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Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Released, Packed With Good Gaming Titles

Humble Bundle, the easiest way to score good games on Android while also helping a charity in need, has a new pack of titles available for purchase. The way it works is easy – simply pay whatever price you want, determine how you want the money divided (a lot to charity or a bit more to developers), then download your DRM-free titles.

However, to access extra titles, you will need to pay over the average price of just $3.95. Considering that if you purchase these games separately you would be paying up to $30, this is a pretty good deal. 

In Humble Bundle 5, players have access to Bag It!, R-Type II, and Aralon: Sword and Shadow. If you pay over the average price ($3.95), you also get The Room II, The Cave, Carcassonne, and even more when the bundle is updated after about a week.

Check out the video below for a description of each game, then be sure to grab the bundle if mobile gaming is your thing.

Via: Humble Bundle
  • just purchased it wooot!!!

  • Blue Sun

    Thanks for the heads up. Order placed. Excited to play The Room II, R-Type II, & Carcassonne.

  • deep kumar
  • Raven

    I get them all, but this one in particular for R-Type II. I love the R-Type/Gradius/Life Force type games. I hope the touch screen controls do it justice.

  • MelanieJSellers

    In Humble Bundle 5, players have access to Bag It!!, R-Type I, and Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Iff you pay over the average price ($3.95), you alsso get The Room II, The Cave, Carcassonne, and eveen more when the bundlee is updated after aboout a week. http://s6x.it/l521

  • FrootzMcGee

    Does anyone know how updates to these work? I know stuff in the Amazon store was always behind. How do these work with updates since they are not purchased directly through the play store?

    • Raven

      They have their own Humble Bundle App that manages downloads and updates. It works pretty slick and several of the games that I have bought have had updates since I installed them.

    • CLX_YanYang8

      As Raven said, they have their own app, however only a select few of the devs update since there is no incentive to update us. E.g anomaly,PvZ etc, although a few guys like the BT5 crew still do.

      Also the humble bundle app is a pile of crap, its easier to download them via the website.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Well…there goes another $5 for some great Android games(The Cave, The Room Two, R-Type II, the rest are only just OKAY)!

    I still need to finish The Room, so at least once I’m done with that mystery solving puzzle game, I’ll have The Room Two to play. Sweet!

  • Woot