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Samsung Gear Fit Review: Terrible Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch, Cool Display

As you guys know, I’m kind of into the whole fitness band thing. I’ve talked about my dedication to Nike’s platform, including the Fuelband (which I recently retired). I’ve picked up random Kickstarter items like the Misfit Shine, all because I’m constantly looking for something to help track my fitness goals, which mostly includes speed and distance training with some strength exercises worked in.

When Samsung unveiled the Gear Fit during their Galaxy S5 launch event, I was actually somewhat excited – a fitness band, with a beautiful little AMOLED display, that works on Android, isn’t terrible looking, and doesn’t have single-day battery life. What’s not to like? I picked one up last week when it arrived in stores and have been using it daily ever since. I’ve logged 8 mile runs, shorter sprint workouts, worn it as a smartwatch, and even tried once to get it to track my sleep. In other words, I’ve tried to make this my daily fitness tracker and more, just like Samsung claims it can be.

With that said, I’ve got a ton of thoughts to share. Let’s talk about the Samsung Gear Fit. 

samsung gear fit-3

It’s a terrible fitness tracker.

No, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. If you are looking for a fitness band or tracker of any sort, Samsung’s Gear Fit is not the one you want.

As I mentioned, I’ve taken the Gear Fit on at least four runs in the past week. While it doesn’t do a bad job tracking my pace or distance traveled, it’s the other little things that make it not an acceptable entry into the fitness world. For example, one of the major selling points of the Gear Fit is its ability to take your heart rate. And that option is actually very cool, depending on the type of training you are doing. Thing is, it can’t check  your heart rate if you have the Fit also tracking “Exercise.” I’m not joking either, look at the screen below. So basically, the exact time that you would want to check your heart rate, you can’t.

Update 4/17:  Buried in the settings of each “Exercise” category, there is a very last option that lets you check a box for constant heart rate monitoring. It’s not on by default. Nothing tells you to go look for this option, nor is there a hint at it existing. I say that, because there is a giant “Heart Rate” option in your available apps that would be the obvious choice to always check your heart rate. That option, as I previously mentioned and is listed below, doesn’t work if you are doing an “Exercise.” This is getting more painful by the minute. With that said, I will give the constant heart rate monitoring a test and update this post again if there is anything to report back.

Update 4/21:  So I used the constant heart rate monitoring during a 5-mile run. It’s, to put it bluntly, a half-baked experience. When you kick off a workout, the Fit takes your heart rate before beginning. Then throughout, it continues to monitor, though the results vary tremendously. I saw BPM at anywhere from 70 to 180 during the workout at various times. I’m not talking about my heart rate starting at 70 and then working up to 180, I’m saying that mid-run, it was dropping to 70 before jumping back up to 180. I called it “half-baked” because when in this mode, from what I can tell, it doesn’t record any of that heart rate info. What I mean is that none of the data is kept and then transferred over to your S Health app. So all of that 5-mile heart rate monitoring data is gone and no where to be found after the fact.

gear fit sucks1

It gets worse. After every single workout that I’ve completed in the last week, I’ve tried to immediately check my heart rate, you know, since…you…can’t…while exercising (Edit: Or can if you find the impossibly hard-to-locate check box). The Gear Fit doesn’t work then either. Apparently, the heart rate sensor (the one that’s built into a fitness band) can’t detect your heart rate if you have any amount of sweat on you. In the photo below, you can see the error I’ve received at least a dozen times of, “The signal from your pulse is weak.” That would be my pulse which is pounding at over 150bpm from a completed workout, yet this little guy can’t sense it.

gear fit sucks4

But it’s not only bad because of the faulty heart rate sensor. The Gear Fit also sucks because you can’t pause a workout. So if you are on a run, have to stop at a stop light or a train or need to go to the bathroom, you can’t pause anything. The only option you have while in the “Exercise” mode is to stop. And when you press “Stop,” it doesn’t pause, it actually keeps the timer going in the background until you also hit the check mark on the next screen to fully stop your exercise.

Want to use the Gear Fit as a pedometer? Well, don’t forget to turn that mode on. You see, the Gear Fit doesn’t track your steps by default, it’s an actual mode you have to turn on. Same thing goes for sleeping – if you’d like to track your sleep, you have to tell it to. But then, once it does and you also remember to tell it to stop tracking in the morning, that info goes…somewhere. There isn’t an area in the S Health app on the Galaxy S5 that shows you sleep info. You can view some of it on the Gear Fit, and will even tell you the percentage of the night that you remained motionless, but scrolling through multiple nights of sleep isn’t exactly fun on a small screen.

Update 4/17:  Today (of all days), Samsung posted a brand new app called S Health Sleep, that is a stand-alone app from the Samsung Apps store for tracking the sleep info you gather on a Gear Fit. This would have been nice to have during my testing (or at launch), but you know what, the fact that it’s a stand-alone app is another joke in and of itself. You now have to use three apps along with your Gear Fit:  Gear Fit Manager, S Health, and S Health Sleep. No thanks.

Finally, the display isn’t bad in direct sunlight when you are looking at the colorful clock, but with the all-black exercise screen up that shows small white text, it’s almost impossible to read while moving when outdoors. And that includes checking notifications as they come in during a workout.

So yeah, the “fit” part of the Gear Fit has been a complete disappointment. Sure, it could get better over time with updates from Samsung, but in it’s current form, I wouldn’t tell any fitness freaks to even consider it.

It’s also not a good smartwatch.

That’s right, it’s also not a good smartwatch. You can decline calls (not answer them), send a few canned messages in the stock text messaging app, get calendar reminders, and preview notifications from other selected apps like Gmail or Hangouts. When I say “preview,” I’m talking about how you can receive Hangouts messages, but you can’t respond to them. So the functionality there is pretty limited.

gear fit sucks5

There are more issues if you are trying to read notifications that take up more than a single line. Whether you have the Gear Fit showing the display in portrait or landscape mode, there just isn’t enough screen real estate to make it worth attempting to read. Now, that’s not necessarily the Gear Fit’s fault, but Samsung added this functionality to make it somewhat smartwatch-y, when it probably shouldn’t have.

If you want simple notifications from select apps or the ability to quickly reject a call with a pre-set message, it can do that. The Gear Fit is not a full-blown smartwatch, though, in case you were hoping it would be.

gear fit sucks6

It does have a beautiful display, though. The design isn’t bad either.

Yes, the Gear Fit does have some decent things going for it. The curved AMOLED display used is quite stunning to look at and something I can’t wait to see evolve. The colors pop, the viewing angles are great, and it doesn’t seem to suck battery like I figured it would. There are multiple wallpapers that really take advantage of the AMOLED display’s vibrant colors and a variety of clock faces, some with weather, others with calendar info, and a few that are just awesome clocks in general. The beautiful display will even react to an arm raise, so that you can view it and the time quickly without pressing a button.

gear fit1

The overall design of the Gear Fit, I’d argue, is quite nice as well. For having a curved touch-enabled AMOLED display, and 3-4 day battery life, plus a heart rate sensor, it’s not all that bulky. There are changeable straps, so you could in theory change up the look to keep it fresh. Otherwise, it’s a subtle black band that will surprise friends once they see the vibrant display light up.

Other random notes:

  • Battery life:  I’m seeing anywhere from 3 to 4 days of battery life without needing a charge. For example, I took the Fit for an 8 mile run on Sunday after fully charging it, and really only saw it drop 20% or so. I charged it yesterday, wore it all day, let it sit over night off the charger, then took it for a 4.5 mile run today, and it’s sitting at a solid 70%. If you weren’t hammering on it, I could see it extending out to that 4 day range.
  • Only works with Samsung phones:  If you don’t own a Samsung phone, just stop reading this. Better yet, why did you read to this point at all? The Gear series of wearables only works with Samsung Galaxy phones. If you don’t own one, you can’t use the Gear Fit to its fullest.
  • Price:  I don’t necessarily think the Gear Fit is overpriced, especially for all of its potential. It is a little tough to stomach that price once you start using it and realize it needs a lot of work. But at $199, for a device with this awesome little AMOLED display and all sorts of fitness potential, that’s not a bad starting point. Hell, the overrated and less-powerful Nike Fuelband starts at $150.
  • Finding lost phone, stopwatch, media controller:  I didn’t mention these above, so I wanted to make sure you knew that the Gear Fit can also help you find your phone if you lose it, has a stop watch built in, and can control media playing on your phone. Nice features, however, I haven’t found much use for them.


samsung gear fit-9samsung gear fit-6samsung gear fit-7samsung gear fit-10samsung gear fit-11

The Verdict

In case I didn’t make it obvious already, I won’t be recommending the Gear Fit to you. It has some really cool tech inside, like the AMOLED display, but the fitness side of things is far from being anywhere near where it needs to be. There are all sorts of little issues that Samsung needs to work out before fitness fanatics should consider this product. It’s also not powerful enough in the smartwatch department for techies to get excited. It was a decent attempt at something innovative. Hopefully, the next one gets it right.

  • Anabelle Curtis

    Just got the band (promo for $100 with my new Galaxy S5) – and the Gear Fit hasn’t gotten any better it seems. Improvements that COULD be made to this device seem like an intern could handle over a Monday afternoon – like allowing a pause option on the timer. Unbelievable that you still can’t start, stop and pause the timer synced to S Health on the phone. Unbelievable x 2, because you can remote control the media player on the phone, but not the fitness tracker. Considering this is Gear “FIT” that is just absurd. Will be nice to see if it integrates well with Endomondo – which is supposed to become compatible in the next few months (most likely that means in the year 2017) – but until then it’s just a semi-functional stop watch. How on earth does Samsung get something so simple so terribly wrong. This would be a perfect device to unlock and have it fixed by some 14 year old programmers.

  • swhall

    Kellex: failure on your part to understand the product and it’s settings does not constitute your synopsis “terrible fitness tracker”. Gee, there’s a setting for heart rate monitoring during exercise – go figure, people may actually NOT want the heart rate monitor on, so you turn it on, that’s so hard! As for the heart rate monitor not working correctly for you, you probably don’t have the band on tight enough. Works fine for me.

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  • jober3

    Haters gonna hate. I love how people compare this to a Moto 360 which is still a concept. Pretty funny…

  • Anon

    You are an idiot. Please learn how to actually use the device before going on idiotic tirades about a product you don’t even know how to properly use. Also, your justification of your criticisms after you learned how to properly use the device are hilarious, and again, idiotic.

    • Thank you anonymous. I’ve spent another four days with the Gear Fit, and actually now feel worse about it. This is a terrible product.

  • Woo Lenoir

    Frankly, this review is worthless, negative and wreaks of BS. It’s like purchasing a spare tire for my car, and having the salesman hand me a box of nails with instructions on where to place them in my driveway to test the limits of my dumbness. After reading this review, I can’t wait .. I’m going to purchase all 3 units just so I can avoid running.

  • mcdonsco

    Ok wait…if this thing does the same things as the neo and is the same price, then what’s the difference; the shape? That’s it?

  • nicky456

    Samsung in 4 words: awesome hardware, crap software.

  • Josh Jones

    Its a thinner, lighter, more stylish MotoActv that actually does stuff with your phone (controls media and works with almost any notifications). What a massive difference how receptive you were when the MotoActv was released compared to the Gear Fit ( http://www.droid-life.com/2011/11/08/video-motorola-motoactv-fitness-tracker-hands-on/ ).

    I switched from the MotoActv to this and i couldn’t be happier. It’s just as useless as a fitness tracker but it adds functionality in all the places i actually care about, has an better battery life, it and it looks amazing while doing it.
    My only gripe is the ugly samsung chrome siding which will scrape up at the slightest touch- unlike the Motoactv i had which literally has gotten smashed in a car door without a single scratch.

  • another rushed half-assed samsung mobile product…pass…its like they wanna release any and everything they can think of just so they can beat apple to making their own…so sad im beginning to dislike samsung more then i dislike apple…samsung even gone the way of locking stuff down like apple products are…like this joke of a device only works with samsung phones…nothing to see here

  • teevirus

    @kellex:disqus how does the heart rate optical sensor work for people with dark skin? Asking for a friend.

    • Have not been able to test, sorry.

      • teevirus

        Send It here and I’ll give it a quick ‘run’ through. 🙂

  • brkshr

    “a fitness band, with a beautiful little AMOLED display, that works on Android”…

    err… you mean a select few Samsung Galaxy phones, right?

  • Ian

    You don’t think its overpriced based on a comparison to a device we know to be extremely overpriced?

    It seems like “because it has a pretty AMOLED screen” means sammy can +$100…

  • MichaelFranz

    And to think I was on the fence on this. Hopefully software updates will help and then maybe i’ll decide

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    its really comfortable. i have no problem sleeping with it on.
    Kellen gtfo. Lying about your 8 miles.

  • clark

    Im still going to buy it when it becomes available.

  • yummy

    Ouch. Sounds like they tested it on robots who only know the word “Awesome!”

  • mcdonsco

    Thought it was fit $99, gear neo $199 & gear 2 $299?

    • PoisonApple31

      No, Fit is $199.

      • mcdonsco


        Didn’t realize fit and neo were same price.

  • mcdonsco

    Me thinks Kellen no likey?

  • Caldesilk

    What a great example of not being able to change your mind when new facts come to light. Apparently a huge negative is the lack of heartbeat monitoring whilst exercising, yet when the reviewer finds out that tthis feature is available be cannot bring himself to reverse his negative impression.

    • Read the latest update and you’ll know why. This thing only gets worse the more you use it.

  • Nathan Choler

    I bought the Gear 2 Neo and apparently there is no connection to the phones GPS in the exercise tracking, it only estimates distance bases off steps. Better yet if you start tracking from S Health on the phone, it doesn’t push the activity to the watch. That was the #1 selling point for me. The only response I get from customer support is “Samsung is aware of the issue”. GARBAGE!!

  • Bob

    Laying on the couch and sitting on the computer don’t count as a workout Kellen.

    • Nikuliai

      but it should…

  • 213ninja

    i think software improvements can still make this a great device. as-is, it’s good but quirky. throwing up 200 on a gamble that sammy will improve the software is asking a lot from most though…..not me, but most………..

    also should point out that when i start a workout the heartrate is live and changes with every step/beat and displays right on the screen with the distance and calories, etc. not sure what he did to get that error or why it wasn’t working for him, but it works for me.

    • Software updates could improve almost everything I complained about. Hoping it happens soon.

  • Jcastag

    I am sick of reading statements like the price isn’t bad because if it’s potential. I don’t want to hear crap about buying a product that is overpriced because it MIGHT be able to do more in the future even though it’s useless now.

    This is yet another poorly designed and planned product release by Samsung, that should still be in beta, not retail sale.

    But because stupid consumers exist and Samsung will market the heck out of it, people will buy it.

    • 213ninja

      i think it’s funny how you think we’re idiots, but you’re commenting on a samsung post complaining about how you hate reading samsung posts. i think if you just didn’t read samsung posts you could solve your problem without insulting us.

      • Nikuliai

        I’m just tired of reading moto posts!… oh wait wrong thread

        1) he didn’t call you (or any of us) an idiot, he said that because OF stupid consumers and marketing people will buy it, which is true
        2) he didn’t said he hates reading samsung posts, he said he’s sick of reading stupid statements like ‘199 isn’t bad because of it’s potential’, I get his point since this product (I’ve read many threads about it) looks like total garbage, and the only posts that praise the fit are extremely vague, so it’s kinda reasonable, I wouldn’t pay 200 for something I KNOW I wouldn’t use, and right now, anyone who cares about fitness will find this band kind of garbage, and I’m not paying 200 for garbage, to me that’s the point
        3) dunno why I’m even posting this… :B

        • slainte

          Answer to #3: Because you are a voice of reason.

          • 213ninja

            yes you’re right, and thanks to both of you now i realize the OP wasn’t bashing the people who buy Samsung stuff at all when he said that Samsung is only able to sell this device and poorly designed devices like it because stupid consumers exist… but, i’m still not sure how anyone who hasn’t purchased a product and returned it is in a position to deem it garbage. i’m also unaware of the plethora of posts where people are hypebeasting products that suck now but might be able to provide value in the future with software updates….

            i guess i’m just a naive moron.

  • n900mixalot

    Sleep tracker is built into Gear Manager.

  • john

    Shouldn’t the watch be worn with the display facing down? meaning wearing the screen on the side of the palm facing up. that would be the best way to read your pulse. I don’t think any watch can read your pulse wearing it the normal way you wear a watch, unless you have a receiver strapped around your chest like the “Polar”. I would like to buy this watch but with this review made me change my mind.

    • n900mixalot

      There’s definitely room to grow. It isn’t perfect. But for what it is it is fun. It does move into the toy realm a little bit because of the HRM issues. But other than that it is a great sleek looking and comfortable device.

    • Samsung says you can wear it either way to check heart rate.

      • Smartss

        I have the Gear 2 Neo, I noticed that the HR doesn’t work as well if you have it snug against your skin. It almost never worked so I loosened the band and it works 90% of the time without me touching it. I purchased mine as a replacement for my FitBit Flex as I run everyday. I would agree with you it’s in dire need of a software overhaul.

  • sonicyoof

    Since it’s only compatible with Samsung phones I wouldn’t buy it just out of spite and principal. That’s ridiculous.

    • calculatorwatch

      There was an article saying that Samsung wants to make their Gear watches work on all phones. So if they do that, fix all the software issues mentioned in this article, give it pebble-level smart watch functionality, and lower the price by $50, then I’m all over it 😛

      • 213ninja

        Sounds like you’re interested in the Gear Fit 3.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah pretty much. I’m sure Samsung will fail again on at least one of those levels though.

          • 213ninja

            that’s why i said 3 instead of 2 lol.

          • calculatorwatch

            Oh yeah hopefully by then they can get it right. Of course by that time I’ll have all new demands like full Google Now integration and insane battery life.

  • droidiac13

    This completely disappoints me. I was going to grab the Gear 2 and that was part of the reason I picked up the S5.

    • n900mixalot

      Get it anyway. The Gear 2 is in an entirely different class.

      • Definitely completely different. I may pick up a Neo just to try it.

      • droidiac13

        Picked it up yesterday. It is really nice. No problems reading my heart beat.

        • n900mixalot

          Good for you. Can it measure while you are working out? The Gear Fit is useless while working out. I can never read my heartbeat.

  • Scott Capodice

    I’m still rocking my Jawbone up. My first one died after 3 months of use and contacted jawbone and they sent me another that’s been chugging along just fine for the last 9 months. I was worried when I got my Moto X it wouldnt work anymore (coming from S3). Loaded the app and plugged it in the headphone jack and it synced just fine. I quit using it for sleep mode, but I wear it daily to track distance gone. So I guess it’s a glorified pedometer for me, but it does that well! And battery life lasts at least a week. Sure it’s got a few quirks. If I wear it when doing something like playing guitar, of course it’s going to log that as walking. But overall, there hasnt been anything else on the market that’s sparked my interest to replace it. I did wish it had a clock on it, but I’m a picky about my watches and like wearing a real watch on the other wrist.

  • PoisonApple31

    Is Droid-Life doing a Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo review?

    • Hadn’t really planned on it, but could. Would probably go Neo, though. That work?

      • PoisonApple31

        Neo would be fine. I don’t think anyone cares about the camera in the Gear 2.

  • JMonkeYJ

    Kinda funny (and telling) that all except one of your pictures have the display in landscape mode, which realistically isn’t a comfortable orientation for viewing. I assume this means portrait mode is really bad.

    • Pictures are in landscape because the device fits better in pictures that way heh. I typically run it in portrait, because it’s much easier to read everything.

    • 213ninja

      it’s not bad at all. i should add i have 20/20 vision, but the display is crisp and it works as well as to be expected on a screen this size/orientation.

  • Rodeojones000

    There is NOTHING about the design that is any good. Like every other Samsung device released in recent years, it’s god-awful ugly.

    • Colin Huber

      Disagree 100 percent on the first half of the latter.

    • 213ninja

      disagree 100% with the whole thing.

    • Nikuliai

      it doesn’t look THAT bad, the screen is a lot more than it should be but who cares… if the thing worked the band would be awesome, but we’re talking about samsung so… not gonna happen

  • Brian Frost

    Sounds like it is pretty much worthless. Here’s another great review (definitely directed more towards the fitness crowd)

    • n900mixalot

      That a great link and a great review for serious health junkies. It overlooks a few minor things but really lays it out for people who are pro athletes.

    • Oh wow, that title hah. Reading.

  • Guest
  • Tyler

    Thanks for the info. What would you recommend?

    • Maxim∑

      Pebble, or wait for Moto360/LG’s if you’re on Android

      • 213ninja

        do those devices compete in this space?

        • Nikuliai

          not likely, but who knows (I think Moto is going to make a band tho)

    • Tough to say. I would have said Fitbit, but they just got recalled heh. I’m really looking forward to the Moov. http://preorder.moov.cc/

  • James_75

    I picked up a Garmin Vivofit a few days ago and so far I love it! It’s not pretending to be more than what it is.

    • Been seeing ads for it but had yet to really look into it. Looks promising for sure.

      • James_75

        The only real drawback to the device is that it has no backlight so low light or dark conditions render the screen useless. I always have my phone on me so if I need to see the screen I just use my phone screen to shine a little light on it. The benefit is, of course, battery life for what they claim to be about a year. I would rather replace the battery every 6 months and have some sort of led light but otherwise this thing is awesome.

    • Nikuliai

      question: the only way to track your HR is with a bluetooth heart thing right?

      • James_75

        Correct, you have to wear a Garmin chest strap HR monitor. The benefit, though, is that it’s a hell of a lot more accurate than anything else. I wear mine all day long and I don’t even notice it’s there anymore.. takes a few days to get used to it.

        • Nikuliai

          Thanks!, I would guess it makes the other HR monitors just cry on your wrist but the idea of having that thing on me all day is kind of annoying (that’s what she said!), if the say you stop noticing it after a few days it may be worth a shot tho, since the Vivofit is -kind of- cheap, the chest strap costs more than half the band here tho

    • Brian Frost

      I’ve been running with a Garmin GPS watch for years and love it. I’ve had the same watch for 7 years and never had a single problem with it. I think my perfect smartwatch would be a Garmin running watch with Android Wear. I want to be able to leave my phone and go for a run, but also get notifications, etc. on the watch. Someone needs to smash together a Garmin FR 620 and Moto 360.

  • BeejRich

    I tried one of these on and I LOVED the way it felt around the wrist. Didn’t get much of a chance to mess with features.

    • Maxim∑

      thats why you loved it

      • n900mixalot

        Nah. The other features are fine for awhat it is and for its price. People like you are all talk and no experience.

  • Maxim∑

    Exact opposite of Pebble, great smartwatch and fitness tracker. terrible display!

    Your move Moto and Apple

    • Smartss

      I agree, I avoided the Pebble solely for it’s display. It reminds me of an 80’s wristwatch.

  • Guest

    This is just another thing that is half way constructed in software that Samsung just threw out there to see if it would stick.

  • tu3218

    Wow, I can’t believe you can’t determine your heart rate from the device while exercising. You’re right, that is utterly stupid.

    I’m really pumped for the moto 360 but I’m afraid it’s not going to have fitness tech built in. I run a lot myself so it’d be nice to have something of this sort. In fact, I’d like one with 512mb or 1gb of flash storage, bluetooth headset, and store a google now playlist on it and not need to bring my phone with me on my runs. Hopefully someone does that!

    • PoisonApple31

      I am also looking forward to seeing what else the Moto 360 offers other than looks and Google now.

    • Kevin

      If you’re going to use a smart watch as a fitness band you’re gonna have a bad time.

      • tu3218

        Why? What are you even talking about? The one that combines all those features and does it right will be the successful one.

    • If there’s any storage on it, I’m sure that would be feasible.

    • n900mixalot

      Moto will likely come out with a fitness specific version. They’d be smart to since the MotoActv is a great device and really the first connected fitness smartwatch that is worth anything. The Gear line is great and is a good upgrade from the Moto though. I still kept mine.

      • Blue Sun

        I’m hoping for a follow up device for the Motoactiv. I’m still using & wearing mine everyday. I have yet to see an upcoming device that tracks activities similar to the Motoactiv.

        • n900mixalot

          Neither have I. I can’t stand the fitness features on my Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit … And the MotoActiv can be rooted for full Android.

          It was WAY ahead of its time.

    • 213ninja

      it can. it does, in real-time. i’m not sure why he had trouble with it…clearly that error happened, i’m just not sure what he did that i didn’t do. you start a workout and the heartrate is displayed in real-time right on the home screen above the distance and calories, etc. granted, the heart rate does jump around a little just like the ones you grasp on the treadmills do, i assume when it encounters sweat or just can’t get a good reading for whatever reason, but i’d say it was correct for more than 75% of my workout, i kept checking it every 30 seconds……

    • Nikuliai

      I wouldn’t use it as a fitness tracker… sweat is not really that good to metal in my experience, I would use a fitness band for… well… fitness, right now I don’t need (not running, I exercise mostly on a room) it but I don’t use my watch to exercise either (It’s not really comfortable if you’re doing anything but running or cycling, it kind of hurts my wrist, so I remove my watch every workout), I think the 360 should be good with an extra band (right now I’m thinking Nabu, but I’ll have to see how it does when it’s actually available)

    • jober3

      You can. What are you talking about here? You lost most of us in your incorrect rant.

      • tu3218

        Those features in a moto 360 or a halfway decent smart watch. Not a piece of junk like these Samsung devices.

  • Tony Byatt

    Oh well…Samsung, you had your chances…

    Now let the adults take it from here…

  • Do fitness trackers seriously need to give notifications, Sammy?

    Focus on FITNESS! 😛

    • Pratik Holla

      Its a half baked product that Samsung hopes to sell with a ton of marketing. Pretty much how all their products go these days.

      • 213ninja

        if you substituted the words “software features” for “products” i would tend to agree, but there’s nothing half baked about their hardware game.

      • clark

        the note series is heavily marketed but are great products too so you’re wrong

        • Pratik Holla

          Its great on the hardware front. Not denying that. But their software and the level of polish they place on it has a lot to be desired.

    • 213ninja

      they clearly don’t, and while i’d love to see sammy focus way more on fitness as well, you have to acknowledge there is a space for hybrid devices like this. as much as i’d love to disconnect when i workout, i simply cannot due to family and work related responsiblities. if you think about it, adding notifications is the best thing this kind of tracker can do to help guys like me be as disconnected as possible so that you’re not constantly pulling out your phone every time it beeps while your at the gym or on a run, or worse, biking, etc., which is just unsafe. yeah, i realize 15 years ago everyone disconnected when they went running, but it’s 2014, and features like this are what help people like me in 2014.

      this last statement is not in direct reply to any one indvidual, but if people want dedicated fitness tools they should be looking into serious fitness tools such as garmin or tom tom or suunto or under armour or polar, or any number of serious pieces of titness equipment. these trackers are more for weekend warriors in my opinion, not a fitness tool, but moreso a health/lifestyle accessory. i think it’s funny how people gasp at the 199 price point on this guy (or wose the Gear 2), but some of the afforementioned fitness tools I rattled off go for $399 and up…..you get what you pay for. if you want precision, get a tool. if you want generally useful information, get a tracker.

    • Higher_Ground

      right, because I’m not about to stop my workout to check some spam gmail. Maybe it’s just a case of trying to please too many people with one device… but they’ve already got a smartwatch.