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Temporarily Secure Your Device With SlimRoms New Shake-to-Lock Feature

While I have never been one to lock down my smartphone – bothering with a password always seemed like more trouble than it was worth – I admit there are places where securing it would make sense. That is where SlimRoms’s new security feature comes in. 

Whether you are walking the seedy underbelly of an urban sprawl or just taking the New York subway, SlimRoms’s “shake to temporarily secure” option allows you to lock your device with a password by shaking it at the lockscreen.

Unlocking it requires verifying the password, after which the device will remain unsecured until shaken again. The feature has been incorporated into the latest SlimRoms nightlies, and is accessible via Settings > Security.

Check the SlimRoms website for a list of compatible devices.

Via: SlimRoms
Cheers Anon!
  • Jack T

    Cover is all I need.. Nobody takes my phone anyways haha

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  • sc0rch3d

    would probably be a good feature for larger phones so you don’t have to do the one handed shimmy to reach the power button. i agree with @PoisonApple31:disqus … on temporary unlock (one step further, configure it for certain notifications).

  • Cool feature. Don’t know if it’s enough to switch from Paranoid Android though.

  • Sean Elliott

    What lock screen clock is that?

    • CoreRooted


  • cool idea…feel it could be implimented differently though

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm cool. I actually really like this idea. Currently I have a lock on my texts and photos, but I rarely actually leave my phone anywhere out of my sight. So I could take those locks off or use this as some added security when needed. Or if my two year old wants to play with daddy’s phone this would be a great way to lock it.

  • James

    Someone has to say it: Moto x trusted bluetooth devices

  • Ray

    I use secure settings (root needed) a double swipe on my homescreen toggles the lock screen on/off

  • B

    Skiplock is a cool app that keeps the device unlocked on certain wifi or bluetooth connections.

    • Brandon

      cool thanks!

    • jaylanPHNX

      I tried skiplock, but found it less than perfect. Primarily, if you reboot while at home, it will not read the connection to your WiFi and therefore stay locked until you disconnect and reconnect to your router.

  • I keep my phone locked from my friends, the ones who will take it when you aren’t looking and send a snap to your friends or put some weird picture as your background. If a thief took my phone, I don’t expect having a password would encourage him to give it back instead.

    • Detonation

      But it prevents the thief from getting into my personal data

  • CHRIS42060

    Kyle has apparently never had a crazy (ex)girlfriend. Locking down your phone is a necessity in that case and well worth the trouble lol.

    • DJyoSNOW

      And or crazy friends who change your facebook birthday…

      • ynksbsbll2

        Your friends sound like real party animals

      • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

        or post that you just came out the closet and want to sleep with diseased homo men

    • Kyle Wiggers

      I don’t have friends 😐


  • The Narrator

    This is so confusing

    • PoisonApple31

      /s ?

      • The Narrator


        I don’t see the point of it. Make a code for the lockscreen and that’s all you gotta do. What’s the point of keep unlocking it/locking it, etc. Stupid

        • PoisonApple31

          One useful application would be for work email. While you’re at work, you wouldn’t want to type your lock code to read your email every time, but when you are outside the office, you’d want to for security reasons. I doubt this would work with most company Exchange ActiveSync policies.

          • darensdorff


            Dont see the need to temporary LOCK the device, rather than set a permanent LOCK and have a temporary UNLOCK available instead…

          • jeff manning

            Really how about this: I don’t like having a security lock most of the time but when I go out on the town I like to lock it down incase I lose my phone. Been waiting for something like this so I dont have to through a bunch of settings to enable. Just wish someone would add this to a quick toggle.

          • darensdorff

            I see your point…it just depends on the type of user.

            On a side note…Have you tried Tasker? Create a task that enables security with a PIN or Password (using Secure Settings plugin), and then add a shortcut to your home screen to click on whenever you need instant security on your phone?

            Just a thought

          • Kit Tihonovich

            Not needed with Slim…and with this feature.

            Enable the Chamber of Secrets (Advanced feature for advanced users to create custom shortcuts to any setting).

            Add a Custom Tile.
            Add action one: input “lock_shake_temp_secure” into a chamber shortcut > Checkbox? No > 0 > Name (whatever you want) “Security enabled”
            Add action two: input “lock_shake_temp_secure” into a chamber shortcut > Checkbox? No > 0 > Name “Shake to Secure”

            The tile system will acknowledge that you’re making an advanced toggle and set up a setting resolver so the tile
            changes anytime you change that setting…or will obviously make those changes if you click.

            “Secure” Mode > Lockscreen always secure
            “Shake to Secure” mode > Lockscreen always insecure unless shaken.

          • jeff manning

            Thanks, I’ll have to check this out

          • Kit Tihonovich

            Hai. Author of the feature here. Hit me up on hangouts or G+ with this name. It’s a simple process really, but via our Custom Toggles you can easily do exactly this.

        • MichaelFranz

          I think the objective of the shake is to enable or disable security, not lock or unlock.

        • Kit Tihonovich

          Well yes. If you want to always be secure then don’t enable the feature. Personally, I always struggle with “I want to be insecure 95% of the time” but I want to secure my device for certain occasions…like when I’m leaving my phone plugged in at a friend’s house playing music. So all I have to do is shake my phone…and nobody can get in until I unlock it again myself with my chosen password.

        • jaylanPHNX

          I find it a great feature. I don’t use a secure lock most of the time. I’m my own security since my phone’s never out of my possession. With certain exceptions. Sometimes at parties, I’ll connect my phone to someone’s sound system and play tunes. I don’t like leaving my phone unsecured, so a quick shake locks it without any hassle. I know that’s an unusual scenario, but it’s not hard to think of others. If it’s not something you need, no b biggie.

    • OF

      Lol what’s so confusing guys? I don’t like to secure my phone with a password 99% of the time. But that 1% of the other times I’d love a quick and easy way to secure it. Like when I go out on a Saturday night. Or when I’m charging my phone at work in the lunch room.