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FoxFi Update Brings WiFi Tethering Back to Verizon Samsung Phones on Kit Kat (Updated)

Over the years, we have seen WiFi tethering apps come and go as carriers like Verizon have tried their hardest to kill off their working existence, especially for those of us who maintain unlimited data packages. FoxFi has long been one of the most popular, but even it has struggled to keep up with spoofing or working around Big Red’s behind-the-scenes subscription authentication model. Thankfully, an update released last night brings back WiFi tethering to many of Verizon’s Samsung devices, assuming they are running Kit Kat (Android 4.4+). 

The update claims that “WiFi mode is now supported on Verizon Samsung phones updated to Android 4.4 (KitKat). That includes Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and Note 4/3/2. We do not have a solution for other models so please stay with USB/Bluetooth mode for now.” The Galaxy S5 and S4 now have Kit Kat on Big Red, but the Note 3 and Note 2 are still hanging without it. The Note 3 should be on Kit Kat any day now, though.

We aren’t sure exactly what the trickery is that FoxFi’s dev has employed, but friend of the site DroidModderX is under the impression that there is some VPN action going on. That could potentially open your data up to unfriendly parties or monitoring, so proceed at your own risk.

To see FoxFi working on the Galaxy S5, check out the video below.

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UPDATE 11/21/15:  Verizon seems to have killed FoxFi for the time being. Read more here.

Cheers DMX and DJGrundel!
  • David

    I bought an unlocked Verizon Droid Ultra from Amazon and am using it with StraightTalk GSM service. I just downloaded the latest update and am getting the message that my carrier has blocked wireless tethering when I try to run FoxFi. My question is, exactly which carrier is blocking me? I am not on a Verizon plan. Did Verizon force something to be included in an update that is restricting the use of my device even though I bought it as “unlocked” and am using it on a different network? This doesn’t even seem legal. I own it outright. Why would they be able to restrict how I use it if I am not using their service?

  • Jerm1980

    I own a note 3 I not sure what this guy is saying but it doesn’t work at all with the update. That is the wifi hotspot. The usb and Bluetooth work though.

  • Chrissy

    Any plans to get a fix in for the Droid Razr Maxx? Will FoxFi work on the Samsung Tablet 2?

  • Steve Wilson

    While we wait and hope for FoxFi to come up with a workaround for Verizon’s new KitKat hotspot block, is this a solution for KitKat disabling wi-fi for Moto Razr Maxx HD and maybe other Droid devices?

    Background: I have unlimited data and can tether to get 4-G high-speed access on my laptop when I’m at my place in the mountains that has cell service but no other Internet access. To watch TV, i WAS using PDANet+FoxFi as a mobile hotspot to power my Roku so I could see TV, too, only with the hotspot disabled that no longer works.

    So now I find there’s a virtual router, something called mHotspot (and a few others, too), which turn my Windows 7 laptop into it’s own hotspot. I’m led to believe this will work when the laptop is getting the Internet signal either through an Ethernet connection (which I don’t have at the mountains) or through the phone when I have it tethered into the laptop.

    I haven’t tried this yet but curious if anyone else has, or knows if it would work. I’m always a little hesitant to download an entirely unfamiliar program because often it creates a new, unexpected problem for me. Whaty’all think?

  • Sad girl

    Please fix it for Motorola Droid Razr HD I just did an update and it is now telling me that Verizon has blocked WiFi 🙁 very sad!!!!

  • Jorge Jr

    I didnt even update My Droid MAXX and they Blocked my FOXFI… I did notice that when they were blocking it they programmed my VPN to Stick with the same Server NAME and Password. I was able to make it work by Reseting the date to 0 and Cache…start the FoxFi and a new name (the default name would show up) didnt let me still change it. But when I would turn it on it would default to the Regular custome name I used and turn on… Minutes later it would freeze or a Slow internet Signal would come in til the speed was no good. I turn it off and use Internet Browser and it was slow and after a few minutes kick in back to working. I do think they are monitoring the phones. I find it offensive that They made Updates and changes to my phone by just going in my phone. Lack of Privacy but I guess its their carrier… I and they probably want me to cancel my plan since its unlimited… First they made me purchase a phone at full price… and now since I didnt do the upgrade and cancel my unlimited they are going after my apps… they are slowing my Video Transfer speeds also…HOPE THEY GET SUED

  • Unallocated Clusters

    Avoid like the plague. FoxFi used to work extremely well on my Galaxy S5 (Verizon) but this latest update requires a PIN code to be implemented. You will find that you can no longer use a swipe or pattern unlock on your phone. Attempting to change from a PIN code to another method caused the PIN to become corrupt twice. I had to perform a factory reset as a result both times.

  • Dana Alan

    Okay, so I got the upgrade and set it up to use on my Galaxy S4 with Kitkat on Verizon. Before I could test it with other devices, I received the message that a “trusted certificate” was allowing a 3rd party to monitor my device. I immediately removed the app and the certificate. Anyone else have this problem? How “dangerous” is it to use their new upgrade?

    • jill

      I as well had this pop up

  • SilentPatriot

    YAY! Now hurry up with the KitKat update for the S3, Verizon!

  • DanThompson87

    YES!!!! I am SOOO HAPPY

  • jessica

    Hi im confused by what u all are talking about:/ ?? Forgive me if this sounds really dumb :/ I have samsung s3 for the past two years and have been using my wifi hot spot foxfi perfectly , through out ! Im due a upgrade and was looking into the samsung s5 can u still use the wifi hotspot ?? Any comments will help im not big on all tech stuff so forgive me in advance if I dont understand xxxxx thanks

  • Timothy Anderson

    Just switch carriers. I did and I do not regret it. I could no longer stand Verizon’s nonsense. I went to T-Mobile and have not looked back… you may say their coverage is less. For me, I do not notice that. I save money (a lot). Recently, from out of the blue, T-Mo doubled my High Speed data. I made no phone call, no nothing, they just did it. I still pay the exact same price, they just put a better plan in place as an added bonus. I first read about it here, then sure enough, I got it. Would Verizon ever do that for you? Oh, by the way, I can tether to my hearts content, with no interference and no special app to download.

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  • Andrey

    Does anyone know if FoxFi works on the Droid Maxx running 4.4?

    • Finire

      Not as of yet

  • umbrellacorp

    I have a Verizon Note 3 with Kitkat (unrooted) and all this does is open the stock verizon tethering hotspot app and then crash and ask me to send a report to the app developer for Foxfi. I tried uninstalling all the Foxfi apps and reinstalling them. Any suggestions?

  • David

    Has anyone with an S4 ON Kitkat tried using the app for wifi tethering? I want to make sure it works before accepting the update.

    • free_woo

      Works for me!

  • cleffy

    Yeah I tried it, it worked but it takes away your other security lock options such as pattern, fingerprint and swipe on Galaxy S5. When you make the certificate to make the app work, it disable theses. The only way to get them re-enable is to delete the certificate you make. So when I need to use FoxFi, I will have to do it all over again. Hopefully they find another way, I kinda like using finger print…….

  • Jeremy Gentry

    anyone else know how to use this without a lock screen. its the most annoying thing ever to have to put a pin code in while your freakin driving down the road. i would like to have the certificate installed permanently but for now i’m forced to uninstall the certificate and undo the lock screen everytime i’m done with using it 🙁

    • kali bred

      When you set up a lock do a pattern not pin then enter it wrong 5 or so times then it’ll ask you to enter your gmail password to unlock and once you do that your suppose to set up a new pattern but just power the screen off or hit home and you’ll have bypassed the pattern lock and just have the swipe lock I use to be able to have it be on none but now I have to have swipe to unlock

      • Jeremy Gentry

        when installing the certificate it will not allow me to choose a pattern unlock. its greyed out

        • kali bred

          It was suppose to have it has had it for me except I can’t choose none now but it might be that the new version has disabled that work around to the lock screen. Has it ever had that option to choose from?

          • Jeremy Gentry

            yeah ive been reading everywhere that this workaround will not work on my s4. it might work on the s5 but it will not work on the s4

          • kali bred

            Well that sounds like a real bummer don’t know what to tell you then

          • David

            I tried the above recommendation (while on 4.3) and it did work. You can probably do the same with the PIN.

          • kali bred

            Probably so….I’ve never tried it I’ve just put the pattern and always bypassed having to have it on the lock screen

        • Molon Labe

          This is annoying. I just picked up the S4 yesterday and it updated to KK this morning. I don’t get why it says you’ll have to set a pattern (which I already had), PIN, or password but only the last two are available with the cert installed. It also takes you over to enable the built-in hotspot. It was so much cleaner on my Maxx. 🙁

  • John

    Says free wifi tether but its not right? How much is it?

    • Jeremy Gentry

      all you have to do is pay a one time fee by purchasing the unlock key

      i bought it a long time ago i don’t think its that expensive

    • David

      I think it’s about 10-15$ one time cost, transferable to other devices. So worth it! Better than the Hotspot subscription cost!

      • kali bred

        Its 10-15$ now?? Glad I got it for 7$

        • David

          Don’t quote me on that. I know it’s not more than that, but it’s close. I think I paid the same as you, but that was years ago when it was PDAnet, back on my OG Droid!

          • kali bred

            I figure its probably still 7$ I just hate seeing the ppl in the comments saying they want a refund after they’ve had and used the app for some months/years makes no sense

          • David


  • Franny

    Cool, I can upgrade my note 3 now….

  • jboogie1289

    All Vzw needs to do now is get ALL their damn Samsung “Galaxy” line phones on 4.4 ie Note 3!!!!

  • feztheforeigner

    On the G2 it says to call Verizon to setup a hotspot plan… Please fix…

    • scastro87

      Yes it says wifi mode doesn’t work on 4.4 except for verizon samsung devices.


    What about HTC on VZW?? Will it work?

  • Detonation

    Been using this app for years with success, though never on a Samsung device. Requires root though.


  • Paul

    I’m getting asked for my credentials storage password and I have no idea what it is. “Clear Credentials” is greyed out too so i can’t reset it. Anyone having this issue or know of a way to fix?

    • Scott Tilney

      Having the exact same issue on my Verizon GS4 with Kit Kat. Any help would be great!

    • Scott Tilney

      Set a pattern lock on your phone, then try to setup FoxFi again. Worked for me, don’t ask why.

      • Pat M.

        This worked for me on the Verizon GS4! Thanks pal.

  • hoosiercub88

    I wish they’d fix FoxFi support for MotoX 🙁

  • JeffColorado

    FoxFi does NOT mask tether usage from your carrier. Almost none of the tethering apps do. The only one I have found so far that actually masks tether activity from your carrier entirely is this one – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.snclab.wifitetherrouter – And yes, it does require root. But it is so worth it. I basically have unlimited tethering on my plan now, which normally would limit me to 500MB per month. Once you set it up you can toggle it on and off and just connect stuff to it like you would a wifi router.

    • scastro87

      I’ve been using FoxFi for about two years and used up to 16GB a month and VZW has never said a word to me.

    • Dave Lee

      Been using FoxFi ever since I got the S4 and been using it as my home internet. Average about 70-100 gigs monthly and Big Red has been nice to me 😉

    • David

      Same here. I regularly tether to my laptop to watch Netflix.

  • WilliamWLong

    That includes Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and Note 4/3/2. We do not have a solution for other models so please stay with USB/Bluetooth mode for now.” The Galaxy S5 and S4 now have Kit Kat on Big Red, but the Note 3 and Note 2 are still hanging without it. The Note 3 should be on Kit Kat any day now, though. http://sn.im/28uztf9

  • 213ninja

    I’m not a huge fan of the VPN tunnel it creates…

  • Guest

    Can someone tell me if using foxfi uses data?

    • hoosiercub88

      If you’re really asking this question…

    • David

      Yes, it will use your data connection.

  • Raven

    Anyone having any luck with any wifi tethering methods on a rooted 4.4.2 Moto X? I have tried both the special edition of WiFi Tether that is supposed to work and an Xposed module that is supposed to enable stock tethering. They both generate a bunch of wlan0’s errors in the system log when I try to activate them. Stock Bluetooth tethering does work just fine. Any suggestions?

    • Dave

      Just use that wifi tether for rooted phone, profit.

    • David
      • Tim Swann

        does it require root? if not, BIG Thanks!

        • David

          Does not require root!

          • Tim Swann

            Kellen should feature what you posted like right now!!! Going to set myself up later for it! Thanks!!

          • hamblindave

            Are you sure? Looks to me like this method does require root.

          • David

            Tap the link to the app – it even says “no root” in the name. Also, I’ve used it on non-rooted devices.

          • hamblindave

            Sorry… Which app are you referring to for Wi-Fi tethering on an unrooted Verizon 4.4.2 Moto X? I thought you were taking about the adb tool referenced in post #35 on that xda-developers thread…?

    • Detonation
  • Austin

    How about the LG G2 now please? I paid for the foxfi app while on my Moto’s

    • stacky

      root it, get it.

      • Voyageur

        Not an option on my work phone.

        • stacky

          Because you use GOOD for work stuff? You can root it, install xposed, install Root Cloak for your work related apps.

          • Detonation

            …and violate whatever security agreement you signed when they gave you the phone. Not worth risking your job over

          • Pakmann2k

            It always baffles me when people take foolish risks like that. And he lost his job for the price of a cellphone….

  • Ray

    Root for the win

  • Ryan N


    *choir of angels*

  • hfoster52

    And there was much rejoicing!!

  • Dan

    This app is the only thing I miss from my galaxy nexus (Verizon) since moving to the moto x. Especially since I still have unlimited!

    • BTLS

      I couldn’t agree more… every single day I miss it because of that reason!

      • hfoster52

        Well still can do bluetooth right? I know its not the same….

    • mizo

      I can’t even get usb tether to work on foxfi. The best substitute I found is easytether. No WiFi hotspot, but free tethering and Bluetooth between tablet and phone.

  • Zach B.

    I want a Note 4………..

  • Mike Aurin

    The Note 4… Interesting

  • T4rd

    Does this work with the One M8 as well?

    • Franklin Ramsey


      • T4rd

        Well at least you can root the M8 (on Verizon and AT&T at least) then, lol.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Do the same for the MotoX please.

    • tu3218

      yeah I don’t get how they’re able to get it working on arguably the more locked down devices, but not able to on a moto x, pretty stock like phone. I hope they can get it working asap as I would definitely send them some money for it.

      • Tim Swann

        I would definitely be sending money their way if they can get it working on Moto X running 4.4

        • kali bred

          Yep not even touching 4.4 until I can get a solid foxfi fix until then I’m on 4.2

          • Tim Swann

            I was doing that, clicking ignore every day when prompted to update, but I clicked update now by accident one day and I really don’t want to go through the process of downgrading.

          • kali bred

            Lol I get scared myself that I’m going to press the wrong one but I remember its the left option and I try and make it pop up around 1am or so before I sleep so I don’t worry about it during the day

          • Pakmann2k

            Have been eyeballing this for a while. Downgrading is not possible unfortunately. Even a solid reflash using RSD is broken. Damn dirty apes!

          • jonboy1225

            I did this by mistake with 4.3 and I am highly dependent on my Wi-Fi tethering for many reasons. That was a very frustrating few weeks until the fix was found. I just got my KitKat update push and I’m still a bit hesitant until I know FOR SURE FoxFi is going to be useable on my Note 2

          • Matthew Foster

            Hey man did foxfi update to the 4.4.2 on the note two or are you still dealing with the pop up

    • JRUIV

      I already moved on…dropped unlimited…had to…went so long without hotspot