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How to: Turn on Manual Exposure in the New Google Camera

Because some of you asked about it almost immediately after installing the new Google Camera (video tour), we wanted to make sure you knew how to enable the Manual Exposure setting. Thankfully, it’s really simple. 

1.  Open the camera.
2.  Swipe to the right to see your list of camera modes.
3.  Tap the Settings button in the top right corner.
4.  Tap “Advanced.”
5.  Toggle Manual Exposure to “On.”
6.  Head back to the camera, tap the menu button in the top right corner.
7.  You should now see a toggle for manual exposure adjustment.

  • Chris

    Now how do I turn on the time lapse and countdown timer?

  • lizzy

    there is no bottom on my top right corner

  • Jake

    That’s not manual exposure, it’s exposure compensation. Huge difference to anyone who knows how to operate a real camera.

  • Jes Marwaha

    How do we put time-lapse video recording on now?

  • MacNificent

    Check out “tiny planet” under the edit settings of a photosphere

    • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera

      How do you do that? where are the edit settings under photosphere?

      • MacNificent

        Once you make a photosphere, press the menu you button and then it will give you an option to make “tiny planet”. It will automatically turn your photosphere into this tiny planet. You can zoom in and also rotate.

        • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera

          awesome. thanks dude

          • MacNificent

            No problem! That’s what were all here for!

        • Leon B

          I have created a tiny planet once on my SM-T520 using Google camera and can’t get it right again.
          I followed your advice above but no luck.
          Make the photo sphere
          Click the tick to complete the sphere
          Go to Google photos and view
          I do not see tiny planet anywhere. I do see that the exit button is greyed out till I download the photo but still don’t see tiny planet anywhere.

          Patiently wait for your feedback

  • Bigwavedave25

    Love this camera app so far. Now all I need is someone to hack in and add a 10M-Wide option for the LGG2. Front camera takes wide shots fine (useless), but the back is stuck at 4:3 b/c of the three resolution options that are [all 4:3] native to the G2. I may have to play around with Apktool tomorrow and see what i can find, add a option or change the 7.7M to 10M :fingerscrossed:

  • Kyle Null

    This GIF on the homepage upsets me a little.

  • jamaall

    No HDR option (Droid MAXX)?

    • LLcdPH

      None. And not that I use zoom much… gone.

      • jamaall

        Pinch to zoom

  • jowaldo

    Make sure you have HDR turned off too, for the “manual” button to show up on the live view.

  • Bill Anderson

    It’s not really manual exposure, just exposure compensation…

  • Paul

    But what about time lapse and slow mo?

    • Simon Belmont

      Gone. But likely to return in a future update (noticed they also removed capturing a picture while taking a video, which I used a lot).

      It’s an initial release. They wanted to get the basics down after what seems like a complete rewrite of the app’s code.

  • Tom Kiley

    Is there an easy way to make the Moto X quick-launch gesture apply to this camera, if I disable the stock camera?

    • Lucky Armpit

      I wish. I got this installed on my Droid Maxx and I use the twist gesture constantly to launch the camera app.

    • jamaall

      I don’t think so. Quick gesture is integrated into the Motorola Camera app, not the system UI. I don’t mind it though, as the Motorla Camera is good enough for a quick picture.

    • Jaxon Wright

      use tasker to force close Moto Camera when it opens, and open the google one

      • Tom Kiley

        Worked 🙂

    • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera

      trying to figure this out as well on my Maxx

  • I can turn it on, but for some reason it won’t move from 0 on my Note 3.

    • Caks

      Same problem for me. Galaxy S4