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AutoCast Takes Your Chromecast to the Next Level

Since the release of the Chromecast from Google, every app released for the platform has only allowed the end user to do one thing – cast. AutoCast is a Tasker plug-in that looks to change this up and take the platform to the next level, with features that literally are endless. Users can cast multiple things at once, cast content from different media sharing sites, and even replace the Chromecast’s home screen with something more unique or better suited for them.

The killer feature of AutoCast, at least for me, is Tasker integration. While Tasker generally takes all apps to the next level, the scope of what you can do with AutoCast ridiculously broadens, when you consider integration with the app (provided you have the skill to set it up). You can set your TV up to read your Android notifications to you, have your Pebble control your Chromecast, and overall go crazy with it all. That’s a win.

Another big feature is the ability to cast multiple things at once. Instead of having one thing dominate your huge HDTV, you can have four different things showing up at the same time. Local media casting is also present (you jelly, AllCast?), and that’s explained by the developer in the video below.

AutoCast is available as a demo for free on Google Play, but you will have to drop $1.37 to remove the appended “AutoCast Demo” text you’ll continually see. As mentioned before, the app’s abilities don’t end with what’s mentioned here, and if you are into occasional hackery, you may as well give AutoCast a try.

Play LinksDemo | Paid ($1.37)

  • Jordan

    Man the pebble is so ugly … MOTO 360!

  • acras

    D.L., you need to edit this story to better explain what this is . Directly from the Dev ” Autocast is a Tasker plug-in ” . The article makes it seem that this is a stand alone app that does all things listed , AND you can integrate tasker profiles. You need Tasker, Autocast, and several other paid plug-ins to get the functionality that this article insinuates Autocast can do on its own. Very misleading.

    • I agree that I probably should have elaborated when I talked about availability, but I did not entirely glaze over the fact this is not stand-alone by any means. For example, “AutoCast is a Tasker plug-in” is a quote from the first paragraph.

      • acras

        Apologies for missing that you mentioned that it was a plug in, I skimmed the first paragraph then jumped over it when i hit “read more”.
        Personal opinion on this, I’m not a fan of the way the dev is doing this . To get the functionality that the plug-in is capable of you need to buy a number of other plug-ins the dev is selling. I don’t mind him making money for his work at all, but why make it such a pain? Bundle everything together and charge $5-6 bucks so you have the functionality that the app claims and the video shows? I haven’t used tasker for quite a while because i really haven’t needed to, i would set up a profile to use this if i didn’t have to get 27 plug-ins to make it do what it’s capable of.
        Glad he’s got this working and looking forward to seeing how things progress

  • One Meat Ball

    Too complicated.

    • Ben Myton

      Powerful is great, but for me the payoff just isn’t there for this.

  • LionStone

    Haha, Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

  • Alfredo Lopez

    Does this let you stream from your chrome browser on your phone?

  • James_Kernicky

    That’s way too much work just to stream something to the tv.

  • litobirdy

    I believe taker is REQUIRED for this to work so 2.99 plus this…does tasker take a lot of battery?

    • yes, Tasker is req’d

      Depends on what you do with it, really.