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Trade in a Working Smartphone at Target, Grab the Samsung Galaxy S5 for Just $99.99

Not sure if you want to purchase a Galaxy S5 this Friday? This offer from Target Mobile may be able to sway you. With an eligible smartphone trade-in, you’ll be able to net $100 toward an on-contract Galaxy S5 handset on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint.

The offer, beginning on April 11, will guarantee users $100, though nonfunctional smartphones and handsets not in Target’s trade-in directory are ineligible. A two-year contract must be signed on either Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, so those of you who have gone the non-contract route are likely out of luck with this offer.

Target is offering pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 at Target Mobile retail outlets until April 10 in case you want to ensure you get your hands on it as early as possible. The trade-in offer will run from April 11th to the 26th, but “quantities are limited”.

Via: Target
  • TM Kim

    Hey all just to let you know, the $100 is a coupon-not the usual value from the website-if your phone is in the catalog, doesn’t have a cracked screen, powers on, charges with no water damage or broken buttons, you will receive $100.

    • TM Kim

      *Towards the purchase of the Galaxy S5.

  • Billy Sargent

    bah. I’ve still got 20 months til I can upgrade my Galaxy 4. Honestly, all I want is the fingerprint scanner anyway.

  • trade in value is total crap. Spend $300-600 on a phone (retail) and only get $5-15 trade in less than a year later. BS

    • NexusMan

      I don’t understand, so is this sentence in this article incorrect: “The offer, beginning on April 11, will guarantee users $100, though nonfunctional smartphones and handsets not in Target’s trade-in directory are ineligible.” Instead of being GUARANTEED $100, do you get an appraisal of the value, and then get that amount discounted? If so, this post is worded very poorly.

      • You only get the $100 if you get the S5. I was not talking specifically on that just the value of if you were to normally do a trade in. If you get anything other than the S5 you get the appraised value as normal.

        • NexusMan

          Oh. OK. Thanks.

        • Gfunk81

          I just went there yesterday…you get $100, plus the trade in value…I’m trading in my HTC thunderbolt and they’re going to give me $107 credit toward the $200 promo price…so I’m getting a GS5 for $93 plus $35 Verizon activation fee…not a bad use for my thunderbolt that’s been laying around my house for over 3 years.

  • NexusMan

    That phone looks great in that pic.

  • agentorange1985

    Now that Verizon has finally gotten with the program, you’d be crazy to buy one of these on a 2 year contract instead of Edge (or Next with AT&T). Do the math – $99.99 up front (best case scenario with a working smartphone trade in that qualifies for the $100 deal) plus $35 activation/upgrade fee, and $40 a month line access on a 10GB plan. On Edge, it would only be $15 line access (instead of $40) on a 10GB plan, plus $25 Edge payment = 40… same monthly cost, and it only cost you $25 up front (plus taxes depending on location) without a trade in.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    If only I could have one on Verizon with stock Android..
    Touchwiz is a no go for me.

  • mcdonsco

    $141 for my new note 3

    • Dave

      $3 for my Droid X

  • Sam

    Here is what I do every two years.

    Sell your phone on Craig’s list or eBay. I usually get enough (or very close) to buy my next phone on 2year contract. Simple and cheap.

    • Chris

      expect shipping costs…..

    • nhizzat

      I would do the same but unlimited data

    • Exactly what I do. Always nice to see a new phone cost very little on a new contract, but I think I’m jumping ship to some prepaid finally.

  • Severo Rivera

    Sell you’re phone’s on eBay people. Believe me it’s much better.

  • supremekizzle

    HOT DAMN! $10.19 for my Nexus 4! I can finally punch my boss, quit my job, and sleep with his wife. YAHOOOOO MOFOS…

  • evan brown

    I’ll keep my moto x, thanks for the offer though

    • Chris

      as if you are being held at gunpoint…

      • evan brown

        with their aggressive marketing campaigns, its similar

  • Chris

    this goes right in line with Targets new electronics deparment prototype…


  • I can’t even search for an LG G2, it doesn’t seem to like 2 character names

  • Dave

    This phone is very tempting hmm what to do…..

  • Dave

    I wonder if my old Droid X qualifies. Great phone for years, but definitely outdated now…

    • hkklife

      Its highly unlikely to be in their “approved” handset list. And if it is they will low ball you. Not even worth being a news item IMO.

      Better idea: sell the DX outright on Craigslist and buy a GS5 from someone else after the inevitable deals start to appear shortly after launch.

      I have a feeling that the GS5 initial sales might be especially underwhelming compared to the GS3 and GS4 launch period.

      • Dave

        Droid 3 is as far back as it goes. $4 LoL

    • Catherine

      The Droid X applies last I checked (last week)

  • BenG

    Awesome they’ll give me $4.80 for my GNEX.

    • FAL_Fan

      Wow…they’ll give me $6 for my Droid 3…

      • Stephen D

        Wait wait wait….$6 for a Droid 3, but only $4.80 for a GNex? And $7 for a Bionic? Something is wrong here.

        • BenG

          chipped screen if its mint they’ll throw a solid $12 at me

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          Nothing is wrong. Verizon phones are cdma and carry little value on trade in sites like gazelle. Reminder that you always get less than if you sold it yourself. Same for video games. However GSM compatible phones sell for more on gazelle

          • Stephen D

            The Bionic and Droid 3 are also Verizon only/CDMA phones.

    • vj1824

      $7 for my bionic lol

    • Jeremiah Hawkins

      $17 for a Droid 4 I have laying around here.

    • Fresh360


    • Sev

      That makes 2 of us mate

  • Adrynalyne

    /me grabs my Omnia i910 from the drawer.

    Edit: boo. Only eligible phones.

    • Jonathan Williams

      I think I still have mine lol

      • Adrynalyne

        Mine has a mint screen still, and is on the same charge from 5? years ago. I cannot find the charger though, LOL.

        • AmeliaPeterson

          The store can charge it for you. Go get that $100

    • nhizzat

      I was about to grab my Droid Incredible too.

  • FAL_Fan

    Where is the list for eligible phones?

    Edit – nevermind

  • Thomas

    This article is very confusing 🙁

  • Mon

    Intersting, too bad I just traded in my S4 for a G2. I couldnt stand touchwiz, it really will slow your phone down

    • Dave

      I used to think that too. But my 16 month old GN2 night and day is faster than my MotoX, which is near stock. It’s kind of an eye sore, but a nice launcher and stock looking theme all but fixes that.

      • nhizzat

        I feel like the Moto X is as quick as the Note 2. I haven’t noticed much of a difference between the 2 at all.

      • Big_EZ

        My GN2 is very slow. It wasn’t to bad when I had different kernels and roms on it, but now that it’s stock (can’t unlock them anymore, and I have a replacement now) it runs like pure crap. When I play with the Moto X it’s way faster. I’d get the Moto X or Droid Max, bbut those screens are to small, and they don’t have microSD slots.

    • Daniel Aceves

      What is a good ROM for the lg g2. I find the devices very disappointing

      • Stock + Xposed is awesome

        • Daniel Aceves

          Stock as in lg stock? Or stock kit kat

          • Stock LG G2 means the stock LG ROM, stock Android is referred to as AOSP generally.

          • Daniel Aceves

            Thanks for the info

      • mcdonsco

        Better question; how the f#&k do you go back to stock recovery on it??!!?!

        Wasted my day today trying…and failing.

        Both methods on XDA failed.

        Now I’m going to have to refund an ebayer for it cause i can’t get the damn thing back to stock!

        First LG…LAST LG.

        • i bricked mine and got back to stock and then reflashed CM 11

          not hard

          • mcdonsco

            That’s exactly where I am now (bricked it then side loaded cm-11)…but it still won’t take stock recovery using XDA TOT or KDZ methods…stuck on cm-11 (well, any ROM I want I suppose but trying to go to stock to ship it out to an ebayer that bought it)…can’t get it back to stock.

          • Man I can’t remember exactly how I did it but it took me like 1-2 hours. I had to download some LG program and flashed back to it… http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2432476

            what part are you stuck at?

          • mcdonsco

            TOT step 14…says download failed and incorrect model error or something…

            Going to try again here in a bit.

      • cm nightly

    • K

      Still happy with my G2 🙂

    • TylerChappell

      And LG’s touchwiz clone doesn’t? lol.

      • Adrynalyne

        Nope. So apparently they didn’t clone everything.

        • jnt

          I wonder if that’s more processor related (which is still a +1 for LG). The G2 was the first 800 on the market. And I have yet to see a phone on 800+ that is laggy.

          • Adrynalyne

            Note 3 has jank in places.

          • T4rd

            Every Android phone does in places from what I’ve noticed. Some much less than others, but I’ve seen it on a G2 and even a Nexus 5.

  • TechWings

    Hey, look! A Dot View Case! Ya know…without all the really helpful viewings.

  • flosserelli

    The article title should be clarified. Target is offering $100 trade-in credit toward the purchase of a S5, not an S5 for $100.

    • Same thing, yeah?

      • The Narrator

        Yeah (we all know it’s not $100 retail)

      • flosserelli

        If the S5 is normally selling for $200 on contract, then yeah I suppose it is. I figured it was selling for more than that, and I am too lazy to look it up. Apologies if that is the case.

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          Right target is selling the phone for $199 with a 2 year. Trading in an applicable phone will nock off $100

      • No, many people might read this as $100 off contract. You should say it exactly as flosserelli said

        • That’s how it sounded to me but, I knew something was up about that.

        • malcmilli

          i assumed it was on contract phones since these places don’t really offer tmobile phones anymore because of the non subsidizing.

      • It sounded like trade-in any phone and get the S5 for $100 flat. Since that sounded too good to be true, I knew the title was wrong. Still visited the page.

    • Sporttster

      At first read, it sounded like I could, say, trade in my Note 3 and only pay $99 and get a S5. Then later it said ‘you can net $100 TOWARDS a S5 with the trade in’. Quite a difference…..

      • The S5 is $200


        • nhizzat

          On contract.

          • “those of you who have gone the non-contract route are likely out of luck with this offer”

    • angelycam

      Yes, they need to change the heading, it is wrong and misleading. You have to trade-in, you don’t just grab it for $99.