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Dreams Crushed: Google Has No Current Plans to Bring Google Fiber to NYC Area

A job posting which was recently spotted online, reportedly pointed to unannounced plans of Google’s to bring its Internet service, Google Fiber to the New York City area.

To the dismay of NYC residents, a Google spokesperson has confirmed to Ars Technica that the company has no plans to bring Google Fiber to New York.

Here is the brief, but to the point statement made from the Google spokesperson. 

Don’t read into the job listing. We’ve had a full team of folks working on Fiber in the New York office for years. We don’t currently have any plans to bring Google Fiber to New York. We’re entirely focused on building out our networks in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo, and on exploring the possibility of bringing Fiber to the 34 locations we announced in February.

Well that kind of sucks. Sorry, NYC residents.

Via: Ars Technica
  • Then LA’s definitely out. {{v_v}}

  • Laissez-Faire Rothbardian

    If I were Google I would not bother at all trying. Over-regulated NY must be a bureaucratic nightmare. Can’t even imagine the amount of bribes they would have to give just to give it a try and bring an awesome service to the socialist-loving new yorkers. What a waste!

  • kyle

    It seems like Portland is definitely getting it.. can’t wait to say goodbye to comcast

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    I would have loved to see this in New York. And just because you wouldn’t be interested in coming to NY OR NYC doesn’t mean others would be. I’d like to see other companies compete against Google and absolutely lose because what they offer is better than what other companies is giving.

  • Chris
  • Shawn John

    Blah…Whose going to need fiber when mesh networks will become the norm? Given the current demographics of NYC, mesh networks will be much easier to roll out.

  • Google Rep

    Being one of the biggest cities in the country with the largest amount of potential customers we believe it may be better if we didn’t put Google fiber in nyc. its for the best. durrr

    • Rva2nyc

      Google, Please god save us from the mess that is Time Warner cable!!!!

  • richkoos


  • Smity

    It’s sad that the people of the United States have to wish for decent internet service when third word countries have superior service.
    Thanks Congress.

  • Aardvark99

    The potential cities are:

    Arizona- Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe

    California- San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto

    Georgia- Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs, Smyrna

    North Carolina- Charlotte, Carrboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Garner, Morrisville, Raleigh

    Oregon- Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Tigard

    Tennessee- Nashville-DavidsonTexas- San Antonio

    Utah- Salt Lake City

    • Chris

      yeah. how can anyone not miss this?

    • MH

      Needs moAr Florida. Maybe if people were using gigabit internet, they’d lay off the meth.

      • Chris

        still wont solve all of florida’s problems,

        • MH

          Sadly. You are right.

    • michael arazan

      They need to run a line from KC to St.Louis straight down HWY 70, can hit all the Universities , which all have engineering schools, along the way for free interns/ workers and I’m sure Ft. Leonard wood (Engineering school) would be more than happy to help out to get Fiber as well for their base. Surprised our Governor has’t made some type of bid. Time to write a letter.

    • Rva2nyc

      NYC would be a great test of scalability… If they can maintain the same speed levels in that high density of a location, it would be great.

  • jamaall

    I was hoping for this to happen, only because if they had Fiber in NYC, it would create a much larger market and get the word out for it. I guess Google’s plan of world domination will just take a little longer.

  • Vermin_Cain
  • NYAvsFan

    Nooooooo. Well crap.

  • Blue Sun

    To me NYC never made sense at such an early phase of the rollout. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the next rollout after technical issues get addressed in the 34 possible locations.

    • John

      Beating a dead horse here but…. I’m in Austin and absolutely nothing has been done. (oh great permit requests woo hoo)
      I know someone that works for Austin Energy and they have had one meeting about fiber maybe 2 months ago? Possible 34 locations! ha
      I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing that Provo has had more action then Austin.

      • Blue Sun

        I totally agree with you. If Austin is slow moving & full of red tape, New York will be 100x longer & full of even more red tape. I’m in one located within one of the 34 proposed locations & I don’t expect any action till the end of 2015 at the earliest.

      • Chris

        it takes time. tis kind of stuff doesn’t just happen over night.

    • Cowboydroid

      The “technical issues” aren’t the problem with rolling out service in NYC. Politicians are. Specifically, the kind that need their hands greased.

  • d

    Imagine that mess, trying to run fiber across an over packed concrete zoo/jungle. New York would absolutely be the last place i would go.

    • Exactly, that’s why they chose newer, more open cities.

      • Chris

        most of the cities they want to go in are just as old, if not older.

    • zepfloyd

      You realize there’s plenty of utility tunnels underground, right?

      • niuguy

        I read something recently (can’t remember where) that said while yes, the density should make it easier – somebody really has to go through the tunnels and clear out whats not being used…something nobody really wants to do.

        • Justin W

          Yes, that company is owned by Verizon… Who doesn’t want that done, because then other companies can use those tunnels for Fiber lines, which would compete with them, and that’s not good for their business. Pretty sure I saw this on reddit about a week ago.

          • GJV

            Well if you saw it on Reddit then it MUST be true!

          • Justin W

            Fair enough, but it was a link to a reputable site, so there is that.

    • Cowboydroid

      I’m sure Edison said the same thing about the first electric grid…

      • michael arazan

        Props to Tesla for starting the world’s first wireless electric grid, that guy edison got a lot of his ideas from

        • Cowboydroid

          I’m not disregarding Tesla’s contributions to electric energy, but the Edison Illuminating Company was the first electric system, and it was built by Edison.

          • Rva2nyc

            Wrong… Edison had a habit of having people work for him developing ideas and fixing problems then taking credit.

          • Cowboydroid

            Who, pray tell, established the Edison Illuminating Company? I don’t think it was Tesla…

  • tomn1ce

    Darn it……………..gggggrr…..oh well…..

  • MikeSaver

    F new york. go Abbotsford