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Contest: Two Nest Thermostats Up for Grabs From Droid Life!

Since Google is now selling its Nest Thermostat on Google Play, and we know that the $249 price for something like a home thermostat is turning more than a few of you off, we wanted to give a couple away. We have been Nest users for over a year now (our review) and still think it’s one of the best Android accessories you will ever purchase. To say that we wish everyone could experience a Nest, is an understatement.

But again, the $249 price tag is no joke, so to help ease the wallet strain on a couple of you, we have two to give away to the DL community.

The contest, like others, uses Rafflecopter to give you multiple chances for entry, while also making it easy to manage on our end. You don’t have to do all of the steps below, but the more you do, the more entries you will receive.

Ready to turn your home into a smart home? 


Prizes:  Two (2) Nest Thermostats.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow, April 23, we’ll choose two winners randomly at 10AM Pacific.

  • Alexandru Socol

    And the lucky winners are:

  • Russell

    Did I miss the winners?

    • shadowwolfy

      i dont think any winners were announced

  • Chris T

    Who won this contest?

  • Who won?

  • Josh Martin

    dunno who the winners are…. but it must have screwed up for me cause it says contest closed and 0 of 0 entries earned…. odd… 🙂

    • Alexandru Socol

      Everyone sees that, don’t worry.

  • Davros

    ??? So who are the lucky dogs?

  • R. Wayne Craft

    did i miss the post of who won?

    • Travis H

      Everyone did.

  • Christian Lambert

    They’re useful

  • spark

    Thank you, DL! I think this is the first time i won anything ever!

    • Travis H

      Trollin on a budget.

      • spark


        • Travis H

          You got it free = budget, And posting that you got it = trollin

  • joe coreno

    Did I win?

  • f0r71fy

    Who won?

  • spark


  • Josh J

    A little humor to wind down with

  • Brad Ross

    Hoping we know who the winners are soon!

  • Gabe Reed

    Who won?

  • Travis H

    Cool I guess nobody won.

  • Tellas Woods

    So who were the winners?

  • Sporttster

    Remote access is a great idea

  • Jeremy Martin

    Who won?

  • Sam

    Guys, Did i win one?

  • Mike Sember

    As stayed already, it’s the best android accessory!

  • Chester

    I want one to make my new business hip and high tech!

  • Lesser Version

    For my new home I move into on April 28th

  • Alex

    I’ll be honest…I don’t need this at all but YOLO.

  • Josh J

    Access from anywhere. With nest, I can always look forward to coming home from work to an ideal comfort level, instead of having to wait for it to kick on and run for 20 minutes. Simple as that.

  • JG

    Would love to win this and start reducing my AC bill – more money for toys!

  • jmg

    Would love me some NEST!


    So I can stop my wife from keeping the house like an oven

  • Dan K

    I need a Nest because it’s either too damned hot or too damned cold outside, but my kids don’t understand the idea of a comfortable medium indoors. I can’t wait to see their faces when the temperature keeps getting reset.

  • Bub

    Summer is coming and I’m in need of a new thermostat…

  • flashlightbuff

    I want to save wasted heat

  • Marc Clemens

    I need the nest because my in-laws are moving in with me and they like it hot in the winter and cold in the summer and I am a cheap bastard.

  • because it’s cool!

  • gunslinger


  • Todd Black

    I need a Nest so my house can become a sentient being and try to kill me.

  • Ogami Itto

    I’m just moving in to a new home. Was thinking about the Nest to help us save some $$$. If I win this contest, I would really be saving $$$.

  • KRS_Won

    I need a Nest for the Auto away feature when i travel, and to learn the how to set the temp for my girlfriends hot flashes when I’m home.

  • JR

    I want!

  • Nate

    I need the nest to help control the winter expenses!

  • mcmb03

    I need nest because I live in an old apartment building and my thermostat is broken. The apartment manager will not replace it either. Please help this broke college student!

  • kash521

    I need this because I love gadgets!

  • Chad Baker

    I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and it would be nice to change the temp and not have to walk around the house and wake her up. 🙂

  • Jeff

    My dog would enjoy staying warm downstairs.

  • Marshall P.

    The colors man! I need it for the colors!

  • Mehdi H

    Would look cool in my livingroom for sure!

  • Brandon Moseley

    This would be a great start to my home automation project.

  • TomStieger

    My old mecury filled thermostat is currently off the wall, because the clicking timer drove me nuts! 🙂

  • Benjamin Clay

    I could use it for the freaky weather in Virginia.

  • Dustin Zirkle

    Need to give Google more details on myself! Oh and possibly save some monies and make my house more comfortable without thinking about it.

  • David Chu

    NEST! so I can control it away from home!

  • hochoch

    cause the heat in my house sucks and I want to save money!

  • gp126904

    I need a nest because I always forget to turn off the ac/heat when I leave the house and my wife nags me to no end about it.

  • Moses

    Give me give me give!

  • jab416171

    My roommates won’t leave the thermostat alone, and saving money is always nice.

  • Aaron

    I need a nest because I like the idea of being able to control my thermostat from anywhere…

  • Nappy Nate

    Gimme gimme

  • SonicPhoenix

    $400 gas bill last month for heating a house with a 30 year old furnace on an old analog thermostat. They all need to be replaced but the thermostat would be the easiest first step.

  • 4n1m4L

    I need one because my electricity bill gets up to $400 already

  • MJ

    Because the Nest is freaking cool to look at!

  • Adrian Ioanci

    It would be an interesting feature to my home

  • Aaron C

    Need a new thermostat in my house because the current one is off by a few degrees. Thanks DL!

  • chucklehead322

    I need a Nest so I can mess with my wife and change the thermostat while I’m not even home!!

  • Jim Morris

    I often forget to adjust the thermostat before I leave the house..plus, who wouldn’t love being able to adjust the temp from bed when you wake up??

  • Nirav Desai

    Nest Smart

  • Tyler Bowden

    I need a nest because whoever built this place put the thermometer behind the only place to put a TV.

  • TimTheK

    I need 2 nests actually. I could buy one but my wife wouldn’t let me buy two. So I need to win one. We could’ve used Nest last week when we went away and the temps dropped at home….fortunately the dog walker was able to turn the heat up for us.

  • BillyGardiner

    I want one because it’s freezing in my house!

  • mgenova79

    i need a nest so i can become more energy efficient and lower my power bill. plus it looks cool, and my current thermostat looks lame. everybody needs a cool looking thermostat in their life.

  • Jason Peters

    Saving money and the coolness

  • Mohsen Abdoun

    #Nest is the best & being given away on @droid_life Please don’t enter to win as that will hurt my chances. I need a little @nest in my life

  • Eric Cat

    I want one!

  • Nick Wise

    I want Nest to save my parents money.

  • Justin Leahey

    I would love one to save money and always keep it cool in the house.

  • I can’t wait to see what Google does with this company!

  • Michael Ouellette

    I’m working on building a connected house and this would really help with my project.

  • Ryan Clayton

    Considering my crappy programmable thermostat just stopped working…this contest is perfect timing. Finger crossed I win. =)

  • A Nest thermostat would make my life far easier, allowing me to control my temperature much easier.

  • Avinash kumar

    nest would help me control more things digitally .the more the merrier..specially pesky room-mates running at 16 Degrees all time

  • Frank Messner

    Anyway I can save energy with more braiiins in the house. Get those damn kids to leave the thermostat alone!

  • I have been eyeing Nest for a long time now. The features it boasts are why I want Nest in my life! I hope to take advantage of most features and hope that it will lead to cost savings.

  • Joe

    Big fan of Nest & Google.

  • Ryan W

    I need the Nest so I can save money and enjoy the android tech I love! Need all the help I can get as a poor college student!

  • MShelbz

    I need one because I am tired of paying $200 power bills thanks to the AC running.

  • bubbasan

    I need this because it’s cool!

  • Jay Reynolds

    I need a Nest to save money on my utility bill!

  • Steveo

    I need this in my life!

  • Devon

    I’d love a nest to keep my wife from constantly changing the temperature!!

  • cortesjues

    Been eyeing this for the longest time, can’t wait to give this a try

  • Dion Hurd

    I have wanted this since the day it came out!!!!!!!!!

  • pedro fradera

    Cool prize

  • Steve Leach

    I have wanted one of these for the longest time.

  • Nathan

    Bought a new house so i need a nest to go along with it!!

  • Robert Spencer

    Great idea the nest is

  • David Belyea

    First step in home automation here I come. Plus it’ll be fun to maybe put some other stuff on it.

  • EMcTx

    I want to control my thermostat from my phone.

  • Brad

    I wonder how long until they integrate the Nest into Google Wearables

  • Mike

    I just bought a house and the installed thermostat sucks, instead of actually heating the house when the temp dropped this morning, it just turned on the fan, making the house colder.

  • Jason Allen

    I could really use a nest because my furnace is from 1980 and that equals no efficiency It would really help my gas bill and I’m in desperate need of a thermostat.

  • Mikey

    Save some coin to buy a OnePlus One

  • jaxxmjd

    Would be nice to find a way to keep my wife from wasting more energy.

  • Jimmy

    To save some $

  • Serf33

    My house needs to be brought into new the new tech world

  • Corey

    I want one. It looks pretty cool..

  • Jeff Y

    Because I can never get the temperature in my apt remotely right.

  • Robert

    We’re building a new house right now, and it would go nicely with all the automated features we’re putting in already 🙂

  • triad79

    Can’t wait to get one of these so I can program my AC while I come home from work.

  • Fritz Davis

    I like new toys but my wife hates when I spend the money on new toys.

  • 7revin

    My wife has total control over our thermostat. I would like to change it with my phone to mess with her!

  • John Ling

    My parents could use it, they always struggle with their thermostat.

  • CopierITGuy

    All I gotta say is I live in Oklahoma where the heat likes to beat you down in the Summer, so a Nest would make life much easier to manage once the wave comes in!

  • David Triscari

    I need it to keep my dog comfortable and by bills down. Graduate life is killing me….

  • Javier Guzman

    I need Nest because my current thermostat is moodier than a 16 year-old girl (or emo boy) and either freezes my house or heats it up to a boil. There is no in between. I would love to control my temp from my phone. As a control freak, I approve!

  • Brendan KCCO

    I need nest cause nest = jarvis, right?

    Or because my thermostat was made in the stone age… so there is that.

  • Danish Prakash

    it’s gonna be winters real soon in here, and who doesn’t wanna be warm al;l the winters?

  • Chris

    Pick me! I need nest so I can save energy!

  • I work nights. It’d be neat to see how it works for someone like me.

  • Max Van Houcke

    Because I love Android andere this should get some crazy stuff done in my home all automated with my Android devices. Love the concept!

  • Jon Mooney

    Having a wife and kids who are always hot or always cold and fudging with the thermostat, it would be nice to have one that might get it right automagically… and allow me to troll them of course.

  • Erik B

    So I can adjust my heat without having to leave the couch. 🙂

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    I sooo want one of these!

  • mjsalinger

    I haven’t gotten a new toy in a while, could use one.

  • josh

    I need one because in north Carolina its in the 30s one day, and 85 the next. I leave for work with heat on, but need AC by lunch.

  • Joe Zollinger

    More technology is always needed.

  • Ryan


  • Humberto Flores

    I need it for my parents place. 🙂

  • Sparktweek

    I need a Nest so that I can turn the heat up in my house from my bed, so that it is toasty when I get out of bed. Thanks for helping to make this happen, DL!

  • MSlab

    I need Nest to complete the Robotic Overlord takeover of my house.

  • Tyrian

    I loathe having to manually adjust the thermostat.

  • ctrlV

    I’m a forgetful person at times. Especially when I leave rushing to work in the mornings. I tend to forget to turn off/on the heat/ac. This would be extremely useful and benefcial. Save me time and provide the convenience of remote access.

  • Josh White

    I need a new thermostat, old one broke…

  • SJ Prettyman

    I need a Nest so that I can control the thermostat in my house, so my husband isn’t turning it up or down so often. Thanks Droid Life!

  • Tom M

    Cause I live in Phoenix and AC bills suck! lol

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    I’m in the process of building a new house and need to have the Nest rather then some standard unit.

  • Kyle Parker

    Just give me one 🙂

  • BrandonFlecksteiner

    The smart home age is upon us.

  • wil thames


  • Chad

    I need one so I can turn the heat back down when the wife keeps turning it back up then leaving for work for the day!

  • jpfrasier

    I need a Nest so I can be sure my wife and kids leave the dang thermostat alone!

  • cptmcnair

    I’ve been wanting one since they released it.I want one because it knows when to turn on the heat or air based on the temperature

  • Douglas Hill

    I need a nest so I can monitor the heat and ac when I am not at home. I suspect that my kids raise the heat in the day time and then lower it before I get back home.

  • Aaron Saellam

    I just want one. Plain and simple.

  • Chris Bailey

    I need a best because the weather is fackwors this year.

  • Lee Phillips

    I need a Nest in my life to better control my home’s energy bill. Bought a house 1.5 years ago in Massachusetts and this would be perfect year round!

  • Frank

    I need nest so I can keep our dogs comfortable while we’re away

  • Evan Creekmore

    I’d love to try out a nest!

  • justjmatt

    I need Nest in my life because I live in an unpredictable climate where temperatures can be anything during the day.

    • Damon C. Walden

      I’ll second this notion and say that I live in Iowa… nuff said. It’s 80 and sunny one day, snowing and 10 the next day.

  • tardis 13

    Need to save the energy, save the world, and save the cash for my daughter’s tuition.

  • heff10

    I spent a fortune on heating oil this winter, any help I can get would be awesome

  • jra716

    I need this because I have developed a problem with throwing my money at new gadgets and technology. If I win this, I’d feel much more better with myself having not spent money on something. Sigh.

  • Andre K. Humes

    I need a Nest Thermostat because truth e told…the thermostat I currently have just isn’t cool enough!

  • Cameron Williams

    Because my dad doesn’t know how to keep the house a reasonable temperature in the summer.

  • Jonathan B

    It would be nice to have an extra piece of Google technology, my uncle and I go back n forth about who has the best/newest stuff lol so this would be great to have

  • Brian Tehan

    so i can change temps away from home

  • TheRealBeesley

    Perfect timing! With a baby on the way, this would make like a lot easier for us. Thanks for the chance.

  • debig36

    Because my mom lives with me & she thinks it’s cold if our house isn’t at 78°. With nest I can change the temperature without her knowing I changed it. I love the technology! Please, please, pick me. I’m roasting to death! Lol!

  • Trying to be as green as possible. And to save $!

  • LondonLeedsFan

    I need one of these to save me some cash against the big boy government and energy fat cats!!

  • Richard Abramas


  • Rick Mendoza

    I need a nest to save on that damn electric bill! ANDALE!

  • bigguy

    data and pretty

  • Edward

    I just need it. Not only would it help better regulate the temperature and help us save money, it would also be the center of attention for family and friends who come over and wonder how that amazing little device can be remotely controlled and how it can learn from you. Simply put, I need it.

  • Tyler Hartzheim

    Being able to control my houses temperature via my phone would be amazing.

  • MonkeyKid753

    A Nest in my bedroom would be great so I could wake up warm and go to sleep cool.

  • James Burroughs

    I need it because I am not cool enough to leave a witty comment.

  • Bobby A

    Going to be using the AC a lot more in the summer.

  • matthias blomme

    One does not simply need a Nest, One simply can not survive without a nest

  • Kiryoku Muramasa

    Nest is a must have for a cold small Asian who is always cold in the damp, wet Vancouver weather.

  • yellowsnow

    So I can use my hard earned money elsewhere

  • Trevon

    I want this just to confuse the in laws.

  • Ann

    I need a Nest so I can save on my energy bills.

  • mosbysjedi

    I want to live in the future!

  • David Manzi

    I have been following the Nest Thermostat since it came out! It would be an amazing edition for my home! My fingers and toes are all crossed. ( Maybe I should see a doctor about that? )

  • maestro PL

    I always forget to turn down the heat when I leave town

  • HieuDo

    I need a Nest to monitor the temperature in my house for my pets while I am at work at the hospital.

  • greatcompromise

    I need automation.

  • CompCrash

    I need a new thermostat for my new apartment. I just moved and I’m pretty sure the one I have doesn’t work.

  • MasterEthan

    My thermostat is horrible and I need something that learns like Nest as I’m constantly changing it. I’d love to save time, money, and reduce the frustration.


    I need more technology in my life!

  • dortega2388

    I need nest because it’s hot in AZ! Need to set temp down before I get home!

  • Aetal

    Would love nest so I can save by changing the temp when I’m not home because my room likes it 90.

  • Jason Brown

    living in the hot desert of lv, ill need anything that will help reduce my energy costs this summer.

  • Andy Chu

    It would be nice to automate the heating so I can save on our natural gas usage. We don’t have to pay for it, but that’s no reason not to optimize.

  • Aceplanet

    I need Nest because I want to be able to turn on the air so i can come back to a house that is at a comfortable temperature, and not one with a HOT temperature.

  • Kirk M.

    so i dont have to get up and turn off the thermostat when its too hot or cold!

  • Goodriddance183

    I need a Nest because my house is already energy sucking enough as it is. Plus they are slick as snot.

  • Jason

    I need best because I don’t want to waste power while I’m at work, but gosh darnit I want a cold house when I get home.

  • Aj

    To automate the house environment 🙂

  • oliman37

    So I can keep the wife from wasting cash and control the thermostat myself

  • shawn

    I need a Nest so I can make My wife strip by slowly raising the temp until she has no choice but to remove everything 😉

  • Jason Carlisle

    I need Nest to take back control from my wife and her need for heat.

  • ajm531

    i need a nest because i love control!

  • Kevin Hannigan

    I need Nest because I love new gadgets.

  • Dustimus_Prime

    I’ve been following the Nest since it hit the market. It’s a sweet little device, but much like you stated, it come at a price. This thing would be amazing to have in our house. 🙂

  • Phil

    I need Nest to lower my electric bill, after the first month of playing with it so much that it raises my electric bill

  • Johnny S.

    I need a Nest because I commute a long distance to work and it sucks when I forget to turn off the heater before I leave my house.

  • Carol Buchman

    I live in upstate NY & the heating bills are astronomical!!!! This winter was the “winter from hell”. A Nest would be a real life saver!

  • G_Ret

    I’ve heard so many amazing things about the automation from friends who have it!

  • zero0db

    To make efficient use of electricity

  • mikeym0p

    I was hooked on getting one of these before Google bought em up.

  • Amandeep Singh

    I need to save money so I can buy new computer!

  • Timothy Kennedy

    I have a mighty need to adjust the air while I’m in the bathroom

  • J Harrell

    Its time to upgrade from the builder’s grade thermostat

  • erikiksaz

    Cus controlling the thermostat shouldn’t be so…unconfigurable.

  • FredHoo

    Because my wife has banned me from buying anymore gadgets.

  • German Lopez

    I really need the Nest because my electric bills are insanely high, i need something that will help me regulate my electricity use.

  • HuskerDad3

    I’d love to be able to control my thermostat remotely. I’ve also heard they are more cost saving then a regular programmable thermostat. Who doesn’t like saving money.

  • monkeytacos

    Yes ! woo hoo

  • Metal_Link

    It’s time for my house to ascend out of the late 90’s.

  • miharkula

    Need a new thermostat anyway (mine likes to randomly change settings), so why not get an android one 🙂

  • Nick Knudstrup

    It would be great to have hands on experience to help sell them.

  • NexusMan

    Nest is cool

  • Brooks Barnes

    I need a thermostat for my new house I’m building

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I need The Nest because I’d like to have a newer form of technology to control the temperature!

  • I need this so I can reduce my household costs otherwise I’ll have to sell a child.

  • Hoffman

    I need this. I always have wanted to remotely turn on the A/C before I get home. Now I can. 🙂

  • Sheldon Guy

    This would be a great product to have here in South Florida. I’m getting ready to move and Nest would come in handy for my new place.

  • Jared D

    Because Utah weather confuses me and my thermostat 🙁

  • PWN

    I just want one… that is all

  • JakedUp

    I need Nest because my house is really old and my energy bills are crazy!

  • Brian T

    So I can adjust the temp in the house while we’re still hours out from the house after returning from Grandparents’ house!

  • jmmcreynolds

    What are you doing Dave? …that’s all I have to say about Nest.

  • Haroon Dar

    Just cause nest is awesome

  • boehmer365247

    I need it because energy bills are too high.

  • disqus_z2BRZ2liVZ

    I need this to help with my bills! I never won anything…..

  • Moses

    Because it looks cool 😛

  • weathermanJake

    For when my wife sets the AC at 72 overnight then goes to work without bumping it back to 77. We live in Texas and trying to cool a big, not very efficient house when it is 100 out ain’t cheap.

  • Brian Wingert

    So that I can convince my mother that this is a worthwhile investment and our thermostat that we have isn’t even programmed properly… I know nest would save us money in the long run and be loads more accurate than any other thermostat I’ve used.

  • Spyder8

    Nest is an amazing piece of technology, it’s the future of thermostats.

  • Steve Giralt

    Because I’d love to set one of these in my house and annoy my wife with MOAR TECH

  • Da Billis

    Because it’s kick ass tech that belongs on my wall. Yup.

  • DainLaguna

    single dad could use some extra change in his pocket! natural gas is expensive!!

  • alfredjr

    So I can be cool like you. But not too cool. That wastes energy.

  • elsnapple

    Well I need nest because I just bought a 3,000 sq ft house that is all electric heat and i need to put a Nest Thermostat in each room. And as you may have guessed I am not Bill Gates so i dont have boatloads of cash!

  • avataranjie

    I like to turn up the heat 😉

  • bnm27

    My 1937 house could use some help

  • bassmaster118

    Nest will help me save money so I can buy more tech goodness.

  • Deegan1212

    A good start for home automation

  • Jerry

    It is nice

  • phekno

    Because the Honeywell sucks

  • I need hazel free life and that why I need nest

  • Brad

    Looking to see if we can save some money since we just had our fist child a couple weeks ago!

  • JaseYANG

    Save Money

  • Chris

    I’m the idiot that leaves the air on all day while I’m gone…I need this

  • Clayton Burnett

    the final step in my connected home….almost.

  • Dodger

    beyond ready

  • Donnie Dangus

    Energy savings. Jackpot.

  • Andrew Sharrow

    Why do I need one? Did you miss this past winter?!

  • Clintro

    i need it because it is cool, dammit! lol

  • Our pitiful digital thermostat that came with the house is anything but easy to use. Would be REALLY nice to have something easy to read and use for a change!

  • bunnybash

    Because I want to some me some monies!!!

  • Josh Imig

    Need to save $$ with an 18 month old

  • Tony Kros

    Gimme gimme!

  • Daniel White

    I need Nest because I am building a home next to my mother in laws.

  • Keith Ketover

    I can’t wait to win this one! My thermostat thinks it’s soooooooooooo smart….. I want to teach it a lesson!

  • Jess Gibson

    Been wanting to try one of these for awhile

  • Joshua Casey

    So I can cut down on my energy bills this summer!

  • Ariel Felder

    Our thermostat isn’t working at all so winning this would make it so I don’t have to buy one

  • Daniel M.

    Woot. Want one!

  • Scott Sokley

    I need one to start automating my home!

  • Jovan G.

    For the new house and all the remodeling!

  • Eric Ross

    Just trying to limit use of fossil fuels so I can fight terrorism at home and at work. ‘Merica

  • 2C

    Would love to have one of these. Good luck to all that enter.

  • jared

    Because I love tech and my energy bills need a trim.

  • Michael Evans

    Either my A/C or thermostat is broken, its unbearably hot in my place right now, this might help.

  • Sean

    it’d be sweet

  • Jeff718

    I need a nest to save money.

  • Kenny Woodard

    Would love to have one!

  • Summer is coming

  • kevinh52

    Would love my current thermostat to disappear. It has mercury.

  • MF

    Birthday gift for dad!

  • Curtis Black

    Why don’t you need Nest in your life?

  • TinyTech L.E.

    My life revolves around Google, its about time my house does the same.

  • Anthony Tyson

    I need the future

  • Mike Dillinger

    I would love to have one so I can adjust the temperature after the kids keep messing with it….

  • amoren

    Earth Day today. Gotta help our Nest!

  • Chris Barton

    Nest completes me.

  • Montrale Hammonds

    Please let me win this contest I don’t think I’ve wanted a thermostat this badly in my life. It’ll go a long way in helping me manage myself as well as my household better.

  • JaronDW


  • Akilig

    In it to win it

  • TheDave1022

    Nest would be pretty nice

  • Zac

    This would be a great way to save $!

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    I need a nest to keep my damn AC running in the summer

  • john0214

    I love Google

  • cush2push

    because i spent $1600 on electric alone

  • Doug Klimah

    I want to lay in bed and pay with the thermostat. Like every dad should

  • Derek Dudley

    I need to get rid of the POS one we have now and bring my house into the future.

  • Adam Intinarelli

    I need my mom to save money every way she can, and this would certainly help her.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    I still have a thermostat from the 80s.

  • Brock Johnson

    Honesty why I need the nest is because I live in Tennessee and it gets super hot here and just found out last week my air condition doesn’t work in my house. Luckily the temperature has been cool at night and I live in a windy area. But anyways I have to get this fixed and a nest thermostat would ease the price I have to pay to fix my air condition

  • Torin

    It would be a good start on automating my house. That and it would allow me to change the heat without leaving my comfy spot on the couch.

  • Bently Wong

    a nest thermostat would be an awesome addition to our not very efficient home.

  • Andru Igrog

    I like the idea of controlling the temperature from my phone.

  • hedsick

    To never get out of bed again!

  • Ricky Blanco

    I need NEST in my life because I think NEST is the perfect device to begin integrating my home for the future!!

  • jbreezy

    my current thermostat is about 100 yrs old and i’m such a goon that i can’t figure out how to program it! a nest will be easier!

  • Thomas Murphy

    I want nest so I can turn the heat on from my couch.

  • Kevin Morales

    To save money.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Nest is love. Nest is life

  • Kaitlin Smith

    Nest is something I’ve been really interested in, but the price tag is a little steep for me! I think it would be perfect for our family!

  • Davros

    Because Im too lazy to get up to turn the heat/ac on 🙂

  • Philip

    I need to keep my house at a good temperature and my thermostat isn’t accurate

  • Tyler

    I want to be able to change the temperature in my house from my couch.

  • Reyes Cedeño

    New thermostat for my so yes, count me in

  • Greg Montaño

    We’ve been trying with the idea of a new thermostat all winter and never pulled the trigger due to cost. This would be sweet!

  • Tyler A.

    Because it’s an awesome, innovative product!

  • OK. I’ll be blunt – I want this to get my nerd on, household style! That, and my wife will never be able to turn the thermostat up again because she hates technology and won’t bother to learn to use it :0

  • Keyan X

    It’ll be the next step in converting my house to a smart house, all connected via my Google account. This way when someone hacks my account they can basically control my house

  • Travis Keany

    I need a Nest in my life because my current thermostat is ancient and terrible.

  • Rob Hestar

    Every bird needs a nest!

  • jo_stv

    should save me a little moolah!

  • Aaron

    Wonder if they changed the hardware/software and what the packaging will look like? #wantone

  • Corey Moore

    My schedule is super crazy and its a great way to make my life easier. It will also save me money!

  • Josh C


  • Lance Cokel

    I want to save some money and play with a new toy too

  • Jaykid007

    Love this technology!

  • MindShattering

    Would be sweet to control my A/C from work. Especially during the summers in Arizona.

  • Shootingblue

    I need to win a nest because I can’t afford to buy one!

  • wera750

    I need to save money so I can buy more devices!

  • Colby Ashcroft

    I have the worst thermostat. Hope I win

  • wikkedwun

    My girlfriend and her mom always want the heat on. Our bill was 240 dollars last month. I need a thermostat that can regulate the temperatures when we are away to save money. Please pick me. 🙂

  • ThatFool

    Moving into a new house soon, nest would be perfect in it!

  • Tpags

    Doing some remodeling and a Nest would be a nice touch

  • cornflahkes

    Just bought a new house last week. It has some ancient old thing on the wall, definitely need this!

  • dguy25

    Nest me…please

  • Brandon Landfried

    I need to save money!

  • jsz3us

    I never win lol

  • JoeTi

    I just want to pretty up my thermo.

  • Bill Wen

    To have a smarter home!

  • I’ll take a Nest for my house!

  • Gunnar Jones

    Being able to adjust the thermostat to this ridiculous bipolar weather on the go would be nice…

  • Derek Petersen

    I like the simple design

  • Josh Phillips

    Because I need more beautiful devices in my life.

  • Amanda Nelson

    Need one!

  • BloodiedWraith

    Would love to get one of these – would be perfect for my wife and I to keep the energy bill down when we’re away.

  • Dabestfooever

    Save money and be a complete Google fanboy

  • Alex Faber

    I need nest to save money and because I live in the south.

  • steven sullivan

    I would love to have the Nest thermostat.

  • utkballa

    Keep my roommate away!

  • ChuckDz3

    Probably give it to my parents to help them with energy savings since I’m currently living in an apartment

  • tyd450

    I’m cold

  • Fhel

    because $250 is more than I want to spend on a thermostat.

  • yodatom10

    Oh come on who wouldn’t want a google powered thermostat….

  • OriginalMP3

    I need it because I have a dumb thermostat in one room and a dumb zone control in another room for only around 1200 square feet of house. I’m sick of having to change both of them when I go to bed with the hope that I don’t wake up sweating

  • BMc

    The Nest will help increase efficiency of my electric use this summer which will greatly help with the baby we are expecting.

  • Shockey62

    So I can manage the temperature of my house when I’m not even home. A smart home is a better home.

  • TB

    Not rich enough to buy one.

  • Sean McQueen

    Would love to have one!

  • Tyler Spurgeon

    Because thermostat.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Gimme. My thermostat stinks.

  • Chris Sawyer

    Time to get rid of my ancient craptastic thermostat.

  • tishabarr216

    This is really cool! I want a smart home.

  • mrvizziato

    I’d love nothing more then to turn my home into a smart house and save my parents money at the same time!!

  • Jeremy Buro

    So I can control my central air when I go away on vacation through the internet! SOOO cooollllll!

  • To control my heat like a boss

  • Richard Pao

    I need to save $$$

  • Paul Christopher

    I would use nest to update the extremely outdated thermostats in my house. They’re horrible and half the time don’t like to kick the heat on

  • David L Holzer

    Would love to have nest to help my wife be more comfortable in our house as she is battling breast cancer for the second time. Been fighting the fight for 14 mos. now.. Thanks.

  • sdierks

    I would like this so I can use the money I save to buy the LG G3 when it comes out.

  • Cris Gizzi

    I need Nest in my life so that I can save money on my bills while still maintaining a reasonable comfort level.

  • Bionic

    I need 2 nests because I have 1 zone on my whole house.

  • extra money for my g watch would be great. this will help me save that up! rent sucks

  • vernSL

    Was just thinking about buying a couple of these

  • Bryan Spina

    To control my air conditioner to the nth degree

  • Chewey246

    Thanks for a chance to win! I would love to use it

  • Thomas Su

    I need nest so I can reduce energy usage in my house!

  • rocs_macho

    In it to win it

  • Nate

    So my parents can have it. 😛

  • Always thought these things look interesting. especially the “smart” features that can supposedly save you money

  • Jayvee Ballesteros

    I need it to save money to buy Oppo Find 7.

  • Paul Klissas

    Winter Is Coming! I will need this!

  • I just bought a house and need to upgrade the ancient thermostat….a Nest would be perfect

  • needa

    i so want a nest thermostat.

  • zephiK

    In for one


    I really want one of these. A lot.

  • Dave Goldstein

    Hey why not?

  • Adam Elghor

    To save money so I can buy the moto 360

  • nesdude

    In it to win it, I guess!

  • NickRo7

    I have a horrible old programmable thermostat that I should replace anyways. A bright shiny new Nest thermostat would look awesome on my wall! Thanks for another great contest!

  • Tony Lippert

    I’ll take one…

  • RhinoShock


  • Brad Hoschar

    My girlfriend always cranks the great WWAAAAYYY up and I want to put a lock on it!

  • iScream4

    I need nest so Google can give me new coupons on Air Duct cleaning services.

  • Trevor m

    It just looks fantastic. That’s the only reason I need.

  • john lynch

    To cut my electric bill so I don’t go homeless this summer.

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    I need it so I can upgrade from my very old thermostat.

  • JoeIpp

    I need one because the more home devices I can Connell with my android devices the better!

  • Anthony Richard

    strange hours and long shifts, NEST will set the thermostat!

  • jefftphillips

    I would love to change out my old thermostats

  • TandCplus1

    summer’s almost here love to crank on the a.c. on the way home from work!

  • roz

    Adjusting the temp when away from the house would be great

  • davehuze

    This would be a big improvement over my retro dial thermostat

  • T_Dizzle

    The programmable thermostat I have now isn’t very accurate when reporting the temperature.

  • Matthew Smith

    I need this because I have failed at explaining why it’s worth it to my wife.

  • Mike_Cook7

    At $800 for a tank of oil who couldn’t use this.

  • ryan

    I need the nest to keep the cave warm

  • Jerry Goodridge

    I want to amaze my friends and family!

  • Scott Bonaparte

    I refuse to buy the device cash since I believe a new version created post merger will enter the market. The device also needs remote sensor (mine currently does) so when we’re going to sleep on the 2nd floor the temp on that floor is managed (not the 1st floor temp and educated guess). So the smoke alarm is nice (once fixed) but remote temp sensors and/or mobile management controller with thermostat (build in phones would be nicer so we could crowd source temp readings).

    This is why I don’t sleep much..

  • muddy46

    ILove to have a nest to better control my c/a and h/p, going greener, and lowering my energy costs. Its a win/win/win!

  • Jarrett Hickman


  • Kevin Vesga

    My current termostat is rather old school and not necessarily intuitive to use. I’d love to replace it with a Nest.

  • chad taylor


  • Chad

    I need to control my power bills.

  • NikkDotCom

    I need a Nest so i can save money everything month and use it to get my daughter her first tablet!

  • I need nest in my home so I can mess with my family and change the temp around without them knowing :p

  • FelisLachesis

    House is too big, seriously. The hearing and A/C costs are way high

  • Matt

    I want to play with it and see why it’s so awesome.

  • Kevin

    I want to give this to my parents so they can enjoy the experience

  • Jon

    Because you can never go wrong with all things google…

  • James Hill

    Because my thermostat is old.

  • Smith Doe

    Need to figure out the right temperature to root my htc m8!

  • Greg Robinson

    To save money.

  • Dennis Payne


  • Ronald Bernard

    It would help save money…..money that could be used on my Nexus 6. :0)

  • Greg Childers

    I want. These are awesome.

  • akellar

    Could be useful in this bipolar weather

  • bobbymay1

    I am a broke college kid!

  • EngineerGeek

    I need to control the heat and AC in my house better when im not here

  • acashe42

    I simply need nest for the convenience.

  • Franco

    Moving in one week, going to miss my programmable thermostat, need to save energy for the conservation of this planet!

  • chris

    This is the coolest thermostat ever.

  • cmptrprog

    I need it so I can control thermostat from bed in the middle of the night for my wife

  • Corey Hedberg

    Gotta save some money.

  • RiotPenguin

    Would love to track my energy usage and save money!

  • I need it so it can save me money so i can buy more tech toys!

  • WAldenIV

    Energy efficiency will save money.

  • kaydense

    I would give it to my dad who is currently in a phase of converting all of our light switches into wifi activated ones. It’d be nice to be able to do that (and more) with our thermostat too!

  • BillJude56

    After the longest winter in many, many years and 300 extra gallons of heating oil, we need Nest to save us some dough and make us smarter.

  • Mikel Boyd

    I’ve always wanted a Nest but can’t afford one so please pick me

  • Timfantry

    Want a NEST

  • Dennis Moore

    I need it because I have two kids and no money. Need to save some green

  • leo

    Gotta have one of these!

  • Colin

    Save the planet and all that!

  • stache


  • mercado79


  • dochill4u

    I need to see the awesomeness

  • Stephan Erat

    I’ve wanted one for a while, but can’t justify the price.

  • Ivan Tse

    I need this so I can control my home’s temp via phone as well as I <3 new toys

  • Joseph Dent

    Traditional programmables don’t work well with radiant heat in the fall and spring.

  • Matt Ponkey

    I need everything google!

  • DesignsByNinja

    I need this omg! would be a really cool way of making our heating temps right and save money doing so!

  • Eric Cox

    I want another one for when I buy a house with two thermostats

  • Kevin

    This would get me closer to one Sweet home setup.

  • Geovanny Vento

    Just had my first son the nest would help be very convenient

  • Rick

    Looking for some efficiency!

  • Alexander H

    Cooling home from the phone and reducing energy bill, and it looks cool

  • Leon

    Definitely would look good replacing the old thermostat in my house!

  • Chris

    So I can set comfortable temperatures before I get home.

  • Aaron Sassoon

    As it was said in the blog post nest is by far the best android accessory!

  • suprkain

    Need to slowly start to make my house smart without my wife noticing.

  • ramifications

    I need a nest because my family always argues over the temperature and who changed it or should change it! With a Nest, we’ll be able to do it wirelessly from wherever we are (and we’ll know who the culprit for changing it is!) 🙂

    Thanks DL!

  • John

    This would be a great way to save money on heating

  • Nick

    i need it to brag

  • borgunit


  • Jeff Ferry

    Just bought a house and a new thermostat is one of many things we need. We love the eco and away modes too!

  • Mason Lammers

    I live in an old house that needs knowledge. Plus if we had Ghosts, this would certainly shew them away.

  • jeryd

    buying a new house… needs this!!!

  • Jordan Buchanan

    Our Thermostats are from the early 1980s. A bit of tech put into the house cant hurt a bit!

  • JohnG500

    I need Nest in my life so my parents can save $$$….my mom has a chronic illness and has had it since 2001 and mer medical expensies are high and this would help a lot!

  • i like it cool, the wife likes it warm. these babies will keep us comfy and save some cash, good luck to all

  • ericsorensen

    My thermostat is so old it has mercury floating around in a glass tube!

  • Scott Manders

    Need is such a strong word… I prefer want.

  • reverov

    Because I can?

  • Marc

    I have quite a nice honeywell unit, but this would certainly be nicer.

  • ih8legal

    Because it is so cool. That is literally the only reason anyone “needs” an nest.

  • tomgillotti

    Would love one of these. Thanks for running the contest!

  • Wayne Broyles-Reiner

    I need it because i have a crappy old thermostat that works when it feels like it. I want it because it is freaking amazing. I loved the one that was installed at a house i rented for a short time. I always thought it was cool that it would automatically turn on when i walked by.

  • Sean ➫

    My house would love one!

  • StargateNH

    To gift it to my friend in need of one. Im in an apartment so no need. But my friend does.

  • Brandon Struzyk

    I would love to top my want for the newest coolest tech….can’t always afford it though

  • powerskc

    time to retire to old one and move to some current tech

  • Ron

    I could use a new thermostat that is smarter than me.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I need it because if I don’t, I could die!

  • whartwell

    Just bought a house, and it could use a new thermostat!

  • MRising

    Just moved into our new house and the stats they put in are ancient!

  • Moeyknight

    Doing some renovations, so this would be awesome. 🙂

  • Tim

    I want a free Nest!!

  • MasonMathews

    I want!

  • Alex

    Save save save

  • So I can change the temperature of my house while laying in bed! 🙂

  • Brandon Barlow

    I am the poor house in the nice neighborhood and want to keep up with the neighbors.

  • jbank

    I need a Nest so I can control the thermostat from my Pebble smartwatch!

  • Britt Dietz

    Looking forward to trying this out… love making the house automated.

  • Cesar Leyva

    I would love Nest Thermostat to make my home more energy efficient.

  • Jeff Robinson

    This would be dope to earn

  • mistergrub

    Need to smart proof my home

  • GP

    Need the Nest to have a baller thermostat.

  • smisa27

    I need it because…..I really want it!!!

  • Trooper311

    Need this to save monies!

  • Chris Bell

    Nest would be great as I wouldn’t have to pay for a service through my digital life account. And can help save on energy costs!

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Need to save some cash and plus it looks so nice.

  • Christopher Taydus

    I’ve been rocking a Nest Protect for a few months and would love to continue my home automation progress!!!

  • Sc4rry69

    This would be the perfect addition to the house I just bought!!!

  • Kilgore Trout

    The Nest is easy to use and learns my heating and cooling likes. That why I want one!!!

  • Jason Chittenden

    My heating bills are ridiculous hope i win!

  • dave

    Because it is excellent!

  • Kenny Hopkins

    I need Nest because I have a new house and a new dog and now a baby on the way. I love to stay cutting edge and with family life creeping in, it is going to be harder and harder. This will keep me up to date and help me save money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Zanzaras

    Sweet… we need a new thermostat and i’ve been looking at these. Would be nice to have one.

  • Princesation

    I need it so my house can be smarter

  • Veeman XDA

    Would be a cool new thermostat

  • jtdfan

    Nest! Woo hoo!

  • Larry

    i don’t need it…..but i want it i want it i want it

  • DeeMat

    I need to win this Nest because my current thermostat is not bueno.

  • Chad D.

    Because when I blast my thermostat at -50 degrees on a hot summer day I need to be able to control the temperature from my phone because my legs will likely be frozen in place.

  • SteveG12543

    I need a nest to save money! Plus the awesome convenience of being able to set everything remotely.

  • cgalyon

    Because I have to manage constantly changing climate conditions for my infant son (where I live the humidity and temperature change dramatically throughout the day during some seasons)


    Because my wife wants on so badly…no, SERIOUSLY. I’m the techie of the family, she’s the CPA. After she saw it at Home Depot she couldn’t stop geeking out about it. Being the budget conscience person in the family she thinks it will save us money on our heating and cooling bills.

  • Krishna Ersson

    Save money, save the environment!

  • Nicholas Baccala

    I just want to annoy the Mrs. while at work. =p

  • spudskier

    Too expensive, would love one for free

  • gardobus

    Because Arizona is too damned hot and keeping it cool 24/7 is expensive.

  • coh303

    I’d love to get my hands on one of these! Otherwise its gonna be a while before I can justify the cost/benefit.

  • Daniel

    I need a new thermostat.

  • free nest thermostat? im in

  • pezjono

    I’m in Phoenix, I could put some really good use to that thermostat with the Summer coming up!

  • jromash

    Blog post comment

  • pd240

    I have been looking at getting a nest ever since I read the DL review. Looks premium and functions great.

  • Tristan the Marine

    Because my roommates are awful at remembering to turn the air on or off

  • Scott Breitbach

    I’m cheap!

  • mrjayviper


  • Everything else is connected in my house… why not my thermostat?

  • Brian L

    I have no working thermostat!

  • Kris Lowell

    I need a Nest so that I don’t die of heat exhaustion…or freeze… or die of oldschoolthermostatitis.

  • tharealoc

    Because google owns it now…

  • punkorambo

    I would love to save some dough in the energy usage area of my household expenses!

  • Oliver Chen

    i want to try this

  • AntiJeff

    I have teens

  • Kolma

    I love technology

  • zaraki921

    the nest will help me save money, and saving money is always a great thing.

  • jorelkilcullen

    Need a nest to be able to turn up the heat when I’m on my way home from extended trips away.

  • michaeluchikado

    I would never have to leave my bed again!

  • Damon C. Walden

    Absolutely awesome, I’ve been eyeballing one of these for over a year. Just haven’t been able to justify the price.

  • Charley

    I have been wanting one since they came out

  • Andrew

    I hope I win!!

  • Michael Quinlan

    My family doesn’t have a set schedule from one day to the next, so something we can adjust remotely would be great.

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Like to control my gas/electric bill,as well as track usage..

  • waternut13134

    The nest would be perfect to help me save energy this summer. Plus I can have it cool the house on my way home from work.

  • monkey082506

    I need this nest so I don’t have to buy one…as simple as that.

  • Jonathan Figueroa

    Need to join the 21 century.

  • Jim Jordan

    Last month my bill was $100too much, I want to fix it.

  • because it looks cool

  • Aaron

    Just bought a house and the thermostat is from the 70s & needs updated.

  • Eric

    I have a smartphone and a smart car already might as well add a smart house.

  • Daniel Pesta

    This would be cool to have with my new S5

  • Mike Vaughn

    I need it to replace the old thermostat in my home.

  • Ben Pasternak

    Because I love to be in control of every aspect of my life.

  • Mykich

    Looking at houses now… Already know I’m putting one of these in wherever we end up.

  • Aaron

    Nest me Droid-Life!

  • Nathan Corachea

    I need a Nest thermostat because my father refuses to upgrade from our old dial thermostat. It is horrible, so never get to use it really. Please!!!

  • SoccerRef12

    I Would Love A New, Energy Efficient Thermostat!

  • Barlog

    I’m a heating and cooling service tech and would love to test one of these out to tell people about it

  • Sterling76

    Just bought a house, so this would be the perfect house warming gift.

  • Gary


  • Chad Winner

    This would be a great addition to the home improvement I already can’t afford.

  • Fernando Gomez-Baquero

    Cool gadget.

  • glee47


  • fyrhtu

    I need a nest so I can save money, and properly manage my thermostat- heat on the way home in winter, shut it off when we’re away, and so on.

  • DavidEvans32

    Contest over, it’s mine

  • Tim

    I don’t have a Facebook account….. I never will 🙂

  • j_della9

    Just bought a house with my wife and looking to save energy and upgrade heating / cooling system!

  • 994196003

    Being able to remotely control temps

  • jeff


  • blacko20

    Don’t make me beg. PLEASE!!!!!

  • I need it so when my wife complains that she’s too hot or cold at night I don’t have to get up.

  • kubukoz

    I need Nest simply because I love the way it works!

  • Sciaid

    Curious to start the integrated home control.

  • kevincburns2

    I need Nest to help control the fluctuating temperatures my wife and I desire throughout the day!

  • Mike Hunneshagen

    Awesome looking device!

  • steveindajeep

    cause i want one?

  • MaddHatterr

    I love geeking up my house. Doing it with a practical device would be a new pace.

  • Andrew Chiu

    my room is the hottest and coldest room in the house so i’m always either sweating bullets or seeing my breath.

  • Kie

    I need a Nest so when my wife turns the thermostat all the way up and I wake up sweating in the dead of night I can fix the problem from my bed instead of walking all the way to the thermostat

  • zachjen

    got a new house and would love to make it efficient!

  • randy

    I would like to have one, mine are ancient,

  • nliartis


  • Tyler

    Save money. save the world maybe?

  • napes22

    Who would have thought thermostats can be sexy?

  • jbowers01

    I need it because reasons.

  • snoty

    I need it because Kellen said so.

  • daveywoodard

    This wisconsin boy wants to save money!

  • bweezy21

    hook it up

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Control my thermostat when I’m not home

  • Chris

    I neeeeeeeeeed it!!!

  • Jonathan Pineda

    I want a nest to save money and control it from my phone

  • Trevor

    Love being able to control the temperature without being home. Or just when too lazy to get up from the couch/bed/chair/floor/sex swing, etc.

  • Patrick Hulton

    Because during the summer in FL, who doesn’t want to remote into a thermostat and set the temp down to 75 so the house is nice and cool when you get home?

  • Ben

    I want to live in the future too.

  • Mario Guzman

    I need a Nest to save money and enjoy the nice feature that comes with it when I download the app

  • So I don’t have to get out of bed to change the temperature. Why else?

  • One step closer to the future!

  • Dustin Ng

    I need a nest in my house to save my money!

  • because I’m a tech enthusiast, but not enough to justify the $250 price point to my wife

  • CmRam

    My thermostat looks older than I am

  • Arnol Lopez

    florida…Florida…FLORIDA!!! Muy caliente.

  • Clark Andrews

    I’d love to have one!

  • villian1998

    To control the heat/air….. duh

  • Chris

    I want a nest Because it’s so coooolllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JBlaze

    I was just shopping for a new thermostat, I need a much help as I can get in the summer sure to my tall ceilings.

  • gk08

    I’d love to have one to install in my grandmother’s house who pays $400 a month for heat in the winter because she is almost blind and won’t turn down her thermostats. Having one that I could turn down at night and up again in the morning and remotely adjust if needed would be a dream come true and save her from spending money that she really doesn’t have.

  • Christopher Temples

    Go great with my new house

  • Brent Newcomb

    I would like to save money on my utility bill

  • bejahu

    I need it because it’s very cool.

  • Drootz

    Been wanting a Nest for a while but just can’t afford it would love to win one though….

  • Alex Nicoletti

    Would love one of these in my new house.

  • Chris

    I need Nest cause it’s beautiful and awesome and I can save money and it learns from me!

  • Sebastian Atwater

    I need a Nest to control my damn temperature with minimal work!

  • Jpm7714

    I’d like to see how much money it can save me

  • Lucas Johnson

    I need control over my house’s temperature while at work.. So that it can be cool when I get home

  • Brandon Miller

    I live in the Midwest, which happens to be the perfect type of place for the Nest thermostat. A week ago it was 75 degrees, the next day it snowed. This Nest would be perfect for me.

  • darus77

    The cost is too much to justify one to my wife, but free???

  • Tony

    I’d gift it to my parents

  • Michael

    I need it for the same reason everyone else wants it. Because I want it.

  • Phil

    To save money lol

  • Andy Blystone

    Because i can’t translate the directions I have to program the thermostat i have…

  • Hastekilled

    Hope I win! Thanks for the chance!

  • Christopher Webb

    I’ve wanted Nest since it first released… such a beautiful, intuitive product!

  • Birtzer

    I’ve been eyeing these for awhile now. Would be an awesome upgrade.

  • Steven Then

    I am closing on my new home on April 30th. I could really use this to manage my HVAC:)

  • Dave

    I’ve wanted one since they came out. Would be nice in our new house.

  • Jeff


  • Steven Sangster

    I need it so I can buy more kovdev icon packs!

  • Brad Allred

    Just because it’s cool

  • jon

    I Need It To Impress Dem Hunnies 😉

    (And cause i like technology but mostly for Dem Hunnies)

  • neo1738

    Need it to save $ to buy an engagement ring, also having family live with you is expensive while paying your way through school!

  • Rory Green

    I need to save on heating!

  • Elizabeth Parker Sangster

    I need it to save money so I can buy a new purse!

  • My sister is moving into a house soon, so this would be a great present for her.

  • dantespeak

    Heck yes, Nest fort the win!

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Gotta save on those heating bills!

  • moew

    I for one welcome my new glowing wall hugging temperature controlling overlord!

  • AndroSync

    To change the temp remotely to screw with my roommates!

  • IanAndersonLOL


  • Michael Thomas Maliszewski Jr.

    to save and control my heat better.

  • b00sted

    I need it so I have my wife pretend to be impressed about my electronics I tinker with!

  • Jason Crittenden

    I would use it so my cat doesn’t need the same warm temperatures I do.

  • guapinoy

    Summer is Coming…

  • akazerotime

    Not that I stand to win but it would be nice if i get an email from Kellen or Tato that I have a nest on the way.

  • Isaac Zenger

    I would absolutely love one of these for my house for the energy savings!

  • Josh Hudson

    A Nest for me please!

  • Jack

    I need it so I can save money, so I can mine more bitcoin 😀

  • muscal

    To get my roommates to stop complaining about how hot is in their rooms after the heater goes on for too long!

  • luisrb7

    because now that it’s owned by Google it’ll probably get even better

  • TMKvamme

    I need nest because my roommates are always mesing with the thermostat.

  • lilseal18

    I need it because its cool!

  • Famousamos_man

    Would definitely make the choice of upgrading the second floor to one of these if I win a nest.

  • D


  • Jim Yee

    I want a nest to control the AC in this hot Arizona sun

  • I want to play with technology

  • Kyle Null

    because it’s cool.

  • Jared

    To be able to control the thermostat remotely would be awesome!

  • Justin Crespo

    I want to win

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Yes Please!

  • Kurt Weber

    I need Nest because Fathers Day is in 2 months and it would be a perfect gift for my dad who loves technology!

  • Keith

    I would love one because my wife never adjusts it before she leaves for work (which is after I leave).

  • Cristobal Garcia II

    I need one because I’m in the army and away from my a lot. My wife never turns the thermostat down when she is not home and runs up the electric bill and you know I don’t make much money lol. Ppppuuuuhhhhhlllleeeeaaaaadsssseeeee!

  • Lincoln M King

    Because it is another now Google device!!!

  • afazel

    I need a Nest because my wife and I can’t ever remember to change the thermostat back to where it needs to be!

  • Dave Whyte

    Moving into a new location need to keep energy cost down

  • ralphwiggum1

    Sometimes I’m lazy or too tired to get up and adjust the temperature. And I have my phone on me at all times. Match made in heaven.

  • LoveJailbreak4S

    I need Nest to help save money!!!

  • @1MPitts

    Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

  • yoshio_221

    I need a nest so I can control the temperature and air flow of my house from work before I get home, especially with relatives visiting from China, who don’t understand English or how to use American equipment.

  • Alan Chavez

    I need it to save money on my power with this Houston heat coming.

  • This would be awesome to have

  • jakymiwm

    I need the Nest because I am using an old mercury thermostat right now.

  • Rafa

    Just bought a house & would look great!

  • dolphinmarino

    I want

  • Paolo Tolomeo

    So I never have to get out of bed and change the thermostat when the wife asks ever so politely.

  • Joe

    New house closing in May. Perfect addition for a new start

  • I need nest because I’m still using a thermostat with Mercury in it!

  • Bindy

    I need it cause weather where I live freking sucks

  • Luis M

    New tech is always awesome!

  • synplex

    I HOPE I WIN!!!!

  • Timothy Yee

    Having a newborn twins, the ease of setting thermostats either coming home or leaving the house can be helpful. Every minute counts. Nest will not only help with warming and cooling house but save me money and more diaper duty.

  • Roy Aguilera

    I’ll take 1

  • Georgio

    I wanttt to turnn it!!!

  • Rich Eakin

    I’d love to have a nest

  • Chris Boyer

    I’ve wanted one so bad since I first heard about them but haven’t had the money! It would really help ac bills!

  • PotatoKidd

    Prepare for summer!! x3

  • Lexus Larry

    I need the Nest thermostat to add a curve to my linear life.

  • Turner

    I need a Nest because I can’t get enough Google!!

  • Shane McKeever

    Because its freezing temps one day, and then 80. While my thermostat is of the manual ‘heat’ or ‘cool’ variety.

  • androidkin

    Use the Nest to adjust the temperature at home remotely when you forgot to with normal thermostats.

  • Ryan Gullett

    hot summer coming! Nest would be great to try out.

  • Daniel Henson

    I have one… love it!

  • SoCalPaul

    I don’t need it… I just want it!

  • EngineerGunter

    I live in a split-level home and the upstairs neighbors have all the control over the thermostat. It is ALWAYS freezing here… and the worst is when they leave for a weekend and there’s no way for us to control the thermostat! My landlord wouldn’t invest in any other smart or wifi-enabled thermostats because they are “too expensive.” I don’t think he realizes how much these things can save!

  • Paraspolo

    Boom. Done

  • BlackTaxi2d

    i want to save some quiche!

  • gthomsen0529

    need to replace my honeywell!

  • tommyj2062

    I need a Nest

  • Damien Luna

    I would love to get nest. I have two dogs that i consider to be my kids and i already have a camera installed at home so i can watch them and it would be nice to have the nest so i can control the temperature from work so that they arent getting to hot while im not home being that the days have been getting warmer i swear summer is here already its been hitting the 80s and 90s lately.

  • Alex Rocha

    Living in Texas, and summer is coming soon. Nest is the perfect way to manage it!

  • Amand Casto

    I would like save money on my electric bill by finding the perfect steady temperature in my house!

  • Xavier

    It would help me save money in the long run, since it a has the auto away feature.

  • jolt.ball

    I have been waiting for this. Give me one.

    With a baby coming, i would love to save some $$$ on utilities

  • Cyrus Gold

    To mess with the wife when I’m not home!

  • Chris Ghubril

    I so want one!

  • mixpix405

    Nest is the best! I want to be able to manage my thermostat remotely.

  • Jenn Elliott

    I’m always wanting to expand my knowledge of all “smart devices” (*especially* Android OS) and realize it’s past time that I include accessories that interact intelligently with these devices (but are somewhat autonomous, as well).

    As I lack the funds to delve into this accessories aspect now, winning a Nest (possibly the best smart acccessory available), would give me a great starting-point for gaining personal & hands-on insight into this rapidly growing tech category.

    Thanks for the contest opportunity, DL!!

  • kwikie

    Nest will help us save money and make our house Smart….than it would be smarter than my fiance!!

  • Jeff Skilling

    W00t looking forward to it! Thank you Droid Life!

  • dp03

    I never remember to change it, so feel like I’m losing money keeping my thermostat at a constant temp. I would love to be at work and dial the temp up or down.

  • goodkodiak

    I need the nest because I would like to win one of these giveaways someday

  • EvanJ2462

    I’m in!

  • Looks like it would greatly help the energy costs in my home

  • Rob

    been wanting this for a while… google needs to know even more about me…

  • Christopher S. Bates


  • Jase

    An advanced thermometer to save money on energy usage? Count me in!

  • knightracer

    I’m not cold enough

  • housry23

    It’s simple. I could save money in the long run!

  • chudilo

    Have dual stage heat (Heat pump and Gas furnace in MN) . Need to figure out if it works right.

  • Brock Dawkins

    I’ll name my child droid life if I win.

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time now. I’m moving to Chicago next month and I’m hoping I can put one of these in my new place.

  • joejoe5709

    I would loooove a Nest. It’s the future and it’s my first step to some home automation.

  • Douglas Lewis

    house cold, dogs don’t like

  • Tbone Haberer

    Yes please!

  • Hope I win!! Need to save money!

  • I need Nest so I can be a control happy Temperature dictator!

  • yankeesusa

    I need nest because saving money on your electric bill is always a good thing plus the convenience of the nest is worth it on its own.

  • Dan Zschokke

    So I can get rid of my crap Honeywell!

  • Dylan Doucet

    These look awesome. If the price drops, they will sell a pile of them.

  • Jason Ski

    Save some Moolah!

  • Karen

    I would like a Nest because my husband keeps the house cold and I’d like to be able to crank up the heat without having to get out of bed!! 🙂

  • silver_arrow

    I need a Nest because I am always on the hunt for cool new and innovative things to use in my life and my home is where a lot of those come together.

  • Randy Souza

    Because I’m a college student and need to save money!

  • Chris

    So I can keep my heating bill down!

  • ashmantrevor

    I’d tell my wife I paid full price and watch her freak out!

  • Art Holguin

    it will look much better than what i have now.

  • Ron

    I want it!

  • eugaet

    I’m looking to save money on our energy bills.

  • bka9

    I need a nest so I can save $$$$ and further automate my home.

  • Ben Klene

    I really just want to try one of these things out and see if they’re worth the money.

  • James Heyneman

    Auto-away is a must!

  • eric1743

    Because I’m terrible about remembering if the thermostat was set correctly.

  • skylordusa1

    I just bought a house and the current thermostat is old and horrible looking.

  • Jon Drain

    I want Nest because Ellen says it’s cool.

  • Adam

    need a nest

  • jp4

    I love connected things

  • Jeff

    I need it so I can turn the air on from my phone when Iam getting busy with your girl.

  • gtdtm

    I’d like to save some on my HVAC bills.

  • Raj Bhatt

    I live in AZ. Since I bought the Nest last year, it has reduced our electric bill by an average of $100 per month. Pretty awesome.

  • Jeremy Beasley

    The energy efficiency with the connected thermostat has had me wanting one for years!

  • Lucas Cannon

    It would be nice to save a little extra money.

  • Augustin

    I need it to save on my energy costs in summer in Arizona.

  • Tom Dwenger

    I need it so i can be hip like all the cool kids these days

  • ScoobySnack

    I love Nest! I only have Gen 1 and would like Gen 2. Give my old ones to my parents.

  • Kevin

    Our current thermostat is nowhere near as nice as this.

  • Mike

    Mama bird needs this!

  • CyJax415

    The money saved with Nest will help me buy past, present and future Icon Packs for life!

  • Jason Maze

    I’ve got twins so I need to save as much money as I can.

  • ggpike

    We are building our first house and closing on May 22nd. We purposefully left off thermostat units in order to have NESTs instead. So this would pretty much be PERFECT!

  • laheelahee

    i need it because i just fired my butler /s

  • mwao


  • Christopher Sharpe

    I need one so I can be like the cool kids

  • Brian

    I just want to try 🙂

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    New home being finished shortly, would look sexy with some fancy new technology inside!

  • schmaltzy

    I live in North Dakota……-20 below in the winter and up to 100 in the summer. I need nest to help me with that huge temp span!

  • JC

    Summer is coming

  • Dave Sacco

    To save $ and let the Google overlords know even more about me!

  • jt

    Would be awesome to have one

  • jamisonfitz

    I need it to save money, im broke!

  • Logan Anteau

    I’d like to have a Nest to save on my energy bill and nerd out at the same time!!

  • jjjmmmhhh

    My current thermostat is dumb and doesn’t allow for even basic programming.

  • tjubb

    This would look great on my wall and something else to play with on my phone! Temperature up…temperature down…

  • Daniel Traynor

    I need one in my life… I just do. 🙂

  • chris

    Would go great in my first home

  • BikerBob1789

    Save money in the central Texas heat.

  • Brian Rosman

    I need Nest because my new 1930-era house is poorly insulated, and heating it when no one is home just contributes to global warming. But our current thermostat is too stupid to know that I’m gone. So winning the contest will basically save the planet, essentially.

  • jafunk

    i need one to help lower my cooling bill this summer!

  • thommiller

    So very nice

  • GHenius

    Please and thank you!

  • Mike Sims

    I NEED this!!! New house with 2 thermostats! PLEASE let me WIN!

  • Chris B

    I’m curious on if anyone has any figures on how much “money they have saved” using this thing. . . .

  • Chris B


  • ccray

    Sounds like a cool device, could help save some money

  • Patrick Sullivan

    To help save money and give me more control

  • g_what

    So I can control my thermostat when I’m away from my apartment! My job requires me to be away for days (or sometimes weeks) at a time. This would be great so I can control the thermostat from my phone.

  • JeepMonster

    I need it to help keep my house nice and warm so my children don’t freeze to death. Or, to keep them cool in the blazing summer. It’s all about the children!

  • bibbyboi

    Not exactly sure how I’d use it yet but it would definitely be cool to win one and figure it out. lol.

  • AJH

    I’d love to adjust the temperature around my schedule to save on my energy bill.

  • Christopher Ginac

    Cause everything by google is awesome?

  • John Motschenbacher

    old one is a mercury one!

  • Christian Farr

    i need a nest in my life because escrow litterly closed today on my new house and it needs a new thermostat before we move in. Got to play to win

  • MrD1sturbed

    I need a nest because my thermostats are over 8 years old and are starting die out. What better to replace them with.

  • Jason13L

    I am getting a new AC unit tomorrow since my 15-year-old unit bit the dust. This will help bring my house up to modern!

  • We’re buying a new house, I’d love to install a nest in our new nest.

  • Joseph J Pfister

    I need to save money. …who doesn’t?! This would be great!

  • Naveris

    Need to save money

  • Setzer83

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Brett Durant

    I need the Nest to help save money and control temps remotely.

  • Soji Ojugbele

    I’m moving in to a new house and this would be a perfect way to bring down the cost with nest. Especially now that it’s getting warmer.

  • Randy Gindy

    This would be cool to give my Grandpa

  • LawrenciumD

    I would definitely like to save on electricity bills. This would be awesome as a housewarming gift too since I’m moving into it in a couple of weeks 🙂

  • Cause it’s a pain in the butt to manually control it all the time when me and my wife have very different ideas of what temperature it should be

  • Droid-Lifer

    I just closed on a new home on Monday and it has 3 thermostats which would cost me ~$750 if I were to replace all with Nests (which I would LOVE to do). So help a brother out! 5/5

  • zerzhul

    I still have an old rotary style thermostat in my house >.<

  • Adrian Sciutto

    3 words: San Fernando Valley. 115 degrees for 5 weeks at a time in the middle of the summer is pretty standard. It’s impossible to run the A/C all the time, I need something that learnssssssssss!!!

  • Westicles

    Because it’s hot in Central California. Damn hot.

  • painn3ck

    I need some tech in my temp!

  • brad

    who doesnt what to get free stuff, from droid-life, best day ever

  • Steven Elliott

    It would be so much easier to set the temperature of the house automatically.

  • Kyle Gregory

    I want to be able to turn the heat on without getting my ass off the couch

  • 4 kids and a wife all with different ideal temperatures… And brutal Wisconsin winters.

  • zeta0088

    Our current thermostat is over 10 years old and most of the buttons don’t really work very well. Hopefully this new one will work better.

  • Steve A. Reno

    My wife keeps complaining about the current thermostat. It would be so nice if I could adjust it from wherever I am and make it simple for her!

  • Dr_Carpenter

    I need it because it’s awesome, simple as that

  • Nick F

    Would love to save some money. I have a neighbor who loves his and has owned it for over a year.

  • Jeremy Wood

    So I can reset the temp to something that won’t cost me a fortune everytime the bf turns it up or down when I’m away!

  • Milkduds

    Because my current thermostat doesn’t understand how to turn off once it hits the little needle I set… it just boils us alive like a jerk.

  • This would make summer in SoCal a bit more palatable, methinks… stupid air-conditioning bills muttermuttermutter

  • Joseph L. Simmons V

    I need this Nest Thermostat BADLY! I live in a mobile home and I need something smarter than normal so I can save energy as much as possible!

  • Donnie McNeil

    Oh man, I’ve been wanting a Nest for so long but haven’t been able to justify a purchase. Need it in my life to get a head start on home automation stuff, it’s the way of the future!!!

  • Pdiddy187

    I wonder if these would even work with my apartment’s old thermostats. They only control the electric radiated heat.

  • Michael Tate

    I need a Nest to save some $ on my electric bill! 🙂

  • brad0383

    I want one of these!

  • huskerhog

    We have three of us in my household that are in and out on a regular schedule. The nest would work great for this.

  • Gary Schweikl

    Family coming to town and they NEVER check or change the thermostat

  • SpinDriftM59

    Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? This will definitely help my family out in the Phoenix AZ summers.

  • ryan savini

    So I can turn the heat back down when my girlfriend turns it up to 80 in the winter!

  • Mona

    It looks beautiful and hopefully it will save money.

  • Kyle Krake

    This would be great for my new house!

  • yellowdgg

    Would love to get this!, it would go with my N7 and N5 🙂 GOOGLETEAM all the way

  • David H.

    need, or I will explode

  • mjmedstarved

    I want to weeen!

  • Jaredsutter

    Need to replace my old thermostat

  • Scott

    I need a smarter thermostat!

  • Brad

    Save me money on energy bills!

  • fritzo2162

    These things are uber cool. Might pick one up 🙂

  • Since I have an hour commute, it would help me control my home’s temperature better while I am gone for the day.

  • eric

    my house is pretty smart, but it could always be smarter

  • Humberto

    I need it because i am the only income at home and with 1 2yr old and 1 on her way here, i can surely use the extra dollars for diapers B-)

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Really need this, trying to save for a wedding.

  • Evan Hasley

    I need it so I can lock out my girlfriend from touching the thermostat.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Because… my thermostat was made in 1979

  • Adam

    The heat in our bedroom does not match the thermostat in the living room. When my wife complains after we’re all tucked in I need a way to change that from bed and not have to get up, traverse the dark house, trip over a cat and wake the baby just to push the down button twice.

  • Thomas Kefalas

    I’m very forgetful, so to be able to adjust this remotely would be pretty convenient.

  • Charles Z.

    I need the Nest for my grandparents, so they can program their thermostat to change for them, instead of having to change it themselves, and so they can save money while they’re away from home, by changing the temperature.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I need Nest in my life to conserve energy, save money on that power bill, and [of course] to impress friends 🙂

  • Samina

    I need a nest bc want precision!

  • Diego Diaz

    The better question: Why not?

  • John Pib

    Give me a free Nest, or give me death!

  • Bret Tragni

    Nest… it speaks for itself…

  • chris125

    The fact that it learns your habits and also the ability to manage it right from my phone even if I am nowhere near my home. Plus who doesn’t like something that will save you money?

  • bigslam123

    I need Nest because my analog thermostat blows!

  • Frettfreak

    Been very interested in a while. would be cool to win one! thatnks droid life!!

  • Travis Brown

    Old house + nest = savings 🙂

  • Andres Estrin

    I want one so I can have a kick butt thermostat.

  • Howard Simmons Jr.

    I want a nest!

  • Hans R.

    daddy like

  • EvanTheGamer

    I want to win a Nest Thermostat because I want my home to be more futuristic, even so slightly!

  • Brandon Shaw

    I need next to give as a gift to my in-laws!

  • Holly Slater

    My current thermostat is 15 years old and needs upgrading. Replacing it with the Nest would be more energy efficient and save me money.

  • ChrisCorp

    Oh god. I need this badly. My air conditioning has been absolutely messed up since we moved in and my room is ALWAYS too cold. The rest of the upstairs is perfectly fine but my room seems to always be about 5 degrees colder. For no reason at all. We have had the vents checked and they are all fine. Hopefully this Nest will help regulate and control the temperature better in my room than my current thermostat now.

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    Why do any of us need this in our lives? We are gadget people, this is what we do.

  • Ed Cerqueira

    I’ve actually been looking to add this to my house but I could never justify spending the money to myself. Winning this would be perfect.

  • willie

    I am bulding a house for my self with my dads help and that is it. I would love it for my new house.

  • i need nest so i can turn the heat back down when my wife puts it up to 78 in the winter!

  • John Doe

    Because technology.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    This would be awesome. Fully automating my home is a dream of mine!

  • James P

    Who doesn’t need Nest in their life!?

  • Arian

    I need this. My roommate moved out so I’m covering the entire electric bill. And it’s really expensive and sucks a lot. This would help reduce costs.

  • Meuh Lavache

    My wallpaper sux, I need something to make it rox…

  • I need it because it will help save money on my first apartment since im in college!

  • cb87

    I need a Nest so I can finally have a decent cool house during the summer time. Its too damn hot in my house man.

  • Ethan G

    I’ve got a mother in law, daughter, wife, myself and some cats with a pretty dicey power bill. Going to school on the G.I. Bill and trying to save every penny we can to move when I’m done, Nest would definitely help that out.

  • Kenny Larson

    Would be perfect in my new house.

  • MrVJTod


  • Angelo Davis

    I need it to save money during the harsh winters in Chicago

  • Jimmie Clemons

    This would be awesome in my home!

  • fiendishfork

    Because I hate getting up to adjust the temperature, and power savings are always good.

  • Richard Shane Cannon

    Because who wouldn’t want to save money and automate at the sane time might as well be me I mean come on really who needs more reasoning than that?

  • abrasive

    the future is here! parents could use a thermostat they don’t have to touch.

  • petamengu

    My thermostat is almost as old as I am, and that is old!!

  • Michael Withrow

    I’ve been looking at these for a while and would serious love one if the price hasn’t been so prohibitive. I’ve got a really old (lots of buttons) programmable thermostat now. 😛

  • Steve Szuter

    This would be great for my parents, since I rent and can’t control the temperatures in my apartment….haha :/

  • Todd

    In the process of getting a new house…Nest would be a great addition!

  • coolsilver

    Who doesn’t like a nice cooled place when they get home?

  • Owewil3225

    i need nest because summer is coming in florida and i want to it nice and chilly for me when i get off work and headed home. nest will let me do just that

  • Matt

    I need a Nest thermostat to save $.

  • James Lopiccolo

    I need to drink as much Google Kool-Aid that is offered


    I need a Nest so that my lazy ass doesnt have to get out of bed to change the temp!!!!
    plus a little savings here and there would help!

  • With my apartment being exposed to the environment on all but 1 side, setting the right temperature is a constant battle in futility. I’m guessing Nest will help track patterns and set usage much better than I can and help me cut down my insane electricity bill.

  • Ryan


  • Charlie Sprinkle

    I’m trying to Nest my apt i rent at.

  • Michigan Guy

    I’m buying my first home and would love to save right away!

  • Dan

    I need this so that my girlfriend cant figure out how to turn the heat on, when she already has the windows open in my house.

  • J B

    It’s the perfect first modification for my new house!

  • Croq

    I want Nest because I’m tired of just setting my thermostat to “Hold ##”.

  • Tell us why you need Nest in your life: b/c my electric bill is WAY too high. and with the summer on the way, it’s only going to get higher.

  • Fozzybare

    id love to save some money!

  • clay

    omg i want a nest! life complete if so, im getting solar panels on the house!

  • Christopher Grayson

    I must achieve perfect temperatures.

  • Nathan D

    Because it’s earth day.

  • James Thomas

    Oh hell yes! I’d love to have one of these!!

  • TankerTuff

    I would like to save money by leaving ac off and then turn it on on my way home to cool house off before I get there

  • Michael Shorey


  • JohnBergman

    I need it because they are awesome and I am awesome. The Nest learning thermostat and I will complete each other.

  • Evan Wickes

    i’ve wanted a nest for awhile but never got one.

  • Randy Bihlmayer

    I need to save some money on my electric bill. I can also save money by winning a thermostat and using it’s automated features and remote control fantasticness!

  • Michael Long

    Looking at moving and a bigger house plus an extra roommate I can use the extra security that I’m not wasting energy and money. I like how this giveaway is on Earth Day. 🙂

  • Chris VanAnden

    I want to use one of these for my over priced utilities in the NYC area

  • Derek

    I love Android accessories!

  • Nick S

    Ive been wanting a Nest for quite some time, just have never really had the money to spend on the thermostat.

  • crookedview

    Be a good time to win a Nest with the hotter weather coming up!

  • Pooh Williamson

    I need it for my new condo!

  • Because I live in Florida and A/C management is a costly matter

  • Corey Hickok

    need to be able to update temps from work before I leave for my hour commute home

  • MH


  • RoboRobP

    Because It is amazing!

  • DKDigitally

    I need a nest in my life so my girlfriend can turn the heat up on her way home during the winter so she can be happy and I can stay sane not getting climate updates every two minutes.

  • David Rhiley

    I just want cool tech everywhere in my house.

  • Wendy Moore

    I need to purchase/upgrade my furnace before next winter. It would be awesome to have this device to install at the same time 🙂

  • markswoods

    I’ve long wanted one of these, but haven’t been able to push myself past the price tag.

  • Faruq Pradhan

    Moving to a new place, would love to start the automating fresh!

  • Eric

    Nest would be epic to have in my house!! I need a new thermostat.

  • Greg Andrade

    I can really save some money by effectivly heating and cooling my house

  • Andrew Dreissig

    This would be awesome!

  • BAoxymoron

    So I can efficiently manage my energy use and therfore cost…. I’m a college student everything helps

  • Charla Burnette

    My husband thinks that the house should remain a frigid 65 in the summer and a toasty 72 in the winter – whether we’re home or not. Remotely controlling the temp would save me a bundle!

  • Jon Ashley

    I could finally combat my wife’s temperature evils automatically when she is at work and when she is asleep? To be continued…

  • Greg Mapes

    I need more tech things in my life to drive my wife more crazy!!!!!

  • Atrain729

    Just bought a new home and every penny i save with a smart thermostat would help tons! Lets GO DL every day reader since i bought my OG Droid!

  • Allen George

    I have a crappy thermostat that’s been on the list to replace since I bought my house. I’m pretty sure what’s there is the home depot special from the week my tract house was built.

  • azholio

    I need more Googly automation!

  • sirmeili

    I’d love to get one to put as part of my Home Automation upgrades!

  • pie36

    I need it to replace a very old programmable thermostat.

  • Travis Young

    I live in Pa. Nuff said.

  • jcorf

    So legit.

  • Jdies

    Because it is cool tech, enough reason.

  • craig1989

    I’d love a Nest, not only is it good for the environment but would make life easier!

  • Matt A

    Just moved to warmer climate, going to need to lower the temp before I get home from work to relax. I need Nest in my life. Badly…

  • Finire


  • Kreig

    Winning a Nest would be AMAZING!! I Currently, my thermostats are from the 70’s at least and really don’t register temps well these days. This would just be the kicker to a great spring and summer and I wouldn’t have to go out and buy one of those silly programmable thermostats with less features and still costly.

  • Aaron

    Because I’m lazy and want to do everything from couch (and randomly change temp on girlfriend when not there =) )

  • Mike C.

    I need nest because my bill is insane for heat and A/C. I like to be comfortable, but the rest of my family thinks we either live on the sun or a sauna. Help me please.

  • faganm24

    My in-laws have to trick their thermostat into working… They need a new one.

  • Nick Bogan

    I need it so I can lower the energy bill for me and my wife

  • William Peterson

    To help reduce the electric bill.

  • Bill Slowey

    Buying a new house.

  • Larry Dockery

    I’m still using a mercury switch thermostat. I *need* this.

  • Jeremy Kacher

    I want to help out the environment and save some money too

  • Kels Gz

    Go google force 🙂

  • Burger

    Looking to move out of the NEST!

  • mraaronmjohnson

    I need to save on electricity so I can take my family on a vacation!


    i really need this in my house.. !! so i can save some money .. oil is soo expensive.. and with summer comming i would love for it to control my AC sooo i dont have to adjust it when i come home every time .. or forget to turn it down when i leave everytime.. 😉

  • BrianBrick

    I need a nest in my life because I need the awesome remote abilities it has to save me money

  • mullethunter324

    Getting a new place. Could use a NEST.

  • Andrew

    Send one my way!

  • Jem

    Because one day in the Midwest it’s 70 and the next day it’s snowing…I need a better way to control the temperature of the house.

  • BenG

    I’m a Google Fanboy nuff said.

  • Pet E. Bone

    I need a Nest in my life because my mother in law is going nuts with the thermostat and I need to control it when I am not at home.

  • Mashhood Asalkhou

    I love science and nest is ultimate science.

  • Jeff Mendelzon

    I need the Nest because I don’t have a Nest.

  • AmandaSakovitz

    I need it to save money and for the convenience!

  • movalpolos

    nest will give the the opportunity to turn my entire home into a robot

  • Eric Gottlieb

    I need one so I can afford to heat my apartment! Grad school doesn’t pay well :(..

  • morteum

    I need Nest because I love technology and my bill is too damn high!

  • Daniel Russell

    To save money and to save energy. We must all do our part to save the planet!

  • Robert

    because i never win a droid life give away lol

  • bffhusker

    Save money! Winter was ruthless.

  • DWolvin

    Awesome, I’m about to upgrade my AC and heating unit. This would make it a clean sweep!

  • betax25

    So I can save some money this summer in AZ!

  • samholton

    Always want to adjust the temperature after I go to bed and have the mental battle of wether or not to get up and go down staris or just stay in bed.

  • Zack

    Why not

  • Kiritok

    Give me one!

  • Vien M Hoang

    I need it because i’m too lazy to get up and change it manually.

  • Ryan

    Need one my house and give the other to my parents.

  • TJ


  • Demolition505

    I could use one to save a little cabbage.

  • steveliv

    Cool giveaway!

  • Colton

    Always wanted a Nest, crossing my fingers!

  • Jason Lewis

    I want one because it’s a gadget and I always want gadgets.

  • Casey Mate

    I need a nest so I can save money and stick it to the man!

  • skylog

    summer is coming, need to save every penny i can to stay cool!!!

  • Nathan Hargrave

    To replace my existing non-wifi thermostat

  • Matt

    Been looking at the Nest for a while, but just isn’t in the budget. Would love to finally get one. Plus, the drawing is on my birthday, so it’s only fitting I win!

  • Justin Bontrager

    I’ve been wanting one of these for my new home!!!

  • Alan Burnstine

    I need this! I just do. That is all.

  • Rob Janowski

    I’m moving at the end of the month and this would be a perfect housewarming present… for myself!

  • ckeegan

    Because I just wrote a $25,000 check to the IRS, and I need to save on my cooling bills this summer.

  • Chanman

    I’m a poor college student, and all the money I can save the better. Love reading the DL!

  • Grayson

    I need one because I can’t afford to pay a massive AC bill all summer. My thermostat is stupid and probably wastes a lot of electricity when I’m not even there.

  • Andrew Kilpatrick

    Nest is amazing and now partnered with Google, it’s going to be amazing!

  • Fabyloso

    Just bought a new house last month. This would be a perfect upgrade!

  • Jesse Rueter

    I need this

  • jbegs

    I have been wanting one of these since they first came out. The wife won’t justify spending so much on a thermostat. She doesn’t get it. But maybe I can win one and then win her over.

  • CrewF24

    My wife wont be able to figure it out…

  • Meghan Ross

    So I don’t have to hear my husband always ask me “Hey, did we turn off the A/C before we left today?”, which makes me wanna smack him!

  • Alex Blair

    We have an older thermostat and this would help keep everyone from touching it, I have a chinchilla and he needs it cool in the house.

  • Shifty

    As a married man I can tell you our thermostat is a consistent topic of conversation. It’s cumbersome to program and inaccurate in it’s temperature readings. A NEST would ease the discussions about it. Or my wife would still claim she’s cold and we’d be battling for control of a much sexier device. Who knows, but I know I want one. I never thought I would be this suburban.

  • f0r71fy

    I’ve wanted one of these for so long, come on guys! Give this long time fan a chance!

  • dwelling

    New house, old furnace, could really use an update (even if it’s just the thermostat.)

  • lamenting

    We have one of these in our office.. do want.

  • Ossama Ghanim

    My parent’s aren’t tech savvy and they aren’t exposed to much technology. nest would be good for them in the sense that technology can make your life better by simplifying one aspect of your life, such as a thermostat

  • DeWitt

    New apartment, new HVAC what better time to step up to NEST!

  • Rob Mounts

    Do you know how much pain you could save me by helping me save money and making my wife happy??? And she is horrible with tech, so I would be the one in control of the thermostat.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Looks great for monitoring home heating and cooling.

  • Zack W

    I need smart air. pls

  • James_C_L

    This is great. I just purchased my first home and would love to grab one of these

  • Ryan Lunceford

    Nest me.

  • NolBi-Wan

    California weather is so unpredictable. 60s in the morning, mid 70s by day. This should help control it.

  • Gary S.

    I’ve been looking at getting one for a while, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. It would be awesome to win one!

  • Brad Ross

    Because it would be an awesome way to control my HVAC while I ward off my horrific spring/summer allergies!

  • Rbaerga

    Send a nest over my way please.

  • Brian Walz

    Because I need technology to save money on heating/cooling

  • Brandon

    Need to automate my life!

  • Ryan O.

    I need nest so my girlfriend will be too overwhelmed by the tech controlling our temperature that she’ll never change it on her own.

  • Mike

    I need Nest to help curb some of these OUTRAGEOUS electricity bills from running my A/C down here in Orlando FL! 🙂

  • brarelabben

    I’m lazy, what other reasons are there?

  • Ares1099

    I must have the Nest. It would save my money and lower my carbon footprint. Isn’t that the point? Please give me a Nest.

  • portrub


  • Erik Parshall

    I live in Maryland. Enough said.

  • ankit199

    Nest rocks!

  • Alex Siuda

    I need nest because i’m a college student and need to save money where possible! thanks for the giveaway DL!

  • Jedi_Skote

    Want to see if it will help knock my bill under $200 this summer

  • SeanODriscoll

    Two words… Texas summers!

  • Droid_Junky

    I need one because my A/C never turns off!

  • DRP

    Summer is almost upon us and I would love to not melt when I walk into the house.

  • hodgewdm

    Such a cool device. I need a new thermostat anyway!!

  • Marcel Bauer

    oh yeah I would love to try this thing out

  • tyguy829

    Because it’s the only cool thing to ever happen to the thermostat market. Plus the energy savings will of course be a huge benefit

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Because I live in weirdo NC.

  • shadowwolfy

    like some sort of plebeian, i’ve been living without a nest my entire life! I want to bask in the gloriousness that is the Droid-Life class and Nest is my one-way ticket there.

  • Raman Singh

    my electricity bill is so high due to my A.C, i need nest desperately

  • Inquizitor

    Because I’m about to move in to a new apartment!

  • Brian Sanborn

    I need it to learn my travel habits between each of my 2 homes.

  • Corey Foltman

    I almost bought one the other day. I need an upgrade from the dumb one i have now.

  • Hesedguy

    Looking to buy a new home, need I say more?

  • Erich UB

    Nests are sweet

  • Rich

    Would love to play with this and save some money in the process.

  • Chris Wright

    I am just about to be a first time homeowner and move in to my new house.. I would absolutely LOVE to have NEST in it waiting for me!

  • Jeff Tompas

    This would help me convert many of my family members over! I hope to win!

  • Jordan Cancela

    Been dying to try one of these

  • RBI411

    New York weather is pretty damn crazy. Could easily make good use of this.

  • MrBlonde04

    It would be the hottest and coolest ;D tech in my house!

  • Bradley Penrow

    I need nest to confuse my parents when they visit!

  • kalestric

    I need Nest to automate my house temps!

  • Jaime Morris

    Just got a new house. I would love to make it a little smarter.

  • JL2499

    Can save some do re mi and Androidify my house!

  • friscokie

    I gots 3 kids to feed and a 2 story house… (one nest per floor)

  • SnkBitten

    My old thermostat is off by about 10 degrees (setting vs. actual temperature). A replacement is needed an a Nest would be Best!

  • Joe61277

    EARTH DAY.. help to keep costs down

  • VBM

    I’ve wanted to get one for awhile now. Summer’s coming and having the A/C know when and how long to turn on would be awesome. Not only that but to be able to control the temp while I’m on my way home from work is a dream I hope you help me realize!

  • jothen2002

    My landlord will love this 🙂

  • incrediblemaiden

    I need a Nest because every day I forget to turn the thermostat down.. With the money I’d save, I could buy more awesome techy things!

  • Max

    I’ve always wanted an automated home and this is the first step!

  • I would like to have one because I just like having one of everything 🙂 haha…jk…sort of 🙂

  • jothen2002

    Remote control house …..:) sweet

  • bathroom guy

    potatos are nice too

  • Jim Foster

    Awesome device. Could use the energy savings!

  • Matt K

    My house is hot! Need a nest!

  • slash19

    I need nest because it’s the last thing to automate in my home.

  • MahmoodBH

    i hope i can win this 🙂

  • Travis Vesely

    New house, and living in South Dakota where all four seasons inter-mingle all year like a sick joke.

  • Greg Humlicek

    I need Nest because I can more easily monitor my temp!

  • Lawrence Milford

    Because regular thermostats are so boring!

  • Ray Quinn

    I want to win!!

  • Josh Wenthold

    I want it!

  • Kevin Djoffon

    Because I live in Canada….

  • Rrocket

    I need one due to our summer power bill here in FL! Would make a huge difference! Especially with it’s ability to not only be remotely controlled, learning when you are home via the sensors, but also by shutting off the compressor early on the cooling cycle while leaving the fan on for a few minutes afterwards! This would be awesome to have also because not only could I adjust the temperature at the house at my own discretion but this could be set to cool say an hour or so before I leave work and would be awesome to come home to a cool house! Best of luck and would love to win one!

  • JimmyHACK


  • kfacy

    Pick me!

  • Bill Banks

    I just really want one.

  • matt headrick

    I need this so I know when my wife is messing with the thermostat

  • v4npro

    Neat little deivce!

  • 8 Bit Penguin

    I would love to have a nest to help save energy and keep our bills down!

  • Damian

    I need a nest because I’d like the house to get cooler when I’m on my way home, since I live in the dessert.

  • Thomas Paulsen

    It would help my wife who’s in a wheelchair to control the thermostat that has been mounted too high.

  • Richard Hyde

    would save me so much money on my bills every month…i could afford to upgrade my phone!!!

  • Robert Kuhlman

    I would like it mainly to save some $.

  • adinfinitum

    nest FTW!

  • Eric Matthew Woodrum

    I’d like to save some money; kids are expensive!

  • elwyn

    only way I would have one

  • diehardbattery

    Save money

  • YariCavi

    I need it so I don’t have to mess with the thermostat anymore.

  • John Bilich

    I need it so that I can freeze out my in-laws, who are living with me, so they will want to get their own place!

  • Sam

    had worst winter in motown, in for 1!

  • Matt Johnson

    Oh pleeaase randomly select me

  • Marcy Garfen Clarius

    I just want to win!

  • Jason Whiting

    Love to have one

  • vvtim

    Because I’m a nerd.

  • Justin Fosco

    I need a new gadget to play with!

  • Matthew

    I want to control my thermostat from my phone!

  • Kevin Ogilvie

    I desperately want one, but am scared to death of the $249!! Love Droid-Life!

  • Tony

    So fancy

  • I would LOVE Nest. I’ve always wanted one, but my wife doesn’t feel it would be worth the money. I want to show her how great it would be!

  • jdomann

    I want to give this to my mom as a birthday present! 🙂 She needs to save whatever money she can.

  • Neil Natic

    I almost bought one but I have had some financial speed bumps. Save me some money droid life!!!

  • wolfedude88

    Trying to save money and I love my gadgets. My wife and I’s first kid will be here in within the next week and winning a giveaway would just be extra icing on the top.

  • Patrick Whitlock

    I need nest so that I can control my kids constantly messing with the thermostat and wasting my money!!!! Would give me money to buy more cool stuff.

  • Ramin

    Nest FTW!

  • Marcus

    temp automation at it’s best…Yes I’ll gladly take one

  • dtm4

    In my drafty old house I can use all the help I can get!

  • Zachary Coles

    Nest sounds great for easily changing the temp without being in the house at all. That’s just so awesome.

  • Jack3D

    Because I need another smart zone for my kids’ rooms!

  • Campah

    I could really use this to replace my cheapo ones that don’t play nice with my radiant floors.

  • sga204

    Save $$ automated

  • Rafter

    Because Google

  • Kcoan3

    the nest would be great for my new home!

  • FC

    I hate when others mess with the thermostat. With these, I can have complete control.

  • Chris Graves


  • Aaron

    I want one, because. Shiny things.

  • Woody Woodrow


  • Justin Garrison


  • Audy Peoples

    Im about to move to my own apartment and start graduate school this would be the ultimate house warming gift!!!!!!

  • Mark Bailey

    Just so I can Google all the things!

  • Matthew Herring

    I need it to help with energy bills

  • Brian Krygowski

    Because my family can’t keep their hands off the thermostat.

  • Mark Menning

    love the nest – saving energy – best way to justify more smartphone purchases

  • Josh

    Thermostats have always been a main focus in my life. Even since day one I’ve always been crazed with how simple controlling the temperature can really be. In fact, I am so reliant on thermostats that I dropped out of high school because there were no courses on thermostatography. I didn’t do to well on the GED test either since there were no questions about the power efficiency of various kinds of thermostats. I think it’s fantastic that this module actually learns during use and I think it would be a great addition to my home! I have already set up the throne that the Nest will lay on. Without Nest, I have nothing.

  • John_McCrillis

    I need one to help control rising heating costs in my home…and because the Nest is piece of art!

  • Jonathan Hartman

    I would love to win this!

  • I would never spend $250 on a thermometer, but would live to win one of these–my brother raves about his NEST.

  • Paul

    Because my mother-in-law is coming to visit and she believes all thermostats should be set at 50 degrees during the summer.

    If I can remotely set back to a reasonable 70, it’ll save me a lot of money this summer.

    • Andrew Sharrow

      Just lock it!

      • CopierITGuy

        Here’s a better idea…don’t let her come visit!

  • Richard

    Just bought a house and would love a Nest!

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    I want at least one of them

  • Blake

    Gain control over my electric bill and integrate my house.

  • Ian

    Pick Me

  • Shaun

    Having a Nest in my house could potentially save me so much money! Or, at least reallocate that money!!!

  • Bryan Schaefer

    I have been looking to buy one, but it’s just not in the budget right now

  • Ryan Haffner

    Does it go to 11 though?

  • Prox

    omg contest

  • Jordan Dewey

    The more things I can control with my android device the better!

  • mike dunham

    I would like to try one of these to save some money on my heating and cooling. It has several features that my current dumb thermostat does not have. I like how it can sense if you are in the house and adjust accordingly.

  • Mike

    I need this Nest Thermostat to increase global warming.

  • saul

    I need it to help keep my bill down with these damn kids adjusting the stock thermostat themselves.

  • Gary Hamrick

    I just moved and need the flexibility of nest to plan better and control costs and make a better environmental impact on Earth Day.

  • Hobie Helbich

    I need it so my roommate will stop turning up the heat during the summer!

  • RiotingPanda

    Always wanted one of those!

  • lbd381

    I would gladly take one off your hands to save some kWh 🙂

  • Zach B.

    To save money

  • cephyr

    seems to be pretty neat.

  • Fingers cross. 🙂

  • Santino Raimondi

    Would be nice to save some energy with a Nest!

  • Jake Sutliff

    I just purchased a new house with my fiance and with rising energy costs, this would really help us out.

  • elms

    summer is coming and a Nest would come in handy!

  • Andrew Grube

    I saw this in Home Depot the other day and spun the little wheel on it hoping to win it. Unfortunately, there was no contest. Today might be my day! I would love to install this in my home and save some dough. Plus, it’s earth day. So we’d be doing each other a favor 😉

  • Trevor Cook

    Being able to control the temp remotely would be awesome!

  • Sean Plantz

    Oh boy would love to have this to go with my new furnace.

  • Will Coover

    Just toured an apartment complex with Nests installed through. Would love the chance to play with one.

  • macah625

    It would go great in my newly remodeled house!

  • evan brown

    So I can control myself from sweating to death when my roommates turn the heat up

  • cjohn4043

    Because it’s freaking awesome.

  • MotoRulz

    I want the Nest so I can control my house temp remotely. Kids want to crank the AC up in the summer and my bill gets crazy

  • Aaron Rietschlin

    Honestly, I need to stop my roommate from dictating the goddamn thermostat so tightly.

  • Travis H

    Ready for a new smart home experience.

  • Michael Germany

    I need the overall savings it will bring to out heating & air condtioning cost!

  • Matthew Keeney

    I love my Nest

  • Eric Kyle

    I just moved into a new place and my thermostat isn’t programmable!! #firstworldproblems

  • Malcolm Love

    Now I’ll never have to leave my room!

  • Mike N.

    Because I’m hot!

  • Dean

    I need a Nest because my energy bill is getting ridiculous.

  • Andrew Wright

    I need Nest to help save some cash!

  • TySpooner

    These are pretty cool and I would love to try them out.

  • billy

    two chicks at the same time, man.

  • Jeremy Dunlap

    having remote control of my A.C. would be nice

  • SirLance99

    Need to save money with the Nest

  • Les Fowler

    I need nest to control my heating and cooling so it will save me money on my gas and electric! Then I can buy more electronics 🙂

  • MR2006

    This would help me save money on A/C.

  • JohnDrosieko

    Want one

  • Luxferro

    I have a Honeywell wifi thermostat, and kinda interested in the Nest.

  • Nathan Borup

    I will be getting a new house soon, and it would be easy to implement nest to keep my bills down

  • Magnious

    This is such a good contest! My roto-dial thermostat (that clicks constantly every time it turns on) could use an udpate!

  • akcero

    I would love a Nest!

  • Wilsonian

    I need Nest so I can save me money by stopping my wife from raising the temp in the house to 74 degrees!!

  • Mykle

    Who wouldn’t want this?!


    I need it to replace the ancient one in my new house!

  • Q Dog

    What a great way to manage the heat… mindlessly!

  • fromo

    I need it to help get control of my high utility costs

  • Josh Martin

    I need nest in my life because when my in-laws stop over unexpected, I can burn them out of the house by bumping my heat up to 90º from the office! XD

  • Alexander Anteneh

    droid life is da best

  • John Sweat

    I was actually looking at these the other day so I would love to have one.

  • TravisHannon

    I need allll the technologies in my life

  • tek1231

    Perfect contest/giveaway for Earth Day! Good luck all!

  • androidrob1221

    I want one. I’m always interested in anything Google and anything new in tech that is ineresting

  • Need this for my parents house so that we cut our bills down so that I can convince my parents to lower my rent!

  • Jakemerrell

    I am a Graduate student and….well isn’t that reason enough!

  • kennyidaho

    My girlfriend is buying a new house and I would love to give her one of these as a house warming gift.

  • D Myers

    I have an old nasty thermostat, a Nest
    would be a MORE then welcome replacement.

  • Buur

    Just because.

  • CameronLloyd

    I need it to save moolah

  • Brian

    My friend bought one when it first came out. He can’t say enough good things

  • Arthur Dent


  • I need a Nest because my air conditioning unit sucks!

  • Mitch Sears

    Just about to move into a new place. Last place gouged me every month on utilities. Want a nest to help.

  • illregal


  • Joshua Waymire

    I Just bought a house!

  • NeilGeorge

    I need Nest to control temps in my house in the summer to keep cost of electricity down..

  • ClintonMerrell

    Does the nest control humidifiers as well?

  • Chris

    I want to save on heating and A/C

  • xzombiex66

    Hope i win!!!

  • archercc

    I dropped a buck on a nice programmable but was hesitant about jumping to the nest in an apartment. Now that I have a house I might budget for two of these. I wonder if you are still getting a utility credit for the purchase.

  • SHMeyer

    Just had an offer accepted on a house yesterday…and it has DUAL zone heat and AC. What timing! This would be an amazing help to my wife and I in our first home.

  • fillyo75

    I need to keep my little birdies nice and cozy!

  • Lenesse Berg

    I need Nest to save money so I can fix up the rest of the house 🙂

  • Joshua Banks

    about to close on a new house and this would be a great addition to the new and fancy!

  • Dave

    I don’t have enough gadgets in my life. Need more.

  • Dan Nguyen

    I would love one

  • MI95SHO

    I need one because my current is a piece and runs the furnace on and off constantly!

  • trd105

    I need to save some money after this frigid winter.

  • zakowz

    I need it because my buttfor is broken

    • Brad Hoschar

      Ha! I know what a buttfor is, but what’s a dickfor?

      • michael arazan

        To pee with– Spies Like Us

  • Phillip

    Would love to try a Nest out. Heard good things about them.

  • Kieron Quinn

    Because my heating is either boiling or ice

  • Auz

    Yeah the only way I get one would be to win, my wife would kill me if I spent $249 for a thermostat. Good Luck all!!!

  • CorranHorn421

    I need to save my money and I hope a Nest can help me!

  • cjlee89

    Pick Me!

  • Steven A.

    Finally a way to get one of these bad boys! Been wanting to try one for so long!

  • Brad Westlake

    I want one so I don’t have to buy it on a random binge instead!

  • kdietze3

    What better way to beat the summer heat than to have a lower electricity bill? Not to mention that I currently just have a non programmable Honeywell.

    Nest: Save money on utilities that matter

  • Sara

    I’m getting married soon and this will be perfect for our first home together!

  • my95z34

    Ugh, I need one. Been looking at purchasing one for quite some time now.

  • Martin

    Need an upgrade

  • Alleviating the effects of the Polar Vortex

  • Joe Madrigal

    Very pricey, but very useful.

  • Jon

    Nest looks great and will save $

  • Kyle Frost

    To use while I’m away from home to keep costs down!

  • SuperMarkert

    I need another reason to show off my tech prowess, but without paying for it.

  • Tony Le

    To be able to control the temperature at home for my dog from anywhere.

  • argeebee99

    remote management while I’m away, of course!

  • Jared McClain

    I have been looking at these for a long time but just can’t pull the trigger on price. This would make a great win.

  • cwillen

    Because after not getting into I/O, it’d be great to be selected for something…

  • Albert

    I need nest in my life because 1. Nest. 2. ??? 3. Profit.

  • deejaypay

    I really want one of these, it could help my electric bill here in AZ!

  • ejtsang

    To control all the things

  • David Fowler

    hook a brother up

  • redbar0n11

    I need a Nest in my life because….. well, because you guys haven’t chosen me for anything yet 🙁 I have to spend all my monies on family stuff, and building a shed, and buying diapers, and formula, and paying a mortgage, and…. and…. (insert many many more sad things here). PICK ME 😀 It’s time 😉

  • Kidqwik

    I need it to work the heat for me for the next NJ winter!

  • TheWenger

    My mother-in-law is costing me all my money.

  • scruffykid

    Save money, and turn my AC on before I get home from work

  • Chris G

    Think its a gorgeous looking device.

    Good luck to every one.

  • Stanger

    going to need it for this Texas heat this summer

  • profet23

    Bought one for downstairs, its great. Now need one for my second floor before summer hits NY.

  • DanThompson87

    Because it is the coolest futuristic looking stat on earth

  • Boven Whitehoof

    I really need to replace the ancient and horribly inaccurate old Honeywell thermostat I currently have.

  • David Jackson

    I need to regain control of the thermostat from my wife.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Step one in home automation.

  • Pakmann2k

    To be honest, of all the contests I have followed on here, this one interests me most!

  • FirefoxUC

    My girlfriend and I are moving into a new place to raise our baby (due in August!) and I would like to know my home is safe while I’m not there.

  • Jordan Thompson

    A friend of mine just sold their house and their nest along with it. The regretted it and this would be awesome to win it for them

  • justincabreira

    because summer’s here get disgustingly hot

  • hnic14

    i wanna be more energy efficient

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Nest. Where you and the rest of the turkeys call home.

  • Gpg AZ

    Living green baby!!!

  • Primarily to save money…but also because it is awesome!

  • JDLaT211

    I need one because I’ll never believe this Boston winter is over

  • Chris-BoT

    Would love to try one!

  • morgan boyle

    Just moved into a new house and would love to install this!

  • Christian

    I need one to conserve energy. It’s always good to do what you can to help conserve the Earth’s environment! (Saving some money at the same time is always a plus.)

  • serotheo

    Cause it costs munnys.

  • Jacob Dagenais

    This would be sweet to have!

  • lgreg64

    i don’t have 250.00

  • just got a new place and this would complete my new place!

  • meatyfalcore

    With everyone in the house liking a different temperature having one of these to set a mid ground for everyone would be amazing.

  • Tony Gultice

    I’d love more control over my home!

  • Shane Redman

    I need Nest because the east coast has the most bi-polar weather known to Americans

  • bsinc1962

    Nice , thanks guys!

  • KevlarGibs

    I had the exact same thought as you. I’m really interested in one of these, but it’s $250… Thanks for the opportunity to win one!
    I hate hot weather, so I hope it saves me a bunch of money on air conditioning, while still keeping the house comfortable.

  • Nic Jensen

    i need this Nest to help me with my summertime cooling bill!

  • Taikoubou

    I’ve always wanted a Nest for a while. It’s just the price is so off putting.

  • col3rsc

    I just want it.

  • Surgio Armani

    250 bones is pretty steep. I’ve debated pulling the trigger on one for awhile now but can’t bring myself to spend the money.

  • SweetCaffeine

    I need a Nest because… South East Texas.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Stephen Morrow

    Why not adjust the temp from my smart phone while sitting in my office?

  • Daniel_Weber

    Great home gadget!

  • Bill Gilliland

    I have been connecting my phone to all kinds of android accessories. Alarm, front lights, and a nest would make a good addition.

  • redstormpopcorn

    I’m totally down with a $250 rent deduction, this is something I want.

  • Daniel Aceves

    I am so wanting a nest please choose me

  • Matt Heuer

    I’d give it to my dad to replace their super old regular one,

  • Ben

    Had mine for 2 winters now and love it. Need another one for my daughter.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Out of my price range, But I’ve always wanted to try one!!

  • Lewis Erbe

    New homes deserve the nicest thermostats obviously.

  • Leah Cook

    Just bought our first house and its walls long for the pretty pretty Nest; they would love it and call it precious.

  • James Cook

    I’m buying a house next week and a Nest would be super.

  • Mukul Modi

    I wantss pls

  • Michael Moyer

    I bought my Dad one for Christmas and I could really use one!

  • John Julian

    Would be perfect for my new house!

  • Ryan

    I have been wanting to buy a nest for quite a while. I think that it is just the beginning of affordable and usable home automation.

  • Nasty Nate

    Make it sexy! Make it Nasty

  • Andrew Branch

    I need all the pretty.

  • ShadowDragon

    I need it to save money so I can pay off my student loans….

  • Justin Martino

    I have loved home automation for the longest time but have never had the spare cash to experiment with it. This is an excellent starting step.

  • Tbone1151

    It would be nice to have to keep the house efficiently cool in the coming hot Florida summer months!

  • James Bolling

    Because I live in south east Texas and it’s hot… And i would love to control it so I can turn the air down before I get home from work to avoid my wife keeping it so toasty

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I need to to better control the temp in my house and control the money coming out of my wallet

  • Jim

    My thermostat is really old and definitely ready for an upgreade!

  • don_xvi

    This would be cool to show up my friends with their high tech thermostats

  • John W

    Need one of these for when Georgia gets hot this summer!

  • Michael Lebowitz

    So when I get home from work my house can be all toasty 🙂

  • Jeff Broders

    Need it to justify the rest of my business expenses 😉

  • topherct

    I have old thermostats

  • Matt Erbeck

    Home automation rocks and makes life that much easier

  • turdbogls

    I need one of these in my life. plus, it looks so friggin’ cool!!

  • Yo Kellen…There are known knowns and there are known unknowns. But there are also unknown unknowns: things we don’t know that we don’t know…and you will not know how much a Nest will sit wonderfully in my living room.

  • CovXX

    hope i win!

  • Ben

    Definitely would be a plus helping cut back those energy bills and adjustable from mobile when need be.

  • Kapi187

    Trying to win this for a mothers day gift!

  • engemasa

    I’ve been trying to become more energy efficient for a while. Just a few months ago I had Dr. Energy Saver come and do about $6k worth of energy efficient upgrades from insulation to window sealing.

  • Because I’m black?

    Worth a shot… 🙂

  • I need a nest to ensure my house is always the right temperature.

  • nick rigsby

    I need this

  • Ben

    I need Nest to help save some $$$.

  • Jennifer Duhon

    I need Nest in my life to help save my husband’s sanity! I’m always asking him to get out of bed and change the thermostat at night! He’d surely love me forever if I won this for him!

  • geedee82

    I need nest because I am actually moving into my new townhouse this weekend! The settlement is on Friday, this is my first home purchase and I need all the help I can get to keep my costs down. This townhouse still has it’s original heat pump system which is over 15 years old so it is not very energy efficient at all, installing nest would help significantly reduce my power bill.

  • jmu33

    just home automation is awesome!!!

  • Michael Luscher

    I need it because it’s TOO DAMM HOT IN HERE

  • jrios001

    I need it to save some money

  • Hunter

    I need to save some cash on my power bill.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    I need one of these bad!

  • Dockendj

    Please let me win this thermostat.

  • Jason Pettis

    so when nobody’s home I can adjust the temp…savin’ money 🙂

  • Matthew Sloan

    How convenient it would be to control your house temp while laying down…

  • CheeseMcGee

    It’s too difficult to get my butt up off the couch, so I need a nest.

  • russwc2

    I have been wanting one of these for a while for my new apartment, just havent had the extra money to spare

  • JL

    would love a nest… it will continually tell me how crappy my windows are while it’s consistently heating my house in the winter!!!

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    I need a Nest because the birds around my house are lazy. 🙂

  • Steven Cornea

    Just bought my first house last month, really need to replace my old one

  • Ron

    Auto temp

  • Andrew Knighton

    need this!

  • Because then I can finally prove to my wife it’s too cold at night!!! 🙂

  • Cfry01

    Have an upstairs one – now need one for downstairs to actually see the savings and keep house balanced

  • Lambo_21

    because our energy bill is out of control and this could help it!

  • Danny Finkelstein

    Summer in florida is coming….

  • David

    Never win these things, but can’t hurt to try.

  • tu3218

    Need Nest to save money and control when people in the house decide to just change the thermostat on their own. Like I won’t notice 🙂

  • Brook

    Need a nest for my nest.

  • I need Nest for maintaining temperatures remotely – mainly from bed.

  • Jared Shorter

    I need a NEST because there are no Seasons in Illinois, and I need to react accordingly

  • David N

    Heyhey! Keep my place warm. 😀

  • Jay McPartland

    This would be an awesome addition to my new home!

  • Joey Wollenburg

    I need it to set the temperature remotely

  • Shaun McMillan

    I have a terribly inefficient heating system in my house, and heating bills are gettingg out of hand, maybe next would help me.

  • Blake

    I’d love to get this for my mom.

  • quoderatmac

    Need one to help mitigate the gas bill during the cold MN winter.

  • benjamin Kilar

    Who doesn’t want THE INTERNET OF THINGS??

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Need to save money to buy more Android gear

  • Shawn Parks


  • K1cks

    So I can change the thermostat from the comfort of my bed instead of having to go downstairs

  • Colin Huber

    Just bought a new house for my future family. Would love to install this bad boy in it.

  • wustehase

    Living in Arizona, this would be a godsend for my electric bill. The convenience alone of being able to set it remotely and have things cooled down by the time I get home would be worth it.

  • evilfatcow


  • Vincent Nierste

    It would just look so darn cool up on the wall to be honest! That and who doesn’t want a lower electricity bill?

  • RR

    I need one because I want to have a complete home automation system, and Nest is an important part in that system

  • sanjju simha

    would be really nice for testing purpose.

  • nakratz

    I need it so I can manage the temperature from wherever and I don’t have to fiddle with my current thermostats programmed mode.

  • decriptor

    I can’t wait to see what google does with the nest!

  • Chris Topher

    I need a Nest so when my wife wakes me up (again) at 5am because it’s too hot in the house, I can lower the temp without getting out of bed. With a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, what little bit I get is sacred.

  • Alex Boro

    So I can control my home more easily!

  • Eldorath

    Actually, I’m trying to win a Nest for my parents… so why do they need it in their life?

    They’re elderly, and their thermostat is in the most out of the way location that you can think of. A Nest would allow them to not only save money, but remotely access their temp in the house. No more having to get up, and walk to the unused portion of the home anymore to adjust the temp 🙂

  • Matt

    Having a nest would be awesome. CONVENIENCE!! Being able to turn my air on when I am returning from the weekend trips would be amazing!! Hello Money savings!!

  • Lando

    Auto temp settings.

  • Mike Fromson

    I want one purely for bragging rights

  • Shannon DeWitt

    I have wanted one of these for SO LONG!!

  • Ryan N

    My energy bill is all over the place as well as schedule. Remote control and automation will pay off big time!

  • ohhADRIAN


  • Glenn James

    I need to this save money over our old simple thermostat.

  • Trent Russell


  • OmegatronV

    This would look great in my home. Next I’ll need the Clapper to make life much easier =)

  • Michael Rahmani

    I need nest so I can change the temperature from anywhere on my phone.

  • bphillips35131

    Building a house, need to stay within budget!

  • Eric Hauser

    I just bought a house with an older HVAC system so I need something to help save some money! Every little bit helps and actually I need a lot of bit at this point

  • Conor Kenney

    I have been hesitating to pull the trigger on this for a few months now. We just bought a new house, and I still can’t justify the price tag, despite knowing its awesomeness!

    • hfoster52

      Once you do you will never go back.

      • Conor Kenney

        sounds like an expensive habit 🙂

  • hfoster52

    I am the original nest and would like the upgrade and hand me down my old one’s to my parents.

  • Dustin

    Would love one of these to help keep my place cool this summer!

  • mcc32

    i need it to save me money!

  • Nathan Z

    Energy Efficieny

  • Dan

    I need Nest so that I can say that I won something from the great people at Droid-Life!! And all the other reasons like solving world hunger and to help protect the left coast.

  • c2the3

    I would love one!

  • Justin

    I have roommates who don’t pay for the heat, cranking the heat whenever they feel like it. It would be great to be able to set it and have it learn our daily routines so we don’t have to fight over the temperature anymore. It would be an amazing addition to our house!

  • ushneb

    I want one!

  • Matthew Morgan

    It would be great for controlling the temperature throughout the day. Would be more economical!


    So all my friends can keep asking me “what’s that?”

  • BuckNut614

    Seems like it would be a nice gadget to own!

  • J_Boch

    Been considering one for a while, but price has always been the deterrent. Think I can afford free however.

  • Kyle S.

    I just bought a house, I need to techie it up!

  • pranjal

    I want to win nest because my house temp control just broke and I love to collect google products

  • Steven Letourneau

    I need them for my new house!!!

  • Justin Storm

    I would love to have an excellent way to save money especially after overhauling our heating/ac this year. Plus it will be nice to be able to blame technology for messing with the thermostat instead of my wife. 😉

  • Ashley Ruberg

    Being a busy mom if I left home and forgot to turn the heat down I could easily do it without having to turn around!

  • Shannon Hoff

    I would love a nest thermostat for the house we are moving into next week.

  • Good luck everyone!

  • Nelly547

    I go home for lunch and my house is always freezing in the winter.

  • rwvoss

    You guys are exactly right, they seem awesome but $250 for a thermostat is hard to swallow. Maybe if I could prove it would save me that much.

  • diverken

    Will be great to add with my nest protect

  • Ryan

    Not gonna lie, I don’t really need it… But damn would it be nice to have. Simplicity at its finest.

  • pizzaparties

    I like a good temperature.

  • john monsalve

    need it to save money and help me finish making my home autonomous!

  • I need one to save some cash.

  • BeerManMike

    Need nest im my life so I can change the temp in the house without getting out of bed when the wife is too hot or cold.

  • PriestSyrinx

    Just bought a new house with a two zone AC. Figure it’s much easier to easier to control everything without having to take the stairs…

  • Justin W

    Being able to remotely control my thermostat to allow for saving money, of course!

  • Andrew Holson

    Technology is awesome

  • Adam Metzner

    I’m too poor to buy one. So maybe if I win one it will save me money so I can buy one…. wait a second….

  • Ang

    Just bought a new home. Have always been on the fence with the Nest, but would really love to give it a try!

  • Eric Coraccio

    I need this to keep all the birds in the nest!!

  • Kevin R

    I just bought a house and I would love to have a new thermostat for it!

  • droidify

    So I can be lazier than I am currently

  • Ian Erwin

    I have been needing these since they have come out.

  • Poprocket77

    Because Nest!!

  • reyalP

    Would love to have a nest.

  • Prime7

    I just bought a house, so I wouldn’t mind having one of these.

  • Brian Klippel

    I need a better auto mode than radio thermostat.

  • Sopapilla

    yeah, i’ll take one.

  • Um, because my mom says it’s cool?

  • giovanny

    Im always forgetting to adjust the thermostat when i go out, so this would save energy for me


    I need to save some money. Let’s do this!

  • Travis Knight

    I need it because it sucks having to control a dual zone system from two separate thermostats. At least if one of them is a Nest then I can use my phone to turn the downstairs A/C off at night after I’ve already made it up to bed.

  • Jeremy

    The crappy $25 thermostat I put in really needs replacing

  • Ben Modica

    To control temperatures.

  • Andrew

    sweet deal guys!

  • Tony

    I’d love to have a new Nest to try and reduce my heating bill. Perhaps if I spent the money last year I could have saved the $2,400 I spent on oil for January and February.

  • Collin

    My heating bill was through the roof this winter!

  • TXKSSnapper

    I always forget to turn off the air conditioning when I leave for vacation. This would solve that problem easily.

  • Evil-D

    I need the latest nest, I had to get rid of my original nest because it couldn’t control my geothermal system.

  • Chuck Churches

    So I can set my temp before getting home from work!

  • Roger Freese

    I need the nest because I have a house that just would not be complete without it!

  • Silver Veloz

    With this going the way of having smart homes, I guess this is a nice step. Would love to try it out.

  • wesgrimes

    I need nest so that I can save money on hvac costs.

  • bn9000

    A Nest would be the perfect house warming gift from DL to keep me cool during a hot SoCal summer.

  • Theogusper

    I just need it

  • aholland1

    I tired the Nest in our home my wife and I purchased (our first) in October last year only to find our HVAC isn’t compatible due to a requirement for solid-state switching (system is pushing 10 years old). A Nest technician can make it work in our system but it’ll be another 150 or so on top of the cost of the Nest to make it work with a custom-built relay (just hard to justify with other, more pressing purchase needs related to the house). Our system isn’t the most efficient since it’s all electric, so a Nest would really help us out with managing the heat and AC while we’re away. I would pay the integration cost if I didn’t have the unit cost on top of that. Thanks for the chance to win DL!

  • Rex

    Free things to save $. I want all the free things.

  • Josh Bear

    I think it’s obvious that using a Nest thermostat in Minnesota, where the weather goes from -50 in the winter to 105 in the summer, would save some money!

  • Matt Myslewski

    I need Nest in my life, like I need air to breathe.

  • Ian

    So that I can control the thermostat from downstairs

  • When I fly the coop, trying to be the early bird that gets the worm each day I have to manually set my thermostat to an acceptable level so my three chicks and mother hen don’t freeze. The Nest belongs in my nest.

  • Juan Losada

    I needs the money saved for more nexii devices

  • Mike Alma

    I need a nest so I can better manage our temperature and budget.

  • Nick

    I need it because i secretly hope it will become HAL 9000, but you know, not kill me

  • Justin Mathai

    The wild temperature swings in NJ would make the Nest thermostat a perfect companion for comfortable living!!

  • Jeremy Forney

    I live in Arizona! so it will get lots of use.

  • Asmenter15

    Must Have Nest.

  • Brad Dickmann

    It’s too hot in my house! I need to efficiently and economically cool my house so that I don’t go bankrupt!!!! Aaahhhh!!!!

  • B J Books

    This would help me save money. Who doesn’t need to save money?

  • One Small Voice

    Who doesn’t want to save money? I am like the majority of homeowners that set the thermostat to one temp and never touch it again unless I’m having a hot flash (which is happening more frequently than I’d like)!

  • inklenotrump


  • I need it to see how cold my wife actually wants our home!

  • Arjun Basu

    I would love to have the nest thermostat

  • MichaelFranz

    I need nest because of my girlfriend. She is constantly cold/hot.cold hot. Its typical but its more for her then me. It would save my sanity 🙂 Thanks Droid-Life

  • bwc28

    Really need one to cut the summer cooling bills this year.

  • Lee

    Sick of our house either being to hot or to cold at wrong times of the day. And most importantly to save some money. Average summer temp here is 110 and saving some money on power would be awesome!

  • Chris

    Would definitely like to control the temp from my phone. Still not sure how the “smart learning” is better than a scheduled thermostat.

  • Neil Anderson

    Just had my heating redone so it’s now in zones. This would really make that even cooler (or hotter…pun intended.)

  • Joey Steadman

    After the crazy electric bills this winter,this could make a nice change

  • Mike

    I need better control over my home heating costs, what better way?

  • jon

    to save me $$!

  • just4747

    I would enjoy a Nest because I have two cats and it would be ideal to be able to control my apartment’s temperature remotely. Also, the learning abilities are great because we go through a vast variety of different temperatures throughout a given day due to the weird temp changes our apartment building has 🙂

  • Ryan Laursen

    I need to be able to readjust my wife’s adjustments of the thermostat. It may save our marriage… OK, not really. I could use energy savings though!

  • antwonw

    I need Nest because my Honeywell Smart Thermostat is giving me issues. And the app and web interface is nasty looking.

  • GuidZilla

    need more stuff tied together.. and i adjust my thermostat WAY too much.

  • David Wanless

    because reasons

  • eyecuala

    I need it so I don’t have to keep worrying if I changed the thermostat while I am away from the house.

  • ten2o3

    because I live in WI and my current system is ancient

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Love to grab one of these, but we already have a working programmable wireless thermostat. Replacing it, when it works, just won’t get by the misses.

  • Carlos Morales

    Could really use the efficiency

  • Kevin Kintner

    Need it to help save money in during the near year round AC use in FL

  • Jason

    Need it to save money on utilities

  • Justin Larmay

    I need it because I hate coming home to a freezing house here in Wisconsin! And also because is looks super awesome.

  • j-wood

    I need Nest because I want to say i owned all the things that made Google Skynet 🙂

  • I need a nest because I love tech.

  • Stuart MacGregor

    Need to save money!!

  • Jonathan Williams

    I need to buy Gator football tickets this year.

  • Just moved to a new place with a crappy, non-programmable thermostat and have been considering getting a Nest!

  • Robert Macri

    I need a NEST! This would go great in my new home.

  • Steve Messer

    Because……that’s awesome!

  • pyroflyx

    I need Nest in my life to further my home automation!

  • JRomeo

    I need nest thermostat to save some cash on my air conditioning costs!

  • Bill Ford

    I want a nest because my current thermostat does not even have a schedule setting.

  • Aaron Martin

    I’d take one of these off your hands 🙂

  • Jason Helton

    I need a Nest to prevent my 2 Year Old from cranking the heat up to 90 again. Last time he almost killed the dogs.

  • to the cool person on the block 🙂

  • Gus Silva

    One of those accessories you’d love to have but for $249 you’re a little iffy.

  • Vince

    This contest is “heating up”, Would love to heat my house too!

  • skilletrocks

    These things are so cool but dang they are expensive. Plus I would love to save on electricity in style.

  • Todd B

    Have always wanted one of these for my house. Good luck to all who enter.

  • Travis Carr

    Would be really nice to be able to turn my heater on remotely before I get home.

  • Mike Menard

    Gimme Gimme, I Need I Need

  • Isaac Weissenberger

    Now the NSA can hack my heaty and cooly thing that hangs on the wall now too

  • dnwtn

    Because it is Google and I need all things Google

  • Dexter Peterson

    I need a Nest so I can spend more money on my girls and not my utility bill!

  • Carlo

    Would make a nice Mother’s Day gift.

  • Jason Thompson

    Because its just cool! My house is out of whack and needs this.

  • WillyWoo

    AZ Heat – Help Me!

  • Corey Smith

    Because saving money is awesome and let’s face it, NEST is cool!

  • Samuel Victor

    new york rips me off on my gas bill

  • Chris Shinn

    Need to save some money this summer.

  • aarynk

    Too lazy to get up and change the thermostat my self! haha

  • Youngfella

    I need to better regulate temperatures in my house because I live with nothing but women! I don’t know if I’m hot or cold now. 🙁

  • It’s technology…need I say more?

  • Geoffrey Smeltzer

    I want to give this to my dad as a gift.

  • Johnathan Fail

    I need it for my Mom!

  • Timothy K.

    It would make life easier

  • Michael

    New house, old thermostat…. need new thermostat

  • GCL Inc

    This will come in handy for the summer months ahead!

  • unashamedgeek

    Wife finally got day shift as a nurse so we could actually use this. Didn’t make sense to have when one person worked days and one person worked nights.

  • LSULaw2009

    Ability to adjust AC when away from home would be killer. That and advanced notice of coming home to a broken AC and scorching hot house!

  • let me win this for mom

  • Dom

    i have a broken air conditioner! why not rub it in with a new fancy thermostat!

  • shdowman

    So I can control the kids from jacking up the AC while I’m not at home!!

  • Energy bills are getting very high, I believe this would help a lot!

  • partnersinrum

    It would be nice to adjust the AC remotely during summer for my dogs.

  • Manny Wilson

    To have remote control of my heating/cooling. 🙂

  • Nicholas Ringhiser

    I need this because my thermostat is 30 years old.

  • Cave


  • Tyler Bibeault

    Eh could be cool to mess around with.

  • jasenm

    Have you ever lived in central cali?!?! It gets hot! Hook it up!

  • B A

    I Nest because the electric bill is.. TOO DAMN HIGH!

  • Brian Burns

    I need nest to save money on utilities

  • kato

    Need nest to save some money to buy some new tech gadgets 😀

  • deslotnick

    Because it’s the future and the future is now.

  • R2deetard

    I would like it because my current thermostat is anchient.

  • Josh Houff

    I just bought a new home and need a new thermostat very much and nest would be perfect.

  • Juan

    I would like to try nest.

  • gambit07

    I don’t need it, but I want it.

  • Ryan

    I need nest to be there for me when I’m too lazy to change the temperature.

  • Seth Rosenblum

    Turns out I can’t get an aros, so this will be better.

  • Mike

    I need to be able to control it because my wife is putting us in the poor house.

  • beerme828

    Is it crazy that I want one of these almost as badly as I’d like a phone? Badass little thermostat!

  • PaulMaddux

    I need Nest so I can get rid of my 1970’s thermostat.

  • Creepy33

    Cool 🙂 Thank you for this contest 😉

  • Jim Rogers

    Me likey Nest.

  • Matt Hanes

    I need it to save money on our tremendous AC bill here in the South!

  • adam wittenberger

    Just recently bought a house and would love to automate the AC/Heating system.

  • Travis

    I need one because it has some cool functionality, and it looks cool.

  • Alex

    I’d love to use this to help the environment and my wallet.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks DL!

  • tdpietrini

    Save some Cash!

  • Christopher Heuer

    It’s too hard to set up a schedule, we have tried and can never stick to it. Nest might be able to solve that.

  • Landon Bakken

    I’m ready to make the leap.

  • Jeff Badger

    I need to upgrade my two thermostats and the Nest is probably the best one available.

  • Matthew

    I currently have to manually adjust my thermostats 2-3 times a day (sleeping, work, home, etc.). It would be awesome to have something to automatically do it for me

  • ckruppy

    I need the nest because I travel and during the winter months it would be great to know the furnace is still keeping the house to temperature and the pipes arn’t going to burst!

  • My current thermostat is pretty much dead, at this point. The best way to replace it would be with a free Nest!

  • I’m moving to Florida, so a nice new thermostat would be awesome!

  • Alex Mette

    Beacuse I’m poor and need to save money…

  • David Imel

    Need it so my family will stop making me go downstairs to change the temperature!

  • turtl705

    I’ve wanted one of these since they first came out!!!

  • Inimical

    Cause I’m a tech geek

  • Josh Howard

    No more trips downstairs when the wife gets cold! Just snag the phone and adjust.

  • DroidCzar

    I’ve wanted one for a while, but can’t bring myself to spend the money on one… But a free one I would definitely use, especially the remote control aspect.

  • Andrew Keller

    I need nest so I can hopefully save some cash in power!

  • Kilahimm

    Heatpump Balance

  • Boles

    Come on — papa needs a Nest thermo! Why? Saving some dough, of course. I understand these things aren’t the primitive scheduling thermos — these things actually track habits and make adjustments that could save us some cash.

  • Aaron Lasley

    To cut back on electricity bills!

  • Champlification


  • RedXander

    To get my house in on the android influence

  • Tony Byatt

    Set it and forget it…

  • KoTiell

    I need a Nest so I can change my house temperate from my phone. FWP, but hey that’s life.

  • wreidallen

    My 120 year old house needs to be updated and this is a great start! Thanks DL!

  • Brain

    Yes please

  • Sapko82

    summer time

  • Kevin

    Cold winter nights in New England, demand that I have nest !

  • dscott1027

    To save money and feel like its 2014

  • jhouk

    Always great to save money on utilities. This is better than training the cats to manually adjust when we’re at work.

  • I need a Nest because I think this will be a great asset in our way to saving money. I live with 6 other people and the electricity bills are coming too high.

  • Justyn

    The Nest thermostat would make my life so much easier and more controllable, especially at home. It would be great to adjust and monitor what kind of temperature profile is the most comfortable in my home.

  • TechTitan

    Just had a friend add one of these to his new build. *jealous face*
    You can fix my face! (Opens the door for jabs)

  • Ray Jacobs

    Help me, I’m poor. Also, I think Android peripherals are the coolest!!!

  • Daniel Ogilvie

    Because it’s about to be over 100 degrees in Dallas again.

  • Ben Embry

    Because my thermostat is from 1975!!!!

  • mh0520

    save on the oil bill

  • Andrew Conklin

    I want one of these so bad. They’re awesome!

  • Joe

    Automated home btw!

  • Lord Bastard B

    Got to keep my unlimited with Verizon, so Nest will help me save up for off-contract phones.

  • john dechert

    I am renovating my home to become much more green and this would help accomplish that, currently insulating the entire house this year!!!….a small step for the environment but every little bit helps!!!!!

  • Chris Hilbert

    To wow the neighbors.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Air Conditioning is a large part of monthly bills, would be nice to reduce. Also, current thermostat is very bad at accurately holding temperature.

  • Carlton Madden

    Well, I was needing a new thermostat anyway.

  • I’ve wanted to get one of these for a while, I just can’t convince my wife its a good enough idea!

  • T4rd

    I need it to save power and the Earth! You see.. I like to be part of the solution instead part of the problem… mmkaaayy? (South Park Hybrid episode reference)

  • Comment

    Comment because comment.

  • Trusstopher

    As of right now my house is only comfortable about 20% of the time because of Oklahoma’s wild weather mood swings… I like the Nest Thermostat to help even out the craziness that is the Oklahoma weather and hopefully normalize my utility bill in the process.

  • I need Nest because I love Google!

  • Jacob Svonavec

    My completely remodeled house needs a little Nest to lay its head

  • Norsedakotan

    Why? Why not! It’s cold in the north!

  • Paul Houseknecht

    Oh God I hope I can win this time!

  • ajhall62

    I need to save money on my electric bill

  • Educatedathlete

    The NEST was a great move by Google, though I’m interested to see where they take it from here. Only time will tell.

  • Eddie Sprouse

    I am such a control freak. I must control event the weather inside my house.

  • Dustin Foreman

    I’ve always wanted a nest! I look at them every time I’m in Lowe’s. They are expensive though!

  • smokes70

    I need to be able to reset my thermostat without leaving the comfort of my bed!!!

  • athorax

    Mine just broke so this would be sweet to have!

  • D Smith

    Cost savings!

  • Darrell Coffey

    My current thermostat is very inefficient. I’ve already researched that Nest will work with my set up, but can’t afford it!

  • Michael Nash

    After our ridiculously cold winter and the constant changing of temperatures in the house, this would be a welcome addition of simplicity!

  • weissmike

    I want Google to sell my HVAC details.

  • N8

    It’d be great to use while staying home with my kids in the house all day to make it comfortable for everyone.

  • Jonathan Penrod

    Give me that nest

  • Chris Bice

    To make my cave cozy and efficient!

  • catalyst11

    Nest is the best!

  • Brad Miller

    I live in the Armpit of America good old Georgia and need that easy access to manage my A/C

  • Scott Malin

    It gets cold here, would love a Nest

  • Gumballhead1775

    Thanks DL!

  • Derek Jones

    I have one, love it, want to win to sell

  • rmwilk

    I need a new thermostat and the Nest fits the bill!!!!

  • onDroid

    Because I hate going down a flight of stairs when I’m sitting in bed and my wife reminds me I forgot to turn the heat/air on/off. Please feed my laziness

  • Rick Wilson

    Looking to replace my old and busted themostats with one of these

  • switchblade_bravado

    I love me some contests.

  • SayHeyJayHey

    These things rock. We have one but I want one to give to family 😀

  • WoahDuh

    I need Nest because I’m a nerd for automation. Also, I’m cheep which explains why (a) I haven’t bought one and (b) why I’m trying to win one.

  • androidaw

    It would simplify my life and save me money in heating costs.

  • Kevin Chun

    i want this

  • Vantucky

    I was just shopping for a new thermostat this weekend. I would love to return it and put a nest in its place.

  • Zargon

    I live in Arizona, the AC is running from April to November. Hopefully this will help a bit.

  • elemeno

    I need a Nest because it’s awesome…

  • cesar dominguez

    The wife keeps nagging me because I forget to turn off the A/C when I leave home

  • Simple answer, everyone could use one.

  • rfranken

    I’d like to try it

  • nabooska

    I want it so it’ll spy on me

  • rader023

    I want one. My thermo is very old.

  • Brandon

    I definitely need this. The remote adjustment and learning function would do wonders for my bills

  • Brendan Owens


  • Jam Master Jim

    Need nest to keep me warm

  • Paul Cruz

    I want it!

  • Beau Champion

    Would love a Nest, but not willing to fork over $249. Winning one sounds like a great idea!

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    I would love this.

  • MistaButters

    I need to to counteract my roommate during the day, when nobody is home.

  • Bryan Lafollette


  • d_isigny

    Buying a house and I don’t trust the thermostat already installed. Would love to have a brand new Nest to install when we move.

  • GJV

    Man I would love a Nest! Who doesn’t need to save energy and lower their heating/cooling bills?! Thanks DL!

  • JSGoodBoy

    I’d give this to my mom for Mother’s day. She’s obsessed with temperature and weather.

  • Kyle

    who wouldn’t want one?

  • norberto lombardi

    gotta save that paper

  • Lakerfan

    my current thermostat is giving up the ghost!

  • Matt

    I’d love to have a NEST to have a smart thermostat finally in my home

  • Jerry Gooch

    I need nest so that I can save money! Being in college and living isn’t easy!

  • Paul

    I need to give this to my parents so they can finally start saving money real way rather than buying useless products that don’t really work.

  • Rock_Kickass

    I Just like new gadgets

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I need it to save money so I can get the next Moto X + 1

  • rphillipps16

    Woot Nest!

  • Matt-Ex

    I’m just about to move in to my first apartment and it’d be great to have it to keep my already too high rent down.

  • Jason Bittner

    I would love to replace the old thermostats from the 80s with a nest

  • KCCO

    dealing with 4 kids and a GF.. be nice to not worry about the thermostat..

  • Kevin Liebler

    Because it would complement all the other tech in my home. Plus, I sometimes forget what I have set the thermostat to and would love to be able to have it turn on/off to save myself power.

  • ticker47

    I need a more intuitive way of controlling the temp in my house

  • ticklemepierce

    I need it because I live in Virginia and the weather doesn’t make up its mind!!!

  • Manbir Singh

    i rent an apartment and we all split the electricity bill! if i had this i could make sure heat/ac is not on when we are not home!!

  • Jose Torres

    Would love to control my temps when away

  • gthrift

    In for 1!

  • Scott Thompson

    My dumb thermostat can’t learn a thing!

  • bkpearson

    Need more automation! Nest would help in that area.

  • cweb69

    I love toys and this one would be fun!

  • Andy Brownfield

    I need Nest so I can troll my girlfriend by subtly raising the temperature every time she passes wind and blame it on micro-global warming.

  • I want it because it look super sexy and it’ll save me money!

  • Gavin Lewandowski

    Home Technology and Wareables is the way forward, and I want to be part of this!.

  • soccerburn55

    Be more efficient

  • Valeyard

    Nest ftw!

  • Mike Dye

    Save some energy, because my wife and I both work sporadic hours.

  • themattbradley1

    I need it to warm my nest

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I’m going to be leaving my dog at home starting next month (have him at doggy day care currently), and the nest thermostat would be a great way to remotely manage the temperature at home for the pup while I’m at work!

  • knightsbore

    Because its going to be 120 degrees outside soon and I need to be able to manage my house’s tempe from afar.

  • John

    I need it to help automate the hell of a summer we’re all going to have.

  • JoeN

    I travel a lot, having the associated smartphone app would be immensely helpful. Best of luck all!

  • Larry Franks

    I need it to see how cool it can be

  • Nick Hull

    Because I have too.

  • Eric G Canoy

    because the my thermostat is way too far from my couch

  • Matt Sasges

    I’ll take one

  • Mark Roan

    The Nest is neat.

  • Justin

    Simply because the thermostat in my apartment sucks. I need a new one, and my brother already has a nest and he LOVES it. I need one as well.

  • Chezitman

    I wanna save that money per year since it keeps going up!

  • Carlos Garcia

    I need it because I’m a poor college student

  • Tyler

    would love one of these bad boys!

  • Clint O

    100yr old farm house could always some more technology and energy savings

  • zaggs

    Why do I need it? Getting a new house, thats why.

  • enemyisyou

    Because the efficiency of my 25 year old boiler can use all the help it can get.

  • Lester Dedrick

    I can’t live without it!!!!

  • Elementality

    Don’t “need” it, but it’s pretty cool.

  • Andrew Tompkins


  • Ellingsoc

    I need one for my house i just bought!

  • Dusty Bottoms

    Need to save money with a baby on the way.

  • Scott Dennehy

    wanted one for a will but no dough

  • Pyro411

    Nest would help save the pesky changes in temps that Michigan has up & down 50 degrees in less than a day.

  • mm

    I have wanted one for a while!

  • jonathon johnston

    To keep my house cool at night to sleep better. And save money.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    The electric bill shot up this winter for my roommates and I… it’d be nice to see why and to regulate the temp away from home!

  • jeepguy04

    Because I got to have one

  • Tyler Martin

    I need Nest in my life to help me save!

  • Chris Hansen

    I live in the desert and a smart thermometer would help cool before I’m home

  • oscarrivera3

    Definitely need it for this Chicago weather

  • DanWazz

    I need Nest cause my house is old and I need to save money to build a new garage.

  • d503


  • Frank Claycomb

    The craziness of the weather in SW PA would easily be mastered by the Nest.

  • sfsorrowman

    always too cold or too hot

  • Logan Jinks

    I need the Nest Thermostat in my life to simply lower the cost of my electric bill. I am forced to choose my city’s horrible utilities coverage and I’m tired of the paying for so much more than I actually use. So hopefully something like this can really help.

  • Blake

    Nest would be so convienent for my home, I’m constantly working and would love to be able to keep track and monitor the tempature from anywhere.

  • Tenny

    I need one in my life.

  • YEMan0443

    I am like a birrrrrd… I’m not going to fly away…. I need my nest!

  • Bill Maxwell

    i need a nest!

  • William Hirsch

    I really want one, but justifying the cost is rough. Would round out my Google collection nicely though.

  • kauthor47

    I live in a summer home. Nest would keep myself and my roommate and my girlfriend in the know-zone all year round.

  • stush0104

    After the brutal winter this year in the NE, I would definitely be using the Nest to help cut down on that gas bill.

  • Gerry Keysor


  • xtrandrix

    I can’t buy a damn thing because I have a wedding to pay for. This would be AWESOME in our new home!! Please oh please oh please… may all things almighty bless us to receive a free Nest!! 🙂 Thank you!

  • jacob lewis

    gl to me

  • Dan Anderson

    I need Nest in my life because getting off the couch to adjust the temperature is for cave-people.

  • saundersadam

    I want to make my house smarter!

  • Steve

    This is pretty cool

  • Danny

    Save money

  • LaRocKa1158


  • Jason Hansen

    I would have the coolest thermastat ever. 🙂

  • Mark

    I need it because I still use an old dial thermostat

  • NGagen

    I just need one because I don’t have one.

  • Stephen

    Going to be buying my first house soon, and this would be a great first “upgrade”!

  • FusionSaint

    Please oh please oh please oh please. I’d like to give my parents one as a gift.

  • zzz525

    Need this so bad! 🙂

  • slider112

    I have many birds

  • matt

    I want to setup a zigbee network and the nest thermostat has the zigbee capabilities.

  • christophermcconkey

    Would love to win one of these!!

  • Tyler Bell

    Indiana weather changes every 20 minutes so I need to be able to change things on the fly.

  • xraytedjim

    I need some automated cooling!

  • Jonathan Wolf

    All I ever wanted was to save a buck or two… and look good doing it.

  • JetBlk

    Boom, want this so I can see usage stats!

  • Cody

    To save money!!

  • Captain Spaulding

    My thermostat is very old and I’ve been wanting one, but $249is a lot of money.

  • ToddAwesome

    Condition all the air!

  • tbaybe

    I NEED NEST CAUSE I HAVE A BRAND NEW HOME, AND THIS WOULD FIT PERFECT! Plus AEP just sent me an email about it as well- makes me want!!!!

  • Nick Norman

    You know what they say about Chicago. If you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes. The Nest will learn to combat the ever changing elements of Chicago and provide me with comfort.

  • Crazydog


  • I Hi

    I would just really enjoy one!

  • Christopher Michael Cullop

    My buddy got one of these and loves it. I want one so bad, my electric bill is killing me and I am hardly ever home

  • rodney11ride

    Me want

  • aye_winchell

    I need it because it’s springtime in Montana, that means it could be 70 and sunny, or 20 and snowing….all in the course of a day.

  • zwade

    I support a family of 6. Therefore, I’m broke!

  • Matt

    The bipolar weather of South Dakota would make this thing amazing! Just last week we went from 25 F in the morning to 75 F in the afternoon and back to low 20s again that night!

  • David Strunk

    I would love to have one. to help save money plus i love the idea of how i can control it from my home. you guys are awesome.

  • cloutist4

    I need one because all other thermostats are UGLY

  • Luis Hidalgo

    Woot! lower a/c bills in FL!

  • dawn m. armfield

    What I like about Nest is the ability to be both proactive AND energy conscious. Why wouldn’t I want it with those benefits?

  • Justin Vetter

    My wife and I are building a new house, and what would go better than a new Nest hanging on my wall.