize a phone at no extra charge through MotoMaker, something no other company has even attempted to do at this point. I am seeing shipping estimates of 8 days or so, though, so you may not see the phone for up to a week. Still, a custom phone with no contract for $299? Tough to beat for a phone we called our top Android phone of 2013.

MotoMaker Link | Developer Edition (GSM) | Developer Edition (Verizon)

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  • Alan

    How’s the GPS on this? I was thinking of getting this or the G2 but I’ve read more than a few comments about the GPS on the G2 taking really long to get your position or just giving the wrong position. I’m on Verizon if that makes a difference.

    • Steven Dolbey

      GPS works pretty well. It takes but a moment after Google Maps opens up for it to move your little arrow thingy to where you actually are.

    • moew

      GPS works great on both. I have both on VZW. G2 is my daily over the X now. Early G2 GPS complaints were pre 4.4.2 imho

  • Quandry

    Buy this now off contract for VZW Unlimited line or wait for LG G3… (That line is still using a Thunderbolt)

  • JPfingsten

    Is it bad that I want to get one just because I want to re-do my phone? I miss the tactile back much more than I like the yellow backing that isn’t.

  • After getting acquisition by Google Motorola get some value in market. Same as google get some improvement in their stock price by adding moto into their products list http://goo.gl/zwPZid

  • Sean Lally

    I bought one yesterday (16GB) on contract from Verizon for $.01.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I want to get a dev ed or wood version to keep in a box with my og droid.

  • creed

    If only it had a 5″ screen. I would love to jump on this deal, but after owning the note 2 ftp so long, I just don’t know if I’d like going back to something the size of the s3.

  • Ben Davis

    Just ordered a blacked out moto x:-) My wife is disappointed that I didn’t get a turquoise with yellow trim. I know its boring, but the perfect phone aesthetic to me is corporate black with a jet black wallpaper.

    • JoshGroff

      Mine’s blacked out with metallic blue accents and the woven back. Perfect subtle design IMO.

  • To anyone wondering about performance on the Moto X because it’s a phone from last year: I can honestly say that my Moto X I bought on Black Friday still is quick and responsive. I love it. However I have the Dev Edition and it’s rooted, but still am running the stock rom for it.

    Edit: And I am on Verizon!

    • Sporttster

      How much memory does the Dev edition have?? 32gb??

      • Yes I have the 32 GB version. I think you can order it with 16 GB

        • Steven Dolbey

          Nope. It’s 32 GB only.

    • sirmeili

      To be honest, the phone, though released in August, already had “old” components. However, it was how they optimized it that made the big difference. I have a non-DE and it is still awesome to use. I just got my Fiance one for today for Mother’s day. If they release another one in August I will likely get that one (and sell my current one), but it won’t be because it’s slow. I’m sure this phone would last me all of 2 years+ and still perform admirably.

      • tu

        People are still saying this? Unless those quotes mean something. The components (at least the Snapdragon) was current at the time.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Imagine if this was the price at launch?! That would’ve been epic. I wish I had $300+ to blow on it but I wasted it on them rocks.

    • They’re minerals

      • Diablo81588


      • Tyrone Biggums

        I JUST got the Breaking Bad reference lol

    • michael arazan

      Wasted mine on Magic Beans

  • gintoddic

    i can’t justify buying a phone that’s almost a year old, especially if I want to keep it for about 2 years.

    • sirmeili

      I, personally, don’t get that mentality. Most phones today won’t last years and some already feel “sluggish” due to the crapware they put on them. I’ve had the MotoX since Xmas and I love it. No signs of getting slow either. It’s always performed at the same level and this is the first phone I can say that about this far into using it.

      That being said, in August I will likely sell mine and get the next version. The reason I went off contract was to just cycle my phones and get newer ones faster anyways. I think most who visit this site are the same way. As long as Motorola keeps on this path, I will likely never change manufacturers again. And I think that is really saying something.

  • needa

    a killer deal on a killer phone.

  • EC8CH

    Pink Moto X <3's Droid-Life

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m over the itch. I’ll see what Moto has coming next.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      My nexus 5 has been a good anti-itch cream since I got it

      • hornayg0rl

        slap sum on me papi

  • Arthur Dent

    If it had a better camera I’d be all over this getting one for the wife.

    • sirmeili

      Odd. My Fiance has a cheap boost mobile and just loves the pictures my MotoX takes. I got her one today for Mother’s Day and she’s ecstatic. I think the camera is more than “good enough”. If we want truly spectacular pictures, I will go with something other than my phone to do so.

      • droidify

        It’s all relative. If you have a boost mobile phone than the X is good. If you have an S4 or a G2 than the camera would be a noticeable step down in quality.

        • sirmeili

          I also feel that it’s a “phone”. I don’t need a super great camera on it. That’s why I own cameras. This is more than good enough for “facebook” and “G+” pictures and movies.

          • droidify

            To each their own bro. I imagine most people would prefer to carry one device and still get great pics.

          • needa

            you can still get great pics from the x. in fact you can get better pics on the x than you can on the s4 in many scenarios.

          • sirmeili

            Sure, you can get great pics from some phones, but those pics will likely not beat a good DSLR. If I am going somewhere and I need great pics, I will bring a camera. For average, everyday use, the MotoX is fine. I’m not that picky.

            You’re right though, To each their own 😉

  • Brady

    must resist temptation to buy…X2 launching soon

    • Terrance Steiner

      I’m right there with you.

    • Cameron

      The first half of the headline really got me excited, briefly. “Newest Moto X…”

      • Ryan B

        Yes, I just had the roller coaster heart drop thing happen…

    • needa

      you should buy this. and then in six months take advantage of the 299 sale on the x2. two for the price of one plus a dollar.

      • WAldenIV

        I got mine Tuesday and I love it. The tweaks and things integrated by Moto should be standard in the next version of Android. They made a phone that is incredibly usable and works hard to benefit the end user.

    • Higher_Ground

      Seriously, I had told myself if it dropped to $200 I would pull the trigger… waiting isn’t a very fun game.

  • droidify

    I love that Limited release Pepto Bismol edition.

    • PoisonApple31

      I want a Dimetapp® limited edition.

      • sirmeili

        Did. Not. Think. Of. That!

        Brilliant! (seriously)

        I know..I’m impressed by small things 🙂