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Samsung SideSync Updated, Now Compatible With All Windows Computers

Samsung’s SideSync remote management software for Windows promised some pretty nifty functionality for owners of the Korea-based company’s Android devices, but it was unfortunately limited to Samsung’s ATIV line of tablets and laptops. Thankfully, that is changing today with the version 3.0 update, which removes the restriction and introduces support for the Galaxy S5.

In addition to automatic backups and file transfers, SideSync allows users to mirror their Samsung device’s screen on PC and use their keyboard and mouse to input, copy, and paste text.

The program is available for download at no charge, but you will need a Samsung device running KitKat and the SideSync companion app to use it.

Unfortunately, many Play Store reviewers have noted that the software sometimes fails to detect devices via WiFi and USB. It may be smart to hold off on downloading until Samsung sorts out the bugs.

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Via: Samsung
  • Luis Felipe

    I installed Samsung SideSync in my PC and in my Note3. Everything runs well, with just one excpetion: accented words. My name is Luís. But when I try to write it in SideSync with fisical keyboard, it shows Lu´is. Does anyone know how to correct this error?

  • CompCrash

    Looks like my computer (Ativ Book 9) only I don’t use Windows.

  • Danmheadache

    Anyone has apk for this file? I wanna try on my verizon S4. Running kitkat but no support.


    i have a samsung galaxy S3 and it will not install .. says not eligible.. ???? LOL


      ok it needs KIT KAT.. when will the SG3 get KIT KAT?

  • Ramiro

    Are you sure that it is only for the S5? In the Play Store you can see that it is for Samsungs KitKat Devicies.

    I have a Galaxy S4 with KitKat … and it does not allow me to download it… It’s says that is not compatible with my device.

    Play Store description:
    ■ Supported Android Devices
    – All Samsung Android devices with a supported OS (Galaxy smartphones, tablets)
    · Supported Android OS: KitKat and above

  • carl rainey

    Samsung adds all the “bloat” to their devices to make software like this work. You know all the apps that people complain about

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I use Sharekm from the play store. It lets me plug in my phone to my dock next to my computer, then move my mouse from my computer over to the phone, and type on it with my keyboard and copy and paste between the two.

    *note – the developer abandoned sharekm, so me and some other devs had to decompile the app and remove a built in beta expire date

  • Kevin

    This is why I would never invest in Samsung software. They limit it only to Samsung devices. Samsung is becoming more like Apple everyday.

    • Evan Knofsky

      Just saying, it probably uses Samsung specific API’s there is a possibility it wouldn’t even work on other devices.

    • michael arazan

      Waiting for Samsung Fridges, washers and microwaves to limit what I can put into it next

      • C C

        That comment makes no sense.

    • ravenofdoom

      I just tried the software on a Galaxy S5 and windows PC… and it doesn’t work (can’t detect phone)… I would argue that they’re being so restrictive as to not even allowing it on Samsung devices.

    • EZTV2

      Yes , Maybe you are smart. Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple. But EZTV Living Room Computer will never become next Apple. If you don’t believe me. http://en.ieztv.com/Index/Index/listClon/id/2 can tell you answer !

  • Dr. Steve

    windows makes mah dangus sting.