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Foursquare Intros New Swarm Application, Talks of Metamorphosis for Current Offering

Foursquare is making a move to divide its main application into two separate experiences for users – the main being your usual check-in app that Foursquare has been since the beginning, along with a new app called Swarm.

When you are out at a dinner and have finished up, you are ready to see what your friends are up to. To help with the process, the company is readying a standalone app, Swarm, which will show you where your friends are when they have checked in at a location. 

To sum up the experience in one sentence, this is what Foursquare states in its press release.

With Swarm, you can easily see which of your friends are out nearby, figure out who is up for grabbing a drink later, and share what you’re up to (faster and more easily than you can in Foursquare today).

The Foursquare app is also set to receive a major update later this summer, one which should revamp the entire platform on which it was constructed. As of right now, Foursquare allows for searches within the app that show lists of recommended places around you. Going forward, the company wants to deliver a more personalized experience.

In the near future, the Foursquare app is also going to go through a metamorphosis. Local search today is like the digital version of browsing through the Yellow Pages (remember those?). We believe local search should be personalized to your tastes and informed by the people you trust. We’re right now putting the final touches on this new, discovery-focused version of Foursquare. It’ll be polished and ready for you later this summer.

Swarm is not quite live yet, but we will be sure to update you when it is available.

Via: Foursquare | Swarm
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  • TC Infantino

    The Swarm actually seems to be what Foursquare should have been in the first place. Plus, even though I have been on Foursquare since almost the beginning, I hardly ever check in anywhere unless the app pops up with “Would you like to check in here?”, and I very rarely see my friends have checked in recently near me. I think the Swarm app might really increase the real world usefullness.

  • Pratik Holla

    I love using foursquare for its location data. Its as useful as google maps. But I am not sure about the social aspects. I just don’t see too many people who actually use foursquare for it to be that useful.

  • chris kilps

    You can chat on foursquare?!

  • Guest

    You can chat on foursquare?

  • coolsilver

    I still check in but really I am one of those that will trash can the second app and keep the “swarm” checkin app. Unless they kill the social aspect of that too. I look for places to eat via Google Maps. Foursquare always had fuzzy data like missing complete addresses for me to use for that.

  • Hothfox

    I would love if this gave us the functionality Google Latitude had (and Google+ Locations lacks), but I think it’s just going to show where people are who have checked in someplace. Which is great, but my friends don’t use Foursquare, and they certainly aren’t going to check in every time they go somewhere.

  • 213ninja

    this would be cool if everyone i knew used it, but they don’t, so it’s not….for me……..

  • Johnny Steele

    I think I will understand better when I get the app on my phone. ;_;

  • Cael

    I don’t see either picking up much after this.

  • Shane Redman

    I’m just not getting what they’re trying to do here….

    • miri

      The heart of Foursquare is a massive database of locations, reviews, tips, etc. yet when people think of Foursquare the first thing that comes to mind is check-ins, a relatively small part of the service’s value. To help with growth, they’re removing check-ins from the app to put their data and core utility front and center and spinning off check-ins into it’s own app.

      • Shane Redman

        Right, that’s all I ever saw 4sqr as. I stopped using it when I saw less offers and incentives for checking in. Not sure I really care at what EXACT place my friends are at at any given moment. But that’s just me. And these days, I use maps to get around since I moved which also gives me a review of the place I’m going to.

    • Serotheo

      Essentially a lot of users of Foursquare Open the app, Check in, and exit. That’s it – not utilizing the expanded core feature-set, that is, the sociability and data discovery. So instead they’re splitting the platform to make both stronger, check-ins for those that want to just check in, and data for everything else.

      At least I think that’s the gist of it, just skimmed over it – its more of an issue with the user base TBH but its nice to split the apps allowing for slicker check-ins without loading all the other resources. Its hard to find other Foursquare users, from my own experience, and getting people to use it consistently that are new is even harder. Its just a whole struggle to build a unified user base where people want to interact and remember to.

      • coolsilver

        Pretty sure this is just going to piss off their user base and get just as much use out of “Swarm” but no usage out of their new app.

  • miri

    “…the main being your usual check-in app that Foursquare has been since the beginning, along with a new app called Swarm.”

    The whole point of the shuffle is to remove check-in from Foursquare to better emphasize it’s data. Swarm is the new check-in now (or at least it will be in a few weeks.)