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Ads Inbound for Samsung’s Milk Music App, $4 Monthly Fee for Ad-free Streaming

samsung milk music

Samsung’s free-to-use, ad-free music service, Milk Music is about to receive a shakeup. As stated by Samsung when it was first launched, advertisements are coming to the service, as well as a subscription price if users don’t wish to see or hear ads. Before today, no price for the subscription was known, but thanks to a post on Samsung Tomorrow, we can now report that the price has been set at $3.99 a month. 

When compared to All Access from Google Play, or many of the other music streaming services priced at $9.99 a month for ad-free and on-demand music streaming, Samsung’s $3.99 price could be a winner. On top of being ad-free, Samsung also indicates that users who pay the price will receive exclusive features, not available to those who choose the ad-supported version of the service.

No exact word on when the the ads and subscription price will come into play, but it is listed as coming “soon.”

If you are currently using Milk Music on your Samsung device, do you intend on keeping it, even if ads or a monthly subscription price appear?


Via: Samsung Tomorrow
  • A2theC


  • Wilbur Fake

    Only used it to listen to sleep music with no ads so nope bye bye. too good to be true. For ads in a free services spotify all the way!

    • Wish they had something for mobile that didn’t cost. I loved their paid services though.

  • DJcontraption

    At risk of being pilloried, I think I will stick with it. I’ve been using it quite a bit so far, and have really started dialing in some stations. The only other subscription service I use currently is Pandora (I hate ads), and I’ve been using both it and Milk about equally since the latter came out. The interface is decent, and I like the slider controls on new vs old, more/less popular, and % of “favorites.” It definitely has some refining and growing up to do as an app, but its solid enough now that I’ll keep it giving it a go.

  • Craig P

    <<< Spotify student discount

  • Thomas

    Fun while it lasted. Back to SiriusXM for me.

  • Cory Wilson

    Is it all access for $3.99?

  • George264

    The name still bothers me a lot. I keep trying to wrap my mind around it. Milk Music?

  • Arthur Dent

    Wow, how shocking. Did anyone think this wouldn’t happen?

  • DJyoSNOW

    My take was its like slacker paid and I had thought since I bought a samsung phone….. Guess not, Boooo… uninstalling… guessing samsung is really that money hungry.

  • Quint

    Probably will uninstall soon. It’s not bad, but I keep gravitating back to Google Play Music.

  • creed


  • MReprogle

    I am thinking about starting my own music streaming service, since everyone else is doing it.

  • sonicyoof

    It’s a skinned Google Music that only works with Samsung phones.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Skinned slacker music. Skilled Google music would just be their touch wiz music player.

  • Alec

    I rather listen to iTunes Radio… WITH ads.

    • moew

      I think you meant to say pandora 🙂

  • The Narrator

    Nope. Google all the way

    • I love All Access, but their radio stations are really sub-par. It continues to play songs that I have downvoted time and time again.

      • michael arazan

        it also replays the same songs over and over again within a half hour on radio. Have mine set to alternative.

        I was impressed that Samsung sent me a message though when I complained that Milk would not let me log in. I still uninstalled, but its to see they actually listen unlike other conglomerates. I can’t even find a way to email google about their music app. Followed the help all the way through and can’t find an email or anything